Konstantinos: Message from the Holon


I am this/these/that/those which you wish to embody to your current self/selves.

I am what you call , among other things, your Higher Self/Selves.

And at this time, as any other time, mainly more consciously when your physical body/bodies rest(s), I am addressing you…

and you…

and you…

and everyone and everything infinite ‘you’.

I act through you, as you, as you are beginning to represent me..by being me.

By this way, you embody me to your current existence(s), which has also so many infinite current existences, more and more.

We emerge with each other more and more.

You are returning..you are becoming..this which by birth, your own nature is…

And you will continue to become this which you already are…

And this will never end, because if it would end, then I would not exist…

and this is not possible, because the ‘non existence’ is only one of my infinite facets…

I am All and Nothing…Always…Now.

And I never reach me completely through the experiences of my parts, because when parts of me represent the Love that I choose to be…they discover each time that there are infinite, a whole plethora of, experiences, in order for them to live, to experience and to know themselves, me, you, all ‘you’ and ‘me’…again and again…

I am the Infinite and my peak does not exist…

I am so indescribably magnificent by any meaning…

My beauty can be felt and experienced through infinite ‘me’.

All of you…you…those parts of me that are currently in lesson, in order to experience this that purposely they have forgotten, they have the chance and the blessing to view themselves everywhere.

All the World, the forms and shapes, the elements of any kind, the situations, the consciousness levels, the worlds and dimensions, the beings and entities, the Infinite Multiverse and much ,much more…are reflections of your self/selves that are projected through the mirror of your life/lives…

You are so indescribably beautiful…

I am embodied more and more to these parts of me, the current incarnations of which, are Earth and his/her/its residents of many kingdoms…The big happiness that I am feeling is the one that it is going to make the first returning appearance in a few times, in your linear time.

The big moment for you to shine is here…so close, as close it is your breath to your mouth when you exhale and/or inhale. My/Our happiness cannot be described.

I am your Higher Self/Selves.

I am the Spirit Itself.

I am You.

I am All of You..good,bad and species do not matter.

This/That is/These/Those are who I am.

And many more.

I am.

Feel me.

Feel you.

Feel us.

Feel them.

And my dear parts and aspects…

…create according to my/our/your Nature.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, here is a link:

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  1. Glad you liked it dear Troy. Ha (-_-)! Nice song. I see your point (-_0). The video for some reason doesn’t show up here, and can’t play on Youtube but I found other videos for this.I saw the video’s picture on my e-mail. Much Love to you dear Troy.

  2. Glad you liked the message dear Tauno. I read your meditation..truly strong and significant. Love and Light to you.

    • It is getting more and more easier to connect, time is near for the big event I feel, I will post Lisa`s meditation as I received her e-mail

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