Leslee Hare – Video, and Connecting To Your Guides With Telepathy And A Pendulum

Hi, Everyone,

Today I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube, that gives a little impromptu demonstration session about how I use a pendulum… And I use one just about all the time!


The video shows several things, in case this sounds like something(s) you’re interested in:

(However, here’s my shameless sales-pitch: I have about 20 pendulums available for sale… Since I lost my job today, I’m even more motivated to get my online shop going and peddle them. If you think you’d like one, please email me at oneriver69@gmail.com. The prices range from $8 to $300, and most of them are in the $8-$20 range – plus shipping… I can send you photos, or make one just for you.)

• Basic components of making a simple and versatile pendulum with a weighted object and 12″ + of ball chain. Copper ball chain works best from a conductivity standpoint, but brass works too, and is more readily available. My hand is about average for a female, and 12″ of ball chain is about right for my hand. For a male adult, I’d suggest starting with 15″ and trimming as needed. Oh, do NOT use jeweler’s nips to cut this chain; it will dent fine cutters. Use wire cutters. You’ll need 2 connectors.

• It gives you and idea of how I actually use the pendulum. I’ve been using it constantly since May 2010, and it is definitely an evolving process. If you look at the other pendulum videos on my YouTube channel, you’ll see some additional techniques. Please try whichever  approach resonates with you. In the two years I’ve been sharing this with others, I’ve seen a wide range of results, preferred methods, and rates of progress.

• About mid-way through the video there is some explanation of how the pendulum induces energy to flow from our Guides, through our crowns, along our central channel (spine), and through the heart chakra, arm and hand… The energy finally discharges out of the pendulum and into Gaia. That said, simply toying with a pendulum is a good way to practice and discharge unwanted energy.


11 comments on “Leslee Hare – Video, and Connecting To Your Guides With Telepathy And A Pendulum

  1. Thanks for another video! This is just a suggestion, but maybe you could post some photos of the pendulums (here or somewhere else)? That way I think possible buyers would have more instantly available info. Just my 2 cents, anyway 🙂

    • Hi, Dear Sun! That’s a wonderful idea! I was actually working on putting photos on a separate “site” last night, and I stopped because it felt like I was making things harder than they needed to be… So, yes, I’ll get some loaded online for now – thank you for that very helpful nudge!

      I managed to see a dream post from you last night, and I was so happy to see you posting it! It seems like a fascinating dream, very revealing somehow, and I’m with Tauno: I can see several points that feel like synchronicities… More on that later! I’m so glad to have you appearing again! Much love & light to you! (BTW, I miss the kitty updates – do you have any interesting cat karma going on lately?)

      • Ah, kitty updates! 😀 Actually it’s ‘funny’ (although I’m very sad about it) but there was an orange cat that decided to make his home on my terrace and things were going fine but then I went on holidays. My mom went there to check on kitty and it was there all along but now I got back and… kitty is gone! 😦 On the first two days I swear I could hear it meowing – but I didn’t see it! 😐 And it hasn’t showed up since 😦 Some other cats go there for a snack, but me and that cat had ‘something’ (or so I like to think). Maybe it’s teaching me about ‘letting go’…

        • Wow, Suntria, I’m so sorry about Orangey… I know you enjoyed having him around… Maybe he’s waiting for you at the picnic tonight…

  2. Thanks Leslee for the video. It is good to see other perspectives on using the pendelum. I used mine just for the healing of my clients, I forget to use it to communicate. Suntria, Hi, I’m Melissa and have not said hi to you yet. I wanted to suggest, if you don’t mind, that animals (all kingdoms) will communicate with you once you are in an alpha state. If you meditate and bring the picture of the cat in your mind, you can talk and see where he/she is and if they do want to teach you something. Our dog used to send us pictures and our cat sends us feelings but it is easy to decifer what they want us to know. If you have a picture of the cat, I would be happy to help. Much love to all.

  3. Yes of course- bohdiranch317@yahoo.com. I will look for it. I have today off so if I recieve them today I will meditate for you. If you are busy today, I have Sunday off and will do it then. Love and Light.

  4. Leslee, I learned a TON from this video of yours! Thank you for posting it. I did not know this is the process you used to build your pendulums. I have a similar experience with divining rods, but I’ve only used them to find water running through a garden hose. My dad used to use them when he worked for Public Works, he said they kept a couple in the truck because it was the only accurate way to find the underground pipes. I understand the forces you’re describing here. Well this certainly opens up the field for me! 🙂

    • I’m so glad it resonate for you, DW 🙂 I have volumes of notes on all the instructions my Guides gave me… we had quite a drama running there for a few weeks, as I was learning. And what we “need” changes, as we develop our abilities. I really do believe that this kind of dowsing is the gateway to the telepathic process… You might say, “This ain’t yo Daddy’s dowsing!” (Sorry, I know I said I wasn’t going to to use any more exclamations tonight… 😉 Heather uses rods – I look forward to learning more about how she works with them. And, now that my days will be more free, perhaps I can make that series of videos that show more of how I use it… 😉

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