Upward Update – Athabantian Crew and Next Week – 7 July 2012


Greetings, lovely family!

Is everyone ready for flying tonight?

Just a quick update:

We’ve added about a dozen more Crew members this week! I encourage everyone to comment and connect on the site here (http://spirittrainchronicles.com) so we can better recognize one another in our travels…

Right now I’m focusing on replying to personal emails before travel-time, and am hoping to get to read comments this evening (it’s noon in Atlanta now…), so please shoot me an email if you have a burning question…

I’ve noticed a few themes this week, in case we see them in dreaming: lots of purging and clearing (some feeling unpleasant, some manifesting as illness…), and also healing…

At least 3 people have mentioned (in emails, at least) seeing and/or knowing about healing chambers and processes… Also related to this, rainbows and translucency / transparency – very radiant & beautiful!

Lots of intense blissful emotions, poignant feelings of joyous reunion…

Lots of use of energy with, within, and throughout Gaia and ourselves, to bring about change!

Some new people have discovered the group, almost as if by accident. These folks seem to share a very deep-level connection and a dedication (perhaps even urgency) to doing whatever it takes to get us all through these shifts. I am honored and humbled to meet you all… I bow and say Namaste. πŸ˜‰ (Of course that goes for everyone, but this handful has an energy that is somehow slightly different… I think more
Light will be shed on this soon)

I am more than delighted to share that we’ve had our first telepathy exercise, with resounding success! It was totally unexpected and arose during an email exchange with Predrag and myself (Predrag, if you’re there, please say hi to everyone!), and once he and I are able to connect again, one or both of us will share with everyone…

So expect to see some more telepathic connections tonight, and perhaps in unexpected ways… Please take lots of notes!

On the subject of telepathy, it seems that will be a big theme this week. Several of the news folk are drawn together due to telepathy, and I know Adrial has at least 2 messages about this (one may come from Laura, or may already have!)

I have not been able to keep up with 2012II posts, or comments on any of the blogs, so I apologize if I’m out of the loop, or if I share something as “news” that you already know…

We have learned that the next round of new ship-recruiting will happen in another week or two, and it will involve connecting with GLS Blaze, GLS Athena, GLS Balthazar, and… Oh, shoot, now I have forgotten one again. Help, somebody comment please! Tulya will do some work separately, so it’s not Tulya… Anyway, more on that to come soon.

Oh, please see the post on the Transformation 2012 Conference in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (US), August 16-18, 2012! This is being hosted by Mark Kimmel and the Institute Of Light.

I just made a post on Spirit Train Chronicles that tells more about Mark, the IOL, Abi-Qor, Athabantian, and our work.

The conference is a wonderful chance to gather and meet Mark and many others… You can read more on that at http://cosmicparadigm.com. (If anyone is interested in sharing the ride, please let me know! email Leslee at oneriver69@gmail.com; my route will somehow be Atlanta to Pagosa Springs…)

In personal news for me this week, I had a huge shift/event – I got fired from my job! (Adrial says she got me fired, on purpose…) All is well, I’m totally confident of finding a means to support
myself, and I am madly blissed out to realize how much more time I will have to spend with you all!

So, here are a few goals I have for myself for the coming week… Please feel free to remind/encourage me if one is close to your heart and I seem to be dragging my feet. In no particular order:

1. Pull together an informal list of Athabantian Crew to date, with connections and specialties. Recruitment continues!

2. Post a poll to help us understand how well (or not) the site is working for everyone…

3. Post some instructions on telepathy.

4. Email everyone on the Crew; I’ll do this by blind-copy, so your email addresses will continue to be private. Adrial wants to be sure that we all get certain bits of information.

Those are the main house-keeping items… I hope to also accomplish some more whimsical tasks, but sleep is also on my agenda… ;D

Oh, Adrial just told me that since we’ve all had such a busy week, let’s try to meet in a field and have huge family picnic tonight! Just set the wish, and bring along your favorite loved ones, children, pets and food… Sounds like fun! Oh, and apparently at least one of you will be providing music, and at least one other person will perform some other type of entertainment! Yippee!!! =D

Much love and light to you all – I look forward to meeting up again soon!

Leslee Hare

7 comments on “Upward Update – Athabantian Crew and Next Week – 7 July 2012

  1. I look forward to the picnic the ones I remember from childhood were blissful days. πŸ™‚ look forward to tonight. Leslee i had a smile when Adrial said he got you fired. Seems the 3D work is coming to an end for many. love and light dear friend.

  2. Hi Leslee, it is GLS ALGIZ that you forgot again πŸ˜€ maybe you should stay of the coffee πŸ˜€

    Thanks for the update Leslee. Last night I had a remarkable feeling when I set my intention to full consciousness. A feeling of one of my past lives , I think with the impressions I got, with the Mayan Culture. And then those remarkable feelings kept incoming and impacting and it made me happy even though I don’t know what was downloaded…but it felt pretty amazing.

    Love Lisa

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