Adrial – Soothing Connecting Meditation – 7 July 2012

Hi, Everyone,
Adrial says this meditation might be helpful if you are trying to connect to a Crew or Ship, and feeling frustrated.
First, all of the ships have quite different functions and features. If you are trying to visit multiple ships, it might help to begin with focusing on just a single ship, and trust that you will be led to the others, all in good time.
Adrial suggests that before you try to fly off to the ships, try going within yourself, and see if you can tell which ship you would like, in your heart of hearts, to visit first.
Adrial says that a good comparison, for example, is that Tulya is a bit compact, focused, and introverted, whereas Aurora is very expansive, spreading like the sunrise that She is. So, if you are attempting to travel to both, especially at once, it might be challenging for your Astral Body to allow yourself to be guided.
It may be preferable to visit one of the ships a few times, or even just once, or just play it by ear, and then see where you are led.
Adrial also says that in any case, please allow the Crews to guide you, do not try to “take yourself” there. She says many of us need to relax all aspects of our self, and become as flexible as a piece of seaweed, waving in a gentle current… If we feel that it’s our “responsibility” to “do it correctly”, this may create some tension.
If you feel these words may describe your situation somewhat, here is a visualization that might help:
When you’re lying down (on your back, if possible), please imagine a large, soft, pinkish-white daisy blossom, being placed “face down” on your forehead, in the middle of your brow.
Please visualize large, soft, green leaves being placed over your eyes…
Now imagine that Adrial is sitting beside you, like a mother who is very gently comforting a tired child who is fighting sleep…
Imagine that She very gently places her fingertips on the back of the daisy, and you can feel her touch but not her fingers. Then imagine that you can hear Her gently humming to you, a soft lullaby that is very low and slow…
Try to hold (very gently) or drift around in these images, until you drift off to sleep.
Because Adrial will be there with you (and you may actually feel, hear, see Her…), you will not need to be concerned about passwords or whether you’re doing it correctly…
I hope this helps – I may try it tonight myself…
With love and light, and in Union,

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  1. Thanks Leslee for this meditation. That is exactly what the doctor ordered for me 😀 I will try this tonight to.You know the colors of that flower picture reminds me of the dream I had last Friday , where I was in a patio with lilac kind of wall that felt so peaceful.

    Love Lisa

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