Konstantinos: Message from my Arcturian parallel self Iltheos-Recognition of the often presence of your Divine part



Konstantinos: Iltheos, my dear friend, I wish for today ( it’s mine,my brother’s and sister’s  birthday, we are triplets) to transfer through me a message from you, for whatever subject you wish to talk about.

Iltheos: With great pleasure. First of all, I wish you to you three to have Happy Earthly Birthday. Secondly, it has been some time since our last published communication (April 4th). Of course, as you already know, this doesn’t mean that we stopped to communicate with each other. This which I wish to be the main subject of the message, is the recognition of the often presence of the spiritual part of your existence/being.

Each time you deal with your daily matters, try to look for the Divinity that surrounds you. Don’t recall it only as knowledge that exists in your mind. Try, exercise yourself, your part that is incarnated here, to feel the Loving, Enlightened and Beneficial energy of your True Self.

For example, those of you that have done the New Age matters part of your Earth life, in the most cases, you have felt, you feel, your Divine part next to you, inside you, around you, to the others, to the environment and to Gaia Herself. Some of you, recognize it as your inner voice, which when you invoke for help, it responses with impressions of thoughts, with energy transmission (chills etc) and sometimes with the materialization of your thoughts.

You think of someone or something and after a while, or a little later, depending on when your Divine part thinks it’s suitable for you, your thought is presented to you materialized through events and incidents. Then, you feel ensured and happy for your ability of recognizing the presence of your God part.

The times you and Earth are going through, are, as you already feel and know, significant and that’s why it’s appropriate to continue (or begin) your ‘exercise’ of recognizing that part which is an integral piece of your Being, your Real Self.

A way that helps to this, is the projects of astral travelling that some of you organize and take part in, though which in the Astral Plane, you meet with extensions of the Holon and experience your True Self into action, consciously or not, it happens to everyone.

Your Divinity exists already, it’s there. Allowing your incarnated part to recognize it with the same comfort and easiness, as you do with your mortal version, then you will feel more and more (this happens already in many cases) your integration with the Source, and finally, you will be this which you already are and you/we will be forever. LOVE and LIGHT.

Your New Age will be characterized from these two…and many more.

I Love you all. I can’t do otherwise, it’s my nature anyway (I hear him smiling). I wouldn’t wish for something different.

I expect with Love and anticipation our collective Reunion.

Thank you Iltheos.

PS: For anyone who wish to read the previous messages, here is a link:


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