Salusa July 4th 2012

Where the understanding of what is happening in the world is concerned there are virtually two camps, those who do not know or do not care and those who do know but account for them by various explanations. It takes someone with a very open belief system to accept changes that alter their whole concept of what life is about. The hardest part is acceptance that many of those you looked up to were puppets of the Illuminati, perpetuating the lies that held you in bondage to them. Fortunately, the rising vibrations are lifting people up out of the darkness, and as their consciousness levels increase are beginning to question their beliefs. Much true information now exists and by following your intuition you will surely begin to understand the truth. Seeking for yourself will prepare you for even a greater understanding, as with our coming along with many other advanced beings, the truth will be staring you in the face.

Discerning the truth has nothing to do with intelligence and in fact it can often get in the way, and for many people it is simple a matter of discernment. Neither can you be guaranteed of the truth by turning to religious movements, as what was started as a truthful attempt to enlighten people has been corrupted. You will find that those who teach the truth do not impose it upon you, but simply present it as a helpful tool for your own development and seeking. The imposition of control through the fearful consequences of not following certain beliefs, is nothing more than a terrible distortion of the truth.

Everything you need to know is held deep in your subconsciousness. That is how you can become your own person and you will intuitively know what is acceptable and has the ring of truth. However, always be open to an expansion of your understanding, because as you become lifted up it will go forward in leaps and bounds. Take it bit by bit until you feel comfortable with what you have accepted, and you will find that your level of consciousness will expand quite quickly. Remember that if what you are given does not resonate with you or carry the higher energies of Love and Light, it is unlikely to be of the truth.

When we can openly meet with you by all means question what we give you, as we are not Gods but may appear so as we are much further down the road of understanding. We cannot carry out miracles and our advanced technologies are the result of our greater understanding and use of the natural energies that fill the Universe. Your scientists are often aware of the potential advancements but lack the knowhow to put them into being. However, some have been helped by other extraterrestrials for many years, along with knowledge obtained by back engineering advanced technologies from crashed craft. Instead of sharing such advancements they have been largely kept secret for reasons of power and control over the world. With our coming all of that will change and such secrets will be released for the benefit of all, along with free access to our technologies.

You have every right to be excited at the prospect of a wonderful future, free from unnecessary controls or limitations upon your freedom. With it will come levels of happiness you have not felt for a very long time. To that end the dark Ones gave been identified and are already being removed to rid you of the cancer that has nearly destroyed your civilization. With it will follow a cleansing that will remove all vestiges of their negative energies, and their ability to impose themselves upon you. Peace is near and all of the trouble spots will be attended to and cleared to allow removal of all evidence of the wars and military forces. Peace is not an option, it is your right to live free from interference to practice your own ways and live according to your cultures.

When the nature of the dark Cabals crimes is released it is understandable that there will be immense anger, and it will be a testing time to remain calm and not lose control of yourselves. Bear in mind that our abilities and technologies are such that not one single criminal will escape from having to answer for their crimes. There is no need for you to try and take justice into your on hands, but simply allow for matters to take their own course. Your time will be far better spent helping to bring stability to your locality, and spreading calmness where it is needed. You do not however have to do everything yourselves, as our allies will take prominent roles and eventually we shall also be with you.

You are on the verge of a historic victory over the dark Ones, and very soon we shall bring their actions to a halt. They had every intention of leaving in a blaze of glory, but we will curtail their activities as far as possible. Some circumstances are allowed to develop, and in so doing we hope to catch the dark Ones in their acts. They know their time is limited and that they have little left before they are removed from circulation and put away. Life will become hectic for a time for most people and some inconvenience is inevitable due to the extent of the changes. Do not worry about it as in a relatively short time you will be more than compensated. Those of you that are less affected should seek to help anyone who requires it, sharing whatever you can.

What a great adventure lays ahead of you, and you already know that your Ascension is assured. To think that after millennia of time you have come to the end of duality, having gone through one of the darkest periods you have ever experienced. At the same time it has also been one that has been very important to your level of evolution. It has given you the opportunity to evolve at a rate that has previously been unprecedented during your time in the lower vibrations. Fortunately you can if so desired set aside memories of it, rather than recall many lives that may not be of the highest order.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and greet you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light. We are just one group of many that are assembled around your Earth, to witness an event that will be unique where Ascension is concerned, and for your future delight and interest the whole event is being recorded. Representatives of civilizations from even other Universes are present, as they have an interest in what happens to your Universe. You are stars of a great Universal show that will literally light up your world.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. 07/04/2012 by John Smallman

    The moment for humanity’s awakening into its natural fully-conscious state draws ever closer. Your impatience as you wait for this exhilarating event is quite understandable because it seems that you have been waiting in excited expectation for far too long. Your indefatigable patience will soon be rewarded with joy and happiness far beyond your wildest dreams, because a divine promise has been made and it will be honored in full.

    Continue to hold the Light and share it lovingly with everyone with whom you interact; that is your task, your purpose, your path, and your reason for being incarnate at this point in your human evolution. You have all the assistance that you need to maintain your faith in God’s promise as the moment for this exciting event approaches — your doubts and anxieties are just the unreal effect that the illusion is having on you.

    It was built to enable those within it to hide from God, and one of the methods of doing so was to cause chaos and confusion, while apparently offering a way to find God through the variety of religious beliefs and dogmas that have proliferated over the eons. Many of the religious teachings on offer have within them some very good ideas and concepts, but they have frequently been misinterpreted, and those misinterpretations were then enforced as laws by misguided and dogmatic teachers.

    The everlasting message from your divine Father is “Love each other as I love You.” It truly is that simple. His Love for you is infinite, and yet so many of you have incredible difficulty with that divine truth.

    So long as you judge and condemn one another you will remain confused and unable to find peace; and if you have religious or spiritual tendencies you will most likely be seeking a god of retribution to support the anger you feel towards those others.

    Judgment and condemnation demands victims, guilty ones, and in that harsh game no one is innocent, so peace is unobtainable. While you honor your own need to be right, which demands that you find others wrong, you can have no peace because you are constantly in a state of dissatisfaction as those others continue to live and thrive despite their apparent misdeeds. And that encourages you to take action to bring them to account.

    You may have noticed that God does not call people to account. He created you all as perfect divine beings and that is how He always sees you. Judgment is not of God anymore than is the illusion. But over the eons the illusion has become increasingly real for you, and it has brought you ever more suffering. Now is the time for you to finally release your addiction to it and let it go, along with all the pain, confusion, and suffering that it causes. Your history shows you quite clearly that it is a state of confusion in which disagreements and conflicts predominate, and where peace is a long sought but unachievable concept.

    When you awaken, as you most surely will, the peace, the satisfaction, the self-acceptance, and the realization of your true nature as divine beings will bring you to a state of joy that is presently completely beyond your ability to conceive of or contemplate. But, being your natural state, you will recognize it instantly as Reality, your true Home, as you experience once more oneness with God and all of His divine creation. The joy that awaits you will dazzle you with the boundlessness of its eternal brilliance.

    Your joy is God’s joy and God’s Will, and His Will is constant, eternal, and inevitable. You can delay your entrance into that state by refusing to open yourselves to accept the abundance of His Love, and by holding on to the need to see others who have hurt or offended you brought to account.

    What you need to understand is that most of your suffering is caused by your feelings that you have been unfairly treated, and by your imagined need for recompense. All who are human have suffered because it seems that they are alone — insignificant beings, in a vast and inhospitable universe that neither needs them nor values them. The pain of that is too great to bear and thus it is denied and buried deep within the unconscious realms of their minds.

    However, its presence remains like a darkness overshadowing their lives, and it often seems that the only way to relieve it is to make others suffer. Everyone who brings or imposes suffering on others is himself suffering, and by the actions he takes he further intensifies his own suffering. It is a catch-22 situation, the more one makes another or others suffer, the greater the suffering he himself experiences.

    Forgiveness — true forgiveness — is the only remedy for suffering. By not forgiving one just retains the sense of injustice felt and intensifies it. As many have found when they have sought and received recompense, the sense of injustice does not dissolve; in fact it frequently festers and intensifies, and the recompense received is increasingly seen as inadequate.

    Only by forgiving as though no injustice had been dealt to you will you be able to relieve the pain that you feel. Within your illusory environment that seems to make no sense, and yet those who have done it feel mightily relieved, and are able to find peace as the stress of maintaining their grievance dissolves.

    So continue your preparations to awaken by forgiving all who have ever hurt or offended you, and by releasing all the unloving attitudes that the illusion has encouraged you to nurture. Doing this will bring you peace and the realization that you are eternally loved by your heavenly Father, whereupon to open your hearts to accept His Love becomes the obvious, inevitable, and only choice that you can possibly make.

    With so very much love, Saul.

  2. Goodmorning Kp and John,

    Kp thanks for posting Salusa, I am now working Tuesdays and Wednesday’s the late shift. So I am only starting at 10AM. I hope you guys are alright.

    Love Lisa

  3. Goodmorning dear friends. I’d like to share my today’s dream experience.

    Dream 1: I was intensely annoyed and insulted by a young man (round to 18 years old or a little more) and after a while acting from fear, I put him down by hitting him repeated times on the face. The same time I was feeling unpleasant for what I did to him. Then I ran away. But he with two other boys of the same age, managed to get near to me by car. They encircled me. We were outside and there were many people there who didn’t wish to act because of fear. At that time I felt my coming end and waited peacefully for it without further anticipation. I was feeling that I was shining my Light through my action and felt strongly like Jesus. The people around noticed that, but still they didn’t wish to do something. Then the 3 guys started to hit me with fists and kicks. Their beatings felt real and in some points painful but after some seconds it was like I was watching/experiencing all this like an observer. Then I fell slowly down and darkness surounded me. Then I woke up by just opening instantly my eyes. My heart was beating strongly, because I felt a little scared, I think. Then I continued my sleeping.

    Dream 2: My father was showing to me and my brother, through the computer, instructions of a ‘test’ we had to do. It was about building a specific construction (like abstract art style) with specific objects which we should not have bought. In front of us there were two colored sketches of mine of AA Michael. The first was depicting his face ,looking at the viewer, (like the picture here ) till a little lower from the neck and his head was going to the (my) left. The second sketch depicted him like the picture in the link, but it was till his neck. I felt that this ‘test’ had to do with AA Michael. Then I woke up.

    End of the dream.

    Much Love to all =-) .

  4. Hi KP,
    What a dream you had, all that punching. I only remembered the last portion of my dream because I wasn’t doing any exercise to remember it. The only thing I remember is getting arrested by a police/detective while I was sitting in the car. And then the dream shifted and I was now running from the police. But i had just so much fun to keep out of there hands and I was laughing at them because they couldn’t catch me. At the end of the dream I was blending in with people who where going to a golf course and I was holding a club, hiding behind the people , and walking with them so that the police wouldn’t find me.


  5. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing great!
    Right now I’m going through one of those phases… having to ignore feelings of rage. Well, not ignore, but deal with them in the way that the above Saul message advises. Today is the 4th and I haven’t received my salary yet 😦 When I came back from the holidays the boss told me she had no money for salaries but was trying this and that, yada-yada-yada… Still, she’s going on holidays in 2 weeks! :s
    I don’t care much about money, but come on… working and not getting paid?!
    Anyway, I’m trying to keep my cool and I’m sure things will sort themselves out, I’ve asked my Higher Self, Angels and Guides to help in sorting this whole thing out in the best possible way for everyone involved.
    Love each and everyone of you! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Your feelings of rage are understood dear Suntria. I hope and wish for your matters to get solved peacefully and without further delay =-) .
      Much Love and Peace on your way.

    • wow Sun lady.. 😦 not nice her attitude.. sounds like time for u to find a new more suitable job lovely? lol
      How is the holiday blues going ? hugs and kisses

      • Hi, Miss Laura 😉 yes, looks like I should look for something else in the job area. But there are so many things on my mind right now (economic crisis = very few job offers; should I try the same work area or another? Is it even worth looking for a job with all the things that are about to happen? When will they happen? Sooooon…). I don’t know what to do, what the best option would be right now 😦
        Apart from that, things are going fine… Lots of love ♥
        P.S.: How’s Indy doing?

    • Sending to You Huge amounts of Love and Light, dear Sun – Up and Above the problems, You Are so Great!
      ( ( SUN ) )
      Tauno 🙂

    • Wow that is awesome! I had that symbol tattooed on one of my fingers! I covered it up years ago due to the stigma. Everyone thought I was a white supremist! We can’t have that!

      • ~Oh!…it’s the first time I actually saw a symbol like this…me can’t see how it would relate to social stygmatism…AnyHoot, i wish there was closer footage of the Field…Helps in discerning if it was Physically Made or Dimensionally done… 🙂 ~

        • Yeah for sure! I have never seen a crop circle, but would love to stand in that powerful place! Yeah the symbol was also a Viking symbol, my 3D family is Norwegian and Danish so it had great meaning to me. But the prisons adopted the Viking symbols and manipulated them for evil. I wanted no part of that. Some look at tattoos as evil, if thats the case babajij, I’m in trouble 😉 I am pretty much covered! Whoops!

  6. Hi everyone hope your 4 of July is going well. I had a very interesting time in Dream time last night.
    There were five star ships around me last night it was like they were all talking at once cant hear myself think. wake with a head ache and the word discretion.
    Sense I must remember something then star gate pops in told to write Magdalena Morgalena.
    I see a man White hair in a white robe, collar of robe reminds me of the Chinese collar the v down the front has gold braided symbols Ro Tan?
    A women saying she must remember, the man said give her time she will. I sense others around me in a circle Pleiadians! Then I am told Words have power, can harm, but words also contain truth if spoken with love, with light guiding the manifestation upon the page.
    I am in a room circular smooth walls white/silver very clean others in white robes.
    The sentinel ! The sentinel yes where is it I know this racking my brain wandering in 3D then realise she is my tree. That is what I told my husband I call her when he saw me hug this tree and run my hands lovingly over her scars.
    The women tells me the sentinel will help me remember she smiles and walks away. She has a fair complexion like alabaster, blond/golden hair. White robes also Morgan/Morain. end of dream.

  7. My stepfather has been in the ICU for days from drug reactions and yesterday he really went downhill. Today a machine is breathing for him. My mother is naturally hysterical, and I’m busy making sure we keep her diabetes in check.
    I was hoping we could send love and light his way to ease his suffering no matter how this turns out in the coming days. He has been fighting Leukemia and Congestive Heart Failure for over a year now and he is tired and weak.

    I believe I have already been receiving help. All day yesterday, continuing throughout today every clock, phone, computer, and even both car’s odometers have had 11s or other synchronistic times on them. I even tried to purposely not see a synchronism last night and when I woke my phone I was greeted by 12:34.
    I’ve also had a pulsing sensation in my left, middle back off and on since yesterday. Not painful in any way, more of a gentle vibrating pulse. Last night was also a full moon in Capricorn, (my sign).

    Even with this stress added to others, since last night i have been overcome with a great peaceful calm and acceptance of the situation, which today helped me deal with helping my mom and nephew cope when we visited the hospital today. My meditation on him ended up sending very strong energies through my body, and I sent tons of love his way.

    I’m aware that he may not pull through and this could be his personal Independece Day (his favorite holiday and movie), but if not he needs all the help I can get him. Thank you for any love and light you can send his way. His name is Bill.


    • Jason, my brother, thank you for sharing that with us. It takes a great deal of courage to share these things with others. Please email me my friend. Leslee has my personal email, and I have been praying and meditating for you. You have been in my thoughts a great deal as of late, and I want you to know that you are NOT alone in this. You are NEVER alone, we always have our family and friends from eons ago, we always have the source in our hearts and souls. I love you my brother and I anxiously await your email. Your faithful friend, brother and lightworker,

  8. Inspirational break…. Take a few minutes for yourself and smile inside…

    Know who you are
    There’s a world wants to know you
    Know where to go…
    There’s a world wants to touch you
    Feel all you can…
    Let your heart speak and guide you
    Don’t be afraid…
    Of the love deep inside you.

    Bring it out for everyone
    When you smile we can see the sun
    Bring it out for all to hear
    Because you’ve so much to give
    And there’s so much to know
    But if you wait for your moment
    Well, it may never show.

    Know who you are…
    There’s a new song inside you.
    Weep if you can…
    Let the tears fall behind you.

    Bring it out for everyone.
    When you smile we can see the sun,
    Sing it out for all to hear
    Because you’ve so much to say
    And you’ve so much to do
    And everyone’s waiting,

    Yes, it’s all up to you.

    Know who you are…
    There’s a world deep inside you,
    Trust if you can…
    There’s a friend there to guide you.

  9. Hello good morning STC
    I’ve had a hell of a night. Hope yours were better then mine 😀

    I made the intention to meet Norim from the ship Athabantian. I tried to meditate but kept falling asleep. I got following dream(s):

    I am standing a bit aside and I see two groups of Angels. On my left I see an older group and on my right the youngsters. They where dressed in white and standing under a kinda of wooden shelter.

    The dream moves on but this is a battle now with my body, it is soar everywhere at a point that I had to wake up and sit in the coach to get the pains to diminish.

    After an hour or so I go back to bed and have following dream: I am on a merry go round (moving), and on the merry go round there were a lot of people making beautiful, tasty cakes. The merry go round stands still and Carmen (a friend from Belgium) gives me a voucher that I can spent on something. But because of my bad hearing I can’t understand her. I wanted to ask what she said, but she was off again. I see people having their vouchers and excactly where they were going. So I sat down and I felt forgotten and cried. I felt such a looser. I woke up with that still with that feeling and it is still hasn’t gone yet. (Maybe feeling a looser relates maybe reading all those magnificent stories of others. But I remind myself to be gentle and that it is not a competition 😀 all will happen in divine time)

    I hope the one in America had a great 4th of July. As I was going home I heard a speech of Independence Day and I felt so strong with it I started to cry. Yesterday when I was driving home I saw 444 and 777 and behold, this morning to work I saw 444 and 777.

    I can’t wait to get out of this limited 3D……..

    Love and Light

    • Lisa you had white robes as I did in mine last night. 🙂 It has been many years since I have dreamed as I am now in just this past 14 days. I guess it was the confirmation from Leslee and Adrial that I needed to release and just let things flow. Holding a crystal when I sleep has been of great help also.
      love and light suzanne

    • Good morning, very interesting dreams. You mentioned being sore, well from Sunday through yesterday my back has been very sore on my right side and for some reason I attribute it to my visit on the Aurora.

      love to you my sister

    • ~yea, Sorry ’bout that,Lisa…i went & trashed it when i saw it not upload…It was a Care Bear cartoon with Balloons & a Merry-go-Round… 😀 ~

      • yehhhh…….love merry-go-round….my youngest daughter is scared of them.

        Love and Light babajij, hope you have a good one.

    • ~Good Day, Suntria!…me gotta fix me Up a Cupa Coffee…my waking and sleeping hours have totally shifted…I have found the comfort in it All… 🙂 ~

  10. Hi, when I read the latest article of Denise Le fay: The Final Six Months of 2012
    Excerpt from the article: The Final Six Months of 2012

    “So, for the first-half of 2012 I’ve dragged around my constantly hurting left shoulder, arm, and seriously painful lower Cervical vertebrae area and muscles with zero relief and growing frustrations. This additional physical pain is of course on top of all the ongoing Ascension symptoms pains. The other thing that I’d been clairvoyanly seeing since May 2012 were the two etheric devices I’ve mentioned before; the periwinkle colored ball of light and the circle of white light containing smaller white light circles inside of it (looks like the lens end of an LED flashlight). It took me years to figure out what these two things actually were, and once I realized they were negative etheric devices siphoning my energy, my vital life-force, I went to work to prevent them from continuing to feed from me. These devices were also a way that the nonphysical Negatives–Team Dark–used to monitor me, my Mom, and even our cat in this dimension. The original, other-dimensional, Negative “Big Brother” at its etheric worst and most vile.”

    I instantly remembered a episode from Star Trek Voyager where an invisible ET race where conduction experiments on the crew. We are still subjected to medical experiments by the Cabal.


  11. Sending you so much healing light to You jason and your Dad Bill.
    Archangel Raphael is great at physical healings.

  12. Mira And Sananda ~ Enjoy the Quiet ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda
    Posted by Jose Contreras Buenrostro on July 4, 2012 at 7:06am
    Send Message View Blog

    Mira and Sananda:
    Hello wonderful Light Beings that you all are. Sananda and I, Mira, join forces today to bring you such joyous news. We have much to share with you.
    All around the World, there is a quietude, as if you can hear a pin drop. It is cause for rejoicing, dear Ones.
    Behold the changes already happening and in place. Start to stretch your muscles as if coming out of a deep sleep. Look around you and notice the subtle differences in perception, not so subtle for some. Take it in and begin to work with it as your Reality from now on.
    We come before you today to tell you that the stage has been set for your rapid ascent. More and more you will be discovering for yourselves, and also hearing from us and other Ascended Beings, on how to best utilize this new perspective of consciousness becoming prevalent among you.
    You have laid the groundwork, with our help, and now it is time to pick up your tools and work alongside us in creating the New Earth you all are getting a glimpse of. It is time to work daily, in the Now, on your Ascension, if you so choose.
    Your tools, so to speak, are your gifts that you will be uncovering more and more as you go along. They are your inherent gifts, from Creator. All of you will be developing your telepathic abilities more and more. Allow those to come forth naturally as you go inward and tap your inherent gifts.
    You will develop a deeper connection with Source and receive guidance on your own within you. And each of you will be developing your unique gifts to assist in the forming of the New World on this beautiful Earth that is destined to become pristine again, with your and our help.
    These awakenings are all possible, if you so choose, and really, you have all chosen when you decided to come back as Lightworkers and Lightholders to assist Mother Earth and each other in Ascension.
    You will receive much more help now from us of the Spiritual and Galactic Realm now that the dark Ones are being neutralized. You can feel the difference in the energy, can’t you??? Revel in it, rejoice in it and roll up your sleeves to make the most of it.
    No need to take up arms. The only ”weapons” you need are Love and the intention to ascend; the intention to become One with All That Is; the intention to help others do this as well. Those are all the weapons you need; your tools of the trade are Love and Intention, and your vision for the World you want to see and create.
    What a wondrous World you are creating. Take some time to celebrate and rejoice at the success of all your hard work and perseverance. The World is lightening up and it is becoming easier to feel it in your bones and in your Light Bodies.
    Focus now on your Light Bodies. Absorb all the great potent energy from the Galactic Sun and infiltrate your Being with it. Notice the lightness you are feeling as your Crystalline bodies take shape, become more prevalent, become more present in you.
    Keep absorbing the Light and stay as detached as you can from the remains of duality inhabiting your surroundings. Stay Centered and Balanced. Being in nature and meditating more will help you in this.
    Duality is becoming less real to you, and your connection to Source more prominent and Real. Connecting to others will be easier and simpler to feel and notice. Stay with that Reality, dear Ones.
    Now, please sit with this awhile, experiment with this awhile and we will be coming again with more help in your ascension process.
    We send you our Love and abiding support,
    Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Sananda
    Thank you to Mira and Sananda.
    As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

  13. Last night I had a dream I was outside this arena and people were fitting boxing gloves on me. My opponent???? OMG Mike tyson.
    Now it is funny because I was not scared to get my brains beaten in, I told one of the people i just hope I dont get so tired and run out of breath. my favorite boxer has always been Muhamid Ali, so I was thinking I would fight like him, float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. i was going to dance in the ring like ali used to and do the Ali shuffle. I then woke up before I got inside, thank god for that, what was i even thinking.

    • The Crusher

      Sounds like we are now preparing for the Main Event, whatever that may be… David vs. Goliath, remember Gunner just one well-placed rock right in the nads haha

  14. Lisa
    After readin your dream, I got this message in my e-mail and your name popped up in my head upon seeing this message;.
    The Angelic Realm Explains Rejection
    through Ann Albers
    My dear friends, we love you so very much.
    Part of your human experience, dear ones, is dealing with rejection. There are times when others will reject you and times when you will have to turn others away. There are degrees of rejection that range from having someone simply look away when you give them a smile, to having the love of your life abruptly leave for no apparent reason. There are rejections that are done kindly, such as a friend politely declining an invitation, as well as rejections accompanied by incredible cruelty.
    It is sad to us in the heavens to see this topic so charged with negativity, because in reality, a rejection is simply the honest echo to or from the universe saying, “What I see does not match me.” There is no such negativity in the natural universe. Male animals court the female but if she refuses them, they simply find another to impress. A tree root digs deep into the ground and when it runs up against hard soil, it simply seeks out softer ground. Water pushes up against the boulders, but eventually carves a channel around those it cannot move.
    Likewise dear ones, if someone or some situation is not willing to receive your love, then move forward, around them, and allow God to bring you a more perfect match. In the eyes of the angels, “Rejection is simply Redirection.”
    So next time someone rejects you, smile to yourself. Say, “Ah yes, thank you! You have shown me that you are not perfect for me! You have shown me that you do not want to receive what I have to give. You do not want to give what I wish to receive. Because I trust God and know I am loved, I will bless you and continue forward, knowing the universe will find what is perfect for me. I will trust God. I will bless you and release you and in so doing, release myself from the thankless task of trying to make someone or something “Fit” my life, when in truth it does not.”
    And so dear ones, likewise when you must turn someone down, there is no need for justifications, excuses, or anger. You simply need to say, I’m sorry, this is not perfect for me, and on you go. If someone gets upset at you for being kindly honest, well then dear ones, that is their point of growth. Sometimes you are redirected, sometimes you redirect others.
    Within a puzzle each piece is unique and fits very uniquely amidst the others. A puzzle piece does not take it personally when it has not yet met its perfect matches. It does not say, “Can you believe that horrid piece that didn’t want me!” Instead dear ones, each of you, like the pieces of that puzzle, can bless those who reject you because in truth they are your guides, leading you to situations, people, and patterns of thought that give you greater and greater joy.
    God bless you! We love you so very much.
    — The Angels
    With much love,
    Ann Albers

  15. I could also bite his ear off DW.
    On one of those comedy roasts, Mike tyson was there and said that during someones speech he felt like biting his own ear off..

    • Well there you go, is that what they meant by friends romans countrymen lend me your ears? Or you could just read to him one of the more long-winded ascended masters channels… :mrgreen:

  16. 13 Oc, 3 Kumku, 8 Manik

    Dratzo! The time for changes is upon us all. Heaven has moved upon the Earth and decreed that a time for liberation and for freedom has arrived. Thus we are honor-bound to come forth upon the Earth and face in all diligence those who, in haste and sheer arrogance, have forgotten that they are merely temporary masters of this most magnificent realm. Our coming is to make these points absolutely clear to them and to pave the way for a new epoch for surface Earth’s humanity. Nearly 13 millennia ago, you began to fall into the uneasy world of limited consciousness. This is a realm where it became relatively easy for your new masters and their trained minions to control and manipulate you. This time is now swiftly coming to a divine close. Actions have already begun which are to force those who have for so long ruled this land with impunity to let go of the reins. Our liaison teams and their many sacred companions are working hard to complete programs which will revitalize your world – a world where you are to be set free, and where, in sacred purpose, you can complete your journey to full consciousness.

    We come now to finish a process that will assist our Earth allies to evict several regimes currently controlled by the dark cabal. This will allow a new type of governance to be established which, along with a new financial system, is to deliver an era of abundance. In addition, this new governance will introduce and apply now-hidden, Earth-based technologies which we will eventually combine with our own to give you a time of peace, prosperity, and unprecedented international cooperation. We come to present you with a wealth of knowledge that is to set you free from the silly lies and misrepresentations of your soon-to-be castaway masters. This cabal is the last vestige of the groups which have ruled you so unkindly, and they are now to be revealed for what they truly are! This arrogant and ill-intentioned bunch was planning to strip you even further of God’s divine gift of full consciousness and keep you in permanent servitude. These despicable plans are being short-circuited as we speak, and will never come to fruition!

    Our mission here is ultimately related to first contact. We have come from afar to carry out the divine edicts of Lord Surea and to bring sacred comfort to you from the highest spheres of Heaven. The great Seraphim from AEON have blessed you and us with a divine grace that will bring forth a new era upon the Earth. This new epoch will usher in a 5-D reality and a time of full consciousness for Gaia and for her many peoples. Long ago, we of the Galactic Federation colonized this planet and brought forth what you mainly call Lemuria. In this magical land we flourished, both on and below the surface. This high culture watched over the sacred essence of Mother Earth and her most diverse ecosystems. Then a group of Atlanteans was swayed by dark elements to move some of you into a state of temporary servitude. Events then followed which placed this small contingent of humans into great peril. Heaven intervened and decreed that this small band was to pass through a period of limited consciousness.

    This odyssey was intended to be a key to delivering permanent peace to this galaxy. It seems that the dark Anchara continuum had created a multiplicity of galactic empires, populated with Beings who had been denied the necessary Light Body for returning in Will to the Light. Heaven’s plan was to use, at a future time, Earth humans’ infinite Love and their acquired wisdom of the dark to move these bereft civilizations back into the Light. That time is now. It is the moment for you to fulfill your divine mission, and it is our sacred task to prepare you for this immense service. To this end we are using our powers and abilities to secure a new world for you. Here, you are to meet your Lemurian ancestors and, in Agartha, to transform, bathed in Love and Light, into fully conscious Beings. In this, your original state, you can meet your new clients and, in Love, bring them a most precious gift: a fully functional Light Body! This divine service delights Heaven and brings the entire galaxy into the great Oneness that is the True Light of Heaven.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come before you today with some information about what is going on around you. At present, a great many, who have been quietly observing the enormous greed and corruption of the dark ones, are preparing the vast amounts of evidence for their trials. This collection of data has also been used to trace and secure the masses of gold and related debentures that the cabalists either illegally seized or issued. These funds are now in our possession, and our various associate groups are adding many of these instruments to the ever-growing monies to be distributed shortly to those who are the initial recipients of the prosperity funds. This operation is taking longer for two reasons. First, we needed to collect, surreptitiously, the enormous amounts of money stolen by the dark. Second, we needed to compile and collate the evidence about how the dark, through arrogance, managed to destroy the very basis of its power!

    The layers of control with which the cabal dominated you are rapidly disintegrating, and as these layers lose their effectiveness, the unbelievable extent of the avarice and illegality of their institutions begins to be revealed. Heaven has graced us with an amazing tool which permits us to monitor these miscreants, and in this regard we note that those who deeply wish to enslave humanity are in fact a most incompetent bunch! Their many procedural errors and unwarranted overstepping of their authority plainly brought about their present predicaments, and the mountains of illegal debt are the direct result of this unbridled avarice. In this, Heaven provided a most effective means for us to subdue them, and the addition of our Inner Earth and Space cousins has sealed the deal for humanity! We are very grateful for this, and deeply bless all in Heaven for her wondrous gifts and for our deliverance from the dark.

    The procedures now underway are in their final stage and so we have given the ‘green light.’ Look at this like the launch of a manned space flight at Cape Canaveral where all is in the final countdown. Many sequences need to be completed, and on the way some delays may happen. However, all is geared for takeoff once these final complex sequences are checked off. This is where we are now. We require honesty and trust, and therefore ask you to use your immense positive energies to ensure that this ‘launch’ goes off as planned. Our collective intention is fully focused on this. Many groups of Galactic Federation and our associates’ personnel are working diligently to complete this on time. We fully believe that divine events will take place shortly which is to create a reality of peace, prosperity, and above all, freedom!

    Today, we reviewed what is occurring on your world. Things are underway which will shortly ensure the termination of the dark cabal and its many partners. You are very close to witnessing a wonderful event: the return of the Light to planet Earth! With this, you are to quickly complete your short journey back to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    Website: Planetary Activation Organization

  17. Astria Of Electra. Our Rising Collective Light Quotient-Peace And Prosperity For All. By, AuroRa Le. July 5, 2012.
    Posted on July 5, 2012 by theangeldiaries
    Greetings, my beloved Brethren. I, Archeia Astria of the Pleiadian star Electra, am most honored to have discourse with you once again. You are each a treasure and a joy. Every last one of you is an invaluable addition to whole of the human race. The Earth’s community of people are a diverse lot, to say the least. You have barely scratched the surface of knowing who and what your population is really made up of, and what a grand experiment of love that you are. So much has been kept hidden from you, as this a means of keeping you subdued and ignorant of your Divine origins. How I, and all those who call themselves your true family, shall delight in your rapture and be bathed in your joyous light, on that fine day that the truth becomes known. Each of you retains within your energetic fields, a type of blueprint. It contains your memories, your contractual agreements, your timeline and the truth about your origins. It has been difficult, if not impossible, for most of you to access this information up until now. You have known yourselves only as human souls who are traversing an evolutionary path, and most consider themselves to be this and this alone. Yet it is not so. You are so very much more. The Earth experiment is quite young, in greater Universal terms, and before this project was ever underway, you lived. You have always lived, ageless and infinite. You are Holy beings. You have always been you, and your light shall continue to grow brighter and stronger and more varied as a result of your many experiences. We all spring forth from the Heart of One. You are a living, breathing spark of the Holy Light, and you must endeavor to remember this as proof of your excellence.

    Each passing day is bringing us that much closer to the Heart of One, the Heart of God. The collective vibration of the Earth’s populace is steadily rising, and as this occurs you move nearer to your first destination-this being the 5th density. I say first because Gaia is not stopping there. She has farther reaching plans than that. But all is to be done in moderation, and she would never subject her children to any more than she believes they can handle at a given time. Every single person who awakens affects this collective light quotient. Therefore, the stronger it becomes, the more noticeable it shall be to everyone. Then this in turn shall significantly increase the number of people who go on to respond to this noticeably shifting vibration. More people on your planet are feeling a sudden discontent with their current way of life, and they are beginning to question who they are and where their lives are going. The evidence of this dissatisfaction has consistently shown itself in your alternative news sources, and shall soon begin to trickle down into the mainstream media. When you observe this happening, consider it to be one aspect of the tangible proof you have been asking for. Change is most assuredly taking place, I promise you. Be content with this as an initial sign, because to be content is to be at peace. Whatever you do, do not lose sight of your ultimate goal and refrain from becoming disillusioned with the pace of ascension. It is difficult, I do agree. It seems as though it is not happening fast enough, and there are some who feel it is not happening at all. You face the same thing, day in and day out, with no outward signs that anything new is on the horizon. You are feeling a great impatience with this redundancy, and deep within your soul you know that there is more to life than the 3rd dimensional world has to offer. You know that something tremendous is going on, but it is upsetting that you cannot see it. The challenge here is not to allow yourself to give in to those feelings of doubt, and not to allow yourself to become jaded. Have faith in the very things that your 5 physical senses cannot perceive.

    It is more important now than ever, to spend time in silent meditation every day, even if it is only for a short duration. This is the time we are able to communicate with you, undisturbed. Silence the incessant chatter of the mind and ignore it’s nagging. Do nothing and think of nothing. You need only to stop for a little while and be. You shall hear tones and perhaps a higher pitched ringing. Recognize these as the frequencies of Home. Listen closely. What you are hearing is physical proof. Also, pay close attention to any imagery you see, or if there is a word or phrase that repeats itself. All of these are clues in the solving of the wonderfully complex mystery of you. I also feel the need to remind you that your physical human vessels are in a state of transmutation, also, and that the outward signs of change shall soon become visible, if they have not already. You’re bodies are currently morphing from being dense and carbon-based, into a lighter crystalline-based structure. This new encasement shall neither decay nor die. Are you seeing evidence of this yet? Examine the texture of your skin, the lushness and strength of your hair. Even your fingernails shall grow more quickly. You shall find that you no longer sicken, and you have far less need for sleep and heavy foods. I list but a mere few of the initial outward signs of of your DNA’s expansion and restoration. Take note that these, too, are provable, tangible signs.

    Be of good cheer, I tell you, because there is a new day dawning. This is the Platinum Age, and it is one of peace and prosperity for all. The time shall soon be upon you when you look back at your 3rd dimensional lifetimes and wonder to yourself, “How can it be that I did not know this? However could I have forgotten?” I shall be incomprehensible to you that the truth has been there before you all along. Soon the veil of amnesia, which has been lifted mightily already, shall be relegated to nothing more than a chapter in the record books. This New Age brings with it not only equality and abundance, but a complete integration and restoration of all aspects of your self. The precious people of Gai are awakening one by one, and at an ever increasing speed. As each one opens his eyes and his heart and veers off the expected path, so rises the Light. With every one that breaks away from the herd, your numbers grow. You are the shepherds, you know. It is up to you to show them the way.

    From the Golden Temple of Healing upon the Electra star, I AM Archeia Astria, sister to AuroRa. Be blessed.


      • Whoops! thanks babajij. My goodness how time flies… 😉

        One thing that stood out to me was their mention of the “torus” which I’ve been focusing on recently in another context. Also they mention the timing of creating their blogs which was March 2012, this was a “gateway” when several other folks came “online” in different ways. This process was not limited to creating blogs, or channeling, or whatever, it was an “opening of creative opportunity” for many different kinds of things.

    • This is Preety Great 7 minute Video,Konstantinos!…Thankyou!…

      The Number 7 as in the duration of this video and the 7 times that Baba is asked to recite his Mantra is very signicant: my last dream was about STC…i was looking at the Site and it had a More Multi-Tabbed expansion to it…and then John’s avatar was there with the Words “MAGNIFICENT 7” was beside his photo gravatar…John left a comment/reply: “okay”…

      and then I woke Up

      • Thank you dear Babajij. Amazing experience! As for the number 7, imagine that my birthday are on July 7th (7-7) =-) ….

        • Kp! Imagine that! Today is my birthday my friend! I was born in 1977 so… 7-5-77. The number 7 has always been a profound number in my life. Love to you all!!

        • ~Yes,I thought about that too…cause I have a Special Calender for Birthdays only…and i write down Friends’ birthdates on this calender…on July 7, i had written KP40 1991… 😀 ~

          • That’s very sweet of you dear Babajij =-) .Also I noticed that before I wish happy birthday to Michael the number of comments was 77…amazing synchronicity
            =-) !

  18. Oh man, I am in the goofiest mood today.. Really centered and all that, just goofy… It’s sunny and I can’t help but be happy. Poor Roo is getting the brunt of it. He’s looking at me like I’m off my meds. LOL…

    • I am feeling a bit on the goofy side too John. I woke up this morning HURTING man, oh boy do I hurt today. My head feels like its gonna pop! I was either busy doing missions last night (dont remember anything of my sleep) Or I am feeling the changes in gaia/ solar flairs? Hmm, I dont know

  19. Wow, looks like I’ve missed some great posts/comments!
    I’ve been keeping my nose down (but not at work – lost my job today!), and have a couple things to share: New video from me on pendulums:, and a post with some general updates:
    Calling it a night for now, hoping to do some good reading tomorrow, and I’m delighted that I’ll have more time to share with you guys, and can kiss the parking garage and commute goodbye!
    Love & miss you all!

    • I’m sorry you lost your job Leslee, but trust me, sometimes these things are for the better! I feel I’m about to loose my job too (today is the 6th and I still haven’t received my salary). Ah well… Hope things turn out in the best possible way for you, my friend! ♥

      • Oh, Sun, I’m sending you lots of light, and wishes for only happy outcomes!
        I knew inside that this would happen… It was just a matter of time, so Adrial & I seem to have speeded things up by offering “them” what they needed in order to allow that eventuality to arise. I’m actually very happy and relieved, with only one detail of the situation that I wish had been handled
        differently, so who could ask for more? 😉
        Thank you so much for the kind wishes, and I send you the same, dear!

        • Well, my situation is a bit different: I’m sick and tired of being in a job where I’m not happy – particularly now, with a late salary. I just want to leave! But according to the law if I leave now I have to compensate the company *or* I could tell them I’ll leave in 2 months and leave empty handed *or* I could wait 2 months without being paid and then finish the contract and get a kind of ‘unemployment pay’. None of these seem fair to me. I’m studying the situation because I want to get out of here as fast as possible, but also in the nicest way possible.
          Ah well, I’m sure things will come out in the best possible way.

          • You seem to have a really good perspective of it, Suntria! It feels to me like if you just trust (which I sense you’re already doing), the Universe will handle the details 😉
            Meanwhile, I’m sending you lots of love and wishes for the quickest and most beneficial relief possible! See you tonight in dreamland dear!

        • If you really feel happy and relieved dear Lelsee, then I’m happy with your happiness =-) . Hope everything to be wonderful for you from now on =-) . Much Love from all of us (-_-) !

          • Thank you dear! If Adrial says I don’t need that job, who am I to argue? Much love to you and Iltheos… Going to try and ramp my energy level down a bit now, and use fewer exclamation marks… I’ve decided they give me insomnia…

    • Leslee I was gonna say “sorry you lost your job”, but I don’t think that fits considering your attitude about it :). So congratulations on your new freedom to enjoy yourself and find something better!

      • Thank, you, Jason… (I’m boycotting exclamation marks for the rest of the evening, so I can settle my energy some…) Yes, it feels quite right. In the moment seems perfect. I’ve been thinking about your family… Please let me know if you’ve emailed and I haven’t replied… I know I’m not caught up yet. Best wishes for everything to go the best possible way for all… Namaste, and I hope we connect tonight 🙂

        • Things are uncertain with Bill still in the hospital, but I know things will turn out as they should. Thank you for your thoughts and wishes, and I’ll see ya tonight

  20. Hi Leslee, I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your job. I wish for you, that your shop will run like a train. I sent you lots of love and light Leslee.


    • Thank you, dear Lisa – I think I have a pretty good idea of what Adrial has in mind, and if even only half of it manifests, I will be delighted… 🙂

    • Haha… “The planet Venus comes up every morning…” What do you think, KP, I think it looks like Spacewave… Very beautiful, for sure… The voice sounds like a deep-voiced Ghost Radar…

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