Tulya Crew Report: 10 March 2012

A Brief Explanation

(as conveyed to Leslee by Teo’Na and Adca Mupea; please note that words displayed like [this] are Ghost Radar transmissions.)

[score record]

The crew of the Galactic Light Ship TULYA [club] has been communicating with  the passengers on the Spirit train Chronicles since [enjoy magnet] their interest [correct] in the Familiarization Voyage to the Neptune was first beginning planning.

One of the main results of the planning of that “cruise” was to give Us the opportunity to gain evidence of levels of interest, awareness, and abilities among those who had expressed the wish to be of assistance in [sail] Our current ventures of disclosure, education, and ascension.

Since that time, We have been working through the very deep resistance that less than 20% of those who passed “first muster” have been experiencing.

Another 40% have been progressing at a reasonable pace (as was expected); beyond that, exactly 18% are progressing very well, 12% are making remarkable progress, and 6% are ready for the next phase.

We regret to report that there are 4% of the currently widely-accepted Advance Group who have severed direct contact with Us and need [simple] course correction [characteristic], but this was also expected, and the GateKeepers are monitoring the situation.


Here are current numbers to date:

The number of  Gatekeepers on Earth is 2.

The number of Astrologers on Earth is 2.

The number of Librarians on Earth is 14.

The number of WayShowers is 23.

The number of Court Jesters (These are the ones reading so much into “Readings”) is 9.


The number of [western] Martyrs (ones willing to truly give their lives for the ascension of others) is 4.

The number of Martyrs in the East is 5,648. Most of them understand that their roles will be brief and powerful, and they accept these conditions joyously.

The number of Historians is 23.

The number of Organizers is [maybe] 463.

The number of [knew stretch] Knowledge Holders is 4,123. [say] 95% of these Knowledge Holders are under the age of 10. If you know one of these beings, please do everything in your power to protect their self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-esteem. It is our wish that at least 25% of them survive and maintain their awareness of their roles beyond puberty.

The number of Category 3 Enlightened Beings on Earth is 233,785 [James the compare]. It is important to understand their essential role and treat them always with compassion [end] for having agreed to accept violent ends to their lives in order to offer lessons to others who teeter on the brink of heavy negative karma.

(Note from Leslee: In terms of causative actions on Earth at this time, there are 3 categories of Enlightened Beings. We speak in terms of humans only, in this context. Animals have separate categories.)

(Category 1 [beyond] are those such as Buddha Shakyamuni, Jesus, Mohammed, [grew] Mahatma Ghandi, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Rabindranath Tagore, Rumi, and Lao Tzu, who appear in this world to present pleasant examples of how one may travel a path to Enlightenment.)

(Category 2 Enlightened Beings are those who appear [importance] in this world to challenge others and polarize humanity in order to show starkly the effects of strong delusions. Examples will not be given here so as to avoid slander, but most people will be able to think of examples from current events or history, who have abused power and wealth to the detriment of others.)

(Category 3 Enlightened Beings appear in this world to illustrate the worst outcomes possible if one ignores the Law of One. Examples from Western History are Adolph Hitler, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar.)

The number of Category 1 Enlightened Beings on Earth at this time is 864. However, at this point, the number of these beings who have understood and accepted their roles is 89.

Everyone else on the Earth at this time is a Category 2 Enlightened Being.

Please note that if you are not yet aware of AND/OR acting upon your role, and begin to compare yourself with others and attempt to deduce who falls into these various categories, you may rest assured that you are a Category 2 Enlightened Being.

You may also rest assured that if you focus on these insignificant distinctions, you are wasting valuable time and reducing the numbers of key roles being filled.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with a frame of reference, not a means of keeping “score”.

Below is a listing of the 8 crew members of the Galactic Light Ship Tulya. 

These 8 have many connections with beings currently embodied on Gaia. They are often known by different names than those listed below.

(Most of the images are taken from a YouTube video posted by Ziggurathss. The color sketch of Umbro is by Leslee Hare.)


[born Virginia harder]

Umbro is the senior crew member. He has direct connections with 9 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Umbro’s connecting word is WING (as in both noun and verb forms).





Anjaska has direct connections with 78 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Anjaska’s connecting word is RADIANCE.




[hung] Sasha has direct connections with 2 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Sasha’s connecting word is SPIRAL.



Sujira has direct connections with 83,456 humans on the surface of Earth at this time.

Sujira’s connecting word is HEAL (as in both the wish to receive and offer healing).




Masilon has direct connections with 77 human beings on the surface of Earth at this point in time.

Masilon’s connecting words are ABUSE NOT POWER (as in “do not abuse power”).





Manskez has direct connections with 2 human beings on the surface of Earth at this point in time. She has indirect connections with 666,672.

Manskez’s connecting word is EMPHASIS (as in emphasizing love and kindness).




Bo has direct connections with 84 humans on the surface of Earth at this point in time. She has indirect connections with 56.

Bo’s connecting word is PARASOL (as in the Precious Umbrella which protects all worlds and beings).




Puziduk has direct connections with 2175 humans on the surface of Earth a this point in time.

Puziduk’s connecting word is INSTANCE (as in “instance of Enlightenment”.)


Puziduk (back)


19 comments on “Tulya Crew Report: 10 March 2012

  1. Becoming Umbro


    [Umbro…. umbro… umbro…

    umbro… talya… umbro…

    are you there, umbro?]


    Circle E



    [Umbro, are you there?]

    I am Troy, you only need to ask.

    [May I borrow?]

    Yes you may.

    [So my understanding is that we need to learn how to manipulate the systems of the Tulya, is that correct?]


    [How do I do that?]

    The Tulya has given you some basic instruction. Try querying her now.

    [Tulya: engine – operational]

    [Tulya: navigation systems – operational]

    [Tulya: defensive systems – operational ]

    [Tulya: healing systems – operational, we are currently working on someone]

    [Tulya: structural systems – operational, we are connected to many ]

    (Umbro) So you see Troy there are many systems to choose from.

    [can I see what you see?]

    Yes, you can feel what I feel…

    [That’s very strange… I can see your hands when I close my eyes. When I open and close my hands, your hands open and close. You have light blue skin, thin fingers.]

    Yes Troy. Move forward.

    (moving forward… I can see a triangular wall with a black window and an alcove, with a couch/bed next to the window. I look out of the window and I see a tree on the other side of it…)

    (Umbro) This is our environmental system, which is in fact a micro-environment. Organic in nature, completely self-sustaining, and aware, just as it is on your planet.

    [Can we move the ship closer to Earth?]

    You may, once others have joined you on the Tulya. Sasha has already noted some activity. There will be others, I feel.

    [Well… I’m not familar with the Tulya… where should we go next? Can you show me the systems relating to navigation?]

    This way…

    Touch the panel, you should be familiar with this…

    (I see a black panel, about the size of a touchpad, it has a single red square in it.)

    [I’m sorry Umbro I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do here… can I get the ship to go anywhere? Can I see where we are now?]

    Ask the ship.

    [Tulya, where are we now, in relation to my earth and my dimension?]

    (Tulya: we are in the fifth dimension, near Saturn.)

    [Tulya, where are you in relation to where I am physically?]

    (Tulya: I am near Saturn, I am currently cloaked.)

    [Tulya, can you move to Earth?]

    (Tulya: more crew members are needed for this maneuver.)

    [Thank you Tulya, it would be nice to see you here.]

    (Tulya: We would like to see you too, Troy. Thank you.)

    (Umbro): If it is your wish, we can facilitate the process. Your intuition is correct.. you may use our names to connect with us at any time. It is perhaps not as exclusive as you may expect, but you have a very accurate view of the underlying system. You may contact any of us, you only need to ask, and we will be happy to work with you.

    [Thank you Umbro, so this means I can connect with anyone on the ship in the same way I connected with you?]

    (Umbro): That is correct. But you have surmised correctly that it may be easier to connect initially with some than others from a frequency perspective. This is sort of like a gateway, once the gateway is opened you can come and go as you please. Borrowing would prefer permission, but you may still connect with our thoughts at any time. Sometimes we understand that lack of permission is required for the situation, but I don’t expect this will happen often.

    [Thank you Umbro, I should go now]

    (Umbro) You are busy now, there is much to be done… I understand. Very close now, another few months. Maybe more. That is only my sense at this time. Inner Earth beckons…

    [Good night Umbro, you may facilitate the process.]

    Good night Troy, it is an honor to connect.

  2. …This Is the First Official Galactic Flight Crew RePort that iHave Physically Read,in All of my 48 years as J.P.L.!!!…Congrats Leslee for Compiling Such Relevant Data & Images!…Thank Ya & to Teo’Na & Adca Mupea… 🙂 …the Delivery is Given with Simplicity & Grace…

  3. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! These beings look like the one I’ve drawn, if you go to check on ‘Artwork- Konstantinos’s Art’ you will see a similar depiction in the second drawing with the title:
    ‘One of the Light beings Eugenio Siragusa had contacts with in 1960′s’

    Also, the artist Vitto vitulli has drawn the contacts of Siragusa, with who they were friends. Here is the link:

    When you get there, go to the right where it saia ‘BLOG ARCHIVES’ and start from the year ‘2009’. Try to notice the particular drawings with these beings. It’s totally worth your time. Thank you Leslee for this wonderful search of yours. Thank you and Troy for your contacts with the crew members. Much Love to everyone.

    • Wow! I thought I replied, KP, but it’s not showing up here… Did you post this comment elsewhere also?

      It looks like we have many wonderful links to follow… I may not get to them all until after today, but I’ve pasted them into a file where I can find them easily tomorrow 😉

  4. News from Leos meditation
    Anjaska makes a connection with Leos
    the thought is – I am Anjaska I am of human kind , Leos is a human , he came from Sirius with a mission to serve for the Ascension of the Earth and her people, Leos has a connection with Lemurian times. Concentrate on the heart because heart`s energy can transport you through the great shift into the fifth dimension , make a connection with Mother Earth`s heart and with your collective heart, Oneness is the key for Ascension
    Thank you, Anjaska and Leos

      • I do not know much about Thunderbolt, dear Les, when I first got Leos in my hand I was amazed from its structure and how it transforms the light, it connected with me immediately and I realized that this crystal has been looking for me. Lemurians are programmed crystals, they keep a lot of information and in fact they can connect with the huge crystals that are hidden deep in Mother Earth and now start to emerge, crystals can exchange information between each other and this particular one has portals and areas that make them similar to a star seed one and I felt that Leos can make a connection with different dimensions, his energy is like a breeze and his Light is White and Healing one

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