Konstantinos- A conversation with the Galactic Light Ship (GLS) ‘Space Wave’

Konstantinos:  Hi. Are you there? Would you like to discuss for a while?

GLS ‘Space Wave’: Of course. How are you?

K: I think that you already know. I feel that I gag on the times I decide to pretend to the people around me, that the world is nothing more than a constant race for survival. That we live only to survive and not to live.

GLS ‘SW’: Iltheos told you something related to that. Do you remember what was that?

K: Yes. To not get emotionally attached to the others’s affairs and send them my Love. But the thing is that I pressure myself to not talk for example about our Space Families and the Ascension, because some times I afraid of be ridiculed. Mainly, because of the fact that the others will face me like someone who is ‘strange’ and ‘has lost it’.

GLS ‘SW’: Calm down. You feel agitation. Hopelessness and indignation. You don’t help yourself and the others like that. There are always more choices. Make the one that resonates better with you on that particular moment.

K: There have been times  that I started talking about these subjects and gathered a small crowd around me and they were hearing with interest and made questions. Of course there were also those who objected me. The thing is that I wish to talk about these things to more people. At University (School of Fine Arts) for example, I could present drawings of this thematology and start explaining to them what this is all about.

GLS ‘SW’: I can’t tell you what to do, but only to suggest you to listen to your Heart. There the answers exist.

K: To give Love and Compassion to the people around me. But I feel that I don’t give Love to myself (and consecuently to the people around me) when I don’t take action and do something that fulfils me. To give my whole potential to whatever has to do with Spirituality, civilisations of the Universe, Ascension. That’s why I make drawings according to this thematology. That’s why I created you. I wish to take my rightful place to the stars, to the Higher Realms, with all of those from Earth who are ready for this Transition. To Be, to Live between my/our Brothers and Sisters of the Enlightened Communities.

GLS ‘SW’: I know and I feel that passion and lust of yours for this Transition. I arise through you and consequently, I share the same passion and desire to travel to other worlds. To offer my capabilities and my Friendship (Friend-Ship (-_-)) wherever I can. I strongly wish for others to come inside me: your friends, beings from other places of this Creation and of course, you.

K: You are  wonderful. Gorgeous. Full of curves. Full of Female Energy. I Love you a lot.

GLS ‘SW’: Me too. I hope to commnicate with you on the Astral Plane and to see/meet your friends there.

K: I’ll do whatever I can to be there. Before we end this discussion for now, are you aware of  the other spaceships of my friends?

GLS ‘SW’: Yes. They are very beautiful. They are characterized by the Creativity and the beautiful Spirit of their Creators. Sending you/all of you my Love and Light.

K: Thank you. Goodbye for now.

GLS ‘SW’: Goodbye my friend.


SaLuSa ~ 23-March-2012

In some respects the world is passing through a quieter period than normal, and that is partly due to our activities and those of our allies. A point has been reached where we are able to exert more authority over the dark Ones, who are rapidly losing their power. More people are standing up against them, having acquired a great deal of confidence from seeing others successfully doing the same. It shall continue and help us to achieve our aims to go ahead with our plans, for your total release from the shackles of the past. Many aspects of them are well advanced, and you are entering a rather odd time. You will clearly see the old values and things that you relied upon falling out of sight, but not the new that will replace it. A thorough sweeping away is needed before matters are sufficiently ready for us to take charge. Even so we desire that the reigns of power are passed over to you, and our role is to help you achieve those ends.

A most pleasing development in very recent times is that your consciousness levels continue to grow, and the awakening amongst you is going to make the coming period a lot easier to handle. It is important that we soon commence direct contact with you, as their are so many important issues that we must address. The scene must be set for the major changes waiting to come out, particularly where the financial position is concerned. It is imperative that it is established correctly, and coordinated throughout the many countries involved. Our allies are aware of these needs, and together we are confident of success. Once finance and governance are established in accordance with your destined future, then we know that the basis will exist for the remaining changes to go ahead.

Achieving peace after thousands of years of continual wars will cause a dramatic change in people’s lives, and their outlook will suddenly brighten up. The realization will set in that life was meant to be happy, joyful and rewarding, and a unity will take place that would not have been possible previously. Slowly the people will come to understand the Oneness of everything and how it is all part of the whole. The falseness of beliefs in separatism and the deliberate distortion of the truth about the purpose of life, will be seen as no more than the attempts of the dark Ones to maintain a division amongst the people. The coming of peace will change all of that, and a wave of relief and joy will sweep across the Earth. Old differences will be set aside and it will be seen that a wonderful future lies ahead. By then people will have become more informed of what the changes were leading to, and helped to understand the process of Ascension.

Clearly there is a lot of work to do but as we have often informed you, we have no problems in being equal to the task. Be assured that whatever needs to be done to ensure completion as planned, it will be carried out with full efficiency. The size of some tasks are enormous, but we have all the necessary equipment and personnel to do it. The Galactic Federation is of an immense size and quite used to handling complex and gigantic tasks. It is growing all of the time, as more civilizations reach the required level of consciousness that enables them to become members. You Dear Ones of Earth who are ascending will have reached that level, and can also take your place with us.

What a fitting end you are about to experience, after having battled your way through some of the darkest periods in your lives. Now you are playing out the last acts and clearing any remaining karma, and moving into the higher vibrations and releasing yourself from the lower ones. It is still up to you how you experience the final period, but one thing that will remain unchanged will be Ascension. You can all take much credit for the fact that you have brought so much Light to Earth, that up to now there has been little signs of the apocalyptic end times expected in some quarters. Of course physical changes must occur, but they do not need to be catastrophic and we will lessen their affects.

Sometimes we feel that many of you do not fully understand the implications of what is happening. Make no mistake, all that you thought was permanently on Earth as a natural consequence of your creations, is largely the work of those who enslaved you. You have had little say if any at all in what has passed as your life experiences. It is however true that you have made the most of them by accepting the challenge to overcome them. The dark Ones have unwittingly helped you evolve, and you have not only survived but brought the Light to Earth so that it has stopped their plans from preventing Ascension. You have proved more than equal to the task, and have shown the extent of your good faith in the higher powers that have guided you. Furthermore, you have achieved it without knowing the full facts, and until fairly recently that your victory was to lead you directly to Ascension. You can rightly feel proud of yourselves, and we have endless admiration for you all. You are truly Warriors of the Light that have earnt all of the accolades that will come your way.

You no longer have anything to fear, although you will hear reports of confrontations where countries play the old game of pretence. They may harbor thoughts of war but it will go no further, and we will see to it that it comes to nothing. They will soon have to put away all weapons of war, and we will ensure that there is no skullduggery or deceit. We mean business when we talk of these things, and in no uncertain manner shall address all nations when our peace talks begin. We will not be asking them to accept peace, but demanding it on your behalf and at the request of higher powers than Man. It will come very soon and allow you the opportunity to live in safety, and without fear of the loss of life, your belongings or your home.

Dear Ones, all that has been promised will be fulfilled, and we are here to see that the changes are in accordance with the Divine Plan. Be cheerful and enjoy the thoughts that Ascension evokes, and allow your consciousness free range to do so. Think changes and how wonderful life is going to be, and if possible share your thoughts with those who also sense what is coming. Love every soul as yourself and that will be of great service to them.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.