Wishing on a star

Wishing on a sea star

“A fairy whispers gently her wishes for a new earth to the sea star, before she let’s go, and floats towards the Universe”Lisa

 As my brain still doesn’t want to co-operate with me, I though maybe we can do a creation exercise. I read a lot of messages that it is up to us to create our reality. So why don’t we start now. What would you create for our new world? Here is my vision a new world:

I am standing between tall trees, taller than the sequoia trees and bigger. There is a kind of silence, tranquility in the air, but not the silence you know. You can still hear the animals and the birds making their presence known. It is more of a relaxed environment, a loving one. The air is pure and find myself walking through the New Earth’s forest. As I walk along the path I come onto my place. You hardly notice that is there because it took the surroundings of nature.

I hear laughing in the distance, my husband is playing, chasing our kids in a friendly play. I pass my little vegetable and fruit garden. It looks so lovely and juicy. It is also a source for travelers coming by. They can pick from the garden if the need something to nourish themselves and there is a little stream nearby where the can refresh themselves too. I walk/float by my house, through the trees and I reach a little beach. I look out over a very big lake and in the distance I see snowy mountain tops. I hear laughing and see my kids coming out, chased by my husband. And they laugh, they had so much fun. End vision.