Wishing on a star

Wishing on a sea star

“A fairy whispers gently her wishes for a new earth to the sea star, before she let’s go, and floats towards the Universe”Lisa

 As my brain still doesn’t want to co-operate with me, I though maybe we can do a creation exercise. I read a lot of messages that it is up to us to create our reality. So why don’t we start now. What would you create for our new world? Here is my vision a new world:

I am standing between tall trees, taller than the sequoia trees and bigger. There is a kind of silence, tranquility in the air, but not the silence you know. You can still hear the animals and the birds making their presence known. It is more of a relaxed environment, a loving one. The air is pure and find myself walking through the New Earth’s forest. As I walk along the path I come onto my place. You hardly notice that is there because it took the surroundings of nature.

I hear laughing in the distance, my husband is playing, chasing our kids in a friendly play. I pass my little vegetable and fruit garden. It looks so lovely and juicy. It is also a source for travelers coming by. They can pick from the garden if the need something to nourish themselves and there is a little stream nearby where the can refresh themselves too. I walk/float by my house, through the trees and I reach a little beach. I look out over a very big lake and in the distance I see snowy mountain tops. I hear laughing and see my kids coming out, chased by my husband. And they laugh, they had so much fun. End vision.


23 comments on “Wishing on a star

  1. This is interesting. When I imagine the future world I try to position myself sometime in the 5D-world and go with the flow, just receiving the images and feelings.
    It involves a lot of flying/hovering around, over the mountains, over the huge beautiful green meadows, over the trees, over the sea, but I’m also capable of mingling with the plants and flowers, like being one of them. It feels so peaceful, so quiet, so happy… I see people smiling, happy, peaceful. Everything is in harmony.
    Most of the times it feels like this ‘vision’ is a kind of ‘short vacation on Earth’ because then I have to get on a small ship and go somewhere else where I have work to get done.

  2. Dear Lisa, your vision is wonderful and very close to mine 🙂
    Our new Earth through my mind – I live in a beautiful forest with very tall trees. Many friends live here too, my home is made of crystals and is surrounded by flowers and green plants. The Light is beautiful and my home reflects the Light in all colors and directions, a fresh relaxing breeze and gentle melody coming from everywhere and from the slow water from the river nearby. There are lotus flowers floating on the river. We are the Earth Keepers, we can create with thought. My tree is grown from an explosion of Love in my heart, a huge mighty tree with lovely pink blossoms on it. There is another tree that I have created – with the crystal of Wisdom on it. The trees communicate with me and with each other and with the Earth herself. Everywhere the energy is peaceful and loving
    The animals are all kinds and they are also on a higher level of consciousness
    Love and Light

  3. Hi sunitra,
    When we finally will arrive on new earth, it will be a long vacation 🙂

    Tauno, that is really a beautiful vision, I really like the tree with the crystal of Wisdom on it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could create this wonderful things in 5D?

    Wish you all, love, light and joy

  4. I have another vision of new earth, is really, really big trees, bigger than the sequoia tree , they are massive and also portals to other dimensions. Above the trees, I can see beautiful clouds coming by with floating cities on top., Everything and everyone is peacefully and full of light.

    Love and light

  5. I love that Lisa…..if we all keep this image in our thoughts daily it could happen, or close to it. Power of thought!!! Awwww, the wonder of wishful thinking.
    Hugs to you,

  6. My recent dream experiences of the New Earth / Inner Earth are perhaps not as “pristine” as some might envision, but do include places for humans to live that are similar to what we’re accustomed to, but much cleaner. One I recall apartment blocks that resemble greek temples or apartment buildings and hotels built in the 1930’s. In another I remember a european (germanic?) community – cobblestone streets and stone houses, near a river, with a mountain on the other side of the river. There were no cars, just foot traffic. Another dream resembled a community in India or the middle east with a grand bazaar with stalls selling all manner of food and products, except you did not have to pay for anything being offered. Another dream was in the same area, a temple with massive columns, and a beautiful mediation pool in the center, in a large oasis in the middle of the desert (it too had a similar bazaar).

    I feel these experiences are memories of things to come…

    I feel many people will like to live in communities as they do now, since we enjoy “going downtown” for “window shopping”, “people watching” and “seeing the sights.” So this part of our future will remain somewhat unchanged, with minor modifications to make the city more “people friendly” and accommodate the changing needs of an enlightened society. Large skyscrapers with tiny apartments would likely be something that would be phased out, but some might still prefer apartment living and the benefits this has to offer. Some will still enjoy living in restored older/heritage buildings and houses, and maintaining these, as a way to lift their spirits. Many smaller towns and villages will likely remain for this reason – they can be lovely to live in, and provide a “people-friendly” scale.

    I also see new types of dwellings such as hobbit-homes (also known as “cob homes” today) and tree-dwellings that are more “in tune” with nature, as suggested in Lord of the Rings.

    It is still unclear to me if we will be relocating to the “inner earth” dimensions, or conditions on the surface of the earth will change to meet our new dimensional requirements – both versions have been suggested through various sources.

    • Those all sound wonderful to me, Troy, and resonate deeply… I’m reminded of Tron (the recent version)… we may well just find ourselves there one day, in a dream that doesn’t end by waking up in 3D… 😀
      I really hope I get some time tonight to write and post some of what’s been going in in my little corner lately… It’s been (to me) both microscopic and vast, and I have no idea if it will resonate with others, but it feels like all the worlds are starting to hum along together…
      Something really shifted last night and the energy is very uplifting today… I hope you’re all having a wonderful Friday!
      Much love and light to you all!

        • Thank you, Tauno! I missed you too! I’ve been reading when I can, but not much time to post or comment, and I can’t really watch videos here at work… I want to look at yours tonight! See you tomorrow! Much love to my brothers and sisters! :mrgold:

      • I agree with your take on the shift Leslee, I’m not sure what it was but it was certainly of energetic nature!

        I have also been feeling waves of something coming from your neck of the woods; didn’t want to pry, but curious to know what that something was! Whatever it may be know I am looking forward to hearing more! Specifically of things in motion and gears turning in new ways… ♥

        • (things seem a little quiet at work so I’m being a “bad girl”)…

          Well, I’ve been getting some really powerful and bizarre messages about Orions and invasive energy, protection and obstructions… As far as Ghost Radar is concerned it feels like Hitler bunkering down for the final showdown, and all the Resistance Fighters gathering at the town square… I generally try to just let this kind of energy pass because it can feel alarming, but I may write about some of it tonight.

          I’m also trying to finish typing up some dreams from the end of Feb… once I’m done I’ll post a link here… pretty mind-blowing stuff… One of those weeks when I think I just have a very vivid imagination and just need to focus on work more, lol…

          Okay gotta run for now, see you all soon!

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