Astral Travels (March 2012)

Use this to post your Astral Travels in March…

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  1. KP, I asked my guides what my name was when I incarnated on Sirius and I got Mondu. I need to make sure it’s not my ego responding. Would you be so kind to find out for me?

    • I get a yes to Mondu, Vee! πŸ˜€
      You and Kosta are giving us wonderful examples of what is possible in such a short time! Trust yourself. πŸ™‚

      • Wow, Leslee, thank you. The reason why I questioned it is because when I asked I immediately got an answer and I thought I may have made it up. I am so excited! Wowooooooooo, yes! I am feeling more confident in the messages that I am receiving.

        • Here is something else I just received. As I was typing a response to you I got a message that I should meditate and chant Mondu! I’m going to try it!

          Love, light and laughter

  2. Vee, Iltheos says yes about the name ‘Mondu’. I am getting excited too (-_-)!
    Agreed Leslee about trusting ourselves!
    Much Love to you my friends.

  3. Not yet dear Leslee, but I have the intention now to try it…
    Yes, I saw your post. Thank you and Teo’Na for your beautiful work.

    Goodnight and sending much Love and Light to all!

  4. Hi, Everyone, I’ve just joined the ranks of eye-seers… πŸ˜‰
    Just came out of a very deep meditation, after being told someone was trying to deliver a message.
    Last night night I was given the name Gloethe as that of the Master in Inner Earth, whom Adm Byrd met with when he visited there (citations needed…) πŸ˜‰
    The vision was of his eye, in his face, seen in profile, and he’s looking at a spiraling chain of planets. The planets are all pierced by veils that tie them together along the spiral. They number 10, and I think they are our solar system (including Nibiru).
    Something about the chain of events in our sphere affecting others in ways that we cannot perceive…
    Gloethe & Teo’Na seem to think that it’s more important for me to share this with you than to do my 3D work this morning… Sigh… πŸ™‚
    I look forward to learning how you all might think this ties in with your experiences… Love you all deeply!

  5. I had the following dream this morning.

    I’m in a building and it felt like a doctor’s office. I had my grandson with me. I was wearing a very nice dress and accessories (didn’t see the color). A man was sitting on the couch and kind of leaning over a coffee table. He was wearing a nice suit and he looked pretty good. : ) My grandson began to act out, so I decided to sing to him. I played with him and I was able to distract him; eventually he calmed down. As I started to leave, the man smiled and said, you handled that pretty good. I smiled and thanked him. Then he said, in fact may I have your phone number, I would like to call you. I said yes and the dream ended.

    I don’t know how to analyze this but I think I may be called upon soon to do something. I guess time will tell.

        • Haha, take it away, Dreamwalker! You started this one! Vee I’d say more, but it’s $3 margarita nite so I’d better not… Oh, ok, just a little… Just think: what would totally bliss me out? And that’s what they bring… Although, if you prefer men, you’d want a Daka… Wikipedia probably has something… πŸ˜‰

          • I only started my understanding of these myself, Vee.. LOL apparently you can take a course on Daka/Dakini. That would just take all the fun out of it IMHO… ♥ ♥ ♥

            It is I think a way of showing you further expansion. Dreams can use chaos to teach, but running away from monsters and experiencing bliss are both forms of chaos. In the Matrix movie, remember what was said about the Oracle: she gives you what you need to hear at that time.

          • Hi Les, I sure can use a margarita tonight and I just might get one. LOL! I left work early yesterday because of stress. Got home prepared warm milk and honey with cinnamon in it, got into bed and tried not to think. Today, my energy is back and I feel great! : )

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  7. “She gives you what you need to hear at that time.” Yes, I remember Dreamwalker. Well, I’ve had some very interesting dreams these past two nights.
    First, I had a vision of a white elephant (statute) with its trunk raised and his ears were purple.
    Next, I fell asleep around 6:00 p.m. and dreamed of Brad Pitt. Brad was in my house and three other men were with him. He grabbed me around the waist and said lets walk. As we walked he began to tell me how great I’m doing spiritually and to continue what I was doing. I don’t remember everything he said but it was all alone those lines. I told him how much I enjoyed the fundraiser and that Angelina took a picture with me and she was so gracious. Then he walked over to a large dresser that was in my bedroom and began to fix a dresser drawer that was broken. I awoke from the dream. Later I fell asleep and picked up where I left off with the first dream. In my dream I woke-up and went out into the hall and noticed the light on in the other bedroom and I knew Brad was in that room. I decided I would go in and talk to him some more but before I could get to him, I found myself outside and there were lots of people and cars. Brad came out of my house and got into an SUV. Then Robert D’Niro was standing next to me and I told him how much I enjoy his movies. He began to complain about how difficult it is being an actor and the dream ended.

    Night before last I had two dreams, one was about an ex-boyfriend that I was visiting standing on his front porch and three women were standing on the sidewalk talking and looking at me. One of the women came up the steps onto the porch and told me she didn’t expect me to look the way that I do. I have no idea what the means. The next dream I had was a little disturbing to me. I was at a house party and a woman came over to me and showed me a picture of a women who was found dead on her apartment floor, she had been murdered. That’s it.

    Love and light

    • Dream 1 – you may wish to pay close attention to this one:

      Dream 2 – I often wonder what would happen if we actually had the chance to meet our guides in this life. I wonder what Brad’s reaction would be? Probably – “hey, I know you! You’re from that dream I had!” πŸ˜‰

      No ideas about the dreams from the previous night though. Sounds like a bit of adventure and intrigue!

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