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  1. What a great experience I had on this Saturday night – February 11th 2012

    I felt asleep immediately after the password CENTER.
    I was on a spaceship with other people but I did not see them one by one, they appeared as White Light and I was sitting with them as an audience in something that looked like a cinema hall, the space in it was enough to us, not a big space. Troy was giving a lecture in front of us. He was tall, thin and dressed in white, I couldn`t see his face. My books were there and he told that the smaller book is a shortened history by comparison with the other book of mine that was the long history πŸ™‚ He opened the short history . In front of us there was a Lemurian crystal structure and a big shining screen and Troy in front of us.
    There was a diagram on the screen, a horizontal diagram, this was my spiritual potential, one third of this diagram was shining with white light. Troy put my name Tauno on this shining part and the name covered one third of the shining part.
    Troy said ” Tauno is not a stranger to us nor someone who came on chance. Tauno is our friend”
    Then I felt ice, my feet were like crystals of ice … I woke up…my feet were so cold and I had a pain in my throat, I send a prayer and half awakened – half asleep I saw Angels flying and they advised me to swallow several times, I felt better, the pain was gone
    I felt asleep again, this time I saw a big rose quartz crystal and other flying crystals in Space
    I was in Aeterna – and πŸ™‚ …propeller with a cute smiling face welcomed me there
    I was able to say to it whatever I wish πŸ™‚ maybe it was giving the tickets for coming onboard πŸ™‚

    This was my dream and thank you for your attention, my dear friends
    Love and Light

  2. As I lay down to sleep, I looked the clock. 11:11. I closed my eyes and immediately felt as thought I was travelling; A little like I feel after spinning. I stayed in this waking dream state for about 20 minutes with a lot strange images both in the light behind closed eyes and in my minds eye. As the images started to coalesce into stories I tried to visualise our ship and the people I would be joining there. Strangely the only “person” I could see clearly was Moreen, our ships captain.

    I awoke at 3:05 remembering a quickly fading dream where I was with a group of people. We were receiving some sort of lecture or instruction about human creative ability or something. There was a picture of a person on a screen and some kind of laser beam coming down from above.

    I awoke again at 6:23 am well rested and unable to sleep more.

    This exercise is puzzling. I find that, while my expectations are not well met, there is always something interesting happening. If dreams are the true awake, I live in a very strange reality indeed.

    I look forward to our next attempt.

    in Love,


  3. Love and Blessings from my heart, dear Kelly
    We both were on this lecture, you cannot imagine how real your dream is. Each one of your words confirms the Truth

  4. (repost from dreamwalkerdiaries) Just before going to sleep what I see is a white cloud. I said the word “center” and found myself on the Algiz. Female sexual/creational energy, it was welcoming/ happy energy. Then I went to the Aeterna and had a casual conversation with Maureen, but I don’t remember what was said.

    Tauno and Kelly – I find the synchronicity of our experiences totally amazing. I have never experienced a collective dream where each remembers the same experience from their own perspective. This far exceed my expectations of what can be accomplished. Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    One of Laura Tyco’s recent sessions stated that when we are awake we are dreaming and when we are dreaming we are awake.

    I guess I need to work on my memory some, but maybe it wasn’t necessary for me to remember everything, just that I was in fact there…

  5. How wonderful! Kelly, the synchronicity between your and Tauno’s recollection of what you two shared with Troy is soooo exciting to hear!
    I wish I could remember being there… maybe soon πŸ™‚
    And going to bed at 11:11 is a brilliant idea, I’ll try to remember that!
    I had a very nice afternoon and evening; was able to have the quietest Saturday I have had in a while, and by late afternoon I was starting to drift off into deep mediations and then resurface awake… As I went to bed, I also got some waking dreams/visions, and the one I recall is a snapshot vignette if looking down on a perfectly square grey cityscape, above which floated a large orb of darkish rainbow hues… Then I fell asleep..

    I woke from one dream (which I cannot remember) around 3 am, went back to sleep and launched into a very long dream with many scenes (will try to draft it briefly from my notes, perhaps this evening)… The main themes were traveling alone, encountering many people and running into several types of transportation… From leaping and dropping to swimming to walking to driving, to nearly getting run over by a steam roller and a huge piece if heavy equipment carrying shards of trees from a huge storm that had just blown through! Almost like a video game, lol!

    This chaos sounds a bit like Steffie’s, so I look forward to comparing notes with her!
    I’ll be offline for a while, but I look forward to reading more thus afternoon evening!

    Oh, I got message this morning; I know it’s for me, but am sharing it in case others might feel it resonates for them:

    “Dreamtime for travel and other work, perhaps see family there…
    “Trips to ships will most likely be during meditation/visioning… Will leave behind artifacts to connect with others…”

    I’m in board with that! Before I go: I meant to share a dream I actually had Saturday night: out in “space”, seeing a gathering of small, translucent/crystalline orbs of light, just sort of hanging out… Much like that cluster of lights seen over Mexico City recently…

    See you all soon! Namaste!

    • Dear Leslee, how wonderful to read about this cluster of Light in your dream, it seems you have also traveled with us and you see the things from your perspective πŸ™‚ Lovely dream you had!
      Love and Light!

  6. Thank you for sharing your amazing dream experiences guys!
    Me, well…the bottom line is that my dream was violent (again) and adventurous…I was in a prison, working to the prison’s cooking section, was escaping several times and then was getting back to my position without be noticed. Then I got free and with a woman partner we got in a luxurous hotel-like room where there were a lot of well dressed people. The people across the stairs and floors of the room were making a ritual with swords (I felt like they were the so called ‘Illuminati’) and when they saw me and my partner they took their swords, ready to attack us. Then, I remember me to slaughter them very skillfully and quickly. Then immediately, I was
    flying, noticed that I wore a techno suit-armor (more like Batman’s) and I shoot right on a gigantic robot like opponent (felt like it was the ‘Illuminati’s’ weapon) and I wasn’t afraid at all. Then I woke up and my heart was beating rapidly.
    Any interpretations of my dream or opinions are welcome.
    Much Love to all.

  7. This is a karmic dream, KP, that is why you often dream things of that sort, maybe in one of your previous lifes you were a soldier or a criminal
    But nothing wrong when flying on dream – this means that the victory is yours!
    Much Love and Light to you

  8. Tauno and Kelly, that is amazing indeed!! WOW! Perhaps it will take me a little longer to remember anything. My mind is pretty much overwhelmed with work stuff these days, so much to remember, and i’m so scared I will forget something important. I’m sure that’s why I don’t remember anything. But, at least, the dreamtime does get me away from that for a while!

    • Dear Steffie, If you have used the password you definitely were somewhere in the Library πŸ™‚ Your Light is White as far as I can see this star and the violet background is the colour of ALGIZ πŸ™‚
      Love and Light!

  9. …Hi!…Thank Ya 4 this Page,Tauno!..iDid vocally Say,”Center,Center,Center” b4 going to Sleep…The Most Relevant DreamScape Image that iHad was like a Group Photo of 8-9 Smiling Friends,all Standing Next to Each Other…the Aura of Bluish White & Violet Surrounded EveryOne…Just then the DoorBell Rang!…iWas rather in a Deep Sleep,then, so iWondered if it was my actual DoorBell or just in the Dream…iWent back to Sleep…hehe…

    …iNotice that Dreamwalker’s first post above is @ 11:11 a.m….a Door Opener…

    ….*KP, Ya are Certainly a Brave and Strenthening DreamWarrior…Well Done!…


    • That’s beautiful, Babajij! I think that’s about how many light orbs I saw the other night in my dream, gathered closely together, with a few more sort of hovering further out… (Does anyone know: Is there an emoticon that’s a very peaceful, content smile? Like maybe a pink smiley? :misspink: ?)

    • Konstantinos, I love your dream!!! I used to regularly have dreams of being chased by an unseen “foe”, and I could never escape… yours may be violent, but it’s much more heroic! Do you meditate often? I wonder if you could visit ships during meditation, and leave the dream time for saving the galaxy… It seems your efforts are needed and very worthwhile! ;D

  10. Most of the last week I was able to remember my dreams.
    Saturday night I went to sleep. Woke up lots of times during the night, had trouble sleeping. Don’t remember any dreams from Saturday.
    Sunday night I went to sleep as usual – this morning I remembered my dream.
    Sigh… 😦

    • I’ve been having a similar experience, Suntria… And I have a feeling it’s intentional somehow, because I usually recall them easily. Last night was the first time I felt Luke I might have actually been on a ship… Will try to share more later… At work now… Oh, and there’s a little new info on Sintra, posted on BUTTA last night! Still need to sit with Passhena Vitu πŸ™‚ see you soon!

  11. My guess is (at least for my case): a) it’s either result from the ‘pressure/anxiety’ of visiting a spaceship in the dreamstate (i.e., being so anxious about it that I actually block the memories); b) I wasn’t there at all; c) it’s intentional – but what is the intention?! :s

  12. Good morning, everyone πŸ™‚
    Last night I was facing a middle-aged man. Everything around has a beautiful soft beige colour and even the light was beige. The man was wearing a beige long gown. He looked like a wise man or ascended master, his vibes were of higher level. Next to him there were a lot of beige towels/or gowns???/ and he told me that they are gift for all the passengers of ALGIZ. I felt a presence of a woman standing behind me, she had the same vibes and energy like the man standing in front of me. Everything was beige and I felt a tender welcoming energy there.
    Later I was in a boat on a beautiful lake, I was happy and the next part of the dream is a love story with mixed feelings ….
    Later I dreamed a number – it was 50%, it was in connection with the beige colours of the first part of the dream
    This is my dream
    Love and Light

        • Tauno – I posted it both in the galactic fleet section and on the “main” feb 17 forum…

          Delivered by email from Suzan Carrol yesterday… Quite synchronistic! I would say at this point that our Galactic friends are definitely paying attention!

        • Hi, Tauno, oop, sorry for the confusion! Troy=DW=DreamWalker πŸ™‚
          (I’m just lazy sometimes…) he posted it later last night, around 10-11 pm (GMT-5), so that might show up as around noon today for you…? Almost at the movie – see you soon!

  13. Thank you, Tauno!
    Wow, I just finished writing brief notes on my dream…! It almost exactly parallels Stick’s Arcturan comments! I’m off to take Lucas to see Phantom Menace 3D (lol), but will type up the dream when I get back in a few hours… Journeys within journeys within journeys…!
    I only remember it so far, but am told that I went to the ALGIZ at the end πŸ˜€
    See you later! Much love to you!

  14. I can hardly wait to read your experience , Les! Come back soon! I am waiting to read more friend`s comments about your dreams last night! Love You!

  15. Well, here’ mine for the evening of Feb 18…

    When I got there, it was cold, and there were just the pods there (cocoons/ rejuvenation chambers?). But this morning I got the following song:

    All My Loving – the Beatles

    Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
    Tomorrow I’ll miss you;
    Remember I’ll always be true.
    And then while I’m away,
    I’ll write home ev’ry day,
    And I’ll send all my lovin’to you.

    I’ll pretend that I’m kissing
    The lips I am missing
    And hope that my dreams will come true.
    And then while I’m away,
    I’ll write home ev’ry day,
    And I’ll send all my lovin’to you.

    All my lovin’ I will send to you.
    All my lovin’ darling I’ll be true.

    Close your eyes and I’ll kiss you,
    Tomorrow I’ll miss you;
    Remember I’ll always be true.
    And then while I’m away,
    I’ll write home ev’ry day,
    And I’ll send all my lovin’to you.

    All my lovin’ I will send to you.
    All my lovin’ darling I’ll be true.
    All my lovin’
    All my lovin’
    All my lovin’ I will send to you.

    ♥ ♥ ♥

      • When I read about these chambers I have a similar thing in mind indeed but in fact these chambers must be something different from our 3D ideas about them, Troy….perhaps they will look more like shower cabbins πŸ™‚ with more extras in them πŸ˜‰

  16. Not sure where to put this dream… but there seems to be a theme running through our experiences that seems to mirror the Arcturian post relating to these same experiences. They all seem to involve traveling in cars.

    This is the second time I had this dream, so it has some significance, but I’m not sure what yet. It is a more difficult dream to post, because of the subject matter, but I feel this is necessary at this time.

    Leslee spoke about dreams relating to “sex”… and I feel these are in fact not about physical union, but about spending time in the presence of a very high-level being. How our brains interpret this, as she pointed out, is a very high level of bliss, similar to that of the moment of conception. It is sustained, creative force. Pure, happy bliss.

    The night before, I decided to try to use the password “wings” to access the Aeterna, and confirmed this with Maureen. I approached this without any preconceived ideas, other than to have an experience that would benefit my progress at this time.

    So the dream is basically that I’m driving a 60’s sports car – (my research shows a 1960-ish Volvo P1800 coupe, a light yellow color), there’s a beautiful blonde woman with me, and we’re coordinating a rendezvous with a brunette woman on a cell phone, they’re telling me how they’d like to spend the weekend (a 3-day weekend), pretty much in the nude, exploring being in the nude…

    The dream ends at a white 2-story house, built around 1920.

    A very happy dream, until it ends… and then I spend the next day or two in a really lousy mood… as I did the last time I had the dream…

    This time I wasn’t in quite such a bad mood after the dream, having a better understanding about what this dream was all about. I feel it is not about sex at all… it is the journey in this case that matters.

    • Haha, Troy, I just emailed you asking what you thought was a good way to post these “non-galactic” seeming dreams!
      Wow, I didn’t realize we were all having the vehicle synchronicity too!
      I really need to get some posts done on Yoga of sleep… But am almost at work. For now, try going to http://www.allaboutenlightenment.wordpress.com, and search dreams, and this may help a little.
      In short, yes, I’m quite sure this is all about spiritual progress; car=spaceship=vehicle, in terms of symbolizing the “vehicle” (method) we use to ascend/attain enlightenment.

      Our ultimate nature is one of bliss and union (also search Chakrasamvara) and wisdom and emptiness… It’s non-dual, non-conceptual, and beyond words. We tend to confuse it with sexuality because that’s the closest comparison we can make … So far.

      Tibetan Buddhists understand this but refuse to believe that Westerners can attain Enlightenment so they are hoarding the Teachings which are meant for all. They’ve killed Buddhism and replaced it with a cult of Rinpoche, and Westerners gobble it up.

      That’s okay; looks like it’s time for the Raging Pandit blog to launch and set things straight! πŸ˜‰

      We’re ready to shift it up a notch.

      The channeled messages we’ve been getting are wonderful encouragement, but it’s time for tools that we can use in our day to day lives right now.

      Ok, I’m on a roll, just as I get to work, LOL!
      y’all have a great day – more to come soon!
      Love & light to all, Leslee

      • Leslee your aboutenlightenment blog has been very helpful to me. I am very grateful to you and your guides for this material. ♥

        The dream I had where I was attacked by a dog at a university/airport (?), and where I went through this doorway to another place, I now realize was a “taste” of the 4th density earth. I visited it so that I could know what the end result would be. It was pretty cool – think of a middle eastern Bazaar, without having to pay money for any of the things in the stalls. There was so much harmony, and I remember feeling compelled to sing along with everyone else. It was pretty awesome, beautiful, and familiar. Think of waking up to the best day of your life, and then having that day every single day.

        Not sure why I would leave this wonderful place with only 3 grapefruits… LOL! I suppose it was all I needed at the time…

        One other thing Leslee – it occurred to me that perhaps these blogs “fit” the template of the “mandala” universe – the place where there are several “heavens” that one progresses through, might also represent blogs that one might join and participate in. Interesting idea.

        Looking forward with great anticipation to your next effort…

  17. Dear Troy, from the distance of a few days I can better sum up and consider these several dreams of ours on the night before Sunday , February19th
    All of these dreams deal with traveling somehow, by car, traveling through dimensions with guides, my traveling with the boat and also the theme” relating to
    “sex”, I agree that this is not about physical union but about spending time in the presence of a very high-level being”

    I must admit that we again took part in a common dream with common theme and meaning and this is very beneficial to the expansion of our common experience and to the consciousness as a whole

    Now, I have a work to do, see you soon, friends1 Love and Light!

  18. Hi Tauno,

    I have also a stronger connection with BLAZE, I got that feeling on Saturday night, on the end of my dream , where i saw that a beautiful nature was created but it was contaminated by human development, and in that moment I could feel I could make adjustments to it, create to my hearts desire. I put my dream experience on my page.

    Love, light and joy

    • I am so glad to read your words, dear, because I feel we are very close energetically , nature inspires me to create, too…Love and Light!

  19. Hi all,

    Yesterday, before I went to sleep, I did my Solar Plexus meditation and after that I gave my intention to visit the ship Blaze and said the password β€œSPIRAL”. The dream that followed was a bit chaotic and hard to describe but I got the general message that was behind it. I will write down the message and finish up with a part of a dream.

    Mother Earth/Gaia was speaking to me that we have to go with flow and don’t resist. It will to take us to new heights. In the dream I was looking out of the window into a beautiful nature landscape and was hearing that strange, but beautiful sound coming from her. (The strange sounds that are now appearing all over the world.)I listen to these spiritual sounds that are very uplifting to the soul. Then I was dreaming that man and new technology would merge with each other and communicate on a new level, through consciousness. But the dark ones are trying to prevent us to rising up so they tried to flatten our bodies. Unfortunately for them they were too late because we already moved into our new Crystalline Body.

    The moment I woke up from the dream, I felt vibrations going from my heart through my whole body. It felt so amazing even though it was only for about 15 to 20 sec. What a way to wake up. So, I think definitely I went to the ship Blaze, merging man and technology. I also updated the page of the Galactic Fleet with a visual painted picture of the GLS Blaze.

    • …Wow,Amazing!…yesterday the word “Spiral” came into me Mind…in a Few more hours, iShall do a White,Electric Blue and Golden Light Invocation and then an Intent with the word Spiral…For the Highest Good for All…TY,Lisa…

      • Hey Babajij,

        It seems that you know what you are doing. I had some experience/dream? I don’t know on the 17th of feb.

        It felt like i was being bombarded with a million beings (felt like light bubbles) trying to get fit in my body and mind. I started to suffocate and getting scared. So I ordered them to get out of my body and mind and the left with millions and left me a bit groggy and feeling I was not myself.

        Any idea what happened to me?

        Namaste Lisa

        • …Hi Lisa…Sounds like Ya were a Bit DisConcerted and Overwhelmed with Such Amount of Bombardment…the New Ways that Each One Us is Experiencing the Grandest of of it All,can be a Bit Startling…We Are Gradually are Being Accustomed to Our Divinity With-In…The Light Bubbles Appear to Be Like Molecular Workers,coming in to Re-Model,so to Speak…Indeed,the Full Answer Remains With-In Ur Totality…may iSuggest for Ya to Ask Ur Highest Guides and Ascended Ones for a More Gentle Approach,prior to Falling Asleep…To Ensure a More Pleasant and Vibrant Experience…As We Ask,They Listen… πŸ™‚

          • Hey Babajij,

            Thanks for the explanation, I felt like I was taken over by beings and was scared I wouldn’t be myself again. I will ask my guides to do that. That remembers of an other experience I had, long time ago. It was 1 single light, and it felt like the light was deconstructing me and re-constructing again. But it was excruciating painfully and struggled very hard to wake myself out of it and ask if they would stop. And they did.

            Anyway…we’ll just have to hang in there and hope for the better and of course asking our guides to be a bit more gentle with us.
            Love and light, Lisa

    • What an amazingly electrifying dream, Lisa! It’s hard to comprehend, but it sure feels like that’s where we’re going! Love and light, and hoping you and your little one are getting rest πŸ˜€

    • It is a highly meaningful dream, dear, and it is with strong resonance with the words of our Star Family of Light and with my visions about nature in the New Earth, thank you for sharing. Love and Light!

  20. Good morning everyone πŸ™‚
    When I went to bed last night and closed my eyes it seemed to me that all visions possible were coming before my spiritual eyes….all of them that I have seen plus a Pegasus πŸ™‚
    I expressed my intention to be on Aeterna and ALGIZ and on all of other ships and felt asleep.
    I was moving towards a big building. The colours of this dream were white, grey and I have the sensation of the end of the winter when the nature still sleeps and some beings are just awakening for the coming spring.
    before me on the ground was a packet of documents in a plastic bag. I could see the typed text through the bag and I put my right foot on the packet. Then a thought came into my mind – you wear the same size of shoes like your sister.You are equals..

    then I continued to walk towards the building…
    The next part of the dream was this one
    I was preparing to go to work and I was late, everything was a real mess and I couldn1t find my clothes to get dressed, I found an old long beige skirt that was missing before and put it on, I switched off my computer and ..oh, my God, I was late but I still had to prepare myself for work..
    I am finally there …next to the same building but on the other side of it. There is a bus stop near me and they sell all kind of sweets there, everything you can imagine…I think there I met Suntria who really fulfilled her promise to bring something sweet for eating πŸ™‚ She was a child who gave me a packet of sweets….
    There were more colours there by comparison with the first part of the dream….

    this is my last dream`s experience πŸ™‚

  21. Hi, Everyone, here’s my dream from this morning… I’ve already noticed synchronicities with Tauno’s dream, so I’ll be curious to see if anyone else recognizes anything from the more bizarre second part…

    In the beginning, I was walking along a familiar road in Telos, and I find myself at a party, in a design studio where I work. Similarly to a dream I had on Friday night of trying to organize my house, I set about trying to clean up and organize my work area.

    Most of the items around are drafting equipment, books and magazines… All jumbled up… But on top of a bookcase behind my desk is a tall confection that looks like a cross between a wedding cake and a radio tower!

    It’s a coming-home gift from my co-workers. The bottom-most layers are light fluffy cakes, with dark chocolate on the lowest, lightening up to vanilla. Then on top of that are layers made of pudding or gelatin, getting smaller and denser closer to the top. The top three layers are green, white, and red in sequence, and are translucent. They look as if they would glow under the right circumstances. (Thank you for the sweets, Suntria!)

    There were many people around, and they were all people whom I knew well, so I think they were you, my friends πŸ™‚ Eventually we left that place, and were on a road, walking from there to another location, with others… It was as if we were at a festival and traveling from one venue to another… All happy.

    We came to a cross-roads, and just past it, there was a fellow who was bent over, huddled down and crying, “I’m so unhappy, and it’s freezing cold…” Somehow, we know it’s a prank… it was quite bizarre.

    Then a woman walks out of the trees on the other side of the road, and we recognize her… (Babajij, I just realized I think she was Glenn Close, hehehe πŸ˜‰ She speaks to us and is laughing, and finally we realize she was with the crying man… She laughs, and says he’s acting a good job…

    Somehow we arrive at a beach, and it’s winter-time. There is a very tall lifeguard tower there on the beach, with a youthful, handsome, strong lifeguard there. A young woman I used to work with, a beautiful Asian girl, dressed in golden-yellow athletic clothes, eagerly runs up to the lifeguard tower and begs him to let her come up and see the view. He discourages her, because it’s very windy and the tower sways a lot and is not very safe. She manages to convince him to let her come up to visit, and as soon as she gets to the top, she throws herself off the balcony onto the sand far below! When she hits the ground, at first she flops around like a fish out of water, but soon stops moving. It was a very disturbing image for me, to see here there, lifeless and covered with sand… However, I was also aware that she knew she would take another life, and that was why she wanted to end that one. But it was very sad for me to think that she felt that was the best solution she had.

    After the beach, I went back to the office, and packed up my things to leave. We were all going out on our next mission, and would be meeting there again before long.

    I have a feeling that I dreamed much more than what I was able to remember… I also slept a LOT on Saturday, during the day! As some of us have already mentioned, it feels a bit like certain things are being withheld until later…

    Another thing I’m wondering about is some of the Ghost Radar readings I’ve been getting… I’ll put them in a separate post here on STC… There are several recurrent themes, which feel like instructions or explanations…

    See you all soon! With love and light, Leslee

    • Hi Leslee
      It looks it also have similarities with my dream, it started for me also at work, and then in my dream and older woman trows herself in the deep of the pond. I get chills when I see the similarity of someone taking there own life’s in front of us.

      When I woke up, I was very tired, like I had a very busy night. (It looked on Sunday that the Universe wanted me to take a break: we were out of electricity and water the whole day. We still don’t have water now.)

      So last night I stated to keep it calm. Still I did had a dream, I was looking for clues in the spiritual realm, I was wearing suits that made me and others invisible and I ended up again in my workplace looking for clues, I got some clues it was the number 10 and 11.

      Namaste Lisa

      my dream see on: https://spirittrainchronicles.com/2012/02/22/galactic-light-ship-dreamflights-25feb2012/

    • the work, the mess, the sweets, walking- these things are in synchronicity with my dream, dear Les!
      Love and Light!

  22. Hi all,

    I thought it would be fun to create a little story out of all the similarities that came through in the dreams that everybody had and a bit of artist liberty to create and interpretate some of the keys in dreams.
    I posted it on my page.

    Namaste Lisa

  23. Dear Leslee and Lisa, the woman that you saw falling is someone of us who is confused, maybe scared or in disbelief or misled but this soul needs help…or she is somehow changing direction…the fact that you saw her and I felt something similar in my dream means that we somehow must cope with the situation….there should not be anyone feeling separated this time, we must reconnect in order to succeed….
    Moreover, our experiment is in fact creating a rise in our collective consciousness, we are connected via the Grid of Light surrounding the planet and from the various parts of the world we uplift her energy giving her more Light, we together carry the planet Earth up to her Ascension ….our Light ships do just that….even without a memory from being onboard a ship, we are in fact there while sleeping
    Our task is serious and enjoyable at the same time but this is the essence of the Life itself
    Be Wise!
    Love you all, these thoughts came from the “void”

  24. Hi Tauno,

    How do you think we can help. The fact that we three (you, Leslee and me) had similar dreams, what does this means ( three sisters πŸ™‚ )
    I wish this experiment would also rise my consciousness , would be handy to remember what happened on the ships and maybe helping others would also be nice if I could remember. But I think often there are clues in our dreams. Just like in the middle-ages they didn’t had the term UFO’s back then , so they referenced it to objects they knew. So now it is to us to find what clues lie in our dreams.

    Love you all, Lisa

    • The clues are obvious, dreams show us our direction and link us energetically, the only thing required for this to be achieved is intention. This link between us is very strong…we are not three, Lisa, we are more than three I am sure….and much energy in us and out between us as well
      As far as the one who we all felt in this dream….everything is a question of free will. If any soul asks you for help, you must help. Help is welcome when asked, otherwise, let them free to learn their lessons and evolve their own way. You must be grateful when a soul comes to you for some reason, it means that this soul in accordance with its Life plan is directed to you somehow…this is your turn to help or heal or calm…this is your chance to express your Divinity …giving and receiving is a cyclic process…you will receive what you give, this is in fact your energy you take back . When you receive hatred in turn of the given Love this is not your energy and…this is not in accordance with the Law of Karma-Balance so balance must be set and lessons have to be learned…we will ascend only when we have learned the lessons of the Unconditional Love.
      Do not refuse anyone the chance to be like you because we are all one, this is one of the features of the evolved Light Being
      And walk your own path in Love and Light

      • Hey Tauno,

        The comment I made about the three sisters, was my little joke…like how funny that we had similar dreams. Thanks for the advice, it remembers me of an experience I had when I was young, were I felt ONE with Mother Earth and all beings. I felt ONE with every drop of water, every leaf on the tree, every animal…and so on. Since then, I wanted to get that feeling again.

        Namaste Lisa

        • I know what you meant about the sisters, dear Lisa and it is a wonderful feeling to feel someone like your sister or brother and I thank you for that , dear sister :)…in fact we are all sisters and brothers because we have One origin …and about your feeling of Oneness – before I was awakened I was thinking a lot about Universe, God, I read a lot about Christian religion, other religions and different cultures and a question came into my mind – we are organisms, everything within is organized perfectly and works like a whole tiny Universe, isnt`it possible that God is a bigger organism in which we live, is there any bigger organism than God in which God lives…..and finally these questions found their answer – ALL comes from the Source, from All That Is and we are holographic, we are the Source in all of its facets we carry the Knowledge and the experience and the development and the Wisdom of the Source….we travel back home and this makes me feel awe….

    • Wonderful questions, Lisa! I think I’m being told right now that I do my “best” work while sleeping, regardless of whether I recall it… That sounds good to me: let my higher self handle it… I just hope my employer agrees! πŸ˜‰ it feels like pieces if a puzzle, to be gathered and assembled…

  25. Some wonderful insights here… my own feeling is that the “abilities” we develop are a side-effect to the process of expanding consciousness. That is, the “real” goal is very simple – to expand your mind to other ideas or other possibilities of what reality is. In doing so, “gifts” are granted along the way – for example the abilities that you already possess are enhanced, and you may also discover new abilities that you enjoy using to then expand your experience/consciousness further. This then opens a new path so that you can explore other facets of reality in other ways. Ghost Radar is a great example of something I’ve learned to use recently that is forcing me to look at reality in another way, and therefore learn something new about that reality.

    A metaphor might be learning to fly airplanes. My brother has been through this process – he started learning to fly on a glider. Then he moved up to a single-prop aircraft. Then he moved to an aircraft with skis (he was in High Level, Alberta), and could land on snow and water. Then he learned 2 engine aircraft, then finally a jet aircraft. He also trained to certify other pilots on these aircraft, so another “expansion” of his experience. Or flying aircraft that can hold more passengers. Along the way, each stage grants new “abilities”.

    • I agree with you, dear Troy. You are so right! The “goal” is so simple and our many talents and abilities and the new ones are means to reach this goal
      Love and Light!

  26. Hi, Everyone, I’ve just posted a dream I had on February 28… it’s quite long, but has a very detailed description of some energy-work technology that may sound familiar to some of us… Here’s the link:
    With love & light, Leslee

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