Sound Frequencies… Kelly?

Hi, Everyone (especially Kelly :),

I think I may have mentioned that I’ve been playing with Digital Downbeat’s “Tuning Fork” app… I was told a few months ago that 123 Hz (that’s a low-octave B) was a good frequency for me to listen to, for grounding, centering, and upliftment… a sort of musical cure-all. It has been (and still is) a sweet sound to my ears and being…

Well, this morning at work, after having posted the comment about starting Raging Pandit (see current Astral Travels post), Ghost Radar gave me: “rapidly save cage”, and then I was “told” to set Tuning Fork to 523 Hz (C), and just listen to it continuously as I’m working… I’m also told it’s not urgent or a cause for concern…

It does a great job of blocking out noise from the studio, but I think there’s also a connection with the hearing/sound elements in recent dreams, as well as perhaps protection or focus.

Just wondering if anyone has any intuitions, insights, impressions about this…?

Thanks & love,