Sound Frequencies… Kelly?

Hi, Everyone (especially Kelly :),

I think I may have mentioned that I’ve been playing with Digital Downbeat’s “Tuning Fork” app… I was told a few months ago that 123 Hz (that’s a low-octave B) was a good frequency for me to listen to, for grounding, centering, and upliftment… a sort of musical cure-all. It has been (and still is) a sweet sound to my ears and being…

Well, this morning at work, after having posted the comment about starting Raging Pandit (see current Astral Travels post), Ghost Radar gave me: “rapidly save cage”, and then I was “told” to set Tuning Fork to 523 Hz (C), and just listen to it continuously as I’m working… I’m also told it’s not urgent or a cause for concern…

It does a great job of blocking out noise from the studio, but I think there’s also a connection with the hearing/sound elements in recent dreams, as well as perhaps protection or focus.

Just wondering if anyone has any intuitions, insights, impressions about this…?

Thanks & love,

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  1. Hi, Les! Thank you for this information even though I cannot understand much of these 123 Hz (that’s a low-octave B) that you are talking about. But sounds and Light (Troy have mentioned a blue light today on SaLuSa`s forum) are the means for healing and I am sure will have more influence on us in the future. I have a long experience with sound meditations and my spiritual development is due to these sounds…especially these of Tom Kenyon….it is so serious theme, dear 🙂
    Love and Light

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  3. leslee,

    Sorry for the delay, I am traveling and don’t have as much time as usual for this.

    In general terms B flat (123.5 hz) is said to be the tone for the crown shakra. C is said to represent the root shakra. Lower octaves tend to effect physical things, higher effect emotional/mental things. I say in general because everyone is different. What resonates your heart shakra may resonate my throat. 123 HZ is pretty low. I am not sure I could listen to a single tone all day long. I would pay attention to how you are feeling and trust your intuition about how long and what frequencies to use.

    I find monaural beats much more interesting. You make them by playing two tones that are close in frequency. A third tone or pulse is created that is the difference between the two notes. If you play the tones, one in each ear, in headphones then it is called Binaural beats and your brain makes the pulses between the tones.

    these beats are used to entrain brainwaves, balancing the frequency on the hemispheres of the brain as well as calming the entire nervous system and reducing pain. I use monaural beats quite a lot in the sound healing things I do.

  4. Wow, thank you, Kelly, this is very helpful! I haven’t listened any more since I posted this, but I’m really fascinated by the mono-binaural beats. Are you a composer as well? Do you know how to construct these in a composition? I’ve done some EMDR and brainspotting using this, and it’s very powerful… However, I’m sensing my pendulum work has a similar effect on the brain. I’m in need of some binaural music to put with some videos I’m working on… Will email you about this, hopefully over the weekend! Love & light, Leslee

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