SaLuSa ~ 20-February-2012

SaLuSa, February 20, 2012

From one day to another circumstances in your world are changing very rapidly. The facts may not be readily available to you, but as the purge of the dark Ones continues you will learn more about it. Our allies along with our backing are progressing very well, and nothing will prevent ultimate success. For example although many attempts have been made to start a Third World War, they have been dealt with and as we have promised you all along, there will not be another war. That message is getting home to those who are the warmongers, and they realise that we are as good as our word. There have been a number of false flag incidents that have been controlled by us, so as to prevent the likelihood of a major confrontation. Some have been too big to be fully concealed, and some details do leak out. Be observant and you will undoubtedly pick up on some unusual reports.

Clearly we have no wish to engage in battles with the dark Ones, but we have the authority to act on your behalf to protect you. You have indicated your desire to enter a new era where war no longer takes place, and call for world peace. It we will be ensured and enforced if necessary, until those responsible for such heinous acts as war are no longer able to exercise such power. It is a Divine Decree that your cycle of duality ends with war having been totally eradicated, and peace having been firmly established. For too long your rights have been taken away, and the time has been reached for them to be totally restored. The old paradigm is now defunct, and will draw no more energy to sustain it any longer. A new day has commenced that will bloom into its magnificence with Ascension.

Dear Ones, in light of what we have told you about peace being established, please do not get caught up in fear as a result of the Middle East problems. There will be a sudden end to all confrontations, and those involved will see an event that allows for peace all round. There is no place any longer for nuclear weapons, and they have already been earmarked for destruction. The message is finally getting home that they will not be allowed to be used in any circumstances. Your governments have known about us and the ban on such devices for many years, and are finally realising that we mean what we say.

We are here to ensure that the Light is supported in all possible ways, without interfering with the freewill choice of Humanity. The Galactic Federation are the peace keepers of the Universe, and where you find us you will find the Light at work. Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate. They have been offered a way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with their crimes against Humanity. There are far greater powers than us who are involved in ensuring that justice is meted out.

The Galactic Federation has not been more active than it is at present, as the chaos and collapse of the old ways involves considerable cleansing of energies that have been dormant for ages. They will have no place in the higher vibrations that accompany Ascension, and indeed for that reason they cannot impose themselves upon it. The Laws of the Universe are sacred and apply all through it, and we are those who will make certain that they are carried out. It is why that with Ascension no souls can go forward with it unless their vibrations are compatible with it. The choice is still yours, but you must have reached a certain vibratory level to ascend. All souls will have known about it before they came into incarnation, and some of them have no desire to ascend, but wish to add this period in duality to their experience.

You are on the verge of experiencing an exciting period to see out the cycle of duality, and it will not really commence until you are allowed to live in peace and without fear. You will become free and with abundance and other benefits due to you, will feel a great wave of joy and happiness sweep across the Earth. We shall be openly with you and participate in your celebrations, because it will for you be an historic occasion. We can hear a big sigh of relief pass all around the world, as you enjoy a level of freedom unlike anything you have experienced for eons of time. Go about your daily travels with such thoughts in mind, and know that you do not have much longer to bear the present chaos.

You are going to learn more frequently about those guilty of crimes against you being forced to resign. Corruption and bribes are endemic in politics and big business, but that will change as in time only those who are trustworthy and honest will survive the cleansing. A stand is now taking place to root out those who have worked only for the betterment of self. In future there will only be souls of Light that will represent you and look after your interests. Such responsibilities should be considered a privilege and honour, and you do have people amongst you that would gladly serve you in this way.

All of you have spent so may lives on Earth to reach your present stage of evolution. Rich man, or poor man you have experienced all manner of challenges, and today you are much wiser and aware than when you first entered the lower dimensions. That is why so many of you are ready to ascend, as duality has nothing more to teach you, although the experience will serve you well in the future. So even if you are going through trying times now, it may well be the last time lessons in duality are placed before you. Even if you are comparatively young, you will nevertheless have had good reasons for experiencing the end times.

What would be the point in life if there was no apparent purpose to it. Surely without it there would be chaos and disorder and no real goal to aim for. Whereas it really flows along a divinely ordained path, that will lift Humankind up by giving every soul an opportunity to ascend. So within the chaos a plan for your evolution has almost been completed, to end this stage of it. Then you will enter a another cycle at a higher vibration, with the aim of going even higher.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that we along with others have been given the opportunity to accompany you on your journey home.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light



  1. The ‘Revolution of Perception’ is upon us Spirit Train Riders… The Time is Now.

    “The art of living…is neither careless drifting on the one hand nor fearful clinging to the past on the other. It consists in being sensitive to each moment, in regarding it as utterly new and unique, in having the mind open and wholly receptive.”

    “You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing” ~Alan Watts

  2. …Much ReGards to SpiritTrain as 2 weeks has Evolved into a Place that is Warm,Healing and Nourishing!!… 😀 …Hapi Mardi Gras,also!…Thank You, Leslee…the 2 weeks seems like LifeTimes… 😉 …

  3. Hey, Stick! I’ll be happy to, but if you accept your invitation to the site (from a couple weeks ago), you can edit and post and create pages n stuff to your heart’s content! 😀 Please let me know if you’d like for me to resend the invite! That goes for anyone else who hasn’t accepted it yet… Everyone’s got editor status now 😀 hearts !

        • SaLuSa ~ 22-February-2012

          You the people have achieved the seemingly impossible, by reversing the fortunes of the Illuminati. You have done so by focusing upon the Light, and bringing into being a great grid of Light that now surrounds the Earth. No longer do they have the negative energies to feed upon, that have enabled them to come close to taking over the world. Wherever the lower vibrations exist, they are being transmuted and taking away their ability to superimpose their will upon yours. You have spoken out loud and demanded beneficial changes that are now taking place, and so shall they continue until those of the Light take complete charge. Although the cleansing has only just begun, you are to be congratulated for your unyielding support, and you will soon see some tangible evidence of your success.

          Each one of you has spent many lifetimes working towards this final year in the cycle of duality. There are some that are best forgotten, yet they have been part of the plan for your return to the Light. At all times God has been present and God’s assurance of the power of the Light to overcome the dark, has carried you through the darkest period in Humanity’s history. It may have felt at times that God had deserted you, but that was because you lost contact with the Source. Separation was as a real experience, yet at no time could you ever be truly separated. You and God are One, and you and all other life are One, and it cannot be otherwise. As you lift upwards so you become more of the Light, and with Ascension will shed the heaviness of the physical body. To be free is quite an exhilarating experience, and you will be literally re-born.

          We ask you the Lightworkers to walk tall and consciously spread your Light wherever you go, so that when you come across a disturbance you can apply healing by simply being there. Be assured that your presence is uplifting to others, and you may notice that young children in particular can feel it, They often respond in a way that confirms their awareness. Your energy is of a healing nature, and no doubt some of you are regular healers in service to others.

          With an ear to the ground, many of you are aware that banking fraternity are answering for their corrupt financial dealings. It is the commencement of more far reaching actions, that shall ultimately remove the cancer that they have brought into your society. In trying to control the world’s wealth, they have unwittingly brought about their own demise. It has also led back to political persons who have benefitted from their crimes, and they also will be removed. Have no doubt that they will pay the price for what they have done, and coming governmental changes will ensure that your future representatives are above such acts, and are true and honest.

          Until you learn how you have been manipulated and used by the dark Ones, you will have little idea of how far their tentacles reached. Even some judges who you may have thought were beyond bribery and corruption are involved. None shall escape as we know exactly who has been guilty, and have all the evidence that will convict them. Your societies will become cleansed and start again with people you know you can trust. They will be responsible for implementing new laws, and revival of the Constitution that upholds your rights. You will be freed from the many unjust laws that the dark Ones have brought in, and people unfairly imprisoned will be released. It sounds like a lot of time will be needed to bring it all about, but you shall be astonished at how quickly matters will move. We come nearer to that time when it shall commence in such a way, that you will know for certain what is taking place.

          The Galactic Federation has had much experience in helping civilizations to pass through Ascension, although yours is a bigger challenge. Never before have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute confidence that it will successfully take place. You should feel quite pleased to be the ones who are on Earth at such a wonderful occasion. The significance of it all will not be lost on anyone, as to have such an experience is quite unique. We shall be eagerly watching the whole process, ready welcome the latest members of the Galactic Society.

          There is no going back unless of course you choose to do so, and some souls will want to keep their links with those who are staying in the lower dimension, although they could have gone through. From hereon it is all gain, and a continual outpouring of Light will continue to guide you ever onwards and upwards. Because of your experience you will be in demand to help those who are still in the 3D vibrations. Your place would be similar to what ours is to you now, and that is how it works when you desire to be of service to others. Be assured there is never a dull moment and think upon the size of your Galaxy, and the millions of suns and planets teeming with life.

          Think positively as you move through the last months of duality, and do not concern yourselves too much with the fate of the dark Ones. They will be treated with full justice and be given every opportunity to make amends, and every help to find a path back to the Light. Know that every soul will end up exactly where they are meant to be, which is at a level that will allow for the next stage of their evolution. That Dear Ones is what it is all about, and it is the same for everyone even if they are unaware of it. No path is walked alone, and the Creator is ever sending out the Love and Light that is the milk of life.

          I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and from our ships we look down on Earth and closely follow your exploits, guiding and protecting you when necessary. In this present time you are beginning to hear about our actions carried out on your behalf. We have ever increasing authority to intervene on any attempts to start a Third World War, and you need not fear the threats that are being uttered by those who have such an agenda. Peace has been called for by you and peace is what you will get, as it is time to move on from the darkness of the souls who have controlled you and your Earth for so long. Keep going and do not be distracted by the fear that some dark Ones are trying to generate, through their desire to start another conflict. It will not be allowed under any circumstances. God Bless you All.

          Thank you SaLuSa
          Mike Quinsey.


    4 Kan, 17 Zac, 8 Manik

    Update by Sheldan Nidle

    Selamat Jarin! We return! Much continues to happen. We are monitoring the final negotiations between the secret sacred societies and the world’s military. An alliance is being formed which is the precursor to a series of arrests that will bring down many major dark-controlled governments. This operation is scheduled to start once basic agreements are in place and needless to say, the dark cabal is working diligently to prevent this from happening. Our liaisons have stepped in and are encouraging the chosen militaries and their leaders to complete these vital discussions as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We have also sent in this fleet’s military advisors to explain several alternative scenarios that we would rather not be compelled to use. The first response of these military leaders to our suggestions is that these alternatives sound ‘interesting’ and hence have a good chance of being chosen to oust the cabal-led governments from power. Thus, we are now exploring the best way to use one of our many options with these military leaders.

    Our technologies place a wide choice of procedures at our disposal. What is needed is to be able to override any given military force in the event that it is used against us to prevent government change. All we require is a gentleman’s agreement that the leaders of these chosen militaries will not respond with any major action against what we have in mind. This is what we are discussing at length with many of these leaders. The result so far is the beginnings of a system of responses which are to happen once we institute our plan to extract the ‘bought’ political leaders from power. The military is agreeing to accept only certain individuals to be ministers and secretaries in the caretaker governments and these posts have to do with military and veteran affairs. The result of this complex agreement will be a number of transitional governments. Once this pact is firmly in place we intend to begin the process of arrests that will take down these many cabal-directed regimes.

    We find working closely with these secret sacred societies to be quite interesting. All of them are deeply committed to change and bringing peace and prosperity to this world. Like the Ascended Masters they jointly represent, the organizations are dedicated to using the vast resources they each command. At present, our Earth allies are moving into the last stages of a legal maneuver that will greatly help the cause of these many secret sacred societies. We have explained that Heaven has a timetable and once we are in a position to move, we intend to do so. The dark has used its guile, its sheer hubris, and its knowledge of the workings of this reality to defeat and delay the Light. Our aim is to use our superior technology and wisdom to overcome the dark’s advantages. This we have done, and we now intend to exercise our capabilities when the final agreements are in place. The surface population of Gaia has suffered far too long for us to hesitate further.

    We intend to accompany this final series of operations with more extensive daytime flyovers and displays. We need to let you know that we are here. What we do not want is to overdo it and thereby give the dark any chance of using these displays as opportunities for propaganda against the Light. This is quite a high-wire act, as you can imagine, and we intend to be very judicious in pursuit of our goals. Shortly after the new governments are established, a series of disclosure broadcasts will be made, and these will be reciprocated by us in a positive and forthright manner. The announcements will lead to discussions between us regarding a first contact operation and its heavenly objectives. We need to begin a level of dialogue with you, which will then be hugely expanded upon when the landings are accomplished. This important exchange will be mainly about you and full consciousness. A great watershed in your history will be upon you, and this will require open and comprehensive discussion about what it all means for your civilization and for you. You need to know what the true implications of this new epoch are all about.

    Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day with good news. Our associates are readying the plans that are to be used to deliver your sacred prosperity and to arrest those who have ordered their minions to prevent your freedom from manifesting. Various governments on your world are using slanderous rhetoric and brute force to beat down those who openly declare themselves for freedom. We are almost ready to unleash on your behalf a great spiritual power that will allow this reality to accelerate the transformation designed to sweep these unholy ones from office. Our galactic associates are likewise nearly ready to assist us and permit this great miracle to manifest. What we all intend is to free you from the weighty shackles placed upon you many millennia ago by the dark. These ones now insolently threaten you with a major conflict which they think can somehow perpetuate the tight grip they currently have over your reality. This is not going to happening!

    Our desire is for you to be able to express openly your newly reborn sovereignty. This brings with it much responsibility. You need to realize that you are to reform your socio-cultural web and reorder your financial and governmental systems. This will give you a vigorous new range of perceptions about how your reality operates. This can be done only because you have risen in consciousness and have begun to experience the way this transforming reality affects you. The world that most of you grew up in is to slip away and be replaced with new governance and abundant prosperity. This new reality cannot be approached like the former one. Rather, it requires new understanding, new thought, and new action. We wish to come among you then in great numbers and assist you. Let this new epoch of humanity be declared and let its great joys be experienced by all!

    Your life is to take on a whole new significance, and your responsibilities, as you can well imagine, will increase proportionally. You are to greet your Inner Earth family and celebrate this new epoch with your spiritual and space brothers and sisters. We are in great joy over being able at this time to walk freely among you and, as many of us did in former times, to teach you about the wonders of Spirit and the joys of being freed from the dark and its fearful theologies. In Love and Light we are to go forth together and sustain Mother Earth and all that live upon her. Whether plant or animal, we rejoice in what all will become. The beauty of Earth, both inner and outer, will be revealed to you. All peoples of this solar system will unite to produce a new star-nation, which will then become the driving energy for transforming this galaxy and indeed all physicality.

    Today, we continued our discussion about how your global society is changing. You are in the midst of the dark’s final insane attempt to foment a great catastrophe. This war will not happen as there are those who possess the power to prevent it. Nevertheless, the dark will use all at its disposal to manifest this irrational conflict. Praise be to the mighty of the Light and their ways! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  5. Private Message from SaLuSa and Allendale to Laura Tyco 21 Feb 2012

    Laura: Good evening, good to hear from you.

    Allendale: Laura, my lass. I am sorry I have not had the chance to come around and say hi in a while.

    Laura: Yes, Al, promises..

    Allendale: Well, my pal, not to worry I will still be around, as you know. I am going to have to take a long break. I may have upset a couple of folks in the higher spheres… and I will have to withdraw for indefinite time. Apparently I speak too much… and it may not always be helpful to you all I am advised. I am sorry if I have upset any of your readers or yourself, Laura.

    Laura: will you be coming back again though?

    Allendale: I don’t really know, it is not like I am really needed any more, my lass. Your world is finally seeing the light and the world cleansing is finally taking place. My services are no longer required, since it will all be read in the news media from now on. A lot more freedom of speech is on the way to you. Great changes ahead, you will see.

    SaLuSa: we are extremely grateful for the work Allendale has done for you and for us. Without some of his interventions, whether open or not, things we would be still playing hide and sick with the cabal. His help has uncovered much to your awareness; it is now time for him to return to his home planet, after a long trying period of intense work from behind the scenes and sometimes in the open. His role has come to an end here.

    Laura: as a living human being, his energy feels very different to me and I am not sure am I sad or relieved for his absence. Sorry, Al. No hard feelings, but you are not ascended yet.

    Allendale: No my lass, I am not ascended yet, but we will all get there. Will you not miss me at all, then?

    Laura: of course I will, and please pop over whenever you have a word to say! I hope I did not get you into any trouble? Well I thank you for all you have done for us and I hope to hear from you again at some point.

    Allendale: This is the beauty of it, you can channel anybody you like now, you can channel anybody’s Higher Self with their permission. It is rather tricky to do, as great love and trust must take place for somebody else’s higher self to respond to a channeler. A previous connection must be pre established for a proper communication in that case. And of course, the greatest aim for you all now is to find your true self within. You will need your own higher self strength and energy in order to make it through the though changes ahead, because it will be so easy to be lost or trapped in emotions, desires and all various illusions of the mind, this attraction of the outside world, without an inner connection is no longer a workable alternative for you from now on. You will see. I will be pleased to come for a chat once in a while for private messages of course. I thank you for you kindness to me and for your love and trust. Allendale out.

    Laura Tyco (shedding a tear)

  6. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    More is happening behind the scenes at this moment than is being reported to you either through your worldwide media outlets or even through our trusted channels of information. We wish at this time to relay some of what is transpiring to you, but due to matters of security and safety concerns for our allies in the field, we must resist the temptation to share with you some of this rather exciting information. Let us just say that more is happening beyond your perceptions at this time and that these matters are of the nature of what we have assured you would take place. This information will be shared with you, you can be assured of this, as we do wish to keep you informed every step of the way and you have certainly earned the right to be included in all our discussions, however, as we have said we must protect our many men and women in the line of fire and as such must for now maintain an air of secrecy. This will not be for long however, and in time this cloak of secrecy will be removed for all that is transpiring to be revealed to your entire world.

    We are continuing to apply the pressure to all those yet stubbornly aligned with the Cabal and their oppressive agenda, and the screws are tightening all around their leaders, officers, and soldiers throughout the world and even throughout space. These forces that remain to continue their resistance to your new system will also be taken into custody when the time is appropriate, but for now, we have them safely bottled up where they can do no further harm to our forces of light or to you, the citizens of Earth.
    Our campaign against these dark ones has been fought for many ages and throughout many vectors of this universe. We have brought this fight to your planet you call Earth as this is where their front lines are and have existed for many eons. To defeat these legions of the dark here on their own turf is an important victory in this ancient and epic struggle, and when the last of their Army of darkness has been defeated it will not only be humanity who is freed from their tyrannical rule, but many other worlds throughout this universe as well. This is why we remind you often that what happens here affects this entire universe.
    The day when you, as well as beings from other worlds you have little if any knowledge of, are finally freed from your oppressors is but moments away, and you will be the first to know before this incredible news reaches these other worlds. This is one of the reasons our campaign against the dark ones is so important, and why we do not possess the luxury of taking any undue chances such as divulge too much sensitive information to you when the timing for this is deemed inappropriate. We see a moment very soon when the latest updates to our campaign can more safely be shared with you, and we assure you that you do not have long to wait. Please extend to us this courtesy and allow us to conduct our business under the veil of secrecy for just a while longer and we promise you that you will not be disappointed at the results.
    Today marks a triumphant day on many fronts, and we say to you that our operation is now proceeding smoothly and according to our carefully conceived plans. You will soon bear witness to how efficient our operation is being conducted, and we have promised you that certain portions of your media companies are covering these proceedings. Expect to be able to see some of this coverage in the near days ahead.
    Moving on to matters concerning your personal advancements towards ascension, we monitor and detect your collective rate of vibration and we are pleased to share with you that your vibrational frequency has surpassed what we had hoped for at this present time. This is truly a most spectacular finding, and we see humanity well on their way to joining their ascended family in the higher realms when other factors beyond your concern at this time are met. The universe itself will take care of these details for you, and we wish to say we are so amazed at the progress you all are showing and thank each and every one of you for your hard work to share your higher vibration throughout your online communities and everywhere it is that you travel throughout your day.
    This area will surely soon enlarge greatly once many of you begin to work with us as official members of the Galactic Federation of Light and you are easily able to traverse your entire planet within the time it would take many of you to commute to work. We feel this will be a very exciting time for many of you, and you will be able to see so much of your world you have until now only been able to view through photographs. What a wonderful view awaits you just up ahead when so many of your planet’s beautiful locations come to life right before your very senses.
    You have been deprived of so much, and we say to you that you will be shortchanged no longer as all the treasures of your world that have been kept from you will now be yours to share forever. What a special day this will be and we promise you it will be so very soon as all the obstacles standing before you today are removed one by one.
    Our Earth allies are finishing up the last vestiges of the paperwork that will permit the implementation of your new financial system and we say to you that upon the initiation of this new system your lives which have been so governed by debt will be reborn, freed once and forever from the chains of lack and scarcity. Your new system is a system of sheer abundance, and each and every one of you will share its bounty as the natural wealth and prosperity of your planet will be yours, distributed equally among every man, woman and child, and your days of financial competition against one another will be a relic of your outdated and no longer viable past.
    Can you imagine the joy that will spread like a great wave around your planet, bathing all in its splendid properties of abundance? This day will be yours, and today many men and women of your world work day and night finalizing your new system and we see that it will be ready for its launch as the last of the leaders of the Cabal are taken into custody. You also have many brothers and sisters working on that front and many other fronts as well, and when all can be safely shared with you we feel many of you will be very surprised at how many of your human family have been a part of your battle against the dark and how many allies you truly have.
    The forces of light are great and we are many. Did you think it would be any other way? We have great leaders, and we are stationed all across this vast universe always engaged in our mission of protection and guidance. Many of you will soon join us as members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look forward to this day when we can continue our service together on a more personal level.
    Many more of you are already members of our organization, and your memory of this will soon be returned to you at the appropriate time. We have been working with many of you for many years and throughout countless missions, on many worlds and all throughout this universe. Your lives here throughout this lifetime have been so very brief compared to your existence beyond the veil of your current incarnation, and we are sure many of you will be quite taken aback at the discovery of who you truly are and what you have experienced.
    What an incredible journey of remembrance this will be for you, and many of you have already begun on this path. Many clues have been sent to some of you through dreams and other means as well to help jog your memory and ease you back into the remembrance of who it is you truly are. Your Star Families have been assigned this trust to lead you back to your true selves, as it has been decided that it is your own families that know you best. Be on the lookout for these clues and pay close attention to your dreams, for it is here that many clues and reminders will be placed before you. Follow these clues, follow your heart, and follow your intuition wherever they may take you, no matter where in this universe this shall be.
    You must know there must be a powerful guiding force behind all that is transpiring in and around your world, and we say to you to think big, outside of the normal realms of thought that you may have grown accustomed to here throughout your 3rd dimensional incarnations. There is so much to this vast universe and so many different levels of conscious awareness, and we would just like you at this time to begin to ponder these immense possibilities in order to prepare yourselves for what you are soon to experience.
    What is in store for you is immense and what could be rather shaking for some of you. To transform from a limited 3rd dimensional being, isolated for so long from the rest of your universe, to then suddenly behold such vastness, such wonder, such beauty, excitement and surprise, will surely come as quite a shock to some of you and this is where we are concerned, as shocking your systems is not what we intend for you and is not good for you in any way on any level. What we wish for you is a slow and careful process, where increasing levels of knowledge are carefully administered, allowing you the time to process this new information well enough to then permit you to safely learn more of what exists outside of the world you have come to know as your only home.
    You are all much more than you can possibly understand at this time, and you all have vast experiences beyond your current lifetimes. We wish for you to remember once again all of what you are and all your experiences as we are sure you do as well. We must tread so very carefully however, through these stages of remembrance as your safety and welfare is our greatest concern and it is we of the higher realms who have been entrusted with your care. We will make every attempt to see to it that you are well cared for and that you are all carefully and safely returned to your natural states of full consciousness and we ask for your patience at this time and allow us to proceed as safely and cautiously as is necessary.
    We too wish for you to return to full consciousness so that you will remember us, your Star Families, and our reunion can be as intimate as is possible and we do see this day on the horizon. Please continue to pay close attention to your dreams, as many of your Star Families will be sending you gentle reminders of yourselves and clues to your past.
    You all have many members of your Star Families looking out for you and assisting you at this time, and they would be heart warmed to know you are consciously looking out for their signs that they love you. We see so many of you searching diligently for these signs, and we say to you that if you search for these answers to your questions you will find them, for they are there waiting for you, sometimes in the most mysterious of places. Continue on in your quest, for you shall not be disappointed, and tomorrow you shall discover a treasure so great that today hides just beyond your reach.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  7. I thank you all for your well wishes and healing energy for my sister. Thursday night my heart was very heavy and things didn’t feel real. I kinda felt like I was on auto polit.

    Steffie, my sister Kim is the only one in my family that I could share some of my beliefs and experiences with; she has always been very open and interested. Since she has been fighting this battle, she has had quite a few spiritual experiences that has given her confirmation that we live on in another dimension. In fact when she was diagnosed years ago an aunt of mine who transitioned in 2003 came to her with a message that she was going to be okay. Her conversation with God was powerful. She described what she saw and the love she felt.

    Kim was released from the hospital this morning and I know she will survive this battle.

    I truly appreciate the light and healing energy you all send because I know it works!

    Amazing grace, amazing grace, amazing grace …

  8. As the Illusions of the Human game continue to fade
    our Multidimensional abilities are regenerating. ~In Light

    “I am already given to the power that rules my fate. And I cling to nothing, so I will have nothing to defend. I have no thoughts, so I will see. I fear nothing, so I will remember myself.” ~Juan Matus

    ~It’sAllHappeningRightNow… ManifestDestiny555

    • You reminded me to mention two particular episodes of of the new Dr. Who I watched recently: Season 5, Episode 8 and 9.

      A mining company drills deep into the earth’s crust, and runs into complications with their drill. They discover an advanced reptillian civilization which pre-dates human society, in hibernation for thousands of years.

  9. I just got an email from a friend who said he thought the news was a bit disturbing this evening: All this from ctv news

    * From Washington, John Glenn talking about a UFO sighting when first in space
    *Some hacker group is about to expose some bad stuff
    *Edmond Tutu talking about embargos on world oil
    *Greece begging for bail out from lots of countries
    *bad violence in london
    *Rick Tays public safety minister gets bad threats
    *Oxycontin getting pulled off the market

    My friend then had this to say:

    “Mind you i did see one odd ball thing on the news ,it was a circle with a picture of a man with long hair,he looked like micheal angelo ,but it said just below the circle ” were coming” ,and then it went on to another news article.

    WT??????????????? holycrapsticks………………..

  10. Leslee, I wanted to respond here to your idea of following Tauno’s example with an Astral travels page or post (not sure which) for each week.

    I assumed that my own “fam flight” posts would suffice for posting dream experiences, but these seem to serve a different purpose from the “Astral travels” page.

    I’m open to whatever method folks prefer. I have found it difficult to try and cross-link all the various posts where people have left their experiences… so if we can come up with something better, I’m all for it.

    I’ll go ahead and get the next “fam flight” scheduled, and we can tweak the process from there…

  11. Went to see the movie “Hugo”… cost an arm and a leg for a family of 4 but it was well worth it. I totally enjoyed it… Scorcese does some interesting things with “time” in this movie, a multi-layered film that takes several viewings to catch all the nuances…

    One of my favorite scenes was how the boy Hugo is telling his new friend (a girl) how, as he looked out over the Paris cityscape, he could see the whole world, and everyone on it, is like a machine. He observed that most machines do not come with extra parts, so each part must have its own special role to play. So too, each person in the world is part of that machine, and they each have a different part to play.

    A very beautiful movie, reminded me of happy days reading Tintin comic books in my childhood. ♥

  12. Morning Blessing: 02.20.12
    **Redefining Self Responsibility** Rev. Angela Peregoff

    “It was completely fruitless to quarrel with the world, whereas the quarrel with oneself was occasionally fruitful and always, she had to admit, interesting.” – Soren Kierkegaard

    The weeks of February have provided many ups and downs as our world has been set into its 2012 motion of rhythmic transformation. If you do nothing else this year – you will come away with the understanding that change is constant, as change stimulates consciousness to grow into new areas of activity. Large cosmic cycles have been setting the stage for a new evolutionary cycle of unprecedented changes that will transform the world’s understanding of reality. New perspectives and ideas about the larger vistas of existence are influencing you beyond what your modern mind can comprehend even as you read these words.

    While working and living within your personal layers of reality remain mindful that your work is to lay the foundation of the Identity/Self you chose to manifest this year. We are in a year of expanding “all” (all possibility, truth, and realities, good and bad) that is open to us. That means there is a heavy duty mixture of golden opportunities and major challenges. It is paramount that you keep your heart and minds pointed towards desired outcomes and not get tricked by the traditional glimpses of limitation and drama.

    As daylight quietly grows over the course of the winter weeks you will naturally be inclined towards respite, perhaps reflecting on the whys and whatfores of your life. The time gives you the opportunity to revisit and remake your core values, and to strengthen and tweak them in the areas that may be weak. You will be hearing and feeling the highest highs within yourSelf and also the lowest lows. The necessity of healing into wholeness in this realm means that extremes of separation are present everywhere – internally as well as externally.

    Feeling lonely, disconnected, lost, restless, and empty one day or week and the delights of self-confidence, courage, adventure, sure-footedness, and excitement on another will be normal depending on what you are processing according to your Soul growth. The important piece is to remember that opposites, like polarities, oppose themselves and the constant struggle between the divisions can promote discord of Spirit. Do not fear the spectrum that is reaching for wholeness. Be in touch with what is happening in and around and for you. The Divine is simply making certain your shadow grows shorter within the larger context of a cosmic plan.

    Remember too that your body is powered by the Sun, influenced by the stars and balanced by the cyclical increases and decreases of light. The Sun and stars transmit a language of light that conveys information on frequency waves to all forms of consciousness throughout the cosmos. The Sun’s influence is greatest from spring to autumn when sunlight awakens life on Earth and stimulates your body with new vitality. During winter, when the Sun is low in the sky, the moon and stars reign over the long nights to draw your consciousness into the cosmos. In the midst of winter’s dark nights, when velvety skies sparkle with the brilliance of the far distant stars, turn your attention to the grand panoramas of the heavens. Energies from the stars recharge your body and Nature in a more subtle manner that the direct rays of the Sun. You can use your third eye to integrate the energies of the cosmos by imagining starlight passing through the crown of your head, down through your body and out your feet, into the Earth.

    Cosmic and Divine energies are compelling you toward a healthy Soul glow but in the process these energies seem to churn up every area of life, affecting your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states of being. The turmoil is part of the process of change. You are in a collective initiation of consciousness, challenged to rise to new heights of creativity and chart a new and responsible course toward a worthy future. When you open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities you gain further insight and understanding into yourself and the world at large.

    This is exactly what was happening in Europe with the rash of snow and ice storms that have brought life this winter to a halt. In Divine Right Order that area is being given a healing dose of responsibility and individuality. The theme of the year is “responsibility to Self” and to that end we will be immersed in experiences that steer us toward that goal. Think about it, when a soul incarnates into a cold climate their survivor instincts have to be keen. It is quite different from living in a warm or tropical climate where you can roll out of a hammock and pick a piece of fruit for breakfast. There is hunting to be done in order to eat, shelter to be constructed to stay protected from the elements, food preservation and storage that has to be taken care of to survive the lean times, etc. A colder climate makes you grow up and be more responsible – more of an individual.

    The snow storms brought in some of those energetic principles for European consciousness. The consequences of the weather asked people to grow up and bring in that internal ingenuity of who they are uniquely in order to survive. It is part of the “awakening” energy of February that was answering a collective call to heal the belief of “I can’t take responsibility for myself.” Energetically the cold made individuals grow up as a Self and the wind (Air element) cleaned things up.

    Invisible forces test and initiate, and at the same time grace, guidance, and love are ever present to gift you with the recognition of your own power. As you engage this last full week of February and build the version of reality that suits you best stay focused on developing an abiding trust in your Higher Self and recognizing the innate beauty and goodness of life. Be open to the belief that everything will always work out for the highest good of all concerned, and always in your favor.

    The year 2012 will stir world society further into intense change, as spirit meets matter in a revolution of reconnection. The growing pressure to live through changes accentuates one’s spiritual discoveries and provides a foundation for understanding how the game of life is played in connection to your purpose and path of Light.

    Ascension gold stars for all my beloved visionaries of Potential, ~Rev. Angela


  13. Thank you Babajij for the reminding.
    Thank you Stick for the great post.
    Goodnght everybody. See you tomorrow. Much Love and Light.

  14. **Love, Light & Respect to ALL Spirit Train Riders** 😉

    New Blossom Goodchild ~ **Federation of Light**

    Blossom: Greetings! I FEEL its fine just to let you go straight ahead. So … off you go … full steam …

    Federation of Light: We choose in this excerpt to willingly acknowledge that which has come to pass over the communications that we have had with you, to be something that is allowing ones calibre of knowledge within themselves to be opened up and brought forth … so that the constant vibration of Love that has always been within the self , can now be considered to be that which shines out on a Higher frequency. This naturally prevents measured undertakings to pull this vibration under, from achieving its purpose. This is of such great value to the Earth and those upon and within it.
    If we may point out … stimulations to the soul are activating such rapid progress. We would ask you to ‘take on board’ also the fact that the energy that is now emitting from each individual that has ‘seen the light’ is coercing in a magical dance with Higher energies that our coming through . This, added to the mysteries of what unseen energies are capable of … that are now merging with your particular energies … is indeed causing an effect that is nothing short of Enlightening.
    All that we have proposed to be happening at this ‘stage in the game’ is well on course. You can very much consider yourselves to be on the final lap and running at speed towards the finishing post.
    Can you FEEL this in your KNOWING?  Can you accept this TRUTH as YOUR TRUTH? We say to each one of you that has supported and coagulated thought forms of ours that have been offered in order to uplift … that the moments are upon you when GLORY personified will seem an understatement to that which you are to behold before your very eyes.
    Not only shall you witness visual wonders that again shall stimulate the senses, but the FEELING within your hearts will be such …  thatsleep will seem unwanted due to BEING ALIVE in a way that you had only been dreaming of.

    Blossom: Nicely put guys! I have to say I FEEL so excited about ‘it all’. We are here at last in 2012 … The vibration of Love if we chose to acknowledge it, FEELS like a giant party is around the corner.

    FOL: We would be safe to say that the preparations are indeed underway. That which exceeds even your wildest thoughts of future upliftment is nothing in comparison to that which Truth is to reveal.
    We accept the difficulty for those on Earth to fully realise that which is ahead. We too have learned so much from yourselves and considered all propositions. Never have we undermined that which you of Earth may consider to be possibilities. Yet we would say that the game rules from our angle would not always allow for an incoming change to take place, when one was not aware of the entire layout of the game board. 

    Blossom: This may seem such a stupid question … but  … well … next year … you know … people are making plans and discussing this and that which they are expecting to do … I tend to be very reserved on making any hard fast dates to do or travel … because … Doh! I’ll just say it … will life be carrying on as it is at the moment … in that we book dates in the diary etc?

    FOL: Let us firstly utter words of comfort regarding this entire affair. There shall be nothing that is presented to any of you that is not appropriate for your level of adjustment. Each of you , each and every one of you … during this very special year will have reached a very different understanding about what is going on and what is to take place  … toward the end of the year … by the time the last months of the year approach.
    Therefore you will look at this entire matter very differently nearer the time than the way you ‘think’ it ‘may be’ now. This is why we have suggested to you that you hold on to your hats. Because the speed in which everything ’suddenly’ changes your point of view on things …  will indeed FEEL as if the wind has accelerated you along your journey at a rate of knots that you can barely attune to.
    Yet … you can attune to it. You have been preparing for this since a time on your Earth that genuinely gave rise to its possibilities. Throughout ascended layers of aggreeance coming from those who had much input into the attuning of these  revelations … you as members of ‘The Divine Office’ agreed to assimilate scenarios that would eventually lead you to this very ‘point in time’. There has been vast changes and altercations along its journey to freedom, yet always in alignment with the very best for all concerned and involved.
    How often do you consider the possible replica of a union with souls that have FELT to you lost long ago?

    Blossom: Replica?

    FOL: Yes indeed. For it is not so much as you of your world would say …. ‘That history is to repeat itself’ …  it is more so that you are recreating a Divine Life that was once yours. Therefore, ‘replica’ is an appropriate and apt context to express that which we are moving you towards understanding.
    You see, it is not for us to ‘give the game away’ … that would spoil the surprise. Yet it is permitted for us to advise you that … the need for much that you require to fulfil your needs today … will simply  have no energy by the time the New Agenda is offered. When the veils of Truth have ‘changed your attitude’ towards many things that at present you do and cannot understand , you will see for yourselves the inevitable tangible evidence that will proof beyond a shadow of any doubts that WHO YOU ARE is LOVE.
    There shall be no unreasonable mannerisms that would have one detecting falsehood, for there shall be no more falsity. 

    Blossom: How cool will it be to live in a world where there is so much Trust amongst each other? What a heavenly release!
    Just back to what I was asking though … next year … how will it be?

    FOL: It will be how one creates it. In that sense … no different from now. Yet the Heightened awareness will be present and therefore present a very different world from that which you live in now.

    Blossom: Ok … to be more precise then … My mother is 80 next February … bless her! Should I be considering booking a flight to England … or will that simply not be on the cards due to the extreme changes that are to take place this year?

    FOL: We would answer you in TRUTH by saying that by the time it comes to even ‘thinking’ about booking such tickets there will have come about such changes that it may not be necessary to do so!
    Much is speculated … of this we are aware. Yet we say again that there is only so much that is suitable to be revealed to you … If it was to be suitable to ‘tell all’ then do you not think we would? But if we were to do so … It could dramatically change the course of the ‘game plan’ and this would not be beneficial to any part of the motives that will lure you into the official acceptance of all that is to take place.

    Blossom: O.k.  … being quite adept at all this channelling lark entails … I am aware that many will write in questioning that last statement … i.e. … motives that will lure .

    FOL: We suggest you scrutinise the correct meaning of these words, in order to make you/one feel more at ease with our choice of words to express that which we mean.

    Blossom: OK … Motive = something that causes a person to act in a certain way,
    Lure = qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward.

    FOL: Therefore, we would suggest that our suggestion has cleared up this matter. In that …  It is not for those in service to offer to you KNOWING of that which is to occur in future days because this would cause you to act in a certain way which would not be beneficial towards that which we KNOW to have promised you, will take place.

    Blossom: Yep , I get it … I wonder if they do courses at night school on how to speak ‘Federation’ … it would keep things simple.

    FOL: Yet we ascertain that although it may seem a ‘foreign language’ to you at times  … it is our way of using words that we have understood to represent what they say they mean . Is it not that much in your world that once meant a particular thing has been brutally mutilated to suggest it means something completely different.?

    Blossom: Indeed, sadly this is so. Well chaps … I think it is time to close for today … I feel the link is weakening , which I expect is due to my being rather tired of late , for one reason or t’ other . Yet thanking you for this time we have shared and all you have offered.
    Until we meet again …

    FOL: Indeed.

    Blossom: You often finish with that ….  And I know what you’re going to say …

    FOL: Indeed.

  15. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    Ready yourselves for the changes, for they are coming soon. All along we have advised you to prepare and to help spread the table for the many changes that needed to be accomplished, and the time for their implementation is upon you. Prepare yourselves by stocking up on a few household essentials to last a few days or even as much as a few weeks, as it is difficult to predict whether services will be down and if so, for how long.

    Much of the inner workings of your systems are controlled by the Cabal, and it cannot be ascertained for certain whether any sabotage may occur. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will do all we can to get your systems up and running again if they should be affected in any way.

    There are those members of the Cabal who, of course, are not happy with the news that they will now face justice for their crimes as they arrogantly believed they were above any law, earthly, karmic or universal. They were wrong, as now they must pay the piper for their misdeeds. There is a lesson in this for all of you, that no matter your station in life you exist under and within the laws of karma, the balancing force of this universe that will bring all things back to you that you release outwards.

    This is one of the designed mechanisms of this wonderful universe and you have all abided by this law throughout all of your incarnations whether you were conscious of it or not, as this does not matter.
    Looking ahead for these men and women soon to be losing their freedom, we see a long rehabilitation period consisting of many incarnations where they will experience situations of difficulty as a direct result of their choices throughout this lifetime.

    For many of these souls their lifetimes will bring much hardship and struggle just as you have experienced due to their manipulations, and they will also experience an existence where they are ruled by a tyrannical and oppressive force comparable to their rule during this, as well as other incarnations. The road for these souls will not be an easy one, this is assured by they themselves, and they need only look into a mirror if they seek someone to blame for what they now must face. Remember this lesson my dears, and do not miss this blessed opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

    We see many of you also who have reached the understanding that this is not a time for gloating or for lynch mob mentality, but for understanding and compassion. For this we salute you and ask you to lead by example to allow your fellow man to see an alternative to bloodthirsty revenge. We are not suggesting to you to allow these men and women to escape justice, for it is important that they too receive all they can from this experience. For what good would all this serve if the lessons behind it all were not learned? All we are suggesting to you is to reflect upon the virtue of temperance, for it is this virtue that is called for as these lost souls are brought to justice.

    All along your long journey you too have had to face the consequences for your misdeeds. Some of you may have spent portions of lifetimes imprisoned by your societies, and we ask you to reflect upon this even though you have no conscious memory of this. Ask yourself if there may have been a better way towards rehabilitation rather than waste your life away in a small dank prison cell. There are many avenues of rehabilitation, and prisons are but one.
    As your world is set to ascend into the higher realms, many other options will become clear to you, not only options of justice and rehabilitation, but of all educational systems of advanced learning.
    Upon you ascension, you will be leaving behind many old and outdated methods for the running of a society and we look forward to explaining to you the many options that will become available to you.

    No longer will you have to rely on systems that have failed you so throughout your earthly 3rd dimensional incarnations, as there are better methods that produce successful results. This is one of the many new aspects of your civilization that you will experience upon ascension into your new 5th dimensional home.

    Continuing with our discussion on karma and justice, many of you also have karma that must be cleansed at this time as this is a necessary step towards your individual ascension. Many of you have faced recent challenges and even hardships as a result of this need to cleanse negative imbalances of you karma. Many of you have recently balanced this karmic debt and are now free to ascend without any further need to experience the balancing effects of this universal law.

    There are others of you who will get to balance you karmic debts and it is necessary you do this before the culmination of the great dimensional shift. How this karma will be balanced and what you will experience will all depend on just how unbalanced your karma is at this point. Keep in mind, there are those of you who have carried over into this incarnation a karmic debt from past lives, and this will have to be accounted for. There are also many of you who have carried over from a past life a positive balance of karma, and for this your transition will be relatively smoother. This is how the law of karma must operate, and no one or nothing can alter its effects.

    We do not suggest to you this need to balance your karma in order to frighten you. We only suggest this to you so more of you can understand why your lives at this point have been met with hardships and negative experiences. Your economic woes that today canvas your world are one area where the balancing effects of karma can be clearly witnessed. There are those of you who are battling adverse health effects, and in many cases this too is an example of your karma being balanced by unseen forces.

    Know dear ones, that no one or nothing wishes to see you suffer, yet this might be in some cases as it is ascension many of you came here to experience and it is only through the balancing of your karma will this be made possible. All of you understood this completely before your current incarnation and still jumped at the chance to be here at this time with a truly wondrous opportunity well within your reach.

    This is one of the reasons your world at this time is in the shape that it is in, as a trial such as your current incarnation is just what many of you needed to act as a springboard into the higher realms of existence. Many of you may be beginning to see your world not as a disaster of creation, but as a marvelous design that will allow so many of you to reap the sweetest reward possible for your efforts to incarnate into the physical to gain the experience necessary for your graduations into the higher realms of possibility.

    Do you see now the men and women who will now face justice for their crimes against you in a slightly different light? Are you beginning to see that all things, good or bad, positive or negative, are designed to enable you to reap the maximum benefit for your forays into the physical? Do you now think it is possible, in light of our discussion on karma, that without the assistance of those of the dark many of you would not have experienced a sufficient balancing of your karma and therefore would not be ascending into the higher realms at this time, but instead you would have to remain within the cycle of the incarnate wheel.

    If you could see what we see clearly for you upon ascension, if you would allow our descriptions to paint a portrait for you, and at the same time understand that the souls who performed the roles of the oppressors assisted you to make this vision your reality, do you now feel you may be able to find it in your hearts to forgive?

    We understand many of you are angry upon learning of all the misdeeds and the crimes committed against you, but in light of what all this has made possible for you, do you now feel that other forms of justice and rehabilitation then you are accustomed to may be far more fitting for these dark ones? As we have said, there are many advanced methods of rehabilitation that will soon be made available to your society, and we only ask you at this time to review these techniques when this information becomes available to you.

    That is all we ask, as this is your world and will always be your world, no one else’s, and you, democratically, will make all the decisions that govern your society.
    Looking out towards the days ahead, we see the arrests of many members of the criminal Cabal causing quite a rumbling throughout your world, and it is this rumbling that will awaken so many of your brothers and sisters from their slumbers. We see the new freedoms you will all immediately experience upon the arrests of these criminal elements coupled with the awakening of so many of your brethren creating such a powerful wave of momentum that will easily carry you through these final months before ascension.

    What a tremendous period of transformation these last months will surely be, as more and more of your human family awaken to the new available energies. Great changes are in store for you as we head down the home stretch, and many of these changes will release you from your bonds of daily toil. Many advancements in technology will be made available to you in the coming days when we can more personally interact with you, and upon the removal of the Cabal and many of their minions we will be free to make such an introduction.

    The is sure to be a very exciting period for many of you, and you may see these imminent arrests of these dark ones as the starting gun for the many events that will quickly follow that will see to the complete transformation of your world as you prepare yourselves for your great leap into the higher dimensions.
    We see the struggles and the difficult times you have gone through as necessary components of your ascension, and without them and those to facilitate them we see many of you not making the transformation. Every one of us has done our parts, from above you as well as all around you, and everyone deserves credit for this endeavor that has already been tremendously successful in so many ways and that is about to show you its greatest reward yet to come.

    Your ascension into the higher realms is something many of you have been striving towards for many consecutive lifetimes. It is not easy at all to advance so greatly as to be a candidate for ascension and because of this, the helpful cooperation of those willing to play the roles of the dark ones was seen as called for. These dark ones were enlisted to ensure the balancing of your karma, while at the same time teaching you many valuable lessons that were necessary for your advancement. Always keep this in mind as you enter the next phase of your experience, as an alternative view to these proceedings may find its place amongst many of you.

    Punishment is usually weighed against the crimes committed along with how much a victim has suffered. Upon weighing your suffering against your reward for such experience, you may reach a new perspective in this regard. The crimes committed against you by these men and women are severe in some cases, this cannot be denied, but as you are immortal beings who never truly die and who gain so much through such experience, you may be able to see even many of these crimes from a somewhat fresh perspective.

    As we have said, justice is better to be served as this will benefit those who need to also learn certain important lessons, it is just the type of justice dispensed at which we wish you to closely examine and discuss amongst yourselves. It is your world and it is you that have been the victims of these crimes, so again we say to you we will honor each individual, as well as collective decision you make and will assist to see to it your wishes are carried out.

    Again you see how we do not wish to take a leading role in your affairs. We are merely guests here, to offer you the assistance you may agree is necessary to see many of the needed tasks accomplished. This is what we do, we have been doing this a very long time, and our services have been applied all throughout this vast universe. Earth does hold a special place in our hearts, but it is by no means the only planet that we have given care to as there have been, and will continue to be, many other planets in need of a helping hand from time to time.

    Again, there is no reason to fear that we are here to conquer or plunder, as higher dimensional worlds have all they would ever need or desire. Our mission is one of service, and you shall witness this firsthand when we are free to commence on our many projects together.
    Again, these projects will begin upon the arrests of sufficient numbers of the Cabal, and we see this moment drawing very near. You will be informed of further developments and of opportunities to work with us on these many projects through our channels of information, and as we have said, some of your media companies will soon be assisting us with the task of relaying information to you.

    This is an important phase of our operation, as we see many still who receive their news and information from what is broadcast through your television sets. In time, all your media companies will align with your new system of honesty and balanced reporting, and if they do not, they will have no place with you in your new home within the higher realms.
    There are many other areas of your society as well that will be realigned to function as a higher dimensional component of your new world, and we will explain to you and even demonstrate to you how some of your systems can be greatly improved upon.

    Until then, do what you can do to improve upon the areas of your lives that you do have control over, and we will assist our Earth allies tear down the sections of your world that you do not at this time have control over. In time, all the areas of governance of your society will be returned to you, the people, and no longer will you be forced to submit to the will of another. This will be your new system, which will be implemented upon the removal of the old, and this is the task at hand at this time. You will see this task accomplished very shortly, as we and our Earth allies are set to move ahead with this operation.

    We are looking forward to these events just as much as many of you are, and we see that we have reached the time when all that has been discussed will begin to unfold before you. Hold on tight, it will be at times a shaky ride, but it will also be a joyous time for those of you who understand fully what is transpiring here. Please continue to inform each other of what these events signify so they too can see them for what they truly are and enjoy them as much as you will.

    After all, you did not come here to this planet only to suffer and struggle, you also came here to experience joy and happiness and it is this that many of you will now experience. You have earned it, you have created it, and we say to you feel free to enjoy it. The good times are about to begin.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.
    As channeled through Greg Giles

  16. Benjamin Fulford 2-20-12…”A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by the gnostic “illuminati” faction” | Kauilapele’s Blog

    Benjamin Fulford 2-20-12…”A March 31st deadline has been delivered to the committee of 300 by the gnostic “illuminati” faction” | Kauilapele’s Blog.

  17. Allendale to Tots ~ Allendale Signs Off ~ 2/20/12

    [Hi Allendale] Hi Tots, may I give the message to the readers? [Of course.] Allendale here and I wish you all a fine day. It has become necessary to limit my transmissions. No worries now, lads and lasses. The juncture is critical now and The Tribe of channelers have done a commendable job of relaying updates on the progress of my work, however the girls are done with this work in a public forum.

    The goal of this communication was to open your minds to the many layers that exist in your consciousness. The lesson I have learned is how to move on so that I can serve the greater good in the best way.

    My energy is always present and always available however this form of communication is now complete.

    My heart is filled with gratitude for you, the reader of this fine blog. For the past few months it has been a joy to show you the goings on behind the curtain.

    I am forever grateful you have let me into your realm of possibilities. Let me kindly remind you of my origins. Allendale is the High Self of the lad that spoke on the David Wilcock & Kerry Cassidy interview. You remember me, the bloke with the funny accent.

    So, for this experience, I was channeled through four lovely beings who agreed as a group to assist humanity with her awakening. My heart will always be grateful for them giving me a platform of being a new type of teacher. May you all be in the light and love of this wondrous ascension of planet Earth. Allendale out.

    Note: This blog (anonymous channelings) will be retired by the end of February. On behalf of all four channelers involved in this project, may your journey be filled with love, light, joy and peace. Live Love, Tots

  18. Love and Light to you too, dear Tauno.
    John! Nice to see you here again. I’m glad you got the dog…if he’s like the one in the picture, well he’s so cute and beautiful (-_-)…

  19. I have been trying to find another dog for company and my landlady found this 6 month old Bernese male for me. Gonna meet him in about an hour. He’s up on the mountain with the other dogs… Oh, and we have 5 new puppies (American Eskimo) so that makes 13 in total… Yeah, we’re nuts… but it’s fun.

  20. Still here folks… Back to limited internet on the mountain… But I finally got the dog… “RUDY” or Roo for short…. Will be getting some pictures later over the next few days.
    AMazing stuff happening these days and it’s so much easier to see the progression when one is not inundated with it on a daily basis. Taking a few days off the internet has been great for me to see more clearly the events. Forest for the trees thing I guess.

  21. Dear veefar1
    Amazing, I have just posted my experience during meditation today when I saw Jeshua! It is for you and for your sister, dear! God bless you both!
    I am sending to you My healing White Light and my Love!

  22. Hello everybody!

    Suntria, Leslee and Steffie, I hope you all feel better as the day progress.

    We almost lost my sister Thursday night (she has lung cancer). A brain scan revealed multiple tumors. There was bleeding and her brain was swelling. She was treated with steroids and the swelling stopped and the bleeding became only a trickle. The doctors are amazed that she is still here with no brain damage and her doctor said he can’t explain why the swelling and bleeding stopped because he didn’t expect the steroids to work so quickly. Yesterday my sister told me about her conversation with God/Jesus and how she was told she was going to be okay. She said she didn’t know if the message meant for now she is okay or if it meant she will survive this battle. My sister said she was told she will get to haven when it is her time. I pray for a healing and I visualize her healed. I visualize my sister laying down and I am standing at her head and I use my quartz crystal as a pendulum circling her body filling her with healing energy. I ask you all to please send healing energy to my sister.

    Love and light

  23. While meditating today, I saw Jeshua giving a blessing and felt the energy and the loving presence of Mother Mary, it happened for a second and I think I have visited the higher realms
    Love You All

  24. Hey Steffie. Try not to hurt yourself too much more prior to ascension……….those holographic body fixit machine thingy’s can only do so much!

    That Ben Fullford article was wild, loved it!

    Off for my nature walk, see what inspiritation hits for another article. See you later everybody!

  25. what’s up with all of us being sick – or rather, not being at optimum health?? is this a last great purge, I wonder?? Les and Suntria, hope you both feel better QUICKLY (NB: not s**n!!!) xxx

    • LOL! I look at it as a hint to rest up for what’s coming… And, yes, a purge! Or maybe taking and giving (taken on the sufferings of others…) step safely, Steffie! :mrgreen:

      • hmmm… the one thing I am so aware of is stepping safely – i am so scared of falling. Not to the point of paranoia, just very very cautious, which is why this came like a bolt out of the blue. And I seriously don’t remember exactly what happened – it’s all rather weird… thanks Les xx

  26. hi there KP, Suntria and Les 🙂
    yip, I’m here, but it’s now night time and i need my bed!
    I had a nastyish fall this morning, down the steps, leaving my cottage to go to work. Thank goodness i was not leaning forward, or it could have been dreadful… I just don’t have a clue what happened – my knees or my legs just suddenly gave way under me, and i fell on my backside on the upper step. Because I broke my back – 2 vertebrae – 6 yrs ago, i am paranoid about falling… I was fine, though. got up and went off to work. But have been excessively rat-faced all day, and my legs are soooo shaky. Whole body feels sore and bruised and tired, so i’m off to bed very shortly.
    Any kind of healing would be SO welcome right now – I have a hectic week ahead and no time to go to my NSA practitioner – Network Spinal Alignment. It works like a charm and I KNOW i need to get to her…

    It kind of felt like that involuntary reflex action when you tap that place on your knee? it just came out of the blue, so i guess my whole body is also in shock of some kind.

    Still trying to figure out what the message from the Universe was actually about?!!

    • sounds like that could have been much worse… thankfully you are OK Steffie. After the shock wears off you may experience some discomfort… Sending You Light & Healing Energy My Star-Sista. I think the message the Universe is sending us ALL is: ‘Together we pave the staircase to the Light ONE step at a time” 🙂

      • Amen, Stick! Hey, did you notice “you” appeared in my dream Sun morning as my guide/escort across the dimensions? Somehow, tho, I have a feeling “Stick” doesn’t own a Harris Tweed jacket… Just a hunch, lol! :mrgreen:

  27. Hi Leslee! The weekend was ok, but I’m not feeling 100% today :s ah well, tomorrow it’s a kind of holiday so I get to stay home and hopefully spend some time ‘in the green’, in Sintra. Hope you’ll feel better in no time!
    Btw, according to the latest Fulford update ( “It can also now be disclosed that Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain have all told the banks they are not going to pay back any of their loans because the loans were made illegally. This is one of the reasons why Moody’s downgraded 114 financial institutions including Citibank, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Deutschebank etc. These are the institutions that own the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Board is going to be shut down soon, according to Pentagon sources. In other words these countries are going to “default,” and for a change it will be the bankers and not the average citizens, who will pay the price.”
    At least here in Portugal I haven’t seen anything on the news about this. Actually people are being pushed and pushed to make more cuts and efforts. So… I really hope that for a change it will be the bankers and not the average citizens who will pay the price – soooon.

    • Hi, Suntria! Best wishes for feeling better too! I (we?) seem to be needing a lot more time to process what’s going on… It feels like a part of my attention and energy is being diverted elsewhere. Oddly and welcomely, it seems to be working out, so I just keep trying to go with the flow.
      I have to admit I’m yet to watch any of the Fulford videos, and I’ve only watched David Icke once, but it feels like that’s okay. I believe that everything they talk about is possible and probable (and I include Wilcock too), and I’m enjoying the energy shift immensely!

  28. Good day, dear ones! How were your weekends? I haven’t had a chance to read all the posts from the weekend… I’m still reeling a bit from my dream Sun morning… KP, I’m so happy you’ve got 10 days of freedom!
    I’m home today with a head-cold (resting opportunity), so hope to catch up with you later today… Much love to you all! Is Steffie with us this “morning”? See ya soon! :mrgreen:

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