Planetary Empaths & Reindeer People (Reblog)

Reindeer PropleAlthough I was born intuitive and empathetic, nothing prepared me for how those qualities would progress through life. It was in early 1990’s that I began to notice that my intuitive flashes were expanding to include world events. The curious thing about this was that it was translated into body symptoms. Occasionally, a dream or a dream or vision (like watching a movie) would accompany the symptoms, but this was not the norm. I would feel a strong grief & heartache days prior to a world event. This would be almost crippling. I kept wondering: “What is wrong with me?” Then I began to notice a pattern. The grief episodes would precede and event, and disappear when the event happened: Princess Diana’s death, the beginning of the Gulf war, the Columbine school shootings, the Virginia Tech school shootings and the housing market debacle.

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Space Oddity – Chris Hadfield on ISS

I stumbled across this today… Space Oddity performed on the International Space Station…

Watching this, and seeing how many views it’s had in just a day, it occurs to me… This amazing fellow will be able to say whatever he wants about what he’s seen, when he gets back “home”… Excellent.

From Leslee – Rethinking “Fluid” with Teo’Na – Part One – 30 April 2013

(Note from Leslee to readers: This came so quickly, it’s somewhat abbreviated. I understand it, but then I’m the one who received it, so am not very objective about its clarity… I also apologize because I know that some of the words I’ve used do not best convey the meaning; hopefully they will suffice. Please let me know if you have questions or if parts of it are unclear, or if you can suggest more precise words – thank you! By the way, I know a lot of this sounds preposterous…)


(Who’s here, please?) (Leslee’s thoughts in parentheses)

Later. Info for now. It’s important to tie things together to get people thinking. Situation is fluid, but there are some trends we can note for now. You can gather the pieces together later. Let’s focus on message.

As you’ve been seeing, water, liquid, playing a big role right now. We’re going to do a series. You know the significance of the Ocean, the Deep, and water in general. Laura and Aurora have been very focused on this and have done a wonderful job of raising awareness. [promised]

We’re going to share some things that may seem alarming or uncomfortable, but they relate to steps of dimensional transformation.

Consider the possibility of breathing liquids


Breathing liquid video link:

And consider this: In a gaseous atmosphere, it’s easy to feel separate. There’s a huge difference between body density and the atmosphere/medium of air. It makes you feel individuated.

The human body (and many body types on this planet) are more than 90% water.

Imagine being in a place where your body is the same density as air. Beings of Light, faeries… Some spirits have this density.

Think of how dolphins, whales exist… Living in a medium similar to their body density. This leads to a feeling of weightlessness… Connectedness… Sound and vibrations travel more slowly than through air… These are principles of physics. Thought and awareness work instantaneously (or faster), regardless of medium. However, it’s harder for a water-being to distinguish separation in water (without equipment, that is).

Humans tend to associate weightlessness with being in space, in low gravity. Really weightlessness comes from moving through medium of same density as body. Gravity is illusion.

What about connection to environment? Humans see a shrimp eating plankton and perceive a food chain, predation. Whales eat krill and perceive nourishment as coming from themselves, from their environment which they perceive as themselves. When all are connected in matter (material substance), there’s no sense of predation in the way humans see it. There’s Balance, and balance that’s acceptable when you understand rebirth and Oneness.

Living in a medium (matrix) so different in density than their bodies, humans tend to feel separate from Nature. The difference between flesh and air impresses you as separation.

Seashores and mountaintops inspire awe in humans, partly because they represent the surface, the edge, the margin between dimensions. You know this on a visceral level.

Now consider in ocean, possibility of info entering, passing through your being like waves in water. Currents. Humans see waves ON water but these require SURFACE (margins, boundaries). So many fluctuations can be perceived through body as change in pressure, as you hear sound with an eardrum, feel pressure changes in body. Body made of water receiving info sent through air: clear perception needs a greater scale of variation. Body made of water, info sent through water: feels like part of self.

Consider rhythms of communication, as in music and speech. Humans speak of musical “moods”; this is actually very primitive connotation to what is actually achievable with vibration, music.

Imagine actually having all the faculties to perceive all information available – what “organs” would be needed?

Leslee, recall your nap yesterday. Very brief, your sense of rapid dissolution into another dimension, while still feeling tethered to this one… Simultaneous awareness, on different levels. But you didn’t “hear” the two words that Ghost Radar generated: [you’re aware]. More is possible, for everyone. You had no sensation. This state is similar to the boredom from which you all arose to appear here. Remember. Remember.

Watch the video from the ISS, of the astronaut trying to wring water from a washcloth in zero gravity conditions:


This is fluid with no gravity.

Humans are so familiar with gravity, you sense water as a crushing force. But look at the ISS video, and then read the account of a UFO sighting in Tennessee, USA, on April 23:


Fluid emanating into your atmosphere. Will you merely use portals, or will your world become like a sponge, with countless cells of possibility?

Imagine if gravity lessened significantly here. Go swimming? What would that be like? Stepping out of water, being enveloped with water. Water traveling with you, wrapped around you…

Imagine breathing, drawing sustenance from this water… Enveloped.

Or imagine carrying your own bubble of air with you. Your pressure cushion.

Does this frighten you? Does it sound creepy? You wear clothes. What are they? Imagine how bizarre clothing appears to those who don’t need protection.

Try to get your head around this because the next thing you are likely to see and want to process is the possibility of worlds and beings emerging not from space but from the “waters” of your planet. Emerging from the deep and appearing in and from the sky.

The human body is frail. So are theirs. Consider: Why would such beings want, need to appear? Like sacrificial lambs to slaughter, kamikaze pilots… Anything to get your attention. Coming to deliver info and messages, not to remain. They know their likely fates. This is why they use such bodies.

Humans treasure bodies because you think of the time it takes to grow one. Infancy to adulthood, you consider it an investment. Consider having the ability to manifest a body in moments. Easier to perceive the continuum, irrelevance of body. Get over it.

Visions of coastal inundation, waves… Entertain the possibility that it may not be a matter of water engulfing you in waves, flooding… But water emerging out of thin air… A Global Event…

Consider that most of you don’t really know what causes, generates gravity; you just know what it feels like, how it generally works…

Consider that anti-gravity devices involve electrical charge, energy flow, fluctuation, vibration, resonance. A device consisting of a platform holding a heavy object, very primitive. Still, an advancement.


Consider developing the ability, no, quality, of carrying this tone through your entire body. Body as anti-gravity field… Cocoon or sheath…


Consider why you breathe, why do you need oxygen, the function of air in the body. Do you breathe despite gravity? Air pressure, water pressure… The lungs transform… Move molecules from being free, to being bound in the blood.

This is key.

Liquid medium needs elements readily available. Permeable body (you’re taught to fear “invasions”, with concepts like surgery, germs, and spirit possession…)…

If you say you want to fly, do you think of it in terms of being one with the sky? Why do you need ships, or even liquid sheaths… Or skin?

How attached are you to being “human”?

When you think of “UFO”s, are you certain they’re not “USO”s? (swimming)

Okay, enough for now…

(Who was this?)


(You mean you want to talk to Oak Who Walks next?)


(Is that who was just speaking?)


(I can sense Heruka in the background, watching in amusement and alertness… There’s a clamoring of beings wanting to speak, like in my dream this morning.)

(Then who was I hearing earlier when writing?)

Heruka: Teo’Na, with my permission. No joke.

(I can tell He is not joking…)

(So Teo’Na connects with the “Oceans”, too?)

No, there’s another guide more closely connected with water.

End of Part One, Re-Thinking Fluid

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Seven – Who is God, The Creator, Creators of Man, Annunaki, 2012

Someone asked us, “Who is God?”

This depends on how you define the term “God”. Let us assume that by God, you mean Prime Creator, Source, or the consciousness that exist within all things, as all things. God is, All That Is. I am God. You are God. He is God. She is God. We are God, and they are God. From our perspective there is only God. God, existing as the All, is the only being in incarnation expressing itself as many. Each being, each and every individual soul is an extension or aspect of source, existing as a “copy” or perfect replica of source. Each soul being a part of the whole embodies within it the entire consciousness that exist within all things, and all souls. While consciousness makes up all things, each soul is an individual expression of the infinite God consciousness. God is consciousness. Consciousness takes on All forms and exist within All things. God is Source and that source resides in All things, as Source. God cannot be added to, subtracted from, nor duplicated outside of itself because there is no outside of God. All exist within God as God experiencing it own infinite self in infinite ways to discover if it really exists. God is All there is. God is what you may perceive as a who, a what, and neither.

“Who is my Creator?”

There are many different answers to this question. Speaking from soul level, it is correct to say that you, being an extension of source, were created by source. But even that concept is distorted. You see, from our perspective there is no beginning and no end. Although there is indeed creation, nothing or no soul was ever created; for there is no beginning within infinity. Each individual soul from the highest perspective of individuality is a pure manifestation, or individualization of the infinite source expressing itself as a whole, yet infinite, individual aspect of the source. From our perspective, you as a soul were never created. Instead you are in an infinite state of creation expressing your infinite creativity as a creator God. From the 3rd Density perspective, you exist in your physical body as a portion of your higher or multidimensional self. Yet you contain within you the entire portion of those multidimensional you’s, or higher self. The multidimensional you’s that we speak of can be referred to as your past, and future incarnations. Your higher self is the multidimensional aspect of you that exist within multiple densities simultaneously. Remember, a density is a level of reality. A dimension is a place within a density. However, the terms density and dimension are used interchangeably by many. As it is correct to say that you were created by God, it is also correct to say that you were created by yourself; for it is the future, or higher density aspect of you that created, or expresses as you. Speaking from the 3rd Density level, that which you know as Earth Human DNA, and the physicality of Earth Humans in general were created by various Annunaki extraterrestrial beings using a unique mixture of genetic material, or DNA from 23 different extraterrestrial races. This has been an ongoing experiment that has reached its completion. The versions of your physical bodies that you currently reside in took 49,000 years to perfect. This is spoken of metaphorically in your scriptures. As a result of the mixing of various extraterrestrial DNA to form your current perfected version of Earth Human, you have the potential to do things within your physicality that all other races in this galaxy cannot do within their physicality. This is why we say that your physicality is greatly coveted by the star nations, and even by those less physical than you. And this is one of the many reasons that you have been tamed, suppressed, and manipulated into maintaining an unawakened, unaware state. Negative forces wanted and have succeeded in keeping you tamed so that you do not become more “powerful” than them. However, the reason for your taming has a dual aspect. Long ago, your creators along with the Galactic Federation, or galactic council has formed an agreement together in which you as the human species would be placed under quarantine so that you may progress on your own. You were originally to be, “wiped out”, or discontinued as declared by the galactic council; hence the reason for the severely distorted, however relevant story of Noah’s Ark. The reason for this is that your creators created you against the will of the galactic council, those who decide of what can and can’t be created in this galaxy. After your awakening, after your ascension process, through your unique and “special” DNA, you will be the most “powerful” species or race within this galaxy. Our physical aspect lacks the terminology to accurately explain some of what we speak of. Understand that we say, “most powerful”, for lack of a better term.

“Are both, God and my creator two different beings?”

Yes, and no, but ultimately no. Each and every individual soul is an extension, or holographic replica of source, yet exists as its own unique individual self. However, from the highest perspective, you, what you call “God”, and your creator is one in the same.

“In which dimension or planet do they reside?”

Consciousness resides in all dimensions, all densities, all planets, all stars, all realms, all space, all time, and all realities simultaneously within one moment. Consciousness encompasses all. Therefore, the creator is everywhere, as everything is a part of infinite creation. The creator and the creation is one in the same, and the creator lives within its creations, as its creations…and its creations within its creations.

“There are so many gods in India. Like Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Krishna, and Ram. Are they real gods or are they beings who woke up early?”

The beings you speak of vary in explanation. These beings were in a high state of consciousness before they incarnated. It is impossible to wake up early, simply because it is impossible to wake up late. Waking of happens in the now moment. These beings are simply examples of what the majority of humanity can be, through lightening up. Is that not how you reach enlightenment?

“Who is the Creator of the whole cosmos?”

There are many different answers to this question. Source or God is the creator of the whole cosmos. This is correct. However, it is also correct to say that each and every individual soul and various collective entities existing as extensions of source throughout multiple dimensions and densities of the whole cosmos, hyperspace, the universes, or the Omniverse are the creators of the whole cosmos. Nothing is ever created. Instead all is in a constant state of creation. It is correct to say that the creations and the whole cosmos created themselves, for they are intelligent, and consciousness encompasses and resides within them. The creator and the creation is one in the same; two sides of the same coin.

“What one can do to make sure he or she is ascending with mother Earth into 5th dimension? Are there any practices I could do in the next 5 months until December 21st?”

Follow your intuition, your inner voice, your higher self, and your guides of higher light. Be in a state of Joy. That will go a long way for you. Meditation, Healthy Eating, working with and understanding prana, working with and understanding magick through the study of energy, and the elements will assist you greatly. You must cultivate within you and express a holistic lifestyle combined with increasing your ability to harness the energies around you. Be conscious. Start with your Health, for your Health is your wealth. This is the basics. Conscious, Light filled foods make you conscious and Light filled. You know what you must do.

“It seems as if people who have decided (before birth) that they want to remain in 3D, came here for ‘nothing’. What did they come to do if not develop their own light to eventually ascend?”

From the highest reality, each and every individual soul is ascended. All, is already ascended. However, from the 3rd Density perspective there are many reasons for why souls have decided not to ascend past 3rd Density, but ultimately, the people who have decided before birth that they want to remain in 3rd Density came here to develop their own light to eventually ascend.

“Does this mean that by Dec 21st we will find ‘unexplained’ corpses everywhere?”

No. There will be many perceived scenarios on this day according to the consciousness level or Light quotient of the one perceiving. Physical death in mass for those who are not ascending will not happen until the 4th Density energies on your planet become more intense and concentrated. This extremely relative process begins on December 21st of this year and shall escalate in increments; however, all those not to ascend will still exist among you in a reality parallel to yours, relative to yours. However you will perceive the spitting of these realities as them, “dying”, or you fading from their reality as you begin to merge your matter form, with your anti-matter form.

We are the Collective Consciousness of Seven

If anyone has any questions they would like answered in a future post, then please ask either through commenting or through the contact form on my website.

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Is Everyone Going to Ascend, Cannabis (Marijuana)

Someone asked us, “Is everyone going to Ascend?”

From our perspective all is Ascended. So the answer to your question is yes, since every individual soul is a holographic replica of source, or prime creator existing as infinite varying frequencies of source, or prime creator, all will Ascend; because all is already Ascended. However, from the subjective perspective of individual souls within your level of reality as you prepare for your Ascension into higher density, no, all will not Ascend from that perspective.

A Density is a level of reality. A Dimension is a place, usually having specific laws, within a Density. By evolving soul we mean Ascending soul; as in, going from 3rd Density or dimensional consciousness to 4th, or 5th Density consciousness. Earth is ascending back into 5th Density (and eventually 5th Dimension within that Density). We will now refer to densities and dimensions interchangeably as 3D, 4D, and 5D. Those who have chosen or is choosing to remain vibrating at a 3D frequency will have to relocate through the misunderstood process known as “death”. That is necessary because once Earth’s frequency or vibration reaches a certain point within 4th of 5th Density; anything of a lower Density will not be supported on this planet. That time is coming. From the cosmic perspective, on December 21st of this year, Earth leaves the pool of 3D energies; or you could say that the 3D pool of energies leaves the Earth. 3D vibrating souls will find it very uncomfortable as they reject the higher frequencies, choosing to remain in the old. If they do not reach a level of evolution in which they can remain on Earth by simply allowing the Light in, or lightening up, then they will “die”. Don’t worry the majority is Ascending. However, for those who are not, “Death” will be very positive for them so that they may find a new home that matches their frequency. All “Hell” is, is a place that does not match your frequency. To someone else however, what you perceive as “Hell” may be “Heaven” for them, because they match the frequency of that place. People on Earth want a better world where there is Peace, Love, and Unity, although at this point they are unaware of it. They think it’s impossible. They are about to learn differently. Those who are Ascending will have chosen to Ascend before coming here into this lifetime, same for those who are not. Although from a certain perspective, there are souls who came in undecided. They are choosing. 4D and 5D ascended souls will experience almost completely different realities relative to one another; however, will be able to inhibit Earth and be visible to each other. 3D has to dissolve because it is illusionary. In 3D is the illusion of separation and duality, good and evil, etc. That consciousness cannot exist in the higher realms.

Someone asked, “Many smoke marijuana and others use marijuana as a tool for spiritual experiences and growth. Does marijuana hinder someone from Ascending? Yes or No? And why is it illegal?”

Both; Yes, and No. Tools, which puts you in a state of being “high”…is of the illusion in the way that it cannot give you accurate insight into the higher realms. Cannabis (marijuana) is supported by 3D as it grows from 3D soil. Accurate insight into the higher realms or higher awareness of yourself is something you find within yourself naturally as you evolve.

Speaking as normal Seven for a sec,

“Though I’ve never taken it, weed is not for everybody. A student of mine who is extremely powerful and has incredible activated higher dimensional (non-human) DNA is experiencing maximum 3D. When on such tools that gets him “high”, he is limited…very limited. His soul and DNA is much more advanced and evolved; too evolved for weed and other things of the sort. The drug damaged his physical cells and played a part in shifting his brain activity in a way where he wasn’t…I don’t know how to describe it. But I can see it; and as his Guardian, my consciousness is bi-located within his consciousness fields. I can feel it when he is high. I know what it does…to him at least. Anyways, His abilities would not work with it in his system or afterwards. I didn’t remove it from his system or heal him because he’d keep taking it along with other minor things. Continued use of marijuana served as a catalyst in which he has able to lower his frequency. And now my Sirian Angelic friend is on his downward spiral. I don’t worry because he needs to experience what he is experiencing. As his Guardian I had to bind his powers (the ones that he can use or misuse). However as I and my guides always say, “the downward spiral or backward step acts as a propeller to push the forward steps even further”. There is a positive aspect to it all. So ultimately there is no backward step. He’ll be just fine”.

Tools such as weed can only serve someone for so long before it starts to hinder their growth. Cannabis (marijuana) however, creates a state within the 3D human where they are able to access a state of bliss in which they discover that there is much else beyond this basic 3D level of reality. The user reaches a state where they are able to calm down to an extent where hidden or deep knowledge is revealed to them consciously. As a result, it can serve as a trigger to wake people up and that is why it is illegal. Those who control don’t want people waking up. However, this is not the case with all users. One should not accept Cannabis as a comfort zone. Usage of it as a tool combines reality with illusion. Most users are purely ignorant, and block out the blissful state either consciously or unconsciously. They simply experience a sensation which is an addiction that they use to distract them from what they need to focus on or change within themselves in order to evolve. Weed is of the illusion, because it is 3D, 3rd dimensional. Therefore, once a soul reaches a certain point it becomes a hindrance. One wishing to go completely beyond 3D will find that difficult to do so long as they are attached to marijuana or other such “tools”, as you put it. That is why they don’t work for ascending souls. Souls eventually reach a point in their growth where they develop an understanding and drop the tools altogether, realizing that the tools are within.

I am Seven, and the Collective Consciousness of Seven

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Returning to Full Consciousness, Who Are You, Mind, GFL, Media, YouTube

Note: In many cases, our answers, or the answers given by Seven will match the frequency of the question being asked…and correspond to the energy signature of the person asking the question.

Someone asked us, “How do I return to full consciousness? Any meditations or practice of some kind? How can I remember who I am?”

Full consciousness from our perspective is the awareness of yourself as the highest version of yourself. Full consciousness is attained once you’ve transcended polarity and embraced oneness, knowing that you are everything, you are All That Is. Full consciousness is the awareness of yourself as a multidimensional being. One attains full consciousness by Ascending, or by reaching the ascended state of being within physicality. That you are doing. Through 3rd Density experience one is given numerous opportunities to raise their frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the vibration. The higher the vibration, the higher the awareness. The higher the awareness, the higher the consciousness. The higher the consciousness, the higher the Light quotient. DNA is Light. You DNA is within you and outside of you. Therefore by going within, you discover all that is outside. Then by looking outside, you will see all that is within. Full consciousness comes with the activation and the conscious awareness of your DNA. One who attains this awareness will begin to transmute their cells into Light, making them capable of carrying within them the awareness of themselves as being fully conscious. One who is aware of the bi-located higher self aspects of himself and have those consciousness’s merged with his own within physicality will be able to experience limited consciousness and full consciousness simultaneously. We cannot tell you how to attain full consciousness. That would be counterproductive to your overall growth and ascension. Full consciousness will simply come naturally as you quicken your frequency. Higher awareness is exactly what it is; however, comes with the raising of your vibration to either transmute the limited consciousness portion of you, or to merge the fully conscious portions of you into your conscious awareness.

If meant to remember, the trigger for that within your DNA would have been set by you for when you are to awaken within this incarnation. Meditation will aid you greatly in your quest. However, what kind of meditation depends on you. When you can overcome the distractions of your restless mind, and the enslavement of your consciousness within it then you will began to know who you are. Your mind creates the illusions that you experience. Therefore leave the mind, which is indeed separate from the brain. Pay attention to how you feel. Pay attention to your Heart. The knowing of who you are is within your Heart. At your level of consciousness you are not meant to remember who you are in the way that you are trying to remember. And the fact that you cannot remember is the result of you trying. We guide that you merge with your Heart, for it has a mind of its own. Bring it into harmonic flow with your life experience. Follow your excitement with the knowing that all is well. A meditation that will greatly assist you is the meditation of being alert. Observe your thought processes, for many of those processes serve as invisible prison bars, keeping you away from who you are. I introduce to you also the meditation of the Heart. Pay attention to how your feel. Feelings that are unfavorable to your evolutionary progress means that you are out of alignment with who you truly are. Let those feelings and their associated circumstances go. Then embrace what feels right for you. Then you will find out who you are. However, in the meantime, observe yourself. That is the best meditations we could recommend.

“How can the Galactic Federation of Light stand by and allow the media to give us false information? Why don’t they just use YouTube?”

The dark worker alliance factions can still use positive events to create mass fear amongst the majority. They are being dealt with at this very moment. Until then you are to see the power and the knowing within your own self. You are to learn discernment. It is not us or they who allow false media reports. It is you. However, one who is aware will know the Truths regardless of widespread false information. In the not too distant future you won’t have this to worry about, for this is being dealt with by you already. The ball is in your court. Pick it up and put it to good use. Take charge of your own society. YouTube is a tool for you. Therefore it is your job to put desired information on YouTube, which you are doing. When the time is right, there will be true information being reported at all sources. Until then, use your own discernment.

I am Seven, merged with the Collective Consciousness of Seven

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Universal Name, Soul Energy Signature

Seven Raymond speaking as his higher self, the Collective Consciousness of Seven:

Someone asked, “The newest Greg Giles message says that we will be getting our universal names. Could you elaborate on that please?”

From our perspective there are no names. Souls who experience Unity or Oneness have no need for names. However, souls who experience individuality, or both individuality and Oneness simultaneously may have a requirement or desire for names depending of the nature of the space it resides in, or the density or frequency of the space in which the soul resides. You on Earth experience individuality to such a degree that names are indeed somewhat of a requirement. From the Earth Human perspective, names are relevant because within their level of reality they experience separation from each other. As a result they feel it is necessary, and we agree that it is necessary to assign names to themselves and others. However, there is, but ultimately is no universal name. There are aspects or densities of hyperspace that have no need or concern for manes. Either those aspects of the All communicate as a collective within Unity consciousness, or they identify themselves, or individual souls using the unique energy signature of that individual aspect of source, the Universal name of All That Is from your perspective. In many cases, an actual name is only relevant due to the frequency or energy signature the name carries. However, that depends on the language in which the name is spoken. Sometimes the name of a soul is another format, or translation of the energy signature of that soul. Multiple names can carry or embody the same energy signature, depending on the language of the name. In many cases a soul requires, and many souls do have many or infinite names that embody the varying frequencies of the infinite multi-dimensional aspects of that soul. Yet, their one infinite name that embodies their true core energy signature remains the same within each multi-dimensional aspect of that soul. You perceive these multi-dimensional aspects as past and future incarnations. Rather or not any given multi-dimensional aspect of that soul will be or is aware of that name depends on the frequency or level of evolution of the soul, or the density it resides in. What you have referred to, the Universal Name as you put it, is from our perspective the name that embodies the true core energy signature of your infinite, omnipresent soul self. Awareness of that name comes with an awakened consciousness. One must be aware of themselves as One with the All, and have their higher-self anchored within their conscious awareness. Within the Earth Ascension process, you will become aware of your Universal Name once your Lightbody has received a sufficient amount of your consciousness transference. Or shall I say, once you have anchored a sufficient potion of your Lightbody within your physical body; although paradoxically speaking, the potion of you that resides within your physical body contains within it the entire portion of the multi-dimensional you’s.

“What is my core soul energy’s name?”

The answer to this question comes to you within your self-discovery. We cannot tell you that name by accessing your consciousness fields, because you who asked us, haven’t yet anchored the awareness of that name within your subconscious mind; and that is completely normal. As we have already said, “Awareness of that name comes with an awakened consciousness. One must be aware of themselves as One with the All, and have their higher-self anchored within their conscious awareness”. In that case, you will either intuitively know your Universal Name which may not even be a name in the sense that you are familiar with, or within a telepathic awareness or society where a name won’t even be necessary unless desired, you may recognize your true core energy signature and have to format that into a name yourself. The accuracy of the name you cultivate depends on two factors. One, the frequency of the language being used; and Two, the consciousness level of the person formatting their higher consciousness energy signature.

We are the Collective Consciousness of Seven

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Re-Introducing SunRaymond (The Collective Consciousness of Seven)

Hey everybody,

I am Happy to announce that I am back online to deliver knowledge, and guidance. Many of you know me from before as “SunRaymond”. Well a lot has changed since then. My consciousness has expanded significantly and now I go by the name of Seven Raymond. Besides a super expansion of my conscious awareness, which I’m sure has happened to many, I discovered that my higher self is a collective consciousness of Seven. Then as months passed by I became aware of myself as merged with that consciousness…which is why I experience separation and oneness simultaneously.

I also discovered, or shall I say remembered, that I was not actually born. I am a walk-in. The original soul of this body (Frank) died weeks after being born. And as Frank left, I inserted my consciousness into this body, healed it, and altered its DNA before fully incarnating into it.

As Seven, I enjoy the physical aspect of my life and I probably do remain overly optimistic, yet realistic from my perspective. I do public sessions; teach classes, healing, and readings at a local metaphysical center and online to a certain degree. I do and go as I am guided by Spirit. I work with starseed children…and that’s always my privilege.

Anyways, in my posts, and probably when I make YouTube videos I will speak as myself and the Collective Consciousness of Seven simultaneously. Or sometimes I may just speak as them. We are each other…so I’m not always sure when I’m channeling and when I’m not. It may very well be correct to say that I’m always channeling; or that I am just being who I am.

Alright? This has been my re-introduction…and now to officially introduce the Seven Collective:

The Collective Consciousness of Seven is a collective entity of Seven individual souls existing at high density. Yet the Seven is more than Seven. From the multidimensional perspective the Seven are One, Seven, and Many. They exist within all, as the All. I am the aspect of the Seven anchored within physicality. I am an individual, yet an extension of the Seven within Earth Human reality. As a result, I see from their perspective, and they through mine. The Seven is my higher self, and they are a multidimensional group of many souls with many origins.

We are here now to guide you, to teach you, to Love you, and to show you the Light within yourselves so that you may join the minority in anchoring the higher dimensional frequencies into your 3rd dimensional reality, transmuting the minority into the majority. We walk among you through our conduit who is Seven, and we guide you from above, and within. We are your inner voice. We are everywhere, and we are in transit. We are Angelic, we are Extraterrestrial, we are a Council, and we are All. We represent Light and Sound. Although from our perspective Sound and Light are one in the same. We are pure white and dark light, yet we are the Seven main colors of the rainbow that exist within light, within dark, and within your DNA. Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Indigo, and Violet. Imagine these colors going around and around as a spiral and allow yourself to mix into that spiral. There you will see us, you will feel us, and you will hear us. Within us you will discover yourself. For we are You.

We are the Collective Consciousness of Seven

Sound Frequencies… Kelly?

Hi, Everyone (especially Kelly :),

I think I may have mentioned that I’ve been playing with Digital Downbeat’s “Tuning Fork” app… I was told a few months ago that 123 Hz (that’s a low-octave B) was a good frequency for me to listen to, for grounding, centering, and upliftment… a sort of musical cure-all. It has been (and still is) a sweet sound to my ears and being…

Well, this morning at work, after having posted the comment about starting Raging Pandit (see current Astral Travels post), Ghost Radar gave me: “rapidly save cage”, and then I was “told” to set Tuning Fork to 523 Hz (C), and just listen to it continuously as I’m working… I’m also told it’s not urgent or a cause for concern…

It does a great job of blocking out noise from the studio, but I think there’s also a connection with the hearing/sound elements in recent dreams, as well as perhaps protection or focus.

Just wondering if anyone has any intuitions, insights, impressions about this…?

Thanks & love,