Konstantinos-A dialogue with Mother Gaia

Yesterday evening, I got out for a while, went to a park near the sea, took a seat and communicated with Mother Gaia. Here is my conversation with her:

Konstantinos: Hello. Would you like to have a discussion with me for a while?

Gaia: Of course my child. You have some questions…

K: How do you feel about the fact that few months remain till the day we will experience together the magnificent moment of Ascension?

G:  Ascension is the process of denaturation through which, we return to our rightful place which we got before the Fall.

K: The Fall?

G: The choice for permanent life in the Third Dimension.

K: Why did you accept? Was/Is your Love for us so big?

G: Love does not know limitations. I accepted to take part in an experiment through which, Wisdom would arise. Of course the Wisdom exists already. But is assisted when you experience situations opposing to your/our True Nature.

K: Divinity?

G: Yes.

K: But again, you have accepted so far, so much distortion and suffering. Nevertheless, you accepted to experience the suffering that the Human Race would cause you.

G: I accepted because I knew it won’t be forever. Everything that exist experience change(s). The Human Race experiences these changes for sometime now.

K:  Which changes are you refering to ?

G: Changes of Spiritual Nature which affect your material life.

K: Many people react in fear.

G: Some people are not ready. The ones that are ready, better help their brothers and sisters in any way they can.

K: That happens already.

G: I know. I wish for this situation to be assisted/get improved. Because, although it seems from many people’s perspective, that I have experienced suffering, I assure you that I suffer way more, when YOU suffer for reasons like of  psycic pain, body pain, suffering because of IGNORANCE…that’s why I keep you on the surface, on my body for so many eons. Even now, that little time has been left for our team Ascension, although that my personal Cleansing exists for some time now, I still give you a little more time keeping you on me, so  as much people as possible can have the chance to understand what’s going on. 

K: Indescribable Happiness waits us ahead, right?

G: And much more, my dear child.

K: Thank you for this dialogue Mother Gaia. I Love you and I hope you to forgive us that we have almost erased the most part of your Pristine Beauty.

G: Don’t be sorry. Nothing happens in a situation without the Free Will of the ones who create it. Even if they don’t recognise it. Because we chose to cocreate this situation. And it doesn’t need to forgive you, because I have not judged you…..I Love you my children. I send you, I provide you my undivided Love. Together, we will experience our magnificent destiny.

K: Yes, together. Goodbye for now, dear Mother Gaia.

G: Goodbye my child. Love and Peace to all of you/us.