Konstantinos-A conversation with Iltheos about Inner Earth

Konstantinos: Hi Iltheos. I pressume you are okay.

Iltheos: I am pretty fine. Thank you for asking.

K: Great. Well, my friend Leslee suggested to/inspired me to talk with you about Inner Earth, something which I considered a wonderful idea/inspiration.

I: I consider her idea/inspiration wonderful. You already know some things about these high dimensional cities of Inner Earth. What exactly do you wish us to say about them?

K: Well, actually..what do you have to say about Eden, the Kingdom of Father John, Sangri La…?

I: All these are gracefully atempts of  exploration and search. The quest for clues which are about the Ancient History of Earth, is something I honor a lot.

K: Yes. Having read for some years many sources about this matter, I found it  interesting. They amazed me a lot. Now that I’m thinking of it, I forgot to mention similar cases like El Dorado and the Seven Cities of Cibola…

I: All these are results which, due to rumor and narrations of mythological type, went beyond the characteristics of your Ancient History, which is recorded in the Library of Porthologos. That’s what you were thinking now, right?

K: Yes, right. Since you mentioned it, what do you have to say about Lemurians? What’s your opinion about them as a race?

I: In a few words: They are Wonderful! Of course this doesn’t go only for them.

K: Have you visited them? The City of Telos or Catharia?

I: Both of them. I stand in awe of them. Each race/civilisation of Inner Earth, makes me have feelings of admirance.

K: Then I pressume that you have also met Adama.

I: Of course.

K: He is very tall, right?

I: Compared to me, definitely yes. But Mikos is taller.

K: But they don’t have compare matters between them.

I: Duality characteristics does not exist among the people of Inner Earth.

K: Have you travelled across all the Agartha system?

I: Yes. Their celebrations in which different races gather together, are exquisite. There is a great variety of colours, cultures, appearance features…when you will travel there, you won’t wish to leave soon.

K: Would anyone wish to leave from there?!

I: Even the residents of these cities travel to different places of  Creation. To stay forever in the same place doesn’t serve, generally.

K: I agree…before we end this dialogue, I’d like to make you a question.

I: If I dance in their celebrations?

K: Exactly! Do you dance?! I’m trying to imagine you doing that.

I: Sometimes the Happiness of the celebratory atmosphere, lures me. Sometimes I just stand and observe…like you do.

K: Yes, like I do. Oh, I wish something more, I promise it’s the last thing for today. Can you send me a picture of a location from Inner Earth, so I can make a quick sketch of it?

I: I can. Observe….

K: It’s beautiful. Thank you. (I made the sketch and I took time to colour it later).

I: Don’t mention it.

K: Okay. See you. Goodbye for now.

I: Goodbye my friend. My Love and Light to the entire Earth and her residents…on and under her surface.


Ummmm… Yesterday!

The first thing I heard this morning as I awoke:

“DreamWalker’s Birthday.”

I got excited, and grateful to have remembered!

Then I realized… Oh. Today is the 29th. His birthday was yesterday.

I’m so sorry I missed it, I wish you had reminded, because this was a “big one”, right?

So happy you are here to inspire, guide, and amuse us.

Many you enjoy countless returns of the day!

With love,