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  1. Last night I had a dream that we, from STC, were somehow gathering in a kind of lodge, somewhere in the woods, but that was just a meeting point because we were going over to Steffie’s to help her (I don’t know how or why). I was already at the lodge along with Lisa, Konstantinos and Wes.

    • Oh goodie (-_-)! I’m glad that I was with you guys too. Thank you Suntria for sharing. Thank you all here for sharing your experiences. Much Love.

  2. Last night I had three dreams.

    1st – my youngest daughter and I were standing outside and it seemed like there was news about something approaching Earth from the sky. We were thinking maybe we should run for cover. We looked up to see what it was but we did not see anything. I realized the object was cloaked. I looked again and then I saw an object shaped like the crystal posted as Tauno’s Galactic Light Ship Algiz. This dream reminded me that I also had set the intention to board the Algiz. I used the password “Center, Center, Center.”

    2nd – unfortunately I don’t remember much about the second dream. It had something to do with escaping from something.

    3rd – my youngest daughter, myself and someone else (don’t know who it was but it felt like a younger child) were in a building that we needed to get out of. The building felt like we were being held there against our will. I figured out how to escape and I told my daughter what we were going to do to get out but she said they couldn’t go at that time. I told her I was going to get out and come back for her and the younger person. I told her where to go so that I would be able to get them out. I don’t remember the specific directions about where they should go.

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  4. Good morning, dear friends
    I have been dreaming a lot last night but I cannot remember much, only a small part but the feeling was as I have met many souls and I did a lot of work, the only thing I remember is that I was in a toilet and I was urinating , I looked it up after I woke up this morning …the meaning of urinating is “getting rid of troubles and concerns”, end of the troubles…so I think we are on a right path
    Love and Light

  5. I was studying at my parent’s place, I was younger (grade 12). I was studying for geology, and was studying with a friend (a guy) with black hair, somewhat curly, medium-length hair.

    I showed him the crystal OcaTaWa, and pointed out the cave structure inside it. I mentioned how the cave looked like a real cave.

    As I turned it counter-clockwise a quarter-turn in my hand, the crystal became a miniature civilization, we could see the village buildings, they were still small but the formations in the crystal looked more like buildings.

    Then I turned the crystal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise again, and the city came more into focus…

    Then I turned the crystal 1/4 turn counter-clockwise again, and we could see a civilization, complete with skyscrapers and dome-shaped skylights at the tops of the buildings. The overall color of the civilization was a gray color, like it was on the moon.

    Then I opened up a picture encyclopedia book (similar to what my son has, the book of knowledge), and the book contained a pictorial description of many different galactic civilizations. I opened the book up to the page that showed the particular civilization that OcaTaWa was showing us (it was the same view we saw from OcaTaWa), and the book said that the inhabitants were an insectoid population with wings, they looked similar to the “Genosians” in Star Wars. They were an enlightened and friendly people, not to be feared.

    It was getting late so my friend decided to sleep on the couch.

    That was the end of the dream.

  6. Hi, Everyone, I’ve had two fascinating dreams in the past two nights. Not quite sure what either one means, but here they are in case something resonates:
    DREAM ONE (Friday night): I find myself in one wing in the midst of a HUGE rambling mansion… I’m in a suite where a party is being given, a sort of reunion. I see friends from many aspects of my life there, all coming together. It’s a bit of a mess, with some people cooking hors d’ouevres, someone spilling shoe polish on a carpet, and a lot of chaos in general.
    I want to go find a quiet spot (either my own quarters, or a toilet or closet…?), so I begin to wander around.
    I find myself going down a few steps into a wonderful study/library… Then I see the back of a man with shoulder-length salt-pepper gray hair, in a smoking jacket, leaving the room from the opposite side… He doesn’t see me, but I recognize him, and gasp to myself, “Oh no, I’m not back HERE again!!!”, and I panic, look for a place to hide quickly before he sees me. It’s as if I’ve trespassed into private quarters and would get into big trouble if he found me there.
    As I turn to leave, I run into a woman who seems to be the head housekeeper or manager. She laughs and tells me to relax, because now I BELONG there… My fear was from an earlier dream, when I didnt know anyone and was afraid… Dream fades.

    DREAM TWO (Saturday night): I’m standing in a field waiting to see an aircraft (as instructed last week)… I’m hearing someone tell me telepathically that it’s a new black ops bomber, and I’ve appeared there in order to witness its test flight and report back… Apparently I cannot be seen.
    As I stand there, a large gray ship appears, hovering over the field in front of me. I’m somehow able to move around it and see it from different angles, as if in a movie or a 3D animation. It is wedge-shaped and triangular, but is also bent like an ‘L’, with one leg horizontal and one leg vertical. As I watch, it transforms… It doesn’t morph, it transforms like a Transformer: parts shift and re-configure… It changes from triangular to rhomboid, and then parts start to flip and rotate… It’s silent, and transforms while hovering, stationary.
    What fascinates me is that while at first the image had a sort of fuzzy dream-like quality to it, the longer I watched the ship the more crisp and precise the image became, and it seemed hauntingly real…
    I kept expecting to see it shoot away and begin dropping bombs, but apparently it was a prototype. The test was a success, the ship is almost ready.
    This dream had a quite ominous feel to it.
    (I went to see The Hunger Games today, and these two dreams almost seem like premonitions of the movie…)

    • Hi, Les, the party reminds me the Easter party on ALGIZ, do you think you were on ALGIZ in the first dream, I think so because you mentioned Library – the Lemurian Library ….and is it possible the woman who you saw there as a housekeeper is me?…also, you were looking for a toilet…this is in synchronicity with my short dream memory and the dream of Lisa “Dream flight 21 April: (I did first my 6th Chakra meditation before I went to sleep)In the first dream that I don’t remember ”
      but felt like going to the toilet very badly. ”
      it means that we have overcame some difficulties and concerns….now I think the path is clear
      Love and Light

      • Hi, Dear Tauno!
        I’m realizing that the first dream was on Chimera, and it was either linked to a dream I had many months ago, or perhaps even a past/alternate-life experience… When I have some time I hope to dig into it more deeply…
        The woman was very tall, older, with short blonde-gray hair, so I don’t think it was you… She wasn’t very nice, although she was reassuring me… It felt more like I had fallen into an Illuminati headquarters or something… The people there did not have very clear energy…
        Lisa, as far as the bomber dream… I’ve been working lately on tasks in my dreams, being given instructions & explanations (which I can’t usually remember!), so I really wonder if that dream might be some sort of sneak peek or premonition… I remembered later that the ominous feeling dissipated by the end of the dream…
        Curiouser and curiouser… 😉

        • As this is the case i see the connection with Vee`s dream of the two women in her home 🙂
          How are you, dear Les, I hope you feel better now, I think of you, my friend

  7. Hello everybody I have missed you all so very much. I arrived back in Houston late this evening and I am very anxious to share my dream and vision with you all. I haven’t read your dreams yet but I will once I’m finished posting mine.

    The following is a dream that I had on April 21st. in the early morning hours. I had this dream in three parts.
    I’m in a house in the bathroom off from the master bedroom combing my hair or putting on make-up; I’m not sure. From the bathroom, I could see the French doors to the bedroom and a woman walked in. She was wearing glasses and she was tall. I grabbed a stick or a pipe, I was frightened. I was yelling at her, telling her to get out and asking her who she was and how did she get in. The woman just disappeared. Then I heard a noise so I walked through the house to investigate. I saw another woman with wavy black hear pulled back into a low ponytail and she was short in height. I was agitated and confused as to whom these people were coming into my house and I did not understand how they got in. The woman began to talk to me telepathically. She told me that what I was taught was a lie. Things taught to me about Jesus were a lie and other things were a lie. Something didn’t feel right to me about this woman and I began to think maybe she was a negative entity trying to trick me. I called on Jesus to protect me. I asked her who she was, what she wanted and how did she get in. I was scared and I was still holding the stick/pipe. She did not tell me who she was but she was trying to calm me and she told me I would have to make a choice soon.

    Next, we seemed to be in an office or store. The woman caused everything to stop/freeze; she wanted to show me that the man behind the counter wasn’t what he appeared to be. The man went down to the floor and he began to crawl and he had a strange grin on his face.
    Next, I was standing outside a house with this woman and again she made everything stop/freeze, no motion. She showed me snow on the ground in the front yard of where we were standing but to the right of us it was sunny. I saw beautiful green trees, and flowers blooming, it felt like spring. I realized she wanted me to know that I can create whatever I want.

    Next we’re walking down a long corridor in a building towards an opening. She was taking me to meet the being that wanted me to know these things. When we reached the opening I saw a being that had the head of an eagle or some other kind of bird and the body was that of a man’s! He was ripped. : )
    The dream ended.

    I feel the woman wanted me to know that I am living in an illusion but that I can also create my reality. She said soon I would have to make a choice. I think it has something to do with my ascension. Then when I saw the half man/half bird, I recognized it from Egyptian Hieroglyphs but I did not remember the name. I looked it up and the being that I saw was the Egyptian God Horus! I’ve had some powerful dreams but this one tops all so far!

    Wait there’s more, later that night after returning from my aunt’s services, I was resting and I had a vision of the inside of a pyramid and there was one guard standing in front of a very huge, pillar to an opening. It seemed dusty inside the pyramid. The man was wearing a white wrap that covered him from the waist down with nothing on from the waist up. His complexion was dark, like a beautiful tan. He was holding, what looked like a long stick with a pointed spear. Then I saw anther guard dressed the same and carrying a spear, come out of an opening and he stood in front of the pillar on the opposite side from the first guard that I saw. Then the vision faded. Oh, I forgot, I had another vision after this one. I saw Hieroglyphs along the top of a wall inside a room.

    My feeling about the pyramid is the royal family lived there. I also think this is a confirmation for me about a past life that I was told I had in Egypt. I have never seen anything about that lifetime but I recently asked to be shown something from that lifetime so that I would know if it is true that I had a past life there. I am so very excited and I hope to learn more about that lifetime.

    Love, light and laughter

    • Wow a very powerful dream, Vee. 🙂

      Horus has the head of a hawk. Also can be symbolism of prophets and prophecy, although the symbolism to you of course is personal to you. The egyptian royal family was seen as a representative of Horus on Earth, and Horus was the symbol of the spirit of the king. You can see how this might tie in to connection with “higher self”. 🙂

      Anubis told me I was Horus, although I understand this to be a more symbolic connection in a similar way to your dream, rather than being “me” personally. In a similar way to saying “I am Troy Davis”, we are all connected. Still, it’s very cool to discover this common thread…

      There is also a strong connection between “Jesus” and “Horus” (some would argue, a template) so there is further dot-connecting with this particular energy.

      • Troy, yes I understand what you are saying and thank you for the information!
        I also think about some of your dreams where you saw the eye of Horus.

        Lisa I agree there are some synchronizations with you and Tauno’s dreams. I read those dreams and I thought the same thing about the snow and spring. Reading your dream about the walls being blank like a canvas seems to tie in with my dream that we create what we want. You began to create symbols and paintings on the floor, beautiful.

        Tauno I do like the idea of meditating using the crystal. I plan to get back to using the crystal and amethyst to meditate as I feel I have now gotten my balance back.

        It warms my heart to be able to learn and communicate with all of you.

        Love, light and laughter

        • Vee, I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling like you’re getting your balance back!
          Seeing this image of Horus, I’m struck: my animal spirit guide is a hawk! Cool!
          3xL, all! Leslee

        • Dear Vee, I can tell you more things about crystal meditation if you have any questions…I am happy to be with all of you here , too

          • Yes dear sister, I would like to know more about crystal meditation. I will gather my thoughts and send questions to your email. Thank you.

            • Dear Vee, the crystal I see that will suit best your situation is Smoky Quartz..it will help to heal the pain from the physical loss of your sister and to protect your aura and also to clean your past…
              I am looking forward to reading your questions

  8. Wow, we had some powerful dreams together. It seems that we are getting more prepared for what is coming. Vee I see some synchronizations with my and Tauno’s dream. The parts were you see snow on the ground and green trees like it is spring on the other side. Tauno had a dream about Snowy Mountain and was sitting in a green pine tree forest and I was seeing an Island half snow, half tropical green surroundings. And what a powerful visions you had too. I am glad you got confirmation about Egypt…super awesome

    Troy your dream sounds amazing that you could see a civilization inside the cave of OcaTaWa. What a revelation dream. Leslee you had also some powerful dreams especially with the test of the bomber ship. How did the dream feel to you?

    It is so amazing my dear friends to read all this and know that we are definitely on the right path and growing faster now.

    I to have to share a dream I had from Friday onto Saturday and my dream flight.

    Friday/Saturday dream: I was in my living room watching TV with my husband some family footage. Then I was in the kitchen making some food and then I got a message through (I don’t remember much because my daughter woke me up to quickly) The only thing I remember is that our ships need a little bit of re-enforcement with energy and also with the “I AM” presence. So last night I sent some energy to the ships and re-enforced Blaze with my “I AM” presence.

    Then later I was in a kind of space lab communicating with someone or something (is not clear) and the man next to me wanted to hack into my device but I gave him the wrong password. Then I was sitting in a moving vehicle and looking at the stars and noticed that there was something strange, the stars were not on their usual place, like something shifted. Then the lady that was sitting next to me said: yes, you are right…the planet shifted again on her axis. (don’t remember much about the dream because again my oldest daughter woke me up rudely out of my sleep).

    Dream flight 21 April: (I did first my 6th Chakra meditation before I went to sleep)In the first dream that I don’t remember but felt like going to the toilet very badly. The second dream I sat in a bus with other people and we were on or way to protest against all the things that were wrong (sort of occupy movement) Then we are standing half way Sandton Drive (is next to the financial district and also close to my work) blocking the way for everybody. There was police and they were hurting people, so I decided, because I organized the protest, to go to the front and stand in front of the people trying to protect them. I don’t remember being beaten but I ended up in hospital being hurt very badly. Then the doctors are examining me but they are not friendly with me. They did some very embarrassing tests that was not necessary because my injury was of a different nature. So even though I was badly injured I got up, saying enough and walked home in a hospital gown. The way home looked like I was in a sort of game and there were cupcakes leading up to my door and you had to eat them in order to get to the next level. I arrived at my door, it has the color blue green ( Blaze?). (my house looked like the houses in the movie: The Grinch who stole Christmas). And I say my password “Home” but it didn’t recognize it. My friend says maybe because you are speaking without an accent, try with an accent. So I tried and it worked. When I got in my house was a mess, everything was hanging from the wall and everything looks broken. So I decided to throw everything out and begin anew. Even my walls were white, like a blank canvas. I couldn’t even see were the floor and the upright wall met. I almost got a floating feeling (Maybe I was in the creation rooms of Blaze). Before I started to create a new home, I began to meditate and it felt like I was going out of body because I saw myself meditating, but I looked like the goddess Kali. Then it was back and I started to create symbols and a beautiful painting on the floor and then I got up and was busy preparing 3 huge painting on the wall, very difficult paintings. One looked like the Ascension painting of Jesus. I felt so inspired and so spiritual I was a bit sad when I woke up.

    (Kali Yantra

    The Goddess Kali Ma is the supreme feminine manifestation of compassion as she frees us from the prison of our own ego.

    The name Kali derives from the Sanskrit root word Kal meaning time. Nothing escapes from time.

    Out of all the Devi forms, Kali is the most compassionate because She provides moksha or liberation to Her children. She is the counterpart of Shiva. They are the destroyers of unreality. When the ego sees Mother Kali it trembles with fear because the ego sees in Her its own eventual demise. An individual who is attached to his/her ego will not be able to receive the vision of Mother Kali and She will appear in a fear invoking or “wrathful” form. A mature soul who engages in spiritual practice to remove the illusion of the ego sees Mother Kali as very sweet, affectionate, and overflowing with incomprehensible love for Her children.

    It is partially accurate to say the Goddess Kali Ma is a goddess of death. However, She brings the death of the ego as the delusional self-centered view of reality. Nowhere in the scriptures is She seen killing anything but demons nor is She associated exclusively with the process of human dying. Both Goddess Kali Ma and Shiva are said to inhabit cremation grounds. The purpose is not to glorify death but to overcome the I-am-the-body concept. The cremation grounds reinforce the idea that the body is a temporary. Kali and Shiva are said to dwell in these places because it is our attachment to the body that gives rise to the ego. Kali and Shiva give liberation by dissolving the illusion of the ego. Thus we are the ever-existing I AM and not the impermanent body.

    Ma Kali wears a garland made of 52 skulls and a skirt made of dismembered arms because the ego comes out of identification with the body. In two of Her hands, She holds a sword and a freshly severed head that is dripping blood. This represents a great battle in which she defeated the demon Raktabija. Her black (or sometimes dark blue) skin represents the womb of the unmanifest from which all of creation is born and into which all of creation will eventually return. )

    The last dream: I was a boss of my media company and I had to go away for a bit so I left someone in charge of my business. I took out of my sheep clothes to do some errands. When I come back, I put on my sheep suit on again and when I walk into the room, I see someone sitting on the table having lunch and everything was changed. I got angry at the man who was having his lunch and demanded an explanation. He said, he didn’t know anything only that the guy I had put in charge sold my business. I look at the computer screens and I see patterns that all leads to my conclusion that it was sold to a big public media business controlled by Illuminati. So I said, let’s pay this guy who sold my business a visit. Then we all get up and suddenly everyone was kind of relieved, happy and we went down the stairs. On the main floor I get really happy and I started to dance in the kitchen, very happy. End of dream.

    • Cross reference to my own dream of Kali.


      Also, the civilization was actually revealed while looking at the surface of the crystal, as I turned it in my hand. The “cave” was the first part, maybe something of an attunement before moving on to other parts of the exercise… “grounding” in 3D, perhaps. This is similar to looking at the surface of water as an aid to meditation (and I think other “prophets” have used the water technique as an aid to scrying). I never thought of using a crystal to meditate in this way, but it makes sense to me!

      • My connection with OcaTAwa was in meditation, dear Troy, I entered the cave and had a vision of the Native American woman and the owl…I think this cave is a portal to other worlds, civilizations and time lines….
        And about your newly discovered manner of crystal meditation, yes, you are on target, brother 🙂
        I prefer meditating that way….when I stare into the crystal, my consciousness enters into the crystal, I connect via eye contact, the energy is so strong at times and then i have visions, just try to keep your focus on the crystal as long as you can and the Spirit will show you amazing things
        Love and Light

    • Lisa what amazing dreams, they are always filled with such symbolism. In one of your dreams you stood up for what you believed in and then when you made it home you began to create. It seems to be a similar message as in my dream where I was shown that I can create my reality. I appreciate the description of Kali Ma, is it Buddhism? I am being drawn to Buddhism and I want to purchase a painting of Budda for my home.

      • Hi, Vee! Kali is Hindu… She’s magnificent! There are several Buddhas who have similar appearance and characteristics… I bet if you did a Google Image search of Kali, Kali Mar, and Wrathful Buddhist Deities, you’d get plenty to check and see which resonates with you… 🙂 3xL, leslee

  9. Hi, Everyone, here’s a dream I had last night:

    I’m told this dream is a premonition of how people will be protected from upheaval in Gaia’s outer crust.

    I appear into the dream to find myself in a “future” earth-surface city… I believe it’s New Orleans. Everyone has been evacuated/relocated, and I am “walking” the streets and checking to make sure no one was left behind.

    It’s a very poignant experience, because apparently the city was in the midst of preparing for a festival… Perhaps Mardi Gras, perhaps not… There are decorations everywhere…

    I find myself in a fashion/arts & crafts district, and am touched by all the energy I feel that’s been left by artists whose work is still on display. In particular, I come upon the boutique of a fashion designer, with windows full of exuberant, creative, colorful, playful dresses and costumes. The joy of the pieces makes me smile, and I hope that the artist is at peace with having to leave her work behind.

    I continue down the street to a city park, which has a school nearby… The park has many decorations also, and parts of parade floats sitting here and there. Under a carved stone archway I meet a small boy, who’s playing with a wagon made like a small train, pulling cars. I ask him if all is clear in his area, and he says yes.

    We turn and look around one last time, and the dream fades.

    • Thank you for sharing this dream, Leslee – for some reason this also reminds me of a very blissful dream I had where I was meditating near a pool at a temple complex. Everything was so peaceful. The way you described it, for some reason it felt the same way. Everything is peaceful, yet at the same time for you there is creative energy and celebration.

      I feel it is indeed possible to have all these energies co-exist in the same space in harmony rather than chaos (but of course there are “chaotic” elements). Perhaps there was no chaos because of the absence of other people! 😉

      This is a slightly different “take” on your dream… it’s just what occurred to me as I was reading it. It is significant that the boy was playing with a train! Maybe if you had looked closer at the train, you would have seen me waving from the window… :mrgreen:

    • Les, thank you for sharing your dream. There is a school across the street from City Park located on Esplanade Avenue. You’re blowing my mind! During Mardi Gras, there are parade floats that begins from City Park and make their way to Canal Street, they are called “truck floats.” Also, there are a few stone archways in the park. Amazing! I am happy to read that everyone was evacuated. Back in the 80s I had the following dream that I have always felt is a premonition and it haunts me.

      Everyone is outside running through the streets and screaming. It is in the middle of the day but it is very dark outside like night time. People are running from something horrible that is coming. I’m running with some of my nieces and nephews and I’m trying to keep them all together with me but some of them fall behind. I could not stop for them, I’m crying and I continue to run with those that I can help. Suddenly we end up where the street no longer run, a dead-end. There are a group (100 or so) of people standing under the bridge with us and we have no where to go. The piece of ground that we are standing on begins to rise up like an elevator moving very fast, towards in the sky, past the clouds and then it stops. When this piece of Earth stops, we are on another planet. Everyone began to step off the area where we were standing and go in different directions exploring this new place. This planet looked misty and undeveloped. We all had to start over and create our new lives on this planet. I have never forgotten this dream and I have prayed that it would not come to pass.

      • Wow, Vee, that’s creepy-amazing! I’ve only been to NOLA once, and kept hesitating, but the Buddhas kept telling me my memory was correct!
        I used to have a lot of cataclysmic dreams to, and some were in Telos (I see that now…)… But in each of them, many people miraculously survived, unscathed. I feel these are potentials, and our intentions can powerfully divert the outcome… In fact, maybe that’s why we have them, so we’ll be inspired to generate the energy to prevent the outcome we dreamed about! Thanks for confirming the NOLA connection! May everyone be happy.

  10. HI Leslee interesting dream: Mardi Gras is held in February, but the end april, begin may you have the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival which includes fairway marketplaces with indigenous handcrafts and cultural exhibits. And it is called the Mardi Gras of music festivals.

    Anyway I have faith that all go well.

    Love and light

  11. Well, everyone I had a dream last night that wasn’t so nice. I went to a building to pick-up my infant child when suddenly people are screaming. I looked up to the sky and could see space craft. I saw one very large one that seemed to cover the entire area where we were. Then there were alien beings attacking us. I’m running around searching for my infant and watching all of the chaos unfolding before my eyes. The dream ended.

    With regards to my dream about Horus, I’m thinking about what the lady with the black hair said to me “soon you will have to make a choice.” I’m thinking it may be something relating to ascension or an invitation of some sort. It’s bothering me and I don’t know why.

    • So this is a little creepy I guess, but remember that these are mostly tests by our guides to see how we react.

      Check out this thread on ATS.


      What grabbed my attention was that the description of the gray winged aliens is very similar to the gray winged aliens from my dream Saturday night… and Vee you also dreamed of an alien attack. Seems like an interesting connection.

      The description from my dream said these guys are friendly though. I at least appreciate the chance to be introduced to a very different race of beings… And the opportunity to see their civilization first-hand.

      • Wait! Gray winged aliens? Oh, that’s right, I need to re-read your dream, DW! Damn, where DOES the time go! Sunday or Saturday morning, I had a vision of a gray-green alien… head & shoulders only, didn’t see any wings, but had antennae. He told me he was re-wiring my circuitry, and I saw little rainbow-colored Purkinje thingies, and felt very peaceful and at ease even though I could tell something was going on… It was not a dream, tho… Only lasted a few seconds….
        He also told me that he’s one of the beings that’s been talking thru Ghost Radar… All is well, continuing to ramp things up. He was not the most attractive fellow, so now I understand why Teo’Na wouldn’t show me any images of them earlier. I’m kind of amazed I wasn’t freaked out!
        On that note, energy seems to be shifting towards working on that GR glossary some more… Will forward to you when there’s an update ready!
        Ok, past my bedtime now – good night, dear fellow riders! ;mrgreen;

  12. Geonosian from Star Wars

    (just for reference)

    I was also guided to the name “Xenosian”, providing the following description.


    Xenosians tend to be distant and somewhat oblivious, except when amongst one another. They are terrifyingly patient and methodical: the level of obsession a typical xenosian displays can unnerve even the most stubborn of dwarves. Xenosians are aware that others see them as odd, and have become quite skilled at concealing their true nature from others, though their empathy for others often leaves much to be desired. Xenosians are natural wizards, and it is a rare individual who does not study the arcane to some degree or another.

    Physical Description

    Superficially, most xenosians look much like their human ancestors, at least until they reveal their otherworldly nature. In human form, they tend to have pale or dusky skin, with black, brown, or white hair. When they shift into their alternate form, their skin is usually a gray or blue-gray color. The eyes of a xenosian are perhaps the best indication of their unnatural heritage; their eyes are completely black, without whites, iris, or pupil. It is said that to look into the eyes of a xenosian is to look into the universal void itself.



    • ~Their Heads Remind me of the Big Crystal in the Video iPosted,Moons Ago…OtherWorldly Beings = OtherWorldly Physical Features~

      • Ah, yes, I see it now!

        I am reflecting that perhaps what I saw in my dream was not necessarily insectoid but reptillian or drake, perhaps. I think the drakes are winged… not sure if they have antenna (do they have horns?)…

        I can see how fear might be created against these beings through the Christian belief system. Demonic = evil = fear. If they started attacking us, that would be a reason to fear them I guess… but until that time, “fear” is just “ego”. Hey, they have to put on their pants in the morning just like everyone else! Or, um, whatever passes as pants… :mrgreen:

        • ~Interesting/Fascinating Times,eh,Troy!…as per the lastest Beckow Talk with Ashtar, HumanKind’s Essential Stepping Away from fear and Stepping Onto the PlatForm of Heart-Centered Acceptance of All Beings… 🙂 :mrgreen: 😀 ~

  13. Next dream from Tuesday night 4/24/12 – after saying the password “center spiral wings void” I saw the crystal OcaTaWa in my dream.

    Then I was wearing a safari outfit, and going out on an expedition.

    The expedition was a strange one. It was sort of like a video game where you create a habitat, and locate animals within the habitat. I was looking at a high, green hill, overlooking a river valley. There was a mountain behind it, and a trail winding down to the valley below. Snow on the mountaintop. I was looking at it from the top down, like in a simulation video game. There were 6 creatures there, similar to tauntons from star wars, standing on the hill. And I remember holding in my game-hands (which were like huge god-hands) a yeti creature. I could feel the warmth of its body as I held it. I was thinking to myself, these tauntons are the dumbest creatures in the galaxy! Look, I can put this yeti right down in the middle of them, and they’ll be decimated. They won’t even notice he’s there!

    That was the end of the dream.

    Image source:

    • Dear Troy
      I also had a dream about mountain peak with snow at the top, half of the Snowy Mountain was in show and the other part – green pine tree forests,
      Your dream is amazing, where were you ? I think of another planet or Telos…

        • I do not remember dreams since last Friday , this dream was before Friday…and i was there with a native young woman and we were talking …I was looking towards the Snowy Mountain…. 🙂

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  16. Good morning , dear friends
    I cannot remember much from my last dream but I have a feeling that I was connected with Ashtar Command again in dream time and was given instructions. This was the first part of my dream
    The second was this one
    I was buying a shampoo from a small kiosk and I was looking up in a catalogue with different kind of shampoos with the following ingredients
    African desert snake????????? – I saw the pictures in the catalogue and the snake there, it was brown/golden with a black spikes on its skin, there were cactuses there and a tree without leaves on which the snake was crawling
    The seller was a woman of middle age and I saw how she was taking he bills from the customers and storing them in a cardboard box near her, in front of her were glasses , the glasses were set in rows

    This is my dream for this Saturday night

  17. Public School, Incorporated (A Dream)
    I was at a thrift store shopping for school t-shirts with my two sons. We were looking for blue Cougars t-shirts (the cougar was the school mascot), and I found two that fit them.

    We went to the local high school, and they were showing a film that was a corporate-backed film on child safety. After the film I went to the school office, and the board of directors for the school was standing behind the partition. I was yelling at them for “selling out” and they were all huddled together and terrified of me. They were old men and women wearing gray and black suits. I said to them “show a bit of humor, for God’s sake!” That was the end of the dream.

        • Yes, indeed…it seems this place is somehow significant, thank you, dear Troy
          I did not exchange money, I saw money in a cardboard box…And the girl from the cataloge is a good friend of mine who also takes part in our flights but do not have time to be here because she manages many blogs and is preoccupied with Light work…I Love her very much

  18. Hi, Everyone! I didn’t really have any dreams I could remember last night, although I know that I dreamed a lot… I did have an interesting one Friday night, though, that partly took place in the same mansion that I dreamed about on April 20… I posted it here on my dreams page: http://wp.me/P1SOpJ-aU (I’m working right now on the Ghost Radar stuff and Vlad’s Inner Earth questions… I look forward to catching up with everyone soon) 😀
    Lots of love and light to you all!

  19. Hi Spirit Train Riders,

    I hope you all got a good weekend. Unfortunately last Friday, today and tomorrow, they are all holidays, but I have to work(ed) all of them. I got an update of three dreams, but I put the dreams from Friday and yesterday on my page (will post them later, still writing them)

    My dream flight was a bit of a mess, because I fell asleep before I could state my intention to join the dream party. After my first dream I woke feeling a very strong feeling that someone or something didn’t want me there. But it dissipated and then I remember that I forgot my intention so I did my dream flight intention to be with you.

    I just want to tell you that the dreams I had were very intense, so I just tell the mainlines, because some details I find to private to tell.

    First I was attacked by a Tiger (funny my Chinese star sign is Tiger) and he hurts my arms and legs very badly. And I end up in Hospital

    Then I am in prison, sitting outside and it is cold and raining. There is something going on there on stage, all politicians.

    Then I am on the market buying food for the party in the prison and I invite people to come with me. Back in some inmates hold my by my feet upside down from a two story balcony and then let me fall. I got hurt.

    Then someone tries to rape me, but I strangle them unconsciousness first.

    That was my dream flight dream. The synchronicity that I am seeing is shopping

    • ~Omg!…What a Rough Time in DreamScape,Lisa…I Think Ya Need BodyGuards to Protect You in Ur DreamFlight!…You Are a Very Strong Person,Lisa…Much Regards~

    • Hi, dear Lisa, yes, you were shopping too 🙂 I also see a connection with the party from Leslee`s dream 🙂 I miss you both, my dear sisters!

    • Similar to how there is no such thing as bad advertising, I believe there is no such thing as a bad dream. I’m sorry you had these bad experiences Lisa but they actually sound like you are very powerful in them. There is a very strong character here, someone who stands her ground and lives despite the odds against her. I am honored to know someone with these qualities.

    • Wow, Lisa! I agree with Babajij about the bodyguards! Maybe we need to work up some armour and weapons for you! Maybe if you visualize yourself holding a crystal sword as you state your intention… Sending you love and light! 🙂

    • Goodmorning everybody 😀
      Thanks Troy, Leslee and Vee for your sweet words. When I read them last night on my phone I had to cry and it felt good to be loved like that and that you all believe in me (even though I have sometimes a hard time to believe that I am a strong person, especially if my husband is doubting me that I know anything about raising kids, because of my constant pains) Anyway….maybe I should try that crystal sword 😀

      Love and light to you all

  20. I also wanted to mention, on Saturday night just before falling asleep, I heard someone yelling my name in my left ear. “TROY!!!! TROY!!!” like that. It was a strange experience, it was very close to being audible. The voice sounded urgent, like the person needed my help. I hope that whoever it was, I was able to help in some capacity…

  21. When I closed my eyes before prayer and expressing the intent to fly with GLS ALGIZ on Saturday night I had got a vision – Angels, many beautiful Angels were coming and holding OLA, everything around was in LIGHT , I think that Heaven came down to us and was celebrating the moment 🙂 It was a very beautiful and inspiring vision
    Love and Light

      • WOW, you helped me to connect the clues, dear Troy! It seems that we are going out of the Marix !!!! into Reality and we have extremely powerful Guardians! Thank you, Angels and Thank you,my friend Troy! L&L

        • Haha awesome!

          It’s too bad the “reality” in that movie was so dark and gloomy, in fact for us it’s exactly the other way around: the “matrix” is pretty dark and gloomy, it’s “reality” that’s pretty amazing. I can say this with certainty because many of us have been there now. We’ve just gotten so used to the matrix, for us it is “normal”.

          I think it is a pretty great gift to be able to see just over the horizon… ♥

          • The reality in the movie was dark and gloomy because the people were sleeping, just like us, when coming out of this matrix they start to see the dark entities who create their reality and in turn people can state that they are taking over ….We Are taking Over, Troy, lets Create our New reality as we want it to be out of this darkness, we have removed the chains on unawareness and slumber because we do not need duality any more, duality has played its role
            And this is my greeting to all sleeping people! WAKE UP!

  22. Hello everybody!

    checking in. I need to catch up on reading the posts.

    Love, light and laughter

  23. (Leslee’s dream April 17, 2012 – I originally posted this on the main Astral Travels page…)
    Hi, everybody! I had an interesting dream this morning (April 17, 2012) that I think might have involved one of our new fellow-travelers here on STC…
    I had a funny dream, that I could float around at will… I was helping a friend work on a building that was like the kind of tool shed that farmers park their tractors under, but it was as large as an aircraft hanger and made of cream-colored metal.
    The friend was a blond man, probably in his 30′s or early 40′s, and he had a son who looked a lot like him, who was about 8-10 years old.
    I’m told we were on GLS Chimera, in an area that had been built to look like our home world; it didn’t feel like Inner Earth or a galactic ship… It felt more like upstate NY or CT…
    There was also nearby a large white frame house, like a farmhouse; square and 2-3 stories tall. All of the windows were covered in the outside with flags that looked like silk paintings… One was a very faded portrait of Einstein.
    It was a very earthy-feeling dream… I was laughing because I wasn’t accustomed to flying underneath something like the big shed, and I kept bumping things above, so I turned over to fly on my back…
    There was also some work we were doing on a radio tower/windmill near the shed. We were laughing and joking and horsing around, having fun. I think I may have appeared as a man in the dream… We were also using a lot of profanity, in a joking way…
    Sound familiar to anyone?
    Y’all have a great day! Lots of love to all…

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