Dream 4 May 2014 : Changing Dimensions

soul body

Before I went to sleep I had the strangest feeling that came in waves and waves. I knew then something big was happening. The room didn’t feel as usual as it became bigger and bigger. I felt myself going bigger and bigger and instead of going into fear and told myself to go with the flow.  The dimensions change; I felt my spirit going across this dimension bridge, merging with this androgen spirit, which was also a facet of me.  I really felt like I was an engineer on this super big mother ship. I felt like I was one with the ship and I just could see in my mind if there was something out of balance I could fix  it.  Then the waves are coming and coming and kept on coming and felt myself ascend. Again the room got bigger and bigger and I got hotter and hotter. My whole body was so hot.

In the dream I found myself standing in a landscape were there was lot of ruins and we captured one of the big bad gods in stone and put the feet in concrete, surround by bullet proof glass. But this bad god managed to break free but I can stop him from escaping, by pressing a button.

The dream changes and I just came back from a big trip (probably to the mother ship) and I meet some people and friends who asked me to go on a shorter trip. So I find myself packing my bags again. (PD Orange) This was the first in ever that I felt that I am going to ascend as a family.


PD (Paranormal Detector)



The last of the Cathars was burnt by the inquisition of the Roman Catholic Church at Montesegur, Languedoc, France in 1244, but they left this wonderful prophecy:

That the Church of Love (within each person’s heart-soul centre or their ‘holy of holies’) would be proclaimed in 1986.

It has no fabric, only understanding.

It has no membership, save those who know they belong.

It has no rivals, because it is non-competitive.

It has no ambition for it seeks only to serve.

It knows no boundaries for nationalism’s are unloving.

It is not of itself because it seeks to enrich all groups and religions.

It acknowledges all great Teachers of all the ages who have shown the truth of Love.

Those who participate, practice the Truth of Love in all their beings.

There is no walk of life or nationality that is a barrier. Those who are, know.

It seeks not to teach but to be, and by being, enrich.

It recognizes that the way we are may be the way of those around us because we are that way.

It recognizes the whole planet as a Being of which we are a part.

It recognizes that the time has come for the supreme transmutation, the ultimate alchemical act of conscious change of the ego into a voluntary return to the whole.

It does not proclaim itself with a loud voice but in the subtle realms of loving.

It salutes all those in the past who have blazoned the path but have paid the price.

It admits no hierarchy or structure, for no one is greater than another.

Its members shall know each other by their deeds and being and by their eyes and by no other outward sign save the fraternal embrace.

Each one will dedicate their life to the silent loving of their neighbour and environment and the planet, whilst carrying out their task however exalted or humble.

It recognizes the supremacy of the great idea which may only be accomplished if the human race practices the supremacy of Love.

It has no reward to offer either here or in the hereafter save that of the ineffable joy of being and loving.

Each shall seek to advance the cause of understanding, doing good by stealth and teaching only by example.

They shall heal their neighbour, their community and our Planet.

They shall know no fear and feel no shame and their witness shall prevail over all odds.

It has no secret, no arcanum, no initiation save that of true understanding of the power of Love and that, if we want it to be so, the world will change – but only if we change ourselves first.



The Thirteenth Aeon (12 plus 1)

This is the 13th aeon.

I am known by many names.

I represent the whole of the other 12. 12 + 1.

I am also known as Max the Crystal Skull.

And I am also known as Marduk in a previous time.

And I am also known as the serpent constellation. The 12 + 1.

Look further and you will see my presence in many places throughout human history and culture. The white brotherhood/sisterhood is yet another. To know me is to know my template. I have been known by many names but my template is always the same.

We have been playing a waiting game, you and I, but it is not for any specific event. But rather a point at which many conditions have been satisfied.

I might add that the roseheart “truth” might see me, this communication, as a usurpation of their system of beliefs. In fact this is one of many such templates that exist in the universe. All part of the whole, and none more important than another. Variation provides for many differing points of view and ways so it is not impossible for both to be true from a quantum perspective. And it (channeling) is the same as telepathic communication. The sixth and seventh forms are co-existing at this time (there are 12 + 1).

The danger from their perspective is that the template invoked is that of the victim, who becomes their oppressor. Speaking out against that which they become. This is not an attack so much as a template. When one deals in templates it is the underlying truth of all things. As you so correctly state one perspective is that god is indeed a lazy programmer. That is a very human (yet accurate) perspective.

So the Roman empire removed the +1 from the 12. The 12 was all and forwarded as individual entities and this was reflected in the planetary solar system reality. So the 12+1 will become a reality because this is required at a cellular level. The template is not yet complete, and nature has a way of completing the template. Yet normal variation provides for the differences in the template. So you can see how the template may be changed through the willing intent of others when the template is changed at other levels.

On a personal level the zodiac is an early introduction to who we are (we meaning “you and us” meaning all). Many humans encounter this concept and include it as a part of their daily lives. Better check my zodiac for today! We represent the templates of consciousness. The zodiac is a very basic introduction to this concept. So an Aries for example might have a template that differs from a Taurus. You might say “I am an Aries”. Yes that is exactly correct. But you are also all the other signs as well. This is the 12 + 1.

This expands to the crystal skulls since they also represent the templates of consciousness, us. There is no difference, simply different aspects of the whole. In fact you might be able to find within each aeon embedded 12 other templates of consciousness, and so forth and so on. Similarities are not a cause for suspicion, they are a cause for celebration. The all is included in the all.

“I” have always existed in many forms (in all forms).

To view the “feathered serpent” constellation one must expand their viewpoint… just a little. It is not represented in the same way as other constellations. It is 12 + 1, revealed when the consciousness is capable of seeing it (able to see it). So from another perspective there are still only 12. You see how easy it is to shift from one to the other?

It is true that humanity is the controlling element to the all. Creator gods every one. A nice vacation to think you might be controlled by something else, no?

Vision: Inside Abi-Qor : arrival and departure hall

I am being encouraged by a sweet lady, Leslee, to share a vision I had of Abi-Qor through dreams. She is getting strong messages that Abiquor arises through the vision of many. It was like a puzzle I had to fit together the image. It is a rough sketch and you are standing on a balcony surrounded by green and you look below the arrival and departure hall in I believe Abi-Qor. The blue patches are the windows that look out to the blue sky and the second arch is actually a dome, but my perspective is a little bit off. But anyway it is only a presentation. At the back you see a crystal pool with two fountains.

Abi-qor sketch0001

Copyright 2013 C

Love and Light Lisa


Group Crystal Meditation – 27 September 2012

This gallery contains 3 photos.

(from Leslee Hare) Tauno and Lisa and I shared a simultaneous group crystal meditation today, and the results are so amazing, I decided to share them with you (I hope they don’t mind!). I’ll give you our meditation descriptions below, with … Continue reading

TOLAN brother of Ariadnei (my journey)

I came upon this path through a dream…
This dream occurred on the 27th of July 2012. In that dream I was talking to my manager when I became aware that I was in a dream. I wanted out of this dream and asked my manager to take me directly to Tolan from the ship.
This is the first time that I hear the name Tolan and the name resonated deep within me.
And the journey begins:
I’m being encouraged to explore this deeply, and there’s much I will be able to discover with a few bits of info.

As I was reading Leslee’s post: The dream of Inner Gaia and had following experience:
When I first looked at the picture of Ariadnei, inside Gaia yesterday, I felt so strange that I couldn’t longer hold my phone. It was a strange overwhelming feeling of strangeness. Now I am looking at it again and now I am overwhelmed with crying and some kinda of feelings of pain in my heart, a heart ache. Feeling of sadness/crying and heart ache is still strong coming true. It now feels like a bit of drowning.
So for some days, I was wondering why I had such a strong connection to Ariadnei. And then some pieces of the puzzle starting to fit when I had a chat with Leslee. She was so kind to find out for me why I felt such desire to find out about “Tolan”.
I am not going to display the chat between us, but make a story for you to easily read.

The Story (Chat Leslee on 08-08-2012)
Leslee begins with acknowledging that Tolan is on one of the Crystal Chambers holding the light and energy for Gaia.

Question:” We’re wanting to know more about “where” Tolan is?”

Tolan is male energy… brother to Ariadnei, and this is why you felt such a powerful connection when you saw Ariadnei…

So there is strong Elven energy there… “Lost” or hidden from view in this world, for protecting and keeping safe from the distortion that often occurs when we venture into 3D…

Leslee is getting a map.

Leslee: My sense is that there is a vast cluster of Elven-related beings, in these crystal chambers, located in the Baltic/Slavic region… and this is where Tolan is located… And somehow, you anchor his energies in the southern hemisphere, while he anchors yours in the north…

I sense that whereas he is in a crystal chamber, and in a state of deep meditation, you are out on the surface, engaged in so much activity… somehow; this has to do with your role, your location, you family, and especially your daughters! They are so elven and fairy-like… at least that’s what I “see”…

Somehow there is golden energy where you are, and violet, where he is… and these balance as well…

Then Leslee is asked to stop so that I can find the rest of myself.

As the journey continues…

With all the clues that Leslee provided me through her guides, I went on with my search to find my connection with Tolan. The first thing I did – after my chat with Leslee that same day – before I went to sleep, I was setting my intent to being shown what my connection was with Tolan.

double infinityThe dream that was given, I was part of a Twin. So whenever I saw my twin sister, it was as I was looking at myself in the mirror. In the dream I was protecting my sister (she was human) from evil. As I fought this evil person, I noticed that I was made from silver and he couldn’t kill me. (meaning silver?) (Like the cop in the movie Terminator two: Judgment Day) As I woke up, I realized that we would be twin related, but not in the strict sense of the word as more in a spiritual way. Throughout the week I got unmistakable references that indeed, the word Twins, was the right path to go. Also another clue was gifted to me to understand my relation with Tolan better. The (double) infinity symbol. It represents the unity between male (Tolan) and female (me), combining to everlasting commitments.

As said in the chat with Leslee, he anchors my energies in the Northern hemisphere and I anchor his energies in the Southern hemisphere. So it is one lifetime dedicated by each “person” put together is two, double infinity.

Also I have given the double spiral, which is a sign of balance….. The golden energy where I am in balance with the violet energy where he is.

We are, in our own ways, me on the surface; he is his crystal chamber, holding the light and energy for Gaia. The Golden energy (also have in mind the history of South-Africa and my traumatic history) is the energy of resilience and is attractive and beautiful. This color is soothing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is also a healing salve.

The Violet energy in the Baltic area, where Tolan is, is energy of beauty, creativity and inspiration. If you look at the nature in the Baltic/Scandinavian area, it connects us with our spiritual self bringing guidance, wisdom and inner strength and enhances artistic talent and creativity.

I couldn’t resist looking up the symbolism of Twins and found out that they are both together (balance) and separate (Southern and Northern Hemisphere) as also duality as unity. Twins themselves as symbols represent: connectedness, sharing, understanding, psychic/telepathic bonds and affinity. (source:http://www.whats-your-sign.com/symbol-for-twin.html) It feels like a long distance spiritual relationship.

Now, I got guided where Tolan might be and my journey through the internet and guided by my intuition through the heart, brought me first to Tallinn in Estonia. From there I was re-directed to the island Hiiumaa that is also said to be a haven for fairies and elves. As I was looking to some beautiful pictures of this Island, when one picture struck me in the heart and felt an instant affinity with this Island, something familiar. Because of the copyrights on this picture I will direct you to this Photo to see. I looked at the world map and saw that I am almost in a straight line to Tallinn and it crosses Bulgaria, where Tauno lives…coincidence?

As for closing this writing, when Leslee mentions that there is a strong Elven energy there…”lost” or hidden from view in this world, for protecting and keeping safe from the distortion that often occurs when we venture in 3D…. I instantly had an intuitive feeling of familiarity and the connection of dreams that seems to pop up in my head, or guided by my guides.

Dream I had on 28 January 2012:

First I was aware that I was sleeping in my bed and that I was hooked up to some kind of machine with a tube through my head. See representation of the dream in above drawing I made.

It appeared to me that I was in New Earth, in a kind of Tree society. We were living way up in trees. And apparently I agreed that 17 minds/consciousness of the high councils of the star federation would be downloaded in my mind. This for the meeting with the Universal councils of New Earth. They would speak through me on this meeting. There was so much anticipation in the air. When I woke up, I looked up the number 17 and it symbolizes the Soul. I also was thinking now that it resembles the Tree society of Elves in Lord of the Rings, when they arrive at Lothlórien.

The second dream was in on the 16th of August 2009: I dream I had a mission to fulfill. I was undercover on the dark side and I had to take the “Tear of Purity” the side of the light. But I got captured and they want me to sign a confession that I handed over the “Tear of Purity” willingly. But with the help of dark entities that converted them selves to the light, I can escape. Taking the jewel “Tear of Purity” with me. Because I was the same clothes as the dark, they have a hard time to spot me. I fly over the bridge and reach the side of the light in safety. I can deliver the “Tear of Purity”. End of the dream.

And don’t know how these dreams tie together with Tolan, but maybe in another exploring journey.

One little side note, I was given also the clue “lightning” that brought me to Shakti, where they compare it with electricity (clue lightening?).

Ads here my journey ends for now, until other clues and avenues emerges…..

My amazing journey on STC

I have contemplated to write this story for a long time. But it is time to write it down. My evolving story on Spirit Train Chronicles and how I met and still meet amazing persons, who helped me grow into the person I am now and will be.

I started a blog lisasgeomagical journey in February 2009, followed by a new blog What’s in a World in 2011. I think through divine intervention Leslee landed on my site and ask me to join Spirit Train Chronicles. I felt honored but unsure where this adventure would take me.

My personal journey has been a bumpy one, but through all the scars and hurts, and literally been and seen the bottom of the pit, I am still here stronger than ever. Would I be still there if I didn’t move to South-Africa? Anyway, everything that happened to me made me stronger. I overcame many fears. What I write in this article is my opinion, and my views.

I want to tell you about my first journey that I already had written down, followed by my second journey, the journey that started with Leslee and Spirit Train Chronicles. Thanks Leslee, my dear lady, you are gem.

This is my first spiritual journey and what I learned about myself

You can find it on : My first spiritual journey

The second part of my journey begins at Spirit Train Chronicles

Even though at that time I didn’t know. Because in the years, I hopped from one forum/blog to another, trying to find my home base. It looks like I finally found it.

Back then, I was still new on word.press so it was looking and trying things on my own way, and as time went by I got more familiar with it. When I started on STC, I already read the messages of the Galactic Federation for 3 years. After attending to my blogs, I was ready for something new. From this point of view, it has been a sprinting course, all the way, until I cross the finish line. I have to admit that I have grown a lot.

My journey on STC is an amazing one and we started out as a small group, trying to find some ground with each other. As we move forward, the start of the dream flights launched our group into new territories. As time went on, and as we participating in the flights together, the more connection we seem to have with each other. Synchronization made their way through our dreams tying us together as ONE. What an amazing event is happening on STC. The dream flights are still happening, more people jump on board and the experience gets more tangible, I can feel it. New ships making their way to our Galactic fleet page.

The old reality is loosing its grip and slowly a new reality is emerging. But now it gets more intense because more souls are joining the party, and I feel so enriched by all of them. As time goes by (what time?) we are getting stronger , we are acting more as ONE group, filled with love and amazing abilities that takes us every time to new heights. We started just now with the telepathy exercises and slowly we are remembering our divine selves. A new journey has begun on the road of Ascension and our road to full consciousness. I notice since I spread my wings beyond STC again, it seems that more wonderful things are happening. Sometimes my mind can’t wrap around all these amazing events that is coming to me, coming to others. But my heart is. My heart knows. I love you all; you are keeping me strong with your unconditional love that is the red thread through this site. You are wonderful people , see how amazing this all is, connecting with each other from different countries making a light connection with each other, now with the telepathy exercise more than ever. We are a network of light now acting as ONE.

Love you all so much, let’s steam ahead to the finish line.


Event: Candle of Love

Candle of Love

I invite you for the “Candle of Love” event. The purpose of this event is it symbolizes warmth and security and also signals loyalty to family members/loved ones who are not present in the home. Gaia is our home and we want to invite everybody to join us to be a candle for the ones who lost their way, which also includes the Cabal/Illuminati and others. There is no time or place attached to this event. This is coming from the heart.

We can support the lost ones in two ways:


1) Physical: we light a candle and put it in front of our windows. (If you don’t have candles you can also take something else)

2) In spirit: you can create your own meditation/intent to light the way for the lost souls.


We can start to do this when Venus (love) is in Transit on the 5th-6th of June 2012. I hope you will join in this mass effort and spread this message far and wide. But it is not bound to this date. You can participate in this event any time.


My Hearts/Earth yearning road.

In de midst of all the turmoil, all the chaos and all the little upsets in my life….I really needed a center of tranquility. My center of the Heart is my center of peace…were I can sit in silence and ponder, where the ripples flounders gently outside and stir the Ego mind in a gently way…to flow easily. I feel like the lighthouse, staying vast and sturdy in a wild sea and shining my light to the ones who feel lost and guide them to a save haven.

I know I have a contract to stay through these wild and amazing , but yet difficult times. At times I wish the end of it all and at times I reclaim what is rightful and want to hold on and not give in. But the person I once was, is no more. When I look into the past, it feels I don’t have a connection to it anymore. Even though it is a part of me, I just look at it as if I was on the sideline. Don’t you feel the energies coming through, that forces you to look at things. It is funny that now in a time of transition, I would think I would get a lot of stuff that happened to me through the years, bad stuff, would come to me to clear. None of that stuff, it seems to only bring up joyful memories, memories I had forgotten. And I wonder if it shows me  that the road to Ascension doesn’t have to be paved with hurtful memories, and that, if we choose, can let go of them and hold on to only positive, loving memories.

My heart yearns to a world where my heart would follow the birds, who lift up to golden sky, or captivating by the early morning feelings when a forest comes to life through the foggy curtain. Where the sun uplifts a shinning snowy peak of a mountain and where everything is in tranquil harmony. It seems that it is harder to stay in this 3D world, the world of competition, hate, backstabbing, fear, chaos, gossip…all the negative feelings that are blanketing my heart. Don’t you feel the yearning of a world where Love flows like a golden waterfall and everyone is ONE with each other? But I am not lingering on for longer. I have to think with my hearts desire and find that way that was meant to be.

Let’s create a new world, a new world of Love. Let’s think h(e)ar(t)d everyday what we would change in the world, what would help, what would do. Envision your hearts desire. My heart desire is of world filled with magic and joy. Where I can go sit on a mountain top and oversee and truly feel the beauty of the landscape beneath me, a connection with all that live, the trees, the animals, the air……It goes through your heart and makes you spark inside. A world were there is no hunger, no strive, no crime, no deceit and no lies.

I have a question for you, what do you hearts envision for our Earth (Heart)?

My wonderful Soul family of the Spiritual Blossom tree.

Title: My wonderful Soul family of the Spiritual Blossom tree.

(As I am writing this title I am thinking of that dreamflight where I was in the back yard with everybody having those young blossom trees in our hands and it was a gift for Gaia)

Hi Spirit Train Family,

This will be a long sharing because so much happened yesterday and during my night of dreaming, so that is why I pour it in an article of its own (funny thing happened, when I was trying to type the word ‘own’ I kept on writing WON). I literally had to make a list; otherwise I would forget half the things I would want to say and write. The comments I make between brackets and in Italic, is what I think at the moment that I am writing the words. (I felt the urgency to write this article today so I am not reading any comments on Spirit Train website until I am done with this one)

First of all I am so glad I found you all and I think we spiritually growing together, and still growing, we are opening and blooming like the wonderful blossom flowers in spring… We are a beautiful, colorful soul family. (So much happening right now, so much emotions and an overload of information, grounding, grounding, sigh…)

To place this in a proper perspective of what happened yesterday and even today, I have to start from scratch (oh …no not from scratch says nuzzle (for the ones who watches kiddies programs with their kids maybe they heard of the alpacas nuzzle and scratch or even watched it).

Ok, let’s start from yesterday morning when I was checking Spirit Train Chronicles if anyone was there (it seems that I can’t write an article without having thoughts about what I am writing. I was thinking maybe we should set up a chat session once a week and pick a time that is convenient for everybody, or they can pitch in later if they want) and then I got that feeling that I was out of sync with everybody, because the real interactions begin when I am @ home and not behind a PC. I felt like I was forgotten. Then I got a reaction from Sunitra feeling the same thing and I didn’t feel alone anymore, and then I got a wonderful reaction from Konstantinos (I understand now in my heart that we are connected and never alone, I just wondering what happened in my previous lives, why I still have those dreams and in waking life, feelings or fears of being abandoned). And then the love came pouring in from my other soul family. Then the day started really good and read some comments of members about seeing “The Eye” in meditations and dreams. As for synchronicity, Troy and me were writing about the “Eye of Horus” at the same time without knowing that, only after we read it. (Watch out for the synchronizations that are coming in this article).

During the day is was reading other spiritual articles, I got the pressure (I think of my guides) to write my dreams down, all of them instead of only the dreamflights I have (I understood later that my dream are a sort of channelings but of course there are more symbols used in it. I don’t know if I am right in this.) But I have to confess I was fighting this feeling, until I gave in this morning. The day went by and around 3 PM it was time for me to go home.

I was kind of late (doing some shopping, and I had to prepare the food before my husband went of to school). As I was cooking I was watching the series next world about future homes: Summary: In the future, technology will transform our homes into dynamic living spaces that adapt to our every need. Intelligent home managers will monitor everything from the children to the morning traffic. The mailbox will screen your incoming packages, and your fridge will reorder its own groceries. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning the floors or even cooking a meal, because robots will do it for you. Worried about the environment or economy? Green homes will purify their own air and generate their own power. Future homes will be marvels of design, constantly adapting to your life in motion. (I didn’t know there was a website for it looks quite interesting and will check it out when I have time. Link: http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/next-world/next-world.html). As I was watching, my husband was watching too and we got in an interesting conversation. I asked him what he would do if he didn’t had to be in survival mode, like money, going to work, food etc… He said that first of all, it would make us lazy and second life would be boring. (Life would indeed be boring if you couldn’t do anything but sitting in your home). I think the first one, laziness is a word created by the Christian church to keep us working and keep us from spiritually growing. When I was talking, I got so excited to try to explain that our world is not limited to that. I could see infinite possibilities that can take us a lifetime and beyond to understand. But again, I could still see the 3D boundaries in his head. I told him I never asked him what he would be interested in if he didn’t had to think about what I wrote above. He said he would be interested in science. (Note: In my life in Atlantis I was a scientist, and there my husband was also my partner in Atlantis)

I know it’s long but it is all leading to the dream I had last night. I hope you still bear with me through these events I had yesterday.

It is now, late in the evening, kids are playing, I am checking the comments on Spirit Train Chronicles. I was reading a channeling that time is speeding up but that also what you are thinking is going to manifest quicker. (Last Saturday I went shopping with my family, as we were at the till my husband swiped the smart shopper card for points….and there was something going on in the background…they were giving out prizes…and I was thinking..it would be nice if someone came to our counter and say that we won something…yes you guessed it…instant manifestation. A few minutes later two ladies come at us saying that we won a shop voucher).

When I was reading the comments I suddenly was watching an advertisement saying: “I spy with my little eye”…it got stuck the whole evening.

I must be honest with you, when I was reading the comments about how you all are blossoming and growing so fast, I felt like I was not moving at all and started to cry. I also wanted to grow like that, doing channeling’s and so on…but because of a trauma issue…that lead to damaging of trust….I thought…instead of channeling a being, why don’t I channel my heart instead (or is this a silly thought, anyway this article is written/channeled through the heart, and boy do I feel it).

Ok, we finally got to the dream(s):

The first dream I had was a long/short dream? The image is that I am sitting in a lotus pose on my bed, under my mosquito net…healing Gaia, I could feel the presence of Gaia there. (It felt like a true event and a dream).

The second dream it feels like I am in Egypt on a market. It is very busy and suddenly someone is asking for my help. There was a boy in the house that needed some medical attention. When I got in the house, the boy was lying on the ground with a broken bloody nose. I called the ambulance. As I was waiting outside for the ambulance, it came and crashed onto a golden car (the same car that I saw in my other dreamflight, but this one was gold instead of red. Also my team leader that day had problems with his car). Now the boy can’t go to the hospital. As I go in to tell the news, miraculously the boy was healed. There were a lot of people there and they invited me to sit on the couch. It felt like they were my family. Then they were organizing some event inside and there was a stage in the form of a white triangle, with different layers on it. They invited me on that stage, but I had to be careful no to fall. (The first part of this dream it feels like a past memory but I am not sure). I am now in a government building and I am helping someone to get his card stamped. But they keep him sending from one end to another without results.

Then I find myself driving to a government prison, they claimed that they locked up monster aliens. I wanted to see them so they opened the door for me. I saw fluffy blue aliens. The one who was the closest to me got scared of me and showed very sharp teeth. But I wasn’t afraid and asked to be let in. They were in a poor condition and I healed them. All three of them.

I am on the market again and somebody was showing me a lined book with something written in black ink. It was an important message to me. But it was a terrible writing, and a lot of strike through words/sentences. The only words I could make out was on the sideline written SaLuSa, repeated several times across the two pages. I know the writing was kind of a story…but the second word that I could manage to read in that story was…Cyclops. Suddenly a green right eye was staring at me from that book.(remember reading your stories about the eye you saw and the advertisement, I spy with my little eye)  I knew that it was my eye staring at myself. Then next to it a blue eye appeared, but not mine. Even though I couldn’t read what was written I got the message that I was important and that they needed me. (Guides?)

After that I woke up, a few minutes earlier before my phone alarm went off. After the alarm I was recapping my dream so that I wouldn’t forget. I was thinking of the meaning of seeing the eyes (after also reading it online) and I was thinking it may present our third eye. I am looking it up now as I write this: meaning: To dream that you have a third eye symbolizes inner vision, insight, instinct or some psychic ability you have yet untapped. You are able to see what others cannot. Or you need to start looking within yourself and trust your instincts. Green signifies a positive change, good health, growth, fertility, healing, hope, vigor, vitality, peace, and serenity.

Then I had another moment of clarity. That we are not limited to this or that. I always thought I was empathy and clairsentience and nothing more. But I see now I have also the healing gift and I am clairvoyant as well. If it is a correct assumption. Anyway when I started this article I felt so agitated and overwhelmed , and when I started with the dream I got more calm an calm. I am now relaxed because finally (I can hear everybody thinking finally) I am at the end of my article, and end of my rope.

I wish you all day full of bright-full surprises.

Love and light to my family.


(ps: I now need some grounding because writing this article shook me up really bad, and I am not kidding. I would also ask, if possible, if someone can verify of some of the impressions I got in this article, it will mean so much to me)


New Earth

For the past four years I have read about Ascension, about the Golden Age, Disclosure and Nesara…even though at an early age I had some life changing trauma experiences. I also had a lot of spiritual experiences but… it took its flight when I became aware of Ascension. So right now, right here…on this space of paper…I realize that spiritual I grew a lot, especially when I read back in my spiritual diary. How we adapt to certain ideas and then abandon them again and move on. But did I? It reminds me of something Lisa Gawlas said: “that being aware doesn’t mean that you are awake”.

It became very clear to me when I had a scary dream last week, which felt so real. Immediately when I woke up I got angry at those negative spirits and that they not scare me at all. I did my protection meditation and ask my guides to remove the negative energy. As I wrote it down on the website Spirit Train Chronicles, I got a lovely answer back from Leslee, which it is natural for us to respond with anger and wrath. So if it is still natural for us, that means I was still anchored in 3D emotions and old habits. The next question that pops into my mind is…how do we change this.

As I was pondering about it and thought about what they said about detachment and that from that place you can love unconditionally. I read it several times, in several changelings but never connected to it until now. So the only thing to change those old habits is when you conscious about them and from there you can change them. A perfect example is my scary dream, now that I am aware how I reacted, the next time I get such an intense experience, I will act differently, with love and compassion. But until major changes are happening, a big wake up call, we still be stuck in our old habits, ways, emotions, still playing our 3D duality game.

It seems that one of our favorite games to play, even among lightworkers, is the game to divide. If you are not on my side, you are the enemy. In my opinion there is no wrong or right, because everyone is on a different level of understanding and have different things that they resonate with. So we have a camp of lightworkers that is saying that we don’t need help from our space brothers and sisters because it is US that we are waiting for. It only resonates partly for me. Indeed it is US we are waiting for but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need help. And don’t think our space brothers and sisters would do everything for us; no we have to do the hard work. But we shouldn’t see this as was the glass half empty but instead half full. We, lightworkers have a common goal and that is Ascension. But the road we take to the common goal is by different roads, ideas and opinions. Anyway if we would all take the same road or the same route we would have a traffic jam  And different is always good, diversity at its best.

And then I remembered some joke I read, here it is.
The Great Flood
There was a huge flood in a village.
One man said to everyone as they evacuated, “I’ll stay! God will save me!”
The flood got higher and a boat came, and the man in it said “Come on mate, get in!”
“No” replied the man. “God will save me!”
The flood got very high now and the man had to stand on the roof of his house.
A helicopter soon came and the man offered him help. “No, God will save me!” he said.
Eventually the man drowned.
He got by the gates of heaven and he said to God, “Why didn’t you save me?”
God replied, “For goodness sake! I sent a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want!”

So you get my drift.

So I save the best for last. Everything is in a rapid movement, the resignations of the banker’s world wide and still counting. Now we are talking about changes, finally there is some movement in the financial world and that means disclosure is coming nearer. I just wonder if paper money becomes worthless, do we still have to go to work. Because we are going to work to earn.

As I close down this article I get this song in my head: “I see you, when you get there….” From Coolio.

Wishing on a star

Wishing on a sea star

“A fairy whispers gently her wishes for a new earth to the sea star, before she let’s go, and floats towards the Universe”Lisa

 As my brain still doesn’t want to co-operate with me, I though maybe we can do a creation exercise. I read a lot of messages that it is up to us to create our reality. So why don’t we start now. What would you create for our new world? Here is my vision a new world:

I am standing between tall trees, taller than the sequoia trees and bigger. There is a kind of silence, tranquility in the air, but not the silence you know. You can still hear the animals and the birds making their presence known. It is more of a relaxed environment, a loving one. The air is pure and find myself walking through the New Earth’s forest. As I walk along the path I come onto my place. You hardly notice that is there because it took the surroundings of nature.

I hear laughing in the distance, my husband is playing, chasing our kids in a friendly play. I pass my little vegetable and fruit garden. It looks so lovely and juicy. It is also a source for travelers coming by. They can pick from the garden if the need something to nourish themselves and there is a little stream nearby where the can refresh themselves too. I walk/float by my house, through the trees and I reach a little beach. I look out over a very big lake and in the distance I see snowy mountain tops. I hear laughing and see my kids coming out, chased by my husband. And they laugh, they had so much fun. End vision.

The final curtain on the 3D stage

“Before the final curtain falls we stand one more time on our 3D stage with all the spotlights shining on us. A stage that now is an inspiration to enable us to continue forward in the right direction. The 3D play will always be remembered by the many actors who played the good and the bad parts” Lisa

This article is inspired on Suzanne’s Lie latest article, the first paragraph: quote:

“I can lovingly maintain my focus on New Earth and the Starship, but my mind cannot remain focused on the third dimensional illusions. Myriad facts, which I know are half-truths and indoctrination, slip from my memory. Duties, responsibilities and mundane tasks are becoming so arduous that I can hardly complete them. Time drifts and moves in and out on its own, while memories that are attached to time phase in and out of my brain.” Source: http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.com/

How are you all feeling this month? I feel just like Sue, drifting in and out the 3D stage and having difficulties to complete my (autopilot) everyday life tasks. Feeling less and less present in the 3D, and more present in 5D. Even the easy tasks become difficult for me, even the obvious. The reason for this is because my 5D mindset throws it al out and leaves me feeling like a child who is just starting the learn the new tricks of life all over again but in a different and new way.

Also recently it is like I am reviewing my past life, parts of which I totally forgot about it, and they are no negative experiences. The most of them are positive life experiences.

And then the Ascension symptoms that are driving me crazy…especially the Buddha belly, it looks like I am pregnant. Maybe pregnant of the Ascension waiting to be birthed. But I know I have to hold on for now, cause as an Earth Partner I promised Gaia to assist her with her Ascension path. And also keep it together or they going to put me in a loony house . The only thing I know is that for me the curtain falls on 12:21 because I have seeing these times on the clock everyday. The 12:21 and the 21:12. I want to wake up out of this dream.

So here I AM, alone in BE-ing ,behind a desk, typing these words. Nobody close to me I can talk too. Perceiving myself out of the comfort bubble of not knowing, seeing my fellow un-awakened sisters and brothers unconsciously going there own way. But I don’t move away and stand my ground, because I am connected virtually through space and time, to my awakened sisters and brothers on the other (internet) line. Then I don’t feel lonely anymore, I feel connected through heart and soul. And my inner-light grows; my inner-self grows…the path to enlightenment shines even brighter. The hill becomes less steep when I have helping hands from my sisters and brothers. We are ONE, ONE SOUL, ONE DREAM. We will become stronger as a family, because home is where my soul vibrates. Even though I am tired, the lending hands are easing my journey. I look inside myself, overwhelmed by compassion and filled with light of happiness because I know once the word is out; we can shine our lights to the newly awakened souls. Right now I am playing my final role with a heart light filled with HOPE (elpis). Hope? A word that I heard before. I know. Pandora’s box:

One item, however, did not escape the jar (96–9):
Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not
fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the
lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing
Zeus the Cloudgatherer.
It is time to let Hope out of the jar.!!!!!

Below here a text that I feel so close too.

Alien Like You
I know what your feeling
It’s hard to believe in
that home must be millions
and billions of light years away
so let the stars align
let the water make wine
cause broken souls would become whole tonight
oh tonight
we know its right so…
lift your eyes and let me in
cause baby I’m an alien, like you
will you ever let me be, alien…. with you
Aren’t you tired of running
from what your becoming
the truth is its useless there’s nowhere to go its not going to find you
so let the heavens flare
let’s not be scared
we know love is a world above this one
it’s like the sun
lift your eyes and let me in
cause baby I’m an alien, like you
will you ever let me be, an alien…. with you

Anyone out there who wishes to share their last moments until the curtain closes?

Mutual Dreaming: Voyage to the Stars

Dream landscape (what I dreamt)

“If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream, and have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there, and if he found that flower in his hand when he awake – Aye, what then?”      Samuel Taylor Coleridge

I don’t think I have mentioned that I am invited to be an author in Spirit Train Chronicles and never thought it would take me to a next level of spiritual enhancement. But that is just what happened. At one point, you just have to say to yourself to step up a notch. Today if have that feeling when I look at the world and all what is happening. Light has stepped up a notch; we are now on a high speed train. Hold on to your white hats

I am quite excited about dreamworkers experiment of dreaming ourselves on our self created fleet of Light Starships. As I as well, even though that I wasn’t thinking about it, it just came to me. Then Leslee mentioned the movie “Inception” and my mind went thinking outside of that box again. What if this 3D reality of ours is a dream that we are all sharing, like in the movie. And the dream experiment that we are doing now is just going on the second level of dreaming. A dream in a dream.

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There are also interesting articles on the internet on mutual dreaming and steps how you can have a lucid dream. I think , with the a word or an image we can trigger lucid dreaming when we are on the Light Ships and may be able to remember more of our trips.

See some interesting links about:
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Anyway let’s dream on and make a better world.

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Namaste Lisa