The final curtain on the 3D stage

“Before the final curtain falls we stand one more time on our 3D stage with all the spotlights shining on us. A stage that now is an inspiration to enable us to continue forward in the right direction. The 3D play will always be remembered by the many actors who played the good and the bad parts” Lisa

This article is inspired on Suzanne’s Lie latest article, the first paragraph: quote:

“I can lovingly maintain my focus on New Earth and the Starship, but my mind cannot remain focused on the third dimensional illusions. Myriad facts, which I know are half-truths and indoctrination, slip from my memory. Duties, responsibilities and mundane tasks are becoming so arduous that I can hardly complete them. Time drifts and moves in and out on its own, while memories that are attached to time phase in and out of my brain.” Source:

How are you all feeling this month? I feel just like Sue, drifting in and out the 3D stage and having difficulties to complete my (autopilot) everyday life tasks. Feeling less and less present in the 3D, and more present in 5D. Even the easy tasks become difficult for me, even the obvious. The reason for this is because my 5D mindset throws it al out and leaves me feeling like a child who is just starting the learn the new tricks of life all over again but in a different and new way.

Also recently it is like I am reviewing my past life, parts of which I totally forgot about it, and they are no negative experiences. The most of them are positive life experiences.

And then the Ascension symptoms that are driving me crazy…especially the Buddha belly, it looks like I am pregnant. Maybe pregnant of the Ascension waiting to be birthed. But I know I have to hold on for now, cause as an Earth Partner I promised Gaia to assist her with her Ascension path. And also keep it together or they going to put me in a loony house . The only thing I know is that for me the curtain falls on 12:21 because I have seeing these times on the clock everyday. The 12:21 and the 21:12. I want to wake up out of this dream.

So here I AM, alone in BE-ing ,behind a desk, typing these words. Nobody close to me I can talk too. Perceiving myself out of the comfort bubble of not knowing, seeing my fellow un-awakened sisters and brothers unconsciously going there own way. But I don’t move away and stand my ground, because I am connected virtually through space and time, to my awakened sisters and brothers on the other (internet) line. Then I don’t feel lonely anymore, I feel connected through heart and soul. And my inner-light grows; my inner-self grows…the path to enlightenment shines even brighter. The hill becomes less steep when I have helping hands from my sisters and brothers. We are ONE, ONE SOUL, ONE DREAM. We will become stronger as a family, because home is where my soul vibrates. Even though I am tired, the lending hands are easing my journey. I look inside myself, overwhelmed by compassion and filled with light of happiness because I know once the word is out; we can shine our lights to the newly awakened souls. Right now I am playing my final role with a heart light filled with HOPE (elpis). Hope? A word that I heard before. I know. Pandora’s box:

One item, however, did not escape the jar (96–9):
Only Hope was left within her unbreakable house,
she remained under the lip of the jar, and did not
fly away. Before [she could], Pandora replaced the
lid of the jar. This was the will of aegis-bearing
Zeus the Cloudgatherer.
It is time to let Hope out of the jar.!!!!!

Below here a text that I feel so close too.

Alien Like You
I know what your feeling
It’s hard to believe in
that home must be millions
and billions of light years away
so let the stars align
let the water make wine
cause broken souls would become whole tonight
oh tonight
we know its right so…
lift your eyes and let me in
cause baby I’m an alien, like you
will you ever let me be, alien…. with you
Aren’t you tired of running
from what your becoming
the truth is its useless there’s nowhere to go its not going to find you
so let the heavens flare
let’s not be scared
we know love is a world above this one
it’s like the sun
lift your eyes and let me in
cause baby I’m an alien, like you
will you ever let me be, an alien…. with you

Anyone out there who wishes to share their last moments until the curtain closes?

9 comments on “The final curtain on the 3D stage

  1. I read the article you mentioned a few minutes ago on the 2012indyinfo site and thought that is exactly what I’m going through! I mean, it’s not like I used to be very focused on 3D world, but lately I’ve been having serious difficulties with even routine things, including things from which I used to get much fun, like cooking. Now most things seem… nice, not thrilling but nice. Apart from that, things that I learned some years ago and that I made a conscious effort to include in my routine at the time are now coming back to my life in a very gentle but firm way. This morning, for example, while on my morning commute, I had no trouble whatsoever swapping my mp3 player for a series of silent mantras. Actually I was looking forward to it. The physical symptoms… what I’ve been feeling the most, lately, is tiredness. I go to sleep tired and wake up tired. But again, this tiredness comes with the feeling of ‘what are the things I have to do today? Of these, which are the really important ones?’. Although, it’s not always easy feeling that I *have* to come to work even if it’s importance is, well, relative :mrgreen:

    • We just have to “birth” ourselves through it together with Gaia. I know I will be alright with all of you sitting sitting next to me on this roller coaster ride of life 🙂

      Namaste Lisa

  2. This post just riveted me when I first read it, Lisa, so I’m glad to finally make the time to reply… I share what you and Suntria are going through!
    I don’t know “who” exactly has been watching my back for about 3 weeks now, but I have been able to tune in and tune out and read comments while at work, and go home on time (or early)… It’s as if the Universe know we need some space, and is nudging things around for us!
    When I first went back to work a year ago, I was really worried that I’d be able to handle it… Now it’s become quiet again, but my priorities are still very clear. Whereas work used to be something I was passionate about, now it’s a means to an end… and that’s fine 🙂
    We’re all going to be fine… 🙂
    It occurred to me this morning that this blog is a living record of what a group of people can do together.
    It really is one of the most loving and moving things I’ve ever witnessed, much less also had the honor to be a part of.

    • Hi leslee,
      I feel the same way about work, a means to an end. Yes this blog is a beautiful jewel and like I said in the other post it is taken me to a whole new level of existence , ONE of LOVE.

      Love and Light, Lisa

  3. …Upon Further Relation to Our Connection to the Soil/Ground We Walk Upon: Gaia is in a Midst of Her Lastest Pregnancy…Preparing to Give Birth to a Healthy and Whole Dimensional Being…Can it Be,that Many Are Helping Her and “Taking On” some Symptoms of Her Pregnancy?…*just Sharing some Thoughts that Just came to me,babajij…

    • I think you’re onto something there, Babajij!
      I also sense that it has something to do with ballast… Gaia still needs us, and we’re trying so hard to float off into the heavens, but it’s just not time yet… 😉
      Kind of like the veils over our memories of other lifetimes…

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