SaLuSa ~ 15-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 15-February-2012

Events on Earth are without doubt speeding up, and although few of you are directly involved you will know this to be true. Some key figures of the Light have given of themselves, to bring about a greater impetus to some positive happenings that will reach your ears. Many of their achievements have been prevented from being reported in the media, but there will come a point when that will no longer be possible. They have destabilised the dark regime, who no longer have the degree of control to stop the outcome. It will result in a victory for the Light, and once people see proof of it the floodgates will open and more success achieved. Naturally we are aware of actions being taken, and as far as possible will aid our allies to ensure they achieve their objectives. Most of them are aware that we are with them and constantly protect them, and it gives them courage and determination to bravely go forward. It is needed as they are often operating under threats to their lives.

All of the time there is a continual stream of energy increasing your consciousness levels that are rapidly rising up, and so the grand awakening spreads. We wish that ultimately every single soul would reach the point of being able to ascend. However, it is your choice and you may be assured that any soul that is ready will naturally desire to ascend. If there is concern about loved ones that do not ascend, some may want to immediately return to the lower dimension in service to them. That is quite acceptable as you have a free choice where you future is concerned. Naturally that path and alternative ones will be explained to you, but in the end you choose your destiny. God gave you freewill, and would not take it away from you. You can go ahead as might be termed “for better or worse” and it will be what you make of it.

Many options are open to you after Ascension, and many will join the Galactic Fleets. For some it will be where you will meet your true family, as most members stay on board the Motherships for hundreds of years and it becomes their natural home. In some sections of them there is little to show that you are on a Space Craft, and everything is created for you to feel at home. It is not like military service, but more relaxing and designed for maximum comfort and happiness. In fact weaponry is used purely in a defensive nature, but is not for destructive purposes unless it is as last resort to repel attacks. Even so we remove life forms first as occurred when you lost a shuttle immediately after take-off. We respect all life and have many different means of protecting ours, and can place a protective shield around our craft if necessary or an invisibility cloak. In fact such a use is why you do not see all of the craft that fill your skies.

Little by little you are being prepared for our coming together, and it will take place before you ascend but become more normal after Ascension. First come the changes needed to propel you into the higher dimension, that will commence the Golden Age. Clearly it cannot start on Earth until it is cleared of the lower vibrations, and that includes all souls who are desirous of staying in them. Much work is being done and has been done for many, many years to ensure that every soul knows what Ascension is about. That includes the occasions you are meeting with your Guides when out of the body whilst your physical body sleeps. So you may not necessarily have waking knowledge, but subconsciously you will be aware.

We know that people worry about what may be left behind so let us make it clear, that everything that you cherish and love can be replicated in the higher vibrations, so in effect you lose nothing at all. Pets that you also have a love link with will also travel with you, but have a much superior form and “talk” with you telepathically. When we told you that you would want for nothing, we meant it, and in fact what you re-create will be far superior than previously. Your most welcome gain will be a physical body that does not age, or experience illness because it remains in its perfected state. You have so much to gain, it is well worth any effort or sacrifice you make getting there. This period you are going through is one that is so important, that each soul is getting maximum support and encouragement. Forget the dark Ones and concentrate on your future, as their fate is sealed and you have everything in front of you.

So how do we see matters on Earth, we would describe them as hectic as many Lightworkers are head to head with the dark Ones but they will come out victorious. Financial matters seem to be in pole position, and we would expect it to be the area where most progress is made. We also see more members of the cabal being removed, and look forward to seeing the top Illuminati members included. The legal approach is under way and action is expected very soon, However, remember that legal matters are usually fraught with delays, and the dark Ones are quite astute where such matters are concerned. There is no way that progress can be stalled indefinitely, so expect to learn of these situations.

As has been told before, there will no catastrophic end to this cycle, and by comparison only minor disturbances of a physical nature. There will be repercussions from weather changes and volcanic activity, but you will have fair warning of them. Also we are always calming situations down, but at the same time have to allow mother Earth to go ahead with her cleansing. You have the technology to predict major changes and can adequately forewarn people in any danger. However, it is in your own interest to take precautions where you are in areas that have a history of regular earthquake activity.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and love every soul upon Earth, and wish to tell you that the new energies coming to Earth are a wake up call for many souls who fight any supposed threat to their beliefs. It is easier to jog along with what you are used to, but now is the time to be adventurous and step outside of your self imposed limlts. Try to understand what is happening and bear in mind that Ascension is not a religious happening, but a big step in your ongoing spiritual evolution. Yes, it involves God, but that is everyone’s true God within whom you have your very existence. God is love and even when you deny God’s existence that love is never withdrawn. As the often quoted saying goes “you are a Spiritual Being having a physical experience”.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    We have gently influenced you in ways to bring about greater understandings and to assist in the facilitation of learning and the expansion of your consciousness. We have also been able to detect and monitor negative beings who have been able to influence certain people, and who have been able to detect weaknesses of a particular person and find ways to influence them in this way. Given permission, we of the Galactic Federation of Light will see to it this undue influence abruptly ends, and we have specially trained personnel to deal with these negative beings and remove them from your sphere.
    All one needs to do is grant us this permission by stating either out loud or to themselves words such as ‘I command all negative extraterrestrial, negative terrestrial, and negative entities to vacate my personal sphere as well as my surroundings at once and forever’, or any similar declaration in your own words, and we will immediately take action to come to your aid and purify your home, office, or wherever it is you are. This is one of the tasks we are trained for and are better suited to handle then you at the present time, and we look forward to assist you in this way.
    There are many tasks that we have trained for to be of service to you, our human family, and we are eager to put our extensive training to good use. We see your world flourishing with just a little assistance from your family who love you very much and only wish the best for you in every way. We see many of you working very hard to roll out the welcome mat for us and your efforts are greatly appreciated. They will pay off for you and all of your brothers and sisters, as the day when we can openly work with you is fastly approaching. We have assured you that if you keep up your end of the bargain that we would not let you down in any way, and we will keep our word.
    Much has been transpiring in the past few days and we see matters proceeding smoothly and efficiently and the path being cleared for our open first contact with you. Please keep up the fine work you are all doing spreading the news of our existence and imminent arrival to your home, as this is a vital area that needs to be taken care of and there are not very many of you to do this sort of work. Even in your small numbers, we knew you could get the job done. That is why you were selected out of the many who offered their services here on this mission to restore love and light to this darkened world. Your efforts are soon to bear fruit dear ones, and we ask you not to back off of the gas pedal, as it were, but to push forward now with all you have as we are almost there, and once this initial phase of our plan is accomplished humanity is in for the joy ride of a lifetime as many incredible advancements are in store for you.
    These changes will transpire rapidly, and so many areas of your lives will change seemingly overnight, though other areas of transformation may take a little more time, but in due time all of the areas of your society that serve only to hold you back and keep you under someone else’s control will be completely modified to allow you the freedom that is rightfully yours. We will assist you to remove all your needs to pay so much of your wages for energy, as paying for energy is not necessary in an advanced society. What a remarkable change this will be for you and these changes can begin immediately upon the initiation of a working relationship between us. This is one of the projects that will bring you so much freedom from your oppressors, yet there are so many other areas we are eager to attend to.
    One of the vital areas of your world that requires attention as you approach your ascension into the higher realms is the purification of the pollution all over your planet. Not unlike your physical bodies, it is necessary for your mother planet to also purify herself in order to increase her vibrational frequency. She is attending to her own purification in many ways, but you, with our assistance, can assist her in this great task and this is one of the projects we must get underway soon as the clock is ticking and there is so much to be done.
    Moving on to matters taking place behind the scenes of your political world, our Earth allies are prepared to launch a series of arrests and removal from positions of power many important leaders and members of the criminal Cabal. We have assured you these arrests will take place and we will make good on our word. You will witness these events soon, and this will usher in the many positive changes we have spoken about. Suffice it to say, that these arrests are the catalyst for all the rest of the much needed changes and we see these legal maneuvers as possibly the most important event in the history of your world. This is why we, along with our earthen brothers and sisters, have been so meticulous in our preparations as we wish for these maneuvers to transpire as smoothly and efficiently as possible, leaving the dark ones no means of escape through legal loopholes, or any other means. We of the higher realms look forward to these arrests just as much as many of you do, and we are quite eager to see this day manifest. It will, you can be assured of this, and the advancements of your world will also begin as we have described to you many times. This is what we do, and we are quite capable at our jobs.
    Many of you will soon be training with us, and you will then see for yourselves why we are so confident in our abilities, as we are sure you to will soon be very confident in your newly acquired skills. We look so forward to sharing our knowledge with you, and also look so forward to learn a great deal from you as well, as this was one of the prime reasons for your earthly incarnations, to acquire much knowledge of a 3rd dimensional world and to share this knowledge with those of us in the higher realms who may not have had the opportunities for the education you have gained. This is how this universe functions as it has been designed. Each of us assists another in the unique ways that we can, and shares the gifts of our wisdom and knowledge with all beings throughout this universe. You too will be sharing your many gifts as well dear ones, and we look so forward to this exchange of gifts with you, our brothers and sisters in light.
    You have all gone through so much here in your 3D world of struggle and hardship, and wish you all to know that none of your difficult times are meaningless, as all the wisdom you have gained through such experience is a very valuable and cherished treasure throughout this universe. You will understand this so much better when we can more openly discuss such things with you, but just know dear ones that there has been a reason, a very important reason, for all your suffering and you will see and understand soon just why you volunteered for such assignments that you knew full well would lead you through such difficult times in your lives. There are so many others who will benefit so greatly from your sacrifices, and we wish to thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do. You are all very special and very brave, and when you look in the mirror we wish you to always remember this, as we do when we think of you.
    This will all be over for you very soon and there will be no more difficult times such as these along the path of your new lives. There will be other challenges for you, but none such as the experiences you have endured here in the physical realm. We look so forward to welcoming you to your new lives, and will hold the door open for you as we await your homecoming.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  2. Thank for the clarification Leslee (-_-).
    Oh Babajij, we are part of the same team, you are part of this team with so strong spiritual bonds, so we can never lose each other (-_-).

    • …Yup!…Indeed,KP… 🙂 …iFind MeSelf Wondering Why iAm not Able to Really Remember My Past Incarnations…My Deeper IntroSpections Question the Existence of the Veil that “Fogs” Previous LifeTimes…iGuess that this Is Divine Order…the Play of the Puzzle… 😉

  3. It’s part of the plan Babajij and is for the Highest Good…
    Goodnight everyone! Tomorrow I’ll have my last exam lesson, so after that I’ll have more continuous communications with you. Love you a lot. See you tomorrow.

  4. here’s some multidimensional food for thought…

    **Human and Humanoid Robot Shake Hands in Space 1st**
    2012 02 16 ~ By Marcia Dunn

    The commander of the International Space Station, Daniel Burbank, shook hands Wednesday with Robonaut. It’s the first handshake ever between a human and a humanoid in space.

    NASA’s Robonaut was launched aboard space shuttle Discovery last February. Crews have been testing it to see how it one day might help astronauts perform space station chores.

    On Wednesday, ground controllers activated computer software that enabled the robot to extend its right hand, fingers outstretched. Burbank took the mechanical hand and pumped it up and down, as the robot’s fingers tightened around his hand.

    “The first human-humanoid handshake in space,” Burbank proclaimed.

    A cheer went up in the control room in Huntsville, Ala.

    “For the record, it was a firm handshake,” Burbank radioed. “Quite an impressive robot.”

    Robonaut – the first humanoid in space, built from the waist up – said via Twitter that it was an awesome experience, then followed up with some sign language.

    “The handshake was definitely one of the highlights of the day, but I’m not done yet,” Robonaut said in a tweet. (A NASA spokeswoman actually files the tweets under the handle AstroRobonaut.)

    “Did you catch that? I don’t have a voice, but I sent you a message — Hello world … in sign language!” Robonaut tweeted. “What a day! I passed my tests with flying colors!!!”

    Dutch space station astronaut Andre Kuipers couldn’t resist a little robot humor.

    “Now let’s hope he’s never heard of HAL9000, Skynet or Cylons,” Kuipers wrote in a tweet.

    HAL was the conspiring computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” The people-hating artificial intelligence system Skynet is from the “Terminator” films, while Cylons are cyber-warriors from “Battleship Gallactica.”

    Robonaut spends most of its time in hibernation aboard the space station. The astronauts bring the humanoid out every so often for testing; it was awakened in space last August and made its first motion in October. A future model could venture outside for spacewalks, saving its human companions time and keeping them safe.

    ~LifeIsStrangerThanFiction 😉

  5. We ALL represent ‘Torch-Bearers of Humanity in the Shift to The New Earth’…
    The agreements we made to pass through the ‘veils of forgetting’ have us at the center point of a ‘Spiritual Domino Effect’ that will be felt throughout the Omniverse… Stand Strong! ~In Light

    “The souls of people, on their way to Earth-life, pass through a room full of lights; each takes a taper–often only a spark–to guide it in the dim country of this world. But some souls, by rare fortune, are detained longer–and have time to grab a handful of tapers, which they weave into a torch. These are the torch-bearers of humanity– it’s poets, seers, and saints, who lead and lift the race out of darkness, toward the light. They are the law- givers and saviors, the light-bringers, way-showers and truth -tellers, and without them, humanity would lose its way in the dark.” ~ Plato


  6. Don’t cry
    Don’t raise your eye
    It’s only teenage wasteland

    Sally, take my hand
    We’ll travel south cross land
    Put out the fire
    And don’t look past my shoulder.

    The exodus is here
    The happy ones are near
    Let’s get together
    Before we get much older.

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