SaLuSa ~ 17-February-2012

SaLuSa ~ 17-February-2012

With sufficient faith there is nothing that you cannot do, and you have yet to understand how powerful you are. You are creating all of the time whether you realise it or not. Through many lives it is you who have created all that you experience now and you are probably surprised at how it is. Remember that you have not often exercised those powers to stop the march of the dark Ones. Whilst it is true their actions have been very devious, there has been little resistance to their aims. However, just of recent times you have begun to understand what has been going on around you. Without necessarily realising what you were achieving by focussing on a different outcome, you have created an energy for change that has grown immensely and opened up a powerful time line to Ascension. Now you see more clearly what you need to do to bring this cycle to a successful conclusion.

Look around you Dear Ones, and see the signs that are there for all to see, as out of the seeming chaos the new beginnings are becoming apparent. You are correctly hearing of a world plan by many countries to topple the Illuminati, and present the world with a new system that creates a new deal where financial matters are concerned. It will remove the illegal structure and methods that have placed you in a debt ridden society that is in danger of collapsing. Having reached this point, if offers the very opportunity that can be taken to implement it. It will remove the burden that so many of you carry, and the hardships it is causing. More importantly it will enable wealth to be re-distributed, much of which has been acquired by criminal actions. You have been deliberately kept poor as a way of keeping you under control. Likewise you have also been kept ignorant of your status and history, which is why you are to be fully informed of your past and reason for being on Earth.

Life can be absolutely miserable, and lack the niceties that most other people have, but bear in mind that it is part of your experiences that you have undertaken. At different times you have lived in luxury and wielded power, but for balance in other lives you have experienced all different levels. We hear the cry, “Why am I here” as there does not appear to be any apparent purpose, but what you are in is an ongoing experience that is lifting up your level of consciousness. The ultimate goal is to prepare you for a return to full consciousness and Ascension, so that you may at last leave behind duality as you know it. Some wonder what they must have been like in previous lives, but do not concern yourselves too much about them. At some stage you will have the power of full recollection, but the important part is that you have learnt from them, and the details are irrelevant. Today is what counts where you are concerned, as you are the sum total of all of your experiences. For many of you it is one that proves you have evolved sufficiently to understand the nature of unconditional love, and that is a most wonderful achievement.

Now more than ever, there is a need for people to come together to use their collective power to move forward and help manifest the needed changes. Talk amongst yourselves, as many are puzzled by what is happening and truly do not understand what is behind it. The truth is going to shock them and fear is likely to result, and this is where you can give re-assurance that all is shaping the future, and it is one that will be welcomed. Since there are going to be changes for the better in virtually every aspect of life, it is clearly something to be desired. We of the Galactic Federation have a hand in what is happening to ensure fulfilment, and are allowed to assist providing it is in accordance with your wishes. However, in the larger picture you are looking at a Divine Plan for the Ascension of the Universe.

Having come such a long way and about to reap the rewards of your journey, it requires that final resolve to keep your eyes on the finishing line. Do not be distracted by some last attempts of the dark Ones, to draw your attention to the increasing amount of disinformation that is around. Naturally until they can no longer influence the media and relinquish their control, they hope to cause confusion and doubt. By now those of you who have moved into the Light, should not really have any problem in sorting out the truth against the false reports. Generally you can take it that if it does not feel right, then it is not right. Time will tell all and when we open full contact with you enlightenment will be the order of the day. They will be wonderful times when you shall be released from the heaviness of the lower energies. Many brave souls have stepped forward to start bringing the truth out, so identify your heroes and stick with them.

So much information has been released lately, that the dark Ones cannot plug the leaks. So keep you eyes open and learn firsthand as the secrets are unravelled and the truth comes out. The media will soon have to allow free reporting, as it has a duty to keep you informed but hitherto has been rigidly controlled. It will be totally free once the Illuminati have been removed, and that action is becoming more likely as each day passes. The secret forces that work for the light have never been idle, and now close in on those who are in the seats of power. They know now that they cannot hold onto them, and are being forced out. it takes time, but is going to be successful with our help.

The collapse of the old is not a pretty sight or a pleasant experience, but it has to be done. As best as possible the changes are planned to be quick and precise, but there will always be difficulties as some will oppose what we do. We have a mission that started hundreds of years ago, and we will not be thwarted when we are so near to finalising it. The most enjoyable part is to come when we can meet you and go the final stretch together, and do so as one family of Light. Your hardships will be over, and by then you will be fully aware of your true selves, your purpose and place in the Galaxy. At present you are but a shadow of who you really are, and have little idea of what it is like to be in the Oneness of All That Is. It is bliss and peace that you cannot imagine, but it is not that far away anymore and awaits your presence.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and eagerly wait for changes that will allow us greater contact with you. We salute all for your great resoluteness.

Thank you SaLuSa,

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Thank you for your great posts everyone! I finished yesterday my exams and I have 10 days off…sounds pretty good for me…
    Today was a special day for me…I talked to my father about the NWO and whatever is related with it…I had done similar discussions with him and other family members before and generally, they seem receptive. My father participated with big interest in our today’s discussion and he wants to learn more…I’m so happy (-_-)…

  2. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    There are many programs that will soon be underway, and it is through these programs that humanity will be brought together as one. There will be many different programs launched, and people from all over the world and from all walks of life will participate, bringing so many together that otherwise would have possibly never met under any other circumstances. So you see how these programs are important to your world on many different levels? They will not only begin the vital cleanup of all your world’s pollution and other important tasks, but also repair the damage brought on by wars and other means that have divided so many of you and kept you separated.
    There are those of the dark who purposely schemed to keep you all divided, separated from the rest of your human brothers and sisters. They feared you coming together as one, as this has always been the greatest threat to their power. They were correct in this thinking, as it is the coming together of humanity that today erodes their power to nothing more than endless scheming and plotting that gets them absolutely nowhere. This is all due to you, the people, coming together and saying ‘no, we will not stand for this any longer and we will not fall for the same old tricks and cons’. So many of you have taken an active role to inform your brothers and sisters of these ploys and tactics, and it is due to this open sharing of information that is strengthening your bond as one and seeing the end of this endless shell game of corruption and control.
    We look just several years into your past and we see so many of you divided on so many fronts. Matters that hardly meant any difference to your prosperity, your freedom, and your survival, yet so many of you bought into these tricks to keep you preoccupied and divided. So many of you spent so much of your time and energy fighting amongst each other while the robber barons stole your money, your health, and your freedom. Today, we see so many of you finally ignoring the distraction game, and instead you focus your attention on the dastardly deeds of those who have plotted and schemed against you for so long. For this we applaud you, and we salute your efforts to inform your neighbors and put a stop to this madness. You are all making such a great difference, and wish you to know how appreciated your efforts are.
    Many changes are now able to get underway now that the acts of those of the dark have been exposed by your light. Real change has not been experienced here in your world in any of your known history. Instead, change for you has crept along at a snail’s pace, holding you further and further back in the development you rightfully could have been experiencing. This was all part of the plan to keep you under someone else’s control. You are now breaking free of this control, and for this, your society will experience a boom of rapid development that none of you have seen throughout any of your recent incarnations here.
    Your world can, and will, be completely transformed with a little help, but all due to your efforts to inform yourselves and to take action against those who have oppressed you so. Do you now see how important it has been all along to educate yourselves to the inner workings of your societies, whether this information was given to you through the six o’clock news or not? It was up to you, no one else, to find alternative sources of this vital information and act on it, and act on it you have. We are very proud of each and every one of you for these efforts, and assure you that you will receive the reward for such work very shortly.
    We see many areas being broken down once we begin our many projects together. Not only will you be reunited with your human brothers and sisters who have been so separated from each other for so long, but you will also be reuniting with your stellar families you have also been long separated from. This will truly be a family reunion on many levels, and there are many surprises in store for you along the way.
    We are very pleased at the efforts of so many of you who are paving the way for our arrival, and we wish to thank you at this time for your hard work and determination to change your world for the better. Your efforts will pay off, you can be assured of this, and every member of your human family will benefit greatly from your commitment today.
    Again, we would like to get underway with these many important projects as soon as is possible, and we see the paths being cleared satisfactorily according to our schedule. You will soon see the initiation of certain key events that will trigger the launch of many simultaneous projects, and it is these projects that will bring us all together in a peaceful and mutually beneficial cooperation.
    Please continue to inform you brothers and sisters that there is no reason to fear us and our arrival, as we are only here to assist our human family make the many needed advancements that will see to the improvement of lives everywhere across your planet. The time for change here has come a long time ago, but you were denied this opportunity. You will not be denied any longer.
    We are counting on many of you to see the upcoming arrests of many members of your criminal Cabal as a very positive sign of things to come, and we wish to ride that wave of positive energy and make our introductions to the people of your planet. We need your help to make this project a success and we are confident you will rise to the occasion as you have so often done. You will not be alone in your efforts as a mighty ally will be joining you, which are portions of your media companies. For decades these media outlets have been used as a very powerful means to control you, but now some of them will use their power to help free your people from the clutches of the dark ones. We see this alliance between two powerful forces, you the people and your media, as an unstoppable force that will spell the end for the rule of the Cabal and your isolation from the rest of this universe.
    The free flow of information and idea has always been such a vital concept for your society, and you are about to witness the sheer force of this as the suppression of truth is finally lifted in the days ahead. Your world is set to experience a great leap into the future, and it can almost be said that you will be time travelers journeying to a future time period of your planet. The countdown has begun. Prepare yourselves for liftoff.
    This is sure to be a very exciting period in your history for many of you, and we are excited to be a part of this experience with you. We will do all we can to ensure your safety throughout these changes, and we ask your cooperation in these many projects. This will be a community effort unlike anything many of you have taken part in before, and beings from all over your planet will be contributing in one way or another to achieve the same goal. This has never been attempted before here on your planet, and we are sure your worldwide efforts together will be recorded in your new history books and your story preserved for ages to come.
    We see many of you making your intentions known that you would like to take part in these many projects, and we are very pleased with the reaction the news of these joint projects are receiving. In the days ahead further information about these opportunities will be made clear to you, and all your questions will be answered fully. For now, we will say that many of these projects will take place in many different parts of your world. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will provide transportation to these areas, and you will also be returned to the areas that you live after your work shifts are completed. There will be several shifts within every day, and we see sufficient numbers of you willing to take part in these projects that will enable us to work around the clock towards each project’s completion.
    There will be many different projects available to you, and you will be free to choose the particular project that interests you the most. You will be trained in each field that you wish to participate in, and the skills that you develop will never depreciate in their value, as there are also many other worlds that will require your expertise after this planet is restored to its pristine condition.
    There are many benefits to working with us and we look forward to discussing these perks with you at the appropriate time. These projects will be getting underway soon, there can be no other way, and we look so forward to working with many of you. We see this day approaching quickly on the horizon, and we are looking so forward to meeting many of you face-to-face and being able to speak more personally with you.
    Until then, keep up the fine work you are all doing that will lead you to your next steps to return your world to the paradise it once was. Please allow us the opportunity to assist you in this way, and through our collective efforts we will see the successful accomplishment of our mission.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  3. Arcturian Teachings
    Group Mind Connections
    Suzan Carrol

    Please see Chapters 1 through 5 at:

    Chapter 6

    Arcturians: Jeffrees, our dear grounded one. Do you have a question for us?

    Jefferson: Yes I do. I was wondering why people receive extraterrestrial visitations and forget them?

    Arcturians: Our dear grounded ones forget their encounters with us because their earth brains are geared toward time. The illusion of time between the meetings creates the forgetfulness because their third dimensional thinking cannot understand that they are visiting us at the same “time” that they are living their mundane lives. The third dimensional concept of time does not allow for multiple realities in which two realities are running within the same “time” period. Once our grounded ones return their consciousness to that of the NOW of our ONE, they will remember all their encounters. Within the ONE, they can remember many encounters all within the same moment. This is because their multidimensional consciousness does not have the time limitations of your third dimensional brain.

    Jefferson: You are on a higher dimension, so you have more of an emotional, intellectual body type, right? But how about the physical contacts we have, face to face? Why do we forget such tactile sensations such as visual imprints and feelings?

    Arcturians: There are very few meetings in which we Arcturians lower our resonance to the frequency of third dimensional Earth, as that frequency of reality is very uncomfortable to us. Therefore, we usually communicate with our earth ones through their consciousness, during dreams or meditations. Sometimes we bring our grounded family aboard our Ship. However, because their sleeping and meditating consciousness is so much higher than that of daily life, they often forget that experience until they again hold that mundane state of consciousness. Do you understand what we are saying?

    Jefferson: Yes. How about meetings with Galactics whomeet with us physically? How come we forget such encounters? Are they purposefully erased from our awaken state?

    Arcturians: Most of the meetings are done by proxy, which means that a go-between person is used to collect the information from the higher frequencies and then translates it in a manner that humans of the third dimension can understand. Many of the physical meetings were not really physical. Instead, the human one blinked into the higher dimensions and did not realize that they did so. Therefore, they think it happened on the physicalplane, but in reality it was in a fourth dimensional resonance. Because the meeting is a reality slightly higher in frequency than the physical, a very long meeting can appear to only encompass a short period of physical time.

    Jefferson: That is interesting!

    Arcturians: These encounters are not erased. Instead, they are stored in your multidimensional mind. They will not “fit” into your human brain as the frequency is too high and your third dimensional brain cannot read the memory. Instead, the memory may be experienced in the third dimensional mind either as anxiety or depression, because the brain is being taxed to its limit by the higher frequency experience. If the grounded one surrenders to these uncomfortable feelings by calming their mind, a feeling of bliss will replace the anxiety and depression.

    Jefferson: Wow, that explains a whole lot!

    Arcturians: This is the reason why we are telling our grounded ones to consciously download and integrate your Multidimensional Operating System. This mental operating system is far superior to the third dimensional, sequential system. The higher dimensions do not operate in a sequential manner. They operate in circles, just like light travels in circles.

    Jefferson: Can I conclude that our memory has a reading, interpreting, remembering capacity that is equivalent to our level of consciousness and vibrational frequency?

    Arcturians: Yes, that is absolutely correct. This is also the reason why it is so important to raise your consciousness beyond the limitations of your 3D reality.

    Jefferson: How can one consciously download a more advanced operational system? Can they do it by meditating everyday, following their heart or how else?

    Arcturians: Once your consciousness is expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, your expanded perceptions will be activated. Hence, you will be able to perceive the higher worlds. However, it often takes multiple experiences of inter-dimensional travel before you can become adept at calibrating your perceptions to the frequency of your consciousness. It is then that you will begin to really remember your many meetings with us, as well as your own true multidimensional nature.

    The downloading of your Multidimensional Operating System is best accomplished by simply allowing yourself to surrender to the multidimensional light and unconditional love that you can perceive with your Third Eye and feel with your High Heart. The light is more directly perceived through your Third Eye and the love is best felt within your High Heart. It is through combining your opened Third Eye and High Heart that you can fully receive and translate your message from the ONE. Do you have another question?

    Jefferson: Would you please explain the idea of High Heart and lower heart? Many people think they only have one heart.

    Arcturians: Your human heart is the pump that allows your life-blood to flow through your system and keep your body alive. Its beating symbolizes that you are alive and its lack of beating symbolizes that you have died. Your High Heart is in your Spiritual/etheric field, and it holds your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love. You can see on some of the pictures of Jesus, the heart with the inner flame. This is the High Heart. Your physical body holds only one heart, but you are much more than your physical body. Your physical body is merely the anchor that allows your great multidimensional being to experience life on a third dimensional planet.

    Jefferson: I’ve heard the word ATMA before in oriental, Middle Eastern, spiritual literature, perhaps in the Bhagavad Gita. How do you define that word ATMA? Is it a sort of Oversoul, a sort of higher entity, or a sort of demi-God?

    Arcturians: The ATMA is the holder of the Divine Intention of your first eight cells. Within you is a file, like a computer file that will open whenever you are experiencing unconditional love. This unconditional love can read this file and help you to remember all the Wisdom, Power and Love that is within your Multidimensional SELF.

    Jefferson: Do you mean that the High Heart is the same as our physical heart, but used for greater, nobler purposes?

    Arcturians: The High Heart is not within your physical body, but within your aura, and yes it is the means by which you can pursue your most noble purposes.

    Jefferson: Do you mean our Higher Self is not in our physical body?

    Arcturians: Yes, it is the same thing. Our Higher SELF and High Heart are like the butterfly that is always within the caterpillar, but it is not obvious until the moment of transformation.

    Jefferson: I would now like to talk about being on a Star Ship so that our readers can get a feeling of how it might be to meet you on a Star Ship. You said that sometimes you bring your grounded family aboard your Ship. I know that Suzille has been on the Ship, but have I, Jefferson, been there?

    Arcturians: Yes, you have been aboard our ships before, which is why you have such curiosity about the higher worlds. You cannot totally remember your experience because the human brain usually creates a cover story about the experience. This cover story is not about being on a Star Ship, but is somewhat related. For example, once our grounded one dreamt that she bought a new truck and drove around in it. In reality, she had ridden around in a Star Ship. The Star Ship ride memory is still not too clear to her.

    Jefferson: For the sake of an example I will use myself to understand the processes. So how did it happen to visit you last time? Did I go to sleep and then appear there the next moment, or did my guide take me to your Ship?

    Arcturians: Your human form was asleep when you came, and, yes, your Guide did bring you.

    Jefferson: Wow, that is awesome. When did that happen?

    Arcturians: You can ask your guide to tell you what happened. That will be a good opportunity for you to think in terms of your Multidimensional Operating System.

    Jefferson: Oh, okay, but in general, when people go to your Ship, what sort of activities are they engaged in?

    Arcturians: It happened within the NOW. We know that this is very difficult for humans to think in terms of timelessness because your life is so ruled by time. However, there are certain things, such as visits to the higher dimensions that only happen outside of time. We could give a correlate date of, say, a month ago. However, that would not be correct, for how can you compare “time” in a flowing river with time standing on the bank watching the water flow past?

    Jefferson: Can you speak on the activities that are usually presented for the visitors?

    Arcturians: When they enter the Arcturian ships, they usually go first to the Restoration Chamber. The Restoration Chamber heals their physical, mental and emotional ills and allows the astral body to adjust to the higher frequency of the Starship. Your astral night-body is only fourth dimensional, whereas our Ships are fifth through eighth dimensional. Because of this discrepancy in frequency, the frequency of your astral body will need to be raised by entering the Restoration Chamber. On the other hand, if you have meditated to merge with a component of your Multidimensional SELF who lives on the Ship, you will more easily adapt to the frequency of our Ship. Once you are refreshed from the Restoration Chamber, you are guided on a tour of our Ship. Of course, not every area of the Ship is open to the visitors.

    Jefferson: Now…I wasn’t expecting to hear that…that is sweet! There is a procedure well thought out so that the interaction can smoothly take place.

    Arcturians: There are personal living areas, places where people are working and areas where a visitor would compromise technical operations. Some visitors only go to the Restoration Chamber and then return to Earth to ground their wonderful experience. Members of our crew also go to the Restoration Chamber when they feel a need. They can, also, go to the Stargate Portal where they can instantly visit their Homeworld. They leave the Ship “outside of time.” This means that no matter how long they are on their journey, they are only off the Ship for a few seconds.

    Jefferson: Do the visitors to your ship get to hear your public relations and spiritual messages?What could have happened to me as far as activities?

    Arcturians: There are indeed “classes” that our visitors can attend. However, they “sign” up for them, as there is a level of dedication that is needed for that process to expand their consciousness. Again, they are out of time in that they only leave their physical reality for an eye blink, but experience a sense of “time” on the ship. In reality, there is no time here, but the concept is difficult for grounded ones. Therefore, they often “make up” a sense of time.

    Jefferson: I see.

    Arcturians: Experiences are totally dependent on the intention and desire of the visitor. When our channel enters the ship, she desires to know the Ship like a crewmember knows the Ship. You, on the other hand, wanted to ask questions and gain answers. The answers are often beyond the limitations of your third dimensional brain, but they are stored in your Multidimensional SELF until you are able to “read that experience.”

    Jefferson: Oh lovely, thanks. A grounded one, as you refer to it, is a person that before incarnating had ties with the Arcturians? Or can it be anybody who enjoys the UFO phenomena? (Considering that you spoke of a level of commitment to access different levels of interactions)

    Arcturians: A grounded one is any Multidimensional Being who holds a physical vessel. Please remember that ALL Beings are multidimensional. Therefore, every grounded one is actually a Multidimensional Being. It is only on your third dimension that this fact is not known. Our Ship is biological and communes with every visitor. It is a living being who can read the thoughts and feelings of all the visitors and crewmembers. It totally cares for itself and for those who visit and live within it. In fact, our Spaceship feels more like a planet than a vessel.

    Regarding the commitment level that you spoke of, we have no third dimensional rules of deserving. The signing up for the classes is an action of dedication to SELF that the ones attending the classes need to recognize. It can be difficult for some to “sign up” for a class because they don’t believe that they deserve such an honor. By asking them to sign up for the class they must face their own insecurity. Often, they will enter the Restoration Chamber to heal the source of that wounding.

    Jefferson: Wow. Amazing!

    Arcturians: We appreciate communicating with you, and will be honored to return for more conversations.

    Jefferson: It is been a great pleasure and honor to talk to you today Arcturians! Fly high in the sky until 3D time allows us to meet again in this or any other ways. I can’t wait to ask you more next week.

  4. Ascension Calling 247 Spirit Train Riders!!!…

    **Wanderer of the Skies** February 18th 2012.

    Greetings from the Federation: Today we speak of a quickening which is occurring at every level of your reality. It is not a “quickening” of time as you may believe occurs. Sometimes, this is just the way of your perceptions, and not of the “reality” of time itself. Rather, we speak of a quickening of all that underlies the reality fabric of your world.

    Great noises are being heard in your skies. They are real, they are happening, and they are part of this quickening process. It is becoming abundantly clear to those in power that all they have seen in their time technologies is becoming a reality around them. These noises are another level of the advancements towards the process which will bring about the lasting changes you have been waiting for. But these changes will not come in great quantum leaps. They will be gradual, but undeniable.

    The quickening will also affect the way communication is achieved in your reality on every level. You will sense more and more and need less and less speech to convey meaning. Your technologies which assist you in communications are also undergoing changes of their own. Another “break through” technology will be announced shortly that will affect the way radio waves are communicated around the globe.

    Thought creation into physical reality has also been affected by the quickening. The time between the creation of the thought form and its display in third dimensional reality has become shorter such that you will now be able to manifest those intentions on a much more effective scale. These are some of the benefits of higher dimensional existence which are coming your way.

    And as these changes take hold in your reality and your collective mind set becomes attuned to them as “natural” and “everyday” occurrences, we can begin our process of Disclosure as well. Many things must come into play for these things to occur. We are readying ourselves for the next phase of our planned strategy for disclosure. It entails many more things than can be explained here. However, you can expect a more personal approach to our existence than you have been used to in the past. The rest will unfold on its own.

    Expect a major announcement in the financial markets which will, at first, seem unrelated to anything you have been following. It will ultimately prove to be the heralding cry that begins the first of many changes in major areas of your reality in a cascade of occurrences which will be the norm for the coming months.

    Keep always your heart and your love in the forefront. Carry them forward and they will return to nourish you and protect you throughout these trying times. We remain always in awe of all of you and your abilities. We are but a thought away.

    Be at peace.


  5. **Shimmering Ones** message for Feb.18th
    Channeler: Karen Doonan

    Greetings dear ones, we come to guide and support as you now begin to move in vibration and cast off the veils that have held you in place for aeons. We are the Shimmering Ones and we come to guide and support you all as you now move beyond the veils and begin your journey back to SELF.

    We embrace you in the colours of gold and purple and we ask that you breathe in these colours as you read our guidance. For all is vibration and all is perfect. Process all of our words through the heart and FEEL the vibrations change and shift as you begin to hear SELF for we are you and you are we.

    We are here for each one of you as you now begin to realise the strength that you posses and the strength that YOU ARE. Many are now able to reach out to those around them and hold the space for the growth of the human race. All are now moving at speed towards the energies that are heightening, at times this may feel as if it is going too fast, too soon but all is perfect and we guide once more that you are at the helm dear ones. The sensations you feel as you unlock levels of SELF your guide to the next part that unfolds for you. We guide for each one of you to BREATHE, the breath is the tool to use during the next few days as all around you begins to shift and to move once more. Remember dear ones, it is not only your vibration that alters at this time, mother earth is also shifting and the synching between you and mother earth is vital.

    We ask that you go within often and listen to your heart, for all that is needed is anchored within you, it is encoded into your being. We ask that you listen to the heart and question all that you do not recognise for it may be shown to you in other ways. Each one of you may use a different way to connect to the realms that now gather around you and we guide for you to realise and accept this. Look not to your fellow human and wonder why they can hear but you are deaf for perhaps you can see, do you understand our guidance?

    Each one of you has a skill that is more honed than the other but all can come into balance. Many of you are unable to use your eyes for you have viewed much trauma over lifetimes and timelines. Clearing of the trauma will see the gift of sight returned and we guide all to process this. If you are unable to hear your guides and your star brothers and sisters again this may be trauma from other lifetimes and timelines, going within and allowing the healing to begin will allow the gift of hearing be returned to you.

    The soul is in charge of the unfolding of the new for you each have had conference with your soul within the energies of the new. Those who are now taking up their posts in the space holding of mother earth have awakened to the depth that is needed and they will guide and support those who now are awakening and learning to hear and see once more as children of the universe. We guide for you all to realise that all is perfect and detach from the dramas that seek to keep your eyes sealed and your hearing dull. We guide for you to detach from comparison to other humans as those around you are not YOU.

    Much is now shifting and changing for all of you and we guide for you to ground your energies for that which you call home is also a teaching of distortion, home is your planet of incarnation it is not the bricks and mortar that the teachings taught you. We guide this for you to see the veils that are now trying to show you that all is same. There is no same dear ones for energy always is shifting and moving and finding balance and that is becoming more and more apparent to those now in the flow of the new energies. Do you see the patterns within your very BEing? Do you see how the energies form and shift and shape and do you recognise the cycles that are within you? we guide for you to take note and to work with all the energies. Frustration will arise when you are out of sync with the cycles, frustration will arise when you try to move forward when the energies ask that you take time out to grow and cleanse and clear. For all is not DOing, you are human BEings and we guide for you to acknowledge, absorb and anchor this TRUTH. Many are feeling high frustration and are building this frustration by constantly DOing, we guide for you to look to these teachings of distortion and allow them to dissolve.

    Frustration working to show you that which you are not clearly able to see and we guide for all to go within and ask to be shown when frustration begins to rise. All that stands between you and the dream that you create are the boundaries put in place by the teachings of distortion. We are here to guide you through these and we ask for you to reach out and connect with us when you need us. For we are here with you reading our words and we are around and within you for we are you and you are we.

    That which is termed old energy will now be on the last stages of clinging on, more and more humans able to dream the new dream will see the old hanging on by the fingertips and we guide for you to spare no thought to the old, for thinking is the tool that was used by the old to keep you contained and suppressed. We note that many are caught in this tool of distortion and we guide that logic and thinking is not how to move within the new energies. Be guided by how you feel regardless of how it looks to your eyes and sounds to your ears for both are still being worked upon and cleared as you move through the unlocking of levels of SELF process.

    That which you cannot see but can feel may also give rise to much frustration and you try to find a way to prove to yourself that what you feel is real. Do you see the paradox? Do you see how the seeds of the teachings of distortion can move in and multiply when you reach this step? To allow all to dissolve we ask that you begin the process in FAITH and TRUST of SELF. Your SOUL took you to this planet to learn, expand and grow and your SOUL is now your guiding light in this voyage of discovery of SELF. TRUST is grown by asking and by observing and responding. This is not a process that is viewed and not interacted with, clearing is only done by allowing all to go. Thinking is not the way forward for the mind will always look to the paradigms it was given to function within. We guide that often the learning and accepting comes after the clearing, the allowing of the dissolving of the old giving way to a clarity of vision that would have been impossible to have prior to the dissolving. Do you see our guidance? Do you see our analogy?

    The need to be within the heart ever uppermost for more and more humans. We guide for all to reach out to one another and to hold the space for this clarity, hold the space, do not lead, do not preach just hold the space knowing that all is perfect and watch as all transforms. The new is not leading, the new is not preaching, the new is not learning it is remembering. We ask that you go within into your heart and allow the memories to surface.

    We are the Shimmering Ones and we walk with you into the new energies and the unfolding of the new earth. For that which was promised is delivered, that which was foretold is being formed and we ask that all begin to see with the clarity of vision that comes from allowing the dissolving. The teachings of distortion may be familiar but they are not TRUTH, that is found within, we are honoured to share this journey as you begin your road home. We are the Shimmering Ones and we send you much love and many blessings as you begin your journeys.


  6. Last nights dreams were insane. I met this man who was supposed to become some kind of ‘affiliate’ and then I was shown my ‘future’ and my ‘role’ when the SHTF. But it was just flashed in front of me, like a fast forwarded movie, so I remember nothing. Wow…………..

  7. Thanks!

    and hellooooo to all the Spirit Train riders 🙂
    been buried in work, literally hibernating, for so long and haven’t been online much for a couple of weeks. So much to catch up, I doubt I’ll manage… hoping you are all gorgeous and happy!! ~*❤*~

  8. Ah, my dear friends…. Being here once again feels like taking a soothing drink of fresh, cool and pure water….

    I have missed you guys!!

    To tell you the truth, I’m not sure why I haven’t been around, suffice to say things have been difficult buy hey, it comes with the Earth experience.

    How has everyone been? 🙂

    • Ah yes, I read that wonderful message today on the 2012 Scenario, thank you dear friend 🙂

      I have always followed and appreciated Hilarion’s guidance, I strongly feel that he is a part of my ‘collective guides’ so to speak. His guidance is dearly appreciated!! 🙂

    • thanks for sharing Tauno! his words are always so timely and wise, and he is so gentle and loving – very relevant message for most of us at this time! x

  9. Dear Ashtar did the same thing for me, Tauno, one night as I was laying in bed to go to sleep. Out of nowhere, millions of tiny lighted energies formed together into the smiling, Lighted face of Ashtar. It happened out of nowhere and it was so intense and so real!! That really reignited my Loving relationship with Ashtar.

    It is wonderful how these beings are coming directly through our veils to communicate with us!! 🙂

    • That is true, dear Wes. You reminded me an experience that I had one morning when I woke up. my name appeared and was hanging in the air, it was a weird vision…I have many similar examples …. I even saw an Angel flying up when I woke some weeks ago
      Dear Steffie, I am glad that you resonate with this, at this time we need someone to tell us that our efforts are worthy and every one of us is as important as the others …it is important to feel the Oneness with ALL THAT IS
      Love and Light

  10. Me too dear friend. I have seen it a lot of times so far when I wish for my mood being high or to use it as an explanation tool for others (-_-)…

  11. Message from the Galactic Federation of Light

    You want answers. Please quite yourself for a moment. There will be certain events unfolding within the next few days that will alter the course of your lives on Earth. The mass arrests we have spoken of will begin in earnest, and we would suggest you prepare yourselves for this. We see some disruptions to some services, but not many as these beings are taken into custody, and we would like all of you who have informed yourselves of the importance of these events to share this information far and wide and also educate others as to their relevance.
    Be on the lookout for the initiation of these arrests that shall begin very soon. Our Earth allies are in place and are prepared to undertake this massive endeavor. Large numbers of men and even some women will be taken out of your society and into custody where they can no longer interfere with your lives and the proceedings of the events set to unfold in your world.
    We would like you to know that great sums of time and effort have been put into the planning stages of these proceedings, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like at this time to thank all our allies in the field who have dedicated so much of their lives to seeing this plan blossom. Humanity will be set free upon these arrests and this we feel is certainly a cause for celebration, and it is celebration we would be very pleased to see. Celebration will help to create the necessary energies that will allow others to feel what this event means to them, as many may be puzzled and even frightened by these proceedings.
    There is nothing to be frightened about. These arrests are an important step on your way to ascension and you, as a society, will immediately begin to reap the benefits of their success. Many arrests will occur simultaneously, however, some arrests will follow on successive days. We will do our best to see to it that no disruptions to these arrests are made by outside influences such as the portions of militaries that have not aligned with the plans for your new Earth. They will also be dealt with in due time, but for now, we will simply keep them neutralized so they cannot thwart any of these proceedings.
    We always have your safety in mind as a top priority, and we strive to see to it that no harm ever comes to you. Be advised, the cabal wishes to interfere with these arrests even though many of their ranking officials have agreed to surrender to authorities. They will fail at any attempt to stop or slow these proceedings, and we will see to it this is the case and protect our Earth allies and the public as to the best of our abilities.
    Keep your eyes to your media outlets. It will soon become clear to you which companies have agreed to cover these events and which ones declined to be a part of this coverage. This will also give you a clue as to which media companies have agreed to align with your new system and even give you some insight as to which media companies will assist in the coming disclosure announcements. In time, we see all media companies complying with the new direction, but for now, the few who have made the commitment will suffice and we thank the men and women of these companies greatly for their courage and commitment to assist in the implementation of your new system.
    Your new system will begin to come online within days of the removal of these obstacles who have thwarted every attempt at the initiation of the programs necessary to implement your new system. This is why they are being removed from your society, as we saw no other choice as their stubbornness and arrogance saw no end. This is the bed they have made for themselves and now they must lie in, and it will be quite some time before many of them achieve the necessary restructuring they need to again enter a society freely. We will make sure of this, as other souls need to be protected from these dark hearts.
    Your society will also be shielded from these planners and schemers and be free to flourish to heights never before seen on your planet. To reach this goal, many changes will need to be made that will seek improvements in every conceivable area, and these changes will begin immediately upon word that a suitable number of these dark ones have been taken into custody.
    The charges against these individuals will be varied, and there will be many charges levied against many of them. This will ensure they cannot wriggle their way out of these proceedings and reenter your society and once again wreak havoc on your systems. Please give us your support and demonstrate this support to others who will not immediately understand these proceedings, and take the time to inform them what they are all about and how their lives will now improve dramatically now that those who have plotted and schemed against them for many decades have been removed from their positions of power. Assure them that all is well, and in fact, have not been better for many long years and that your society will now reap the many benefits that can now safely be made available to you.
    We have a long series of projects lined up that are ready for implementation, and we know many of you will be quite pleased and excited at what is in store for you. You will receive a new financial system as the old system of corruption will now see its last day with the removal of those behind its corrupt mechanics. Your new system will be based on equality and fairness, and each and every one of you will enjoy the natural flow of abundance that is rightfully yours and has always been. The men and women who you will soon witness being taken into custody have successfully plotted and schemed to keep you from experiencing your natural state of abundance, but upon their removal you will now receive what has been denied you for so very long.
    We will discuss with you further your new financial system in due time, but let us today focus on the removal of these dark ones from your society. Stay alert and remain vigilant for the launch of these arrests as prior word may not be given to you. We will say that we, as well as our Earth allies, have given our signals that we are all set to move ahead with the operation and we see no delays or stoppages to our mission. Again, your safety is always a top priority with us and we will be on guard for you at all times and protect all of you as best as we can.
    Please inform as many as you can as to the nature of these arrests and what they mean to your society as to strengthen the impact of them, as the many projects scheduled to follow depend upon the mindset of your people. We feel the momentum created by this event will be sufficient for us to launch the follow-up programs, and under the proper circumstances they will begin to be initiated immediately upon the conclusion of these initial arrests. Many other arrests will follow as well as the tentacles of the Cabal reach far, but we are confident these initial arrests will sufficiently clear the path for the initiation of the next phases of the overall operation. We promise you dear ones this will be quite a show and well worth waiting for.
    You will be kept abreast of any new developments and other plans for the next phases of the operation through our channels, and soon we will be able to begin communications with you through some of your cooperative media companies. You will be able to witness these arrests for yourselves through certain media outlets, and we advise you to monitor your media and inform your brothers and sisters of which companies begin coverage of this event as it is important as many of you as possible witness these proceedings as this will be the signal that humanity is finally free from their oppressors.
    We wish you all to know this day could not have been made possible without the tremendous efforts of all our agents in the field that we respectfully refer to as Lightworkers, and each and every one of you who have worked so hard to clear this path to your new reality. We thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to bring change to this world, and promise you that you will reap the rewards of all your efforts.
    Keep in mind as you proceed into the coming days and the events they will have in store for you that we wish you to remain calm and balanced and to respond to the call to assist your fellow human family members if fear shall overcome them upon these arrests which may be startling for some. Not all will react to this news as good news, as many will see this as a bad sign or a rude awakening from their slumber. We ask you, our Lightworkers, to do what you can to calm others and reassure them that all is well, for indeed it is. Your planet is now on a firm path to ascension, and you will soon be welcomed into your Galactic community. This is an honor, and with this honor comes many new responsibilities and we wish you to know what this entails.
    Firstly, as a member of a Galactic community you no longer possess the option to settle your differences with war, as war has never been a viable option. All of your differences shall be handled democratically, according to a proper discussion of the opposing viewpoints and a vote. There will be men and women overseeing your affairs who are highly trained and skilled to see to it that all your differences are handled in the proper and peaceful manner. There shall be no other means to settle your differences permitted if you wish to remain a member of your Galactic community.
    Secondly, all the pollution of your world must be purified, and no further polluting of your planet will be tolerated. We will supply you with the technology and the training necessary to accomplish this goal.
    Furthermore, we must insist that you all begin to treat each other with the respect you all deserve. Racism, bigotry, and hatred on any level is not suited for worlds that are members of the Galactic community, as this sort of behavior can be seen as a virus or plague and cannot be allowed to spread throughout this and other worlds.
    The planets you will be joining in a peaceful and cooperative alliance have themselves shed their 3rd dimensional skin, and have experienced similar challenges and tests just as you have. To permit their worlds to fall backward after they have come so far because we allowed worlds who continue to exhibit signs of lower dimensional behavior to interact with them would be a dereliction of our duties as one of the management teams of this galaxy. We are sure you understand this, and we are certain you will agree that once your world enjoys the advancements of a Galactic society that you too will not wish worlds that may have the power to destroy all you have accomplished to interact with you.
    Please understand, we do not wish to control you or force you to do anything you do not as a collective wish, and you do possess a choice at all times to withdraw from the Galactic community and once again isolate yourselves and be quarantined until you once again decide to make a commitment to higher dimensional ideals and virtues. We are confident that once you begin to experience what it is like to be a part of the Galactic community you will make great effort to maintain your communities and to continue to advance as a Galactic society. Not only will your world receive the benefits of advancement, but so too will you, as your programming will be advanced and you will enjoy many new attributes of your physical vessels. We look forward to assisting you in making this great leap from an isolated third dimensional world to a fifth dimensional Galactic civilization, and we are honored to be permitted to be your guides for this momentous occasion.
    Please work with us as we do all we can to make this as smooth as a transition as possible, and please remember to look out for your fellow brothers and sisters who may need your assistance. You all have gotten here together, and together you shall continue on into the higher realms of this universe. It has been a very long journey for many of you, and we say to you that all of you have gone through many very difficult experiences and tests of your will and determination. This is why you are the ones here today, as it is you that have demonstrated that you have earned your right to be here at this time. There can be no other way, and you all deserve such credit for your achievement to grace this stage today. We salute all of you for choosing to be here through these difficult times, and say to you that your struggles will finally be over for good very shortly as we proceed with the purification of your world.
    Remain patient. We assure you that you do not have long to wait now. The next phase of our operation is about to commence, and you will see just what we have been so busy with for many long months and years. The scope of these proceedings is quite enormous, and we are sure many of you will soon see just why none of this could be rushed and patience was instead called for to see the desired outcome achieved. These many investigations and legal processes took many thousands of hours of manpower, and the men and women of your human family who have taken part and have given these processes so much of their time, effort, and dedication, deserve much gratitude from their fellow brethren, and we see a day soon when you will have the opportunity to make your appreciation made known to them.
    Until then, continue to do all you can on your side of the ball setting the table for these many connected events. We see all the hard work so many of you are doing and we thank you greatly for your efforts to bring about the changes that will clear the path to your new home and your membership within the Galactic community. The benefits of which are great and are many, and we are confident you will clearly understand that all your hard work has been well worth your efforts. Continue on now with your work and expect to see fireworks in the near days ahead. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. You have earned all you are to receive and this is your day, and we wish you to all enjoy it as it will be a day worthy of celebration.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  12. Anchoring the Energies on this Light filled day Spirit-Train-Riders. Breathe In Unity Consciousness… Breathe Out Fear & Doubt! Always remember…

    **You truly are greatly honored**
    02/19/2012 by John Smallman

    Humanity’s intention to awaken is intensifying as the divine energy field enveloping the planet continues to spread its loving influence among all nations, all races, and all religious persuasions. The rhetoric that is reported on the mainstream media does not reflect what is really happening, nor does the constant attention being paid to the areas where war is being waged. Wars are obviously ongoing and extremely painful for those involved in them, but the growth in love planetwide far outweighs the negative energies that wars support and encourage. Focus your attention on the growing influence that this love field is having on humanity, intend that it continue to spread its influence, and make a point of being loving yourselves at all times. You cannot see how effective you are when you do this, but I assure you that the effect you have when you behave lovingly is huge, and it is felt by and influences everyone on Planet Earth.

    You are on Earth at this time because, with divine guidance, you chose to be here to bring all to awakening, and you knew when you made that choice that it was not going to be easy, because you understood that living seemingly separated from the Source of all existence would entail the extreme loneliness of being almost unaware of your own divine connections. Despite that you chose to be here because of your intense love for God and for your sisters and brothers who were apparently lost in the illusion. For making that choice you truly are greatly honored. Know that you are divinely supported in every moment, even though the majority of you do not have any experiential sense of that, and that you will succeed in what you set out to do because it is the divine Will, and in that you are all essential and most effective partners with God.

    To awaken, as you have been told numerous times, is your inevitable and unalterable destiny, and in spite of the doubts that at times seem to plague you, almost crushing your faith and your confidence in God’s Will for you, nothing can or will prevent it from happening. For your own comfort it helps you enormously to spend time daily with your egoic minds switched off, or at least with the volume turned down or muted, because then you can tune in to your intuition and receive the support and guidance that is offered to you by your spiritual assistants whenever you are ready to listen.

    Your intuition is the path to the Light burning deep within you that God placed there to illuminate your way Home. It is essential that you make contact with it so that you can absorb the abundance of Love that it offers you and connect with its guidance, so that in every situation in which you find yourselves you receive the information you need to respond appropriately. Responding appropriately to situations you are faced with strengthens your resolve to behave lovingly – always – and behaving lovingly brings you closer to awakening.

    You are Love, you were created from God’s divine Love field, but most of you have only the haziest notion of what this really means, and so you continue to discount yourselves, and humanity generally, as you allow yourselves to be caught up in the distractions of the illusion. These attempt to convince you that the illusion is real, that it came into existence by chance after billions of years of convenient coincidences, and that there is no supreme intelligence beyond the limited abilities that your most able minds are capable of accessing. This is a collective egoic ploy to strengthen your ego’s hold on each one of you and ensure that you remain unable to discover your divine heritage, by convincing you that you are tiny specks of inadvertent consciousness adrift in a vast and insensitive universe. Fortunately the ego is part of the illusion, and so it too will dissolve and disappear when you awaken into Reality and into the resultant awareness that you are all one with God.

    God has no need of an ego, despite the fearful descriptions in many religious texts that have portrayed a god with a strong and judgmental one, watching your every thought, word, and action, and preparing to condemn you to extreme and everlasting torture if you did not pay him his due respect. And to do that is of course impossible, because his demands upon you are endless, insane, and intended to destroy you, because in that was his satisfaction. It has been an egoic ploy to control you and prevent you from remembering who you really were – beings of infinite power, one with God, existing eternally in divine bliss – thus allowing the ego to continue to exist.

    You made your egos when you chose separation, and they seem to have lives of their own – you often observe them at work in other people! But they are only figments of your collective imaginations, and will, as it were, be subsumed back into you when you awaken. They are the bits of you that think you are separate from one another and from God, the bits that live in fear and loathing, terrified of what they have done. But they have done nothing and have nothing to fear. Embrace them with your love, not by pandering to them and allowing them to mislead you, but by showing them the Love burning within you that accepts them as essential parts of yourselves, even though they are playing rather painfully with negativity and lovelessness, and by showing them that there is absolutely nothing to fear because they too are part of God’s divine creation – the part that tried to hide from Him – and that they too are on their way Home, into the Oneness that is Reality.

    With so very much love, Saul.


  13. & keep in mind that the true message of Jeshua Sananda Melchizedek transcends the limitations of ALL doctrine. We are in the midst of a Spiritual-Awakening that simply can’t be held down by fear based scripture that has been greatly misinterpreted since the ancient world. ‘Jesus’, like many Christed Yogis who have graced our planet, serve as a reminder that ‘the Second Coming’ is not about the return of ‘one’ personality, but rather the masses reclaiming their Birthright of ‘Christ -Consciousness’. Make no mistake about it Spirit Train Riders… each & everyone of you has incarnated at this time to play a critical role in this Divine process. Stand Strong! ~In Light

    **Intend to accept that ALL humans are the divine offspring of God**
    2 19 2012 ~ Jesus through John Smallman

    Love binds us together, gently, sweetly, and eternally, because it is the field in which all of creation has its existence – at one with God. In the illusion hate, violence, conflict, suffering, and disagreement are endemic – a consequence of the choice to be separate from God. Choosing to be separate from God is also a choice to be separate from one another, and that is why those experiences occur; they could not occur if you were at one. But, of course, you are all one, and so choosing to engage in those damaging behaviors directed at others is inevitably a choice to damage yourselves. You think that by attacking or defending you are protecting yourselves against the attacks of others, but it is really only you attempting to protect yourselves from yourselves by attacking yourselves. It makes absolutely no sense at all!

    Within the illusion is it not easy to be aware of this; you experience pain, fear, and suffering that seem utterly real – it therefore seems insane not to take precautions to keep yourselves secure, and very few would disagree with you. But this presents you with an insoluble problem which is that as long as you continue behaving in these simplistic and unrealistic ways, pain, suffering, fear, and insecurity will remain your constant lifelong companions. These kinds of behavior breed more of the same, and they encourage each other efficiently and enthusiastically, thus adding additional support to the illusion.

    Love unites, fear divides. And fear has been the motivating factor in human life for eons. Now, however, this is changing because, over time, some of you have come to realize this, have started to practice love, and have found that largely it works. It is not yet totally successful because so far very few are ready to embrace this new way of living in every moment and situation that occurs in their lives, mainly because they have suffered tremendously and have learned that to trust is to be betrayed. Nevertheless, there are some among you who are practicing loving behavior and attitudes and you are greatly admired in the spiritual realms. You are also greatly admired by those within the illusion who are themselves coming to an awareness that there has to be a better way, and they recognize it when they see you demonstrating it by behaving lovingly.

    This sea change in attitudes and behaviors started slowly as a few thoughtful individuals realized the enormous power of love and began to use it to bring peace and sanity into their lives. Then others asked to be taught these skills. And of course, initially the results were small and local, but like ripples on a pond, the effects spread outwards in ever increasing circles, and now many are aware and are seeking the courage to let go of fear and engage with love. They need only ask their guides or angels for help with this and it will be instantly offered. All over the world examples are being seen of the success that these loving ways are having in bringing about much needed change.

    This sea change has now become a tidal wave that cannot be arrested or diverted, and signs of this are becoming visible all over the globe as politicians and the governments with which they are engaged try desperately to prevent control of their “subjects” slipping from their grasp. However, people are seeing more and more clearly how corrupt the political systems under which they are living have become. They are ready for change – major change – to occur, and they are deciding that now is the time for this to happen.

    It will occur – peacefully – because people are basically reasonable, despite the dishonesty and betrayal so many of them have experienced when they have trusted those who claimed to have their best interests at heart, and they want to bring to an end the dishonesty and corruption that has festered for so long in their governmental systems. They have seen what those traits deliver, and so it is their intention to terminate the secrecy and diversion of attention occurring in public affairs and return to a transparent and open system in which the genuine needs of the people are addressed and dealt with in a fashion that delivers fairly to all involved, bypassing the special interests and secret agendas that have for so long been prevalent and pervasive throughout your governments worldwide. Consequently, they are well aware that only peaceful means can bring about the permanent changes necessary to bring lasting peace and abundance to all on the planet.

    If you want to participate in and be a part of these uplifting and inspiring developments happening across the world by helping to bring them about, then intend to be loving, intend to be compassionate, and intend to accept that all humans are the divine offspring of God, and that they are as entitled as you are to the benefits and joys that He desires you to experience eternally in Heaven at one with Him. Love is invading the planet, It is offering Itself to everyone, and It wants only eternal joy for all. Open your hearts in welcome and allow all negativity to dissolve into the unreality from which it came.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.


  14. Glad to post Greg’s message..they resonate with me a lot, especially lately…
    Today, my father came suddenly in my room and asked me to continue our conversation, then we started to discuss about the Source, the Universal Laws and ETs…he was quite receptive and eager to learn and understand more..later he stared to read some related material and was discussing these matters with my mother who has the same reaction with my far my closest family members…father, mother, brother, sister are very receptive and I feel relief and happiness..really…
    Thank you all for your posts and your dreams, thank you Sanja for your awesome
    Wes, thank you for your blog, is a very beautiful space, same goes for your page too, Sanja.
    Goddnight everyone. See you tomorrow. Love you a lot.

  15. Greetings, I AM Tobaara again, returning to continue our conversation!

    There are many star nations who serve humanity at this point in your process of evolution. However there is much doubt also that they have untrustworthy intentions, intentions that would strive to make contact with you to dominate your race or your planet.

    You must know that those intentions exist but that they are at this point not allowed to enter your realm, they are prevented from reaching you even. This is so as this is a time where humanity is protected for the sake of their ascension and evolvement into a higher consciousness.

    Therefore, interference is not allowed anymore. You have been already too long under the domination of alien races and their time is not over just to hand you over to others who would continue to dominate you.

    However please understand, that this gives you the opportunity to stand up for yourself and end the millenniums of submissive behavior and irresponsibility for your own life.

    All the religions which have subdued you in false teachings and promises must be seen through and you must take your own authority back. This includes the understanding who you really are: a Divine creation, a being of light. The times of slavery are over and in reality you are not what you think you are. This process of realignment to your true nature requires of you a willingness to take on a new self-understanding and thereby to find out your true roots, which means that you must go inside to find out. You cannot go on with your life as usual and just relate to it as something which happens merely outside of you.

    You must start to know yourself.

    Without it you will continue to give all your powers away to the forces who are still trying to dominate you and have turned you into beings with a herd-like behavior, full of consumer ideas and desires, passive individuals who are not able to make their life a creative adventure, but individuals who are unconsciously waiting to be manipulated, abused and destroyed.

    This will continue for you until you seriously start to find out your true roots, discover what you truly are, until you start to ask your heart and live from the creativity of your heart and until you find the innate feeling of your own presence by wandering down from your dominant place in the brain of your head into your heart.

    As long as you utilize mainly your capacity to think in abstract ways, you will be manipulated by those who want power over you. They are therefore indeed your teachers!

    The heart is the only place from which you cannot be manipulated, because it is the place where you are the stage director of your own life. Living from there you cannot be betrayed by “other” forces. Living from there makes your life an authentic life and a Divine Life, as your heart is always directly connected and one with your Divine Source.

    I am here to encourage you to take my advice to your very heart and change your position to become and realize who you are: a powerful being, full of the powers of God who has created you in His own image. A being of unspeakable beauty, light, love and purity.

    Indeed you are not the cattle you have been allowing to be turned into, who is living dependent on what the designers of your life want you to be: obedient to and identified with a consumer’s world and its illusions.

    Turn to the light that is invading now your planet and let yourself to be awakened and enlightened . Become yourself, by withdrawing your main attention from a world around you that has been created by the dominating powers who want you to continue to live an unconscious and submissive life, shaped by things to have and norms how you should look like.

    You are not your body, although you have one. Let this body be at peace and pleasurable, but let it be so by the ruling force of your heart, to enjoy a Divine World.

    A world that is appearing in front of you which is not created from your own heart is a false world. A world of illusion. It is created by your controllers so you do not notice who you are. It is created to disinform you and to distract you from the source of your true happiness. You must have noticed – as you run after things hoping for ultimate fulfillment – that the happiness attained by things is short. It is indeed.

    Because you cannot find your heart in things. Your heart is found by feeling into your own deep of being. That is where you find happiness.
    Enjoy the things of life but do not look in them for happiness.

    Wake up, humanity, beloved! We all desire so much to see your awakening heart, your beauty to unfold, to free your world.

    I AM Tobaara, your friend and being from the 5th dimension.

    Message conveyed by Ute

    Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012

  16. Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 16:53:03 -0500
    Subject: The Change Has Come

    Sam Cooke

    A Change Is Gonna Come lyrics

    I was born by the river in a little tent
    Oh and just like the river I’ve been running ever since
    It’s been a long, a long time coming
    But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will
    It’s been too hard living but I’m afraid to die
    Cause I don’t know what’s up there beyond the sky
    It’s been a long, a long time coming
    But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

    [ Lyrics from: ]

    I go to the movie and I go downtown
    Somebody keep telling me don’t hang around
    It’s been a long, a long time coming
    But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will
    Then I go to my brother
    And I say brother help me please
    But he winds up knocking me
    Back down on my knees
    There been times that I thought I couldn’t last for long
    But now I think I’m able to carry on
    It’s been a long, a long time coming
    But I know a change gonna come, oh yes it will

    Greetings and Salutations;

    I called my last missive, the profundity of all, for a very simple reason. What people think is simple, included so many things that most don’t even factor in. If you didn’t know, I’ll tell you, the bulk of the world’s central banks are owned by the dragons and right now, they are cleaning house. Big execs are finding themselves jobless, the status quo being wiped out. Now that some of the removals are hitting the public, at least the proof is in print. Very little about this stuff has been comfortable, but you know me, the worst the news is, the closer to freedom we all are, and that makes me happy. Hard to know stuff and keep your mouth shut about it. What has been in discussion here was always about the arrival of this ‘time’. This last week included final signatures as the folks in charge prepare to flip this world into something brand new. You are a part of the work to be done and it was always a part of it. It’s not about handing everyone on the planet 100,000 dollars, people need to be working members of the change. The ‘force’ of the changes. You know the old line about teaching someone to fish rather than just handing them fish, every time they get hungry. No one is going to ‘order’ you to do stuff, you have free will and a lot of ideas, you get to use them now.

    The veil is coming down and the wonders will never cease. The drug companies who’ve been dispensing poisons to people are on the their last days. The next system is about living life worth living. Not about you funding your own death. Many of those we consider the protectors of the people are not, they are simply extensions of the secret gov and you will see them go away. The fda and ama, prime examples, Grandma, had it right, she was always suspicious of the new fangled crap on the market, ‘spose to fix this or that. Why think giving the babies cold milk was a good idea? Where was Dr Spock’s mind rolling? I don’t remember nature providing women with hot and cold running breasts. Women didn’t even create bras, so what’s up with that. Some man with a control issue. My own dad had some weird ideas about the power of women, you’d just lose control after they turned their sights on you, as a man.

    I’m watching and listening to everybody’s frustrations being aired out here. Still poof keeps doing those infernal updates, every sunday. He’s crazy, some say. I am one who’s always said, don’t read my missives if they make you nuts, stay buried in the status quo, if that pleases you, You have free will, but don’t come whining to me when everything turns on it’s head and all is plain to see. Things are happening right now and still you prefer to ignore them as tho one thing has nothing to do with the other. Not my fault. What comes now is your choice on how you’ll manage when the unvarnished truth is given you. Not off the internet either, won’t be some conspiracy story, it’ll be the ‘uncut funk’, as george clinton used to call it. Quite the pioneer in ripping the lid off of things….thru music. Information can come to you in all kinds of ways, your job is discernment. It’s like understanding that parents do lie and everything they told us was not true, they were opinions, and opinions are not facts. We must all become adults now. I know not the moment they engage it all but I do know it’s at hand and then I’ll go silent and no further input from me. Have fun, I’m outta here.

    Love and Kisses,


    Lord James of Blackheath FOUNDATION X UPDATE February 16 2012

    CNN: Arrests made in Italy after discovery of $6 trillion in fake U.S. bonds

  17. Montague Keen, February 19, 2012 [This message today strikes me as being quite special. ~J]

    Posted on February 19, 2012

    My dear Veronica, as I told you this week, the Sword of Truth is cutting through all the corruption and exposing it. You received a copy of David Icke’s new book, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. This book covers everything you need to know, to help you to see and understand the prison you are living in and the methods used to keep you in this hypnotic prison that you had accepted as your lot in life. It is good to see many breaking free of it, finding their voice to say “NO MORE! We will no longer tolerate your domination.” The people of Europe will lead the way in this, quite soon. It will spread world wide. There is total support for this on this side of life, plus your extended family from other planets.

    We watched your excitement, last evening, as the Andromedan spaceship responded to you. It completed some interesting manoeuvres to greet you. They will physically visit soon. They watch over your planet. They are doing much to restore balance. They need you to understand and accept that you need to learn how to re-establish and use your own power and energy. We look forward to Earth’s reunion with her fellow planets and your Universe being restored.

    There is a need to learn about SACRED GEOMETRY and to understand how important it will become in the Age of Aquarius that you are now entering. Crystals are important also. They will become more energised. You need to reconnect with nature. Walk in the woods: trees are a great source of energy. Walking barefoot in nature, helps to ground you. Consciously see the roots going down from your feet, deep into the Earth. Feel the Earth’s energy returning up through your body to the top of your head to reconnect with the Divine Energy. It is important at this time to remove all fear. Everything to do with fear holds you back. Let it go. See it as an old black cloak that became part of your life. Discard it — it is time to prepare for your new life. All that is dark and evil is being dismantled and will be removed.

    We intend to prevent war in Iran. All other wars will cease forthwith. It will take time for this news to filter down to the masses as it is those who promote war who control your media. They feed you such a diatribe of lies that it makes it difficult for those who are not yet awake to know what to believe. These people need your help.

    Ancient knowledge will restore so much. Instruments and machines were designed to remove man’s connection with the universe and nature, instead of complimenting each other. Soon, it will re-open a wonderful new way of life. Money will lose its power and control over the lives of Man. How such corruption has survived for so long without question’s being asked, is unbelievable. They succeeded in this, only because they controlled your minds through the media, and through wars and religion. When all that is false is exposed, your eyes will open, and you will step into a beautiful future. The true colours of nature in all her glory, that have been obscured from you, will amaze you.

    There is a pernicious type of mind control being used in schools to try to prevent children awakening. This is evil in the extreme. Parents need to talk with their children and lead them gently to the truth. Introduce them to nature, feeding the birds and other wild animals whenever possible. Introduce them to the wonderful energy of the sea which is so therapeutic. Nature is truly wonderful when you learn to connect with it. It is especially good when learned at an early age.

    It is important that each of you learns how to only go with your gut feelings. Do not allow others to force you into accepting that which does not sit right with you, even if ridicule is used to force you to accept that which you believe to be wrong. Your intuition is becoming stronger. It will not lead you astray, your survival depends on it.

    We have many plans that we cannot disclose as yet. Restoring a planet that has been under corrupt rule for so long cannot be done in a day. Careful planning involving other planets, as well as the World of Spirit, is a massive operation, but we do not intend to fail. We appreciate all those on the Earth who give energy to the seeking of truth and are open to it. We are putting certain plans in motion which will speed up the process. We ask that you open your hearts and minds. Be prepared to be excited and exhilarated by what happens. Your families in the World of Spirit are each contributing, so as to enable this to happen as soon as possible. We want to remove all that binds you to the corrupt Cabal: you owe them nothing. You are reconnecting with your roots. Enjoy the experience, for it will bring great joy and freedom.

    My dear, your life becomes more busy every day. We have placed a heavy burden on your shoulders. You must learn not to push yourself. People understand that you cannot respond to the hundreds of emails you receive. It is wonderful that so many good people from the four corners of the Earth are aware and awake, and wish to share this with you. We thank them. Soon, we will communicate our thanks in person. This will happen when all barriers are removed. Be prepared for some surprises. Darling, your real work is just beginning.

    Enjoy things as they unfold, my dear. I am always at your side, just as in the past. My love fills your life. I am your adoring, Monty.

  18. SaLuSa ~ 20-February-2012

    From one day to another circumstances in your world are changing very rapidly. The facts may not be readily available to you, but as the purge of the dark Ones continues you will learn more about it. Our allies along with our backing are progressing very well, and nothing will prevent ultimate success. For example although many attempts have been made to start a Third World War, they have been dealt with and as we have promised you all along, there will not be another war. That message is getting home to those who are the warmongers, and they realise that we are as good as our word. There have been a number of false flag incidents that have been controlled by us, so as to prevent the likelihood of a major confrontation. Some have been too big to be fully concealed, and some details do leak out. Be observant and you will undoubtedly pick up on some unusual reports.

    Clearly we have no wish to engage in battles with the dark Ones, but we have the authority to act on your behalf to protect you. You have indicated your desire to enter a new era where war no longer takes place, and call for world peace. It we will be ensured and enforced if necessary, until those responsible for such heinous acts as war are no longer able to exercise such power. It is a Divine Decree that your cycle of duality ends with war having been totally eradicated, and peace having been firmly established. For too long your rights have been taken away, and the time has been reached for them to be totally restored. The old paradigm is now defunct, and will draw no more energy to sustain it any longer. A new day has commenced that will bloom into its magnificence with Ascension.

    Dear Ones, in light of what we have told you about peace being established, please do not get caught up in fear as a result of the Middle East problems. There will be a sudden end to all confrontations, and those involved will see an event that allows for peace all round. There is no place any longer for nuclear weapons, and they have already been earmarked for destruction. The message is finally getting home that they will not be allowed to be used in any circumstances. Your governments have known about us and the ban on such devices for many years, and are finally realising that we mean what we say.

    We are here to ensure that the Light is supported in all possible ways, without interfering with the freewill choice of Humanity. The Galactic Federation are the peace keepers of the Universe, and where you find us you will find the Light at work. Nothing escapes our notice, and there are no hiding places that the Illuminati and their minions can use to avoid their fate. They have been offered a way out if they resign, but that does not mean they can get away with their crimes against Humanity. There are far greater powers than us who are involved in ensuring that justice is meted out.

    The Galactic Federation has not been more active than it is at present, as the chaos and collapse of the old ways involves considerable cleansing of energies that have been dormant for ages. They will have no place in the higher vibrations that accompany Ascension, and indeed for that reason they cannot impose themselves upon it. The Laws of the Universe are sacred and apply all through it, and we are those who will make certain that they are carried out. It is why that with Ascension no souls can go forward with it unless their vibrations are compatible with it. The choice is still yours, but you must have reached a certain vibratory level to ascend. All souls will have known about it before they came into incarnation, and some of them have no desire to ascend, but wish to add this period in duality to their experience.

    You are on the verge of experiencing an exciting period to see out the cycle of duality, and it will not really commence until you are allowed to live in peace and without fear. You will become free and with abundance and other benefits due to you, will feel a great wave of joy and happiness sweep across the Earth. We shall be openly with you and participate in your celebrations, because it will for you be an historic occasion. We can hear a big sigh of relief pass all around the world, as you enjoy a level of freedom unlike anything you have experienced for eons of time. Go about your daily travels with such thoughts in mind, and know that you do not have much longer to bear the present chaos.

    You are going to learn more frequently about those guilty of crimes against you being forced to resign. Corruption and bribes are endemic in politics and big business, but that will change as in time only those who are trustworthy and honest will survive the cleansing. A stand is now taking place to root out those who have worked only for the betterment of self. In future there will only be souls of Light that will represent you and look after your interests. Such responsibilities should be considered a privilege and honour, and you do have people amongst you that would gladly serve you in this way.

    All of you have spent so may lives on Earth to reach your present stage of evolution. Rich man, or poor man you have experienced all manner of challenges, and today you are much wiser and aware than when you first entered the lower dimensions. That is why so many of you are ready to ascend, as duality has nothing more to teach you, although the experience will serve you well in the future. So even if you are going through trying times now, it may well be the last time lessons in duality are placed before you. Even if you are comparatively young, you will nevertheless have had good reasons for experiencing the end times.

    What would be the point in life if there was no apparent purpose to it. Surely without it there would be chaos and disorder and no real goal to aim for. Whereas it really flows along a divinely ordained path, that will lift Humankind up by giving every soul an opportunity to ascend. So within the chaos a plan for your evolution has almost been completed, to end this stage of it. Then you will enter a another cycle at a higher vibration, with the aim of going even higher.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that we along with others have been given the opportunity to accompany you on your journey home.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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