My wonderful Soul family of the Spiritual Blossom tree.

Title: My wonderful Soul family of the Spiritual Blossom tree.

(As I am writing this title I am thinking of that dreamflight where I was in the back yard with everybody having those young blossom trees in our hands and it was a gift for Gaia)

Hi Spirit Train Family,

This will be a long sharing because so much happened yesterday and during my night of dreaming, so that is why I pour it in an article of its own (funny thing happened, when I was trying to type the word ‘own’ I kept on writing WON). I literally had to make a list; otherwise I would forget half the things I would want to say and write. The comments I make between brackets and in Italic, is what I think at the moment that I am writing the words. (I felt the urgency to write this article today so I am not reading any comments on Spirit Train website until I am done with this one)

First of all I am so glad I found you all and I think we spiritually growing together, and still growing, we are opening and blooming like the wonderful blossom flowers in spring… We are a beautiful, colorful soul family. (So much happening right now, so much emotions and an overload of information, grounding, grounding, sigh…)

To place this in a proper perspective of what happened yesterday and even today, I have to start from scratch (oh …no not from scratch says nuzzle (for the ones who watches kiddies programs with their kids maybe they heard of the alpacas nuzzle and scratch or even watched it).

Ok, let’s start from yesterday morning when I was checking Spirit Train Chronicles if anyone was there (it seems that I can’t write an article without having thoughts about what I am writing. I was thinking maybe we should set up a chat session once a week and pick a time that is convenient for everybody, or they can pitch in later if they want) and then I got that feeling that I was out of sync with everybody, because the real interactions begin when I am @ home and not behind a PC. I felt like I was forgotten. Then I got a reaction from Sunitra feeling the same thing and I didn’t feel alone anymore, and then I got a wonderful reaction from Konstantinos (I understand now in my heart that we are connected and never alone, I just wondering what happened in my previous lives, why I still have those dreams and in waking life, feelings or fears of being abandoned). And then the love came pouring in from my other soul family. Then the day started really good and read some comments of members about seeing “The Eye” in meditations and dreams. As for synchronicity, Troy and me were writing about the “Eye of Horus” at the same time without knowing that, only after we read it. (Watch out for the synchronizations that are coming in this article).

During the day is was reading other spiritual articles, I got the pressure (I think of my guides) to write my dreams down, all of them instead of only the dreamflights I have (I understood later that my dream are a sort of channelings but of course there are more symbols used in it. I don’t know if I am right in this.) But I have to confess I was fighting this feeling, until I gave in this morning. The day went by and around 3 PM it was time for me to go home.

I was kind of late (doing some shopping, and I had to prepare the food before my husband went of to school). As I was cooking I was watching the series next world about future homes: Summary: In the future, technology will transform our homes into dynamic living spaces that adapt to our every need. Intelligent home managers will monitor everything from the children to the morning traffic. The mailbox will screen your incoming packages, and your fridge will reorder its own groceries. You’ll never have to worry about cleaning the floors or even cooking a meal, because robots will do it for you. Worried about the environment or economy? Green homes will purify their own air and generate their own power. Future homes will be marvels of design, constantly adapting to your life in motion. (I didn’t know there was a website for it looks quite interesting and will check it out when I have time. Link: As I was watching, my husband was watching too and we got in an interesting conversation. I asked him what he would do if he didn’t had to be in survival mode, like money, going to work, food etc… He said that first of all, it would make us lazy and second life would be boring. (Life would indeed be boring if you couldn’t do anything but sitting in your home). I think the first one, laziness is a word created by the Christian church to keep us working and keep us from spiritually growing. When I was talking, I got so excited to try to explain that our world is not limited to that. I could see infinite possibilities that can take us a lifetime and beyond to understand. But again, I could still see the 3D boundaries in his head. I told him I never asked him what he would be interested in if he didn’t had to think about what I wrote above. He said he would be interested in science. (Note: In my life in Atlantis I was a scientist, and there my husband was also my partner in Atlantis)

I know it’s long but it is all leading to the dream I had last night. I hope you still bear with me through these events I had yesterday.

It is now, late in the evening, kids are playing, I am checking the comments on Spirit Train Chronicles. I was reading a channeling that time is speeding up but that also what you are thinking is going to manifest quicker. (Last Saturday I went shopping with my family, as we were at the till my husband swiped the smart shopper card for points….and there was something going on in the background…they were giving out prizes…and I was would be nice if someone came to our counter and say that we won something…yes you guessed it…instant manifestation. A few minutes later two ladies come at us saying that we won a shop voucher).

When I was reading the comments I suddenly was watching an advertisement saying: “I spy with my little eye”…it got stuck the whole evening.

I must be honest with you, when I was reading the comments about how you all are blossoming and growing so fast, I felt like I was not moving at all and started to cry. I also wanted to grow like that, doing channeling’s and so on…but because of a trauma issue…that lead to damaging of trust….I thought…instead of channeling a being, why don’t I channel my heart instead (or is this a silly thought, anyway this article is written/channeled through the heart, and boy do I feel it).

Ok, we finally got to the dream(s):

The first dream I had was a long/short dream? The image is that I am sitting in a lotus pose on my bed, under my mosquito net…healing Gaia, I could feel the presence of Gaia there. (It felt like a true event and a dream).

The second dream it feels like I am in Egypt on a market. It is very busy and suddenly someone is asking for my help. There was a boy in the house that needed some medical attention. When I got in the house, the boy was lying on the ground with a broken bloody nose. I called the ambulance. As I was waiting outside for the ambulance, it came and crashed onto a golden car (the same car that I saw in my other dreamflight, but this one was gold instead of red. Also my team leader that day had problems with his car). Now the boy can’t go to the hospital. As I go in to tell the news, miraculously the boy was healed. There were a lot of people there and they invited me to sit on the couch. It felt like they were my family. Then they were organizing some event inside and there was a stage in the form of a white triangle, with different layers on it. They invited me on that stage, but I had to be careful no to fall. (The first part of this dream it feels like a past memory but I am not sure). I am now in a government building and I am helping someone to get his card stamped. But they keep him sending from one end to another without results.

Then I find myself driving to a government prison, they claimed that they locked up monster aliens. I wanted to see them so they opened the door for me. I saw fluffy blue aliens. The one who was the closest to me got scared of me and showed very sharp teeth. But I wasn’t afraid and asked to be let in. They were in a poor condition and I healed them. All three of them.

I am on the market again and somebody was showing me a lined book with something written in black ink. It was an important message to me. But it was a terrible writing, and a lot of strike through words/sentences. The only words I could make out was on the sideline written SaLuSa, repeated several times across the two pages. I know the writing was kind of a story…but the second word that I could manage to read in that story was…Cyclops. Suddenly a green right eye was staring at me from that book.(remember reading your stories about the eye you saw and the advertisement, I spy with my little eye)  I knew that it was my eye staring at myself. Then next to it a blue eye appeared, but not mine. Even though I couldn’t read what was written I got the message that I was important and that they needed me. (Guides?)

After that I woke up, a few minutes earlier before my phone alarm went off. After the alarm I was recapping my dream so that I wouldn’t forget. I was thinking of the meaning of seeing the eyes (after also reading it online) and I was thinking it may present our third eye. I am looking it up now as I write this: meaning: To dream that you have a third eye symbolizes inner vision, insight, instinct or some psychic ability you have yet untapped. You are able to see what others cannot. Or you need to start looking within yourself and trust your instincts. Green signifies a positive change, good health, growth, fertility, healing, hope, vigor, vitality, peace, and serenity.

Then I had another moment of clarity. That we are not limited to this or that. I always thought I was empathy and clairsentience and nothing more. But I see now I have also the healing gift and I am clairvoyant as well. If it is a correct assumption. Anyway when I started this article I felt so agitated and overwhelmed , and when I started with the dream I got more calm an calm. I am now relaxed because finally (I can hear everybody thinking finally) I am at the end of my article, and end of my rope.

I wish you all day full of bright-full surprises.

Love and light to my family.


(ps: I now need some grounding because writing this article shook me up really bad, and I am not kidding. I would also ask, if possible, if someone can verify of some of the impressions I got in this article, it will mean so much to me)

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  1. Hi Lisa,
    well, I can certainly relate to several things you mentioned: the feeling ‘alone’, feeling like I’m not ‘moving’ at all while everyone else seems to be blossoming…
    I’ve been an ’empath’ since I remember existing; in my late 20’s Reiki came my way and only recently did I realize I’ve actually been a ‘healer’ since before elementary school! Of course, I didn’t know anything about healing, but looking back now I understand I was healing, at an emotional level, other kids my age, but also some adults. I can’t explain how it happened, but it did. It was not something I did at a conscious level, but maybe I was doing something or maybe just *being* – I don’t know.
    To me, at this moment, feeling ‘alone’ and ‘not growing’ was really harsh… what if I can’t ascend? What if my guides are talking to me and I can’t listen? What if I can’t help those around me? Why do I send Reiki to other people but seem to forget to use it on myself? Why can’t I heal myself and have to deal with a mysterious chronic illness? What if I fail?! (I have this thing with failure since childhood…) And so on and so on…
    Mostly, this is why I’ve been keeping low this month. I came to realise this was mostly ego getting in the way and karma being played out, so I tried to keep my cool and let things go their way, whatever it was.
    Thanks to Leslee’s guides I’ve also come to know that in the coming months my other ‘gifts’ will became clear to me and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that. I’ve started using pendulums as well and I’m also grateful for that.
    This was a bit long and I’d like to close with a nice sentence, but nothing comes to mind :mrgreen: So I’ll just finish with a simple ♥ ♥ ♥ I love you, Lisa ♥

  2. Hi Lovely sunitra,

    thanks for commenting. It seems that indeed I just have to let it go and go with the flow. But this was something I needed to write, cause it made me sick until I was finished. I know I will ascend and that I am really there but you know sometimes EGO will throw his/her last tantrums before letting go.

    I love you too my dear sister Sunitra,
    We’ll get through this and will see you at the other end.


    • Lisa, I know about EGO, he has visited me many times. I would receive messages and I did not trust that it was from my guides, Jesus, angels, higher-self … Keep in mind that I have just begun to receive messages outside of the dream state or visions. Everyone here have encouraged me, given me guidance, love, support … Leslee said “trust yourself.” Now I am doing just that. I am no longer doubting Thomas. You are growing and blooming, we all are. Some a little faster than others but you will get there. In fact, you are there. So close your door to EGO. I told him, he can no longer reside here. I send you my love and lots of hugs.

  3. Dear Lisa & Suntria!

    I think I need to move to Europe just to get in a closer time zone… I’ll have a word with Umbro about that! 😉

    I share your frustration, and miss you deeply… It seems I’ve had little time for more than those easy quick replies, and I just don’t understand why I have to earn a living and go to work, lol…

    I just got to the office when I discovered this beautiful, beautiful post, and I wish I had a quiet day today, but I don’t… So for now I’ll just say, what amazing synchronicities, my weekend was quite other-worldly too, and I get downright angry that I receive far more information than I’m able to share… Because all of it is awe-inspiring and encouraging!

    We *are* family, on many many layers… we all have roles to play and there’s much to do, but we’re doing wonderful jobs also – both together and individually.
    Anything blue right now, I think it’s safe to say, is related to our Star Families, who are also our Guides, and who previously and currently work with us in many aspects…

    It’s truly mind-boggling. For instance, this morning, I came to understand that Umbro is also incarnated as a being named Gloethe, who is the Spiritual Master of Inner Earth (Adama’s Boss, so to speak)… and he’s also our father, and he’s also 2179 years old… And we each have counterparts “hidden” in Inner Earth, holding space and time and light for others… Meanwhile, we have these mundane lives going on too, which are somehow just as important!

    This is a typical morning conversation for me… I just don’t have the guts – or whatever it takes – to post these every morning, because I’m not sure of the best format, time, way to do it… AS long as I keep reassuring myself, I am not mad, I am not mad… I open up for more to come through.

    I’m delighted to see others beginning to do this as well… Power in numbers! So I can only keep saying: Trust Yourself. Trust Yourself. Let it arrive. Because I’m no different from you guys… I really and truly believe that soon we will all be confidently and constantly feeling our connections to Heart.

    Lisa, you’re right – it ultimately comes from Our Hearts… This is what we have been taught to dis-believe. I’d be willing to bet that each of us has trust issues due to abandonment… especially by our Guides. I still resist the lesson I’ve learned recently, but it was necessary so that we would develop the strength to see through the BS in this world and come to understand how to access Ourselves. That is, after all, what Ascension is…

    Suntria, I did receive the photos, thank you! What an amazing Quartz point! Guardians, I think… 😉 What do YOU think? ;D

    I do encourage EVERYONE to try the pendulum… It is a filter, a lightning-rod, and our training wheels for learning to trust ourselves. Lisa, it is also excellent for grounding! Just hold one and let it sway, watching the tip, emptying your mind… You will begin to hear more deeply.

    Well, I must run, but I hope this makes some sense… Let’s confer on times zones…
    with much love,

    • Hi Leslee,

      I get the same feeling, overwhelmed and angry because I only have two hands to write it down in little time. It would be something else if we didn’t have to work, or having kids…or…or.

      I was reading and reading my article over and over again and I realized that I learn a lesson from this. That is doesn’t mean that you don’t do things the other one’s are doing, you less important. We all now contribute to the ONE, with different aspects, forming ONE again. Some comparison story: my mom said that I would find love eventually and ,that on every pot, fits a lid. Even though the pot and the lid have different functions, but putting it together it works like ONE) So even though we are doing different things, have our own learning curve, doing things in our own way, it is all special and put together it makes great lasagne cooked in ONE pot. 😀

      I will put some pictures up of my crystal/stone collection. I have a pendulum but never used it. Maybe NOW is the time to start it.

      (If you resist, it persists, that is quite right as I was trying to resist the article I wrote yesterday, that gave me pains and right after I finished, it diminished.)

      • You Mom’s analogy is beautiful, Lisa! Yes, I thnk we do a great job together. I’d love to see your crystal friends 🙂 I bet Tauno will know who they are!

  4. More coincidences… Leslee, you were mentioning having to work and have this kind of ‘double life’ and less than 1 hour ago I was talking with my husband about it and saying that the only reason that I don’t quit my job right now is because I don’t know for sure for how long there will be a ‘need’ for work and, of course, I don’t want him to be the sole money provider for the home.
    About the crystal… Guardian crystals? I don’t even know what that is! :mrgreen: well, I guess I’ll have to reach for the pendulum 😉
    ♥ love you guys ♥

    • Oh, I made up the guardian crystal part – I think that’s you in the middle and the small ones are your friends! Could you post the pic on your page?

      • theoretically… yes, I could. In reality I don’t remember how to post photos here (the shame, the shame… -_-i) I now some guidelines were posted some time ago, but I’m too busy and time-pressed right now. Maybe tomorrow? :-/

    • I can really identify with the “double life” thing too… I am grateful my new existence is not being forced on me all at once!

      I believe all energy is intelligent, and if you think about what it means to lead a 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional existence, would that not mean that every grain of sand, every rock, and every molecule of water and air is a collection of intelligent energy? We are never alone, but surrounded by different perspectives of being.

      What do crystals contain? Matter? Energy holding them together? Atoms? Electrons? Intelligence?

      I expect they might be grateful for someone of the higher dimensions to talk to… 😉

      I am often reminded of Chevy Chase in the movie “Caddy Shack.” Be the ball… be the ball… be the ball…


      • Quite agree with you, dear Troy!!! WOW, we think the same at the same time, look at my last post at SaLuSa`s page here /28 march/

      • Dreamwalker, I always enjoy reading what you have to say. You are so wise, knowledgeable and offer a wealth of information. Much love to you.

  5. I felt your words, Lisa and i realized that I am not alone 🙂 Thank you !
    Dear Sun and Les, thank you for sharing your thoughts here. Les, thanks to you I connected the pieces concerning Umbro, Adama and that old man – Gandalf from my dream….here is what I think…
    Umbro speaks to me. He was that Gandalf who appeared twice in my dreams/ in astronaut costume on TULYA in the first dream and with wizard`s gown on OcaTawa in the second dream/….next I heard the name “Adama” in “real” life and I had a vision of a face looking at me /it was in the mountain/….then I saw the same face/Being/ in my meditation/later that day/. Adama and Umbro are trying to connect me….I will try to adjust my monkey mind 🙂 so that to understand the message….
    ( ( SUN ) )

  6. So much Wisdom from you guys!
    You are all a true inspiration for me and I can’t thank you enough for that.
    Thank you Lisa, Leslee, Suntria and Tauno for sharing your personal experiences and thoughts.
    Leslee and Tauno, very interesting revelations! Please continue the beautiful work.
    Lisa, you are trully wonderful and you are moving and growing a lot….same goes for the rest of us. I agree with what our friends said. Trust and honor your Being and don’t hesitate to materialise your greatest vision for your self. YOU ARE NOT ALONE-YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. Thank you for this well written text. Much Love dear friend (-_-).

    • Hi Konstantions,
      I felt so heart warming by your words. I wish there weren’t so many barriers right now, money, time zones, different country. What would it be like in new earth, would we be able to just meet up with one another without these barriers. That would be so awesome 🙂

      • Indeed dear friend, it would be awesome (-_-). We can ask from our Space Families to gather us in the same spaceship and have some time all of us together…or maybe to participate in common projects as partners and create side by side (-_-).
        Much Love to you dear Lisa, to Vee, Tauno and the rest of our common great companions.

  7. Lisa, thank you for this lovely post, know that you are loved and an important part of this soul-family! ♥ ♥ ♥

    I C U


    And if you look at this little guy right here -> 😉 you will see he (it?) is winking. What does this represent but the all-seeing eye? What does this represent but the moment of enlightenment?

    😉 ♥

  8. Hey guys, checking in. I’m at work sneaking to write this note. I can’t wait to read Lisa’s message. I shall return.

  9. Wow, my dear Lisa, what a revelation! Thank you for sharing your experience. The time is NOW. NOW you are manifesting your desires; NOW you are blossoming and growing; NOW you realize you have the healing gift; NOW you know just how important you are and how much you are needed; NOW you know you are a magnificent Being! You are in the NOW. You are so important to me and I love you. : )

    P.S. I’m so sorry this was for Lisa and I wrote Leslee.

    • Vee, you are so sweet! Do you know where I would be without you all? I would be one lonely blogger-pseudo-architect, bored out of her mind and frustrated beyond belief, just chuggin’ along… We are all sooooo working together it really is like a symphony. Much love to you all!
      (BTW, should we go see if Gunner is over there at SaLuSa 3/28 wondering where we all are?) ;D

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