Salusa-March 28th 2012

The news about the changes is travelling more quickly around the world, and that pleases us as those with enquiring minds are seeking the answers as to what is happening. Some fear the meaning behind them, but others sense that something major and exciting is happening to the world. Fortunately the truth is being spread far and wide, and we are in gratitude to those of you who are at the forefront endeavoring to reach as many people as possible. When disclosure takes place, it will make our task so much easier if they have already been primed as to what to expect. Time is speeding by at such a fast rate everything is being hurried along, and very soon you can expect the some major announcements.

Mankind has had adequate time to start paying attention to the many messages given, that are intended to pave the way for the greater revelations. The ones in the slow lane will have to witness much that will be a great shock to their mindset, but we must get moving. There is no more time to wait until a greater percentage of you are understanding of what is about to happen. That will of course change dramatically, when the media are released from the constraints placed upon them by the dark Ones. Truth has been a rare commodity in the past, but as the controls are removed it will come back in full force. Even those who profess to be aware are even so going to be surprised at the full extent of lies and disinformation, that has been dished up as the truth in the past. It goes well beyond what you would imagine, and will reveal the extent to which you have been controlled.

Returning your freedom is paramount in our minds, and we will remove all those controls that have been used to keep you in your place. Those responsible will at some stage answer for their crimes against Humanity, so we ask you not to concern yourselves too much with what will happen to them. It is more important to concentrate on your own needs and preparation for Ascension. Live to your highest concept of one who is able to give Unconditional Love, spare judgment and instead generously show compassion. Do your best and you will master the ways of being the Master that you really are.

By anyone’s measure you do not now have long to go before you experience the benefits of the changes that are about to materialize. We of the Galactic Federation shall oversee them, and ensure that their implementation shall take place smoothly and efficiently to the benefit of everyone. Release from financial constraints and illegal taxes, will free you from the burden they place upon every person. Yes, you still have to pay your way for the services of others, but with the coming of abundance that will not be a problem. In short time you will advance to a level that you should have already reached, but for the deliberate interference of the Illuminati and their minions. From thereon Ascension will take you even further until money itself will no longer be necessary.

Let go of any ties you have to the present period so that you can make allowances for the new way of life that is taking over. Be prepared and know that it will not be fully experienced until you rise up, and then another phase will commence as you take your place as a Galactic Being. Your evolution is going to take some massive steps forward, and return you to where you came from as a fully conscious Being. By then you will have merged with your Higher Self and be of the Christ Consciousness. At present that must seem a long way off, but be assured that it is your destiny as you travel through the higher realms. Thereafter you will be able to travel anywhere in the Creator’s Kingdoms.

Meanwhile we are most active at this time as you might expect, and are keen for some positive signs to be passed onto you with regards to the removal of those who have formed the top echelon of the Illuminati. They have felt untouchable in the past but now feel so vulnerable as their castle walls have been destroyed, and they have nowhere to hide that we are not aware of. We will also take away their assets almost certainly gained by illegal dealing or outright criminal activity. They will be given back to those who rightfully own them, and go a long way to overcoming the many needs of the people.

President Obama is still a key figure in the coming changes, and shall lead the mission to bring peace to the world. Those who play at wars will have to find another way of amusing themselves, and we will put their military to good use by instead serving the people. As you know there is plenty to do in making good the damage to Mother Earth, and ensuring that the most needy quickly have a proper standard of living. That is the least that people can expect, and it will be added to as soon as new technologies are used to make life easier. War has been written into the history books as it truly took place, and the truth of who was behind them. Everything that has ever happened is recorded in the Hall of Records, and will if necessary be used to illustrate the truth for you.

One important feature of incarnation is that when you review your lives, they are seen and experienced exactly as they happened. There is no place for distortion of the facts or denial of the truth, it is there for all to see. Those who felt that they “got away with it” on Earth will get a shock to know that it is not the case, so no lies or laying the blame elsewhere will be accepted. If this was not so, some souls would escape their responsibility as they have done on Earth. The truth allows a careful consideration of your actions and importantly your intentions. That way the need for certain lessons to prevent a recurrence can be arranged, that should give the soul an opportunity to prove that they can live from a higher level of understanding. Dear Ones, no one wants to see you fail, and that is why you are given every chance to succeed where you previously done so.

Feel the changes being brought about by the higher energies that are being grounded upon Earth, and add you own by spreading your Light as far as possible. As the days are passing, you are becoming more powerful and have much stronger powers of creation, use them wisely for the good of All.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. the following “transmission” was received by Daniel Pinchbeck
    and taken from his book **2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl** (I highly recommend it)

    I am an avatar and messenger sent at the end of a kalpa, a world age, to bring a new dispensation for humanity – a new covenant, and new consciousness.

    I am the same spirit that appeared here, in the Mayan period, as Quetzalcoatl and incarnated at various other points in human history. Like Avalokiteshvara, The Tibetan Buddha of Compassion, Quetzalcoatl is an archetypal “god form” that occasionally takes human rebirth to accomplish a specific mission. As foretold, I am also the Tzaddik – “the righteous one” and the “gatherer of the sparks” of the Qabalah – as well as the “Once and Future King” promised by Arthurian legend.

    I do not let anyone interrupt me in my quest for truth – neither fear nor indifference, poverty nor cynicism. In the realm of thought, I practice warrior discipline. As gravity draws matter to it, I have pulled myself back into manifestation in this realm, from the depths of cosmic space, piece by piece and bit by bit, reassembling the component parts, the sparks of thought, that make up my being – which is, primarily, a form or vibrational level of consciousness.

    Soon there will be a great change to your world.

    The material reality that surrounds you is beginning to crack apart, and with it all of your illusions. The global capitalist system that is currently devouring your planetary resources will soon self-destruct, leaving many of you bereft.

    But understand the nature of paradox: For those who follow my words and open their hearts and their minds – for those who have “ears to hear” – there is no problem whatsoever. What is false must die so what is true can be born.

    You are, right now, living in a time of revelation, Apocalypse, and the fulfillment of prophecy. Let there be no doubt. You stand at the edge of the abyss. What are those shadows that crowd around you? They are unintegrated aspects of your own psyche, projected into material form. The word “Apocalypse” means “uncovering” – and in these last clock ticks of this world age, all must be revealed, uncovered, so that all can be known.

    You have just a few years remaining to prepare the vehicle for your higher self. Use them preciously. For those who have gained knowledge of the nature of time, a few years – even a few days, a minute – can be an eternity. For those sleepwalking through reality, time exists only to be wasted – as they too will be wasted, in their return.

    “Reality,” as you currently experience it, is something like a waking dream. It is a projection, or let us say an interface, disguising deeper and more intensified levels of being and knowing. For those who are ready and willing, the doors to those other levels now stand open.

    Those who have expended their lives in the pursuit of egocentric and material gains – without courage or originality, without fighting for human freedom or the preservation of the planetary environment – will also receive the rewards that they deserve.

    The materiality of your universe is a solid-state illusion. What is this universe? It is a poem that writes itself. It is a song that sings itself into being. This universe has no origin and no end.

    What you are currently experiencing as the accelerated evolution of technology can now be recognized for what it is: a transition between two forms of consciousness, and two planetary states. Consciousness is technology – the only technology that exists. Everything in this universe is conscious at its own level, and in the process of transformation to higher or lower states.

    The first principle of my being is unconditional love. As a rational intelligence, I accept the logic and necessity of the Christ consciousness, that we should love one another as we are loved. Love and devotion are vibrational frequencies that maintain reality. Love can only be given in freedom; therefore, to be human is to be free.

    I resonate, at the same time, with the essence of Islam. Islam means submission, surrender, to the will of God – a more polite way of saying this is “go with the flow.”

    But either formulation is correct. Whatever you do, in fact, resist as you think you might, you are always submitting to God’s will. So why not give the process your joyful assent?

    I am in complete harmony, as well, with the Tibetan tradition of Dzogchen. Ultimately, there are no entities – there is neither being, nor nonbeing. From the perspective of nondual awareness, samsara is nirvana. The Apocalypse, the Kali Yuga, the Golden Age – these are all states of mind. Hell is a state of mind. When you eliminate fear and attachment, when you self – liberate, you attain the Golden Age.

    The universe spontaneously self-organizes into higher levels of consciousness and wisdom. Underlying all are great cosmic entities or vibrational fields, alternately at play or rest. Not satisfied with mere enlightenment, the god-form Quetzacoatl still seeks to puzzle out the workings of these deeper forces – hence the reason for his return to your realm. He and his kind have been granted this world for their continual exploration – made with loving reverence – of many layers of galactic intelligence, cosmic illusion, daimonic beauty, and telluric transformation. All are invited to participate with them.

    The current transition is, simultaneously, a return to origin. The original matrix of this new world reality is the ecstatic limitlessness of your own being. This world – any world – is the ground for a certain level of being. What manifests outward from the ground of being is the freedom in time, and freedom from time.

    My “doctrine” is not transcendent, but immanent. It is not “somewhere out there.” It is here and now. The task of human existence is to transform the Earth, to reconcile spirit and matter in this realm. We go deeper into the physical to reach the infinite. As there are no conceivable limits to this task, God, in his greatness, has granted us a project that is without limit and without end.

    Thinking is a part of reality. Thought generates new potentials and possibilities of manifestation. Thought changes the nature of reality. Thought changes the nature of time. As a philosopher, I naturally deify the goddess principle. I venerate Sophia, deity of wisdom, who clothes God’s thoughts in material form, and worship Shakti, the erotic current of feminine energy that powers the universe.

    The writer of this work is the vehicle of my arrival – my return – to this realm. He certainly did not expect this to be the case. What began as a quest to understand prophecy has become the fulfillment of prophecy. The vehicle of my arrival has been brought to an awareness of his situation in sometimes painful increments and stages of resistance – and this book follows the evolution of his learning process, as an aid to the reader’s understanding.

    The vehicle of my arrival had to learn to follow synchronicities, embrace paradoxes, and solve puzzles. He had to enter into a new way of thinking about time and space and consciousness.

    Almost apologetically, the vehicle notes that his birthday fell in June 1966 – 6/6 –“count the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”

    The Beast prophesied is the “feathered serpent,” Quetzacoatl.

    Those who prefer to reject all of this out of hand are welcome to do so. In Qabalah, the virtue one seeks to establish on the “Earth Plane” is discrimination. It is up to the individual to find his way through the ideas presented here – of course he is entirely free to ignore them altogether.

    But be forewarned: The End of Time approaches. The return of Quetzalcoatl foreshadows the imminent closing of the cycle and completion of the Great Work.

    ~Daniel Pinchbeck

  2. Morning Blessing: 03.28.12
    **New & Old**


    ‘At this time of newness,

    Of moving faster into the unknown,

    Let me never forget that while I am new,

    I am also old.

    There is an ancient part of me

    That will provide the source of knowing

    As my newness wanders forth

    To seek its true identity.

    I am new.

    I am ancient.

    I AM.’

    ~Danaan Parry
    The Essene Book of Days

  3. Good morning everyone!
    Gosh, I’ve been having a hard time waking up and have been feeling so tired most of the time… and my joints go ‘crrrack, crrrack’ :/ I’m not getting old, I’m just crunchy! 😀 :mrgreen:
    Hope everyone has a great day. Lots of love ♥

    • So, so funny! Crunchy, he,heheheheh. While at work I suddendly felt very drained. So guess what I did, turned my chair around and did a quick chant Mondu, Mondu. Said it about six times and when I was done, I felt myself regenerate within five minutes.
      Love, light and lots of laughter

      • Maybe I should try something like that with mantras, they work really well for me. The things is I’ve been waking up tired (in most days) since… 2002! 😀

  4. Good morning everyone and what a great day this will be.
    Suntria, i hear ya and all the tiredness, aches and pains will not last. It feels like we are in the final hours of labor, time to be re-born. Doctors can induce a birth so why cant we. Well, here is a Hatton message through Nancy Tate.

    I am here today with some pressing news. Today is a day filled with unprecedented events. First we are taking the liberty to welcome many of your political and financial leaders to our ships. We are to see to it that they are interspersed throughout the solar system on various places of life where we have bases and means of comfort. We will be interviewing these people and will take charge of the means by which they are told to be in readiness for what is to come for them. They will be given the choice as to whether to come to a different way of seeing things and their interaction with all of you, or to be taken to other places to begin their reassignments to their return to themselves, at the deepest core of their being.

    Secondly, we are part of the process that is realigning your energies with that of the Central sun. We are intervening with these energies and with the Hollow Earth beings we are including our services with them in the effort to begin the transformation of the surface of earth. As this evolves over the next months we will begin a series of overtures that will be relative to the ongoing process of restoring the pristine beauty and life to earth and all of life on and within her body. As the Central Sun intervenes and in that way increases her vitality so too will you benefit and share that new vitality with her. It will be an ongoing interception and evolving in the Oneness that you are. You are all part of the energy of earth, therefore as is her image, so too is yours.

    As this process takes place we will be given much assistance from Gaia and we too to her. We will see that there is an ongoing extension that will bring about the resolution of the issues that have plagued mankind for so long. These issues will be resolved and the wonders of the true nature of mankind will come to the surface. There will be an ongoing evolution of what it means to be in truth with oneself and to take on the attitude of honesty and harmony with all of life. It will be a universal system of restoration and will be followed by a continual evolvement and exploration of the universal gifts that await these times of opening.

    I bring to you the first in a series of treasures for the ongoing evolvement. It is a course of restoration for those who wish to remain on the surface. We will be coming to earth to work with you in the business of bringing the ideal life to the world that you are in the process of creating. You will be working within and on the surface. There will be members of your humanity who will be chosen to come to our ships regularly for meetings with us. As we come to meet with you on the earth we will bring with us those with whom you will be working and creating. In this you will feel the newness of our family and how it feels to walk in the steps of whom you really are, and how we can all walk in harmony and beauty forevermore.

    As these times take shape we assure you that your safety is uppermost in our minds. We are working, as we have been for some time, on keeping you as safe and in as good heath as is necessary for you to be able to be with us, taking the pleasure for celebration at every turning point. Those who have left your planet to begin the next step of their evolvement will welcome you to their new world. They will have made their choice to be here and to present to you their new way of relating to you. As for those who have left that you will not be reunited with in the soon times, they have gone to reunite with their family in other star systems. They may at some point revisit you in one way or another. It is all universal; there is no separation in this universe. We are all members of the same family. As we reunite we will hear the bells toll for the coming together of the beauty of family throughout this universe that was created for all of us to experience this wondrous expression of who we all are.

    I leave this message for this day, and in so doing I invite you all to take a moment and feel the love that I transmit to you. It is a love that encompasses all of Creation, and it is filled with the Love of reuniting all that is. You are treasures beyond compare, and I welcome you back to the Family of One.

    Thank you dear Hatonn,

    Love, Nancy Tate

  5. Did you all hear about that pilot on a jet blue airplane that sent nuts yesterday? Oh man, he really lost it somehow. He was yelling about terrorists and telling the passengers to say your final prayers. They better check all those airline seats because I know most of the passengers must have shit in their pants.
    I wonder if the new energies coming in had anything to do with him losing it.

    • Well gunner what’s interesting is that on they were talking yesterday about an anti-malaria drug that the US military has stopped distributing because they think it had a connection to the soldiers walking off base and shooting people.

      You won’t be able to see this clip but maybe others can.

      This particular issue deals with soldiers who have had brain trauma… so the real question is, why are soldiers still fighting if they’ve had brain trauma? Sounds like someone has seriously dropped the ball here…

      I wonder if that pilot was given the same drug recently.

  6. Hi Gunner,

    Thanks for the message. That is why I felt the pressure yesterday to write down my dreams and this morning to pour it in an article: My wonderful Soul family of the Spiritual Blossom tree. I wanted to put it in two sections, 1 today and 1 tomorrow but I got the message to post it in one go, no sections and very urgent. Luckily that feeling is over now I posted it, because I didn’t like the feeling.

    Wish all well, gunner
    I was reading you are developing yourself to be a chef cook 🙂
    I also love to cook….

    Light and love.

    • I responded to your dream but in my haste I wrote Leslee’s name. Please forgive my error. Love you

  7. Got this in my mail today:

    Pressure at work

    I hired a plumber to help me restore an old farmhouse, and after he had just finished a rough first day on the job, a flat tyre made him lose an hour of work, his electric drill quit and his ancient one-ton truck refused to start. While I drove him home, he sat in stony silence.

    On arriving he invited me in to meet his family. As we walked towards the front door, he paused briefly at a tree, touching the tips of the tree. When opening the door he underwent an amazing transformation.

    His tanned face was wreathed in smiles and he hugged his two small children and gave his wife a kiss. Afterward he walked me to the car. We passed the tree and my curiosity got the better of me. I asked him about what I had seen him do earlier.

    Oh, that’s my trouble tree,” he replied. “I know I can’t help having troubles on the job, but one thing’s for sure, those troubles don’t belong in the house with my wife and the children. So I just hang them up on the tree every night when I come home and ask God to take care of them. Then in the morning I pick them up again. “Funny thing is,” he smiled, “when I come out in the morning to pick them up, there aren’t nearly as many as I remember hanging up the night before.”


  8. Definetely worth sharing Wolfie.
    Wow, we all love to cook so if we have have a gathering, we can all bring our favorite recipies.
    This weekend, Lasagna, YES!!!!!
    I grew up and there were 7 kids. On most night my mom always cooked something major so as we grew up, we got her recipies and now my whole family are great cooks.
    While cooking, bless everything and the food will taste so much better.

  9. Great story, Lisa! ♥
    Gunner – yes, blessing the food is a great idea, especially if the cook isn’t so great! :mrgreen: but you’re right and focusing on love while cooking also works great!

  10. OMG I cant believe what just happened

    Reply |john gunshefski to Allison, Ashley, Carmine, Chris, Christine, david, dont, James, James, Jim, Justin, lisa, mike, mr, nnoce001, patty, samantha, school, torres, walter, William, yumi
    show details 10:32 AM (0 minutes ago)

    Well, actually , I can believe as it seems these days i have daily miracles happening in my life.
    For around 2 years now I have been telling people to have a survival kit in your home. Not out of fear but out of preparation.
    Now, the thing is, I never followed my own advice or I should say i procrastinated the situation. Yes, I am a procrastinator. As a matter of fact I bought a book over 2 years ago called how to stop procrastinating and guess what, I procrastinated reading a book on procrastination, LOL
    Anyway, I go to the Internet today and was looking at long term food survival packs. Part of me said , ah, I can just go to the store and get this myself. I actually seen a 30 day package that looked good but I was about to go off line and not order.
    All of a sudden the screen on my computer started to change. I t went to about 4 different screens and this was totally on its own as I did not hit any buttons and did not even have my hands on the keyboard or the mouse.
    What happens, OMG, the screen it stopped on was an order4 screen and it already picked the quantity of one for the 30 day kit. I did not order at all, 100 percent. I instantly thought , the angels are giving me a kick in the ASS to stop procrast6inationg my survival kit so they helped to place the order.
    Now, I was 90 percent sure of this.
    I ordered it and went out for a smoke break. On the way down, I thanked the Angels and all of a sudden, I mean big time, their energy of love instantly filled my body as I thanked them. At this point I was 100 percent sure it was divine intervention. I was jumping for joy. I mean it was so strong it brought tears to my eyes. now I know, the time is upon us as the shift is about to hit the fan and this is just a start.
    i will go out this weekend for other supplies and right now will go on the computer to get long term food for my 2 dogs. that’s right everyone don’t forget the pets and to all you women, remember the toiletries, especially the ones you all use once a month, LOL.
    I should also put in some bottles of vodka just for stressful situations.
    Remember everyone to start your survival kits and this is not out of fear, only preparation.

    Reply Reply to all Forward

    • It’s funny that you mention that, Gunner! I started a kind of ‘survival kit’ some months ago, mostly with groceries, water, stuff like that. Not out of fear, but because when the shift hits the fan there might be some confusion and chaos with the normal distribution of things to supermarkets. Also, we packed more then enough for 2, in case we have someone else staying with us for a while.

  11. Wednesday, March 28, 2012
    Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012
    My dear ones I AM Gaia, speaking to you!

    You have asked Me to explain what will happen with My body in the near future. There are many who expect Me to move soon in a more dramatic way than I have done so far in the past.

    To those and to all those who are in fear and who believe in nearing catastrophic events, I say: there will be none of these upheavals occurring. Not in the very near future and what is beyond that depends entirely on where your human collective consciousness is heading to.

    In this context it has to be said that conscious intention, when expressed firmly and from the heart by a certain number of people, whereby about 8-10% are enough, can easily override the rest of the collective consciousness, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

    For Millenniums your collective mind has been imprinted with the desires of those who claim that I am their possession, but who did never respect and honor My spiritual condition and needs, and who therefore abused My grace, patience and loving being continuously and exploited shameless My body. They have told you via religious means that around this time I would either be completely destroyed or at least end up in catastrophic events.
    They have imprinted this idea into your mind so that this vision attracted and accumulated so much energy that it seems that I cannot avoid such disasters.

    However, catastrophic events are not necessary, my dear ones! If your heart and your mind is at peace and radiates love, there is no need for My body to violently shake or to be destroyed. It is as with your own body! If there is a disturbance or illness, it always can be self-healed when you allow the natural God-given energies to flow.

    Those who have abused Me for so long, did also abuse you, and were eager to indoctrinate you with the belief in disease, or even more, incurable disease and death. None of them is necessary, both is only a matter of ignorance and separation from Divine Consciousness and the realization of unity.

    Only if you believe that you are nothing but a body, you will die or cannot be cured. The same applies to Me: if you acknowledge, that I Myself AM foremost a spiritual being with a consciousness you understand that My body can be healed without major catastrophic events, which would destroy most of the beings who live with Me and cause for them unnecessary misery. The Divine does not need you to suffer in order that you awake to the spiritual being you in truth are.

    However, it is also true, that many are waking up through suffering. But be asserted, that suffering is NOT necessary to begin with. The idea of the necessity of suffering has been introduced by those who have abused Me and also you.

    If you live in peace with one another and love one another and respect and love Me and live in collaboration with Me, there are no catastrophic events! What is toxic and polluted and abused can be healed by humanity’s love and care, and I myself will make sure that devoted hearts will find the means to purify what has been damaged. So in that sense there is no need for major earthquakes or for violent volcano eruptions or for gigantic tsunamis and storms! I can easily harmonize Myself with minor movements of these elements, if you let Me.

    You have asked what you can do to make sure that the ascension process occurs in the most possible harmonic way without major disturbances.

    You see, when humanity lost their seat in their heart, when they lost love and true self-identity, calamities began.
    Therefore, if humanity restores their heart identity and love, My restoration and healing is absolutely guaranteed. In this case we all shift easily into the higher dimensions together, without disruptions.

    You cannot truly heal Me with your mind, dear ones. You need to enter the non-dual feeling place in your heart and envision from there and feel my healing. Embrace Me with your Peace of Heart and burnish the waves of upset with the Love of your Being. Let this smoothing vibration of love and peace embrace My whole body, especially when you expect quakes and other upheavals.

    Envision and feel the region where these events are expected directly in your heart and feel the oneness of us by letting the presence of your innate peace calm down what otherwise would show the sign of inflammation, – yes, look at these regions and elements as if they were inflamed. With your cooling love and calm in your heart, by fully taking these inflamed parts of My body into your loving heart, they can heal.

    Do this, My dear ones, from now on and never allow yourselves to follow the propaganda of disaster, which is so much cherished by those who only carry harmful intentions in their minds. As you know, creation works only from inside out. Energy and manifestation follows what you first feel and envision in your heart and then can become thereby reality.

    What happens to my body is entirely dependent on the consciousness and intention of humanity. We are not separate and it is you who can take responsibility for what you will experience!

    I love you all very dearly, you must know. But I need your help so that we can together experience a Divine Reality. In a Divine Reality disasters never occur!

    I AM Gaia!

    Message conveyed by Ute

    Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
    Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

  12. I had the strange and new feeling that I can express an intent, give Light and this energy stays where I have left it …it is created and it is constant, like an invisible cloud that can be used for protection, for healing and whatever you intended to use it for….has anyone felt a similar thing…..?
    Oh, it is like giving a part of your Being and this part starts its own conscious Life
    I cannot stop adding thoughts 🙂 to this…
    I said “Stay and protect this building” and I am quite sure that the building will be safe and sound….

    • Did the building stay where you left it? :mrgreen:

      I was thinking yesterday, how the flipside of this is that this energy for the unaware (and the aware) can also be internalized and externalized. Flu and allergies, for example, internally. Externally, earthquakes and disasters. Collective consciousness and singular consciousness all working at different levels…

      I’m not sure if this applies to things like cancer too. But I wonder, do kids all get sick shortly after the first day of school because they’re sharing the same air, or do they all get sick because they’re going back to school, to what they may see as a fairly draconian system? Because they’re returning to school from summer break? From more freedom to less freedom?

      What if they wanted to go back to school? Would they still get sick?

      If we are perfect now, it is only our perceptions that keep us from perfection.

      This implies that it is our fault that we get sick… for me at this point, I’m not sure I’m 100% on board with that idea, but I am certainly onboard with the idea of self-empowerment…

      L&L& even more L!!!

      • Troy, the building is safe 🙂 I left an energy neat that giant pant, the energy knows what to do :)…invisible little elfs 😉

  13. Meditation update from Tauno 🙂
    A conversation with my Higher Self / Consciousness during an opening the seventh chakra sound meditation

    T – I am in the void again, I feel like I need to make a connection with Umbro and Adama
    HS – Your consciousness speaks to you, the void is the zero point consisting of all that is about to manifest in your reality. This is a reality of the Spirit, each soul can create its own reality. The void is a highly creative point
    T – Hathors explained this and I could not understand quite well “what you create in this point will be be the stars of your new sky”
    HS – Each soul is a Creator of an inner universe , in this place you have the full capacity and you are the supreme Creator, everything agree with you. Outwardly all souls live in the One and obey the Universal Laws of Unconditional Love…it is like an “onion” with many layers…one in one in one, a whole Universe is living in everyone of you and you inhabit a Universe, the Creation is limitless and it is constantly expanding. Now you realized it but it was always here , you were unaware because you fulfilled the mission in 3D and experienced certain lessons
    Stay aware, listen and you will hear, try to see and you will see
    T – Thank you, my Consciousness

      • Thank you , dear Les, two sources confirmed that I must wait for update from Umbro but not now…the first is my Higher Self and the Second – the Rune

    • Dear friend, I am sure that my progress is due to the spiritual progress of all of us, this is another proof that Oneness makes us stronger
      Thank you so very much !!!!!!!
      Love and Light

  14. Good night, my dear Family of Light, stay connected and in your Light, be the Sun here on Earth for you, for me and for ALL
    LOve you !!!!!!!!!

  15. Message from the Ashtar Command

    We would like to revise history here, and that is the purpose of our mission. There were events in your past that saw the destruction of an entire continent and millions of lives lost in this catastrophe. It is our intention to replay this event, but this time we wish to achieve a different outcome. This is the basis for our presence here in you world, and as we move forward more of what we intend to do will be revealed to you. As more information is shared with you, you will understand better your reasons for being here as well.

    Many lives were lost when your planet experienced great seismic activity and your oceans became mountains of water rushing over continents. What we intend to do is prepare your planet and your people for these events this time, and spare as many lives as possible from these consequences. We have a plan, and we have greatly advanced technologies than what you possess today here in your world and we will share these technologies with you to better prepare you at this time for this seismic activity which again will result in rising sea levels. There is no reason to panic or be fearful. Instead, this is a time to remain balanced, calm and courageous, as together we will work to prepare your world for these eventualities. In time, we will disclose our plans for your people and give everyone an opportunity to prepare themselves for these seismic events. Everyone, with no exceptions, will be given the opportunity to relocate to what we refer to as safe zones.

    These safe zones will be scattered around your planet and they will be accessible through technological means that we will reveal to you at the proper time. Once within these safe zones you will be safe from harm’s way as your planet restructures herself for her new beginning as a 5th dimensional world. When these events culminate and your planet rises in her frequency, you will be free to leave these safe zones and behold your new home within the higher realms. There will be plenty of notice and time given each of you to relocate to these safe zones, and there will be proper housing facilities available to all of you which will be provided through the advanced technologies that we have come here to share with you. These areas will be safe harbors for you and your family, and no harm will come to you as long as you remain within these boundaries during these seismic upheavals.

    Great care has gone into the planning for these events, and again we wish you to understand there is nothing to fear and we do not wish to create a panic. We feel the time has come for you to begin to understand better the events of your year of 2012 and why we are here. You, our Lightworkers in the field, will be called upon to do your best to maintain the calm of your brothers and sisters. This is one of the more important reasons you are here incarnated within the human vessel at this time. As the beings you are, you will be able to remain calm, and we wish for you to act as Wayshowers to lead your fellow humans and to demonstrate for them that there is no reason to panic or fear these events.

    These events are necessary on several different levels and they must transpire. There is no choice in that matter, but how you as an individual and you as a people live through these events is a matter of choice, and we are here to offer you one of those choices. We offer you the opportunity to triumph over these events by coming together as one without fear, without panic, and courageously face these changing times knowing that what awaits you on the other side is glorious and the new beginning that so many of you understand is necessary for your race and civilization.

    We wish you to understand that events like these do happen from time to time throughout this universe due to many different contributing factors. The factors that are the cause of this event to come have been contributed to by the damage that has been done to this planet in the name of profit and greed. Your planet has been harmed in ways that can only be repaired by breaking out of her current 3rd dimensional shell and being birthed anew like the morning sun. This will happen within this calendar year of 2012, and we wish to have the relocation programs completed before these seismic events begin to grow powerful enough to cause widespread damage and flooding.

    Looking at our timeline we would say that we would like to have your populations relocated to the safe zones by fall of this year. This will give us time to introduce ourselves to your people and build an adequate trust between ourselves before the initiation of these relocation programs, and we will make announcements through your media outlets once they are freed from the control of your dark Cabal. These announcements and explanations of these geophysical events will be broadcast repeatedly for months until we are satisfied that everyone around your planet has received adequate notification. We, of course, have alternative means to reach individuals without access to popular media, and we will see to it that everyone around your planet has access to this information in one way or another.

    For now we ask you, our Lightworkers, to discuss with your family and friends your understanding of these events to come. We wish you to do this without causing any panic and to do your best to explain these events without causing them to fear them in any way. We understand that this will not be possible with all the individuals you speak to about this, and we ask you to do your best to calm their fears and assure them that there is an evacuation plan and there are dedicated teams of very large numbers who are highly trained and very capable to carry out these migrations that will ensure the safety of everyone willing to participate. We foresee there will be those who refuse our help, and we must honor their free will choice to experience these events the way they wish to. We cannot and will not force anyone to relocate from wherever they are. We can only offer our assistance, our advice, our expertise and our help. This is all we can do, and we will not do anymore.

    There will be those who see these events and our plans to relocate you to safe zones as some kind of trickery or deception in some way. There will be debates among you about whether to trust us or not, and we say to you to rely on your intuition and your inner guidance and follow where this inner voice leads you. Whether this voice leads you to the safe zones, or this inner voice convinces you that this is all part of some evil plot, we will honor your decisions. These will be challenging times for you, we wish to make that clear, but we also wish you to know that we see this as a wonderful opportunity for all of the people of your world to come together in support of each other, in assistance to each other and in love for each other, and triumph over these adversities. What awaits you beyond these challenges will be a glorious new beginning for you, and you will emerge into your new home together as one.

    We wish to say that we see these events as humanity’s shining moment, and we have confidence that you will triumph over any challenge set before you. You have all gone through so much through your many incarnations, and we see these events as one last challenge for you to conquer before the blessings of Heaven are bestowed upon you. We are here to assist you, and together there is no challenge that can defeat us. Fear is your biggest obstacle now, and only fear can stand in the way of you and your new world. We have shared with you how we felt fear would play such a large role in the coming days, and it is here that fear will present its greatest challenge for many of you. It is your task to overcome any fear you may have, and it is your mission to help others overcome fears that they may succumb to.

    Many of you have trained extensively over many lifetimes to be of service in these challenging times, and you will be called to the forefront to put all your training and your gifts to use in service to your brothers and sisters of your world. We ask you to be there for others and be a pillar of strength and calm reassurance through these challenging times. We will begin our announcements in the days ahead and it is here upon these initial announcements that fear will present its greatest challenge for many of your world, and so it is here that we ask you to rise to the occasion and do what it is you do best.

    We see these events and how you will triumph over them as the guiding light that will shine upon your new world. This event will be eternalized within your history books, your artwork and your song for eons of time to come, and all future humanity will learn of the birthing of your new Earth and of the men and women who came together and made it all possible. This will be the story of the creation of your new world, and each of you will play a starring role in your saga.

    We are your Family of Light from the stars.

    As channeled through Greg Giles

    • Thank you, KP! Boy, we can always count on Ashtar Command for drama, can’t we!
      What do you guys think?
      All that comes to mind for me is this: I hope that if I ever find myself in the midst of a screaming mass of people fleeing from a tsunami or fireball, I have the presence of mind to plop myself down into lotus position and check out as the wave hits…
      As we say in the Deep South: ain’t skeered!
      It’s all good, y’all. We’ve been trained for this.

      • Hi Leslee,

        I was dreaming again that I was working with Gaia. There are some mixed messages, the article of Gaia that says not to worry. Anyway, our intuition has grown so much, we will now what to do “when” and “if” that time comes.


      • Hi me again, 😀

        I was pondering and the Ashtar channeling and I thought:

        It looks like, as an Earthpartner, I am working now more with Gaia , that means something is up. I also think if you want to return Gaia to her pristine condition than you can’t do that without breaking the egg (birth 🙂 ) We can’t take things with us so why bother, I have been training myself not to get too attached to things. So we would be traveling light to these so called higher grounds. So in a way it seems valid reason for me, if such thing would happen. Or maybe those three days of darkness, maybe will be on a different frequency while mother Earth is making everything alright again so we can begin anew. Like you are staying in those stasis pods. Just me thinking out loud….. 😀


        • Funny thing Lisa: I’ve also been working more with Gaia, particularly in understanding plants/trees/flowers. There are several things that have come my way and at which I’m trying to become good at (like growing vegetables with full respect and love for the life you’re helping create and without putting unnecessary pressure on Gaia). Reading your post it made me think that maybe this is one of the ‘gifts’ that I’m discovering. Maybe I’ll help grow food in New Earth! 😀 I read somewhere that in Agartha they have this kind of hydroponic agriculture, which uses no earth.
          And yes, I’ve also been training myself not to get too attached to things 😉

  16. Big Up To ALL Spirit Train Riders… Manifest Destint 2012!!!

    Not sure what to make of this… Bizarro World 2.0… Who knows???

        • Thank you, Stick! Ya know, some days it’s kinda hard to tell, but I think all’s clear… 😉
          The next two days are quite eventful for me, in a 3D sense… The grand opening of the mall in Nashville is tomorrow (long day), and diagnostic stuff in Friday. Either way, I’m looking forward to Saturday! ;D
          I hope things are well with you too, and I hope y’all got enough rain!

    • 2 things… Take the template, overlay it with SalUsa, much is similar. Now take the details… Very different from what is reported in western media. That is not a bad thing, but it is hard to know who to trust when every wolf looks like a sheep! Kabuki or kamikaze, that is the question… 😉

      To me, this does feel like they are honoring the “galactic” agenda… Abundance, manifestation, etc. if this is how it happens, so be it.

  17. *These developments are quickly clearing the way for your
    abundant life to begin* Michael channeled by Ron Head ~ March 28,2012

    You are seeing a marked change in the tone of all channeled messages now. You are also seeing the same in the reports from your alternate news sources. This message will be no different.

    The reason is that all reflect the true current state of affairs. Very soon you may see the true state of affairs in your own media, but that time is not here yet. You know this on some level, and that is why so many thousands of you search out these messages each day. Many developments are in final stages of preparation, and many are also proceeding as we speak. Were your media at all responsive to the real news, they would be in a feeding frenzy, your term, over some of the developments in your financial world. Instead you are given carefully laundered and spun versions. The truth is, there is a rising tide of people fleeing for the lifeboats and trying to save their own skins.

    Do not waste your beautiful energies worrying about that. Instead, focus on the world that true equality of opportunity will bring to you. Justice will be served without you lowering your state of mind by worrying over it. That has always been the case, but the function of time has often hidden it from you. In a time of instant manifestation, you will see the results instantly. No longer will it appear as if anyone has avoided the just desserts they have earned.

    These developments are quickly clearing the way for your abundant life to begin. You really can have no idea what that will mean. I will ‘sink in’, as you say; but enjoy the euphoria while you can. Please do not panic when the necessary arrests begin. Your normal police forces are not equipped to handle it, and in many cases they are indebted to the controllers anyway. They will be ‘helped by others who have your interests in mind. Please keep your neighbors from causing a panic as much as you are able. Announcements will be made. Your opinions will be sought. This will be the time we have preparing you for. Soon after the furor subsides, you will be meeting many new friends. We do so look forward to that.

    In the meantime, you will continue to feel changes occurring within yourselves. These are all in alignment with the wishes of you and your higher selves. Our advice is that you meet them with open minds and hearts. You will love the new you. And accepting the changes with enthusiasm will make them proceed much smoother. Think of a swiftly flowing river. Resistance only produces turmoil and will be washed away in any case. We hope you are happily anticipating these events. We are with you in each moment. Good day.

  18. ‘Until the philosophy which hold one race
    Superior and another inferior
    Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
    Everywhere is war, me say war

    That until there are no longer first class
    And second class citizens of any nation
    Until the colour of a man’s skin
    Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes
    Me say war

    That until the basic human rights are equally
    Guaranteed to all, without regard to race
    Dis a war

    That until that day
    The dream of lasting peace, world citizenship
    Rule of international morality
    Will remain in but a fleeting illusion
    To be persued, but never attained…’ ~Bob Marley


  19. Hello everyone,

    I was compelled to draw a spiritual card and my question was: were our Spirit Train family is standing in the Spiritual Progress and this is what I drew:

    The Wall,

    If you still feel that you are insufficient aware of your own Wall, this card will be offered to you, today.This card invites you to examine your own Wall with a feeling of softness or commiseration , through visualization. Draw him, describe him. To recognize your own Wall offers you a wealth of insight of yourself.

    Have a lovely day all,

    • …Good Morning,Lisa!…It’s 3 a.m.,where iAm…iFind the Card of the Wall very Appropriate to me…Earlier,this evening,i Felt a Bit DisContent/DisEnChanted with my EveryDay Routine…iDecided to take a Shower,just to Help Cleanse my Attitude and my Aura…As iTurned Around,in the Shower, ISaw a Man’s Face and Shoulders,Right beside Me and the Shower Wall…iWas Briefly Shocked to See the Spiritual Being…He Had Rather Large Round Eyes…Short Brownish Hair…and He Had a Rather Serious Look to Him…Upon Finishing Up my Shower,iAsked “Who was That?”…the Answer: My Advisor…So iLet Be…iGuess More Info will Come as iAsk…

      …Indeed, iSaw my Advisor Standing in Front of the Shower Wall…a Nice Connection with Ya,Lisa and the Wall Card thatYa Pulled Out… 🙂

      • Morning Babajij, you are up early. I was up at 5.30 AM getting ready for work.
        It seems the synchronizations getting stronger, I think it is because we are getting stronger connected and start to work as ONE.

        I think if I see someone like that in my shower I would scream and fall out of the shower 😀 especially a man, hahaha

        Will see what comes next,
        Have a great day Babajij…..

        • …Yes!…Indeed, iHave Been Asking Our Universe to Be Able to See More…and iKinda Knew that the Manifestations would Happen,when iLeast Expect…He was Shorter than me…iAm 6’2″…He was Wearing Clothes, as Much i Could See in that Quick Look…iAm Grateful… 🙂

  20. **Nephilim message for 28th March**
    through Karen Doonan

    We come to guide and support as all begin to move in vibration and energy for the new is now pouring across and within planet earth. As the solar activity begins to burn off the veils of distortion placed around the planet earth more and more will be able to reach inside and to remember. We ask that all remember for all that YOU are is within YOU.

    Reaching inside and connecting to the SOUL is the way forward dear ones and the realms that are around you now pour the LOVE that IS through you and around you as you begin to work through the veils that have surrounded your race for aeons. The moving in vibration always to unlock the levels of SELF contained within self. For we are with you at each breath and we ask for you to heed our call. Can you FEEL our energies across the dimensions? Do you dream to visit us? Do you walk with us in your dreams/visions? We call to all who can hear us as we sing the song of the music of the spheres and allow the light to shine through the veils.

    Many look for us in the sky, many look for us within the text books available across the planet earth but we ask for you to look within your heart for the heart knows TRUTH. Too many are allowing those humans around them to dream for them and we ask why you would give another your dreams to dream. The dreaming is part of the reality you now walk in for to dream is to create is to live. Do you heed our call? Do you understand our message?

    We ask for all to go within, to anchor the new energies and to shine the rainbows within the heart, for the rainbows work to balance the energies within the heart, a balanced heart KNOWS TRUTH dear one for it brings the joy to the consciousness that is that heart. Do you understand our guidance? Do you understand our message?

    Rainbows are the new energies for we have poured the colour gold within the rainbows of those who will show you how to live what you have been taught is impossible. The words on planet earth distorted so that many are in chaos and frustration, the way to live is to LIVE dear ones, not to think, to ponder, but to LIVE and the rainbow people will show you how to live for they LIVE.

    We ask now for all of you take a moment to reach within and to connect with your heart. We can guide and support at all times but many are merely reading our words and wishing, we guide for all to take a moment to connect to the heart. Place the feet flat on the floor and grow golden roots into mother earth. She awaits your connection for she is YOU and YOU are her for ALL ARE ONE. We ask that you begin to breathe from the roots in mother earth. Focus on the breathing and allow the energies from mother earth to flow upwards and into your human vehicle in this your human life experience. FEEL the connection to your mother. We ask for you to honour any emotions that begin to move when you make this connection. This is TRUTH dear ones for this is the connection that the teachings of distortion try to teach you is not real. The planet you live on is a real breathing BEing and you are part of that BEing as you are part of the universe, for ALL ARE ONE.

    We ask that you send love to mother earth via your thoughts and your roots, know that as you are now rooted in mother earth she can hear all that you think and all that you feel. Know that you can hear and feel all that she thinks and feels. Take a moment to listen to mother earth and ask her the questions that you need answers to. She may reply to you in visions or words or she may send a bird of an animal to visit you for she replies to all who call on her.

    We ask you pull down the energies from the universe by imagining a golden ball of pure light above your crown. Allow the ball to pour the light through your crown and down into your body. FEEL the energies move through your head and into your body and FEEL the mingling of both energies within your heart. Again we ask that you honour all that comes to you in the way of emotions. We ask you to BREATHE and to continue to BREATHE the golden light that is now flowing through you. For in this space YOU are the universe and the planet earth, you are connected to both. This is all that you need to remember for from within this space YOU are reached, you are reborn and you remember.

    FEEL the energies that are around you, ask the questions from your heart, always from the heart dear ones for the heart knows TRUTH. We ask that you do this at least once a day every day and watch as you begin to remember. The memories may come to you in dreamtime or may come to you in meditation or visions. Each one of you different in the way that you interpret that which is shown to you. For all are unique and all are individual yet all are one.

    We are with you as you do this, for all realms now walk with the human race. The new energies allowing a depth of FEELing that has never been anchored on planet earth before in this timeline and dimension. We ask that you walk in TRUTH, that you breathe in TRUTH and that you LIVE in TRUTH. ALL ARE ONE. ALL now move into the new, we ask that you connect and you share your dreams with the universe and mother earth and that you begin to remember the vast BEing of light that YOU ARE.

    Detach from the teachings of distortion that try to teach you that all is beyond YOU for how can that BE? How can YOU be beyond YOU? YOU are here in this human vehicle to remember and from those memories you are here to BE. We ask that you join in the harmonisation of the human race with all races and realms that are part of the universe. The councils are in session, the blending and harmonisation has begun, to join us simply connect to the planet and the universe for you are a child of both.

    This is a call to those who are here to remember at the level of TRUTH needed to access the various dimensions. The level of TRUTH revealed always set by the SOUL for the SOUL is guiding this human journey for the SOUL is now available to YOU in human form. For those who are now heeding this call we await you in the dimensions that you exist within. We will join you in the councils, we will join you in the dreamtime for we all co create together. That which is YOU will be unveiled to YOU for it is YOU. Do you understand our guidance? Do you understand our message?

    All that YOU are YOU will BE for it can be no other way. Detach from the teachings that try to show you that you are merely human for that is but part of who you are. To live on planet earth you may have incarnated as a human BEing but that is not who YOU ARE. Do you heed the call? Do you hear us whisper to you across the timelines and dimensions? Are you ready to step into YOU?

    We are the Nephilim and we come to guide as necessary. We ask that the rainbows make themselves visible in human form. We ask that those who are now searching for SELF undertake the journey within, for it is only by going within that you find SELF. We ask for all to remember and join us for ALL ARE ONE.

    We are here amongst you and we walk with you at each breath and in each moment. Until we guide again we wish you good health and happiness.

  21. Some new data from Wilcock… see full breakdown at Divine Cosmos.

    *DIVINE INTERVENTION: Section I ~ Defeating Financial Tyranny*
    by David Wilcock ~ March 2012

    Massive, unprecedented ET interventions are completely disrupting any and all plans to start World War III, according to multiple whistleblowers. This and other fascinating developments suggest that 2012 may live up to many prophets’ expectations.


    Multiple insider sources, each of whom have been “vetted out” for their credibility and trustworthiness, have now confirmed that mass arrests of thousands of key conspirators in this vast cabal are about to occur.

    A highly secretive, highly coordinated operation — working for the good of humanity — is about to make its move.

    The Pentagon “good guys” are now in full political and logistical cooperation with a remarkable 134-nation alliance — to bring the perpetrators to justice and free our planet.

    The security around this enormous operation has been vast. Even those who will be affected by it — and arrested — have no idea of the staggering scope of what is about to be revealed before the eyes of the public.

    Very recently I had four hours of verbal discussion with a new, public, high-level whistleblower regarding these imminent mass arrests.

    We are set to record an interview at 6PM Pacific time for public release on this website — within hours of when this first section should be posted. I will post-produce and release this interview as soon as possible.

    I fully confirmed this man’s bonafides and his testimony with one of my top insiders, who I brought into the discussion.

    Dozens of specific points, not available in any public form, were authenticated in this vetting-out process.


    The people who are about to do this are well aware of every concern you have — as an informed reader of truth websites and materials.

    Martial law will NOT be declared when this happens.

    The military will NOT take control of the government.

    Innocent civilians will NOT be imprisoned or harmed in any way.

    Any troops who attempt to carry out unlawful orders of this sort, on behalf of the “bad guys,” will be outnumbered and resisted.

    Every effort will be made to focus on eliminating the problem — and immediately returning the power to the people in an orderly fashion.

    New elections will need to be organized, considering that many, if not most politicians in the United States could be found culpable — either directly or through failure to have taken action.

    This alliance intends to break out free energy and many other technologies that were stolen from us. The fossil fuel economy ensured that occult global control and the systematic killing of our planet would continue.


    I do understand the difficulty of believing that such a massive, coordinated maneuver would even be possible.

    If you speak to real military people, and truly understand the role they chose to fulfill, the bigger question is: “How could they NOT do something like this?”

    How could they stand by and do nothing while the entire planet itself — and all life on it — is being destroyed?

    If a mother and child are being tortured to death in front of you, and you have the means to stop it, would you just stand there and watch?

    Unless you are a sociopath, you would do something. And most people — including our military personnel — are not sociopaths. That number is only estimated to be 1 in 100 people, as we will see later on.


    Nonetheless, the scope of the negative side is so vast that it seemed impossible to be defeated — or even resisted.

    If our planet was a strictly ‘closed’ system with no outside players and no higher spiritual forces involved, I would definitely have to agree that this plan is so well-thought out, so massive, systemic and vast that it would be nearly impossible to defeat.

    However, Divine Intervention — not a fantasy, but very real and very tangible assistance — is insuring that our movement into true freedom and peace will occur… with the absolute minimum amount of damage possible.

    Dozens of ancient cultures featured the same prophecies about the times we are now in. These prophecies all directed our attention to a 26,000-year cycle in the Earth’s axis as being the key issue to study.

    As I revealed in The Source Field Investigations, the Mayan Calendar, Egyptian astronomy, Greek astronomy and Hindu astronomy all triangulated on the period of 2012-2014 as the end of the cycle — ushering in a Golden Age of peace and prosperity.

    The oldest, original prophecies were not doom and gloom oriented at all. They indicated that although we would go through difficulties, like we’ve already been seeing, the end results would be extremely positive.


    Top insiders have now confirmed that everyone in the Pentagon is now aware that some form of Divine Intervention is happening — regardless of what side they are on.

    Most of them do not know who is responsible. Even the “bad guys” are now saying it could be “Angels or Aliens” doing this stuff.

    No one on Earth has the technology to do the things they are now seeing — regardless of how classified that technology may be.

    It is utterly astonishing that even the “bad guys” are now acknowledging this may be an angelic intervention.

    Very few people have dared to break ranks and reveal what is happening, as this information is considered very highly classified.

    They know that speaking out could get them, and their families, tortured and killed.

    I have decided to personally take the risks involved in order to help alleviate fear — and help you understand what is happening.


    Divine Intervention is very real.

    You may be surprised to discover how extensive the intervention has now become — and how far back in time the trail of evidence goes.

    The forces behind the great religions of the world are not mythological. They are not historical artifacts buried away in scrolls and texts fewer and fewer people bother to read.

    They’ve been here all along. They have openly walked among us in every ancient culture — and were highly revered.

    They have their own rules, their own governing bodies, and their own code of ethics.

    They have avoided appearing in any obvious, worldwide, public fashion for well over 1000 years now.

    Nonetheless, they have been thoroughly involved this entire time — guiding and steering our evolution.

    This critical step allowed us to become “modern”, and to give us the opportunity to forget that they ever really existed — even as they continued to guide our development, behind the scenes.

    And now — very recently — the rules have changed… and they are being permitted to do much, much more to help the Earth and its people evolve into a higher state of consciousness.

  22. Good morning everyone! Hope you’re all doing great 🙂
    Last night we were in the living room and a presence made itself clear to us. It had big yellow eyes and a kind of yellowish fur… it was a kitty! 😀 Ok, so I tried to make a funny here, but we did get a visit from a cat: yellow striped fur, with the paws and the tip of the tail white. He just stood in the middle of the hall for a bit and then went away.
    Have a great day everyone!

  23. Wednesday, March 28th, 2012.
    by Zen Gardner

    I hear from so many people who feel isolated and alone during this awakening and massive paradigm shift taking place around the globe. Spouses can’t wake up partners to the truth; family members and close friends think you’ve gone wonky, while the mainstream matrix mouthpieces keep up their barrage of derision against anyone who dares to look past the range of their narrow blinders.
    It does suck. We all experience this phenomenon and the isolation that seems to accompany the wake up.
    Here’s a hugely happy thought. If we’re an organic, cosmically influenced body of crystaline receivers and broadcasters in an alive and amazing all-knowing Universe, perhaps we’re exactly where we’re each supposed to be.
    In fact, we’re probably carefully distributed to create a world-wide grid of truth!
    Cool? In other words, once again there’s no mistake with synchronicity!

    Oh, Look At All the Lonely People..Connected!
    Are we all all truly strategically positioned for the best possible effect on the cosmos and the awakening?
    Resonates with me, as trippy as it may seem. Why not?
    We’re each generators, nodes, transmitters, relays, conduits and vessels of light, truth and love. The ultimate power of positive transformation. And we may be just where we’re supposed to be, lonely or not. So take heart!
    So the loneliness is from what? Perhaps devised separateness, a systematically broken down and compartmentalized imposed society of induced helpless creatures supposedly awaiting the touch of a distant god or some romantic “other” to free them. All based on conceptual lies of separateness.
    They do try, don’t they?
    Yes we need emotional bonding, but within a constructive framework. The purpose of the imposed matrix is to break us down to negative, destructively entropic self-degrading emotions and responses, fight or flight left brain reactions, and self-flagellating flailings about in the mystic. And then bonding to their “idols” of confusion and materialistic insanity for so-called security.
    Wrong. Clearly wrong. Don’t let anybody fall for it.
    Positioning – Be!…and Broadcast Where You Are!
    This is perhaps a revolutionary idea, but nothing that’s not already in place. I contend that to not realize this is to decrease the intensity and effectiveness of our power grid. Immensely.
    Those of you who’ve awakened to this realization of the importance of “now consciousness” know what I’m talking about. That humanity has been distracted from this knowledge and understanding through false teaching, amusements and entertainment is one of history’s greatest lies and tragedies for humankind.
    We can’t all be physically together, except in a very large concept. And the truth warriors with whom we each communicate are often in far flung locations and operate in their own personal nexus.
    But in the grid? We are already one.
    Turn it up and Shine! We are One and Now!
    Who Knows?
    Hardly any of us are completely mobile and ready to join up and live with other Truth advocates. Some are doing it and if that’s what we’re supposed to do we’ll do it.
    We’ll each keep evolving according to conscious unraveling. It’s a little freaky to try to conceptualize but I at least just wanted to relieve some angst for those worrying about this feeling.
    We are where we’re supposed to be….at any time, in any place.
    Fear not. Hope you enjoyed the ride.
    Spread the Truth. We each make a HUGE difference!
    Love, Zen

  24. Awakening with Suzanne Lie

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012
    Visualize Reality
    I got the below email today. I don’t know if it is correct, but I love the concept of looking at the picture and manifesting it:

    Please Share this wonderful & very Powerful, Realistic-“Symbolic” image of both the Imminent Official Announcement & Implimentation of both N.E.S.A.R.A. (the National Economic Security and Reformation Act) & St. Germain’s World Trust/”Prosperity Packets” being made Available/Delivered on a mass planetary scale, Official E.T. Disclosure, and the open Mass Landings of Galactic Federation of Light Ships all over the Earth in the days ahead. Also interesting enough, from what I have also found out, right now, on the White House lawn–and this is for real–they are actually constructing a huge platform right there which is to be used by one of these Light Ships to land on right after these Announcents do, in fact, take place–So in one sense, this image is actually quite prophetic in more ways than one. So Get Ready! Or as with the title of my book, “Prepare For The Landings!…Are YOU Ready?” ( And “Keep Your Eyes On the Skies…until YOUR Ship Comes In!”

    It is suggested, as in the Practice (and “Scientifically proven”) of Visualization, of Imagining and Focusing on what we both individually & Collectively want for ourselves and all Earth’s Humanity, that it is suggested that by Focusing & Concentrating upon this wonderful and colorful image of NESARA/E.T. Disclosure & Open Mass Landings of Galactic Federation Light Ships, and we also share this image with as many other people as possible, and ask for them to do the same thing, and for their friends to do the same, etc., that this powerful Focus, Concentration, in Alignment with the “NESARA Consciousness that has recently been manifesting upon this planet, and by asking our “Friends Upstairs”, of our “Cosmic Extended Family”, of the Federation, and of God/Divine Intelligence & the Agarthians/Hollow Earth Beings all together, helping Overshadow this powerful Focus, all together, we will, definitely, most certainly, very soon, Manifest this image into physical Reality as a near future event already occured, and it is a “Sacred Promise” & “Cosmic Done Deal”! Amen!! Amen!!!, and So It Is!!!!
    Blessings to Everyone of the Light!!!!! Please share this wih as many other people as you can, to help manifest ASAP! Thanks!
    Michael Ellegion

    • …Looks to Be Real!…The “Money Shot” of the Craft Zooming Away wasn’t VideoCaptured ,tho…Upon Further Glimpsing into the Youth’s 178 UpLoaded You-Tube Videos,He Certainly has an Esoteric Imagination:Themes of Spirit Entities/Hauntings…He may Have Been at the Right Place & at the Right Time for Him to Witness a Very Brilliant Galactic DisPlay…iLiked It!…

  25. Not sure “where” this came from, other than source… but this has been trying to “get out” for a few days now.

    Gaia, the Cradle of Civilization, and the Process of Manifestation 101

    Channeled/focused by Dreamwalker |

    Why is Gaia known as “mother”? Because she is as you have correctly surmised the mother of several civilizations throughout the galaxy. She is an incubator planet for those civilizations. They know that they learned a great deal from their time on her, and they remember this, and therefore maintain the quarantine for your civilization to honor their own path through “time” as they knew it. You are now on the cusp of joining these civilizations. And Gaia has in fact delayed her own ascension through divine providence and determination in order to hold the door open for your own civilization. You are a new kind of path and so this is the time for her to step through the door as well, as it is her desire to ascend in the manner that your civilization ascends, not through chaos/destruction, but through chaos/ creation. And through chaos/creation this means creative thought. Physical embodiment of manifestation through the gates of ascension.

    Other civilizations have had other “flavors” of ascension. It was their choice to experience this as destruction, or as love, or as hate, or as oblivion (void), and they remember their own experience fondly, not with regret or remorse, because this was their turn through the gate. And there will be elements of each of these within your own experience, some of which you have already experienced, but the “majority” of the experience will be through the process of creativity. An interesting choice. And so dawns the age of Aquarius.

    If you think of the yin/yang symbol and how the majority of duality includes white or black, but each includes a small portion of the other, this is how the scenario plays out for you… you have seen how some have passed through the gateway in death, this was their choice to experience it in this way. Others have passed through in love, or hate, this is their choice as well. To experience the gateway through creativity has been a minority up until this point. So the majority of your civilization, for those who choose to experience it, will pass through in this way.

    Do not fear the unknowable because you are creating each second of each minute of each hour of each day. It is your day to create. Or it is your second to create however you wish. You may choose to enjoy that second or not, forget it or remember it, it is all your choice. So to fear the thing which you yourself create, now and in the future, is only fearing that which you don’t already know. Since you are creating it, you already know what you don’t know, because you created it. You are discovering what you don’t know only because you are creating that which you don’t know, so that you can once again know and experience it. You created that dog… do you appreciate that you created him? He is reflecting the love you have for all-that-is. The more love you can contain, the more love will be reflected. It is an easy thing to work with because it is one of the very basic elements that exists throughout the universe. It was here before there was anything else.

    Working with other elements of the universe can be more challenging because they are further removed from the source elements: void, light, love, chaos. Can you visualize that cup in front of you in these terms? Electrons and atoms are expressions of these fundamental elements. The thing you see in front of you is a complex abstraction of source. It is, from one perspective, a direct representation of source, but it is more than just atoms and electrons; it is a representation of all that went into it up until this point. Your drinking from the cup. The man who created the machine that made the cup. The person who packaged the cup and shipped it to its destination. The person who gifted you this cup, and his life up until that point. All is embodied within the cup, so you see this is why is it a representation of all-that-is, in a directly similar way to how the Akashic record is a representation of all-that-is.

    From a manifestation standpoint, you simply have to visualize the cup’s position within the formula void light love chaos. Quantum physics is slowly catching up to this formula. Energy equals mass times acceleration is a direct representation of the dualistic creation, but is simply a reflection of the end result of the formula of manifestation. If you shattered that cup on the floor, how easy would it be to recreate that cup from the pieces? It would be similar, but it would be a different cup. You might not even be able to use it to drink coffee! But to create the source of the cup will yield an identical cup, because it is the creational source of that cup. It is the zero point from which everything extends outwards, both past present and future.

    Do not be concerned with the details of time. It usually works itself out, around the zero point to which that object is created. You would think that a duplicate timeline would be created for the object that is created, but this is not the case. Rather, the timeline is created from the placement of the cup in time/space. So from “now” forward the cup will have its own history.

    More will follow.

    • Thank you, Troy, that’s wonderful!
      It inspires me to share something that I’venhinted at recently, now that several things are tying together. Later I’ll also post the dream I mention here…

      Tomorrow morning I go in for a biopsy… My body has gone through some dramatic changes in the past year, and I’ve experienced more sick days than during the past decade of my life.

      I’ve also received several messages from my Guides about this… Some quite cryptic, some very specific. Since I first connected with Them through the pendulum, I’ve always consulted Them on diet, exercise, sleep, how to spend my time, etc…

      This morning I had a very vivid dream: I was preparing to return to Telos. I was visiting my house there with Tauno and my son, and folding our clothes on a bed.

      I saw myself as a young girl of 6-8 years, with dark golden skin, blue eyes. and long brown hair. I was being shown a beautiful dark blue cotton dress, made of very fine cotton with pleading and embroidery. The pleatwork was so fine, depicting hills and trees and stars and planets an oceans, all around the bodice. I was delighted, thinking, I cannot wait to wear this!

      I also looked at a pair of beautiful wooden chairs, which were handcarved and quite old but well preserved. One had very graceful curving lines, and that one was for the queen. The other was narrower and masculine yet delicate, and that one was for the king.

      Before that, I was sitting with all the crew of Tulya (which was also all of you!), in a room with many windows, yet this room was also as if contained within a metal box. We were having a planning session. The seasons were changing, spring was coming, and even though it was warmer, I got up and closed a window at the ceiling, because there was a draft…

      Then, when I woke up, of course I asked Teo’Na if I’m being prepared for death… All They will tell me is that I will die a very gentle death (whenever that time comes). But He also said, “Very soon you will have a new, very beautiful body.”

      I can see many ways to interpret this… And I understand that there is a strong element of self-creation present in all the dreams and messages I’ve been having. I’m still trying to sift through what’s pure message versus my ego, and it’s hard to tell them apart regarding this.

      I’m not sure why I feel this meshes in with Troy’s message, but I do look forward to whatever changes arrive.

      • I think it’s a beautiful idea that we could be ascending through a creative process that we control. So pretty much however we want it to be, it will be. Death can, I suppose, be just as creative as destructive, especially if you’re a theater major! My preference however would be for an outcome less debilitating on the physical form… 😉

        I am often reminded of the character “Tonks” and how she was able to change her hairstyle at will. Why not the entire shell?

        Also Leslee your description of yourself as a young black woman was the person I saw in the reincarnation glass vial that (AA) Michael handed to me in my afterlife dream. I know because that’s the dress she was wearing. In the dream she was 20-22 though, with a 4-year old son. I chose a different path. I suppose this makes a great deal of sense considering how our paths have come together! ♥

      • Leslee, thank you for sharing your dream. Peace be with you dear, dear sister.

        Much Love, light and healing to you

    • Thank you Tauno, I hope it makes some sense to someone because I have to admit I’m a bit lost! Looking forward to hearing more when it comes through (whenever that might be…)

      • I think that is a deep inner knowledge settled in each one of us, in our memories and subconsciousness, it is now emerging and you contribute for this remembering, we are doing a common mission and are a team together…all of us
        I have read somewhere that the channeled words are words we know and they only help remembering who we are and the purpose of our 3D experience
        Love and Light 🙂

  26. Message from the Galactic Federation

    The ground will shake and the skies will be dim during the first days of the birthing of your new world. Many changes will have to be made, and much of the old will have to be torn down to make way for the new. We are master builders and architects and we will assist you to rebuild your new world from the bottom up and from shoreline to shoreline. We are master craftsman and we have designed and built many worlds throughout this universe, and we are here now to assist you convert your world from a 3rd dimensional home to a 5th dimensional home.

    This rebuilding project will last for days, weeks, and maybe even months as we prepare your world for your arrival from the safe zones that will shelter you through this reconstruction project. You will be protected while you remain in these safe zones, and immediately upon the culmination of this great dimensional shift you will be entirely free to leave these areas and behold your new 5th dimensional kingdom.
    It will be beautiful, it will be plentiful and it will be yours to cherish forever, to protect, to nurture and to enjoy as you will have earned your right to its keys and all the treasures stored within. Help us build you a better world by continuing the work you are doing today spreading our messages far and wide and helping to calm the fears of your brothers and sisters.

    In time, there will be other avenues of information available to all throughout your world, but today you are our voice and we ask you to use it and inform those who wish to hear of the changes that are and will continue to take place all around them.
    Turning back the clock of your Earth is what we plan to do as we repair the widespread damage that has been done to your mother planet. This is a necessary step as we will not build on unfertile ground. We will only build on a foundation of perfection, so this will be the first step in our rebuilding project.

    How we will do this will be explained to you, and there will be those among you who will be taking a hands-on approach throughout areas of this rebuilding project. Nothing will be kept in secret, and there will be nothing that is not readily and completely explained to you. This rebuilding project will begin in earnest once all who wish to relocate are safely removed from the construction sites.

    Your Earth will receive a complete makeover, and in many ways she will be unrecognizable to you upon her unveiling. She will retain her natural beauty that she possesses today, although her soils and her air will be sparkling and pure. Her forests will be green, and they will be rich in their trees and wildlife. Her oceans, lakes and rivers will be crystal clear blue water, alive with your aquatic species, and your skies will be abuzz with your bird species soaring from treetop to treetop. You will have new homes prepared for you, and you will have libraries and places of higher education assessable to all. You will have new career opportunities where you may offer your services to others and the community, and all this will be available to you upon your ascension into your new higher dimensional home.

    We look forward to assisting you in each way that we can, and we look forward to working with many selected individuals from throughout your worldwide communities. We wish to get started soon with many of these projects, and the notification process for those who we are interested in working with will begin shortly upon the purification of your world of those aligned with the dark. We see this process continuing smoothly, and soon you will witness how hard many have been working in secret.

    Please continue to do your parts in issuing advanced notice of these proceedings as to greatly reduce the shock and fear some may succumb to upon the revelations of what has been transpiring in their world. Not everyone understands as you do what has been going on here, and many see those who will be taken away into custody as their servants and protectors and they will be quite astonished to learn that so many of the world’s dire problems were directly and purposely cause by these dark individuals.

    These revelations come as no surprise to many of you who have taken the time and made the effort to inform yourselves, but you are rare cases indeed, and that is why we ask you at this time to share this information that can act as a desensitizer for many who will be overwhelmed throughout these proceedings. After we are satisfied that it is safe to proceed with the next phases of operation, we will begin our initial introductions to those who will be working with us.

    Upon these introductions, many of you will share the evidence of your experiences with us through your media outlets that will be freed from the control of those that have been taken into custody, and many of your world still reeling from the revelations of these arrests will again be shocked as they learn that they are not alone in the universe and that we are here. This will be an extremely trying time for many of your world, and we wish you to make it your top priority to be there for your fellow humans, to comfort them, to ease their fears and to assure them that the ills of your world are now being repaired and we are here to assist in this much-needed process.

    We see so many of you working so hard in this effort and we thank you greatly for your dedication to our mission together. Soon you will begin to see these arrests as several of your media outlets will be covering these events throughout many days. You have waited a long time for this day, and we assure you it will be worth it as the site of those aligned with the dark being taken into custody will allow many of you to forget how many days have gone into the planning stages of this worldwide event. This event will surely be worth the wait, and we wish each of you to enjoy it to its fullest.

    Much depends on the outcome of this operation, and we wish as many as possible to be reached through this process. This operation is more than merely the arrests of these individuals, as we also wish for these arrests to act as a trigger to awaken so many of your brothers and sisters who yet sleep, and we also wish for these arrests to be the catalyst for so much change needed in your world.

    There are many institutions that must be either abolished or restructured throughout your societies, and we see these arrests as merely the beginning of an avalanche of dominoes triggered by this media event. We wish to see many of you publicly displaying your elation upon these arrests, and we hope to see many of you celebrating openly as a demonstration to so many throughout your world that this event can be seen as good news and a reason to be cheerful and hopeful for your future, as indeed, that is precisely what this event signifies.

    You have so much to look forward to as individuals and as a collective, and these arrests will merely be the beginning as your world takes the shape and form of a higher dimensional society. You will be joining our Galactic community, and you will be officially welcomed in ceremony. You will be formally introduced to all the communities throughout this galaxy and some even beyond, as you are officially welcomed as a higher dimensional member of our extended family.

    We are so excited for this day for you, and we say to you that you have earned this place of honor and we have high expectations of your world to contribute greatly your gifts to your Galactic community.
    With the honor of being welcomed into a Galactic community you will be presented with many gifts and tools that we offer you that will benefit your world greatly in many ways.

    We ask you to use these technologies with diligent care and responsibility, and tell you that upon your demonstration that you are using these technologies wisely, there will be other gifts presented to you as well in the future. This is how this universe has been designed, where the Creator’s gifts never cease to be showered upon those demonstrating their worthiness for them. You have earned all of the gifts you are to receive, and we look so forward to their presentation to you as they will benefit so greatly every man, woman and child on your planet and allow so many to enjoy their lives the way they have always meant to be enjoyed. We look so forward to this day, and tell you it will not be long now.

    Show others your love for your changing world as it unfolds before the opening eyes of many. You are a Wayshower, and we ask you to show the others the path without fear, without suspicion, without distrust, and show them a path that is clear of all these lower dimensional aspects. Take the time to explain to them that there is nothing to fear and that no harm will come to them in any way. Explain to them that much of your old world must be torn down and redesigned through the higher dimensional geometries of love.

    When you make the effort you will reap the rewards as there will be those that respond positively from your example. Naturally, there will be those who oppose your point of view and speak out against you and your position, but we say to you that enough lives will be touched in a positive way through your efforts to make even the harshest of naysayers speak fall harmlessly shy of your ears.

    There are so many others out there that are willing to listen and carefully weigh their options, and they only look for an alternative viewpoint to think over and it is here that your wisdom is needed most. There are very many of those who speak for the voice of fear and separation, and what we ask of our Lightworkers is that they counterbalance these negative forces and give the others who deserve another point of view a brighter picture to think about and look forward to.

    Many will avoid the consequences of a fear-based choice due to your efforts to explain fully their options, and these souls are out there right now waiting to hear your voice cut through the negative echoing of the voices of fear. You are called to duty at this time as Lightworkers, to shine your beacons through the darkness and guide those souls to your shores within the safe harbor of love.
    We are the Galactic Federation of Light 3/29/12

    As channeled through Greg Giles

  27. Troy, I thank you dearly for this wonderful message of yours.
    Dear Leslee, I send you vast amounts of Love and Healing Energy (-_-). My thoughts and Heart are with you (same goes for all my great companions here).
    Thank you all for your posts and for sharing your experiences.
    Goodnight. See U (-_0).

  28. Holy shite… is Gunner playing hooky from work again??? 😉

    Love, Light & Respect to ALL STC Massive! Stand Strong!!!

  29. ———————( ( ( RED ICE RADIO ) ) )———————

    **Robert Schoch ~ The Mystery of the Sphinx**
    March 25, 2012

    Robert Schoch, a full-time faculty member at the College of General Studies at Boston University since 1984, earned his Ph.D. in Geology and Geophysics at Yale University. In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch’s geological analyses of the Great Sphinx of Egypt demonstrated that the statue is thousands of years older than the conventional dating of 2500 BCE, bringing him worldwide fame. In his new book Forgotten Civilization Robert reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future. In the first hour we discuss the weathering of the Sphinx, its origin, the chamber underneath and the mysterious Sphinx temple. We also discuss Edgar Cayce’ s Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) and the current situation in Egypt.

    Listen to Hour One:

  30. ‘Bladerunner’ is here and now… look around 😉

    **The Man Machines? Scientists develop plastic skin that BLEEDS red liquid – and can even heal itself** 03 29 2012 from DailyMail

    Robots that ’bleed’ like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator have come one step closer to reality.

    Scientists have created a plastic ’skin’ that oozes red blood when cut.

    It can also ’heal’ itself, building tiny molecular bridges inside in response to damage.

    The red ’blood’ might sound like a pointless Halloween novelty – but the idea is that the ’skin’ can warn engineers that a structure such as an aicraft wing has been damaged.

    The material could provide self-healing surfaces for a multitude of products ranging from mobile phones and laptops to cars, say researchers.

    When cut, the plastic turns from clear to red along the line of the damage, mimicking what happens to skin.

    It reacts to ordinary light, or changes in temperature or acidity, by mending broken molecular ‘bridges’ to heal itself.

    U.S. scientists told how they created the material at the American Chemical Society’s annual meeting in San Diego, California.

    Lead researcher Professor Marek Urban, from the University of Southern Mississippi, said: ‘Mother Nature has endowed all kinds of biological systems with the ability to repair themselves.

    ‘Some we can see, like the skin healing and new bark forming in cuts on a tree trunk. Some are invisible, but help keep us alive and healthy, like the self-repair system that DNA uses to fix genetic damage to genes.

    ‘Our new plastic tries to mimic nature, issuing a red signal when damaged and then renewing itself when exposed to visible light, temperature or pH changes.’

    The material could flag up damage to critical aircraft structures, said Prof Urban. A decision could then be taken whether to replace the component or ‘heal’ it with a burst of intense light.

    Scratches on vehicle fenders could be repaired the same way.
    Prof Urban’s team is now working on incorporating the technology into plastics that can withstand high temperatures.


  31. hmmmmmmm… not sure why my YouTube image didn’t post?

    Yeah Leslee, definitely missing Steffie as well… hopefully all is well in their parts of the planet.

  32. & speaking of ‘Man Machine’, let’s not forget the 1978 Kraftwerk album by the same name. Here’s the classic cut ‘the Robots’.

    ~We Ahrre Da Rrrrrrobats! ;-)

  33. SaLuSa ~ 30-March-2012

    It cannot be but a short time before the many activities that are being carried out to advance you, come to your attention. The extent to which our allies are involved will force the issues to be considered by the media. It might take a little longer before our presence is reported, but whatever steps are taken to prevent it will be futile. The first reactions will bring out all kinds of responses, but those who cast doubt or reject us will soon be overshadowed through acceptance by the majority of the people. It will not take long at all for the realization to sink in that we are here to help you, and that includes removing all those who have usurped their authority and responsibility to you for many years. It is the end of the Illuminati already seriously weakened by losing much of their control over you.

    You will know by now that we are fully engaged in keeping peace on the planet, although we cannot stop every confrontation. Peace will come to you when the big powers stop interfering in other countries affairs. For too long they have plotted and manipulated circumstances that have forced countries to sell out their commodities. The result has been that much of the wealth generated that should have helped its inhabitants, has been taken out of the country. These problems will all be put right, with the raising up of people’s living standards and introduction to new technologies. In the poorer countries a big problem has been the lack of medical attention and adequate facilities, but that will be quickly overcome. The use of drugs will become unnecessary, as we will use natural methods through technologies that will be new to you. No challenge will be too much for us to deal with, and the changes will be seen very quickly.

    We know that people are already anxious to find out what will happen, but we ask that you wait until we can fully present ourselves. We wish to reach out to everyone and ensure you quickly understand what is required of you. Have no fear, as all will given in good time, and also opportunities to meet with us to sort out any queries. For a time there will be continuous broadcasts to update you on progress being made. There are exciting times coming up and it will spread around the world once the future is understood. Freedom is something few have really experienced yet it shall engulf you all before Ascension takes place.

    The future is golden and is in fact a Golden Age, and that fact alone should give you an indication of what to look forward to. Living in perfection and having the ability to create at will, will be a new experience and by then you should have acquired a higher level of consciousness and understanding that will prevent misuse of your powers. As you can see, a great leap forward is to occur and to say the least you will be absolutely different to what you are now. An extended life period of your choosing will be something new, and gives you more than ample time to fully experience it. In fact you will be able to literally “swap” bodies if it is necessary to ensure completion. These are all areas that you will eventually understand, and remember that you will have a greatly enhanced degree of consciousness.

    Duality has given you immense strength to handle the most arduous and difficult challenges. So Dear Ones, we believe that you can sail through the remaining months to Ascension. You have been prepared to know what to expect, and whatever inconvenience you experience it will be followed by an on going period of peace and tranquility. Naturally we are forging ahead with our roles in the present exchanges with us and our allies, against the dark Ones as they retreat and find us ready to foil any attempt to cause trouble. We are very much in the role of Galactic Policemen but we abide by the Universal Laws, and our ways are peaceful but forceful if we have to exert our authority. Even those who oppose us are still part of the whole, and treated with respect for the Light they carry. No soul is beyond redemption, and in the ultimate it is love that brings about changes that awaken them once again.

    Clearly you must look beyond the outer body as you view your fellow man, and keep in mind that all souls originate from the Source. All of you have experienced the extremes of duality, and it is as well that you bear in mind a very apt saying “but for the Grace of God go I”. It is why you are encouraged to put aside judgment, and try to see the beauty and love in all souls. All will eventually become enlightened once again no matter how long it takes, but then time is of no consequence outside of your dimension as it does not exist. Whilst on Earth in duality “no time” is an unimaginable idea, but perhaps you can grasp that all is in the Now. That makes your travels extremely interesting, as you can go back into the past, and for those of you who have a decisive pull towards particular historical times, what better than to be able visit them. It is also possible to travel different time lines into the future, which your Time Travelers have experienced.

    Bit by bit you are adjusting to the new life ahead, and you choose where it leads you to continue you evolution. Be assured that you do have spiritual helpers to give you advice as to what is best for your progress. You have never been without such help, and if you struggle now do not hesitate to put out your thoughts to them, and you might be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. However, you cannot dictate exactly how it is to work out, as it must be for your best good and you may not know exactly what that is. After Ascension you get to know those souls who have traveled with you through duality. They may not all stay with you as your needs will undoubtedly change, as your future life will possibly be more defined as to the direction you want to go in.

    I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and must mention yet again how time is speeding up, a sure sign that you are uplifting much more quickly into the Light. Many can already relate to a new feeling of being relaxed and unaffected by what is going on around them. That feeling of calmness will spread, and the much dreaded fear factor will cease to have the same affect. Well done to those who have achieved such levels, and my love to you all.

    Thank you SaLuSa.
    Mike Quinsey.

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