March 27, 2012 “Mondu”

After receiving confirmation that my name was Mondu when I was incarnate on Sirius, I received a message to chant Mondu when I meditate.  So, last night as I was preparing to meditate and chant I received a message that “Mondu is very powerful.”  I first listened to a meditation tape and I felt goose bumps all over.  Next I began the chant Mondu.  As I chanted my body stiffened and my head felt tight.  I could feel energy running through my body.  I could feel an inner vibration.  I felt the stiffening and tightness in my head off and on during the chanting.  As I continued, I began to relax.  After I was done, I felt completely calm.  This morning when I awoke I felt the stress was gone, I am calm and I am accepting.  I believe I was told to chant Mondu to help me release the stress built up due to my sister’s situation.  If this is her exit, I accept it.  I am at peace.  I thank SOURCE, my guides, angels, Jesus, Mondu, helpers … for guiding me.  I thank my family here for helping me on my path to unlocking the doors to who I am.  Love and light to all of you great, powerful beings!

7 comments on “March 27, 2012 “Mondu”

  1. A very powerful words, dear Vee, thank you so much!
    I am sending to you and to your sister my White Healing Light Now!

  2. That’s amazing Vee! Thank you for sharing it. Much Love and Healing Energy to you and your sister.

  3. Suntria and Lisa, much love and light to you. I am blossoming Lisa. I am so blessed in many ways. Hugs to all of you! “This little light of mine, let it shine, let it shine.”

    : )

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