Two Suns?

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two suns

       I snapped this picture with my cell phone one evening, a few months ago,  driving home from work.  The sky looked very dramatic and I wanted to capture it.  I looked at this picture for the first time yesterday and was very surprised to see this.  It appears to be two suns.  When I took the picture, the bright sphere on the right was not visible to the naked eye.

       I have seen photos posted on various sites showing two suns these past couple of years.  There was a photo taken by someone in China depicting two suns.  I’m looking for a logical explanation here but don’t have one.  What do you think?

P.S.  Take a look at the post “What is happening? A second sun or just a reflection?

Love, light, and blessings

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March 27, 2012 “Mondu”

After receiving confirmation that my name was Mondu when I was incarnate on Sirius, I received a message to chant Mondu when I meditate.  So, last night as I was preparing to meditate and chant I received a message that “Mondu is very powerful.”  I first listened to a meditation tape and I felt goose bumps all over.  Next I began the chant Mondu.  As I chanted my body stiffened and my head felt tight.  I could feel energy running through my body.  I could feel an inner vibration.  I felt the stiffening and tightness in my head off and on during the chanting.  As I continued, I began to relax.  After I was done, I felt completely calm.  This morning when I awoke I felt the stress was gone, I am calm and I am accepting.  I believe I was told to chant Mondu to help me release the stress built up due to my sister’s situation.  If this is her exit, I accept it.  I am at peace.  I thank SOURCE, my guides, angels, Jesus, Mondu, helpers … for guiding me.  I thank my family here for helping me on my path to unlocking the doors to who I am.  Love and light to all of you great, powerful beings!