Collection Items To Find In Dreams

In preparation for our dream-time meetings, please feel free to share words, images, etc., of items that have meaning for you in dreaming.

We’ll collect for a few days, and then for those who’d like to participate in this way, we’ll choose an item that we all feel connected with.



21 comments on “Collection Items To Find In Dreams

  1. Leslee: images/objects: crystal clusters, rainbows, very tall pine trees, vortexes (or spirals), bursts of white light, funny-looking men with red hair & beard, crystalline pools of water, bicycles, highways, openings in the sky, telephones, wallets/purses/bags, people with skin like a butterfly’s wing, looks in the eye like portals to the heavens, and electrifying kisses…
    Words: (gonna have to think about this…)

  2. Or the war cry of the Nac Mac Feegle: “Bigjobs!!!!” πŸ˜‰

    “center” seems to have worked really well as a shared password to get on the Algiz… and represents a process as well as a thing, as well as a word… πŸ™‚

    Regarding “collections”, crystals seem to figure fairly prominently in this process – perhaps specific colored crystals like rose quartz might be an easy target?

  3. I had a vision (I was awake) where I saw a woman with long black hair walking with a few people. They were on a farm and I knew the woman was me. We were growing our food and living on this farm. It was not a past life nor a future life. I got that it is now. I have never experienced anything like this before but I knew it was me and it is in the present. Does that mean a parallel existence? Has anyone had an experience like this?

    • Hi, Vee! Yes, this kind of experience is so familar to me that I no longer expect my friends to have the same appearance (in dreams and visions) as in waking… It’s really cool, isn’t it! I dreamed night before last that I had a similar appearance, and was with 3 other similar women, tending a garden or zoo of some kind… Maybe we were together there?

    • I had a scary waking dream like this a couple of years ago where I had to protect my son from someone who wished him harm. I was just at home cleaning up around the house on the weekend… but it was like my attention was focused on this other event playing itself out inside my head. So I’m putting away some socks and there’s this “ghost” signal that’s telling me to fight this imaginary guy. So weird.

      There are indeed parallel timelines… and I think there is more than one timeline.

      Your experience could also have been a “borrowing” where you pop into someone else’s consciousness. Maybe mine was too. This relates to “empathy” where you see the world from someone else’s perspective. Because we are all connected to source we can pick up on the experience of others, as they are being experienced by that person.

      Both types of experiences can be very confusing…

      • That’s pretty interesting dreamwalker. So, your guide was telling you to fight the imaginary guy. That is weird. When you explain about popping into someone else’s consciousness that is probably what I experience at times. Some times I have visions of random people and usually they are involved in some type of accident. I don’t understand why I’m seeing these things.

        • It wasn’t really my guides, it was more like this other event was taking place as I was folding socks… kind of like on the radio at a stop light, how you might get two radio stations overlapping each other. Well this was kind of like two realities overlapping each other. I’m glad this is the only time something like this has happened…

          Are the accidents fatal? I recently had the understanding that death can serve as a release from our current contract, so in some ways it can be considered to be a good thing…

  4. I had a dream last night that I don’t remember in its entirety. I was on a spacecraft in a large room, I could not see any walls and everything seemed to be white. In the middle of the room there was a diagram of a large circle on the floor going round and round, spiraling and I had to stand in the middle of it for healing. I could sense others were around me but I could not see them. I wish I could remember all of the dream because it felt good.

  5. Collection Items: these are visualizations I use for centering during wake-time:

    Light column

    I feel at this time, for me, the wings is an exercise in consciousness expansion because they are more detailed/complicated than either the column or the paper, and also have much more in the way of symbolism, although the paper and light column have their own purposes and are not greater or lesser than other methods.

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