On the heels of Burning Castles and February 21, I did an I Ching reading “Please tell how you suggest we regard February 21, 2012?”

This image is a screen shot of the result… I posted the full result at the link below.



2 comments on “I CHING FOR FEBRUARY 21, 2012

  1. Yes, Ma’am! This is from an app, based on the yarrow stalks method… I started out using coins, but have come to love the stalks method more for a few reasons: the statistics work differently (Huang explains this really well – more complex & random = more opps for “influence”), and I’m very tactile (love the feel of the sticks), and I find the rhythm and hand-switching of working with the stalks to be very meditative. I bet there’s a right-brain/left-brain thing going on… The app is handy, but my favorite books are by Alfred Huang an Carol K. Anthony… I hope to write more about it… s*meday… 😉

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