Vision: Inside Abi-Qor : arrival and departure hall

I am being encouraged by a sweet lady, Leslee, to share a vision I had of Abi-Qor through dreams. She is getting strong messages that Abiquor arises through the vision of many. It was like a puzzle I had to fit together the image. It is a rough sketch and you are standing on a balcony surrounded by green and you look below the arrival and departure hall in I believe Abi-Qor. The blue patches are the windows that look out to the blue sky and the second arch is actually a dome, but my perspective is a little bit off. But anyway it is only a presentation. At the back you see a crystal pool with two fountains.

Abi-qor sketch0001

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Love and Light Lisa

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  1. This is the City of Light above and I have seen the rocks and the mountains there that form a circle and down there is extremely green
    Love You

  2. Hi everybody, thank you so much for the lovely comments and kind words. It has been a while, because I fell sick last week. Nothing major though….

    Love Lisa

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