A pox upon thee, faint hearts!
Let’s guzzle for guzzling’s sake,
go frenziedly embracing change
till cringing in embarrassment,
spurning the facile beeline trod
at ease stuck in the replay loop.

For if not what then? To throttle
new sooth, spontaneity, novelty
and openly resist sweet change;
lie, trussed up in lack of trust;
lackey to each passing whim,
fad, fashion, fancy, folderol?

What’s cool runs hot and cold
Bridges: to build or else to burn?
Extravagance or strict penury?
Advance? Reverse? Tread water?
Now reduce? Sustain? Increase?
Enough, enough, enough already!

You’ve put in your penny’s worth,
accepted the prevailing mad belief
that time marches on, when anyone
can see it frequently limps, hobbles
and just can’t always keep up; or else
races so you have to pant for breath.

But here’s a word in your shell-like.
Grab it by that shy retiring forelock,
brazenly refuse to follow these rules,
led to follow such lead-footed rules.
Why you can even lay down new rules
And break them also, comes a time.

Best learn listen to that quiet voice,
Extraordinarily ordinary in the end.
Content to lie in slumber, limp wimp,
keep your mouth shut and head down.
“Slowly slowly, catchee monkey”. With
a search begun, something will be found.