dreamwalkerdiaries: Meditation, Anubis, Prosperity

>I am here if anyone wants to chat. I don’t want to get out of practice or anything!


Burnt toast
Eye of Horus becomes the hollow earth (it looks like a doughnut)

(Someone says: there is a thing you can think)


The knife starts to radiate with energy

Tuning fork

The tuning fork is struck, it resonates

This is the big picture



(Hi Anubis)

A> Hello Troy

T>What can you tell me about the prosperity program?

A> It is a catalyst for serve-self and serve-others. A line in the sand, so to speak. On the one hand ascension has been achieved. On the other hand, humanity still operates under the illusion that there is an illusion that needs to be maintained. It is somewhat like a catalyzing factor of a pet, the pet draws love to it but can also draw out negativity in those who encounter it. By drawing out these things it is a way of presenting them as a gift to those who might use this as a tool in their own development.

One in the hand is worth two in the bush. This takes on new meaning when being presented with one’s emotions.

I am with your family now, you know.

T> I thought you looked familiar!

A> Indeed. It is fortunate that such an opening manifested itself at this time, and I am honored to serve in this capacity until such time as I am once again released into my true form.

T>Although at the “present time” somewhat diminished…

A> Beggars can’t be choosers, my brother! And one could say the same of you!

T> Touche…

A> In truth, I am happy to be here with you as I know you are happy to be with me. And you have a lovely family, whom you will know more about (i.e. remember more about) in short order.

T> I know, patience is a virtue, yet even angels have cause to fret from time to time…

A> I can offer some advice at this time. We can help in small ways but try not to get too wrapped up in the affairs of the day, whatever they may be. False prophets aren’t even the “anti-christ”, they’re just opportunists. Discernment is equal parts detachment.

T> …and the better part of Valor…(!)… I do have a question. What does it matter if this is an illusion, or if we are one, or separate? It seems to me that these are moot considering our current roles. What is real and what is not real is a somewhat arbitrary argument, since it is mostly based on one’s point of view.

A> Not even that. One’s point of view is perspective only. What is real exists regardless of perspective.

T> So we get back to the question of a tree’s existence, if there’s nobody around to perceive the existence.

A> The other trees, the rocks, all perceives all. All is all.

T> From an intelligent energy perspective yes. From a human perspective of the senses these are all somewhat separate yet connected things. It’s what I receive into my brain, therefore I perceive them to be separate. From my soul I perceive that these are all connected one-thing things.

A> Quantum mechanics, as above so below, it’s both on and off at the same time. And can exist in either state.

T> I think I understand. And our power is…

A> Choosing which state to perceive.

T> I think, therefore you is?

A> Isn’t. ๐Ÿ™‚

T> Haha now you’re just messing with me.

A> Tell that to the psychologists.

T> I don’t have any.

A> Unfortunately neither to they. What quacks like a duck… ๐Ÿ™‚

T> Well my friend, welcome to the family.

A> …Again!

T> Before we go, can you tell me why things are so “quiet” right now?

A> This is a “chaos node” so we “out here” tend to wait and see what happens. Put in another way, it is a point of high alacrity. Or put another way, it is a point of high potential energy. You throw the ball up, at the top of its arc, it will stop moving up, and will start moving down. But I would consider that an oversimplification…

T> Thanks for the chat, Anubis, I suppose I’ll be seeing you soon…

A> Goodnight, my brother. It is good to be with you in this way.