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Wes Annac-Internal or External Focus? It is a Balance

This contact happened with meditation and inner-seeking

The possible results of meditation and inner-seeking.

Thanks to Konstantinos for his picture “Contact during Meditation”

A reader sends in a great question about where exactly we should put our focus in these changing times. I have said before in previous articles that it is now pertinent for us to put all of our focus within and toward our ascension, rather than solely looking outwardly toward our channeled sources or toward physical events we’ve been told will manifest.

I’ve felt before that a lot of people are putting way too much focus into external events manifesting and into the channeled sources helping us to evolve, and that the ever-important inner-connection has been forgotten.

However, our reader offers a very good question which is essentially: does such a perspective invalidate the help we are being by the Galactics and Celestials? Were we to turn our focus completely inwardly, then should we even follow the impressions of the Galactics or care one bit about external events on our world?

Many of us are here to lift this world up and help impoverished peoples to find abundance and comfort; does solely turning within invalidate this work or somehow take our focus away from it?

Essentially, we are exploring the results of where we put our focus. To discuss both sides of the dualistic pole – were we to keep all of our focus on the external and physical events playing out, we would have less time and energy to focus upon our inner growth; the growth of the soul. We would be constantly scanning material from the next channeled or Earthly source and we would continue to fashion an outer-dependence on channels and external news.

This is something our channeled sources do not want, as they do not want to be painted as “savior” figures and have stated endlessly that it is we who must do the bulk of the work to help our planet rise out of the lower vibrations. Again, our reader’s question was of the nature of such work becoming invalidated if we were to always turn within, which I will discuss as well.

I do feel that it’s more important to be focused and attuned within than without.

As I have not stated in previous writings, however, that does not necessarily mean we should not putany focus in our external reality as indeed, there is a lot that needs to be done and the help we’ll be given will focus on repairing the damage wrought in our physical reality. So I do recognize that staying constantly attuned within could take our focus away from external matters of importance, and I insert the opinion that, as with many subjects that have been written about, a necessary balance should be employed.

I do not feel you should hang on every word said by the Pleiadians, the Hathors, SaLuSa, Hilarion, etc. and if you want to skip reading a few channeled communications so that you can turn within, meditate, and feel much of what is being said by such sources yourselves; that is not only honored but is in fact important.

I’ve seen a lot of people put all of their focus and attention in a certain few (or many) channeled sources, and I’ve watched many hinge all of themselves on the words spoken by a channeled entity. I strongly feel that the communications of the Galactics and Celestials are not intended to be used in such a manner and rather, are intended to give us advice along our ascension processes as well as updates about our external reality.

These are matters that the Lightworker public will greatly benefit from knowing about, but the problem has been the amount of focus we put in the “channeled sources” aspect of this movement. I’ve discussed this in the past and perhaps allowed myself to play into the dualistic other side, by claiming we should put every last bit of our focus into our inner-world.

I do feel we should put the majority of our focus into our inner-world. We should focus inwardly as much as is possible while still attuning to events playing out in the physical and, if you are one who reads and appreciates channeled material, still reading such updates. Our very definition of what channeled sources are meant to be or are supposed to do, however, should perhaps be changed.

Channeled sources will continue to tell us of external events playing-out in our reality, as will they give general predictions as to where our world is headed. I’ve recently communicated with the Pleiadians in a manner that reinforces this notion. They will continue to give us the outward help we desire while keeping us informed about Earthy matters from their vantage point, but it is we the Lightworker public who must change the amount of energy and focus we put into what we’re being given.

I’ve read so many channeled sources who’ve stated that they can be found within and that it’s important for us to attune inwardly, because how can we find ascension if we have not even found our inner-Selves?

Obviously, this does not invalidate the help they’re giving us or their updates about our external reality, and what I wish to express is that we must find a healthy balance of absorbing channeled material/focusing on external events, and turning within and placing our attention where it needs to be placed the most; in our developing inner-realms.

When the Galactics are here, they will help us repair our world and hopefully, the majority of us will have learned to turn within and will have treated the communications of the Galactics and Celestials as they were meant to be treated; as appreciated help along a path that is ours entirely to Create and experience, but not as a “holy doctrine” we should follow with every bit of ourselves.

This, of course, also does not invalidate the work that so many have done to introduce us to channeled material or discuss such material in writings, and we have in fact benefitted from such things. Just as with channels, the spiritual writings are helpful and necessary but should not be solely focused upon. They should be appreciated though.

Our experiences will naturally be out of balance if we have not properly turned within, and this is so for those who may rely solely on outside sources. However, we should not throw the help we’re being given out the door, because there is indeed much we can benefit from by receiving continual updates from ascended souls with a greater vantage point.

I would suggest putting one’s inner-realms and inner-experiences at the absolute forefront of one’s perception, and allowing the channeled or written spiritual material to take a backseat. Taking a backseat doesn’t mean exiting the car – it just means taking a backseat. Eventually, we will be rebuilding this world and will be focused with much of ourselves on the external but by then, I have a feeling that we’ll all have developed internally and will be able to keep the balance employed.

I should mention as well, of course, that our external and internal realities are merging. So by the time we’re repairing our world, we could be placing focus not on an internal/external reality, but in One merged reality.

For now, in my view the inner-connection is more important than external focus. This doesn’t invalidate external focus, per se, but does make allowance for the fact that some have perhaps sought externally a tad too much, and could be doing an injustice to their personal ascension processes.

Remember – we’re here to help the Earth which entails external focus, but we’re also here to find a personal and collective ascension and we cannot do that by solely reading or following channeled sources.

The balance of inner and outer focus is most important, as without this balance we could find ourselves tipping toward either respective end and I will admit to having done so in a previous writing. Truly, remaining only focused within will not hurt is spiritually, but will see us not possessing the outer knowledge of contemporary events that some place importance in and that will be important when repairing our world.

I hope I’ve been able to answer this inquiry in as precise of a manner as possible, and I thank our reader for a stimulating question.

Wes Annac – Happy to help, but not to lead. You must lead yourselves!


Aurora dreamflights 2.0

Hey, I know this is not Dreamflights related in a direct way, but I believe it gives a good explanation for the reason why Dreamflights are now stopped 🙂 . Hope it helps 🙂



(please listen to the audio recording if you can for the complete message)

Update on Channeled Messages:

I am receiving more and more information from the Higher Realms, and at a faster and faster speed. I find that speaking and doing recordings allows me to say more than writing information down. People also feel a higher benefit from the voice frequency.

I will of course continue with written work as well, but will still do more audio recordings than before.

As a matter of fact I had agreed to do channeled work only until the 21st Dec. 2012 with SaLuSa and with other Ascended beings. I will still receive messages from above…

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I am Arachanaï

my higher self ArachanaiThis is the first time I am channeling, this is my first ever channeling of my higher self. I was a bit weary to post it but I got confirmation from a sweet lady that I trust 100%  that the message I received is genuine and not my ego speaking. Yesterday after I was reading Steve Beckow’s article: Bliss Rising I got this message written down.

Since I was reading the Ascension papers from Zingdad 4 years ago, I always felt the connection of my higher self on the 5th dimension and the knowing I already had ascended, I only had to work to change my perception of it. After the portal opening on 21st December I felt this connecting growing, getting more intense and feeling more closer than ever. Since last week my higher self came through stronger and stronger…and yesterday I felt so compelled to write the message…

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SaLuSa ~ December 28, 2012

Note from Mike Q: Hi Friends,

Please note that from today SaLuSa’s messages will go out weekly, every Friday. SaLuSa has “told” me that in time the messages will be unnecessary as events will have taken over. May I wish you all a Happy New Year, and a Happy New Age.

In Love and Light, Mike.

It does not matter how many predictions are made because as given they are all possibilities, dependent on the extent of your creative powers as to whether they materialize. So we are telling you that what you experienced was what you created, but for those of you expecting more evidence of Ascension it was disappointing.

We understand your feelings, but the process of the awakening Ascension energies has not stopped and will proceed even more quickly than previously. The upliftment of energies in your Solar System took place through the alignment of your Sun and the great Central Sun of the Galaxy, and as many souls experienced some evidence of it, as did not.

Ascension took place but to your surprise souls of the lower vibrations are still with you. That is because many were able to absorb the energy and their vibrations lifted sufficiently for them to rise up, but they will need to raise them at a faster rate if they are to remain with you. Also bear in mind that many souls were unaware of the importance of the 21 st December, so not all of them who did experience something would have known what caused it.

It is, so to say, their last opportunity to stay in the process of Ascension and avoid having to be taken off Earth if it proves to be in their best interests. All along it has been hoped that as many souls as possible would be able to accept the new energies. So we feel that when you acknowledge the positive outcome, you will be pleased that more of your family of souls have remained.

The New Age has commenced and time will show that nothing has been lost by the nature of your experience. From hereon you will find a much more positive outcome, as it is you who are now in charge of your own future. Your personal cleansing of still unwanted energies can go ahead with all speed, and you should not find any difficulty in being successful.

You are now at a new level of happiness and joy for just being alive, and know that you can now proceed to live a new life with more freedom than ever before. As a result of receiving the energies of the 21 st December, you have moved more into the “Now” and that means you will experience less of time and space.

As you move within the 5 th dimension, so you will realize that time is no longer linear, and you will sometimes lose all perspective of where you are or how you got there. Do not be afraid however, as you will be able to “think” yourself back to where you were. In time you will begin to perceive other dimensions and realities, and even see other entities that have their being in them.

Your present government, along with others largely in your Western World, are near to being replaced and it is an important move that will enable so many other things to go forward. They cannot handle the present crisis brought about by the collapse of a number of banks, and the corrupt systems used by them to bolster their own profits through false trading.

The answers are already known to us, and the new ways are prepared and ready for implementation at very short notice. Day by day every soul will continue to grow in awareness, and the net result is that as a civilization you will find yourselves less interested in what the past had to offer you. You are becoming wiser and more astute in discovering how you have been mislead for centuries of time.

You are no longer prepared to accept “more of the same”, and are demanding a new approach to life that honors everyone’s sovereignty and peace and abundance. You need to be able to freely express yourself and relate to all others as One, as unity is what we wish to see you achieving.

We fully understand why some of you are disheartened at the passing of Ascension in a rather quiet manner, but look at the positive aspects. We have tried to guide you to reach the highest perception you have of yourself, and of what you could expect in the New Age, and that encouragement will still continue.

The 21 st December alignment took place, and you have commenced the New Age with a higher level of consciousness. It will enable you to accelerate the process of Ascension, and you will see changes taking place in quick succession. Everything you have been led to expect to herald in the New Age will still occur with a greater backing than before, as the way ahead is now virtually clear.

You have had great patience so far and we are most grateful for your dedication to the Light and to all other souls. Events will now flow much more smoothly, and we can assure you that the work you have put in to bring the Light and Love to people has had tremendous results.

Naturally Mother Earth has also ascended, and will go ahead and work with you to bring the New Age into being. There have been few incidents of people having to leave the Earth, and that is a credit to the Lightworkers who have worked so hard to bring all souls into the Light. We are pleased to note that it has released the tension and doubts that some people held, because they were so concerned about friends or family.

It holds great hope for those souls who have hitherto been unaware of the importance of the new period that you have moved into. We know that some of you will look back and question why the impression was given that so much could have been achieved prior to Ascension. We would say that our motivation has been to place before you every opportunity to advance through your own creative powers.

We know that the Lightworkers put a lot of time and effort into achieving success, and the apparent failure is no criticism of them. Indeed, there is absolutely no fault in their dedication to their task. It is simply that the circumstances did not meet the criterion for full manifestation of the initial changes that you expected.

Yes, there were times when you were so close to seeing your efforts rewarded, but often it was the dark Ones who posed a threat or delay that we could not ignore. Bear in mind that we do not have the authority to force issues, unless it is divinely decreed, as it is you who are guiding the outcome and responsible for it.

Be assured that no time has been lost because little progress appears to have been made. Behind the scenes our allies continue to be busy, and are close to bringing about the governmental changes. These are so essential in putting the remains of the old 3D politics behind you, and appointing leaders in power that are aware of the need for immense changes to establish the New Age.

You will shortly notice a wave of love sweep the Earth, that will show that your civilization has taken a quantum leap forward. That being so it will bring a strong unity of purpose that will help the establishment of world peace. If you continue to focus on areas of the world that are still experiencing conflict, your intent will soon bring a positive result. When world peace has been achieved we will make sure that war will not return, and will enforce that edict if necessary.

As each day passes the prospects of a greater show of our craft will also dramatically increase. Many eyes will soon be turned towards the poverty and need in the Middle East and far Eastern countries, as compassion and understanding will place the focus where the greatest needs exist. It will force Governments to seriously look at such issues and take some action.

The efforts of our allies will also bring forward the redistribution of wealth that has been illegally obtained. So much is at the point of coming out, and with the lower vibrations disappearing more quickly there is less chance of delays taking place.

Dear Ones, consider that you have not lost anything at all by not having your dreams fulfilled, in fact you have gained more than you had before. The way has become clearer and more certain, and our help can begin to be more open. It is why we are eager for disclosure to come as quickly as possible, then we can really get going without any hindrance.

The whole outlook has changed for the better, and your efforts will in time be more productive. We are of course close to you most of the time but rarely show ourselves, but that will also change in time. There is to be a coming together, and eventually you will be joined by us, the Masters and your family from the Inner Earth. It will be quite a time of celebration, and the whole world will know we have arrived.

Nothing ever happens by chance, but will follow each Divine edict. There are powerful Beings that carry out the word of God without question, but we do understand your doubts and difficulties when things do not seem to go to plan. Yet all events will come to be and fulfill the promises that have been made.

It is known to be so, as all exists in the Now and simply waits for the right time to manifest –meaning that when it is going to be of the maximum benefit to your civilization. What is to occur is clearly not just for those who have already awakened, but perhaps in some ways is directed even more strongly at those who still slumber.

Now that the lower vibrations are disappearing, they are being given a gentle push and a reminder that they are at their own crossroads. They must make a firm decision as to what they want to do, otherwise they will be unable to make progress into the New Age. It is their choice and on a higher level they subconsciously know what is at stake.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and let me say that it will not be long before many of you look back at this time and find the proof of your Ascension by recognizing the changes in yourself. You will also see it in your friends and family, and realize that they are creating a more peaceful aura around them.

As the higher energies continue to arrive on Earth their effect will be there for all to see, as Humanity will reach out in Love and bring powerful energies of Light to bear upon those who are still held in the darkness. The Ascension process still proceeds as powerfully as ever, and our love will be with you all of the way.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

I am Arachanaï

Ascension 21 12 2012a

I had a superb Christmas and got a Moss-agate stone as Christmas Present. I write this article because still amazing things are happening to me, especially now I combined my crystal with the Moss-agate stone I get powerful experiences that makes me think that things are really shifting now.

I didn’t do a Crystal Connection on the 24th  but I kept my third eye open to any events. During Christmas Dinner I saw it was 8.30 PM , our Crystal Meditation time and suddenly felt a vortex opening above me and entering me through my crown chakra enlighten me within with sacred vortex energy.

Then on the 25th I did a crystal Connection and I received the following:

I made first a connection with Tauno. After the connection I felt my heart expanding and expanding.  Then a feeling, a kinda of seeing through my third eye… I…

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Multidimensional Ocean

Hi guys,

I am asked by my Higher Self to share a few of my experiences and thoughts with you all. Part of the writing here is coming from me, and part of it comes from my Higher Self. I am asked to no longer make any distinction between these two in my writings in the future.

I first wanted to share with you how my 21st Dec. went. I felt extremely tired for the 21st, 22d and 23d of December. Looking back at those 3 days, I really needed some 4 or 5 hours of extra sleep in comparison with my usual 5 or 6 hours sleep per night, bringing me to some 10 to 11 hours sleep per day, which doubled my sleep routine over those 3 days.

The fatigue seems to be a common pattern for many of us according to some articles and comments that…

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The Perpetual Motion Machine


Curling cogs and spindly spindles in circular circulation
Meshing, ferrying psychical energies here and thither
Gathering perceptions that give rise to considerations
Kindling in their turn beliefs and these, unchallenged
Influencing and unwittingly sculpting the fuel for perceptions
And on and on, entrancing the onlooking Anon. (Et tu …?)
Scat singing it, winging it, making it, waking it up as we go along

Twas truth to tell ourselves pro-formed this state of unbeing
Over the span of time, of space, of manifold crass experience
While desired placidity might recur in a flash of blinding sight
– A brisk Damascene eviscerating – a fatal Vesuvian obliteration
Or else, favouring a more regal swanlike grace, we may choose
Experiencing it as a process taking aeons; a free choice after all
As epitaph: “Great patience transforming into profound realisation”

Our conviction our own awareness our own our only possession
Veracity and delusion in intimate embrace; sophisticated sophism
For in this very moment, this moment, this moment we hold the key
Untold power herein? Cryptic messages ease us into understanding
While love (the key) and light (eternal) ungrease dread machinations
Apparent opposites melding on the axis of one primal act of divine will
Plots lost, opposed, recovered while overall attention never wavered

Galactic Lightship Dreamflights: 29DEC2012


You are invited to join the next Galactic Light Ship Dreamflight this Saturday night (22 DECEMBER 2012) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salycz
GLS Angelon
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th)
GLS Aurora (Password “Mocham”; website: Auroradreamflight2)

Our fleet has also been joined by the GLS Tulya, GLS Neptune, GLS Athena, GLS Olympia, GLS Balthazar, GLS Phoenix and GLS Eui.

Standard equipment includes rejuvenation pods, translation modules, navigation equipment, and healing platforms. Materials are crystalline in nature, and may be variable in size and shape.

Collective dream experiences (shared dreams) have been successfully established.

You may wish to read about background information on our process, or more about our Galactic Fleet.

Your Astral travel / Dreamflight experiences may be posted to this post or to Astral Travels (December 2012).

Please note that dreamflights are always free and do not require membership for your participation. Only your intent to join the dreamflights is required.

Suzanne Lie: Message from the Arcturians – Point of Perception, Part 2

Suzanne Lie: Message from the Arcturians – Point of Perception, Part 2.

Message from the Arcturians – Point of Perception, Part 2

By Suzanne Lie -December 24, 2012

Dear Ascending Ones,

We return to tell you more about your Point of Perception. We remind you to identify yourselves as ever expanding spectrums of perception. YOU are your Ascended SELF who watches over your Earth vessel from the higher dimensions. From that perspective you can preview the myriad versions of SELF who are incarnated on transmuting Earth.

YOU are also your Earth vessel who is interacting with the collective process of creating New Earth. Your physical self is similar to the “hook” at the end of the fishing pole that has been cast into the water. Your Ascended SELF is similar to the fisherman who holds the fishing pole. Your Ascended expression of SELF has full knowledge of all your lower frequency realities.

Because you have many physical expressions on Earth in this NOW, this fisherman has many fishing poles with many hooks in the water. When you think of your “self” as the small hook in a great ocean, you feel afraid and alone. However, if you think of the hook as another point of perception that is always attached to the fishermen, you feel empowered.

Your physical expression is a small “landing craft” that is exploring a world in which you can act independently but are still connected to your SELF who understands the entire situation. When you relax into being ONE with the hook in the water, you can experience being ONE with all the water/reality.

You are also ONE with the fisherman who has a higher point of perception. In actuality, each hook and each fisherman is a relay station. Each relay station gathers information from the lower frequency Points of Perception and sends that information up-line and shares it with a higher expression of SELF.

The experiences of being ONE with the water, the hook, the fishing line and the fisherman are all sent up-line all the way to Source. In this manner, Source is alive with the myriad experiences of life in form. Every perception that every life form has ever experienced is stored in the Cosmic Matrix of Source. Your experiences are also stored in the Akashic Matrixes that surround each plane and sub-plane of reality. Through your unconscious link with all the experiences of all your realities you can remember your unity with all life.

Now that the time and belief systems based on time are beginning to shift, your logical, sequential, individual perceptions are beginning to blend with the perceptions of the myriad Fishermen (Ascended Ones) and Hooks (Human Ones) in the Oceans (Planet).

With this blending of multidimensional perceptions, Planetary Unity Conscious is exponentially expanding. As Unity Consciousness continues to expand, your multidimensional concepts, communications and experiences will be shared with everyone via the ever-increasing wave of Unity Consciousness.

Much of your perception of time is emotionally based. If you are doing something that you do not want to do, time crawls along at a very slow pace. However, as the Unity Consciousness silently reminds you that YOU are your Higher SELF, you begin to remember that you have chosen to visit the physical plane. If you have chosen to visit this plane, then you can choose to do what you want to do. With this choice of doing what you want, time flies.

As hidden patents that make your life easier are released, and as funds horded by the few are shared with the many, the “shoulds” of your life will greatly decrease. Also, as your Unity Consciousness perceives our Galactic Presence as “normal”, we will be able to openly assist you to remember your multidimensional thinking, inter-dimensional travels and multidimensional communications.

When you remember to think multidimensionally, many of the problems that have created “work” in your life will be replaced with swifter, easier, more efficient methods. Also, when you recall your inter-dimensional travels, your adventures in myriad higher dimensional realities will infinitely expand your consciousness.

Then, you will return to share your multidimensional experiences with the Unity Consciousness. These travels to higher worlds will greatly improve your multidimensional communication, which you will also share with all by blending your experiences into the Unity Consciousness.

In the same manner, if someone is ill, the Unity Consciousness can heal them. If someone is angry, the Unity Consciousness can calm them with unconditional love. If someone is in need, there is an infinite vat of supplies, information, medicines and advice that is open to all. Words like boredom and work will leave your vocabulary, as will words like debt and illness.

Time is based on resistance. Hence, time does not exist in the same manner in realities that are NOT based on the hard boundaries and resistance of the third dimension. Instead, time in higher realities is based on the timeless Flow of the ONE. When there is nothing to resist, such as going to work, wishing to leave work, escaping traffic, fighting with your boss or mate, getting well and/or reaching your location, time will flow much as light flows.

Without the burden of third dimensional resistance, you will not need to sleep because you are tired. Instead, you sleep because you feel an inner call to visit a higher expression of your Being. Eventually, you will remember how to be in more than one reality at a time, and sleep will be replaced with meditation and bi-location.

Gradually, eating will also be replaced with breathing in multidimensional light. At first, you will eat less and less of certain foods. Then you will only eat the foods that you have not, yet, learned to metabolize from the light. Then, food will be a form of camaraderie, an old habit from your 3D days. Finally, food will be synonymous with light. Then no creatures or plants will be viewed as food. On the other hands, Earthlings/Terrains will continue to consume water long after they have released all “food”.

We hear you asking “When will this all happen?” Our answer is that this transition is not about when or even where it will happen. It is about the frequency to which you choose to resonate. Everything already exists in the NOW, but at different frequencies of resonance.

Fortunately, your choice of resonance will be much easier when you no longer need to hold resistance against invasion of fear-based emotions. In fact, individual consciousness has remained so separate in an attempt to not be tainted by the fear of others. However, “others” is a 3D concept to be replaced it with the 5D concept of “We are the sum of our parts. If there is fear in our Unity Consciousness, we will clear it from within our Multidimensional SELF.”

Therefore, working from within your Multidimensional SELF is the focus of creating New Earth. We Galactics are aware that many of you, especially those who have worked very hard toward the moment when ALL would be ascended, are struggling with life appearing the same.

We know that you were eager to find yourself instantly transported to a higher reality, consciously perceive us landing among you, turning on your television to see the announcement of the release of the many hidden patents, or the actuality of NESARA. However, your Unity Consciousness has chosen to be the conscious creators of New Earth.

Your long sojourn through physical Earth has taught you to be independent within the collective. Those who have become loving leaders because of your personal resolve to help others. Therefore, just as we have been silently helping our Ascending Ones, you have passed that gift along to help others who cannot perceive us.

The fact is that the Collective Consciousness of Earth has chosen to unite with your Higher Expressions before inviting us into your world. You, our Ascending Ones, realize that you want to “do it on your own.” Just as a child learns to ride a bicycle by their parent holding onto to the back and does not realize that their parent has let go, many of you have not realized that we let go of your Ascension because you have found your own balance.

We, your Expressions of SELF in higher worlds, do not want to diminish your great transformation by being present when you are totally ready to do it your SELF. We have found a safe street (cleared most of the dark ones) so that you are able to learn to find your OWN balance between your physical expression and your multidimensional life.

We have, also, taken away your dangerous toys (turned off all nuclear weapons) to give you more time to remember your SELF. Many of the hidden patents are indeed galactic, but many of them are also human inventions. These inventions were stolen from their creator, and the scientists were often killed. We will no longer allow this behavior. And, because YOU have asked us to level the playing field, we are not breaking the Free Will of your planet to assist in this manner.

Planetary Free Will is a consensus of the majority of the members of the planet. These members include all sentient beings and Gaia Herself. Therefore, the majority of Planetary Consciousness has asked us for assistance. The polarity of dark had grown too strong for the polarity of light to have a fair chance. Hence, we came to assist our descendants and friends in human disguise.

However, we are also aware that you, the Unity Consciousness of Gaia, want to cross the finish line on your own. To use a human term, we are very proud of our friends and descendants. We will proceed with our landings, but initially, it will be within your consciousness. In other words, we will help those who ask for our assistance.

We will support you as you remember how to visit your Higher Expressions of SELF on our Starships and in New Earth and guide you from within to be fully awake during your inter-dimensional journeys. We want you to know that we have fully opened our Corridor to all who wish to consciously visit your Galactic Family from the perspective of your Galactic SELF.

In other words, the fishing line that once separated the hook from the fishing pole now unites them. The YOU who is the Fisherman is multidimensional and perceives the waters of Earth from myriad dimensions and/or states of consciousness. This YOU (the Fisherman) is eager to share as many of these perceptions as you (the Ascending One) can accept and embrace.

The more you live from within and deeply connect with your SELF, the more you will remember that your physical body is just a form that you are wearing in order to participate in the creation of New Earth. However, you have many forms that your ONE consciousness creates, wears and stores on many realities within the NOW. YOU can never die. Your form may no longer be wearable, so your consciousness may need to temporarily release that expression.

However, you can create another expression to visit that reality whenever you please. As the members of Earth increasingly activate and perceive reality through their expanded perceptions, the illusions of time, separation and death will disappear. When a loved one dies, you will remember that they have merely decided to release that form. However, they are pure consciousness and cannot die. Therefore, what died was only the packaging, as the consciousness within the packaging is infinite.

With the release of more old habits of domination, the people of Earth will create the New, Multidimensional Earth. Of course, they are not actually creating Multidimensional Earth, as it was always there. What they will be creating is the safety to remember that there are myriad frequencies of Earth in which they can create, live and play.

All that you wanted to gain by Ascension is already inside of your Multidimensional SELF. As you raise your Point of Perception, you will discover that for your SELF. The Path is clear now and well lit from our end of our Corridor. The entrance to this Corridor is within your SELF. Close your eyes to perceive our Corridor with your Third EYE and use the unconditional love of your High Heart to open it.

Within you, we are ONE,

The Arcturians

leslee hare

I was deeply honored on 22 December to spend 2 hours with Vince Martin and Brangwynn Christina Ravenheart, on the Talk With Vince Show.

After knowing about this for several months, when it got down to the last minute, I didn’t have time to post before the show to let everyone know about this! If you visit the link below and scroll down a little, you’ll see the links to the show

We covered a lot of topics, although I think Vince wanted most to know about “nuns and sex”, so that one kept popping back up!

I’m sitting here trying to find the words to express how deeply touched I am by the connections with Vince and Brangwynn. I feel like I’ve found a couple of friends I haven’t seen in ages, and that day was one of the most powerful I’ve experienced in this life.

If you’re…

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I just wanted to wish everyone out there a very Happy Holiday! I Love you all so much, and hope that this holiday season is happy, prosperous and exciting for all! Let’s bring the new year in with Love and Compassion! Namaste’!
~Michael H.

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Konstantinos: Some news and a personal wish

Hello everybody and I hope you are all doing well. Me, well, I can certainly say that I feel much lighter, like I have left behind some baggage and I’m still working on it of course, but with a much lighter Heart.

I’ve also noticed that things that I used to do since childhood have started to come through me more often than ever, like the transmission of symbols as well as me talking a language that feels familiar…and I do all this, among other things, since a very young age.

I mention this thing with the language on my blog profile but never felt sure if it would be right for me to discuss this further. But these days, I received an inner like urge from my Higher Self to share this and I  also feel a little more encouraged about it, since I’ve noticed that many people around the glob talk and/or write these languages. I have come to understand once again, that everyone are able, among many other things, to channel and most people actually do this almost all the time unconsciously.

Well, the last days and today, I have received strong energetically images of beings that I have not encountered before and also, I decided to share some of the symbols that came through me.



img003 IM 5-2

img004-2 img006-2


I wish everyone merry Christmas and a happy, joyful, with as more Light events as possible, New Year. A wish that I have is for everyone, including me, to start act through their inner Christ and through that Light to help others rediscover their Light too. To help to the creation of a gathering of even more candles and beacons of true Love. To be like living fountains who let their water of Forgiveness and Unity emanate everything without limits and distinctions. Let’s let the gift for ourselves and all the others to be this that words like ‘Love’ cannot even describe it completely, since it’s so vast, infinite and indescribably beautiful.


And let’s not limit ourselves doing this  only to celebration periods but as often as possible. It’s the best solution for a problem, the best healing for an illness, the most powerful force there is that nothing can’t defeat it..and it’s the reason why you and me and everything exist. I Love You.

Well, the whirlwind of events and time continues spinning for me, so I’m just now getting around to re-blogging this… I really look forward to a quiet day tomorrow, and finally getting a chance to read some of the many posts I’ve been missing over the past two weeks. I’ve missed you all, even though I’m very grateful to be so busy! Much love to you all, dear lights! 🙂

Up 2 The 5th


(From Leslee: I received this while journaling several days ago, with this message from Teo’Na. It’s been an incredibly busy week for me, and today is the first time I’ve had a chance to post this. I hope you’re all enjoying a wonderful solstice experience!) [Ghost Radar words appear in brackets]

18 December 2012

(As December 21 approaches, I wish to receive… It feels odd to have no questions, no expectations. Yet I know it is not “normal”: these energies, these impressions, are very vast, profuse, and magnificent. They are also very profound yet subtle. I know they are there… no need to question or prove or establish. And this is my new world. A world in which these [atom] things are openly observed, honored and acknowledged.

(I feel this will not be a Q&A session; I hear “We are beyond that. Guidance becomes integrated with being. Questions arise when…

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I am Arachanaï


This picture is taken on the 20th of December after a hail/rain storm in Summer. But after the storm we got blessed by this beautiful double rainbow.


I am starting with the Crystal Meditation I had on:


I connect and I see fire works and confetti and celebrations. I see earth expanding in light and burst into a bright ball, I see earth going higher dimension. I am on my ship managing the energy of earth and everyone on it… And I am managing the portals too. I can feel my light body growing, it is huge, I still can feel my light body , it is huge.

Note as I was doing this meditation. And later I was reading an article of Stephen Cook, December 21 and Ascension: Definitions, Visions and Meanings…I read it after my meditation, and I was amazed how much in sync it…

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