Into a New Year and a New World – 31 December 2012 – by Tazjima

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Note to Readers:  This message came after a long hiatus.  It took me getting back to my center and releasing all expectations and all fear.  Happy New Year, everyone!

The Council of Nine – Into a New Year and a New World – 31 December 2012, by Tazjima.

We are the Council of Nine.

Greetings!   As the date December 21, 2012, has slipped into your “past”, your world is now slipping quietly into a new phase, a new age.  The age of domination through fear is over; the foundations of the old rigid three-dimensional matrix have been removed.  The powers that were, are no longer the masters of the earth – you are, the collective you who is humanity, star-seeds of the galaxy.

We rejoice to find you now willing to let go of your old ways of thinking, of being and of doing.  Open to the new, the yet undiscovered parts of yourself.  Open to the possibility that you are all ascending into the fifth dimension, along with your Mother Gaia, the conscious living breathing being upon which you all live.

In the days to come, you will begin to see and mostly feel the changes that are now slowly begin to manifest into your collective reality.  You, the lightworkers, the starseed of this planet have brought the new world into being.  For most of you, the new world still resides in the etheric, as yet unmanifested into the physical state.  For those who have raised up your personal vibratory levels enough and have merged with soul and monad, you are now able to walk in the new world and partake of its peaceful and beautiful energies.   Even those of you who do not think that they have ascended, at least in part, will slowly begin to see a freshness in your surroundings; colors will be more vivid, sounds brighter, food will taste better.  Your senses will come alive.  Your psychic senses will begin to come online, especially if you open to the possibility that such a thing could happen.  Play with your awareness.  Listen within for your heart to speak to you.

Watch the skies for us, your brothers and sisters.  We are there waiting for the time when it is safe to land.  We monitor the fear levels on the planet.  We will not arrive if there is the possibility that we will be greeted by panic or attacked, for your sakes as well as our own.  We eagerly wait for our reunion, but it will come at a time when you are ready for us, and not before.

With the coming months, you will find there is now a new lightness in your heart, a new sense of well-being. As the frequency level of the planet increases and humanity responds to the all-enveloping sense of love permeating the atmosphere, you will find your friends, family and neighbors responding to you in much different ways than in the past.  You might even find them asking pertinent questions.  You do have the answers or at least can point these newly awakened ones to the right sources for information and comfort.

The planet will not overnight become free of war, pestilence, injustice, disease, environmental distress or economic hardship.  Yet it will begin to change, gradually.  When we can land and are accepted as those who can assist but not govern, then we will be able to help with the changes.  However, most of the work must and will be directed by those who are well grounded on the planet.  It must be so for both karmic reasons and for reasons of self-enpowerment.  We will not interfere with the sovereign rights and responsibilities of a planet as it is an outright violation of Universal law.  If we are invited, then we can help.

Do not expect your present governments to make such an invitation.  The first changes must come from you the people of this planet, by taking your world back, peacefully but firmly.  You are powerful, but do not realize that power.  You are even fearful of taking on a powerful presence since you have been abused for so long by those who have seemed to be powerful.  We are here to tell you that true power is balanced.  True power is never used to dominate but to work with in cooperation.  There will be many changes in the way you govern yourselves, until such time when there will no longer be any need for a government, when all humanity can govern their own inner thoughts and outer actions.

Beloved brothers and sisters, there is much to look forward to and much to get done.  We are here in spirit and in etheric presence around your planet.  As your vibrations increase and you learn to live as sovereign beings, we look forward to the time when we can walk among you in peace and fellowship.

Call on us to take you in your meditations, dreams and spirit journeys to visit our ships, for relaxation and for teaching.  Our brethren, the Arcturians can assist you in healing and raising up your light quotient to allow you to reach the level necessary for ascension.  We are here to help in any way we can without violating your sovereignty and disturbing those who are still unprepared for our coming.

With the change in seasons many changes and challenges will come to be.  There will continue to be severe challenges due to fluctuations in the weather of your planetary home.  Gaia is adjusting her energies and cleansing certain portions of her physical body, through fire and water.  Expect the unexpected.  Be prepared, but do not go into fear.  Whatever happens is what you need to experience in this lifetime.

Know that you are truly blessed, all of you who are embodied upon your rare and beautiful planet, who shortly will undergo a complete transformation into the fifth dimension, while retaining a physical presence in this galaxy.  Remember the physical body of the planet is not the same as the third dimension, which is a particular limited mind-set or matrix in which you have all until now been submerged.  Gaia is a multidimensional being, as are you, even if you are not aware of this at the moment.  You will be, soon enough, as you expand into yourself, into an awareness of your true magnificence, each and every one of you.

We welcome you into the New Year and into a new world, filled with endless possibilities and new opportunities for growth and for enjoyment.  There is much work ahead, but you will discover within a new zest and enthusiasm as the energies of unconditional love bath your bodies, minds and hearts.  We wish you many blessings and look to see our paths crossing sometime in your near “future”.

Go in peace and joy!  Namaste.

Thank you, beloved Council of Nine.

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