Konstantinos: Nadral-Where Is Magic?


[Note: The title of the message was my question to the Spirit and today, this message came in, as I learned later, from my Spirit Guide Nadral. He was introduced to me as the ‘magician’, in my dream on Oct 26th 2012 (you can go check it on my blog’s dreams category) along with my other guide, Azucar , who was introduced as the ‘shaman’. Days later, I received that Nadral was a druid in Galatia during the period that Julius Caesar was an emperor and I was his student.]

Wherever you look…

Whatever you do…

Whatever you feel…

All these and infinitely more, are parts of this that some call ‘magic’.

Do you wish for an age of miracles?

Till now, every kind of thing was/is a miracle of its own…including you.

If you choose to limit your perception on what can the ‘magic’ be, then you tend to limit in your own personal reality, the very ‘magic’ itself. And then you wonder…

As you have all the questions, you also have all the answers.

But these answers will not come to you immediately… even if at the same time rely within you.

The Divine synchronization is part of this ‘magic’.

Enjoy it not only as viewers but also make the attempt to regain your inherited position… that of a Magician!

I am leaving you for now.

Much Love and Magic on your path.


As received by Konstantinos.


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