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Hello dear friends and readers. It’s been a while since I posted something that comes from or through me. The thing is that I continue experiencing my personal Ascension process with a variety of facets and experiences. I had taken the decision to not post something from me until I receive a ‘sign’ that I could recall from my dream state. Well, that dream came today, on January 14th 2013.

I was keeping a wooden dummy, it seemed like I was fixing it. Then, the dummy started to feel alive, it started moving, taking a form of flesh and all of a sudden, I was holding a being, in the size of a baby. It looked like something between a Zeta Reticulian and a Spielberg E.T.
It was smiling at me. It changed skin colors, from grey to light blue and then, to light orange. I remember myself saying ‘well, there is a variety in the Reticulian family, the beings there, have different structures, colors and their faces aren’t exactly all alike‘. The being blinked its eyes and smiled and it confirmed what I said via telepathy.
Well, now that I remember well, I have to mention the importance of my dreams of the two previous weeks where I was meeting literally from day to day, people from my childhood, teachers, students and also people from the University. I remember that in one of the dreams I met the bullies that used to annoy me and in the next day’s dream I forgave them and we had an amazing time together. It felt so wonderful.
During the past three weeks or so, I also continued receiving via channeling beings of other worlds, dimensions, masters, guides, beings from our world that have passed to the next level after the physical death, symbols etc.
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I have created a new category with subcategories where you can find the depictions I made of the things that I mentioned above. I’ll continue updating the pages.
Here are the links of the sub-categories:
3) http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/channeled-depictions-of-extra-terrestrialsdimensionalsmastersguidesdeceased-beings-and-symbols/symbols/
Furthermore, besides the fact that I keep being busy with the University, it’s also the fact that I feel more and more the need for inner guidance and maintaining my inner balance as beneficially as possible.It seems that for some time now, I don’t have the energy to transfer a channeled message but when I’ll feel better, I think I’ll be able to receive and post one.
The reasons for what I’ve shared (and continue to do so) so far, are about sharing and maybe helping to pull some triggers in the hollow mechanism of remembrance of some individuals…at least, this has happened to me in a lot of ways because of the Lightwork of so many people out there. And I wish to say again, that everyone are able to channel and in fact, we all do this almost all the time and the most of us unconsciously.
I continue noticing quite a progress for issues like my tolerance level, temper, the realization of Unity between us all and some other similar things.
Also, me and my father are waiting our approval as volunteers to go and offer help and happiness to children of a known, in Greece, orphanage organization. If we translate it in English, it is called ‘The smile of the child’. I just Love to offer help in any way I can and when I do it, it’s like that the veil of the illusion known as ‘separation’ is lifted at that time and I can see my face to those who stand before me. It’s a beautiful feeling, which I experience through my deeds almost every day, and I’m sure that many of you have experienced it.
Till I post something else that comes from or through me, I send you again my Love and Appreciation for being here with me in this journey. Take care and continue the good work.
Over and out.