Greg Dougall:17 Billion Earth sized planets in our Milky Way Galaxy – 3 reasons why I believe in Life beyond Earth‏

17 Billion Earth sized planets in our Milky Way Galaxy – 3 reasons why I believe in Life beyond Earth
Thank you to everyone who shared my petition to the White House demanding
the disclosure and public admission of knowledge and contact with benevolent extra terrestrials,
our true history, and peaceful technologies such as free and clean energy devices.
Because of your help, the petition passed its first benchmark of private votes,
and has become a public petition, available for everyone to see.  Recently in the news,
there have been petitions for the U.S. government to build a “Death Star” as in Star Wars,
and a “U.S.S. Enterprise”, as in Star Trek.   While I appreciate good humor, these are
unreasonable petitions that would waste taxpayer money and take decades to build.  I would
rather see money go to education, poverty, and peaceful research and development.
What I wanted to do was make a video explaining the three reasons why I can justify my petition
to the White House and have President Obama admit the existence of extra terrestrial civilizations.
1. The pyramids.  Based on my research of many experts, I found there are not just pyramids
in Egypt, but all over the world.  Did you know there are giant pyramids in Bosnia?  China?
Under water in the Gulf of Mexico and other oceans?  Pyramids still buried under ancient
desert sands?  Did you know there are over 500 ancient pyramids on Earth?  I was taught
there were some in Mexico and Egypt, and that they were built with slave labor.  They were in
fact built with extra-terrestrial technology of levitation with sound waves and light waves- waves
that are beyond our spectrum of seeing and hearing.  There is one hand drawn image I have found
of an English eye witness in Tibet watching 100+Tibetan monks using a symphony of horns, drums,
and chanting to send a large stone up in the air and into a cave temple more than 100 feet high.
The pyramids were built with extra-terrestrial technologies like this, and extra-terrestrials were here to help
build them.  They are not tombs, like we were taught.
2. The people.  Of all the channels, intuits, military personnel, sightings of UFOs, angels, unexplained events,
how many stories are there?  Thousands?  Tens of thousands of stories?  All of those people
could not be making up all of their experiences.  Surely, eye witnesses in the military and intelligence
agencies would not risk their lives or careers by stepping forward with their stories of how all this
evidence was covered up for no reason.  I believe many or most of them are telling the truth.
Even if only 1% of UFO sightings are real, that is enough proof for me.
3. The odds of outer space.  This convinces me beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Today
finally published the article I was waiting years for…
Scientists and non believers need LOTS of proof to be convinced of the possibility of life beyond Earth.
Well, here it is… The Kepler space telescope has been taking snapshots of stars, looking for the light
 to dim as a planet orbits in front of it.  This is like measuring a car’s headlight and noticing a change
when a bug flies across, causing the light to be less.  Well they found a few thousand planets in a
small patch of sky.  From their data, they can confidently predict about 17,000,000,000 (BILLION)
other planets that are similar in size to Earth.  This is JUST in the Milky Way galaxy, not all of the
other galaxies we can see. So my friends, what are the odds of life on other planets and start systems?
To me, the answer is obvious, but hopefully my three points- the Pyramids which we could not
build today with all of our modern tools and technologies, all of the witnesses and sightings,
and scientific proof of 17 billion planets as small as Earth, not including many more larger planets.
Pick any of the three.  They all point to intelligent life.  Now it is time for the world to know.
Share this message.  Share my petition to President Obama and the White House to let the public
know our beautiful truth.  Why?  Because people will want to meet our benevolent friends and learn
from these highly intelligent beings how to solve ALL of our major problems.  Our environmental
CRISIS.  Our financial CRISIS.  Our poverty.  Our sickness and diseases.  Our energy CRISIS.
These can all be solved with the help of the extra terrestrial families who I believe are very willing
to help us if we come together, tell people the truth- the WHOLE truth, and learn to live as One.
~Greg Dougall
Petition for Disclosure

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