Event: Candle of Love

Candle of Love

I invite you for the “Candle of Love” event. The purpose of this event is it symbolizes warmth and security and also signals loyalty to family members/loved ones who are not present in the home. Gaia is our home and we want to invite everybody to join us to be a candle for the ones who lost their way, which also includes the Cabal/Illuminati and others. There is no time or place attached to this event. This is coming from the heart.

We can support the lost ones in two ways:


1) Physical: we light a candle and put it in front of our windows. (If you don’t have candles you can also take something else)

2) In spirit: you can create your own meditation/intent to light the way for the lost souls.


We can start to do this when Venus (love) is in Transit on the 5th-6th of June 2012. I hope you will join in this mass effort and spread this message far and wide. But it is not bound to this date. You can participate in this event any time.



6 comments on “Event: Candle of Love

  1. Hi all,

    I like some feedback about this event before I and others will make it viral. Anyone that can contribute suggestions or anything like text wise….

    Thanks Lisa

  2. Lisa, this is a very symbolic and ancient practice. It goes back as far as there were sailing ships, which is a very long time… 1000s of years. A candle was lit in the window and kept burning so the sailor would find his way home in any kind of weather, no matter where he was. Thank you for extending this tradition!

  3. ~Yup! Yup!…I Just Lit my White Candle… 🙂 …I Actually Starting Lighting Candles when You first Mentioned It…i Forgot to Share with Ya…Also My Aunt’s Husband Left His Mortal Body earlier this Week, so I Keep in My Mind as He Travels Home…Here, on the Rez, There Is a Tradition of Leaving OutDoor Lights On,Continously for Up to 3 Days, In Support of the Loved Ones,who Leave Their Bodies (Physical death)…

    …Thank You,Lisa…Here, On The Other Side of Your Location, A Candle is Lit~

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