My Hearts/Earth yearning road.

In de midst of all the turmoil, all the chaos and all the little upsets in my life….I really needed a center of tranquility. My center of the Heart is my center of peace…were I can sit in silence and ponder, where the ripples flounders gently outside and stir the Ego mind in a gently way…to flow easily. I feel like the lighthouse, staying vast and sturdy in a wild sea and shining my light to the ones who feel lost and guide them to a save haven.

I know I have a contract to stay through these wild and amazing , but yet difficult times. At times I wish the end of it all and at times I reclaim what is rightful and want to hold on and not give in. But the person I once was, is no more. When I look into the past, it feels I don’t have a connection to it anymore. Even though it is a part of me, I just look at it as if I was on the sideline. Don’t you feel the energies coming through, that forces you to look at things. It is funny that now in a time of transition, I would think I would get a lot of stuff that happened to me through the years, bad stuff, would come to me to clear. None of that stuff, it seems to only bring up joyful memories, memories I had forgotten. And I wonder if it shows me  that the road to Ascension doesn’t have to be paved with hurtful memories, and that, if we choose, can let go of them and hold on to only positive, loving memories.

My heart yearns to a world where my heart would follow the birds, who lift up to golden sky, or captivating by the early morning feelings when a forest comes to life through the foggy curtain. Where the sun uplifts a shinning snowy peak of a mountain and where everything is in tranquil harmony. It seems that it is harder to stay in this 3D world, the world of competition, hate, backstabbing, fear, chaos, gossip…all the negative feelings that are blanketing my heart. Don’t you feel the yearning of a world where Love flows like a golden waterfall and everyone is ONE with each other? But I am not lingering on for longer. I have to think with my hearts desire and find that way that was meant to be.

Let’s create a new world, a new world of Love. Let’s think h(e)ar(t)d everyday what we would change in the world, what would help, what would do. Envision your hearts desire. My heart desire is of world filled with magic and joy. Where I can go sit on a mountain top and oversee and truly feel the beauty of the landscape beneath me, a connection with all that live, the trees, the animals, the air……It goes through your heart and makes you spark inside. A world were there is no hunger, no strive, no crime, no deceit and no lies.

I have a question for you, what do you hearts envision for our Earth (Heart)?