My amazing journey on STC

I have contemplated to write this story for a long time. But it is time to write it down. My evolving story on Spirit Train Chronicles and how I met and still meet amazing persons, who helped me grow into the person I am now and will be.

I started a blog lisasgeomagical journey in February 2009, followed by a new blog What’s in a World in 2011. I think through divine intervention Leslee landed on my site and ask me to join Spirit Train Chronicles. I felt honored but unsure where this adventure would take me.

My personal journey has been a bumpy one, but through all the scars and hurts, and literally been and seen the bottom of the pit, I am still here stronger than ever. Would I be still there if I didn’t move to South-Africa? Anyway, everything that happened to me made me stronger. I overcame many fears. What I write in this article is my opinion, and my views.

I want to tell you about my first journey that I already had written down, followed by my second journey, the journey that started with Leslee and Spirit Train Chronicles. Thanks Leslee, my dear lady, you are gem.

This is my first spiritual journey and what I learned about myself

You can find it on : My first spiritual journey

The second part of my journey begins at Spirit Train Chronicles

Even though at that time I didn’t know. Because in the years, I hopped from one forum/blog to another, trying to find my home base. It looks like I finally found it.

Back then, I was still new on so it was looking and trying things on my own way, and as time went by I got more familiar with it. When I started on STC, I already read the messages of the Galactic Federation for 3 years. After attending to my blogs, I was ready for something new. From this point of view, it has been a sprinting course, all the way, until I cross the finish line. I have to admit that I have grown a lot.

My journey on STC is an amazing one and we started out as a small group, trying to find some ground with each other. As we move forward, the start of the dream flights launched our group into new territories. As time went on, and as we participating in the flights together, the more connection we seem to have with each other. Synchronization made their way through our dreams tying us together as ONE. What an amazing event is happening on STC. The dream flights are still happening, more people jump on board and the experience gets more tangible, I can feel it. New ships making their way to our Galactic fleet page.

The old reality is loosing its grip and slowly a new reality is emerging. But now it gets more intense because more souls are joining the party, and I feel so enriched by all of them. As time goes by (what time?) we are getting stronger , we are acting more as ONE group, filled with love and amazing abilities that takes us every time to new heights. We started just now with the telepathy exercises and slowly we are remembering our divine selves. A new journey has begun on the road of Ascension and our road to full consciousness. I notice since I spread my wings beyond STC again, it seems that more wonderful things are happening. Sometimes my mind can’t wrap around all these amazing events that is coming to me, coming to others. But my heart is. My heart knows. I love you all; you are keeping me strong with your unconditional love that is the red thread through this site. You are wonderful people , see how amazing this all is, connecting with each other from different countries making a light connection with each other, now with the telepathy exercise more than ever. We are a network of light now acting as ONE.

Love you all so much, let’s steam ahead to the finish line.


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  1. Lisa I like you have been reading the Galactic Federation posts as well as a number of others that resonated with my heart and at times had me in tears not of fear but hope and love. I found Wes site and just kept looking daily and it was there I heard about the Dream flights which bought me here and I am so glad it did. I do not know what gifts I truly have yet. Living in New Zealand I feel a bit of a fish out of water as I know of no one who I can share things with. This is truly a site of love and light. Imoff to find crystals tomorrow and hope they pick me.:)

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I am in the same boat, feeling here in South-Africa like living on an islands. My family lives in Belgium and I don’t know if they even going to understand what I am doing. I don’t think anyone know what I am doing. But I know we were placed here for a reason , to get the light in to Mother Gaia. I never would have thought that my journey would bring me this far and meeting all this wonderful people on the internet. But finally I feel @ home here on STC, I found my spiritual family where I can’t talk without fears. But we have each other, at least I can share my experiences here with you and STC.

      Love and light

  2. Dear Lisa, it is so beautiful! Thank you, my Heart!
    I Love You all too and I hope the missing will return 🙂 Our common Body has a missing part / and the pain is felt a bit like loneliness, void /but not a missing Spirit I feel and this is True
    This connection remains and will be everlasting because it has its roots in this Unconditional Love that is our essence

    • Hi Tauno,
      When I was typing the message, I was typing blind and as I was writing concentrating on what I felt in my heart instead of my head. When i try to write for the head, my mind wanders off and then I stop writing. So I made another approach and it seems that this is working better.

      I love you too Tauno , my sister

  3. Thank u Lisa, i took the liberty of reblogging this on indy, i hope it is ok, i can remove it if not ok?

    hugs. laura

  4. From our Galactic friends! ♥

    Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum
    You came along and everything’s startin’ to hum
    Still, it’s a real good bet, the best is yet to come

    Best is yet to come and babe, won’t that be fine?
    You think you’ve seen the sun, but you ain’t seen it shine

    a-Wait till the warm-up’s underway
    Wait till our lips have met
    And wait till you see that sunshine day
    You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

    The best is yet to come and babe, won’t it be fine?
    Best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine

    Come the day you’re mine
    I’m gonna teach you to fly
    We’ve only tasted the wine
    We’re gonna drain the cup dry

    Wait till your charms are right for these arms to surround
    You think you’ve flown before, but baby, you ain’t left the ground

    a-Wait till you’re locked in my embrace
    Wait till I draw you near
    a-Wait till you see that sunshine place
    Ain’t nothin’ like it here

    The best is yet to come and babe, won’t it be fine?
    The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine

    Come the day you’re mine
    And you’re gonna be mine

  5. I feel your words Lisa. So pure, so loving, so true. My eyes are filled with tears because I feel happy to be here with everyone. I was told back in 2006 that I was going to come into contact with people from many different cultures and countries, via the internet. I never imagined it would be a connection with others on a spiritual level to hold the LIGHT and for personal spiritual growth.

    Much love to all of you : )

  6. Such beautiful inspiration. Thank you so much for opening your heart to us and sharing Lisa. I was so intimidated when I first found you all and then noticed as I slowly came out from under my rock, there was open arms welcoming me. I have already learned so much in the last couple of months my gratitude for you all overflows from my heart.

  7. Same here. I live in Alabama, where most people are conservative and I just don’t fit in, and I currently work on an Army base so I definately don’t do any talking about my beliefs or interests there. Stumbling upon Leslee and STC has given me a home where I don’t have to keep to myself. Having such great people to share with and learn from is amazing.
    Thank you Lisa, and everyone here

  8. Thanks for sharing your story, Lisa. As for feeling alone and isolated, I think we’re sprinkled rather liberally throughout the planet. I’m in Eastern WA, another conservative stronghold and work in a correctional facility (i.e., prison). And I long ago left or was left by my blood relations, for various reasons. Being the dandelion in the bunch, I’ve developed long tap roots for connecting into the crystalline grid of Gaia. And have found you all. Saluations and blessings to all.
    Namaste, Elizabeth

  9. Hi melissa, jason and Elizabeth,
    I also think that we are indeed liberally sprinkled throughout the planet to anchor our light into Gaia and to the place where we are living. You always here of Johannesburg , South-Africa as a violent city and I use to think when I was young, if there is ever a city on Earth I wouldn’t live, then it was Johannesburg. How life can go its peculiar way 😀 I also feel with the new incoming people, that everything became more stronger, more tangible. With the telepathy exercises, dream flights, recruitment and so….it becomes more reality for us more each day. Wouldn’t be lovely that an environment like here on STC will exist on New Earth?

    Love you all so much, and you are all perfect in your own ways and bring gifts in your own ways. We complement each other in writing,channeling,music,art,dreams and so on.

    Love and light

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  11. Wow, Lisa. I am so moved, words escape me. You are all so loving and powerful, and I am so honored to be sharing this experience with ALL of you. Namaste, truly… Namaste. 🙂

  12. Lisa, this is so beautiful. As I was reading this I could picture everything you were talking about. It does seem that not to long ago this was such a small group, now…we are one giant organism working for light and love! It is truly remarkable. Thank you so much for posting and sharing with us, I love you Lisa and may our great fathers love shine on you blindingly!

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