SaLuSa 23-July-2012

The longer we are held back the more you are becoming involved in the activities that are intended to release you from the hold of the dark cabal. That is in fact to be desired as we have always encouraged you to get involved. You have to see out the experiences you need as a Human Race, and it would not do for us to intervene while you are still able to go forward. However, we have our own agenda and there is shortly coming a point where our actions must come together. So we do our best to assist you whilst you still have the impetus to continue and are achieving results. Progress appears slow but in reality you are making very good gains, and people are getting mobilized in case they are needed.

Be on your guard in these closing times, as the dark Ones although severely weakened are planning a last gasp attack on you. We can help you repel them and lessen any outcome of their activities, and you can lead the way. The most positive assistance you can give is by keeping your focus on the Light and when many of you do it, it is a powerful force that minimizes the affect of the lower energies. Whatever rumors you hear, do not allow them to make you fearful as disinformation is intended to create conditions that favor the dark Ones. Obviously some will be based on truth but even so you can take note, and trust that the higher powers that includes us who are working hard to avoid any major incident.

At present you have a number of brave souls who have stuck their neck out at risk to themselves and they are leading the way, and we are behind them. So please identify with them and where you can assist be of help, and if nothing else spread the word so that others can draw some confidence from what is happening. The Galactic Federation of Light is now generally known throughout the West, but not necessarily understood as far as the role it is to play in the end times. It would be advantageous to us if you could help people understand that we are all One, and that we are not aliens in the true meaning of that word. We are you, but from your future and have our origin as you in the One God of this Universe.

We pose absolutely no threat to you, and have reached a high level of spiritual understanding that knows only love for our brothers and sisters on other worlds. When you have the opportunity to write your history up as it was and without inaccuracies or intentional distortions, you will find that we have often helped you when you have been in dire trouble. You will however find that past civilizations have been attacked by Space Entities or even been taken over, but these are not in any way connected to our Federation.

We have taken an oath to God that we will uphold all souls rights to experience as they choose, providing it does not impeach upon another’s freedom. We also acknowledge that each of you has been given freewill to create your own path, to gain the experience needed to further your evolution. That Dear Ones is why we cannot just jump in and take control of your affairs, as that would take away your opportunity to evolve as you have chosen. We do however answer to the higher Beings who oversee your civilization, and have their own responsibility to God to make sure God’s Plan works out. That of course is your destiny to complete this cycle of duality with the opportunity to ascend. We are here to ensure you are not denied it by any outside interference or through the activities of the Illuminati.

Remember that many matters that are thrust under your noses and intended to place you under more control, will not in fact be of any consequence. So please do not waste your energy on such threats to your liberty. The dark Ones also know the truth but push on with their plan, hoping to create such fear as to delay your progress. Your path leads you away from such possibilities and the more you strengthen the Light upon Earth, the more you are protected. The dark Ones have a myopic view of life and cannot see. beyond their insane objectives. Let them continue to dig their own hole because they will fall into it, and their return to the Light will take them quite a long time. We do not judge them as it is their chosen experience but it does not excuse their criminal acts against others.

Life and the Laws that cover it are written by God, and no one can act against them without creating karma for themselves. Acts against others are nevertheless to be expected due to the low vibrational level of your dimension, and it happens because of the lack of Light in some souls that have fallen so low. That is the challenge of duality and you took it on quite willingly, knowing that you would be helped to rise up out of it. Now the end is in sight, and soon it will be a time of celebration as your long wait will be over. You will not have any regrets, indeed you will be pleased that you had the opportunity to experience the consequences of having freewill. Your reward is a great leap forward on the way back to the higher dimensions. So please put matters into perspective when you face dark Ones, as they cannot stop your progress to the completion of your journey.

Support the people who have been brave enough to put themselves in the spotlight to bring you the truth. They do so at some risk to their lives, although we are allowed to protect them if their life plan still has time to go. However, there are occasions when a great soul will make the ultimate sacrifice to help Humanity evolve. Few of you have that in their plan and you have only to look at the impact it makes, as for example John F. Kennedy. They do it because they are wonderful Beings of Light, and know that life is infinite and that death is not the end. They create a great outpouring of love that raises the vibrations upon Earth. You in your own way can do something like it, and many have incarnated to contribute to the overall plan for everyone’s upliftment.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and await our call to push forward with a plan that has to be frequently updated, in accordance with the happenings upon Earth. It needs constant review as the whole scenario can change so quickly. At present we are satisfied that you are carrying the battle to the dark Ones and winning. That is all we ask and our time to become more involved is coming very soon, indeed it has to because time is racing by.

Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Hello STC,
    I hope you had a nice and joyful weekend. I did some work on my blog What’s in a world, including private channelings I had from two different channelers posted under the heading My twin flame: Sister Sabiene

    As for the health, i am still tired and feeling squeezed, i felt that this article from Lisa Gawlas prescribes perfectly what I am going through:

    There is one very big lesson I have learned so clearly living this life of spiritual awareness and remembrance, Ascension: death and rebirth, is not a one time event at all. It is a continuing series of events that I have a feeling will last the entirety of this incarnation.

    The second thing that goes hand in hand with the ascension process, the dark night of the soul always comes straight along with it. (If you are not familiar with what the “dark night of the soul” is, just click here. This is bar far the very best discription of the dark night I have ever read out there.) Here is an excerpt from that site about the dark night:

    The dark night occurs after considerable advancement toward higher consciousness. Indeed, the dark night usually occurs like an initiation before one of these special seekers is admitted into regular relationship with higher consciousness. The dark night also occurs to those who do not seek relationship but immersion or unity in the higher consciousness. While the term dark night of the soul is used broadly, its general meaning — in the field of higher consciousness — is a lengthy and profound absence of light and hope. In the dark night you feel profoundly alone.

    In the beginning of this process, the dark night seems to last forever and is very much like having a vice grip in hell and a memory of the spiritual path that got you to that point. The good news about this whole dark night/ascension process is as you master each vibratory level that the dark night is there for, the time within the dark night becomes less and less, and the dark is not really dark any longer… because now you know what it is there for. You know why all of your spiritual resources seemed to fall away…. again. Instead of landing in the dark night, it is more like late afternoon (smile.)

    I landed here a couple hours after my last reading on Friday. it felt like this super tight fitting energy just squeezed itself onto me, moving me deeper and deeper within myself. Moving thru physicality was a challenge. Everything seemed to just irritate me… especially talking.

    I had a friend unexpectedly show up Friday evening and my communication was more like a dog barking her out the door than anything that was kind and loving…. at all. My ego was in full protection mode and I never even realized it until late yesterday.

    I woke up at 3am yesterday and sat at the computer to write and my processing brain was nowhere to be found. My body was here, the rest of me… elsewhere. I decided to go back to sleep. I woke up from a busy dream state with one thing prominently in my awareness: How critical the slate blue color is to our present moment. I woke up while I was still reading a blog I wrote in the dream from the beginning of the year, and in this first paragraph of the blog was what the slate blue energy is for as it arrived.

    I sat at my computer once again, all I could think about was the slate blue energy, I couldn’t even type out a word, words seemed to be completely missing from my processing. I gave up on trying to share anything yesterday. All I could do was feel and expand in that feeling all the while feeling so utterly confined by this squeezing energy field around my entire body.

    I went outside to have a moment with life. It was like stimulation overload and I could only endure moments before I came back in the house. My inner processes hung, as if on repeat, with the slate blue energy. But yet, without words to give texture to what I was feeling, I was just processing beyond my consciousnesses ability to express.

    By the time my first appointment rolled around, I could feel the same energy envelope my as the night before when my friend stopped by… irritation from having to speak. This is a first for me. I have gone many times to what I call “the deep within” but never has it been so utterly difficult to release even for a moment to do my job! I talk and translate for a living!

    The moment I opened my mouth to say hi, I could see and feel my entire energy field rattle like someone was shaking the hell out of me. My words became forced and void of the joy that I feel when I speak. I could see nothing beyond myself. It was as if I had no outer vision, every aspect of me was trained on Me.

    I took a bath. Whatever was happening to me was like nothing I have ever felt before. Granted July slammed me on my ass all month long, sleeping like I have never done before… ever. I did have a feeling tho, whatever I am experiencing now, must be what it all was leading up to.

    I took a bath! Desperate to really understand the squeeze I was feeling and the irritation that only existed if I tried to connect with someone.

    Well, holy birth canal batman!!

    I was in someone’s womb watching… no…. fully experiencing the birth of a baby. It is only this morning do I realize we are both the baby and the mother.

    I watched as the baby started to push itself, with the very helpful contractions of the mother (life itself) out of the nurturing womb and start the expansion of the pelvic girdle. This was not a very physically comportable experience let me tell you.

    We can look at the expansion of the pelvic bone area as the us, the baby, pushing thru the reality construct that got up to here. Safely and richly nourished by the nutrients of our spiritual journey. Now… we must go beyond that. Break free of even the spiritual confines we have built for ourselves. Spread our reality apart so we can emerge into the new.

    I could feel the pressure on the baby’s head as it opened the passage way with its cranium. The baby was now in a movement it could not stop, yet, did not understand either.

    My meditation ended as the baby’s face was now smooshed up against a vagina wall. It’s entire face pressed against this thick padding of flesh as it squeezed thru the birth canal. I looked at the baby’s face and understood why I could not talk. The baby was in the process of releasing the amniotic fluid that got it to here, and has yet to take its first breath of new life, of new air and was no longer a part of either world… but somewhere in-between.

    I rescheduled my entire day.

    The energy and awareness did not leave me once I drained my bath. If nothing else, it became more present, more vivid in my morning. I felt like I had one foot in my 3D reality and one foot so fully in spirit that it was disorienting to say the least.

    My entire physical body felt very confused. Like it should be running around doing something, yet didn’t contain the freedom of movement to do a thing. I felt like I was insatiably hungry, yet had no desire to eat.

    I could feel a presence, a presence that seemed so much bigger than me, prompt me to the kitchen window where my hummingbirds feed. I now have 3 feeders there, 16 holes in which a hummer can eat from. There was 2 hummingbirds feeding when I moved my body to the window. The moment I stood there by my sink and just looked… the hummers seemed to all get together at once and within 30 seconds and every hole had a hummer gulping down nectar.

    I remember the time last week when spirit showed me how life comes to you as you “look” upon it. Was this another reminder?

    I went to the backdoor where all the other birds feed. There was 2 quail and a morning dove pecking at the ground. As I stood there at the backdoor, just like the hummers… within about 30 seconds there were at least 20-30 birds that seemed to come out of the woodwork (brush) to feed in that instant.

    My mind turned to the group collective.

    These birds seem to come and go as if on cue with each other. There are some scouts out there (the two or three that arrive first) and when they feel they are in the right place, send out a signal that calls everyone else into their experience.

    When one get afraid, the majority get afraid too and fly off. Just one moves out of the vibration of love… of the very thing that brought them to that reality of experience, the rest feel the fear and move out of the experience too.

    But what of the few birds that stay? They are the ones that completely removed themselves from the group fear reality.

    We too (us humans) work very much like that as well.

    What we look at, we bring to us. Then, we bring even more of “that” too us. Everything has gotten stronger within our creation. Fear seems to be on steroids these days… but then again… so does the magic of love.

    Often times, we abort our new life to remain in the old familiar, the tried and true. The comfortable place of experience. We do have that choice… dammit!!

    We have become so accustomed to catering to everyone else, we do not allow ourselves our own, unique processes of birth and abort our new life. Ain’t no wonder C-Sections have become commonplace within the USA. We are not willing to go thru the bonding/binding experience because it is too uncomfortable.

    Our soul is coming down the birth canal of the new life. Bonded to the new human in ways we had only ever remembered dreaming about. You cannot have a C section… not without consequences.

    The dark night of the soul is like the last stage of labor into the new reality of your creation. To simply cut yourself out of it is having to do it all over again… and again… and again. Good thing time does not really exist. As I have said before, there are a million incarnations that will each give you this same opportunity, until you finally break away from all fear and bind yourself into the full expression of Love.

    I felt the pressure of it all release itself from my entire Being late yesterday afternoon. It is so nice to be able to put words to the process.

    And yet, there are no words for what we are about to do…. just pure feeling.

    What are you feeling when you gaze upon your reality??

    Me personally… I feel magic in the air. A creative potential that we have never known before… and I LOVE IT!!

    And I LOVE YOU!! My beautiful partnership of this reality!!

    ((((HUGZ)))) of slate-blue joy and magic to All!!

    Lisa Gawlas

    With love Lisa(wolfke74) 😀

  2. Good morning dear Lisa. My weekend was very busy but good. I hope you had an enjoyable weekend.
    Thank you for posting Lisa Gawlas’ article. Wow, what an experience! The dark night of the soul sounds like the initiation process that took place in the pyramids; laying in the esophagus for three days and nights. There are days when my reality seems magical. I experienced that magic recently; everything seemed illuminated. I’m going to read your channeled messages.

    Love and light

    • Hi Vee,
      Wonderful that you had a very busy but good weekend.
      Well I had a very tired and painful weekend but I managed to go by without to many hitches.

      Love Lisa

  3. This is why I always loved listening to Howard Stern, he go balls, unlike our politicians.

    Related topics
    •Colorado shooting•howard stern•Colorado shooting•NRA•Gun control•Obama.AdvertisementHoward Stern ripped into President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney Monday for their unwillingness to talk about gun control following last week’s massacre at a movie theater showing “The Dark Knight Rises”.

    Stern dedicated a significant portion of Monday morning’s satellite radio broadcast to discussing the tragedy, and is one of the few public figures to call for banning assault weapons in the wake of the tragedy.

    View slideshow: Accused shooter James Holmes appears in court
    “The real story,” said Stern. “Is the President of the United States and Mitt Romney, the two guys running to be President in 2012, both of them are so f***ing p**sy-whipped by the NRA, the National Rifle Association. They’re such f***ing cowards, the two of them, that neither one of them are willing to get up there and say we need a full ban on assault weapons…An assault weapon ain’t for hunting dude. I mean, unless you’re taking out a whole forest…And I know Second Amendment freaks are always going to be like: ‘We have to be armed. We need a militia. What if the United States is taken over by China and we have to fight?’…What if there’s an alien invasion from outer space?…Aside from those rare instances in which space aliens are going to come down and attack us and take over and attach s**t to our spines and, you know, make us slaves—I mean what possible explanation would we need for assault weapons? And both those guys, Republican and Democrat, are too afraid of the NRA.”

    .President Barack Obama visits Colorado in the wake of last week’s massacre.
    Photo credit: Getty Images ..Howard Stern is a handgun owner, and states that he is not against people carrying personal weapons or using guns for hunting.

    “There’s a huge amount of guys who hunt who are super afraid that they’re hunting is going to be taken away from them. Like, their guns are their whole life…President Obama was there…And he should have stood up. Forget all the bulls**t: ‘I’m so sorry. I’m here as a father.’ No, you’re there as the President of the United States who can affect policy. If I was President of the United States…I’d get up and I’d go: ‘This a tragedy we’ve seen too often. The only reason more people aren’t dead is because the stupid asshole’s gun jammed—his assault weapon jammed, so had to go to a sh**ty rifle with some buckshot in it, otherwise all you motherf**kers would be dead’.”

    Both Obama and Romney have specifically stated that they are not interested in tightening gun control in any way in the wake of the tragedy. Twelve people were killed, including a 6-year-old girl. Fifty-eight other people were injured.

    Follow the Howard Stern Examiner on Twitter and Facebook

    • I’m trying to come up with a witty reply to this gunner but I’m not even sure where to start. I agree, but this is so much negativity it’s like, well yeah but Stern bases his entire career on negativity, maybe we should start there… I’m not saying he has to be Mister Rodgers or anything, but why not lead by example. As it is, he is only succeeding in making people feel worse than they already feel. And the odd thing is that people love him for it. And in fact they don’t love him for negative content, they love him for his charisma, which is a positive thing. Same goes for Limbaugh, and frankly, the presidential elections.

      Blech. No wonder our society produces wackos. We’re all being made to feel terrific and terrible at the same time!

      • Sorry Brother… there is an ocean of difference between Limbaugh & Stern.
        I’ve found the prevailing feelings about Stern are laid out by people who haven’t actually spent much time ‘listening’ to his show. Not sure if that’s true for you Dreamwalker? For me it’s like comparing Bill Hicks to Ann Coulter. Completely different visions. ~in Light

        • Sorry Stick you’re correct I don’t listen to Stern anymore. Last time was many years ago. My opinion was expressed only on the article that Gunner posted, and my past experience. I do appreciate the difference between the two, and you guys are correct that Stern expresses his truth (yes I was a fan for a time too, and respect his opinion). Stern has a huge following. But I think Limbaugh expresses his truth too. It’s just a very (very!) different kind of truth. I agree with you on the polarization though, sorry it’s not for me. LOL Bill Hicks, sigh… now there’s a scary dude. Exactly my point. These guys are all just gladiators. In some (most?) cases, sponsored by corporate interest.

    • Yeah Gunner, listened to Stern break it down this morning… much respect!!!
      ALL of the Politrixters need to get their heads out of the NRA’s asses.

  4. I love him because of his truthfullness and the fact he is not afraid to state the obvious. He is also very funny and also a family man. He is actually the most mis understood man in the country or maybe the world.
    Limbaugh is just a big puppet for republicans who lies out his ahole. Remember he said all drug puchers and users should die( not that I ever listened to him but it was reported, ) then he gets busted and now everything is turned around.
    i am shocked people still buy his bull.
    Well, time to go so have a great night everyone.

  5. Hey lovely folks!! Good to be here! I just remembered.. and I have no idea how relevant this all is.. but.. i remembered now.: we have just 200 ground crew from Aurora … and when i started channeling last June… SaLuSa said that he has about 200 ground crew on Earth.. who work in his direct team…. hummm… also.. when u all guys moved into 2012 Indy Info, before moving on here… well.. do ye remember your message from SaLuSa saluting our reunion from GM..? It was in Oct or Nov of last year.. here is a reminder (it may be relevant now that we know what took place in one year!! :

    Thursday, 27 October 2011
    SaLuSa to Me – 26 Oct for the Lightworkers Refugee Camp

    SaLuSa: Welcome to this site dear friends of light. May your love and light be eternal. May you find peace and joy within your heart. It is no coincidence we are all together once again. I am and have been with you always. Together we are the family of light, and the family has many members indeed. I am so pleased to see you all gathered together again. It will be a glorious Ascension for the planet, and you are contributing to Ascension.
    As you are here, you will meet and interact with many other beings of bearer of the light. Together you will spread love and unity wide. There are many races at work here, many wills, many efforts and many spirits. We have all joined in for this Earth Rebirth project. You on the planet, work together, as all the many races work on the ships around the Earth’s sphere.

    You are a reflection of our coordonated efforts, off planet, to work together, within our Federation of many planets, called the Galactic Federation of Light. It is somewhat easier for us to work as one from the higher dimensions. In the lower vibrations, it is a real challenge. You have volunteered for this mission and have the power to continue or to leave it at any time. Your lightwork has been noticed by all your home world friends. You are indeed grately admired for your resourcefulness, your humour and for your abilty to heal others and yourself.
    This mission of yours also consists of opening negociations and trying to understand better the dark souls form this world. Our purpose is to try to elevate these souls into the light. However, they too have free will, and may chose to take your hand or to walk away from the light. Your mission has so far been completed. You have all done your best and have offered that hand for those who need it. Their choice remains theirs however. Let go of all your fears, and self judgements. You have done well. Your mission can end now, or you may carry it on for as long as you wish.

    Thank you, I am SaLuSa from Sirius
    Laura Tyco

  6. Duality and the Triune Force
    A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon
    You live in a dualistic universe. This is its very nature. It manifests as the principle of opposites in that forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This applies to the physics of your universe and to the very nature of dualistic consciousness itself.
    This dualistic nature of your universe is being affected by the Time Acceleration that you are going through. One net result of this is an increase in duality or the polarization of human consciousness.
    Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and persons are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is to be expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.
    Our message deals with a strategy for navigating through the difficulties of increased polarization. Indeed you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a type of hostility and polarized views of situations.
    The strategy we suggest is called the Triune Force.
    It is an attribute of spiritual mastery and will allow you to move through polarization with greater efficiency and a greater likelihood of manifesting what you desire as opposed to being “caught up” in the dramas of polarization and conflict.
    The principle is simple. As a human being you tend to be attracted to persons or situations, or you are repulsed by them.  This tendency to fall into attraction or repulsion is, for the most part, an unconscious act.
    You may encounter someone and feel drawn to him or her, and the depth or intensity of the attraction may cause you to delete other information about the person. Likewise as situations arise around you, whether they be social, political or religious, you may likewise find yourself drawn to these situations without other information that would be helpful in determining if a given situation was “right” for you or not.
    The same holds true for repulsion. You may find yourself repulsed by someone, or a situation, and likewise, identify with the repulsion, thereby cutting yourself off from other information that might be helpful.
    The Triune Force

    If you were to imagine a triangle and on the left corner of the triangle was attraction and on the right side of the triangle was repulsion, then the point above these two extremes is the Triune Force.
    It is a mental perspective that has spiritual attributes. It allows you to float above the situation and view it from multiple perspectives.
    If, for instance, you are attracted to a person and surrender to that attraction without allowing access to signs and information about that person then you have put yourself in a precarious position.
    But by not identifying with the attraction you “float up” to the Triune Force and are free to observe behaviors that may signal the inappropriateness or dangerous nature of a relationship with that person.
    Likewise, if you are repulsed by a person or situation the Triune Force allows you to “float above” and dis-identify with the repulsion, and while you are in this dis-identification you are free to see other levels involved. It could be that this person or situation is toxic to you, or it could be that this person or situation is a mirror reflecting back to you something you do not like in yourself.
    By momentarily suspending your identification with either attraction or repulsion you are able to see more clearly and access information about the person or situation from an expanded perspective.
    Knowledge is power, and the Triune Force gives you access to the innate powers of clarity.  So our suggestion in this time of increased human polarization and Time Acceleration is to watch yourself. When you fall into attraction, pause for a moment. Step away from your identification with the attraction. Float up above it, as it were, and engage the Triune Force. You do this so that you enter the relationship, whether it be with a person or a situation, with open eyes.
    If you are repulsed by a person or a situation, pause for a moment and dis-identify with your distaste for the person or situation. Float above the situation or person, as it were, and engage the Triune Force to see more deeply—to sense with greater clarity—if this person or situation is toxic, or if it is a mirror for something in yourself that you need to transform.
    As you enter more deeply into the polarization phase of planetary assent, the Triune Force can greatly assist you as you pass through this difficult period of increased personal, interpersonal and collective conflict.
    The Hathors
    July 1, 2012

  7. Stick, you must have satellite radio, lucky for you. I guess you seen the porno star retiring due to her reading the book The Power Of Now by Eckert Tolle . Wow, the world is really starting to remember who they are. I cant listen so I get my updates from the internet. Now is the time with all the strong energies coming through.
    We need to bring her to this website, yada yada yada!!!!

    • Yeah, have had Sirius for a number of years… primarily for the music though.
      The Reggae station is a great for hearing tracks to add to my vinyl collection. Actually it’s a great resource for ALL music styles. The Stern show is the icing on the cake. 😉

  8. post on 2012 Indy Info

    Magatha from Agartha ~~ Wake-up Call ! ~~ 24/07/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.
    by melinelafont

    Magatha from Agartha ~~ Wake-up Call ! ~~ 24/07/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

    Greetings, my friends and brethren of Earth. I Am Magatha from Agartha and I step forward today with a very important issue that I wish to discuss with you.

    This issue has to do with the fact that many people on your planet Earth hold themselves aloof. Apparently, amongst the many souls dwelling on Earth, there are certain groups of people who distance themselves and remain aloof of all that is happening now and all that is about to happen on your world soon. We feel this twofold approach amongst you on the Earth plane and it saddens us somewhat. We like nothing more than to see you awaken on a massive scale.

    Apart from this observation we can assure you that you are well on your way to Ascension and that awakenings are increasing. Nevertheless, we now wish to address those who are inclined to remain aloof and who do not wish to get involved, I refer to the ones who don’t actively participate and have an attitude of ‘I will see what happens’ . It is this group that we would like to encourage to get involved in the awakening process one way or the other instead of just waiting it out to see what will happen. Regretfully to those we have to say : it doesn’t work that way. My beloved friends, I know what I am talking about. I urge you to participate! Make the changes! Create the New World and start from within yourselves!

    Do you have no idea how you can contribute your little piece of the puzzle? Than we can advise you to change yourself first and foremost into a more lovable person who loves him/herself without restraint and who wishes to evolve into that being he/she really is : his/her own True Self. If everyone on Earth would follow that advice, the world would have already changed half for the better. The time of waiting and believing is over NOW and is giving way to the time of doing, of taking action! It is time to act NOW and to deliver your contribution for which you came to this Earth in the first place. NOW is the time to manifest it all. No longer thinking nor doubting, but actively participating!

    The process in its entirety has again been accelerated and has moved up a gear, implying that the days will become much shorter and the thoughts you have will manifest even quicker. Presently we entered now the most active phase before the Ascension process. You are approaching Ascension at such high speed that your commitment to this process is of the UTMOST importance! Share what you can share to assist other souls … Get on with complete devotion to your soul tasks and have faith in yourself. This message is a call to all Lightworkers to continue on vigorously with what you already are contributing and move up a gear. It will all soon become crystal clear how you can best contribute.

    I want to emphasize the importance of this in order to assist fully with the coming change-over. We, the Agarthans, know all too well what this all entails and we remember our Ascension process quite vividly. We love to see you succeed with flying colors and we have promised to assist and to guide you. And this will be our first help in this matter : that is to shake you at your core and to motivate you to continue, in a higher gear. Just as the energetic changes will amplify quickly so too must you now continue unabatedly in the highest gear possible. The time is shortening and much is about to come to pass. Expect fireworks ; it will be a sign for you that these changes and the energies involved are doing their job so to speak.

    My beloved brethren of Earth, we truly love you and we do not want to scare you in any way! We just want to give you a wake-up call and tell you that the time of manifestations has now started. So take a big fresh breath of air and go for it! We are your brethren and we remain at your service, especially now.

    I Am Magatha of Agartha and I thank you for this opportunity to come forward with this message.
    Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.

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  11. Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda ~ Open Your New-Born Eyes ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ 24 July 2012
    Posted on July 24, 2012 by franheal
    2 Votes

    Mira the Pleiadian and Sananda:

    Greetings, Lightworkers and all Beings of Light. We come before you today, together as a team again to bring you more assistance in your Ascension process.

    By now you are feeling and sensing many changes and many new feelings that can only be described as a lightness, as a knowing and as an expansion. You may feel tingling and sensations in your chakras around your head. They may still be giving you headaches or feelings of pressure, but knowing this is part of your ascension process will help you tolerate it more.

    Your DNA has received a lot of work over these past days and weeks. The old connections that were once dormant are being re-connected and activated. Memories are also surfacing. Your inner vision is expanded and re-vitalized. You are becoming Galactic Beings in the sense that you are realizing that you are One with us. The Foggy feeling of our connection is diminishing.
    Try out your new Light Bodies more and more in your day. When you look at things, see them from an expanded view. Glimpse them from the outer Auras of them. Get comfortable with that.

    By now the Joy of being in the Now is starting to motivate you to be in it more. Assessing experiences in your world of duality is becoming more of a curiosity and a view from the perspective of many new aspects of your experience with it. By this we mean that you are starting to see the holographic nature of it. Allow this. This will help in your Ascension process.

    Be of this Joy all the time and embark on your experiences with fresh eyes, like a newborn baby just coming into its new World after being in the Womb. There are many new wonders for newborn babies to explore. Approach your days with this attitude, as if everything is new and accept everything, even all the new sensations of light-sparks around you and changes in perception.

    Beloveds, old friends of the Light, you are beginning to see our World, what we operate in. We are so close to you. Do you feel us? Do you hear us? Do you accept us? Feel our Love and our intense desire to be re-united with you.

    All around the World, as more are waking up, they are glimpsing the New World. It is just a whisper away, just a glimpse away. It just takes maneuvering of your perspective. A slight turn to the left or right in your physical world yields an entirely different view of something. So it is in the Multi-Dimensional Realm you are opening up to and the 5th Density to which you and Earth are returning; a slight turn of perspective, of openness to the unknown will color your World entirely differently.

    Please take these notions into your consciousness and allow them to sit and sift there. You are well on your way to Ascension. dear Ones.

    We shall return with more “food for thought”. Until then, know we are always at your service.

    Mira of the Pleiadian High Council and Sananda.

    Thank you to Mira and Sananda.

    As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog)

  12. Welcome to our Wake up Call Email List
    You may also access the Wake up Calls by going to
    Please note; this is a One-way List, so Do Not Reply to it. If you would like to comment, please email me at
    Wake up Call: Hatonn, July 24, 12 I am here today to make an announcement. I am Hatonn and I am welcoming you all to the news of the day. There is to come a need for laughter and joy, for with this will be the overriding of what may in some cases be considered a dark day on earth. What in reality it will be, is an overriding of the destruction of the planet and it will result in just a few minor occurrences that may seem to be serious in some ways, but that will be not only a wonderful thing for earth but for all who live on it, as well as within it’s beautiful body. As the circumstances come to fruition by those who wish to see a reoccurrence of what happened to Maldek, we are seeing to it that not only will their plans not be carried out, but instead they will be removed from the planet and from this solar system. They will be taken to a place that is out of the influence of anything on earth and they will be worked with for them to be able to return to their original sources of Light and Love. From that point on for them, they will be given the opportunity to express in that energy and to evolve their way back through the process of ascension in another timetable of existence. What I speak of in the manner of occurrences on earth is the evolutionary process of Gaia being able to not only sustain her well-being, but to also allow her family of earth beings to grow and evolve along with her. She will see to it that there are no destructive forces that can harm any form of life on earth. She will evolve with all of you, all of life in any form, in the beauty and love expression that you all will be realizing in your lives. It will be in the form of some changes to the surface and these changes will be in harmony with what is to come for the expression of life not only on the surface, but within as well. All those who have been residing within the earth will find that their evolutionary status will take a jump as well as those who reside on the surface. It will be a matter of being able to form the changes and the ability to create what it is that expresses the love, joy and peace that will be prevalent for all of you. As this evolutionary process takes place, it will be a matter of being able to see and feel within yourselves what it is that you desire, and then in the next instant to experience its manifestation. This is already beginning for many of you. You have been seeing how quickly you have been able to bring something to you that improves your lives. You have seen how instantly your concerns have been answered, and have brought a smile to your face, and warm gratitude to your hearts and souls. This is but the beginning for you. Be aware of what it takes to bring your lives into the perfection, and then follow it, build on it, for it is your natural state of being. As you are acclimating yourselves to this way of being, many of you are finding that your bodies are reacting in ways that may be a bit disconcerting. That is a temporary condition of the evolutionary process of changing your denseness to a crystalline state. It will be a short time in the whole picture of your evolution and as it comes to the state of perfection you will find less and less of the disturbances in your field, until at some point you will find no disturbances at all. All will be in perfect harmony. So, for now dear ones, we are doing what we can to assist you to this perfection. We take care of the things that are within our reach to work on. It is through our agreement that we have set these boundaries in the working business with those who have being working in the darker energies. It is because of those energies that the boundaries have had to be set, for that is the energy of the darkness. That too is changing. As the status of all of you lift and become more crystalline, so too do the boundaries melt away. It is a matter of what can survive in the energies of complete Love, and what naturally melts away in the purity of Love. I feel that I have said enough today in this message. This one, who is ready to go on with her mission in her new home, will be receiving information that she will relay to you in the times to come. In the meantime she and Bob will be carrying out a series of examples that will be conveyed through the Family Gathering Teleconferences that will resume in the next month. There is much to come in the next few months that will be examples of what I have told you in this message. Remember that there will be only that which is in favor for the evolutionary process of all of you and Gaia as the steps are taken for the harmonic convergence of all of existence in this grand universe. It is all in the harmony of total and complete Love and Light forevermore. Thank you dear Hatonn,Love, Nancy Tate To subscribe to, or unsubscribe from the mailing list, go to , or visit and click on the Subscribe button

  13. Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Sacred Mirror – 23 July 2012
    Posted on July 23, 2012 by lucas2012infos | 2 Comments
    We are ancient galactic of birth, We are Sirian of Origin. We are beyond your measure of time and space. We are beyond your understanding of what is genetic. We are what the light yearns to become in awareness. We are genetically encoded within the body of all earth. We live deep within the ancient flesh of human beings. We come forth at this time as the alignment of the heavens and stars usher you into a Trans-portal of self. there comes a solar dimensional instability. All of the holographic nature of earth fluctuates and fades in and out of perception and sight.
    Earth stands at a sacred mirror portal. The key that unlocks the portal is your own true reflection. The framework key to unlock the portal is the reflection of Love in all her many splendored flavors: self-love, earth love, heart love; In your mind’s eye, see this mirrored portal. As you look deep into your own reflection, what do you see what do you fell? Is their beauty that stands in front of you? Is their joy? Is their distaste? Is their love?

    Between now and August 8th, do all that you can to place yourself in a garment of self love, for it is the canoe that will take you to the island that you so seek refuge upon. It is a solitary paddling that you embark upon in a misty horizon that you walk into, in a land where your perceptions are distorted. As with Alice and the Looking Glass you fall down the rabbit hole of this portal. You look in the back of the mirror that holds your reflection. Who do you see? Is it a you that once was? Or is it the you that you yearn to become?

    The next placement of momentum takes the form of a labyrinth, a point of going around and around in a Fibonacci spiral to find the nautilus of you. At that point of inner centeredness you will drop and rise simultaneously creating a dimensional flux, a bend in your future, a bend in your planet, and a bend in the light. At that point of bending, you will then be offered an opportunity that comes only when you have initialized the codes of self-love. Then and only then will you be allowed entrance into the center of your universe.

    Within you is a time safe trigger that is waiting for number conjunctions to activate, and to awaken dormant truths. The doorway is you, The time has always been now. The entrance code is the energetic signature of your love for yourself. It is not a handprint. It is not an eye scan. a heart print I what allows you entrance.

    Your planet is known as the seeker. For as one is born into the flesh, one begins to seek; you seek yourself, you seeks your heart, you seek your mission, you seek your partner in life and love. And when one is fulfilled and has accomplished all of that, then one continues to seek – for nothing of earth can fill you, nor has it ever. So, always you are seekers. Never resting enough to taste the nectar of what you have manifested, of what you have created, or what has come to you – forward moving is your species and your light. For never will the light be fulfilled until it sups upon itself. All the external doorways and the dimensions that you seek outside of yourself through crystals, through books etc; but give you a taste, a spoonful of the very thing that you truly need.

    The Hall of Records that is hidden within the belly of the Sphinx, within the belly of the Inverted Pyramid, is also hidden within your own belly. It lies hidden from the (solar plexus) belly button down. For you all have cleared the debris from your heart, from your speaking, from your 3rd eye, from your crown – but you do not touch the tainted place, the dirty place from the solar plexus down – the basement of emotional debris, sexual debris, anger, and fear. It is within that subterranean chamber that you will decide how much love you can exhume and resuscitate – the parts of you that do not want to be seen, do not want to be loved, do not want to be known, do not want to be touched. That is the part of you that you will enter into it with compassion as if visiting a home for the elderly or visiting an asylum of mental instabilities.

    Look at each part of you that is tainted and tattered and shattered and shredded and angry and dirty. Love it as if you would the people on the street that just needed a chance to be beautiful again, needed a chance to be healthy again, and needed a chance to be balanced again. For everything above the waist is lily white, is it not? You have forgotten to do the laundry for eons in the lower chakras. You scooted it to the back of your plate and now it is cold and stale and moldy, and you are about to ingest it to gain entrance to the Heart of the Light.

    Then when you stand in that mirror reflection, you will know who you will be activated with codes to open the doorway to the next level of your light, a place where light bends just for you. A place where light intersects just for you. The Mirror comes as a memory point.

    (This July 25, is the “The Day out of Time” this is the 365th none day of the year. It is a day for sacred pause and celebration before the start of the Mayan New Year July 26th. This year’s Day Out of Time is extra powerful and coded with White Rhythmic Mirror, the second clear sign on the tomb lid of Pacal Votan, White Mirror represents the Hall of Mirrors, where you can face your own reflection and see the truth about yourself. As a mirror, White Mirror merely reflects what is, In the Hall of Mirrors there is no good or bad, no right or wrong – only reflection. To the Maya, White Mirror is the knife that cuts you free from that which binds you. The greatest gift of the sword is the power of forgiveness. A deep freedom emerges from forgiveness. The sword of White Mirror symbolizes truth, light, and the positive use of power)

    The portals separate those who will and those who will not. They separate those who choose to move forward and those who choose to stay in comfortability. This choosing is not something decreed by a finger of God that is pointed at each individual. It is something decreed by each individual. Stop waiting on your lives. They are here. It is now. We are the Council Sirian of Light and Sirian of Origin. Our blood, our fiber, our genetic encoding runs within you each and every one of you. the Star Sirius will broadcast to you a genetic remembrance. creating an activation of a Sirian template. A remembering, like a mother board that speaks from the heart. We leave. link to original article

  14. Comment by GizgazS 2 hours ago …Guy walks into a bar and pulls a tiny grand piano out of his pocket. Then he pulls out a little guy who site down and begins to play. “Where’d ya get that?” bartender asks. “I have a magic bottle; you rub it and get a wish,” customer replies. Customer agrees to let bartender try it, and pulls a grungy old whiskey bottle from his pocket. Bartender rubs it, and the room fills up with ducks, flying everywhere. “I didn’t wish for a million ‘ducks’,” says bartender. “So, did you think I wished for a ten-inch pianist?” responds customer…
    . Comment by GizgazS 2 hours ago ” This guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender if he can show him something unbelievable, he gets a free beer? The bartender says alright. So the man puts a hamster and two frogs on the bar and all of a sudden the two frogs jump up and start into a Broadway medley. Well, a man at the end of the bar said, “That’s amazing, I’ll give you $1,000 for the frogs.” The man agreed the guy took off. The bartender said to him, “You could have gotten more for the frogs.” The man said, “Frogs are easy to come by, the hamster’s a ventriloquist.”

    • After reading the traits and characteristics of various star systems, I think I am from Vega. I have been trying to learn where I am from for a while now. In fact, I read several articles last night on this very subject and I plan to have my chart done.

    • Hi Arianna I had asked this same question last night but got know answer it was a question I have had for a long time and after charging my Pendulum I started to ask and received no reply.I read this and realised there were more star systems and that I had to go through each one I went through the list and received a yes answer when I asked am I from the star system Pleiades so I am from Pleiades. I also went through the list of crew I am working with and received 6 yes which I need to confirm with Leslee or Laura. Great post thank you Suzanne

    • According to this, it is proven to me again that I’m indeed from Arcturus. That’s what mt Arcturian parallel self Iltheos told me when we discussed with each other for the first time (-_-). Thank you Arianna for the post.

  15. Muahahahah…. Good one Gunner…

    Back from the festival… All went well. Not a lot of First Aid stuff, except bandaids and boo-boos…. One poor little guy did crash and bumped his head really good. The goose egg was huge. He wound up being fine. Just a slight concussion, nothing serious.
    The music was awesome. I cant believe the energy of Buffy Saint-Marie.
    The afterparty was amazing. That is the kind of music I really love. It comes straight from the heart with no coloration from duty, stages or performing. Just making music for the sheer joy of it.
    I felt nearly NO negative energy all weekend, except for Saturday night when a bunch of kids from town were getting polluted and making trouble for the security folks. Being that First Aid is on call 24/7, I had to have my radio on all night. They kept waking me up with radio calls… Didn’t get much sleep and I probably missed something important during dream time, although as time is malleable, perhaps not.

    I met a whole bunch of really cool people, had a lot of overpriced, but rather good food and only got rained on for a little while.
    A couple of folks I met would fit in here nicely and I was directed to pass on the site to them. So don’t be surprised to see a couple of new faces here, if they chose to participate.

    We had the remaining four puppies and Rudy with us most of the weekend. Thursday morning I found that Rudy got into a fight with something, probably a bear by the size of the hole in his jaw, and developed an infection and abscess in his neck so he had to be with me for treatment. He’s doing fine and the abscess has just about gone as of today. It was the size of a good sandwich tomato on Thursday, by Sunday morning it was the size of a grape, so I figured the danger of it going septic was past and sent him home. He was so happy to not be tied up anymore. It must be hard for him to have all that freedom and not be able to express it.
    The puppies were a huge hit. We were the most popular booth in the site. I don’t remember how many times I heard “OH MY GOD… THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!”.

    I got the chance to talk to a few folks about the Galactic presence and had a fairly good reception there. It’s amazing how things change from one year to the next… Not one expressed any thought that I was nuts… They all listened with interest. What a great sign for me.

    It’s good to be home, even though I really enjoyed the weekend and all the folks I met.

  16. Oh yeah, there was one occurrence that really got me thinking… There was a young lady that I met at the festival the last two years that kept trying to get close to me. When she came to talk, she made a point to get within inches. Now that isn’t all that surprising or really unexpected… The odd thing is, at the afterparty, she came and sat with me for a bit and we chatted. She pulled out her phone and started typing a text to someone at which point I made the comment that she was WAY too good at it. She laughed and said that it was easy with the right phone. Well, we started talking about phones and the fact that I don’t have one, even a landline and this is where it got wierd… She got upset that I didn’t have a phone, didn’t ask why even though I have a good reason and other modes of communication, but left and as she did, muttered, “how did I get stuck with this guy?”… This wording struck me as odd… I asked my Guides last night about it, but wasn’t able to make a decent connection. This morning I was directed to the channeling that talks about viewing these situations from a trialic point of view.

    We share a mutual friend that has my contact info, so I’m hoping that she makes contact as I feel there is something I’m planned to do for her… Plant the seeds of a change of perspective… a response to my request to bring folks to me that I can connect with locally… Perhaps I have some past message that needed to be passed on… I’m not sure, but I do feel that there is some more things in the works here.

    When I can focus and clear the mind again, I will be working with the pendulum to see if I can suss out the details of this rather odd encounter, but would be grateful if those here that have a better connection than I might inquire as to information I may have missed.

  17. John sounds like a wonderful place to be. I love chilling out listening to music. Looks like you had a busy but restful time.
    Welcome back Suzanne

  18. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy & the Galactic Federation

    8 Batz, 4 Vayeb, 8 Manik

    Dratzo! We return! Much continues to take place behind the facade of your world. The dark cabal’s global banking system is crumbling at an ever-increasing rate, and a raft of banking CEOs is being forced to resign. Interpol and associated agencies are stepping up their investigations into the LIBOR scandal which now appears to have no clear boundaries, and indeed this operation is starting to threaten numerous governments in Europe and Asia with collapse. As the crisis grows, the BRIC nations and their allies are informing the cabal that its attempts to reinstate its electronic fiat currencies are banned forthwith. This is further exacerbated by a lack of available capital. The political situation in Europe and, shortly, in North America, is reaching a boiling point. Something has to be done swiftly, or the present economic construct is sure to collapse. The new economic system favored by the coalition of BRIC nations is now fully ready to be rolled out at a moment’s notice, and pursuant to this, several nations in Asia have placed liens on a number of major western banks.

    These developments are further complicated by the mounting turbulence in the Middle East and parts of South Asia, and this growing instability is also ready to boil over. Meanwhile, the interlocked financial crises in Europe and the rest of the world persist, and will remain unsolvable without vast banking reforms and global debt forgiveness. It is not a situation the world can just sweep under the proverbial rug, and this the dark cabal now realizes. As a result it knows that its power in the world is coming to an end. A series of events now underway will very shortly cause the downfall of the cabal, by first isolating its members and then removing them from power. This will bring in NESARA in North America and, like ripples in a pond, facsimiles of this act will spread across the globe. This new governance is to lead to the global liberation of humanity and the formal disclosure of our existence. Then we can begin the announcements that will transform your worldview and your reality forever!

    As you approach this watershed moment, remember that a whole series of events needs to take place prior to disclosure. Our Earth allies fully comprehend what is now happening. The reality construct that has manipulated your lives and your world needs to collapse completely to permit the new system to take its place. This new system is currently being nudged into place by the same circumstances that are taking the old one down. This operation is happening at a very quick pace. The present system cannot sustain another extreme crisis, and such a crisis is very, very close at hand. Hence it was decided to put the new system clandestinely in place and wait for the right moment to reveal its constituent parts: new money, new banking, and new governance. The intention here is to allow the old system to be totally discredited and seen to be defunct, so that the general public will be disposed to welcome in the new. Our ships are monitoring all global flash points and will forestall the dark’s usual tactics of solving problems by the use of warmongering and terrorism. This we will no longer permit!

    In this world there always existed conditions and incendiary ‘circumstances’ that reliably led to ‘useful’ wars or even global conflagration. In these times we are delegated to prevent this, and to lead your globe into peace and prosperity. The dark is stoking a number of old conflict zones that it sincerely hopes to reignite. We need to inform them that, sadly, this is yet another plot that is not to be allowed! Your world is quickly shifting, and what Heaven has prepared is not to be undone! Our mission is centered on your return to full consciousness and this goal is on track. The next series of disclosures is ready to go, as are the actions which will slip your world ever closer to its grand shift. Heaven has decreed that this is now to proceed and all impediments are to be removed. Many individuals, who are not widely known, are to make the announcements that usher in the transitional governments and liberate humanity from its eons-long involuntary servitude.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Bless you all, for you are to be free! Events, blessed Ones, are busily happening, which will shake the dark cabal to its roots and put into play the circumstances that will bring them down. We bless Heaven and all those who have come to Earth to work the many miracles that are a boon to our sacred plans. Precious metals, as they are called here, have been horded for ages by the dark cabalists. They then substituted increasingly worthless mediums of exchange and introduced profane modes of usage. These are the factors that are proving to be their undoing. Major banks and stock exchanges are caught in a quagmire of massive shortfalls which makes their collapse both imminent and quick. Meanwhile, our associates have been busy planning the next phase of their operations for the last few months and are ready to proceed with the new financial system that is to ‘save the day’ for humanity!

    We cannot, for obvious reasons, elaborate on these plans yet. Just know that conditions worldwide are rapidly bringing the dark to the brink of an enormous calamity. The major nations, outside of the G-5, understand fully what is occurring, and are gleefully preparing for the collapse of major commodity and stock markets. This necessary ‘sweep of the broom’ will propel your society from its present morass of anxiety to a carefully orchestrated world of peace, prosperity, and open vistas of unbelievable possibility! All elements for this have only to slide into place! Hence, we ask you to remain full of confidence and joyous expectation, for many incredible events are close to manifesting. Rest assured that the Galactic Federation and our Agarthan family is guarding us against all last-ditch attempts by the dark to go out with a bang!

    Take advantage of this time to prepare for your new reality. It will unfortunately come as a shock to most of your fellows. Be willing to start discussions with friends and family about what lies ahead, so that they may be somewhat prepared for the unsettling information they will shortly hear. And once things start, use your intuition and the wisdom life has taught you to comfort and ease the anxieties of those whose worlds have been turned upside down. Imagine what it feels like to have your fondest beliefs challenged, and know that your calm presence and your reassurances are essential for helping your community to accept a milieu that seems to get stranger by the day. Your mission is to remain serene amid the bewilderment around you. This is what you have been ‘training’ for over many lifetimes, and now the time is upon you. You are the blessed Ones whose abilities will make all the difference in these end times, and beyond!

    Today, we updated you on important events. It is vital for you to recognize that what is now underway is a series of planned events that lead up to ‘the cascade of dominoes’ finale. Then the new epoch for humanity can slide wonderfully into place! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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