SaLuSa ~ 2-May-2012

We have often told you that you that there is nothing you cannot achieve, and we wish to thank you for supporting our allies who have done extremely well in such a short time, by bringing the truth into the public domain. Your acceptance of their revelations and intent to make them generally known, has sent the information far and wide. It has opened the eyes of many people who had no idea that covert operations existed on such a large scale. The truth needs to be spread to as many people as possible, and that will make disclosure and our coming much easier for them to accept. Fear still dwells within the minds of some people, and anything that can lessen the shock of our existence will help them to move on. The facts about our relationship to you cannot be held back much longer, and we are eager for disclosure to take place. It must precede our coming which has been planned for a long time.

Most of you are aware that there are whistleblowers amongst you who have put themselves forward, to reveal what is happening where both the military and financial activities are concerned. Their help is important to ensure that until the media can be freed from their restraints and truthfully report the news, that you know that we are very active in backing up our allies. Our presence and back up will ensure that any attempt to start another World War will be unsuccessful. We are also making sure that where the arrests for criminal acts involving financial matters are concerned, that those who are guilty do not escape justice. However, we ask you to leave such matters to the authorities, and when you learn the facts not to let your anger result in reprisals. All will answer at some stage for their actions against the people. Your energy is best spent spreading the Light and sending Love to all those that need it at this special time.

We would like to say once again that every soul that is on Earth at this time, is there for a special purpose, even if in some instances it is purely to be an observer. All stand to benefit from their experiences, and many have elected to ascend. In other words, all have a life plan including those who have no current knowledge or understanding of Ascension. Indeed many have incarnated knowing that they will not reach the level of consciousness necessary to do so. Yet all will have gained through their experiences, and particularly those who remain for the end time. All knowledge acquired moves each soul forward to reach their own time for Ascension. Duality is a fast track road to success, but often at the cost of experiencing the depths of darkness. There is always a way out of it, and as soon as the Light is responded to great Beings of Light will appear.

Dear Ones, the whole purpose of your life is to evolve, and your soul journey will eventually take all back to the Source of All That Is. Obviously a souls progress comparing one to another, can differ quite a lot according to how long is spent in the lower dimensions. At present you are moving towards the higher dimensions and once there, will no longer be bound by linear time. Everything will be in the “Now” and you will move at will between the past, present and future. However, for the time being you are still much involved with time, and we are aware that the apparent delay in starting our many projects concerns you. Yet in reality they are advancing very well, and we are poised to help make some major arrests of people that are high up within the dark forces. It will be the start of a long lasting cleansing of those in places of power, so that authority and responsibility for your wellbeing is passed on to others who care. Be assured that we know who is of the Light, and no one will be able to get past our scrutiny or deceive us. Matters are coming to a head, and you can expect some surprising developments very soon.

It is more important at this time to remain steadfast and resolved to maintain the Light that now abounds upon Earth, and it will continue to do so lifting the vibrations. The levels of your consciousness cannot remain stagnant, and must rise up as a result. Already it is transmuting areas of darkness, and we find that it is reaching into the hearts of those who have closed it off. As you quickly approach Ascension, so will those souls who cannot absorb such vibrations have to leave the Earth. Their path is destined to take them on to a time line that allows a continuation of their present experiences. There is no choice involved, as you cannot rise up unless you are already of the higher vibration. As we have already mentioned, all souls will have already decided their future.

We of the Galactic Federation are ready to meet you, and indeed in certain circumstances contact has been made in recent times on many occasions. Some would appear as random meetings, but others have been purposely arranged to give your leaders an opportunity to bring peace to the world. Many times we have offered to broker peace for you, but those who wield the power have preferred to carry on with their plan for your enslavement. However, you the people have called to God, asking for release from your dark masters and it has been answered in no uncertain way. As a result you face the end of the cycle with Ascension, instead of the collapse of your civilization. The prospect of it rising up with Mother Earth is a unique achievement, especially as you will do so whilst in your physical bodies. Many other civilizations are attracted to your Earth because of it, and it will be a spectacle that will make a lasting impression. We ourselves will get a grandstand view and be present to ensure a happy and joyful conclusion. From thereon you will commence a new stage in your evolution, one that will be quite different to what you are familiar with now. All the gifts of God will be bestowed upon you, as you take your place amongst the enlightened souls who are true beings of Light and Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to give you our assurance that all is well. Clearly the time for revealing the truth looms large, and we have a program that will cover your needs so that you understand why you have been oppressed for so long. You have come out of a period of darkness created by the destruction of Atlantis, and you have lifted yourselves up back into the Light by challenging the dark Ones and being successful. It has been a long and arduous journey, but you proved your worth to move into the higher dimensions and back into the Light, and we love you all for it.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. ~Thank You,Stick!…And Just as I Desired: A Refreshing & Brilliant SaLuSa Message!…All Systems Go!… 😀 ~

  2. Hi Sunitra,
    I am ok, better then Sunday. Not so tired anymore.

    Hi all,
    I normally don’t look up the meaning of my dreams, but the one from 28th april and 29th april , I just felt I had to.

    Dream meaning 28th april: Dreamflight(to read the dreams you can go to my page)
    Tiger/hospital: it means that I am stressed in my work, about my ill health and no time to do art.
    Prison/rain: I am in transition of forgiveness and it creates renewal, blank slate
    Police/Politicians: It is time for me to reclaim my rights en make changes
    Outside prison/shopping/party: I have to let go and enjoy life
    Upside down/falling: I understand what is happening and will find balance
    Rape: I am successful in processing my child hood traumas

    Dream meaning 29th april:
    Jail/guard/water: I have to heal emotional to grow to completion of my psyche
    Electric shock/handcuffs: My own guilt/doubt/fear is holding me back
    Platform: Have to stop blaming myself so I will be free to express myself
    Door: I will get new opportunities and I take it with both hands
    Family/white medicine bag/medicine man: I am protected and have help from my family and friends to give me my self confidence to achieve my highest goals, to Ascension

    I didn’t know that it takes a lot of time to understand the meaning of dreams. I had to look up the meaning and try to fit all the puzzle peaces together that fit my dreams.

    Love and light

    • Lisa, dear, my feeling is that you are where you need to be, and although it’s a very challenging place for you light now, you’re so strong and resilient and determined that you will certainly arrive at your dream destination… Still sending you so much love and light and crustal armour! 🙂

  3. Good morning everyone. Feels like a great day today.
    Stick- I really liked the Delcan the Pleiadian message you posted. Can you post the link for Delcan. I looked on google but could not find the site. I just want to tell Delcan, stay away from Mira, haha.

  4. A personal conversation with Selphia, I won’t post the whole thing here…

    Something of note that came through was an interesting take on the 1% that I haven’t heard before:

    And you know that making too many corrections with them {talking about my sons} will not allow them to thrive. So too, the world around you, this is a principle that is being embraced. It is actually the overcorrection of many factors that lead to your current environment. If those “in charge” learned to let go of their control, they would learn that things tend to happen in a manner that is not only to their liking, but it is beyond their expectations. You have been learning this through your own “intuitive GPS” practice. It is not that you are not in control, it’s that you make far fewer corrections. You are letting things happen.

    • Thank you Troy for the posting your conversation with Selphia. I enjoyed reading it and I can feel the love emanating from her.

      Love, Light and Laughter

  5. I felt a big time enrgy coming through while I was reading the message from Delcan, I mean big time.
    Did anyone ever read the chanellings through mark Kimmel? Those are also pretty good and he does state he does some sort of energy claring to make sure the beings he chanells are of the light. He also channells Justine and Moraine from the planet Supstein. They have said that their planet has also gone through what we are going through now. They do kind of paint a more bleak picture of the shift saying we should have at leat 3 months worth of survival supplies and how there might be chos in the streets with everyone looting and trying to get food for survival.
    Man, should I get a gun then? I cant feed everyone in Bayonne. I could picture everyone going from house to house to find any food.
    well, dont mean to be negative about this, just that I want to be ready.

    • Well gunner my answer to that is “what would jesus do?”

      Not only would he not get a gun, he’d be able to make a 3 course gourmet meal for everyone in the village out of grains of sand, and just because he’s a cheeky bastard he’d round it off with a nice chardonnay created from water from the local wastewater treatment plant!

      So c’mon already, we’ve got big shoes to fill here! :mrgreen:

      (in hindsight perhaps the myth is a teensy bit bigger than the man… hehehe)

  6. Leslee, I have a question that might be worth asking here. A few times you’ve mentioned the concept of “wrath”. I have to admit this term now has me confused. I thought I understood it, but now that I understand more about the role of “ego”, “wrath” no longer makes any sense for a quality of a higher-dimensional being to have. Yet there are mandalas full of wrath-ful monstrous beings. The dictionary meaning is of course no help.

    Would you be able to provide a short explanation of this term, or perhaps an example that would help me understand this concept better?

    I “feel” it is similar to how alcohol, money, and violence means different things in dreams than they do in 3-D. In dreams this is our brains providing a poor translation of a “higher level” concept.

    Thank you in advance!

    • Hi, DW! Wow, did you know you were opening a can of worms? Hooboy, thanks for adding to my to-do list! ;D
      You’re gonna love this:
      1. I’ll explain a couple ways of viewing “wrathful” on the MANDALAS page, when I explain the components and purposes of the mandala, especially what the Charnel Grounds are… 😉
      2. Accompanying that, I’ll also add a section to the MANDALAS pages that talks about how CROP CIRCLES are our modern-day MANDALAS!
      (I totally didn’t see this one coming, but i hope it will make sense once I tie the pieces together…)
      Thank goodness the B’s say I don’t HAVE to get all this done by May 5!
      (I’m totally psyched!!!)

      • 😯 and :doubleshock: wow!

        Thank you Leslee!

        Although at this point I guess I should know better than to be surprised about these connections and revelations, haha – they’re all so amazingly awesome!

        Now I see why the 3-d mandala image on this week’s galactic lightship invitation was so fitting!


      • Oh, but there is a short-version reply that might help: PURE (meaning “enlightened”) wrathful actions NEVER include anger. Pure wrath is used lovingly as a last-ditch effort to stop someone from ignorantly causing great harm to themselves or others.
        For instance, if you were to push your son into a mud puddle to quickly get him out of striking range if a snake, that would be wrathful.
        If you were to push him just because you wanted to see him cry, well that’s just mean.
        The trick I that really only Enlightened Beings have the wisdom to know when a wrathful action us appropriate.

        For a human being to declare a war is inexcusable.

        God picked on Job for years and years… For what purpose? I’ll leave it for everyone to reach their own conclusions… 😉

  7. Yes, one of my favorite jeswus miracles, turning water into wine. so, Jesus was a wino????

    • Well gunner it’s complicated. Seeing as how he never touched the stuff himself, I suppose that would put him in more of an “enabler” category…

  8. i thought he did drink a bit. Remember the last supper. Oh no, they were drinking his blood and eating his body, OMG, ancient canibals.
    The nuns in second grade told the class that we were not allowed to bite the host when we received holy communion and if we did it would bleed, OMG no wonder I am a wreck, those damn catholic schools did it to me.

    • Sometimes Gunner your comments remind me of this particular Rowan Atkinson skit…
      😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

      Hello, nice to see you all again.

      As the more perceptive of you have probably realised by now – this is hell, and I am the Devil. Good evening. You can call me Toby, if you like – we try and keep things informal down here, as well as infernal.

      Now, you’re all here for eternity, which I hardly need tell you is a sod of a long time, so you get to know everyone pretty well by the end, but for now I’ll have to split you up into groups.

      Are there any questions?

      No, I’m afraid we don’t have any toilets, if you’d read your bible you would have seen that it was damnation without relief. So, I’m afraid if you didn’t go before you came then you’re not going to enjoy yourself very much, but then, I believe that’s the general idea. Right, let’s split you up then.

      Can you all hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME AT THE RACK?

      Off we go,

      Murderers, over here. Looters and pillagers – over there please, thieves if you could join them, and BANK MANAGERS.

      Fornicators, if you could step forward… My God there are a lot of you. Could I split you up into adulterers and the rest? Adulterers if you could just form a line in front of that small guillotine there.

      AMERICANS, are you here? I’m sorry about this, apparently God had some fracas with your founding fathers and damned the entire race into perpetuity. He sends particular condolences to the Mormans who He realises put in a lot of work. The Iranians, I’m afraid, couldn’t be with us – someone’s been holding them in purgatory for the last nine months.

      Sodomites, over there against the wall.

      Atheists, over here please. You must be feeling a right bunch of charlies.

      Christians, ah yes, I’m afraid the Jews were right.

      Moonies, maniacs, marmite eaters, male models, masochists, mass murderers and masseurs, if you could take a pew at the back – with the Methodists that is.

      Now, you’re the lot who used to kill whales, is that right? Ah, yes, I must remember – I’ve got some strips to tear off you bastards later.

      Everyone who saw Monty Pythons’ “Life Of Brian”, I’m afraid He can’t take a joke after all.

      Alright now, one final thing – we’re trying to implement some sort of exchange scheme with the Lord God Almighty, or Cliff as we know him. Some of you will spend a decade in heaven and we’re having some angels down here. Now, I hardly need tell you that you will be expected to behave in an exemplary manner, so, I hope you will do the exact opposite – tear off their wings, use their halos for frisbee practice, that sort of thing.

      Well, I have to go now, but Beelzebub here will show you the ropes… and the chains… and the electrodes.

  9. Hi, Everyone!
    I’m loving this SaLuSa message, because it resonates deeply with a dream I had this morning, and then got a phenomenal download about it this morning!
    My mind & energy seem to be shifting into overdrive (lol, GR says [everybody]), and I’m loving that too!
    BTW, did you guys all get the email I sent yesterday evening, with the video? Tauno, Sun and Vee have replied, but I’m wondering if the attachment bogged things down… Or maybe you all are just not as excited about it as I am… (whimper whimper, needs attention…) 😉
    Stick, I couldn’t find your email address… If you’d like to share it with me, please email me at oneriver69 (at) gmail (dot) com… I hope to upload the higher-res version (with music, hopefully) tonight to YouTube…
    Troy, I’m intrigued by the Mandala theme, and will get to the wrathfulness question next… Also very in tune with today’s energies for me!
    Love you all!

    • Great video but I understood it was “in progress” so I didn’t comment…. nice job! Also the information in the video sheds a whole new light on crop circles in general. They totally make sense as a meditation visualization. This is one of those things where there are multiple layers of information included in a single symbol. Now THAT’s technology!

      Can you share the link to the crop circle image that was in the video?

      Hmm, I guess we’re going to need a whole new website section for crop circle analysis now… (yay!)

      • Yes, Troy, it’s amazing, and yo’re so right! An additional page sounds good… 🙂
        I’m going thru another batch of ships/orbs from today, and just wondering HOW I’m going to finish all this… maybe May 5 is not a big deal after all and there’s not a “deadline”… 😉

      • Hi, Troy, here’s the link to the American Kabuki post that asked for help:
        Babajij says this circle appeared some time ago, and AK’s post explains why he thinks it’s relevant now… I took the pic and tweaked it in Gimp and then created the diagram, so I doubt the diagram is very precise…

        Another crop circle turned up at Yarnbury Castle, I thin on 4/28, and the B’s say it’s about a portal, also.

        It’s my understanding there are 10 more circles that relate to portals that are important during May… They say all 12 can be found in the Internet…

        Off to a little wrathful stuff… 😉

        • ~I Believe that the Eclipse Crop Circle appeared in 2008, as per in an Article i Read last Evening…

          …Leslee!…hehe…I Did View Video that ya Made and was Struck On How the Clouds around the SphereCraft has Pointed Forms,like as in the CropCircle…The Bigger Picture of the Sky & Clouds around the Sphere,Actually Shows a Huge Star~

          • Yes, Baba, you’re right! In fact, there are some more pics that show more of those pointy forms… I think (am told) they are interference auras of the cloaking of some really huge ships… that’ll be another video… (sigh…) 😉
            I’ve added the original crop circle photo that I distorted to trace over to the video, as well as some music, and am about to start uploading now… Not sure if I’ll be able to post the link tonight, but it should be on One River Consulting’s channel within the hour…
            It’s been a very long day, so I’m calling it a night as soon as I get the upload going.
            Goodnight, Everyone! Love & Light & brilliant blue protector orbs to all!

            • ~Yup!…I Am Subscribed to Ur You-tube Channel,therefore will Recieve Notification in my Hotmail Inbox (where i Basically Hang-Out Reading e-mails)…Have a Good Rest,Leslee…We will be Needed to Summon Our Super-Powers as The SuperMoon Comes Closer… 🙂 ~

  10. DW never heard of this Rowan guy but it had me LMAO Thanks for the laughs. Kind of Monty Pythonish.

    • Otherwise known as Mr. Bean 🙂
      That skit is actually pretty close to his role in the Black Adder series. Some damn funny stuff there. IMHO the Elizabethan Black Adder was the best of the series.

  11. liked using the angels halos for frisbees and would push it further by playing that game, angel, monkee in the middle where the angel has to get in the middle while we play catch and the angel has to try o intercept their halo.

  12. Oh that is where he is from. I used to watch it but back then I never really thought it was that funny at all. I just like the hell skit above from dw.
    I did like the carol burnet show especially that old dude playing an older guy.
    Well, time to head to the horizon and see what adventures i am heading into tonight. Adventures, well, clean the house, feed and walk the dogs, get ready for work the next day, then kick back and watch the ole tv, now that is exciting , huh??? Have a great night everyone and a pleseant tomorrow

  13. Hello dear friends!! Dreamwalker and babajij, I would like to acquire your appreciated assistance on something, if you would be obliged to help out 🙂 I am wondering if you guys have skype?

    I have been pushed to begin the art of trance channeling rather than conscious channeling, and the first step in doing this is giving up the typed form of the messages through me. I have begun bringing SanJAsKa through myself in voiced form rather than in typed form, but of course I will still be bringing through typed messages until I can catch up in the purity of the messages through voice.

    What I was going to ask, is if you two could help me in this endeavor. I would like to get together perhaps via skype, and set up a channeling session with SanJAsKa wherein She comes through me vocally rather than in typed form, as I have again been led to discover the near-distortions involved with typed channeling and the need to begin bringing our ascended brethren through myself in more direct ways.

    As you guys may recall, I briefly attempted to begin bringing our Guides through via voice, but stopped doing so as the communications were not as clear as I would have liked them to be. I have since discovered that this was because of my own nervousness when doing so, and because of an improper method of attempting to bring our Guides through via voice.

    A better way to do this will be to have myself as the soul bringing the Guides forth, with a scribe of the words given and somebody to ask questions to the entity being channeled. A scribe may not be needed as I think we can for the most part record the entire endeavor on skype. My Guides recommended I asked you two, my dear friends, to help out.

    I wanted to ‘schedule’ so to speak an initial, beginning session bringing SanJAsKa through in hopefully more pure ways, as I feel and have been shown that my own personal method and means of channeling have been outgrowing the constraints of a keyboard.

    Whaddya guys say? 🙂

    • ~HiYa Wes!…I Used to have Skype,til my Laptop Harddrive Broke…so I am Rather Hesitant to download it again…

      …This is a very Good Notion,tho…of Conveying Direct Communications via Voice…Like Bashar & Kryon does… 🙂 …

      …At the Moment, I haven’t a Clear Solution…Yet, I Find this Idea of Vocal TransMissions is a Great Start!…A Solution will Arrive~

    • I’m honored, Wes. This is an interesting exploration. My circumstances are that I normally am online at work in between projects and do not have many opportunities to do this stuff at home… although occasionally I will have time late evening to tinker a bit. So, maybe the opportunity will present itself when our schedules are in synch. 🙂

      Maybe there’s something other than skype that would allow Babajij to help, and allow you to record the session? Maybe that role does not require skype in order to assist in this process. “” comes to mind…

  14. Love, Light & Respect Spirit Train Riders!…

    *Peace, harmony, and abundance are about to occur ~ no ifs, ands, or buts!*
    05/02/2012 by John Smallman

    It does seem to some of you that you have been waiting an interminable amount of time for your awakening, and this is mainly because time seems to pass so slowly when you live in enthusiastic expectation of an event that you know will bring you all amazing happiness, the like of which has never before been experienced on Earth. And your expectations are absolutely valid. There will be no disappointments because what God delivers is always way beyond expectations! And He will deliver.

    You have been promised a New World in which peace, happiness, harmony , and abundance are eternally present for all, and this is what is about to occur – no ifs, ands, or buts! And when it happens your hearts will be filled, infinitely, with joy. A joy so intense that it is utterly beyond your ability to imagine; it has to be experienced, as it most certainly will.

    That is the Good News, and while it may not be new news, because you have always known that its time is coming, it is eternal, timeless, and permanent. What you are waiting for is almost upon you, and signs of the great changes that will herald this grand moment are appearing all over the world.

    Only those who wish to be unaware are unable to sense the air of excitement and anticipation that has enveloped you all. And free will allows them to cling to that unawareness. Needless to say, many of the unaware are beginning to wonder whether it makes any sense for them to continue clinging to this state of stubborn inflexibility which sees only continuing and insurmountable problems all over the world due to people’s inability to cooperate for the benefit of all. They have an inner sense that there has to be a better way.

    They know, because all on Earth know – even though that knowledge may presently be buried under monumental amounts of debris – that life is intended to be an eternal experience of infinite joy. Nevertheless, because of the unhappy conditions that the illusion provides, and the suffering and pain it offers constantly to all who choose to focus their energies on those aspects of it, they find it very difficult to respond positively to the hope that has started to seep into their consciousness. They look at history, their own or the world’s, and are very disheartened, for it seems that it just endlessly repeats itself.

    Because of the work that the Light-holders are doing – changing their attitudes by releasing all that is unloving, and embracing compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness towards all – the divine energy field enveloping the planet is intensifying and infiltrating the individual energy fields of everyone on Earth at this time, and awaking within them the hope and the faith that has lain there for so long hidden and unacknowledged.

    The loving spiritual assistance that is pouring down on Earth at this point in your evolution is constantly increasing to ensure that all receive their divine wake-up call. Not to awaken is a conscious decision not to hear, not to listen, and not to be aware, that has to be taken by anyone who remains unaware of humanity’s unfolding spiritual evolution. Nevertheless, the divine energy field will not cease in its attempts to persuade them that they are dearly loved and that their awakening will bring them untold joy. It is inevitable that eventually, when their suffering becomes unbearable and they choose to surrender their will to God’s, they will accept this divine offer, which is always available and will never be withdrawn, and then they will be lovingly drawn into God’s divine embrace.

    If any of your loved ones seem to be unwilling, or are determinedly refusing, to allow themselves to open to the joyful energies flowing across the planet, just silently and quietly send them love and acceptance, and know that when they are ready – and their readiness is inevitable, eventually – they too will awaken. No one will be forsaken, so do not worry yourselves about them. Divine destiny has a most wonderful outcome planned for every single one of you without exception. Eternal ecstasy and infinite joy for all are divinely assured.

    With so very much, love, Saul.

  15. A Vision for Patience

    We envision ourselves living in a world where the speediness of life has gone away; where the pushiness on the part of those who are in a hurry has vanished and been replaced by a calm, caring for their fellow travelers; and where we, the people, have learned to wait for the fruits of life to ripen, the wines of good character to age, the metals of impeccable will to be forged, the souls within us to rise, and the Earth to ascend in perfect, divine timing.

    For it is with patience that all things mature, including Mother Earth Herself. And we, as having become responsible stewards for Her, find ourselves waiting in wondrous anticipation for Her to finish Her present cycle of growth so that we can take our next step, together, as One.

    You can go to to sign up free for The Vision Alignment Project.

  16. on February 28, 2012 by mark
    Greetings from the starship Athabantian, I am Bren-ton of Andromeda. We are most pleased to be communicating with you. From our vantage point many thousands of mile overhead, we observe that everything on planet Earth is progressing toward the great transformation. While it may not appear so to you who are involved in the middle of these events, there is progress toward the day when we can announce, “Earth has transformed. The humans of Earth have ascended to the 5th Dimension.” There is no question that the transformation will take place.

    There are many wonderful changes coming to the humans of Earth, and to the planet herself. These are changes beyond your imagination. These changes will transform all life. These changes will restore Earth to the pristine planet she once was. These changes will, in time, lead to a new civilization for you, the humans of Earth. These changes will eventually envelop all in the 5th Dimension.

    Each human of this planet is undergoing change. You are experiencing it in your physical bodies. Have you noticed changed sleep patterns? Headaches? Forgetfulness? Awkwardness? These changes are also affecting your mind and your emotions. Yes you are changing. Everyone on the planet is changing. Each person closes how to react to these changes.

    One reason for the changes is the light energies coming to your planet from the center of your galaxy. Energies transformed by your Sun star. Energies focused by starships such as Athabantian.

    This unprecedented influx of energies from the center of your galaxy is having an effect on each human of your planet, whether they are conscious of it or not. The presence of the Christ energy is smoothing the move into higher dimensions for all. All are feeling the impact of these energies in their bodies and in their emotions.

    These energies are beneficial. The changes to your bodies are intentional. The changes will enable you to move into the 4th Dimension. Ultimately these energies, along with your concerted efforts will move you to the 5th Dimension. This planet will become a 5th Dimensional planet, a shining star for all to see. This has never happened before to mass of humanity. Always before it has been one individual at a time.

    The rest of the universe is closely watching the progress of these changes. For what transpires on Earth affects all. For what transpires on Earth sets a pattern for the ascension of all in physical form. Is it any wonder that so many of your star brothers and sisters are gathered on and about your planet, watching and assisting with these events?

    These changes will usher in a new way of living for each human who ascends with Earth to the 5th Dimension. I am speaking here about the ability of each human to telecommunicate with others. In time each human will have the ability to manifest whatever he or she wishes for sustenance and comfort. Each will be able to transport themselves from one location to another.

    To live in this world of the higher dimensions you must embrace change. Embracing the very idea of change will open you to all these possibilities. Once you embrace change you will find the fear associated with such a decision falling away as you discover the freedom to be who you really are. Embracing change means to stand tall while events swirl about you. For those who have chosen to embrace change the collapse of the 3rd Dimension will lessen its impact.

    The key element of embracing change is to think from your heart. Your rational mind creates duality, always positioning the dark against the light. Thinking from your heart clears the way to embrace the lighter vibrations. Thinking from your heart enables you to see the wonders that are ahead. Thinking from your heart enables you to embrace change.

    All are beckoned to this new way of being, regardless of their current circumstances, beliefs, or activities. All are called to embrace change. All are beckoned to the new Earth, to the new ways of being humans of Earth.

    Let me give you examples of the positive changes we observe: The uprisings of the common people – actually they are not common at all, but are marvelous unique individuals who have finally found their voices. These uprising, be they in the Middle East or Wisconsin, show that people everywhere recognize that now is the time to assert who they really are. You may not see it as clearly as those of us who observe from afar, but their actions portend dramatic changes in your civilization. Many people are awakening to question traditional ways.

    The unwillingness of your governments to function on behalf of the people governed and the rancor with which changes are resisted are signs that these systems are crumbling to make way for the new. These are systems deeply corrupted by wealthy and powerful interests.

    The massive amounts of newly printed money flowing into your financial systems portend their collapse. Corporations, governments, religions, healthcare systems, and scientific and educational institutions will fail along with the financial systems.

    Extreme weather — tornadoes, floods, and bitter cold — has impacted many area of your planet over the past months. There are record numbers of earthquakes around the Pacific Rim. These will continue and in some cases become more extreme as Earth cleanses herself. The actions of those wishing to retain power has exacerbated many of these natural events.

    Your civilization has many serious problems that are not being addressed. Your national media would have you focus on trivia while the larger issues, such as the following, go unattended. All will be corrected as you arrive at the lighter densities.

    Failing to recognize the oneness with your Earthly brothers and sisters that leads to many in poverty and hunger
    The apathy of most people who are willing to accept their lives as is
    Continued burning of fossil fuels that dirty your atmosphere
    Pollution of your waters with the refuse by your so-called “modern civilization”
    Massive amounts of trash that your civilization generates
    The genetic modification of crops and the use of growth hormones
    The obfuscation of the truth about human history
    The influence of religions
    The denial of your star sisters and brothers
    Educational systems that teach conformity to the existing paradigm
    Drugs abuse – prescription and illegal, including alcohol
    And the list goes on and on…
    We see many of these problems as the result of the influence of the energies that caused your planet to slip from the light. At the same time we appreciate how the humans of Earth have struggled to attain a level of consciousness where the great transformation can now take place.

    It is not one of these events that portends dramatic changes, but the combination of all. Your planet is transitioning; individual humans are transitioning. Yes, this is the year when great changes will be initiated. After the culmination of these events, it will require some time for a new civilization to fully organize itself on the new Earth.

    From our perspective, the single most important thing is to recognize who you really are: a magnificent being of light that has volunteered to inhabit a physical form for a given lifetime. When that simple realization becomes widespread, then Earth humans will create a magnificent new civilization.

    All humans resist change, particularly change that is being thrust upon them from some outside source. Many humans are so caught in current behavior patterns, in what they consider to be their “comfort zones,” that they resist all change. Yet everything is changing. The changes are fundamental and far reaching. After the changes, fear-based 3rd Dimension reality will no longer exist. For those in 4th Dimension, the changes will bring welcome relief from this fear-based paradigm.

    The changes are extraordinary. They have many facets. Features of the 3rd Dimension such as time, violence, judgment, competition, anger, greed, and safety will go away. Features of the 4th Dimension such as cooperation, gratitude, appreciation, acceptance, truth, balance and freedom will become the foundation for a new civilization based not only in the 4th Dimension, but pointing a path to the 5th Dimension.

    Earth humans who have amassed great wealth will resist these changes. Those who have amassed great power will resist these changes. Those who have achieved status will resist these changes. All who are comfortable in and familiar with their existing lives will resist these changes. Those who believe they have attained a certain consciousness will resist changes that do not conform to their point of view. And those who rely on their rational minds, rather than their hearts, will resist these changes. Those who have achieved a higher level of consciousness, so that they truly know who they are and embrace that truth, will not resist these changes.

    When the darkness enveloped this planet and consciousness fell, the structures of the human form were shattered. Human DNA was altered. The minds of humans were separated from their emotions. Ego was elevated to rule in the name of safety. The individuated soul was separated from its human body. The chakras were distorted such that they were very susceptible to outside manipulation. In the process of achieving higher consciousness, the body, mind, emotions, and soul are reunited into a complete human being. Such a highly conscious person embraces change when he or she sees the benefit to the greater whole, along with the benefit to self.

    This awakening of the mass of humanity is occurring just in time. A discussed before, there will be extreme changes thrust upon all – none will be spared some impact of these changes. This is the moment to move into the higher vibrations prior to the peak of the changes. Changes are erupting all about you; focus on the higher vibrations to stand tall amidst these changes.

    We who are your star brothers and sisters wish to assist you in this grand adventure. We stand ready to come to you. Raising your vibrations is the first step. Once you choose to embrace this new way of being, many opportunities will present themselves. Do not linger too long in the old ways, for change is accelerating.

    We of the starship Athabantian are now proceeding to step up our involvement. As Taugth revealed in his recent message, we are opening new channels of communication with humans of the planet. Mark is assisting this efforts with the interview process in which we determine whether an individual will accept and welcome our communications and – most importantly – will share the information he or she receives with others. We are seeking those who will embrace change and show others the way to live with change. We are most pleased by the number of individuals who have expressed a desire to communicate directly with us. We will work with each of them to increase their confidence and improve their communication skills.

    I am Bren-Ton of Andromeda, communicating with you from the starship Athabantian. Along with the others aboard, I am here to serve you as you transition to the lighter vibrations and become a citizen of the universe. All aboard Athabantian send their blessings.


  17. on March 6, 2012 by mark
    Greetings, on behalf of all aboard Athabantian: We express our gratitude to all humans of Earth who are awakening to the larger reality. We are particularly grateful for the efforts of the lightworkers of your planet and all who allow their light to shine forth. We offer these words on behalf of your star brothers and sisters everywhere, for all know the impact of your transformation on all of creation.

    From our observations, and from those of us who walk among you, we know how difficult are your lives on planet Earth. They are the most difficult of anywhere we have encountered in our explorations. Know that your struggles into the light are appreciated and that ultimately Earth, along with her human residents, will become a uniquely beautiful, peaceful, and totally enlightened star. The road immediately ahead will be a bit bumpy, but on the other side is paradise.

    It is for these reasons, as well as our love for you, our sisters and brothers of Earth, that many starships are gathered about your planet at this time. We are providing you assistance as allowed by universe rules of non-interference, and by considerations for the highest good of all.

    All of you on the planet are now receiving extraordinary energies of transformation, energies never before made available. By embracing them you are transforming everyone on the planet. By undertaking this transformation you do a great service for all in creation.

    Although I, and others of the celestial realm, have never possessed physical form, I express gratitude for the billions of Earth humans who have chosen to incarnate at this time and place – regardless of your vibration, location, or status. By the courageous act of incarnating on Earth you are energizing the transformation of all.

    I am Taugth, currently residing on the starship Athabantian.


  18. on April 10, 2012 by mark
    Greetings from the starship Athabantian, today I am responding to the numerous inquiries we have had as to why we are not communicating more information about the details of current events. My response is as follows: Humanity and Earth are undergoing the initial stages of the great transformation; events are playing out as we had predicted in our earlier messages. We are not in the entertainment business and feel no need to produce a blow-by-blow analysis of current events.

    Having said the above, I will comment as follow. Little that your national media would have you believe about the current situation in the U.S. is true. Some of what you are reading and viewing on the Internet is misinformation; be discerning. Your politics are based on power struggles between the wealthy and powerful, nothing more; politicians are not paying attention to the needs of the populace. Your legal systems have been subverted to the needs of the wealthy. The world monetary system is near collapse. Most religions continue to flog old dogma rather than attending to the spiritual needs of their followers. You are beings fed lies about science, history, medicine, and much more. Those in power and wealth are desperately holding onto what they have, as they make preparations to survive the coming transformation.

    The only way in which you will survive and move forward during the days of the transformation is to increase your vibration commensurate with that of the new Earth – this is the minimum, not the optimal. Optimally you should be working on the raising your vibration to a 5th Dimensional level – which is where we aboard Athabantian reside. If your vibration is based exclusively in the light you will weather this transformation much better than if you have residual fears.

    Your year 2012 is witnessing the initiation of the final events of the great transformation. All these will not play out by year-end. There will be physical and energetic shifts of your planet. Extreme weather will continue. Expect more environmental reactions to your abuses. You personally will be called upon to set aside much. Yes, you are mitigating some of the changes through your combined energies, but you cannot avoid all, for the transformation requires leaving behind what you consider “known” and “comfortable” in order to construct a new civilization.

    I encourage each reader of this communication to examine our earlier messages as they predict much of what is now transpiring, and what will need to be re-constructed to fulfill the promise of the New Earth. Once again, live in the light during these trying times; do not go to fear.

    I am Bren-Ton, currently of the starship Athabantian. All aboard send their blessings to each human of earth.


  19. Published April 26, 2012. | By bluestar.Blue Star Transmissions

    4-25-12 to 6-25-12

    Greetings to all my kindred Spirits; I walk among you ones this day seeking to find those peoples in every country who are now looking at the world and themselves with eyes wide open. I can honesty say that “some are and some are not.” What is so tragic here, almost Machiavellian in a sense, is the desperate refusal so many of you ones have to believe in what you had always presumed to be the unbelievable. It is with heavy heart that I and my brethren are watching and listening to the wails of anguish being emitted from the peoples in every country on this planet. Now, as the final days of 2011 wound down with a rather deafening roar, I and others like myself decided to descend to this planet and remain here for an extended period of spatial spans. Essentially this means that yes, we are walking among you and have chosen to do this because of the dire state of minds so many of you ones are in. Furthermore, we also chose to appear as human as we possibly can.

    It is a strange sensation for me, walking among the ruins of what once was one of the most pristine planets in this Universe. The stench of rotting waste and decayed foodstuffs is matched only by the acute smell of fear that we all can smell emanating from so many Earthbound Earthizens. “Fear” is a terrible energy cousins; it leaves a residue that is very simple to follow for just about any entity, any being from anywhere. Even the animal life forms we have been speaking with are at a loss to understand why human entities are seemingly on a mind thought rampage. The animal life species however are in great acceptance of the acute and prestigious gridline intersection which has brought together the Golden NOW and the Jesus THE Christ Conscious in a remarkable display of affection, compassion and understanding for all that the human races are undergoing. But of course the other life forms here other than yourselves are very cognizant of all that is really taking place.

    How can they not be? The animal Spirits of each species along with all the Devic caretakers, informed all these innocent ones of this period of history that had to unfold, long, long, ago. This occurred well before the final tolling of the bells took place. Indeed all other life forms here rejoiced because they knew that a new world, a better world, would replace what had been their former life world here. You see cousins; the other life forms do not need to have the same type of belief systems that you ones normally gravitate to. Obviously I am speaking here of the humans of all races who just had to live vicarious lifestyles because they believed they should, and they believed they could, without ever considering the price that they and the rest of humanity would have to pay as a result. Now, even today with all the raucous rumblings and hostile screams of all countrymen in all countries blaring loudly, much is still not being understood. The downtrodden peoples are still declaring their right for freedom while recanting some of their former beliefs of the goodness of certain political figures they once believed in. However, it is the reformation process that each country here must undergo that is proving to be as troublesome as it is to continue to pry the fingers off the populaces that have so long been held in a stranglehold. Those men AND women still trying to either hold on to their rapidly slipping seats of power and those who are still trying to find a place of exile to escape to, are the leaders whose ambiguous minds sought nothing for the peoples, but everything for themselves. Please understand Earthizens, these ones are the peoples in each country who have been the greatest wastrels but still MUST believe that something will happen to ensure their eventual return to the thrones, or at the very least, that somehow or other their lives will be spared by the peoples….and by TERRA herself. The irony here is that they have all been brought up to believe that they were of a superior race, a supreme caste of a chosen few. Peoples please understand, beliefs can be their own conundrums when they are birthed in quicksand. It has always been only the most superficial of humans who have been able to buy into or be born into their seats of power. This is why they made sure that even if competency was not a birthing requirement, they had to continue to breed to ensure the stability of their ill-gotten regimes.

    Now, it is when the belief system of any race of humans is so corrupt from the day of its inception and instilled into the minds of all of that country’s peoples that history itself receives a massive and intentional blow from this Universe. The Akashic Hall is sadly overlooked here by most of you ones. Yet, it is there that this planet in particular has the recordings kept by the Gate Keepers for the dual purpose of deciding a planet’s fate as well as the fates of every individual. Speaking of which, one of the Gate Keepers there asked me to expressly tell you one and all, that he wishes humans would stop wishing for the deaths of corrupt people and instead start concentrating, focusing, on working on the goals necessary to Create anew the human races. There, I have now delivered the message. Do with it what you will!

    So it is as I walk here and listen to the laments of so many peoples whose Spirits have been broken, it with true heartfelt delight that as I encounter those ones among you who are now part of the massing of the collective consciousness, I see a serenity that lies behind the eyes, within the heart and is spreading rapidly through the Souls. These are the ones who have quickly looked around at the sheer madness abounding here and thanked themselves and the God of this Universe for the fact that at least they themselves have been strengthened; they have discovered great indomitable aspects of themselves that will be of assistance in seeing them through these times. No, cousins, it is not because they have more than you have, in fact many of these ones have far less. It is because they struggled and fought what MAY have seemed to them to be insurmountable odds in order to remain in touch with their own ideals and their own faiths.

    If “faith” was better understood, if it had always been better understood, the ratio of the probability factor of all that is occurring here would in fact have been altered. That factor change is very high indeed. Faith itself is an understood energy that lives within Soul. It is here in this Sacred realm that all things CAN be altered IF it is for the betterment of the INDIVIDUAL. However, none can alter the probability factor to include the totality of change for the better for the entire planet. If that were indeed possible Earthizens, no doubt we would have already done that! I must say witnessing the collision between the religious-minded and those who see only the practical world issues is rather…….unsettling. Although it was always well-known by us that as religions began the internal struggle in a last-ditch effort to try to save their own infrastructures, even at the cost of the beliefs of their parishioners, that it would be the parishioners themselves who would suffer most grievously. Now, Earthizens please understand: there is nothing here that is happening to peoples who so desperately want to believe in illusions that cause we ourselves anything but great sadness. In part yes, it is for those suffering the greatest of mind-binges as their religious beliefs are swiftly crumbling regardless of how desperately they try to hold on to them. The callousness of religious leaders has always been well-known to us, yet watching this all unfold is quite devastating to all those who were goodhearted Souls truly believing in what really is nothing more than manmade deceptions. This does not in any manner however alter the fact that so many wanted to believe and by doing do effectively turned their backs and their minds away from the truth.

    Now, I will deviate from the transmission part for a moment in order to tell you about something that happened so very long, long, ago. It was during a meeting my Celestial daughter had with God that has proven to be a very telling moment in her own evolution and is an example of how a belief is an aspect of a greater truth WHEN that belief can not be changed. It is also WHEN that belief’s foundation is rooted ONLY in truth that all else that happens must be considered to be what it truly is-an event that is fecund! When this occurs, there is always a quiet acceptance that all must progress as it should, for there is no other choice anymore. It is the beliefs that harm others that NOW MUST be changed! Celestial was addressing an issue with God that she was very concerned about. The issue was the year 2011. You see, she already knew of all that had to take place that year for the greater good. She was so very concerned about all the people on this planet who she knew would fail to see and hear truth and would instead want to continue to follow the trail of smoke and mirrors. I was present during this meeting because I was asked to be. God in His usual manner listened and commiserated with Celestial because He knew what SHE knew. And it was in this shared knowing that an understanding took place.

    Celestial knew that because she chose longevity here, she would bear witness to so many atrocities disguised as “wars fought for God,” and of course the inevitable fears of each country that they would ultimately be overtaken by other hostile countries. She knew what she “saw” and she KNEW WHAT SHE KNEW. It was in that shared knowing with God that both God and she agreed that she should simply allow the people she COULD help into her life and remain passionately detached from the unwholesomeness that would be so prevalent here in 2011. I will not continue and tell you what else transpired that time, that is private GOD TIME information. Suffice it to say that she and the one who was to be her love of her life yet AGAIN, would walk their walks here and do what they can, but turn away when they MUST. Cousins, in NO WAY do I wish for you the lifestyles that Celestial must have. I do instead ask of you ones to make the most of what your priorities in life are and share when you can with whom you can. The eyes and ears of the Universe are upon you.

    Now, all that occurred in 2011 was but a precursor to all that is occurring now and will continue to do so. Many countries are acting out in response to the plight of the peoples. The droughts that are increasing are not in any manner being mitigated by the heavy deluges of rain and lightening storms. Yes, this too shall continue before it can pass. You can expect further machinations for this year and some continuing years among the Middle Eastern nations. Each now is vying more and more to be “the one,” the presumed, alleged, “Mecca” for Middle Eastern peoples. Now, although the Dali Lama did indeed do as much as he could to strive to be the Spiritual leader of his country, he fought long and hard in his own way for changes that were in fact intractable. However, the peoples he led and their own type of religious beliefs held back the women and children who were meant to be the prototypes for a better more equitable belief system. Too many people there believed wrongly and now it is too late. Israel and China will continue to hide the truths of all their military maneuvers until such time the truth can no longer not be revealed.

    Countries that do not want to change their traditions, that do not choose to change their beliefs, will cease to be. That is the way it is. So many countries in the mid-east and in Europe overall, are just at the tip of the iceberg “of comeuppance.” The dark hand that has held the Middle-East in place for far too long can no longer effectively control the everyday peoples. It is sad that so many of those peoples will die because of their true quest for freedom. But even they now know that something is very wrong with all their dogmas. But then it always has been. Earthizens, all beliefs are being mightily tested now and the truly self-serving ones are being revealed to the innocent peoples. It has required centuries for peoples to have the gumption to stand up and challenge the beliefs that have been so ignominiously foisted upon them. Italy, France, India, Pakistan to name but a few, are finding more and more that the stability the peoples once believed these countries had, and they believed so because that it what they were told, actually have none today. America is certainly no stranger to turmoil although many of that country’s own leaders for many, many, years have been behind so much corruption. America too is falling and falling hard. You ones may expect more unfortunate news about Japan and Thailand to name but a few countries.

    Do not think for a nanosecond that England, South America, Canada and so many other countries will be spared. All countries are beginning now more so than in 2011, to rue their many contradictory stability statements. Cousins, peoples are not willing to die now for the lost causes of their respective country’s leaders. Nor are they able to cope much longer with their hunger pains. Beliefs are being tossed about like straw in a windstorm. Now, I must say it is however heartening to hear so many voices from all races here joined in unison as peoples demand truths and attempt to cope with the reality that they have been ingeniously lied to. Of course there is also great shame taking place. This is because the peoples who are entering into the realization phase are in shock. It is because of their being aware now that they themselves helped promulgate the lies and delusionary beliefs by teaching the same to their own children.

    Also the realization that the long held belief they had about the once trusted fiduciaries have now been seen to be nothing that the peoples were TRAINED to believe they were, is causing outrage, umbrage and violent behavior among everyday peoples. What is sad about this however, other than the fact that humans here simply can not seem to wait to put their trust, their beliefs in institutions that truly could not care less about them, is another outstanding oddity that I will mention. Peoples want returns on their investments; as though that will actually bring them TRUE happiness, or a truer way of righteous living. Therefore because they have been TRAINED to believe in these ridiculous assumptions, they can not accept NOT having what they have been TRAINED to believe they should have. Hmm, I suppose Pavlov may have been working with more than dogs in his writings and TRAININGS.

    Now, it is always the everyday people who suffer the most grievous assaults when the economy and their “esteemed trust factor” has been fractured beyond repair. This is where you are heading forthwith. Sadly, except for the peoples who have tried to live respectable lives harming no one intentionally and being unbiased about other races and valiantly attempting to mature exponentially, are the ones who stand out here on this planet as figures who are not “stick people.” Rather, they are true human beings. As for the others on this planet, those who simply must “have, have, have,” they only know what they think they had when they lose it. Even then their perspectives are jaundiced. Cousins, even then they can not see the larger picture. Peoples, you are on the cusp of a new and better time. However, all changes require a letting go of previously held assumptions, thoughts and erroneous beliefs. I ask you all now to simply be willing to change your beliefs by knowing that you have been mercilessly tricked. It is ok to make errors in judgment, it is NOT ok to continue to do so when you know that you ones should not.

    I am signing off for now.. Salude, Blue Star

    Blue Star Transmissions /

  20. I posted on my page a little preview for the banner for Spirit Train Chronicles.
    Suggestions are welcome. It is still in an early stage. Just the rough outlines.


    • Very nice Lisa! I especially like the suggestion of the “wave” that to me represents the wave of energies we currently experience… the train bends to the wave like a reed in the wind…. 🙂

        • ~Hi Lisa!…I Tried to Post a Comment on Your page, awhile ago, yet it didn’t go Thru…It Is About The Dimensional Train On Clouds that I Find is Very Inspired…You Are Able to make the Higher Realms Come to Life… 🙂 ~

  21. Leslee – I created a new page under “Astral Travels” called Crop Circles / Light Portals. I added your video and the screen capture for the video. I could also add the video transcript if you like.

    I can also post other crop circles photos there if I know which ones to grab. Maybe I can number them so they can be referenced in the comments below the page.

    After re-watching the video I totally see what you’re seeing there. Holy macaroni, you have some amazing powers of observation there! Nicely done! 🙂 ♥

    • DW, that’s awesome of you to do! 6 hours of lying in bed doesn’t seem to have stopped this flu or whatever… I’ve barely begun the “translation” of the instructions to go with this one… I’ve called it #1… I think we have 2 more of the remaining 11, but I’m not sure, so feel free to share any other crop circles that resonate!
      Signing off, now… 🙂

  22. I added Uriel`s message from today – May 3rd into Astral Travels, Troy 🙂

    How is everybody….I am dealing with troubles and quarrels at work and at home right now…a 3D s…t as it often appears to be, but I will survive
    See you soon when I am in a proper state for communication 🙂
    Love You All

    • Hi, Dear Tauno, sending you lots of love and light and wishing for things to clear for you as soon as possible!
      I’ve had a challenging few days, but the sun seems to breaking through the clouds, and the weekend is nearly here!
      Perhaps we’ll find you’re as in-sync as Troy and I seem to be, and things will swing around in your favor!
      Love you deeply, dear sister, so sending you lots of hugs and ( ( SUN ) )!!!

      • Thank you for The Love and Light, dear, dear Leslee 🙂 Same to you, my friend ! it is easier to cope with all kind of troubles when you are aware of the energies of cleaning that shower the Earth right now, I believe Our Creator and I trust my Spirit and my Guides and I know that our Light is stronger and is eternal, nothing will keep us into the darkness any more and our challenging days are nearing their end…We all will be OK!
        Horus has given us a wonderful message

        I feel that I have to offer you these words in case of need

        With the Power of My I AM Presence I command all negative entities to leave my sphere and to be directed to their home with the Power of MY Higher Self and with the assistance of my Guardians
        So be it and So it is!
        Thank you!

          • Yes, dear Troy, this is true! Soon we will be contacted! Let`s make our intent to connect with Horus tonight in dream time
            GLS ALGIZ is flying each night on routine healing missions, I will add the intent to contact Horus ! Everyone is invited on GLS ALGIZ and the meeting amethyst and rose quartz hall is prepared for the gathering!
            Be Love and Light
            The message is from today!!!!!!!!!!Now is the time!
            I will be seeing you this evening, and we will take some opportunities to welcome you all into the energies of love and guidance that will be prevalent. It is a peaceful co-existence that is coming, and we all are ready to welcome you to yourselves, once again. Till then, know that we love you all so much and we embrace you with all of our words and actions.

            Thank you dear Horus,

            Love, Nancy Tate

            • Excellent! I would love to see you all there!
              Thank you, Tauno, for the protection blessing… It *has* been a rather bizarre couple of days, and now I feel like I may be catching a cold… I could use a day if just staying home… 🙂
              All IS well!
              I think I’ll even go to bed early tonight, so I hope to see you soon!
              Love & light, Leslee

  23. I had an idea that perhaps everything in our experience that we see around us is now a direct reflection of the inner pathways of our neurons. Everything. I am reminded of Ebenezer Scrooge, in his speech where he thinks that Marley’s ghost is an “undigested bit of beef”.

    For example, I recently read the messages from St. Germain discussing diet, and all of a sudden for several days in a row, my wife has been compelled to buy donuts (2 for 1 at Safeway!). She is usually fairly diet-conscious (she blasts me when I buy root beer for the boys).

    This would mean that all drama in our lives, everything that is going on, is a reflection of our thought PATTERNS. So in theory creating balance in one’s life is as simple as creating balance in one’s thoughts.

    This is not to say that we are flawed because drama presents itself to us. The drama is a reflection of our growth, a reflection of the re-ordering of neural pathways, a reflection of the re-ordering of our lives.

    I have read parts of the holographic principle but did not realize there was such a direct 1:1 connection. How I understood it in the past is that one shares properties with the other, not connected but similar. Now I am seeing that perhaps for every electronic spark and signal in my brain, something happens in the world around me.

    I’m not sure how this accounts for the sovereignty of unique entities, if indeed that sovereignty even exists. This would somewhat account for the idea of “mind control”. The dark entities are not external to the planet; we are compelled to do things by the neural pathways of others on the planet.

    Someone else had mentioned this a while back – Lisa? And I think perhaps through my observations, I can confirm that this is indeed the case.

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you… because we are already doing unto each other….

    Food for thought…

    • Wow, DW, you reminded me I haven’t posted a WILD dream I had the other night… Imying the neurons are just the “middle men”!
      I’ll see if I can post that tonight…

      • Holy cow nice one Leslee! Not leaving much to the imagination anymore, are they? 😉

        Actually my day included not only donuts but also free pancakes, and a fruit basket! With chocolate strawberries! Yessssss!!! Now I need to go read something about getting filthy rich hahaha

    • Hi Troy,
      It remembers about my motto I hold dear for so long, since I was 12 I think:

      Save/heal the world, begin with yourself

    • ~Thank You,Tauno!…I Guess i Could Describe ToDay as “Jumping Full Force” within My InnerDepths…I Am Definitely Feeling the Build-Up to SuperMoon…I Am Actively Releasing Dead Weight (Fears)…I Feel a Bit Lighter…I Am Seeing Other Bloggers who are Now Experiencing Much BreakThroughs…

      …May Your Day Turn Out to Be Miraclous and Peaceful,Tauno…All da Best!~

      • Hi, my dear friend! Thank you for your Light! In fact today I felt the chains of duality again….but I hope to be free of everything from the lower vibrations soon…I dreamed a lot last night but I do not remember anything….it seems RA wants a meditative connection. I created a new blog and will be able to show it to you soon, it is not quite ready because need the help of one of my dear Friends!
        Love and Light , dear Babajij!

  24. Hope you’re all enjoying the Now 😉

    ( ( ( Blossom Goodchild ~ Federation of Light ) ) )
    May 3rd 2012

    Blossom: What a splendid day for hooking up with your mates! Anyone home?

    FOL: We are happy to correspond with you at this time. We consider it a pleasure to be able to assist the human race through offering perhaps ‘memories’ of the soulself which in turn allows so much scope for expansion of mind, body and indeed soul.

    Blossom: There are many people that write to me who would LOVE to have communication with you and yet don’t know how. Any advise on this at all?

    FOL: We would strongly suggest ones TRUST in the self before such communication would begin. One can take it upon themselves to ‘invite us in’ and lovingly we desire to assist. Yet we would comment that the soul has to be ready in order to do so. Therein lies certain prominent issues regarding souls who believe themselves to be ready yet are not.

    Blossom: Issues in what way?

    FOL: Issues of TRUTH. Issues of intent. Issues of discretion. Issues of ego. This is not to say that there are not those who ARE ready. Sometimes one’s longing for the connection actually hinders. The ‘need’ is so strong that is creates a barrier. We would say to many to simply not concern themselves with this ‘matter’. For in days forthcoming … conversations and understandings of/from each other shall abound in great Light and needs shall be met and indeed questions answered.
    Listen by all means to your soul’s talk. That which your heart speaks to you of. For in that FEELING you shall KNOW US. Lift up your spirits … for in doing so you stretch your limitations beyond that which you think you are capable of. The Higher you allow yourself to rise … the more you can recognise that which is possible. You are souls of such Greatness and yet you have been led to believe that you are meek and mild.
    Strength is part of your make up. We speak not of physical strength, yet you would astound yourselves when you come to realise that your physical BEING actually has no bounds. Nor does your mind … yet by believing they have … you restrict your magic. We speak of the strength within your core essence. The will to bring about the change that is taking place. It is not for the faint hearted as many of you have depicted.

    Blossom: Just have to add here … that the minute I began … the energy was so strong … it seems I just nodded off  … for about 20 minutes … or did I ? Perhaps you were downloading, as suddenly I have opened my eyes and feel as bright as a button. Where were we?

    FOL: We are speaking to you of your core essence and how by accessing it, you will discover the wonders of the Universe. That which is rightfully yours. We delight in KNOWING what is ahead for you … to seek from within yourselves and marvel at all that you can undertake with but a blink of an eye.

    Blossom: And yet although I ‘recognise’ that what you say is True, from our position as humble humans … all be it happy ones … the possibility of teleportation etc seems a million worlds away .

    FOL: And yet it is as near to you as your breath. Such feats you have accomplished before. They were part of your everyday understanding and were not disputed. It is simply the case that the knowledge that lies within you shall be unleashed at the correct time and you shall find your wings.

    Blossom: Will this be ‘en masse? Or will it depend on what level of Enlightenment we have attained?

    FOL: It will be of the latter. Yet have we not spoken of times ahead that will awaken many … en masse. Things are to take place in your world that will raise the vibration faster and Higher than that which you are used to.  When we are able and indeed chose to descend into your Earthly vibration and remain for long periods of time … we have to adjust in order to resonate with you. Yet at the same time you have to adjust to a Higher ‘note’ because we cannot descend beyond a certain resonance. The ‘merging’ of the our world as we know it and your world as you know it  … will find us in a place where we ‘agree’ to be comfortable.
    Many of you are finding your vibration off the scale these days. Believe us when we say…

    Blossom: We ain’t seen nothing yet! Or should I say … felt nothing yet!!

    FOL: Precisely. Do you begin to accept the absolute joy that is within you to behold? Do you accept how much further you can go? And all this has been accomplished by your individual selves.
    How you are FEELING is how you have chosen to feel. When one chooses to rise … one simply rises. If one chooses to remain in misery … that is nothing other than their choice.
    You believe there to be restraints … THAT IS YOUR BELIEF …. Because you have been led to believe it! You speak of those that have control over you. No one has control over you . How can one control another’s soul?

    Blossom: Well it has been known for one to take over another’s mind and control it .

    FOL: Yet there is a soul that belongs to that mind. The soul is all powerful. It can retrieve the mindself by allowing the soul to take full control. There is nothing more powerful than the soul. For the soul is … as we said … your essence. Your soul is LOVE and LOVE is the most powerful thing there is … because that is ALL there is.
    CLAIM YOUR POWER. Some of you are feeling deep despair. You cannot see a way out of this quagmire that has been created. You give up hope … You lose faith … You long for ‘us’ to arrive so that everything will change .
    You must recognise that YOU have the POWER to make this change come about.
    Do you consider moaning and groaning about all that ‘is not’ … a healthy compromise?

    Blossom: Compromise?

    FOL: Indeed … Some of you consider that by airing views on matters that are not suitable … you are assisting. You are not. What IS assisting is airing views on CHANGE.  Finding solutions.

    Blossom: Yet, here I would say that in the past ‘solutions’ have been found for many dilemmas and those that ‘invented’ them ended up dead … by those in control. So I am finding it a bit hard to go along with what you said earlier.

    FOL: And we would respond by saying that through changes that have already been accomplished by those who have contributed to the raising of the Light vibration …. that which you have spoken of is something of the past.
    We ask you to understand that a lower vibration cannot reside within a Higher one. It simply cannot be so. Therefore … consider the Truth that the vibration of your planet has emerged from its density into one of a much Higher degree … then it is plainly obvious that those who once thought they had all power … now have no power at all. Not in regards to ‘reigning over a planet.’ Yet there is still power within them. Though it is for them to come to a place of knowing within themselves that to use power for powers sake cannot give peace of mind or soul.
    You talk of arrests to take place in your world of those who must now ‘get out of the way’ … Their interference in the Ascension process has had its day. We would ask of you to consider offering forgiveness to such souls and such workings on a grand scale. Accountability for ones actions cannot be escaped on ‘this’ stage or indeed any other. The souls who have damaged so much of your beauty … shall feel pain within themselves on a level that cannot be understood by those who have remained steadfast in the Light .
    Some of you may say …’They are deserving of this’. We say ‘They were walking their path’.  They made choices. Yet remember dearest ones that WE ARE ALL ONE. THEY ARE PART OF YOU.
    If you want this New World to be with you in the quickest possible time … we would strongly suggest that you forgive these souls and you work diligently to assist them in retrieving their Light back to them. We ask that you consider sending them healing on a scale of such magnitude … for the pain that is to befall them you would wish on no man.

    Blossom: Some would say … ‘You reap what you sow’. They have inflicted so much pain on so many.

    FOL: Some indeed may say that. That is their choice to FEEL that way. We are merely pointing out that it is through LOVE ALONE that you shall Ascend into greener pastures. If you still consider a soul to be deserving of such pain through that which they have created … you are not fully understanding who you are … or … who they are … because whether you like it or not … THEY are YOU and YOU are THEM! Yes … YOU are a part of THEM … and THEY are a part of YOU. Therefore … YOU would not wish that pain upon YOU … You would wish for it to be healed in that case and as quickly as possible.
    You are reaching a level within yourselves where to direct anything other than LOVE at another will not FEEL comfortable. This New World you have created/are creating … as you know has no room for anything other than LOVE in pure form. Taking into account the purest it can resonate within the dimension you reside/will reside. Therefore it is NOW when you become and move into that Higher understanding of what LOVE is/ who you are … by finding forgiveness in all/to all that struggled along the journey. 
    Only by doing this shall you come to FEEL and see the fruits of your labours.
    Release your Beings from all that does not serve. We spoke of this many moons ago. Have you? Are there still fragments of annoyances that linger on? NOW is the time to send those last ‘interferences’ on their way. They served their purpose once … yet now one is moving into a frequency that no longer requires such learnings.
    Step up your TRUSTING … not in US and what we shall present … TRUSTING in yourselves and what you are capable of. By doing as you are doing and resonating this Higher Light from within you … you are designing your future. Simply by loving LOVING … you bring yourselves and your planet into its destination.
    We say to you …
    For there can be no regrets in doing so when you see what is waiting for you just around the corner.
    We are aware that during these last months, everything has felt so near and yet so far.
    Around the corner dearest ones … just around the corner.
    Keep hold of your KNOWING within.  Walk that last mile together in strength. If your hearts did not KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE that ALL that you have been through and all that you continue to endure had a purpose … it would have collapsed in upon itself long ago. Yet it is because YOU KNOW that you KEEP ON … no matter what.  You FEEL it inside you  … there is no other reason you would persevere … other than this very fact that YOU KNOW that ALL that we have promised shall come about.
    If in your hearts KNOWING we are TRUTH to you … then you KNOW also that we are not capable of lying.

    Blossom: Which I am afraid you have been accused of by many in their innocence.

    FOL: Yet in our wisdom we understand that which they do not. We are happy to KNOW that there will be a time when they will understand that we did not lie … matters were simply misconstrued or transferred due to necessary adjustments for the good of all. This will then allow so much softening of the soul and allow completion. Understanding on many levels can lift the spirit to a new place within an instant. This you will understand when you understand.

    Blossom: I understand! That’s it … just got the nod! Phew!  In need of a stretch and a glass of water. Thank you my friends. What mentors you are.

    FOL: Not mentors … just reminders. We send our love and excitement to you .

    Blossom: Right back atcha! In love and thanks.

    * I just wanted to point out that it comes to me very clearly which words ‘they’ want to put in inverted commas, capitals and words starting with a capital. It seems odd to me … yet that’s what they would like. Who am I to argue?!

    • Mention of mind control there… Perhaps freeing ourselves from that control is simply part of the puzzle, whether that so-called control comes from glactic or planetary sources.

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