Light Portal Access Video Uploaded

light portal with overlay of crop circle diagram

On May 30, 2012, I was photographing clouds in Atlanta… As I reviewed the photos, hoping to see some blue orbs (which I’ve been seeing since early 2012), I noticed something even more interesting…

A red and green swirling light, set within a series of triangular forms within the clouds…

I enlarged and enhanced the photo, and realized it had an uncanny correlation to a crop circle published by American Kabuki on April 28, 2012.

I’ve created a video showing an overlay of the portal and crop circle…

Step-by-step instructions for the meditation to follow soon…

There are 11 crop circles which remain to be explained…

You may find the video here:


4 comments on “Light Portal Access Video Uploaded

  1. Hi Leslee,

    My sweet sister, I didn’t had the change to read your mail, but will do it today. Yesterday was a busy day @ work (begining of the month) 😀 and after that I had to go to the doctor and shopping. Then when I came home , my kids were waiting for me…so I only could read the posts on my phone when I was in bed 😀 slik…..I will comment later…when I saw your video….

    Love and light

  2. Hi Leslee,
    I saw your video, it is so amazing, especially that star shape that is formed by the clouds. I can’t wait for the following up and the meditation, it will be busy times ahead of us…and that is the way I like it, I don’t like to sit in idle. Today is indeed very peaceful and quiet. Tomorrow here at work , everybody organized to make some food and we bring it at work and have some indoor party with some drinks.
    Some team bonding. I have to make the rice 😀

    I couldn’t resist it:

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    Love and light

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