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  Hello my dear friends and companions of my Life Journey. I was away these days, because of low energy, University homework (oh brother) and..well…I have a heartbeating  for a girl(I didn’t want it because of disappointment fear , but it happened) . I know her for 5 years and I always  had feelings for her, but there were so many factors that made me not to tell her something and put my feelings aside for a while. Nine months since my last relationship which was my ‘first’ experience, I decided not to let a girlfriend situation to happen to me again, because of my strong connection with Spirituality and Ascension, but since I met again that girl 4 weeks ago (I hadn’t seen her for a year) I feel more alive, even if I’m not sure of the outcome of this situation.

  Iltheos, my Arcturian parallel self, tells me to follow my heart, so that’s what I also do in this case. He also agreed to participate in a vocal channeling with me, in order to transfer a personal message to my brother. My brother enjoyed the whole thing and asked questions to Iltheos, who likes him and his humor a lot. After the channeling, my brother asked  me how many fingers he holded open behind his back. I asked Iltheos and I heard ‘Two. Two are open’. I told the answer which was right and my brother freaked out but he enjoyed it a lot. This happened two or three weeks ago. I also had another significant experience last Saturday. I was walking with my sister when suddenly in front us we saw a whole path of blood. We followed it and it lead to the injured foot of a dog. A father with his son was there and he said he was handling the situation. After some minutes, me and my sister returned there, and we saw a lot of people who were making phone calls to their friends who were vet like experts and some children were bringing plastic bowls of water. I felt a very strong unity connection between them and the dog was looking at them with grace.

  My most  recent experience was yesterday (May 2nd). Out from my room’s window, at 8:00 PM, my ship ‘Space Wave’ visited me with the form of a star shaped cloud. Thank you all for your great posts of messages, videos and perspectives. Thank you Leslee for your posts of clouds, orbs, portals and the e-mail. Wes, thank you for your wonderful interview, I listened to it on last Sunday, while it was on air.

Much Love to all from me, Iltheos, Space Wave and of course mother Earth who has already shown how much She cares for us.

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  1. ~WoW!…Konstantinos, That Is a Very Nice Appearance of SpaceWave,via Cloud Formation!…Is it Very Good to hear from You…I was Wondering where You Been…Looks to Be a Heart-Filled Adventures for You…Hurray!…Best regards to Ya… 🙂 ~

  2. Konstantinos, I’m so glad I found this update! I had known you had become quite busy lately, but I didn’t realize you had so much going on! Best wishes in everything… Yes, Sun is right, love with all your heart, even when and if it hurts and seems hopeless… Now you have Iltheos’ connection to guide you!
    And what an amazing experience with your brother and Iltheos! What a fantabulous time we’re in the midst of…

  3. Indeed dear Leslee. The thing with the girl didn’t go as I would want it. Although I felt from the beginning that nothing will happen, I decided to give it a try. She sees me as a friend and she hopes that I still consider her as a friend. I send her my Love and Appreciation. When the phrase ‘I see you as a friend’ comes from a girl who has my attention, makes me feel kind of sad…even if I’m aware that all my experiences are for my Highest Good. Last night was difficult. Today is less hard. Tomorrow it may will be better…I hope. In cases like these, I wish I wasn’t so sensitive. And males seem to do all the work to make females pay attention to them…of course there are exceptions.
    And yes, Iltheos is an interesting, helpful and loveable companion…and Space Wave of course. And all of you, my friends.
    Much Love and Light.

    • Ah, Konstantinos, so on to the next good thing! My heart tells me it’s still a wonderful thing that you told her… And I’m glad you’re still friends. I don’t know Greek women very well, and I don’t want to falsely get your hopes up, but sometimes women push away if they’re surprised by this kind of news (we like to think we’ve got it figured out…), so they can process the new view of their friend… It’s much better than diving in impulsively… 😉
      Much love to you!

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