The Sun: The Heart and Mind of Our Galaxy

by Dieter Broers

Until recently astrophysicists believed that solar flares were a completely random phenomenon. But in recent years, patterns of solar flare cycles have been discovered using supercomputers. And what’s amazing about these cycles is that they coincide with the periods in the Mayan calendar.

In addition to the Tzolkin calendar, which consisted of 260 days, the Mayans also had the Haab, whose 360 days and 5 so-called “nameless” days make it essentially the same as the modern lunar calendar. The Haab was mainly used to determine the most propitious time for planting and harvesting. Another Mayan calendar, known as the Long Count, is based on astronomical calculations of the solar year, and in terms of our calendar extends from 3114 BC to December 21, 2012 — which is also the end date of the Tzolkin calendar.

Inasmuch as the Tzolkin (like the I Ching and Kabbala) describes an intermeshing of cosmic constellations and eras of consciousness, one possible explanation for the mysterious and abrupt end of the Mayan calendar is that the Mayans believed that on December 21, 2012, a consciousness-changing event would transpire that would be of such magnitude that it was pointless to make any calculations beyond that threshold. On the other hand, it is also possible that they understood this date to be the epicenter of a cyclical change with transformative effects that would develop over a period of time, ultimately leading to a transformation of planetary consciousness and civilization that was beyond their capacity to express in stone and symbol.

From the Mayan perspective, it is possible that after the culmination of this epochal shift, neither the movements of the heavenly bodies nor the course of life on Earth would be the way they were before — a prophecy that has provoked a mixture of dread and anticipation ever since people first heard about it. And this in turn may well prompt you to ask yourself fundamental questions such as these: What will become of us? What will the explosive power of this transformation feel like? Will it feel threatening — or will it bring salvation?

For many years now, even the most hard-boiled scientists have come under the sway of these predictions, for there is overwhelming evidence that the time frames of the Mayan myths and our astrophysical prognostications coincide. In point of fact, a comparison of the solar flare activity in the Tzolkin and Gregorian calendars clearly shows that something very unusual may occur on December 21, 2012, or in the time after it. This is also confirmed by a NASA report, which warns that a “perfect storm” could penetrate the Earth’s magnetic field if solar flares reach the level of the solar storm of 1859 (known as the Carrington event), whether during the spring or autumn equinox of 2012, or at another time.

The Earth’s orientation at certain times may make it particularly vulnerable to particle bombardment. In any event, we are currently experiencing an increase in solar activity, along with a weakening of the Earth’s electromagnetic fields — and a weakening, also, of the heliosphere, the protective sheath of energy put out by the Sun. This means that our planet is becoming evermore susceptible to the transformative effects of cosmic radiation and solar winds. The Mayans’ focus on December 21, 2012, could be similar to the prediction a physician might make when choosing a due date in a pregnancy: the birth is not necessarily going to happen exactly on that day but is almost certain to happen at some point around it.

The Carrington event refers to an extremely powerful solar storm that was observed in 1859 by British astronomer Richard Carrington. It had far-reaching effects, such as the northern lights being visible from the Rocky Mountains to Cuba (which is not normally the case) and the collapse of the telegraph system. This so-called white-light event is the strongest known event of this kind. The Carrington event occurred without warning in the middle of an average solar activity cycle and had a powerful effect on the Earth.

According to the NASA report, far more severe eruptions than those of the Carrington event may be in store for us. And in view of this fact, the lack of awareness of this threat on the part of governments and the general public is mystifying.

However, the NASA report may change all that, since it warns that millions may perish during a massive solar-storm event. NASA says this would genuinely be the mother of all cataclysms — the absolutely worst-case scenario. Whether it happens on the exact date of the 2012 winter solstice or in the following period, such an event would be devastating because of our modern dependence on artificial technologies and vast supply lines that deliver goods each day to our stores and supermarkets.

Comparable albeit weaker solar storms have wreaked havoc in recent memory as well. In 1989 a solar storm knocked out power in the entire province of Quebec, resulting in the total disruption of everyday life. Computer systems, traffic signals, and mobile phones were disabled, and the province was on the verge of chaos. This incident showed that normal daily life simply grinds to a halt in the face of a massive power outage. Elevators were stuck, the entire province was plunged into darkness at nightfall, and all airplane flights were cancelled because the province’s control towers had no data.

A similar event occurred in Sweden in 2003, resulting in a sudden power failure. It later emerged that a solar storm had knocked out the country’s electrical grid.

These two events provided a frightening taste of the destruction, chaos, and hysteria that an even more severe geomagnetic event could wreak on our cities.

It is still a mystery how the Mayans were able to create calendars that could forecast astronomical events, such as the orbits of Venus and other planets, so accurately. It is likewise unclear what will happen in the period after the Mayan calendar breaks off. Many modern thinkers and visionaries, after studying the Mayan fascination with this mysterious threshold, have offered their own interpretation of what this event may mean for humanity and the Earth: As we enter the next age by passing through the solstice portal on December 21, 2012, a new light will shine on the Earth and will usher in a new era. Such an interpretation has also been offered by contemporary Mayans and followers of other indigenous cultures with prophecies about this time.

But what “light” are these visionaries and contemporary Mayans referring to? Is this an allusion to what Carrington termed a white-light event? Also, what do the Mayans, other indigenous people like the Hopi of Arizona, along with many visionaries, mean by a “new era”? From a study of the Popol Vuh and other sources, it seems clear that the Classic-period Mayans were not only anticipating an event in nature, but also — and above all — envisioning a transition that would affect the spiritual dimension of life. But then where exactly do astrophysics and myth intersect in such a situation? In our rational culture, do we even have the capacity to consider a spiritual reading to be plausible?

In Western culture, we tend to put far more faith in quantifiable facts that can be proven empirically than in observations made by other cultures — despite the fact that the Mayans even predicted the demise of their own civilization. Nevertheless, the correlation between solar activity and human behavior has been scientifically proven. This issue formed the subject of the highly regarded bestseller The Mayan Prophecies, by two Canadian authors, Maurice Cotterell and Adrian Gilbert. The Mayan Prophecies demonstrates the undeniable association between solar cycles and the rise and fall of kingdoms. Cotterell and Gilbert found a direct temporal association between specific solar activity cycles and political changes, from the Babylonians to the Mayans to the Romans.

An important point in this regard is made by José Argüelles in his study of the Mayan calendar, in which he discusses the significance of the Sun for the Mayans. Apparently the Mayans knew that our Sun is one of many celestial bodies and that it orbits around other suns. While on a literal level, there is no evidence that the Mayans understood that the Earth orbited around the Sun, on a symbolic level, they understood that all suns in the universe rotate around a center, namely the Hunab-Ku, or “heart of the cosmos.”

According to José Argüelles’s interpretation of the Mayan calendar in The Mayan Factor, Hunab-Ku, the enormous black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy, will subject the human race to an immense “Galactic Synchronization Beam,” as Argüelles termed it, around the year 2012. In the interest of exploring this theory I will now discuss the galactic system in a bit more detail.

The Mayan observation that our galaxy contains a “central Sun” is accurate in light of current scientific knowledge. Astrophysicists refer to this phenomenon as a black hole, an entity that is thought to be located at the center of our galaxy and around which our entire solar system orbits. One such orbit takes a staggering 225 million years.

In recent years an exceptionally large amount of activity has been observed in this center which, to the consternation of scientists, does not square with their current picture of the universe. One manifestation of this phenomenon is radiation that has been detected at increasingly short intervals and that “is directed at the Earth like car headlights.” This radiation, which is referred to as gamma ray bursts (GRBs), chiefly originates in the farthest reaches of our galactic center (i.e., from the black hole).

Here too the scientific data and visionary interpretations of the Mayan prophecies seem to agree. Argüelles described a “Galactic Synchronization Beam” that is emitted by the central Sun at certain times and affects the Earth’s electromagnetic environment and our level of background radiation, spurring evolutionary changes and mutations. This beam also calibrates, according to this hypothesis, the mental and psychic existence of human beings by setting off vibrations in them that are transmitted via the Earth and the Sun, and that are emitted by the central Sun, an enormous black hole or Hunab-Ku.

Esoteric though this hypothesis may sound, it is confirmed by the findings of modern astrophysics. During a solar storm, massive amounts of gases known as plasma are emitted from the solar corona, which is the outer layer of the solar atmosphere and is visible at sundown as a pearly, faint halo extending a great distance. These “mass coronal projections” (as experts call them) spew hot plasma into space at speeds amounting to millions of miles per hour. But unfortunately for us earthlings, the particles that compose hot solar plasma carry an electrical charge, and if these particles enter the Earth’s atmosphere, they can provoke magnetic storms and polar lights — which in turn affect the geomagnetic field and thus all life on Earth, all the way down to the cellular level.

Far fetched though it may sound, we humans are extremely susceptible to cosmic electromagnetic forces and gamma radiation. Human DNA apparently exhibits a property that acts as an “antenna” for gamma radiation. Our DNA contains carbon crystals that react to radiation like a resonator. Moreover, all of the atomic elements of our DNA have the capacity to pick up electromagnetic energy like a radio antenna, whereas the carbon crystals amplify incoming electromagnetic signals, which is a mechanism we know from broadcasting technology. 

And pretty much the same thing happens with our cells, whose structure enables them to receive electromagnetic signals from the cosmos. Furthermore the resonance frequencies of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are the same as those of the elementary particles of our atoms, thus setting the stage for far-reaching changes in our bodies and brains that probably also include complete restructuring in both. 

These are the factors that make the prospect of a consciousness-changing “synchronization beam,” in alignment with Mayan calendrical wisdom, so Earth shattering from a scientific standpoint. A beam of radiation, emitted from the center of the Milky Way and synchronized with the solar cycles, could transform — in a sense, reencode — the double helix of our DNA. 

The quantum physicist Brian Swimme became one of the first researchers to raise this possibility, when, in commenting on and expressing agreement with José Argüelles’s theories, he stated that actions and worldviews (i.e., the mindsets of entire cultures) are determined by the properties of galactic tides whose code may have been received and transmitted by the Mayans both mathematically and symbologically. Swimme furthermore observed that, in the parlance of quantum physics, one could posit that an electrodynamic exchange occurs between solar electrons and human electrons.

These insights explain a number of phenomena that have long defied explanation based on mainstream medical concepts. For example, why is it that at certain periods the incidence of mental disorders that are not transmitted bacterially or virally increases? One possible explanation was formulated in 1963 by American physician Robert Becker of the Albert Einstein Hospital in New York. He demonstrated a direct correlation between mental disorders and cosmic events, in that the number of patients admitted to psychiatric hospitals was found to increase significantly during particularly severe solar eruptions. Based on his clinical work, Becker also reported that solar wind- magnetosphere interaction and extreme susceptibility of hospitalized psychiatric patients coincided down to the minute.

The conclusion that can be drawn from all the research findings in this sphere is as plausible as it is noteworthy: humankind is in the midst of a transformation process whose consequences are still very difficult to foretell. However there can be no doubt that this transformation involves far more than just a paradigm shift or the advent of new political systems, for it will affect every aspect, level, nook, and cranny of life and will catalyze a dynamic that will sweep before it all evolutions of all living things.

The advent of this cataclysmic event is concretely signaled numerous times in various aspects of Mayan culture. Making interpretations based on Mayan glyphs, theorists ranging from Argüelles to Cotterell and many others have proposed that the cyclical transition has a cathartic function: they speak in terms of “awakened human beings” who will carry out a “sacred mission” and will “cleanse the Earth” — and for whom a new consciousness and new form of civilization will be ushered in once we pass through the initiatory threshold represented by December 21, 2012.

excerpted from Solar Revolution: Why Mankind Is on the Cusp of an Evolutionary Leap

SaLuSa 30-May-2012

The way matters are shaping up, it is likely that Disclosure will occur later than we would have liked. There could be a point reached when we will have to wait for the governmental changes to first take effect. Do not worry however, as we have always allowed for such possibilities. One thing you can be sure of is that all changes we have promised you that will take place before Ascension, will be duly completed. Clearly afterwards there is so much more to follow, to totally change your present way of life to on that is fitting of Galactic Beings.

For quite some years we have been preparing you for the inevitable end of the cycle. Through us and many other sources you have been made aware of your true destiny, and in such a way that you have had a goal to set your sights upon. Without it the end times would have been a frightening prospect for so many people whereas it is seen for what is, as an opportunity to leave the cycle of rebirth. Not only that, the continuance of life takes place in the higher dimensions.

There are still many souls who cannot grasp the significance of Ascension, but be assured there will be much attention given to ensuring that the truth is publicized. Many inwardly know already, but it is a matter of waking them up to it. Therefore it should come easy for them to accept the truth, and its promise of a New Age, indeed a Golden Age. Your development has been guided to grow at a pace that allows for steady progress, but at each step you have had to deal with the attempts of others to lead you off the path of truth. You were not supposed to realize your potential, and held back so as to make you dependent on others for your knowledge. Thus religion and politics have largely dominated your lives, for their benefit rather than yours.

You had no one to turn to who could guide you to the truth, until you were encouraged to look within. Slowly but surely you became discerning and followed your intuition, even if it went against accepted teachings. This way you created a new path for yourselves that lifted up your level of consciousness. You became an independent thinker and found the truth within. Gradually the consciousness levels of Mankind increased, attracting more Light to Earth and speeding up the vibrations. So here you are today rapidly rising to a point where you are ready to ascend, with many Guides influencing your thinking to carry you through the experience.

Now the cleansing is well advanced to remove the negative energies, that abound in some areas that have been the sites of war and hatred. As they are cleared so the Light can return, and no longer will the people be subject to the influence of the lower energies. There is no going back and those who would cling to the old paradigm, by doing so have effectively made their choice and will stay in the lower dimensions. The parting of the ways is necessary to allow those who go on to ascend, to do so with complete freedom knowing that it is the right time to fulfill their own desires.

Events continue to speed up and in next to no time, you will find that much that has been happening without your knowledge, will come to light. Already you are beginning to notice a change in the way that worldly matters are being reported, and more openness is taking place. Individuals are finding more courage to stand up and speak their truth, and it is not going unnoticed. There is a new mood of optimism amongst you, and a real feeling of anticipation that something great is about to happen. You are moving into the month of the year that is going to be the time of a new beginning. You will read the signs and see the outcome and know that your long wait is over. Events will suddenly take off and you will know that a new period of activity has started.

Your current understanding regarding the changes is clouded by the number of different ones that are expected. Also the timing is now becoming so tight that no sooner will you witness one event, when another shall immediately follow. They will be hectic times but also most welcome, as you will witness events as they occur. Coverage of them will be extensive, as we wish for all people to be aware of what is taking place in your name. The aim is to bring you into the picture so that you can inform others of what is transpiring. However, we will eventually install a system of communication that covers everyone’s needs. In the long term we wish to see services centralized and available free to everyone. That will include transport of many types, that will differ according to your needs. Behind these intentions is the use of free energy that positively abounds everywhere in the Universe. One day in the future you shall cease to compete with one another to exist, and neither will you continue to have a need for money.

All of those bothersome things that bring about difficulties in your lives will gradually vanish, particularly with the changes in your physical bodies. They will leave you with a one that always remains healthy, and not subject to the same needs as your old heavy physical body. Much will be done instantaneously through your power of thought, that will ever keep increasing. Life will become full of excitement and happiness, and totally fulfilling. You must however give time for these things to be developed, but be assured they will be yours.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and like you looking forward to meeting with you. It has been such long time since we were together, that our celebrations will match the occasion. It must be said that large numbers of you have joined the Human Race in more recent times, and volunteered to help the civilization and Mother Earth to rise up. You have come from all over the Universe, desiring to be present for the great transition that you know as Ascension. It is a very special occasion that you will be privileged to take part in.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 28-May-2012

For some souls who have only just awakened, their reality has been shattered and for a while they will cling to what they believed to be the truth. It is important that they realize that the coming changes are not to be feared. Also that it is not too late to alter their pattern of thinking to allow their consciousness levels to be lifted, and place themselves on the path to Ascension. It is not necessarily a matter of how much you know, as your understanding that progress will be made by living from the heart and not through the ego. Be humble and see yourself in every other soul, and treat them as you would yourself be treated. One of the main frailties that humans have is being judgmental and if you can work towards being non-judgmental, you will have travelled a long way towards lifting yourself up.

God has provided for every soul but left the choice up to you, as to whether you wish to ascend or continue your third dimensional experiences. It may not seem so, but you have all had the same opportunities to change the course of your life. It comes down to wanting to change, and taking the responsibility for your own spiritual evolution. Once you make that decision you will never travel alone, but that help is lost unless you put the effort in to setting yourself a goal. Time is short and very soon there will be great revelations about the true purpose of life, and most importantly, establishing the truth about The One God of your Universe. God is not the sole property of any religion, but God to every single soul and each one is a godspark in its own rights. The whole purpose of your many lives is to experience and take it back to the Godhead. Since you have been granted freewill to do so, God does not chastise or punish you, and allows the Laws of the Universe to apply the necessary teachings that will help you over any mistakes you have made.

Dear Ones, your wait is nearly over as the final arrangements are made to go ahead with the arrests of the Illuminati. It is something of a military operation, but their presence will only be to help our allies if they are violently opposed. As far as we are concerned, the activities are planned to be non-violent and legally supported and enforced by Law Marshals. That much many of you are aware of through keeping up to date with the news coming out from many reliable sources. However, as always discretion is called for as the truth will often be countered by disinformation, or denial by those who have different beliefs. Once we can speak openly to you, you will soon accept our messages as you will intuitively know that they are true. Since we have been in contact since the mid 1900’s it is not as though we have suddenly come into your lives. Through us and various spiritual societies we have as it were, been breaking the ice that has concealed the truth.

It is our wish that extra effort is put in by those who are in the forefront of the spiritual vanguard, to do all possible to get the news out of the pending changes. People will hear of some aspects without being sufficiently informed to avoid becoming fearful. Naturally they will have many questions, and this is where you can come in and be of great help. Physical changes are necessary but will not be as catastrophic as the original prophecies suggested. They were given in accordance with the probabilities that existed at that time. We are pleased to inform you that consciousness levels have lifted up so much in recent times, that physical changes will be much less volatile. As we have often advised you and will repeat that if you are concerned about where you are, sit quietly for a while and intuitively check it out with you Higher Self.

Until the governmental changes you will be unable to trust official reports, as they are still influenced by those who want you to remain in the dark. A perfect illustration of this is the US Governments recent denial of us and our craft, notwithstanding the fact that we have met with them on many occasions. However, it makes little difference in the long run as when the timing is appropriate, we shall ensure that the official announcement acknowledging our presence goes ahead. That will signal the beginning of a close association between us and you, that will carry on through Ascension and into the next cycle of your evolution. With our allies help we are laying down the foundations for your elevation into the higher dimensions. You already have one foot in them and as you raise your vibrations, will readily take to the changes. In effect, you will have nothing taken away from you that is not replaced by something better. Bear in mind that the ultimate goal is to turn you into Galactic Beings.

In some ways it is as well you do not have instant recall of previous lives, as it would probably pre-occupy you when you should be concentrating on your future. Furthermore, you would not necessarily recognize yourself as the same person you are now, as you will have evolved and become more of the Light. Just imagine how much experience you have gained, and how it has molded you into the person you are today. Do not worry if you still have baggage to release, and use your self control to overcome it. If you aspire to lift yourself up you will never be without help, even if you are unaware of it. Angels and Guides accompany you through the physical world, and are doing all they can to make sure you fulfil your life plan. You can help yourself by acknowledging their presence and call upon them if you need their help, as they cannot “interfere” unless you do so. There are exceptions as for instance if you are in danger, they are allowed to help you through such difficulties. That absolutely applies if your life is threatened, and it is not your time to leave the Earth. It is almost certain that many of you have escaped some danger without even realizing how you did so, and probably put it down to luck or sheer coincidence.

I am SaLuSa form Sirius, and can you see now how important you are to us, and how you are being safely guided to completion of this cycle. It may sound odd given that you exist in the lower dimensions, but the Universe depends on you to reach the end time through Ascension. It awaits Man’s great fulfilment and ascendancy to the higher dimensions, the place that is your real home. Speaking for the Galactic Federation, I can tell you that we love you all, and see you as your Higher Selves without a blemish, standing in the pure Light of Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 25-May-2012

There are many signs that the old systems are collapsing, and it is inevitable as they have proven to be unsuitable to overcome your problems. They will need a new way of conducting business, that can be aligned with a complete appraisal of your needs. Even so, they could be looked upon as interim measures as they will bridge the gap that exists between where you now, and where you need to be. The evolutionary period you are commencing will be something of a quick fire situation, as no sooner will you take a great leap forward, than you will be moving on again to a higher level. We have for example informed you that one day you will live in crystal cities, but they are somewhat in your future, as are a number of new technologies.

We like you to become aware of your destiny, and in that way you can also help to manifest it. After Ascension your creative powers will have substantially increased, and you will therefore take a greater role in providing for your needs. You will find that all matter will have become refined, and carry a greater degree of consciousness that will respond to you. In fact in most instances you will have two way contact with animals, and other living matter. There will be no fear either way, and your ability to show love for all life will help create the most wonderful relationships, that will be completely happy and harmonious.

It is the future that should be occupying your minds, and that will carry you through any problems that directly affect you as a result of the changes. The outcome is going to be the fulfillment of our promises to you, as part of God’s the grand plan for your Ascension, and your subsequent experiences. Having plunged the depths of darkness, you are now to fully lift up into the Light. There you will find your real home, and the happiness and joy of being at One with all life. On Earth you could not be expected to reach such dizzy heights, because of the heavy vibrations that kept you down. That Dear Ones is changing with each day that passes, as you and all of the other Lightworkers are rapidly increasing the Light quotient upon Earth.

It hardly needs us to tell you that the divine date for commencing all activities, connected with the cleansing has been reached. We stand at the ready although in actuality we have already started, albeit in a relatively small way. We work as always behind the scenes, but look forward to being able to do our work more openly. From our point of view it is important that you know what we are doing and why, as we want you to be involved. The more you can do will please us, as in many respects the problems are yours to rectify. However, with the best will in the world, you cannot overcome the dark Ones without help. We have never seen our tasks as saving you, but rather ones that fully support you. Clearly, without our advanced technologies you could not be expected to complete the cleansing programs by yourselves,
in time for Ascension.

All over the world there are countries that are in the process of change, and each one will have to answer to the people and their demands for freedom. It is not possible any longer to impose authoritarian rule on them, by denying their rights. The people have smelt freedom and are coming to realize that it is theirs to claim back, and so be it. The momentum and drive towards peaceful change can be supported by us and as we have done so far, we will continue to back up those involved. It has not gone unnoticed that our craft are being seen in many more localities, and in circumstances that cannot be explained other than by the truth. We are here already and some advance groups have been active for many years, and contacts have been made with you. All of this is known to your leaders who are part of the cover-up, but to be fair some are under extreme pressures not to reveal the truth. That indeed has been the problem, as the Illuminati have had such control that it extended right up to the top. However, with our protection you will soon see some leaders speak out and support us.

We cannot force the issue of disclosure, but are working steadily towards an acceptable arrangement that suits all parties involved. It would really be in everyone’s interests if the governmental changes have first taken place, thus ensuring a meeting at which all would be receptive and support each other. However, it seems to us that the way in which the financial situation is heading a collapse is inevitable, and it is the right time to set it up in readiness for the prosperity programs. So much is on the verge of happening it will require a great deal of attention to detail, to ensure it all flows nicely without difficulties.

The media is aware of what is happening but hold back for fear of the consequences. That will change in short time, as we must have an informed public before we can consider open contact. We can see the broader picture as we view it from outside of Earth, and that enables us to act in everyone’s interest. The dark Ones are hoping to go out with a “Bang”, but we are going to ensure it does not happen. The arrests continue, and as our allies catch up with them they will be put away. or under house arrest. We will make sure that the main troublemakers are amongst the first to be dealt with. No news is not bad news as far as we are concerned, as much of our work will of necessity be kept secret for the time being.

We are just one source of information and feel sure that those of you who are well read, cannot help but acknowledge that the messages are in the main complimentary to each other. Take out of them what you can accept, and if in doubt trust your intuition. In some respects it does not matter too much who is right or wrong. Only time will bring out the complete truth, and by then you will be well on the way to ascending. That is all that really counts as there are many paths and time lines that lead in the same direction.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and prepared for the final thrust from our allies that will put an end to the delays, and see us all celebrating the end of the dark Ones. It will then become a joyful ride all the way to Ascension, and our love goes with you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 21-May-2012

Can you feel the changes around you as the energies continue to rise up, and will continue all the way to Ascension. They are bringing a peace to Earth and your civilization, one that will see many more souls lifting up into the Light. It will have the affect of calming situations that are leading to an aggressive response. Indeed, there are many trouble spots that need it to bring about a cessation of disputes and fighting, and you will see them being turned around. When sufficient people have found the power within to bring a peaceful solution to such problems, they will no longer be a threat to peace. By our reckoning there has not been such a period in your past, when the people have risen up to successfully achieve peace. Naturally there are still Leaders and Dictators that talk of war, and those of the last cabal are still desirous of spreading misery and death. However, talking is all they will be allowed to do, as we can support you in your quest for peace and put a stop to any attempt to do otherwise.

We are quite active just now, as a number of events are being staged for your benefit. They will be fronted by our allies, and we will so to say stay in the shadows and ensure all manifests as intended. When the need has arisen we have been outgoing, and it no longer matters if you witness our actions as we have no reason to hide them. It will not be long anyway before we will find ourselves free from the attention of the dark Ones, and able to mix with you. We have provisionally sought assistance from some Leaders who work with the Light, so that at last Disclosure can be announced. We desire to tie it in with our intent to give a display of our craft, as a way of celebrating our re-union. As we have often remarked, there are many of you who are directly related to us and the other members of the Galactic Federation. So please bear with us as the weeks pass by, as our promises have not been forgotten. We are true to our word and a series of great events are about to be unleashed upon you.

It is very remarkable how you have suddenly awakened to your true selves, and identify with the latent powers that you have. You can achieve anything you set your minds upon, and when of a like mind you come together your power increases tenfold. You are re-shaping your reality and creating the new paradigm, whilst at the same time transmuting the lower energies. It is you the people who are showing your power to mold your future, and as long as you hold it in focus it will continue to appear in your lives. Not everyone is ready for the changes, and for some they are too much to handle. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone, and we have no reason to change it for them. However, ultimately things must move on in accordance with the completion of this Cycle of Duality, and your present Earth will cease to exist as it is now known. A new Earth awaits those who have chosen to ascend, and will be the uplifted version minus all aspects of the old Earth that have no place in the higher dimensions. For others there is another place prepared for them.

By now most of you who are to ascend will know who you are, and there will be no doubts in your minds. It will feel right to you, and as time passes you will find that less and less of the old Earth gives you satisfaction. It has nevertheless served you well and only reflected the conditions set up by Man. Clearly these have not always been beneficial to Mother Earth, and today you see around you the result of the worst aspects of Man’s indifference to the needs of others. Not only that, he has taken the Earth for granted and shown little respect or love for such a great entity. It is why the Earth is to be restored to her pristine condition, and it will be your way of thanking Mother Earth for all she has done for you.

What is about to happen in all of your lives, is way beyond most peoples expectations. There will be some upheaval and inconvenience, but it will be quickly seen that the purpose is for your benefit. We are to ensure that you take a great leap forward, and are to have the technological advancements that will take you into the New Age. In the greater scheme of things they are shared between all civilizations, as it is seen that by doing so all are lifted up. It is only on Earth that greed and control keep you in a state of need, and that is not how it was intended to be. Already some technologies that have been hidden are about to be released. They will solve your current problems, that arise from your methods of providing energy for the various needs you have.

There is in fact an abundance of all of the essentials you need to live comfortably. There is free energy all around you, and it requires little in the way of equipment to tap into it for your daily needs. On a larger scale the Universe abounds with energy, and your scientists have long known that it is the source that powers our Space Craft. Indeed they have learnt how to do it, and you have your own craft powered in that very manner. They are by our reasoning somewhat primitive, but the fact remains they are powered by free energy. It could easily replace your combustion engines, and instead give you pollution free methods of travel. That will happen in due course and take you a step nearer to becoming a Galactic Civilization which is your destiny.

By taking a quantum leap forward in relatively short time, so much will have changed that a visitor from the past would not recognize your civilization. Also because of those of you who have ascended, it will comprise of souls who have reached a level, where they have moved beyond the thoughts or actions that have typified the lower vibrations. In other words criminal activities will have been overcome, and you will have societies where people are trustworthy, and work with each other in Love and Light. The attractions of the lower vibrational energies will no longer exist, as they cannot be taken into the higher ones. Furthermore, you will have risen to such a level of consciousness, that you would not in any event entertain such thoughts.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel sure that you are beginning to understand what we of the Galactic Federation are bringing to you. We are One, and you are to lift up to our level of being and quite rightly take your place along side of us. At heart you are all loving Beings of Light, and that is how we see you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 18-May-2012

We know that some of you wonder why it seems to have taken so long to get events started. Firstly we must tell you that the activities we are involved in are ongoing, and we have been fully occupied even if you are not aware of what we have carried out. Preparing for these end times is no mean task, and of course circumstances change which we have to adapt to. Plus the dark Ones have been more difficult to remove than we anticipated. However, now that we have been given the authority to take direct action against them, our presence is being felt and our results rewarding.

We have all but stopped the dark Ones in their tracks, and we will not allow them any scope to return to their previous tricks. We must lastly commend you for handling your side of the activities in a most positive manner, so much so that you have carried the battle to the dark Ones very successfully. It has enabled us to give you more responsibility, as we do encourage you to take matters forward yourselves. This is because you have to take responsibility for the situations you have allowed to occur. It does not mean you have to do it all, and that is far from it as we of the Galactic Federation have a most important role to play. We are here to ensure you safely reach Ascension, and introduce you to your Space Family and the many advantages that have been kept from you.

You now know that everything is coming to a head, and that something is going to break very shortly that you will get to know about in some detail. By now you will have realized that for many reasons, we have been unable to give you much in the way of specific information where dates are concerned. Sometimes even we are not sure when to act, as when we do circumstances must be exactly right for us to be successful. Not least of all, to co-ordinate anything with our allies requires a lot of planning, and we have to bear in mind the risks they take. For example you now have a number of whistleblowers that are prepared to stand up and reveal the truth to you. Naturally we will protect them, but they and their families are under threat and it is an unpleasant feeling.

Dear Ones, the clean up is well under way and it will continue until the main trouble makers are removed. There is so much at stake to take risks, and we clearly have to mount a determined and continuous onslaught to finish the job quickly. To put people at ease there will be announcements to acquaint them with what is happening, as we do not want the wrong interpretation put on our actions. It will be the start of a program of enlightenment that will carry you all the way to Ascension. There will be breakdowns all round as the old reality breaks up, shedding itself of all that has no place in your future. It will be a difficult time, but we are involved and the changes themselves will not take as long as you might imagination. So be patient and understand that the outcome will be to your advantage.

Ascension is a process that comes to all souls eventually, many times if necessary. The fact is that you will not want to remain in the lower dimensions forever. It has its attractions, but once you have conquered it and overcome the low vibration you will want to move on. Regardless of whether you have it now or not, you have an inner drive that is always urging you onwards. The dark powers would prefer that you do not become aware of it, and go to great pains to keep you in the dark. However, many are coming into the Light, and because of them others are also awakening and so it gathers pace. You help each other and once it is accepted that you are All One, and you remove religious differences and beliefs that are not aligned to the truth, you will blossom and find your true path.

Things are always changing and so are you all of the time, and you are subject to many energies that surround you. Most are natural but others are man-made and not necessarily beneficial to you. In fact some are dangerous to your health, yet you continue to allow yourselves to be exposed to them. It is not always your fault, but you tend to ignore warnings when the source such as cell phones is involved. Your greatest threat as you well know is nuclear radiation, but in the future such sources of energy will be clean and safe. Free energy is all around you and will be used to service all of your needs. Many such devices already exist but like much that has been kept from you, has not been released and instead deliberately hidden.

The dream is coming true and you will be lifted out of the daily challenges to survive, into a heavenly abode. It is a gift from God but one you have earnt through your determination to overcome duality. You chose your experiences and have evolved as a result, and will rightly join us in the higher dimensions. We eagerly await your coming and shall first meet you on Earth, and light the way to the next phase of your experiences. From thereon it will be a pleasure to be alive and exciting to plan your own adventures, that will take you around the Galaxy to observe and take part in the many wonders that exist.

Take each day as it comes and do not be fearful of anything. As we so often tell you, all is progressing well, and we and your Inner Earth brethren are so close to openly meeting you. It must however be safe for such meetings, as you will no doubt understand. We have all come a long way to make this finale a most wonderful experience for you, and you will enjoy the days soon to come. Once you are released from the dark Ones, the relief will lift you up immediately. The feeling around you will bring out much happiness, and great expectations for the future which will be fully explained before you ascend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that your natural existence is not to live in sorrow or suffer hardships, and without the means to have a fulfilling life. Even in your present dimension it could have been so different, but for the greed and avarice of those who sought gain only for themselves at the expense of others. You are beautiful Beings of such loving intent if only you are allowed to be your true selves. The time to show your true colors is just around the corner, so get ready to rejoice and celebrate your greatest achievement for millennia of time.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 16-May-2012

As more of you are awakening to the truth about your reality, so the levels of consciousness are rising never to return to the lower levels that you existed in. Since you are One each of you affects each other on the conscious level, and as you lift up others they are lifted with you. Having reached your present level, it becomes easier to comprehend the greater truths about you and your existence. As you realise how powerful you are, that knowledge can be put to use to continue your journey to Ascension. You can for example use your power of thought to protect yourselves from the lower energies that are all around you. You can do it by visualising yourself wrapped in a Light body, that you know as your aura. It can be damaged by negative emotions particularly such as anger, and also sound if it is very loud and high pitched. Once your aura is damaged you will be prone to illness and disease. If you feel that you have been affected, use your power of thought to visualise it intact all around your physical body.

As you move on to the higher dimensions you will find that your power of thought will substantially increase, to the point where you will be able to create. In fact you have the potential power of a God, but by the time you reach that level you will also have complete and utter control over your thoughts. At your present level you can already learn how to self heal, and all it requires is absolute belief in your power to do so. Sometimes you have the desire to do it, but you belief harbours doubts and it does not happen. You can extend these ideas to acquiring what you want, and those with strong willpower are successful. Have faith and belief in your abilities and you can go far, and once ascended you will indeed realise your true potential.

What we and other sources are doing is to prepare you for a different type of life, one that is so much more fulfilling. One where you decide what you want to do and have the freedom of choice. We would say think big without limiting yourselves, and with your power of thought you will manifest what you want. It does not matter how long it takes, as long as you hold your focus on it, it will manifest. Currently you find it difficult to do because there are so many distractions.

You will learn so much once we can get together, as what you have been told so far is simply to open you up to other possibilities. We avoid giving you too much to absorb at once, otherwise you quickly lose interest. What has happened is that your horizons have opened up to life in other parts of the Universe. Also through contact with us you are beginning to understand, that the accepted form is humanoid, even if in some instances it should appear quite different to yours. Genetically speaking you are a hybrid that has been engineered from other species, that also includes ours. It is nothing to be concerned about as it has been carried out to improve your physical body, and also your ability to grow in consciousness. In the past you have been deliberately stripped of your abilities by those out to control you. However, that period has now passed and you are about to rise up again, much nearer to what you were originally. Indeed, with Ascension you will return to a level much aligned with ours.

What is approaching is a massive opportunity to leave duality as you understand it. It is worth every effort you can make to be fully prepared to ascend. No matter what problems you encounter, go forward with complete confidence and do not be pulled down by those who interpret proceedings in a negative way. Deep down you will know that you are ready, and have only to see out the remaining months without falling back. Once you know it is possible to reach the required level to ascend, you will not find it difficult to maintain it. You have after all come through so many lives and different experiences, to build up to this momentous time. Have no regrets for anything you leave behind, as you will not want for anything in the higher dimensions. Souls that you have known and loved, will never be far away and you will still be linked together wherever you are.

As we have previously informed you, you have links with members of the Galactic Federation but in general terms you have no waking memory of them. However, we know many of you, and after Ascension you will find the members of your Space Family. Such links mean that subconsciously you feel at home with us already, and we are not strangers at all. What we have to offer you will seem very familiar, because it is all known to you. It is not our time quite yet to openly meet you, but we hope that our information will have prepared you for such an occasion. There is nothing frightening about us, indeed in our presence you will feel our energy and find it is calming and peaceful. Without realising it you register other people’s energy, and it is why you are drawn to some of them, whilst others are repellent. Your personal emanations attract people of a like kind, and when you meet there is usually an instant rapport.

Overcome your earthly squabbles and differences, and work on bringing people together. If some people will not give up their prejudice against others let them go their way, as just like anybody else they are creating their own path onwards. Freewill is held to be very sacred and honoured by us. However, if you choose wrongly without allowing for the freewill of others, you will be expected to make good those errors by facing the same situations again. Karma is just that, an opportunity to evolve without any suggestion of punishment.

Dear Ones, we so wish you to lift yourselves up, and know that if it is your intent to do so the help will be given you to enable your success. It is how things work all through the Universe in the different dimensions. Service to others is what you follow automatically when you reach the higher levels. It is not forced upon anyone, because it is not needed as it is quite natural to seek opportunities to be of help to those in need. It is an inner urge that comes from within when you feel love for your fellow man. We love you and are full of admiration for your tenacity and determination, to overcome the negativity that exists on Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and proud to be associated with you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 14-May-2012

There is evidence of the inevitable collapse of the dark cabal, and you need to be on your guard. They will try every possible ruse and disinformation to make a last attempt to create doubt and fear. Be aware and ignore anything that feels other than the Light, and focus on all that is pure and harmonious. There is nothing to fear any longer, as your future is absolutely assured and nothing is going to prevent Disclosure and the arrival of our Space Friends. The opportunity to ascend is the natural conclusion of this cycle, and although you have missed out on earlier occasions, this time if you are ready you are absolutely certain to ascend. Mere mortals cannot stop what has been divinely decreed, and bear in mind it applies to the whole Universe.

There are many people of good heart and compassion who are unaware of what is coming, but that will not preclude their opportunity to ascend. It is the many human traits that are accepted in society that holds one back. However, providing your life is one that is full of good intent, and that you value and respect all forms of life you are still of the Light. God desires that as many souls as possible rise up and leave the lower dimension, and are rightly restored to their place in the higher ones. Yet you are the one who makes the decision as to your future, and you are totally free to decide what you do. Anyone who is in doubt can trust their intuition/Higher Self, as you may not necessarily have finished with your experiences in duality. It comes down to what you feel comfortable with, but please do not fear change as it is happening quite naturally all of the time. The impulse is to drive onwards ever consuming more Light, that is in any event going to raise your level of consciousness and awareness.

So many people have low opinions of themselves that are keeping them in the lower vibrations. For whatever reason that occurs, find a way to love yourself and forgive yourself for having gone astray. All souls have elected to experience duality to speed up their evolution, and all at some time will have dropped into the dark recesses of the mind. You will as you see it have made mistakes, but it is human to err and you must move on and benefit from them. If there are additional lessons to be learnt, then you will pick them up at some future stage or in another life. Concentrate on the Light within because even the most hard hearted persons still have it, and it can be developed. Shake off those undesirable attachments that you have carried around with you, and once you vow to do so you will be helped by your Guides.

Much of what we give you is unfortunately associated with religion, and we know some people totally reject it. It must be said that spiritual knowledge has nothing to do with organized religion, as it is Universal knowledge that applies to every soul whether they are aware of it or not. Religion has helped many souls but it reaches a point where it cannot advance any further, as it is largely based upon false concepts. To move beyond it one has to assume responsibility for their evolution and work from within. Each of you has the truth within even if it is held subconsciously, and when you find those quiet moments in life you will be able to find it. Trust in your own guidance and you will not go far wrong.

The Earth is a wonderful entity of Light who has become your planetary Mother to help you evolve. You are One with her which is why you are to ascend together and take your place in the higher dimensions. It will move you nearer to your true reality, but in essence your are Light and will eventually reach levels where all souls become as One. It is the Oneness that you are striving for, as you have found that separation from the Source is not fulfilling your needs.

So Dear Ones you near the time of dramatic and welcome change, as at last your civilization has progressed sufficiently to ascend. The battle between the dark and Light for control is taking place in front of your eyes, yet very little about it has appeared in your media. That will change before long and you will appreciate how much we have been doing on your behalf. Our reunion is not very far away, and it shall be a joyful occasion that shall be suitably celebrated. We are your family and we shall join hands and move into the Golden Age, where we will do so much together to ensure you are made at home. Life will be so different that you will soon forget the trials and tribulations of evolving in duality.

As you are aware, you are to experience a new way of living before you ascend. It will prepare you for even greater changes, that will settle you into a way of life that will see you happy and satisfied. Everyone will be content and able to enjoy a freedom not experienced on Earth at present. Your time will be largely yours to follow whatever pursuits give you happiness. You will not have to cope with tiredness that often afflicts you now, as the higher vibrations will keep you energetic and also healthy. Illness and disease will also disappear for the same reason.

Try not to mourn the passing of much you have got used to as in every respect you gain, and life will become so much more fulfilling. We could jokingly ask if you have ever seen an unhappy Space Being, because we epitomize all that you are to be. Our technologies are to be used to raise you up, and will restore each one of you to a totally healthy Being. We use sound for healing, and you have not always understood how powerful it is, and without realizing it have damaged your bodies through misuse. It can be a two edged sword, but we can also use it for other purposes that are all positive.

As we have mentioned we are very active now, stepping in where further danger threatens your existence. It will not be long before your cabal realize that they cannot go on any longer, as their plans are now in total disarray. They also face up to the inevitable end of the cycle, and their own responsibilities for so much criminal action against Humanity. There is no escape as you will see in due course.

I am SaLuSa from SaLuSa, and ever happy to greet you with my messages. We wish to inspire you with hope and joy as you enter the last days.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 11-May-2012

So much is happening, but we are not always at liberty to give you the details. It must be sufficient to say that we are well in control and our allies are close to commencing a series of actions, that will show everyone that we mean business. No longer will we put up with being obstructed, and we will quickly deal with those involved. There are a number of trusted allies that are in the forefront of releasing information, that makes clear what our intentions are. In short time we will also play our part in bringing out the facts directly to the public. You are looking at weeks rather than months, for the mass arrests to take place. However it is a big operation that cannot start until everything is in place. Having come this far we want it to run smoothly, with as little trouble as possible.

Our craft are busy monitoring the activities of many countries that have the potential to use nuclear devices, and along with our warnings we will prevent them from being used. Wars have always been for profit mainly for the Arms Industry, who have no scruples and will supply equipment and arms to any side involved in the conflict. They shall answer for their involvement in the wars, as will any member of the Forces who have engaged in crimes against the people. Many atrocities have taken place that you are unaware of, but the truth cannot be concealed. Once the media commence reporting the arrests that are already underway that include many public figures, there will be calls for retribution. We do however ask that everyone avoids their emotions running away with them, as we assure you justice will be seen to be done. Unlike earlier times, no one will be able to cheat justice or buy their way out of it.

You will have so much to enjoy in the near future, as you realize that you are being freed from the clutches of the dark Ones. With the governmental changes there will again be some surprises in store for you, as you will see those who are of the Light take positions of power and authority. The US Government will still have Barack Obama amongst those retained, because as we have stressed many times, he is a great soul of the Light. He is already taking actions that will aid our allies, in bringing the cabal to answer for their crimes.

There is soon going to be one astonishing revelation after another, and the full intent of the plan for your freedom will be clear. Your sovereignty is to be returned, and we of the Galactic Federation will be party to any changes to ensure they are both legal and just. All over the world you rights have been gradually eroded, and often draconian laws introduced to replace them. All of that will be changed and the people of the Earth will be re-united once again. You have a lot more in common than you realize, and religion and politics will no longer come between you. These are all issues that will be sorted out so that in future they will be based on the truth, and with the ideal of fairness and to represent the desires of the people.

Our message to you is to stay calm, and ignore the attempts of those who will try to put the wrong meaning on events as they unfold. Some of it will be deliberate to create fear, and others without any prior knowledge will be confused. However, through various sources particularly the Internet, we will make sure that information is readily available. You are soon to witness the biggest spectacle that has ever occurred in your time, and then you will realize how thorough our plans have been made. History is about to be made that is unprecedented in its scope and scale, to bring out into the open those who have illegally and criminally controlled your lives.

Since many of you are well advanced in becoming of the Light, we look to you to spread calmness and understanding until we ourselves can address you directly. At the end of the road is as you might say the Golden Egg that holds so much promise, and a new life that truly reflects all that is of Light and Love. By the time it is fully established it will bear little resemblance to what you experience now, and have moved to a new level that gives you everything you have so far been denied. You will discover that you have powers that have for most of you lain dormant, and they will come with your higher levels of consciousness. Out of all that is happening that is the most important change, as it is part of your preparations for Ascension. When you look back a few years, we feel many of you will acknowledge that you have indeed already moved to a new level of consciousness. Hitherto you have never been encouraged to accept that you have the ability to lift yourselves up, and have been kept in ignorance for many years.

Dear Ones, ready yourselves for the changes and know that any inconvenience will only be short lived. It will differ from one area to another, and one country to another, but overall you should get through the difficult times. It is sensible to cover yourselves against a temporary shortage of food and other essentials, but you do not need to panic as we and our allies are planning for all contingences. Together we will get things running normally again as quick as possible. The main point is to keep you well informed, and hope that in short time we will have set up a reliable communications system. To be forewarned is to be prepared, and you have adequate time to give serious thought to how you will cope with matters that will directly affect you.

You have waited a long time to reach this point in your lives, and we know that until you see real proof of what is about to occur, you are sensibly going to be cautious. It will seem unreal and certainly unbelievable when you learn the extent to which the arrests are taking place. We cannot leave any of the dark Ones in place to interfere with our actions, and we will stop them in their tracks, as we know they still plan atrocities to put you in fear. Do not worry as we are fully aware of what they plan, and we will not allow any attacks upon you. Our technology is far too advanced to be fooled by any attempts to get round it.

I am SaLuSa form Sirius and trust that we have set your mind at rest, as we want you to enjoy the changes by setting your sights on the outcome. It will be the breaking of the final strangle hold the dark Ones have over you.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 7-May-2012

Few of you have any real recollection of your previous lives except perhaps for the occasional flashbacks, yet you have had so many lives full of experiences that have brought you to where you are today. It has been a long journey, and now many of you stand at the door of Ascension but you do not fully understand what a great quantum leap forward is going to take place. Be patient Dear Ones, and know that you are one of those chosen to be here at this time, and that is indeed a great privilege and experience never to be forgotten. Whilst evolution occurs much quicker in duality, it is in some ways a paradox because you see it as a slow process, Yet in this particular life time all has been speeded up, and it is only in recent times that some are awakening to the rapid rise in their consciousness levels. This is really what you came for, knowing that in some way the end time would be exciting and one of fulfilment. So we ask you to look on the bright side when things get tough, knowing that it is only a passing phase. The Golden Age beckons and once you are there, all that has preceded it will seem irrelevant and soon forgotten. You have all but completed the hard bit, and now all that awaits is to get the cleansing underway which with our help will take next to no time.

You are to become the warriors of love and peace, and many lesser experienced civilisations will look to you for guidance. Life exists everywhere and there will never be a time when you will be able to claim to have seen it all, because the Creator is thinking new creations into being all of the time. Start now to think peace, and act peace wherever you are and not be distracted by anything outside of yourself. You can do it and will find it becomes easy to hold on to it regardless of what is going on around you. It becomes a way of life whereby you always experience a calmness and understanding of the Oneness that you dwell within. You will be able to let go and let God be within you, and your life will take on a new meaning. You will also be one who is helping uplift all others, and by your example they will seek the same pathway.

Although we work behind the scenes and have done so for a very long time, you take much credit for the progress that has been made recently. In this you have exercised your freewill to change from the old paradigm of restrictions and control, to one that is returning you to a free society where you determine your future. That has allowed us to work alongside you, since you have called for help to remove those that have taken away your rights. Be assured you shall become completely free again, and the wrongs against you shall be put right. Indeed you shall gain more than you had before, as you are about to receive the benefits of advanced technologies to prepare you for Ascension.

We stress again that you have nothing to worry about where your personal property and assets are concerned, as you will find that all of your needs will be taken care of. In fact, many shall be far better off so that your society is more united as One, where all share the benefits that are to be given to you. Your time will be able to be used to fulfil your own desires and allow you to choose exactly how you spend your time. You will be encouraged to become communities that determine their own levels of service to each other, and the higher levels of consciousness will bring out the best in people.

We are working at a high level to persuade the dark Ones to finally withdraw, and allow us to help you re-structure your societies without their interference. With or without their co-operation we shall go ahead and remove their last bastions of power. It is in any event crumbling around them and becoming disjointed, and friction is taking place amongst their own ranks. Soon we shall brush them aside and leave them to their deserved fate, whilst removing all that has no place in the New Age. As we have told you previously we are your future and will not disappear after Ascension, but will participate even more with you to further the changes that will continue until you are fully consciousness Beings. Then we shall become as One and you shall be full members of the Galactic Federation, and invited to work with us if that is your desire. Bear in mind it represents many different ascended civilizations, and you will find your own star family already with us.

Life for you will become exciting with little or no limitations as to what you can do, and it will become most satisfying and fulfil your wildest dreams. Work or labour such as you are used to will no longer burden you, and you will find that life will become so much easier and enjoyable. God has never condemned you to an existence that continually placed you in unhappy situations, that Dear Ones has been the result of your own creations. However, now that is almost in the past and already we find so many of you are able to rise above the lower vibrations. Duality has been a very tough teacher and having experienced the loneliness of separation from the Source. You are now recognising the Oneness of all that exists, and have found God within yourself and recognise it in other souls.

You look at yourselves and then look at us, and their seems to be a great difference between us, yet there is little beyond the fact that we have already reached a level of full consciousness which are soon to reach yourselves. There was a time in the very distant past when you were like us, but allowed yourselves to drop into the lower vibrations to fully experience its challenges. So, in fact you are really no stranger to the higher dimensions, which is why you will take so easily to the coming changes. What is about to occur on Earth now is just the beginning, and if you are alert you will note that events are shaping up for a grand finale. You shall not be denied the spectacle of seeing the top members of the Illuminati being brought to justice. The plans are in place and the means to proceed are available to our allies. Wait a little longer, and you shall enjoy the final days of those who have abused your civilization.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel the joy that is growing amongst you, as you see the proof of the advancements we have made. All will end as we have long informed you, and after all who amongst you who is mortal can defy the word of God. Like many other sources we are sending immense amounts of love to you, and it will power you onwards to victory.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 4-May-2012

Let no one persuade you to change your beliefs, except that you intuitively feel the Light within the words you are given. That which is of the lower vibrations will not resonate with you, and at this time when Ascension is so close there are those who would deliberately misinform you. The dark Ones thought to conquer Man and his world for their own agenda, but now grasp at any opportunity to stop each souls path of Light that leads to completion. It will be to no avail, but it means you still need to tread carefully and not fooled by those peddling fear. Naturally physical changes are happening, but they will not be on such a scale as the biblical prophesies. At one time they were actual probabilities, but with your acceleration of consciousness the vibrations have been lifted up. That has allowed for a less chaotic end time, and we of the Galactic Federation are determined to help you through the period that remains before Ascension. There are many ways in which we can help, and where earthquakes are concerned the flow of energies can be directed in such a way that it minimises their effect.

Our mission is now reaching a critical point where we will be brought into action to monitor events, that are about to impinge upon your consciousness. The immense work put in to rid you of the Illuminati and their minions, is about to pay off and result in large scale arrests. This requires our allies to be at the ready, and for us to back them up to ensure it all runs smoothly. We do not wish to see panic result from the purges taking place, or violence resulting from the news of such events becoming public. Sooner or later you will have to face the awful truth of how you have been used all along, to fill the coffers of those who have for eons of time been the driving force behind your governments. The extent of their power will truly astound and shock you, and more so when you realise how a large proportion of the population was destined to be eliminated. With our coming that threat has been removed, but history will show that the lives of millions were nevertheless subject to their insidious plots.

The coming times are going to be quite hectic, and it is as well that you have Ascension to focus upon. Be assured that whatever happens the ultimate outcome is going to be to your benefit. All that is of the lower vibrations will eventually be transmuted or disappear from your sight. That is how the Earth will be restored with all traces of pollution removed. A new Earth is to be born so that you can commence another stage in your evolution. It will be most comforting and bring back the joy and happiness that has been lacking in many peoples lives. The Light will shine out from all directions, and the consciousness levels of all forms of life will be raised up. Oneness will be evident in many ways, and recognised as bringing all life together. Separation will no longer take place, and harmony and balance will be restored. The dark energies will have no place in such surroundings, and could not exist in such high levels of energy. So Dear Ones do not allow outer influences to interfere with your progress towards Ascension.

In the coming times you will reach levels that will match the Christ Consciousness, and that means all of you as it is a natural development on your evolutionary path. You are at present a pale reflection of such high vibrations, yet it is your destiny to reach such levels. You will one day truly be looked upon as Masters of the Light, and co-create with others when new Universes are born. Your potential is not limited in any way, and you will eventually take on the mantle of the Gods that you are. However, for the present your time and thoughts are being taken up by preparing for Ascension. Some still seek the answers as to what they need to do in this respect, and we would say work towards a level where you can be one who can express yourself in Unconditional Love. It is not easy when you have so many distractions around you, yet it is a state of being that is possible. See all as part of yourself because you are all connected, and what one does affects every other soul. It means being non-judgmental and perhaps for Humans that is the hardest bit. You are used to expressing your opinions about everything, and sometimes it is done without knowing the full facts. Just move in the energy of love all of the time, and make allowances for others who are still playing the game of duality.

You live on a beautiful Earth that it is an entity of high consciousness in its own right, spoilt by lack of understanding. Mother Earth has sacrificed much to allow your evolution to go forward, but you could say it is now payback time. By appreciating what she has done for you, and also respecting her needs to prepare for Ascension, you can work towards undoing and rectifying some of the damage that has been done. Certainly you will be called upon to participate in the cleansing once we can safely land on your Earth. It is a mammoth task, yet for us will take no time to speak of because of our technologies. Already we are cleansing the atmosphere, and noting your concern about Chemtrails and are reducing their affects upon you. Indeed, we have for many years cleared the fall out from atomic explosions, and even now we deal with radiation coming from the damaged Nuclear Plant in Japan. As you must now know, we are also currently preventing the use of nuclear devices and will safely destroy them if necessary.

We will not stand by any longer and allow further deliberate destruction of the planet, and your authorities are aware of our position on this. These are the first steps towards banning war for good, and believe us that we can ensure that all countries abide by this divine ruling. Peace is nearly here, and when it causes all military units to be disbanded there are provisions made for the re-employment of all personnel. War crimes will be dealt with along with all crimes against Humanity and just no one will get away with them, as we know who the guilty ones are. There are no reprisals involved, but the simple application of your laws and also Universal Law.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and find you are noticing how much faster time is still speeding up. It is a sure sign that the vibrations are rapidly lifting up, and a guarantee that you will experience the upliftment that goes along with it.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 2-May-2012

We have often told you that you that there is nothing you cannot achieve, and we wish to thank you for supporting our allies who have done extremely well in such a short time, by bringing the truth into the public domain. Your acceptance of their revelations and intent to make them generally known, has sent the information far and wide. It has opened the eyes of many people who had no idea that covert operations existed on such a large scale. The truth needs to be spread to as many people as possible, and that will make disclosure and our coming much easier for them to accept. Fear still dwells within the minds of some people, and anything that can lessen the shock of our existence will help them to move on. The facts about our relationship to you cannot be held back much longer, and we are eager for disclosure to take place. It must precede our coming which has been planned for a long time.

Most of you are aware that there are whistleblowers amongst you who have put themselves forward, to reveal what is happening where both the military and financial activities are concerned. Their help is important to ensure that until the media can be freed from their restraints and truthfully report the news, that you know that we are very active in backing up our allies. Our presence and back up will ensure that any attempt to start another World War will be unsuccessful. We are also making sure that where the arrests for criminal acts involving financial matters are concerned, that those who are guilty do not escape justice. However, we ask you to leave such matters to the authorities, and when you learn the facts not to let your anger result in reprisals. All will answer at some stage for their actions against the people. Your energy is best spent spreading the Light and sending Love to all those that need it at this special time.

We would like to say once again that every soul that is on Earth at this time, is there for a special purpose, even if in some instances it is purely to be an observer. All stand to benefit from their experiences, and many have elected to ascend. In other words, all have a life plan including those who have no current knowledge or understanding of Ascension. Indeed many have incarnated knowing that they will not reach the level of consciousness necessary to do so. Yet all will have gained through their experiences, and particularly those who remain for the end time. All knowledge acquired moves each soul forward to reach their own time for Ascension. Duality is a fast track road to success, but often at the cost of experiencing the depths of darkness. There is always a way out of it, and as soon as the Light is responded to great Beings of Light will appear.

Dear Ones, the whole purpose of your life is to evolve, and your soul journey will eventually take all back to the Source of All That Is. Obviously a souls progress comparing one to another, can differ quite a lot according to how long is spent in the lower dimensions. At present you are moving towards the higher dimensions and once there, will no longer be bound by linear time. Everything will be in the “Now” and you will move at will between the past, present and future. However, for the time being you are still much involved with time, and we are aware that the apparent delay in starting our many projects concerns you. Yet in reality they are advancing very well, and we are poised to help make some major arrests of people that are high up within the dark forces. It will be the start of a long lasting cleansing of those in places of power, so that authority and responsibility for your wellbeing is passed on to others who care. Be assured that we know who is of the Light, and no one will be able to get past our scrutiny or deceive us. Matters are coming to a head, and you can expect some surprising developments very soon.

It is more important at this time to remain steadfast and resolved to maintain the Light that now abounds upon Earth, and it will continue to do so lifting the vibrations. The levels of your consciousness cannot remain stagnant, and must rise up as a result. Already it is transmuting areas of darkness, and we find that it is reaching into the hearts of those who have closed it off. As you quickly approach Ascension, so will those souls who cannot absorb such vibrations have to leave the Earth. Their path is destined to take them on to a time line that allows a continuation of their present experiences. There is no choice involved, as you cannot rise up unless you are already of the higher vibration. As we have already mentioned, all souls will have already decided their future.

We of the Galactic Federation are ready to meet you, and indeed in certain circumstances contact has been made in recent times on many occasions. Some would appear as random meetings, but others have been purposely arranged to give your leaders an opportunity to bring peace to the world. Many times we have offered to broker peace for you, but those who wield the power have preferred to carry on with their plan for your enslavement. However, you the people have called to God, asking for release from your dark masters and it has been answered in no uncertain way. As a result you face the end of the cycle with Ascension, instead of the collapse of your civilization. The prospect of it rising up with Mother Earth is a unique achievement, especially as you will do so whilst in your physical bodies. Many other civilizations are attracted to your Earth because of it, and it will be a spectacle that will make a lasting impression. We ourselves will get a grandstand view and be present to ensure a happy and joyful conclusion. From thereon you will commence a new stage in your evolution, one that will be quite different to what you are familiar with now. All the gifts of God will be bestowed upon you, as you take your place amongst the enlightened souls who are true beings of Light and Love.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased to give you our assurance that all is well. Clearly the time for revealing the truth looms large, and we have a program that will cover your needs so that you understand why you have been oppressed for so long. You have come out of a period of darkness created by the destruction of Atlantis, and you have lifted yourselves up back into the Light by challenging the dark Ones and being successful. It has been a long and arduous journey, but you proved your worth to move into the higher dimensions and back into the Light, and we love you all for it.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

SaLuSa ~ 18-April-2012

Few of you are under any illusions as to what is taking place, although some are still unconvinced that it is in the interests of the Human Race. Such people are normally not in touch with the reliable sources of information, and thus lack sufficient information from which to make an informed judgment. Rarely do they have the levels of consciousness required to see beyond the physical changes, and some have little or no knowledge of Ascension. However, they along with everyone else will before the end of the year is reached, have the opportunity to learn the facts and how it will affect them. After all regardless of what is believed, the end times will alter peoples lives whether or not they are prepared. A new cycle means a new beginning and there are no ways that the old one can be perpetuated. Indeed, it is in everyone’s interest to move on to a new experience, that is consistent with their present level of evolution.

Where you find people that are confused we call upon the Lightworkers to be bold and step in, as their knowledge is vital at this time because it can serve to ease their plight and lessen the possibility of them becoming fearful. As has often been said, there is nothing to fear except fear itself, and regardless of the circumstances the world is not due to end through any disaster. All is planned to ensure that as many souls as possible are ready to ascend. However no pressure whatsoever is placed upon those who choose to remain in the 3rd. dimension, but to continue that experience they will move elsewhere. Neither is it considered a failure not to have reached Ascension, as you have infinite life and absolute freedom to take as long as you wish in the lower vibrations. Eventually every soul will rise up as it is impossible to continue resisting the higher vibrations for any great length of time.

Our mission has taken off in the last few months, as we get more directly involved in the events taking place on Earth, and so it shall continue until the last remnants of the dark Ones are out of your way. Then we can move to another stage that allows us to be more involved in your lives, in assisting you to ascend. You will meet your Space Family and the Beings of the Inner Earth also related to you, and will have a lot to catch up on. Your history is far from accurate and there is much to put right that has either been misrepresented or falsified, and it covers many so-called “respectable” Institutions.

Each day we get nearer to taking actions that will bring the day of declaration into being, and then we move into another stage of our mission. It will be a time of great joy all over the world, to celebrate your new found freedom. Old differences and historical disagreements will fade into the past where they belong. It will be discovered that they have been deliberately played upon by the dark Ones, to keep the idea of separation alive. Now you shall see how quickly the people can unite in friendship and goodwill. At heart all of you desire lasting peace, and that is what you will have at long last.

Dear Ones, when we say that everything will be sorted out we mean it, and life will become very enjoyable and fulfilling. The type of worries you have now will be removed, and instead of a stressful life it will become pleasurable with time for you to enjoy relaxing hobbies and pastimes. You were never meant to be slaves to your work, or live at a level where you were always in need. These are the type of things that we will address in lifting you up, and life will soon become a happy experience. The difference now to the past is what we have referred to many times, and a very important aspect of our service for you.

The dark Ones have constantly taken over inventions that should have brought you a higher standard of living, but have instead been used to further their own military ambitions to take over the world. Much has been denied you and soon it shall be made available to you, and it will have a great impact upon communications and transportation systems. Food shortages will become a thing of the past, and no one will ever again die from thirst. Trust and love will replace doubt and fear, and people all over the world will come together in the realisation that they are One Human Race, regardless of colour or any other differences.

At our level we understand that the spiritual vibrations place souls at different levels, but that does not mean they are separated from us, as we can come and go as we do with you on Earth. The higher you rise up the more you understand that service to others means helping those who follow in your footsteps. Again your history gives little mention of our interaction with you, yet we have been a great influence upon the development of your civilization. A number of your mysterious artefacts that seem to have no place in your present history result from our visits to your Earth. Sometimes they remain hidden away because their existence cannot be accounted for, plus there is a reluctance to mention the possibility of them being connected to Extra-terrestrial visitors.

Open your minds to all possibilities as you get to learn more about us, and be assured we will tell you about our many contacts with you. We and other civilizations have nurtured your species for thousands of years, and you are the result of a several different ones who advanced your DNA, having first originated through the Lyrans. These are parts of your evolution that you will given more information about, as it is time you learnt the truth.

The acquisition of wealth will eventually no longer be necessary, as you will always have sufficient for your needs. It will be re-distributed and that will restore some quality to your lives, and also ensure that no one is left destitute or in poverty. You will also find that very soon there will be moves away from the old methods of medical treatment, to ones that are more friendly and efficient. Healing chambers and cubicles will replace the need to go to present day hospitals. The technologically advanced methods are totally successful and many are able to heal instantaneously. You could say that we make all new again, even where limbs or any other body parts are missing.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased we can give you information about what you can expect very soon. Live with love in your hearts always.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.