SaLuSa ~ 7-May-2012

Few of you have any real recollection of your previous lives except perhaps for the occasional flashbacks, yet you have had so many lives full of experiences that have brought you to where you are today. It has been a long journey, and now many of you stand at the door of Ascension but you do not fully understand what a great quantum leap forward is going to take place. Be patient Dear Ones, and know that you are one of those chosen to be here at this time, and that is indeed a great privilege and experience never to be forgotten. Whilst evolution occurs much quicker in duality, it is in some ways a paradox because you see it as a slow process, Yet in this particular life time all has been speeded up, and it is only in recent times that some are awakening to the rapid rise in their consciousness levels. This is really what you came for, knowing that in some way the end time would be exciting and one of fulfilment. So we ask you to look on the bright side when things get tough, knowing that it is only a passing phase. The Golden Age beckons and once you are there, all that has preceded it will seem irrelevant and soon forgotten. You have all but completed the hard bit, and now all that awaits is to get the cleansing underway which with our help will take next to no time.

You are to become the warriors of love and peace, and many lesser experienced civilisations will look to you for guidance. Life exists everywhere and there will never be a time when you will be able to claim to have seen it all, because the Creator is thinking new creations into being all of the time. Start now to think peace, and act peace wherever you are and not be distracted by anything outside of yourself. You can do it and will find it becomes easy to hold on to it regardless of what is going on around you. It becomes a way of life whereby you always experience a calmness and understanding of the Oneness that you dwell within. You will be able to let go and let God be within you, and your life will take on a new meaning. You will also be one who is helping uplift all others, and by your example they will seek the same pathway.

Although we work behind the scenes and have done so for a very long time, you take much credit for the progress that has been made recently. In this you have exercised your freewill to change from the old paradigm of restrictions and control, to one that is returning you to a free society where you determine your future. That has allowed us to work alongside you, since you have called for help to remove those that have taken away your rights. Be assured you shall become completely free again, and the wrongs against you shall be put right. Indeed you shall gain more than you had before, as you are about to receive the benefits of advanced technologies to prepare you for Ascension.

We stress again that you have nothing to worry about where your personal property and assets are concerned, as you will find that all of your needs will be taken care of. In fact, many shall be far better off so that your society is more united as One, where all share the benefits that are to be given to you. Your time will be able to be used to fulfil your own desires and allow you to choose exactly how you spend your time. You will be encouraged to become communities that determine their own levels of service to each other, and the higher levels of consciousness will bring out the best in people.

We are working at a high level to persuade the dark Ones to finally withdraw, and allow us to help you re-structure your societies without their interference. With or without their co-operation we shall go ahead and remove their last bastions of power. It is in any event crumbling around them and becoming disjointed, and friction is taking place amongst their own ranks. Soon we shall brush them aside and leave them to their deserved fate, whilst removing all that has no place in the New Age. As we have told you previously we are your future and will not disappear after Ascension, but will participate even more with you to further the changes that will continue until you are fully consciousness Beings. Then we shall become as One and you shall be full members of the Galactic Federation, and invited to work with us if that is your desire. Bear in mind it represents many different ascended civilizations, and you will find your own star family already with us.

Life for you will become exciting with little or no limitations as to what you can do, and it will become most satisfying and fulfil your wildest dreams. Work or labour such as you are used to will no longer burden you, and you will find that life will become so much easier and enjoyable. God has never condemned you to an existence that continually placed you in unhappy situations, that Dear Ones has been the result of your own creations. However, now that is almost in the past and already we find so many of you are able to rise above the lower vibrations. Duality has been a very tough teacher and having experienced the loneliness of separation from the Source. You are now recognising the Oneness of all that exists, and have found God within yourself and recognise it in other souls.

You look at yourselves and then look at us, and their seems to be a great difference between us, yet there is little beyond the fact that we have already reached a level of full consciousness which are soon to reach yourselves. There was a time in the very distant past when you were like us, but allowed yourselves to drop into the lower vibrations to fully experience its challenges. So, in fact you are really no stranger to the higher dimensions, which is why you will take so easily to the coming changes. What is about to occur on Earth now is just the beginning, and if you are alert you will note that events are shaping up for a grand finale. You shall not be denied the spectacle of seeing the top members of the Illuminati being brought to justice. The plans are in place and the means to proceed are available to our allies. Wait a little longer, and you shall enjoy the final days of those who have abused your civilization.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel the joy that is growing amongst you, as you see the proof of the advancements we have made. All will end as we have long informed you, and after all who amongst you who is mortal can defy the word of God. Like many other sources we are sending immense amounts of love to you, and it will power you onwards to victory.

Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Hello, Hello

    I hope everything and everyone is oke. I wrote my dream experiences on my page Lisa, it was a hell of a weekend.
    Love and light

  2. Morning Blessing: 05.07.12
    ( ( ( Full Moons Cleaning House ) ) ) Rev. Angela Peregoff

    “Things may happen around you and things may happen to you, but the only things that really count are the things that happen in you. We can’t always control what happens to us. But we can control what we think about what happens — and what we are thinking is our life at any particular moment.” ~Eric Butterworth

    Third dimensional life has been quite interesting, rather challenging yet engaging, and definitely comprehensive since the full moon. In my own life, and in the lives of those I interact with daily, there has been a vibratory force of Self-realization shaking loose tensions, restrictions, limitations, etc. from the denser (astral, emotional, etheric and physical) levels of being. And there won’t be any relief from this latest cosmic clean-up until the next full moon/lunar eclipse on June 4th. If the current healing encounter has you attending to the Soul’s agenda rather than your human reality structure then be certain you are in “slow down” mode as this window of transformation continues to send healing energy to the very depths of your being. Pushing the envelope too fast or too far while the universe is up to its constellation clusters in ascension mischief will prove costly from the personality’s vantage point.

    Clean up campaigns such as these continue to receive the good-housekeeping seal of cosmic approval because we are now “apart” from what we have always experienced as life on planet earth (Gaia). As of this year we have journeyed far enough into the New living field that we can start to experience the greater power of Divinity that resides within all. The call went out many years ago for Gaia and all her inhabitants to rise in consciousness to avoid devastation during this very intense cycle of change. The frequencies of higher love, harmony, understanding, inclusion, and compassion were waiting to baptize this realm of the galactic family and that order of business would guarantee that evolved consciousness would have its own dwelling place where it is able to grow and develop unhindered by the dismissal needs of such attitudes as greed, gluttony, and power.

    Weeks such as this one serve as a reminder to choose enlightenment and spiritual authenticity. Yes, as we partake in the evolutionary workouts there are bumps and bruises but the dicey days are worth the end result of discovering the Soul’s treasure-trove of hidden truths. The illusions of a third dimensional existence are now too narrow and limited for those bonded with the Light that is evolving Love within its expression here. The ego, instinctual, and subconscious intelligences within the resume of human criteria are being revolutionized. The personality’s identity that includes these three layers of intelligence are in for a challenging period as polarity is dissolved from this corner of the universe.

    Most people I encounter still have no idea that their ego’s “personality” is temporary and extremely limited to their own views of who they think they are. They get stuck inside the 3D ego game without using their Soul GPS (galactic positioning system) to navigate. More commonly they become paralyzed within the opposing opposites of polarity – do I choose love or fear? Give or take? Stop or go? And while in this state of confusion, they don’t even realize they have become inert. This inertia slows down the Being’s Soul evolutionary process, and they circle around in the game of Life unable to move past immature negative ego patterns. They do not know how they got here, much less who is actually running the ego intelligence. They do not know how to learn the skills (aka soul lessons) that graduate them out of the current Earth experiment.

    And this is why we are still stripping away and cleaning up what no longer serves us as a Force of Love with an open heart chakra. All are growing out of being a human that experiences love as a mental or emotional concept. We have been trained to misinterpret the spiritual attributes of Love, limiting them to the ego’s perspective rather than sensing them from the experiential level of the Soul hence the sweeping energies that cause the uncontrollable weeping, the untamed frustration, foggy confusion, inexhaustible tiredness, physical injuries and other anatomical maladies.

    Remember May of 2012 is about making you sensitive to the multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, multi-fielded creature that you really are. To do this efficiently your Soul is going to have to throw out the consciousness values that equate you with deeply ingrained third dimension negative ego mass consciousness. Can you understand that? Do you see why things are falling apart in order that the “realm of the soul” now fills all the space within your potential? Will everything still upset you when it’s revealed that the emotional and spiritual work you do today brings about the One true essence and power of Love that is needed by this planet?

    Our awareness is being divinely and cosmically cultivated every day my friends! There is a harmony of unified energies that are racing to embody each of us and through your intention and devotion this Living Light of the One Source we can fulfill the divine plan for humanity. Strive this week to be a greater expression of Love than you were last week. Delve deeper into your Soul identity and infuse all your moments with the experience of being here as the Eternal Living Light of One Source. Prepare a physical home (your body) that welcomes this New inner alchemy of Christ consciousness so that it can be utilized as a channel of unified Source energy. Joyfully create and dance into every mishap and disappointment knowing that you are penetrating the Power of the greatest energetic principle of our times – the frequency of Universal Love.

    Setting the stage for new potential, Rev. Angela


    Substance is Spirit. Spirit is God and God is all there is. God
    is unlimited power, present everywhere and in everything.
    I am the presence of that Unlimited Power. I use this power
    today for my own benefit and have dominion over every
    aspect of my life.

    I have no belief of loss, lack or limitation that may restrict
    my life in any way or can obscure the truth that I am a
    success right now. No negative opinions or beliefs, regardless
    of their origin, have the power to hold me back.

    My thirst for success is impelled by Infinite Power and guided
    by Divine Intelligence to create a life uniquely perfect for me in
    every way. I know that this life is already complete in Mind and
    attracts to it every element necessary to bring it into manifestation.
    My life unfolds in perfect order. I have faith that I am success even
    before I see it. I declare that all the good there is — is mine now.

    I am grateful that I am an expression of God’s creativity. I am
    complete and perfect, for it could be no other way. I release
    my word knowing that it is so.

  3. jgunner May 7, 2012 @ 7:57 am
    Good morning everyone and what a wonderful morning it is.
    Thanks for all the great posts Stick and getting some ass is a good thing.
    Man, we had one of those old wild parties at the DOGHOUSE!!!! WHAT!!!! on saturday. So much fun with no drama at all.
    i kept thinking that i wish all of you’s were there sharing in all the wild times. Whitey had fun smashing a 24 oz empty can of beer over my head. I used to do that to him all the time and for some reaseon, I really liked it. I mean the sound effects are funny. Then we started on the 3 stooges routines, gotta be careful, someone could get hurt. Just a fun fun night.
    Well, gotta do some 3d work over here. Have a great day everyone.
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  4. I had a bad dream friday night. There was some guy, big guy, chaing me. He got me in a house and said I had to go with him to his house nevt door. He was pissed, flexing his muscles as if to intimidate me and somewhere inside I knew he was going to kill me if I went to his house. I started to plea with him for my life, saying please dont kill me and also that you know by brother so please let me go. I then woke up relieved. Now here is the worst part. When I woke up, i felt like a real pussy. I mean begging for my life. It was bad. I was like, why didnt I try to fight him or do womething other than plea for my life.
    Maybe it was from a past life that I got killed by some local phycho and I was only around 10 or 11. I was thinking that may be the reason I pleaded for my life.I still felt like a big ass pussy though.
    Well, I gotta go to my repair vendor so I will catch up with you all later.

    • From SalUsa:

      Start now to think peace, and act peace wherever you are and not be distracted by anything outside of yourself.

      Your dream was a direct reflection of a peaceful act Gunner. I tend to see it the other way around that it is the wimp who acts on their ego/fear complex through violence. The wimp is the one who pulls the trigger, giving in to inner fear. True strength is one who avoids violence at any cost.

      This doesn’t make you any less dead, though… erm, ack…

  5. Out camping this weekend, it was raining. We managed to get a glimpse of the moon peeking through the clouds. I was not able to sleep that night (I never sleep the first night in a new environment), went to sleep really early last night to catch up. Still recovering… 😦 MAJOR clearing, I guess. Also did a short hike that day. I was somehow reminded of the Robin Williams Peter Pan movie where they exercise him to exhaustion. Haha I’m such a wimp… Wife was VERY sick the day following but without a fever, so it may have been migraine. Again I think clearing may have had something to do with this. I know we’ll all get through all this, but man it can be a rough ride.

    Oh yeah she also got a flat tire on our way to the campsite, she drove the rest of the way on the flat so the tire was shredded. I managed to change it okay, but I thought that was an interesting connection between inner/manifested worlds.

    • Wow, DW, based on what I’ve read from everyone so far about this weekend, I’m glad I kept a low profile. That moon was amazing!
      Please tell me that you were not in the car with the shredding tire incident… πŸ˜‰

  6. Good morning everyone!

    Lisa, pretty interesting dreams.
    Stick, thanks for the Morning Blessing.
    Gunner, glad you had a fun night! That dream Friday night was pretty scary. You referenced that the pleading for your life in the dream may have come from a past life when perhaps you were killed at the age of 10 or 11. Do you actually remember such a past lfie because for you to spiculate this is probably true. I find it interesting that you would say that.
    Troy, I’m sorry your weekend didn’t go well.

    Love you all

    • Thanks Vee! actually it was a good weekend, the boys had fun, it was just chaotic in both “good” and “bad” ways… After all roller coasters aren’t any fun if they just travel in a straight line, right? πŸ˜‰

  7. Yes Vee, It is like I know of that past life but not all the details. I used to always dream of being a kid that age walking through this neighborhood, then seeing that same man, and once he looked into my eyes, I knew he was evil and wanted to kill me.
    thanks DW for the interpetation. The reason I felt it may have been another life is because if I were in the same circumstance, I would have at least reached out for the angels, I mean it did and did not feel like me in this life.
    Well, the vendor took us out for lunch, my specialty, chicken parm but it was a little rough this time.Not as tender as last time but still good . I cant move or breathe right now.

    • Hey Gunner, do you think that previous lifetime is where you got the inspiration for that trash-talk story you told us about shooting the guy who was threatening your mom (not) when you were small? What’s ironic is that you told us it didn’t really happen (how you got your name Gunner), but it DID – just not in this lifetime!!!

    • Leslee, I was thinking the same thing. Gunner, isn’t it great that we are aware or we are able to see some past lives that may have been very traumatic and unsettling without feeling the emotions of what we experienced.


  8. Issue # 72: Earth-Keeper Chronicles May, 2012

    “Parallels of Omni Earth- The Kingdom of Fae
    Elementals, Unicorns & Dragons”

    Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

    Masters, the Ascension is not only occurring on the material Earth, but also its parallels. The alignment into the Galactic center is also causing a tremendous increase in the flow of charged ionic energy, that termed antimatter-plasma into the planetary poles.

    The Parallels of Earth exist in the resonance of anti matter, and within antimatter is an enormous spectra of unimaginable energy. In 2012, there will be an expansion of dimensional parallels that allow for much greater perception of higher frequency fields. We share with you a great Truth that may confuse some of you, and that is that the interface of the Angelic Realm to the human material realm is the antimatter field, and the antimatter plasmic composition of that field is what you term the ‘Parallel or Omni Earth’.

    Indeed the interfaces from your etheric body via the chakric system are in a sense focal particle accelerators that have open cones into the field of antimatter. This is something that will become known to humans within the next few generations. You often refer to antimatter as dark matter. In truth and irony, that you term dark matter actually carries greater light and holds higher frequency than physical matter.

    Only specific crysto-electromagnetic fields are capable of holding antimatter plasma, and indeed antimatter has varying layers or dimensions of intensity. Your developed Mer-Ka-Na field is indeed capable of holding this energy, and transporting you within it. And we add, that your core existence is in the realm thought of as anti-matter, indeed it is your home before entering into the duality of physical matter.

    (more great info at the link…)

  9. Love, Light & Respect to ALL STC Massive!!!

    ( ( ( Message from the Galactic Federation of Light ) ) )
    5/7/12 ~ As channeled through Greg Giles

    he Justice Journey #7 is a particular journey a soul will incarnate through once it is decided that it is this lesson the soul wishes and needs to learn to continue advancing as a being of light through this journey we call existence. There are many different themed journeys that a soul can partake in, and the Justice Journey is but one of them.

    Each one of you at this time is on a particular themed journey. Each one of you has chosen your journey and all of the lessons that will be presented to you while you are incarnated within the physical. Many of the friends that you meet and many of the antagonists that you meet have been carefully selected by you, in order to help facilitate the learning of the particular lessons tied to the journey of knowledge, wisdom and experience that you are currently on.

    When it is time to wrap up the journey you are on and all the lessons you have learned it is then time to come home. Once you are home again you can carefully reflect upon all the lessons that you have learned and perhaps lessons that you have also missed. You have plenty of time to look back over your life and examine just where problems may have arisen due to your yet unsuccessful opportunities to learn particular lessons designed to bring about the entire picture to you and allow you to gain wisdom in a particular area of your choosing.

    All along the particular journey that you are on you have friends, coaches and guides that remain back within the higher realms who watch over you and guide you, all along doing what they can to bring about the lessons that will gift you with the reward of wisdom that you seek. They do their best to remain in the background, and do not present for you obstacles and obstructions that are not intended to bring about your greater good. These friends and guides love you very deeply and care for you as a parent loves and cares for a child, as they have been with you and watching over you since the moment of your birth and your first breaths as a newly incarnated being of light within the physical realms.

    Today many of you are beginning to more openly communicate with your guides, your families and your friends back home within the nest of the higher realms where we eagerly await our reunion with you. Many of you will be returning here very shortly in the days ahead, as many of the lessons that you have incarnated to learn have been experienced by you, and the time has now come for you to journey back home to where it is you come from and to where it is that you call home, right here with us.

    There are several different ways for a being to leave the physical realms to once again exist within the higher realms of creation within this universe. Not everyone chooses to exit the physical realms through the experience known to humans as β€˜death’. There are, of course, other methods that can be utilized for a being within the physical to once again appear within the higher realms.

    We are here at this time to allow as many of you who choose to exit the physical realms and reemerge within the higher dimensions without any necessity to leave your physical bodies behind you. This procedure may be new and un-experienced before by many of you. This does not mean that this method is not possible for you; it only means that you have never before chosen this means to exit the physical realms and reappear within the higher realms. Many of you at this time are consciously choosing to leave your current journeys through the physical and begin your journey anew back home where it is you come from within the higher realms of existence.

    We, the Galactic Federation of Light, are here in great numbers in support of your wishes and your desires as we have always been. We, as your guides, your friends, your coaches and your mentors, do not make any decisions on your behalf without your full consent and cooperation. It is only then that we make decisions on your behalf based only on what we feel is for your greater good and your continued advancement as a spiritual being of light.

    Allow us at this time to assist you bring to you what it is you have chosen for yourselves. What we are here to do is only assist to make a reality what it is you have chosen and what it is you have instructed us to help you accomplish. We are not here for any other purposes. We are not here for our own reasons, and we have no hidden agendas whatsoever. We are your friends and we are your guides who have been with you every step of the way, every breath of the way, of your current journey and so many previous journeys as well.

    Many of you have experienced reversals of these roles on many occasions. Many of you have stood right where we stand today, as guides who have assisted many others who are currently incarnated within the physical realms right alongside you, and many of you have even acted as guides for many of us who, throughout your current incarnation, act as your guides. This is how it works throughout this universe, where each of us act as guides for each other in love and service for each other.

    As we have said all along many times, we are not strangers to you. We are not uninvited guests, we are your family, we are your friends, and we are your guides. We are also you, as many of you have stood right where we stand today, watching over, nurturing and guiding others souls while they are on their physical journey. We are no different from you, and you are no different from us. We are one. We have always been one, and we will always be one. There is no separating us. We will always work together in one way or another throughout our never ending journey of existence.

    Do you now have a clearer picture of who it is that we are and who it is that you are? We are all one big family. We are not beings that are coming here to meet you for the first time. We know you even more deeply than you know yourselves, as we are fully conscious of who it is you truly are and of all of your incarnations into the physical as we see them clearly from our vantage point. We love each and every one of you very deeply, and only wish to bring about what is best for you and what it is you have expressed you wished to learn and to experience throughout your incarnations.

    It will not be long before we can meet with you again and embrace you as our friend and our family. The journeys that many of you are on at this time are coming to a close, but always keep in mind, as one journey closes out there will always be another one opening for you as your journey is one that is never ending. We will also begin a new journey, but this time we will be together with you as we set out to reach new goals, meet new challenges and enjoy new experience and adventures throughout this magnificent universe we call home.

    We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

      • Ya I wonder about depictions of civilizations in Star Wars where the landscape is 100% buildings. That seems like a somewhat homogenous / humanoid-centric existence… although perhaps what is being represented there is a “dualistic” civilization taken to an extreme. The existence of the planet’s creatures have been isolated to the extent that only one life form is sustainable.

        Does that even make any sense?

        • ~Yeah, This Makes sense…My personal Vision is Geared towards an UltaListic Reality with a Mono-Unity Consciousness that All Vibrate and Communicate Through…Buildings that are More Fashioned with Roundness, like the Ark of Noah…and All Animals Live Beside Us in Leisure and Peace… :mrgreen: ~

  10. ROO’S A DAD!!!

    We have puppies… 8 at last count. 5 girls and 3 boys…

    Will get pictures when they aren’t so slimy… LOL

      • Dont’ know how much congrats I deserve… All I did was watch… (ok, so that sounds creepy… it’s not like that) LOL

    • As promised… non gooey pictures of the puppies…

      Mom and her pack… still a bit wobbly from the ordeal last night…


      And one with Dad in the picture. Roo so loves puppies….


      I left them high res, so if you download them you can zoom in for nice clear views. Sorry Steffie… I know a 1.3 meg file is tough for you… now there are two… LOL

      • OMG!!! Would you look at those paw pads! They look like flower petals! Or rhodochrosite… πŸ˜‰
        John are those collars hair tie thingies? Wow, you breeders know all the tricks! You’ll know they’re ready for weaning when they start switching collars on you… πŸ˜‰
        They’re magical… Mom looks plum tuckered out…

        • Yeah, Sue color codes the pups.. it’s far easier to keep track of them…

          “Which one?”
          “Big pink…”
          “No, that’s little pink…”
          “yeah that one… and grab blue too…”

          Poor Misty… It was her first litter and she still doesn’t really know what happened. The look in her eye is partly pride, partly terror and partly exhaustion… She’ll be back up and being a bouncing puppy herself in a few days.

  11. Living in Parallel Quantum Worlds

    Very interesting article, to long to post it, but not that long it becomes boring πŸ˜€

    It reminds me also of my own personal story, I don’t know if this was a parallel universe…or a trick of the mind.

    I remembered an experience I and my mother had when we were in France. We were on a lake surrounded by mountains nearby St Remy. Me and my mother were talking when suddenly we looked across the lake to see a horse going in to the water and drink. Then we saw my father coming and yelled at him , look there a horse. When we looked back (only 5 sec) it was gone.

    • ~”Walking in 2 Worlds”,this is Exactly what I Was Thinking About,Yesterday,Lisa!…On How in Accepting and Living my True Self, I Need to Fully Engage in the Presence of My Meaningful Dialogue,within MySelf~

  12. I cometely forgot about new SaLuSa yesterday! I guess that’s what happens when Mike goes on vacation… πŸ˜‰
    I hope everyone’s doing well!
    I really enjoyed the first several paragraphs if this message, but I have to admit… I don’t *want* to forget everything that happens before Ascension, because I sure as heck don’t want a repeat experience!!!
    This past weekend and this week are quite intense for me… Time to slow down a bit an take some deep breaths… πŸ˜‰
    I want to know how everyone’s doing, but I’ll go read all the other comments first… Love & light & laughter, y’all!

  13. Hi everyone. Can you believe our government is trying to shut down the ECETI ranch. This place is a place of love and so many people have had life changing experiences at the ranch. so everyone, please send out your prayers so that the PTB come to their senses and ECETI gets the right to remain open.
    James Gilliand and his staff are of the highest integrity and I always felt, these are the ones who should be running our country.
    SO thanks in advance and the best prayer would be one of gratitude that the outcome is already assured.

    After 1:30 PM PST ECETI will have its second hearing in the counties attempt to close our doors. We are going for the case to be dismissed or a change of venue. We have no doubt we will eventually win this case especially when it goes to the federal courts. Please send your prayers and intentions to Goldendale, WA Kilickitate County Courthose tomorrow May 8th to help us continue to serve in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. We also give our deepest grattitude to those who donated to the legal funds in this matter.
    James Gilliland


  14. Leslee, I dont think we will forget 100 percent because every past life memory is stored in our cellular memory. I then think any past negative actions or emotions we had, we instinctively know not to repeat them because of our cellular memory.

  15. I am really not too much into poetry but check this one out. It is from my friend Ashley who is only 22 and I have never ever even heard of her talking poetry. It is for a school project of hers. I MEAN THIS REALLY CHOKED ME UP. in a good way.

    Where I’m From

    I am from a family, not rich but not poor.
    I am from a few hundred, maybe less or even more.

    I am from hard work, and not giving up.
    Where I am from, your best is always enough.
    I am from love, and patience and care.
    It isn’t always easy, but if needed, we’re there.

    I am from Christmas, and loud obnoxious laughter.
    I am from hope, and from dreams hereafter.
    I am from strength, and happiness too.
    I am from yellow roses, and carnations that are blue.

    I am from fishing trips, and bonding time with Grandpa.
    From where I caught my first fish, on a boat named β€˜The Miranda.’
    I am from sloppy Joes, and summertime barbeques.
    Where I am from, we hit the alarm clock just a few times to β€˜snooze.’

    I am from many different nationalities.
    Polish, Slovak, Italian, and German are we.
    I am from sunshine and rainy weather.
    Where I am from, we always spend time together.

    I am from pictures that are hung on the wall.
    The black and white or colored ones; I am from them all.
    I am from cookbooks that have been passed down for years.
    Where I am from we deal with cutting onions, which always make our eyes tear.

    I am from somewhere different than from where you are from.
    If we were all the same, life wouldn’t be much fun.

    • Nice Gunner… I always enjoy this ‘one’ from the late great Oscar Brown Jr.

      ( ( ( Oscar Brown Jr – Children of Children ) ) )

      ~The children of children by the time they’re half grown
      have habits like rabbits and young of their own.
      ~The children of children from their mamas laps hop
      down to the ground to be taken in traps.
      ~The children of children trapped by dark skins to stay in
      and play in a game no one wins.
      ~The children of children while still young and sweet
      are all damned and programmed for future defeat.
      ~The children of children are trapped by adults
      who fail them then jail them to hide the results.
      ~The children of children unable to cope
      with systems that twist them and rob them of hope.
      ~The children of children of sin and ashamed
      keep pairing and bearing and who do you blame
      ~The children of children cry out every day –
      they beg you for rescue and what do you say?

  16. Dear friends,

    We’re setting up an action that can be done at the speed of light.

    We know that our world is ruled by corrupt people, who all work together to keep us under control.

    We also know that our world has been visited by benevolent ET species, many of them humanoid, who work together in a huge organization called the Galactic Federation of Light.

    Why don’t they help us and free us from this corrupt regime that has so many people suffering and starving to death?

    Well, from what we understand this is for karmic reasons partly, but the main reason is a universal law called “The Law of Non-Interference”. This means that a higher civilization cannot just interfere with a lower one, because the natural evolution will be disturbed then.

    This all changes when they are INVITED to come down. Then it’s no longer a matter of interfering, it’s accepting an invitation.

    Well, today, we’re officially inviting them. Not on behalf of our corrupt governments, who know about the ET presence but are covering it up, but on behalf of ourselves, as sovereign human beings.

    Anyone who is awake, and has evolved spiritually, knows that when you send out a thought, it always reaches its destiny. This is how telepathic communication works, for instance, or prayers. We all have this capability, and today, we’re gonna use it.

    What we will do, is only one thing. Send out this thought, or something like it, in your own words:

    “Dear members of the Galactic Federation, and all higher beings who would like to help us, but cannot do so because of certain universal laws. Please help us. We are INVITING you to. On behalf of myself as a sovereign human being, living on planet Earth, I ask you to come down and help us. We know you have been monitoring and visiting us for ages. We know you have technology that could solve our biggest problems, like hunger, pollution and wars, almost in the blink of an eye. But you felt restricted to help us openly, because of universal laws and our “official” representatives, our corrupt governments, not cooperating with you any time you offered your help. Today, we call it ENOUGH. These corrupt governments are NOT representing us. We are representing ourselves and we’re asking you to help us. There has been enough suffering on this planet, we want it to end. Please come down and help us. We will welcome you with open arms, and a loving heart.”

    That’s all you need to do.

    When you’re done, spread this message as far and wide as you can. Anyone in your environment who you think might be open to this, needs to be invited to join. Spread it through your Facebook pages, your e-mail address books, newsletters, anyway you can. You can be sure that your invitation reaches our galactic friends and when they see the scale on which it happens, they have no other option than to see this as an official invitation from mankind.

    It’s just a matter of numbers. If 200 world governments say “NO, no, no” to them, but behind them, hundreds of thousand of world citizens are shouting “YES! YES! YES!”, who are they gonna regard as representing mankind? Surely, it’s us. Today, we make it happen. TOGETHER! Please go ahead and add your voice.

  17. Just turning off the notifications…

    Oh, and saying Hi to all… Thanks to the Galactics/Etherics and L&L to the Human family.

    • Hiya, John! Congrats to Roo and Roo and Roo and Roo and Roo and Roo…. all of ’em! (And Tigger, too!)
      Hope you’re doing well! Any signs of spring up your way?

      • Oh there are springs popping up all over the place around here… The trees are almost all in leaf, my garden is up and growing nicely… The birds are back and we have PUPPIES!!! LMAO…

  18. Hello everyone! i’m here, but nothing of any great importance to say, really, just that I LOVE YOU ALL! ~*❀*~

    Laura posted a really lovely message and asked me to send hugs and love to all of you, specially to Gunner, Wes, Dreamwalker “and the rest of the galactic family”. I will share her long message below – seems particularly relevant, with SaL’s message here…


  19. Laura Tyco – Power to People Now– 6 May 2012

    I feel so privileged to be one of the witnesses of the massive world awakening we are all here for. It has been a long journey for us all I feel and if you are anything like me, you must feel just about ready for a long vacation in the warmest, sweetest spot in the Universe, where nothing ever has to be done!
    Over the past 4 months I had a very trying time: university, family ill, friends died suddenly, have avoided being blown up, avoided car crashes, various disappointments in friendships, the list goes on…

    However, I still feel uplifted by the latest updates coming from people like David Wilcock, Bill Brockbrader, Drake and Benjamin Fulford, and of course I am delighted with the love and support from all light beings.
    I am one of the lucky people who recalls her life planning sessions, with Ascended Beings and Angels. I do recall in fact having a pre-knowledge of this life plan, however there was never any guarantee or promise of success for us or for Mother Earth.
    I was asked to come back, this one last time on Mother Earth, in order to participate in the Human Consciousness Awakening, along as being an active player for Earth Transformation. I was told to that end, there would be a gigantic human chain of awaken beings, sent from above. We would be scattered all over the planet in order to help raise vibrations, so along with a few other thousands of people, we were sent here to help this planet and its inhabitants move into a new plane of existence.

    Although I felt my experiencing duality on Earth had ran its course with my soul, I had to give this offer a further thought. I recall coming to this planet, along with many other alien races some million of years ago, I recall being part of the Egyptian civilisation, I recall having been an important player on Atlantis, but I also recall living in a cave in prehistoric times, I also recall being a fish, devoured by a bigger fish, I recall having been poor, with young children, I recall a life of fear, disempowerment, being drunk and having died in the street, with only a bottle of spirit for companion. I recall having had children, or lives of luxury also, I recall almost always dying young, and being unable to cope with 3D life, feeling cut off from source and being angry at many things, including at God.

    So the prospect of coming back did not enchant me to say the least, but I did manage to set a few conditions for my last incarnation and I negotiated my terms pretty hard. I had also stolen some memories from the other side, like the ones I speak of above, because without them, I felt I would fall again in my eternal cycle of despair and young wilful death.

    There was going to be something extra for me in this life, and the purks were that after going through a great ordeal in my youth, but after age 24, things would get better and better for me. All these things have manifested into my life, at the expected time. All the promises made by my guardian angels have in fact materialised in due time, and I am now 38 years old.
    I was also told that should we manage to pull our mission through, death would no longer be experienced by us, and we would live through some unique times, when we would come in direct contact with those who are behind the veil, namely with Angelic Beings and with Benevolent Ascended Galactic Beings. In this last life time, I would have the possibility to witness all Earth changes, and my own transformation.

    We live now at this tipping point of our lives, we are all changing, we are all moving towards the light.
    Many of us have connected through the internet, some of us have fallen out, and some of us work daily together. I can feel all our energy at its best now, I can feel your presence at the end of the internet connection, we are all joining hands and efforts to make the Shift happen. Our connection goes on in many levels, in many forms, consciously or not. We are all working for the light, we are all joining forces, we are all here for this particular time.

    Many of us have given up on having a normal life, on having a family or children, just so that we can participate in full to our role as catalysts.

    We are all connected, all one, all love, and will always be so.
    Lightworkers unite.

    Laura Tyco IndyInfos

    • Hi Steffie,
      It is a great post, I read it earlier when I visited her site.

      Love, light and laughter

  20. Hi Steffie, the White lion of south Africa, NIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Always a pleasure when you post. Thanks so much for the Laura update. I dont know what happened because around 2 to 3 months ago I tried posting comments but they would never come up over there. I tried many many times after that but still could not post. It was weird because sometimes I would post 2 times and the site would say duplicte comment. The problem was when I checked the comments, mine was never posted.
    I really hope Laura does not think that I was ever angry with her because that is simply not the case. I used to comment there and then post the same comment over here but all of a sudden my comments never showed up over there and I really dont know why.
    I tried many times to comment on that problem but again it did not post. Maybe you can ask Laura about it.
    I am sending Laura much love and light. Wow, it sounds like she has had a rough go of it lately. I think the ASS is at an all time high since the begginning of April, I have been getting it bad but able to cope just fine. Cant wait until its over though.
    Maybe you could copy this comment and post it on her site.
    Again, so uplifting to see you post. I love the Avatar. You should see the cool shirt I got from David Icke. It has a lion on it and above the lion it saids “Human race, Get off you knees” Then below the lion it saids “The Lion sleeps no more”

    • I was wondering if you got your shirt yet… awesome! I saw David Icke a number of years back when he wrote ‘Children of the Matrix’. The whole 8-hours were well worth the time.

  21. Wow, what a message from Laura. I did not know she had remembrnce of planning this life. Her guides and angels. Other than Life between Lives regressions I have read, I never heard a human say that. Gotta be pretty cool with all her memories. just blows my mind away.

  22. Wow, damn I am saying wow a lot lately, gotta change that.
    Anyway I cant believe I did not post this in the morning, some times I got 10 thoughts at once going through my head.
    So I go in the front of the building and Ask AA Michael for the blue circle or ball of protection for humans negative energy, the golden ball for negative spirits and the white ball for more of an open connection to God Goddess. I felt Michael very quickly. i did that invocation to him and really could feel his presence.
    Then, all of a sudden, something made me walk to the entrance of our building and it has this big logo of Evergreen there. This logo is surrounded by flowers and the whold set is surrounded by concrete. I look at the flowers and OMG , there were blue flowers in a complete circle around the logo. Then i look at the logo and yes, it is painted gold, OMG Michael is sending me a sign and to top it all off , I look at the circle of concrete, and yes you guessed it, totally white. Man o manochevitz I was blown away and felt so thankful and honored.
    Just a reminder, when you reach out to these beings, you can expect that 100 percent you are being heard and it us to each individual to pick up the signs being sent to them and not just think it is another coincidence.

  23. A very uplifting story

    john gunshefski
    3:30 PM (0 minutes ago)

    to Allison, Ashley, Carmine, Chris, Christine, david, dont, James, James, Jim, Justin, lisa, mike, mr, nnoce001, patty, samantha, school, torres, walter, William, yumi

    My brother and I got to snorkel with a mama Manatee along with her baby. It was like a big time spiritual experience, one I will never forget.

    Reply Reply to all Forward

    Click here to Reply,

  24. Time to head off to the great horizon, have a nice night everyone with dreams of the 5th dimesnion making your nights just marvellous, simply marvellous.

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    • That’s pretty cool, Babajij! I wish it had some curves in it… πŸ˜‰
      Is this the one… Didn’t you ask about one a couple days ago, whether it might be one of the 12? I can’t remember… 😦

  26. Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation – May 8, 2012

    9 Ix, 7 Moan, 8 Manik

    Dratzo! We return! A great foreboding is pervading the ranks of the dark cabal. Those in charge of bringing this once-invincible force to heel have started the final countdown for releasing a legal ‘wrecking-ball’ on them. The G-8 governments of your world, centered mainly in Europe and North America, sense that their long jig is truly up. They can see that the process to remove them formally from power, which has in fact been going on for decades, is now in its final crescendo. Despite a recent series of private meetings between their leaders and our liaisons, these G-8 nations have refused to distance themselves from those who have secretly ruled them from the headquarters of their banking and financial empires. This decision is to prove fatal to these once-mighty nations. Each of them, at one time, formed the backbone of a great economy which trod triumphantly over the world’s nations, but now they are to suffer a massive reversal of fortune, and this will free your planet from the clutches of a tyranny that prevented the rise of your freedom and the establishing of your personal sovereignty.

    The dark cabal’s demise is the beginning of a series of positive developments that will be further enhanced by a huge boost in the level of electronic technology that is to be made available to you. Consciousness is an ever-growing awakening process, and is stimulated by interaction with electronic communication technologies. Every human carries within them much wisdom which can be unleashed by the mere presence of this growing artificial intelligence; as the quality of the interface increases, so consciousness increases. The dark has been drip-feeding you where this technology is concerned. You have been held back, both technologically and spiritually, by a dark governance that fears your awakening and is covetous of your dormant collective powers. These fears drove this cabal to use a type of mind-control that diminishes your abilities and encourages you to perceive their dominion as immutable and permanent. This is now about to be seen for the illusion it is, and a whole new ethos put in place which is far more compatible with your divine natures. This new ethos will form the foundation of a fully conscious society.

    Your new reality will go beyond mere external perceptions; it will entail a complete restructuring of your consciousness. Full consciousness opens up a world that is currently unknown to you. Yes, you can envision an environment in which your mind powers can deeply affect your relationships with society, but just how this is done remains a tantalizing mystery. Those who live in such a state of being revel in it and enjoy their ability to enhance their environment for the delectation of all. Bringing such a mode of existence to you is our present task, and we intend to do it in right divine time. Until then, we can give you clues and descriptions of full consciousness, knowing that satisfying your curiosity can only be attained once you have personally experienced this most exquisite state! Now we are at the point where we have to engage in the removal of the dark ones from power, and those dedicated to your planet’s wellbeing are ready to do this.

    The changes that are coming can be viewed as the first major step to disclosure, as the new governments are to support our arrival. At this time the schedule will be made very clear to you about the spread of our technology and the details of the actual event of the mass landings. Both these actions items require a lot of explanation before they happen. This is necessary because you have all been lied to for seven decades regarding our intentions and even regarding our very existence. We must clarify who we are and why we are here, and on top of that, explain the presence of your Inner Earth family, which has also been kept from you. The dark has done a very good job of entrapping you in a mental cage made up of lies, and it will be our joint mission to dismantle these lies, one by one, and introduce you to life ‘outside the cage.’ This work is complex, and we have much ground to cover together before our first contact and all that follows.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come now with some news about the projects of our secret sacred societies. As you know, various programs to institute a new global financial system are underway. Several nations have agreed to test the efficacy of the new international banking monitoring-system by defying those institutions that carry out debt regulation for the dark. The initial results are most encouraging and demonstrate that the dark’s enforcement agencies are quickly losing their iron grip on global debt. The aim of the new system is of course debt forgiveness, and banking based on a true equity system. These early successes prove to our associates that the fundamental design of this new system is sound and ready to be put to full use. Heaven and we have blessed them, and have asked that they fully prepare themselves for taking this prototype global.

    The other side of this financial coin is monetary reform. First comes the return to precious-metals-backed currencies, but with several key changes, including an end to currency tranching exchanges, and evaluating one currency against another based on mutual debt levels. These concepts are based on the debt system and are unnecessary. The new monetary system is founded on a system of equity and stable values based on usage. The purpose is to transform the need for several primary currencies and to substitute a new value usage system. Currency per se and the new monetary system are to constitute a bridge between your present fiscal status and a permanent state of abundance that ends the need for money. Technology will be introduced which permits everyone to easily create their own food, clothing, shelter, and any other sundry needs and wants.

    The new conditions we describe here are also a bridge between the present familiar reality we all know, and one in which the focus is on preparing for the divine ascension to full consciousness. Here, we will be free to teach you each day about the wisdom that Heaven has imparted to us. All of us, in Love and Grace, are to restore this Earth to the beauty that humanity in its willful ignorance so desecrated over the past few millennia. We are to engage your Love, and help you bring your inner beauty forward. You were created with immense potential, which is to manifest and collectively lead our precious realm to a point where a wonderful fusion of inner and outer Earth is possible. We gladly take on the task of guiding each of you to actualizing who you really are. Ascension is really no more than realizing this inner power and learning how to use it to improve this world and most assuredly, physicality!

    Today, we gave you further details about what is happening in your world. A grand change is in the offing! Changing your dark reality to the Light is part of a greater process that is restoring each of you to full consciousness. Soon we will be reunited, and will collectively create a new reality for humanity and for Gaia. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

    Planetary Activation Organization

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