SaLuSa ~ 21-May-2012

Can you feel the changes around you as the energies continue to rise up, and will continue all the way to Ascension. They are bringing a peace to Earth and your civilization, one that will see many more souls lifting up into the Light. It will have the affect of calming situations that are leading to an aggressive response. Indeed, there are many trouble spots that need it to bring about a cessation of disputes and fighting, and you will see them being turned around. When sufficient people have found the power within to bring a peaceful solution to such problems, they will no longer be a threat to peace. By our reckoning there has not been such a period in your past, when the people have risen up to successfully achieve peace. Naturally there are still Leaders and Dictators that talk of war, and those of the last cabal are still desirous of spreading misery and death. However, talking is all they will be allowed to do, as we can support you in your quest for peace and put a stop to any attempt to do otherwise.

We are quite active just now, as a number of events are being staged for your benefit. They will be fronted by our allies, and we will so to say stay in the shadows and ensure all manifests as intended. When the need has arisen we have been outgoing, and it no longer matters if you witness our actions as we have no reason to hide them. It will not be long anyway before we will find ourselves free from the attention of the dark Ones, and able to mix with you. We have provisionally sought assistance from some Leaders who work with the Light, so that at last Disclosure can be announced. We desire to tie it in with our intent to give a display of our craft, as a way of celebrating our re-union. As we have often remarked, there are many of you who are directly related to us and the other members of the Galactic Federation. So please bear with us as the weeks pass by, as our promises have not been forgotten. We are true to our word and a series of great events are about to be unleashed upon you.

It is very remarkable how you have suddenly awakened to your true selves, and identify with the latent powers that you have. You can achieve anything you set your minds upon, and when of a like mind you come together your power increases tenfold. You are re-shaping your reality and creating the new paradigm, whilst at the same time transmuting the lower energies. It is you the people who are showing your power to mold your future, and as long as you hold it in focus it will continue to appear in your lives. Not everyone is ready for the changes, and for some they are too much to handle. They prefer to stay in their comfort zone, and we have no reason to change it for them. However, ultimately things must move on in accordance with the completion of this Cycle of Duality, and your present Earth will cease to exist as it is now known. A new Earth awaits those who have chosen to ascend, and will be the uplifted version minus all aspects of the old Earth that have no place in the higher dimensions. For others there is another place prepared for them.

By now most of you who are to ascend will know who you are, and there will be no doubts in your minds. It will feel right to you, and as time passes you will find that less and less of the old Earth gives you satisfaction. It has nevertheless served you well and only reflected the conditions set up by Man. Clearly these have not always been beneficial to Mother Earth, and today you see around you the result of the worst aspects of Man’s indifference to the needs of others. Not only that, he has taken the Earth for granted and shown little respect or love for such a great entity. It is why the Earth is to be restored to her pristine condition, and it will be your way of thanking Mother Earth for all she has done for you.

What is about to happen in all of your lives, is way beyond most peoples expectations. There will be some upheaval and inconvenience, but it will be quickly seen that the purpose is for your benefit. We are to ensure that you take a great leap forward, and are to have the technological advancements that will take you into the New Age. In the greater scheme of things they are shared between all civilizations, as it is seen that by doing so all are lifted up. It is only on Earth that greed and control keep you in a state of need, and that is not how it was intended to be. Already some technologies that have been hidden are about to be released. They will solve your current problems, that arise from your methods of providing energy for the various needs you have.

There is in fact an abundance of all of the essentials you need to live comfortably. There is free energy all around you, and it requires little in the way of equipment to tap into it for your daily needs. On a larger scale the Universe abounds with energy, and your scientists have long known that it is the source that powers our Space Craft. Indeed they have learnt how to do it, and you have your own craft powered in that very manner. They are by our reasoning somewhat primitive, but the fact remains they are powered by free energy. It could easily replace your combustion engines, and instead give you pollution free methods of travel. That will happen in due course and take you a step nearer to becoming a Galactic Civilization which is your destiny.

By taking a quantum leap forward in relatively short time, so much will have changed that a visitor from the past would not recognize your civilization. Also because of those of you who have ascended, it will comprise of souls who have reached a level, where they have moved beyond the thoughts or actions that have typified the lower vibrations. In other words criminal activities will have been overcome, and you will have societies where people are trustworthy, and work with each other in Love and Light. The attractions of the lower vibrational energies will no longer exist, as they cannot be taken into the higher ones. Furthermore, you will have risen to such a level of consciousness, that you would not in any event entertain such thoughts.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel sure that you are beginning to understand what we of the Galactic Federation are bringing to you. We are One, and you are to lift up to our level of being and quite rightly take your place along side of us. At heart you are all loving Beings of Light, and that is how we see you all.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Had an amazing view of the eclipse yesterday… was at the beach and the fog created a perfect veil to see the event in it’s full glory. Carpe Diem Spirit Train Riders! ~In Light

    **New Moon Awakening Kiss**
    05.21.12 ~ Rev. Angela Peregoff

    “Life is action and passion; therefore, it is required of a man that he should share the passion and action of the time, at peril of being judged not to have lived.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

    As we sit basking in the dynamic presence of yesterday’s solar eclipse New Moon there is no longer any question that a cosmic acceleration is influencing our times, as we seem to be in the midst of a new level of amplify. For the next couple of weeks our sun is resting in perfect alignment with the central sun Alcyone in the celestial Pleiadian system. This group of stars represents the seven sisters or seven Goddesses in our galaxy. We also stand at the culmination of Wesak, a festival celebration of enlightenment.

    Typically May is a mystical rebirthing time when we can relax, merge with Spirit, the higher planes, and drink in the elixirs of expanded consciousness. We relax and smell the roses (the scent of the Divine); we feel like focusing on comfort, beauty, security, and harmony within all our resources. However the particular stellar waves that will be pouring in from the galaxies above will be providing the signals and frequencies to anchor newer levels of awareness that include sacred respect for the value of life and consciousness.

    Energy vibrations from the Galactic Center will be transmitted across the parsecs of space in a language of Light, a form of intelligent communication that affect and support all forms of consciousness. The Pleiades, Alycone, Maia, Electra, Merope and the rest of the cluster of stars from that region of the galaxy will be transducing transmissions and relaying them onward. Our Sun will catch the cosmic communications and distribute them to the rest of the solar system.

    Each wave of particular frequency will be carrying a specific resonance of higher frequency and Divinity sent directly to your cells, where the spirals of your DNA are in harmonic resonance with the spirals of the galaxy. You will not see or feel the vibrations with you physical senses however your cells will catch the signals loud and clear. Your biology will know it is being called upon to tune itself to meet and match the new harmonics and entrain with the escalating waves of resonant energy.

    Imagine as we progresses towards the Memorial Day weekend in the US the kingdom of humanity will be breathing a New set of encodements that will usher in the experience of Life, physical immortality, and being our body of Light fully present in a cellular biology. The transmissions are very strong and nothing can dispel them. All life on planet Earth, as well as the entire solar system, must adjust to this energy. The Sun’s role is to maintain balance by supporting and sustaining the evolution of consciousness in this galactic realm.

    If the resonance is not matched, then dissonance and discord occur, which is what you usually see unfolding as scandals, dishonesty, bickering, warmongering and new levels of madness. All manner of havoc is created by those who feel frantic because they cannot match the cosmic attunement. If you lose contact with your heart center, then you will not be able to fully occupy your body or use your mind to its greatest capabilities during this time.

    So if you have, or still are feeling as though the universe is giving you a run for your money by having you stand in chaos, emotional upheaval, physical “jumpiness,” fatigue, phases of confusion, listlessness, sensing compression or its opposite, lightness of being it is because as a committed vessel of Spirit you are holding the newest frequencies and assisting in raising the vibration of the planet through your physical being. It may help to remember that cosmic energies are always absorbed by the earth, so to remain calm and centered, do as the rest of Nature’s creatures and stay in touch with the ground.

    As an emissary of Divinity upon Gaia during this time many are acting as grounding points of the deeper commitment of spirituality and consciousness that is surfacing.As an entity understanding, “one with all” your karmic ethics has you devoted to the purpose of Ascension. As a straight shot of Source dimensional equipment you are a very important component for the New Living Field of embodiment. This knowledge may, or may not, make up for all that you are processing physically and emotionally, however, know that if you are building, claiming, and anchoring what is necessary to advance there are celestial elders watching over you. If the need is there, ask for their assistance when the merger of energies becomes too much. They will help, and at the same time make sure that you continue to grow.

    With so many scrambling changes occurring at once many are feeling as though they exist in a house of mirrors. Possessing a keen awareness of the invisible happenings can be distracting and confusing for the human living in accelerated times. We all need to schedule time for pampering when we are feeling ill at ease. For those that perform reality checks and find they are frenzied by energies that are somewhat difficult to handle, you need to formulate clear plans for balance and clarity by consulting your own internal pillar of wisdom and commonsense. The message here is not to beat yourself up for feeling bewildered and out of rhythm. Everyone is involved in this intensive interchange; some are just aware that they are rendezvousing with sacred agreements and contracts. Brainstorm ways that will support the times of disenfranchised spiritual jolts. Visit a health practitioner, make sure your diet is sound, avoid taking big risks, join a metaphysical group, get lost in the arms of nature, etc. You are the only one who can muster the blockbuster remedies for amplified waves of Light running through the human collective with a vengeance during these times.

    As the month comes to a close there will be a definite steadying effect that should be felt by all. But before jumping for joy and high-fiving everyone in your spiritual circle open your mind, while the opportunity presents itself, to newly landing ideas that lead to stunning accomplishments in your human and psychic life. As you settle in after the latest stationing between the full moons inspirations and illuminations will be soaring through your brain. Take time to write it all down for future reference. We have just been sent information on how to BE our truth in greater measure. That means life will be in our favor when we remain in harmony with our Soul values, not our human characteristics such as curtailing, suppressing and limiting the directive of Spirit.

    Personally, I work diligently to remain in alignment with Universal Harmony and this usually moves me beyond the spaces of whirlwind energies and magnetics. Yes, my physicality still remains a utilized tool of SOURCE THOUGHT so I have my days of light-particle processing when I am dizzy, headachy, or stiff and sore but I recognize this as an opportunity to be a great and clear Light for the greater good and try not to whine too much about it. After all, pro-creators are the connector links of unification between the eternal and the now. How cool is that?

    Despite the transitioning symptoms we are in the Era of Pure Eternal Awakening and life force energies. We are coming to understand that Purity and Divine Will are the atmosphere that keeps Intelligence alive now and everything that vibes with It enjoys unification at its highest standards. It is a space where one can live out mastery within life circumstances and situations leading to perfection and acceptance.

    The old is easy – the New is spiritual embodiment made physical!
    Thanks for being a cosmic volunteer to Universal Source Substance,
    ~Rev. Angela

    • Woke up at 4:20, went to the kitchen window, opened it and sent my Love and Light to our Space Family of Light
      Then I did the visualization, I felt like a single ray of Light making a link between the Sun and the Earth, I visualized how all negative entities were escorted out of our planet by the forces of Light
      Then I went to bed again and I realized that at this moment I was not alone, because you were doing the same visualization at the same moment, it is a single and yet a common effort…strange to feel yourself this way….the individual and yet the common, we are the individual cells of One Living Being and Consciousness, the rain drop alone has a latent power which comes noticeable when compared with the river….this way I felt myself
      Love and Light

    • Hi, Suntria, the day is perfect excluding the problem with the blogs and my health condition 🙂
      Love and Light, dear SUN

  2. Thank you for the Light , dear Sun, the problem with blogs is solved 🙂 Thank you, Sar and AA Michael !
    I hope my cold will soon be overcome, my dear friend
    Much Love and Light to you!

    • Mine said (translated):
      security/safety – price – clay – Gone (just like that and my GR is in Portuguese! No clue!) – bigger – child – nest – voting – failed – luck

      • Mine sounds like references to the grid activation from yesterday. Not so sure about the second one, will check Leslee’s word mappings when I have a chance.

        Suntria, yours sounds like references to the monetary and election processes going on in Europe right now.

        • Good call, I totally forgot about Leslee’s word mappings (so so sleepy…)!
          I guess mine feels something like ‘the price of safety (I understand it as ‘financial safety/false sense of security’) is fragile like clay and is gone. Now you are a bigger child leaving the nest (new financial system?). Voting failed, good luck!’ The last bit is a bit far fetched, but hey!

          • I added a link to her GR dictionary at thinktoask for easy reference. Not sure if this is the most up to date version (apr 30). Quite a handy list… 🙂

  3. Blossom Goodchild ~ Federation of Light ~ May 20th. 2012.
    (I also did a blog post the other day which sort of turned into a mini channel)

    May 18th.
    Blossom: Hello again. It is always a pleasure to sit down and converse with you and wondering what each communication shall unfold. So, I hand it over to you to take the lead.

    FOL: Many thanks. In our usual fashion we would desire only to uplift and exalt.  The coming times are ‘amping up’ that which takes place for you NOW in your today. The energies are building to such a degree that they are almost tipping the scale. Excitement is in the air.
    We of The Federation of Light are in our element shall we say. We have prepared much along the way in order for these coming times to run smoothly. It will indeed be interesting to see if our efforts shall be fulfilling for the whole. For of course, although much has been assisted behind the scenes by us and many … it is ultimately up to the ground crew to bring about the steadfastness and the balance.
    By keeping balanced in ALL things then one is able to remain upright! To overload the self too much with one thing or another only allows for the imbalance to take place. When one is totally focused on a particular matter they tend to delve into it feet first … letting other matters of importance fall by the way side. When we say ‘other matters of importance’ … we mean matters such as health and the well being of the soul.
    Dearest ones … in all that is to occur in the coming days … LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES. If you get carried away with all that is happening it is easy for what is important to be forgotten.
    If you want to assist … then by assisting yourself you shall be able to be of great benefit. To stay grounded when one FEELS as if they are about to take off is also beneficial! Remember that the Higher energies are now settling upon your planet and into your Being. Deep breaths … as we have suggested are of great grounding material.

    Blossom: Actually … the link is not at all strong today. (I tried yesterday also). So I feel it best to leave it and try again another time. Not sure why this is … yet all is as should be. I will try again when I get a chance.

    May 20th.

    Blossom: OK … Trying again … anyone home?

    FOL: We are always present as you know. It is just that regarding communication with you Blossom it is not always feasible due to prevailing conditions on many levels.

    Blossom: That’s understood. How are the conditions today?

    FOL: Let us proceed and we will know! Congratulations are very much in order upon your planet. You have reached a decisive plateau … shall we say. In that, energies that have been raised through your own vibrations have brought you and your Earth to a particular ‘point’ where there is now to be no turning back. This is of great magnitude from the place that we observe it and yet so many of you are unable to FEEL it or indeed acknowledge it . Yet we say to you this is so. For just a short while you shall remain on this plateau in order for balance to once again resume and then … as our favourite expression would encore … we would say … in the biggest fashion … ‘Hold on to those hats!’
    For it is then that the pace shall really step up. Many of you felt this ‘amp’ throughout your Beings over the last few of your months , yet what is to come will surely FEEL as though ‘time has been standing still’.

    Blossom: : What exactly are we to expect? In what way?

    FOL: In a variety of ways that will excite the soul and the heart. So much will seemingly ‘burst out’ and it will feel at times as if the mind cannot keep up with all that is being revealed. This is why we accentuate the word ‘balance’. For it is deeply necessary to keep oneself in ones stride at all times.
    For as one digests the forthcoming news … as it is absorbed on deeper levels it cannot fail to lift the vibrations of the self as the recognition of all that is actually NOW taking place is acknowledged. Through this recognition you come to discover aspects of your True self that have been hidden from FEELING. And we say to you … how exhilarated you shall find yourselves. For you will actually be able to ‘begin’ to FEEL the newness that is to take place.
    Again … we state that those of you who are in the KNOW need to ground yourselves in full force. For as you assist those who ‘don’t know’ you will be expanding much energy and hence why we insist that the power of meditation and all we have spoken of be of great value to you .

    Blossom: Someone kindly reminded me the other day of the’ Bottles of Love’ you asked us to store up. I have to be honest … they had completely slipped my mind.

    FOL: Yet are they still there?

    Blossom: I would imagine so.

    FOL: Then it is simply a matter of opening the chamber once again and adding more. These things that we have suggested … you may have forgotten about Blossom … yet it is very much in the forefront of our thoughts. For indeed you shall KNOW when it is time to ‘release’ them.
    May we suggest too that the benefit of these ‘stored energy’ bottles can also be used for the self. To return to you and refill you when in need of such sustenance. It is purely a matter of visualising.To visualise ANYTHING that your soul requires has an instantaneous result … perhaps on a level unseen … yet completely sustained on a soul one.
    All these little ‘snippets’ we have shared with you over the years have not been idle chit chat. It may well be of value to recap/revise much of which we have offered  … for we Trust it can be of service throughout all that one is to contemplate and digest as ‘openings’ are offered out.

    Blossom: So … it FEELS as if we are so very close now to … something. Yet we have felt this before. Are we?  I know much is happening on levels we are unaware of … yet are we close to something tangible taking place? Thing is … your ‘close’ and our ‘close’ is probably a likened to your ‘soon’ and our ‘soon’.

    FOL: Dearest friends in whom we FEEL such affinity … do you not KNOW? Do you not UNDERSTAND? Do you not FEEL … that it has already begun?

    Blossom: Yes …inside of me … as I said this excitement is there. But … you know what I mean! … The ‘action’ part of the movie. We’ve had the outline … we’ve had the lead up … we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the action!

    FOL: And it shall be with you ‘soon enough’.  And we will ask you to check once again ‘Are you ready for it?’
    Some of you who ‘believed’ you were ready for it years ago … may perhaps reassess the self NOW and think … ‘Actually … NOW I am ready … I thought I was then … yet not so compared to how much more I am aware of myself NOW.’
    Remember you are on a continual evolvement. As you grow in LOVE for yourself … therefore the ALL … your Being is preparing for that which is to present itself.
    Many of you will experience a FEELING of being ‘switched on’.  As if something ‘clicks’ and ‘off you go.’ Hardly recognising the self … yet knowing that is who you Truly are.
    When you take in these words from the Highest part of yourself … can you NOW FEEL the excitement?

    Blossom: Yes I can … that’s why I guess we are eager to know when?

    FOL: Yet WHEN is not the issue. For everything shall unfold in perfect timing. It cannot be otherwise. Yet you see … WHEN is NOW. You are already in the process of that which you are waiting for. Yet you are always awaiting the next stage … thinking … ‘ This is when it really starts’.
    Flow with WHAT IS and you shall find Peace in your anxiousness to begin. For when you have the Peace of allowing everything to unfold in its Divine timing there simply is no need of WHEN.

    Blossom: Yes. Thank you for that. It makes much sense. Good job chaps!

    FOL: There is yet another matter we could discuss in brief this day .

    Blossom: Of course. Chat away.

    FOL: This matter concerns the confrontation of the soulself to the self that you think you are.

    Blossom: Intrigued and looking forward to the explanation.

    FOL: Your TRUE HIGHER SELF is so much more than you choose to consider it to be. We have been trying to assist in helping you make the connection stronger between that which you think you are/believe yourselves to be … and that which you actually are. For when you marry up the two aspects you will be in awe of who you are and the capabilities that can be utilised. So very much more are you worthy of …

    Blossom: So how are you suggesting we take this a step further?

    By recognising IN YOU that which is real and that which is not. By choosing to become more ‘in tune’ with YOUR REALITY. NOT the one that is presented to you.When you look around you are now of a level where so much appears to be so trivial and pointless. A world that is of a different nature/vibration from that which you FEEL inside. From that which you desire. That world is your non reality. That is the superficial art form of a phony state of Being. That world in which you have grown up in … is no longer suitable.  It has no sense or meaning.
    Yet we say … stop … breath in ‘life’ that is you. Touch a tree … smell a flower.. put your feet in the ocean … look at the stars … and say hello from your heart on the deepest level you can feel … say hello to ‘the you’ that is ‘out there’ … in that tree … in that flower … in that ocean … in those stars …. Connect up to ‘the you’ that is in EVERYTHING. ‘The you’ that you are looking for.
    It is in all these things … and when you give OF yourself to allow to give TO yourself and ‘make’ the connection to yourself ‘out there’ …. The ‘out there you’ will in turn say hello back to ‘the you’ that is within.

    Blossom: I couldn’t have put it better myself!!!!!!!!!!!

    FOL: Do this dearest friends and you shall change? By changing the way you look at things the things you are looking at shall change. Yet they are still the same as they have always been. It is merely your perception of ‘what is’ that has transformed.
    When you connect in this way … there is a transference of energy between the ‘out there’ and the ‘in there’.  This would be ‘tangible’ … as indeed you are looking for .
    In all that is to transpire … it will seem for a time as if you are living in two worlds at the same time.  Would we perhaps say it may FEEL as if you are living within two different dimensions. And in a sense … you shall be. We would call it ‘The cross over’. This is when you must differentiate between what is real and what is not. The REALITY … is YOU … and how YOU FEEL and what guides you. The falsehood is the turmoil and upheaval that is unavoidably inevitable as the greatest shift of all takes its form.
    It is your Peaceful energy that can balance out the unrest. Remain calm throughout in the KNOWING that it is merely a change occurring and that ALL SHALL BECOME PEACE when the process is done.

    Blossom: Thanks very much. I am so glad we were able to chat today. Until next time … our Love and thanks go out to you.

    FOL: Remember that a smile raises the vibration of the self and the whole. And in times when smiling is the last thing you FEEL like expressing … when you come from the heart and express it in your eyes and your face … you can Light up a soul or a place that is very much in need of such a gesture of LOVE. Remember this.

    Blossom: We will …. Thank you.  

  4. Goodmorning Everybody,

    I hope everything is OK? Last night I had again some intense dreams,and when I woke up I put my hand on my husbands side…and then something happened to my surprise…I can feel his body vibrating and then the vibrating caught my hand and it also went over to me. This never happened, I only feel it myself, not starting with my husband and then my body resonates to with it. Awesome experience that lasted a minute. Just as awesome when I saw that orb pass by on the ceiling on Friday.

    I just can’t wait to jump into action. Love and light. Lisa

  5. Source:


    Greetings from Mytria/Mytre and our Arcturian friends,

    We would like to take you on a multidimensional journey. Please, just relax and enjoy the ride while we guide you in an exercise to assist you to remember your true, multidimensional nature…

    Begin by seeing yourself aboard our Starship, Athena. There are many Pleiadians and Arcturians on this Ship working as ONE to assist humanity and Gaia with the great transition. Imagine yourself in a Corridor of the Ship. Now, walk over to the wall and touch it to connect with the life force of the Ship. You can feel that the Ship is happy to assist and guide you on your journey. Yes, the Ship itself will guide you, for it is a living being.

    As you connect with the Ship, many memories flash into your awareness. These memories are multidimensional in that they are of experiences you have had as your fifth dimensional SELF. Close you eyes so that you can more easily allow these memories to enter into your physical brain.

    Imagine these memories as pictures and feelings as you:
    Look down to your feet and see what you have on them…
    Look at your legs. What do they look like and what is covering them…
    Look at what you are wearing…
    Look at your hands and your arms…

    Now that you have grounded your Essence in this reality:
    See yourself embracing old comrades from your many visits to this ship…
    Feel how their greeting warms your heart…
    Notice how they encircle you and welcome you back from your “away mission”…
    Hear their voices and look into their eyes…
    Reach out to touch them and feel their touch on you…

    Most of them have also extended their consciousness into one of their earth-bound expressions and are eager for that component of their beingness to return. It is well known that your Mission on Earth is not yet complete and that this meeting is only a visit. However, in-between visits you spend much of your leisure time imagining a reality that seems so distant from your earth life, yet it will not totally leave your memory. This memory is a blessing, and feels like letters from home when you are far away. In fact, your Earth life is quite similar to a “tour of duty.” However, this tour of duty will last for the duration of your Mission.

    When you first began to awaken, you could only long for that which was missing. Gradually, that longing forced you to go deep within to find the answers that were invisible to your physical world. Now you have found many answers and are sharing them with others. Fortunately, there are more and more “others” with whom you can be open. In fact, openly being your SELF is an important part of your Mission. However, you do not wish to think about Earth right now, for you are temporarily Home.

    When the time-bound thought of “temporarily” enters your mind, your vision of being on the Ship fades. Instantly, you close your eyes to regain your connection with your higher expressions of reality. You focus intently on the feeling of the Ship’s wall. It feels almost like skin, not in texture, but because it feels alive. The memory of “things” being without life in your 3D world floods into your awareness and the hall begins to fade again. You focus intently on the feeling of the living wall and slowly maintain your connection to this higher dimensional reality.

    While holding that image firmly in your awareness, you ponder how your physical form will ever contain this multidimensional awareness. Fortunately, you refuse to participate in doubt. You focus on the FACT that different frequencies of reality feel different. Your physical world has stark contrasts. “Things” have edges and hard boundaries and walls are hard and without life. However, as you take a moment to partially open your eyes, you can see a faint emanation from every “thing” that you once thought of as non-living. In fact, as you look across the room, you see a vague emanation form the wall. Your eyes drift to a plant, a person or an animal to see how their emanation is much stronger.

    As you look at the wall of your physical room, you see the overlay of the wall in the Starship, and you gradually return your awareness to the Starship. However, instead of trying to ignore your physical world while you travel inter-dimensionally, you hold BOTH worlds in your ever-expanding multidimensional consciousness. First, with your eyes partially open, you look around your area to see the many auras and/or electrical emanations. You “SAVE” that image to your mind, and close your eyes, maintaining the image.

    Now, see the Starship again. You are still alone in the corridor with your hand on the wall, and you hold that image as well. Now, close your physical eyes to block out your physical world and open your Third-eye to perceive your fifth dimensional world…

    Next, maintaining the image of your hand on the Starship’s wall, open your eyes to your 3D world—BUT keep your awareness of the Starship active in your consciousness by keeping your Third Eye open…

    Finally, with your physical eyes open to your physical world, maintain an opened Third Eye in your fifth dimensional world…

    This exercise is how we, the Pleiadians, began our ascension into the fifth dimension. We had Starship travel before our ascension, but we also had many wars and conflicts. However, we began to tire of conflicts and battle. We are by nature a gentle people and would much prefer to dance, sing, create art, enjoy our friends and engage in amorous activities. The harshness of competition, battle and conflict hurt our Souls and lowered our frequency.

    Then we found our home in the Pleiadian System. The Pleiades, also known as the “Seven Sisters,” is a cluster of young stars. Barely 100 million years ago, during the age of dinosaurs on Earth, the Pleiadian System was formed from a collapsing cloud of interstellar gas. The biggest and brightest members of our System are blue-white and even the faintest stars in our cluster are about 40 times more luminous than your Sun. The star Alcyone is about 100 times brighter than your Sun.

    Finding our new home was the first real safety we had experienced since we had left Lyra. As soon as we arrived here, we knew that we could develop a life that was akin to the callings of our Soul. Therefore, our dear ascending ones, we know how extremely difficult it has been for you to begin and go through your ascension process while you are living in a war zone. In fact, we literally understand your feelings, for many of us have taken an Earthly incarnation to assist the ascension from the body of Gaia.

    We Pleiadians have enjoyed many incarnations/visits on Earth. We say “incarnations/visits” for we only experienced our lives there as incarnations before we ascended into the higher frequencies. Now we perceive our earthly forms as visits, log-ins, or choices to experience being on third dimensional Earth. Also, many of us have volunteered to share our emanation with our grounded expression to over-light their choice to incarnate on ascending Gaia. Now that we resonate to multidimensional consciousness, we can constantly experience our life in our home world, on our Starship and in a physical form within the same NOW of the ONE. Except, of course, our grounded expressions are often unaware of the other realities that are running parallel to their physical self.

    It is the return of your multidimensional perceptions that marks your conscious return Home to your higher expressions of SELF. Therefore, we encourage our beloved human brothers and sisters to remember that they are NOT and have NEVER been trapped on Earth. Only a very small segment of your Multidimensional SELF is living the experience of your physical earth vessel. However, that earth vessel has been closed to all multidimensional input until very recently in your “time.” As you return to your SELF, you will find great comfort in returning to your home world, your Starship and your higher dimensional Temples. These visits will gradually become similar to “going home” after a long day of work.

    When you go to work, you do not expect that your house will leave while you are away. In the same manner, your higher expression of SELF does not disappear because you are placing your primary attention on your physical reality. Learning to simultaneously contain more than one experience of reality in your consciousness is the basis of returning to your Multidimensional SELF. At first, you will only be able to have one “primary” reality at a “time,” but as you release your attachment to time, you will find that you can hold more than one reality as an on-going experience. Begin by living two realities at once and have your “other” reality be of one of your fifth dimensional expressions of SELF.

    As you practice this skill in your daily life, it will become easier and easier. Also, the 97% of your DNA that has been turned off since the fall of Atlantis or before is constantly being turned on by the higher light. As you consciously remember to connect the experiences of your Multidimensional SELF with your daily, physical reality, you will merge your Third Dimensional Operating System with your Multidimensional Operating System. Once these two systems are merged, you can allow your third dimensional perceptions to expand into multidimensional perceptions.

    Remember, the reality that you perceive, is the reality that you live.

    We shall return, for we are always with you in a higher frequency,
    Alycone and Ashtar Command

  6. Ok, so…there were some recent channels mentioning ‘new’ capabilities developing after the recent eclipse – one of them from AAM, if I’m not mistaken.
    Today a friend of mine sent me some photos of his family and in some of them was his dad (I figured it was his dad, I didn’t know). I was looking at the photos and thinking they were great for sending Reiki (what the hell, brain?!). These photos were taken last Saturday and sent last night. I know his dad has been ill and this very morning, like, before I even got to work, I was thinking to myself that he was lucky because it’s fairly common for older people to have broken hips (again, what the hell, brain?!).
    A couple of hours later he posted on FB saying his dad was in the hospital with… a broken hip!!! And asking Reiki healers to send him Reiki! Aaaand… he posted a photo of his dad and… you guessed it! It was the same person who I had thought was his dad! 😐
    It’s not the first time that something similar to this happened to me, but never so accurate and involving more than one aspect, let alone involving people I don’t know!
    I don’t know if this is some kind of ‘gift’ that I’m developing of if it was just some reeeeally weird coincidence… Thoughts, anyone? It just feels odd right now… ♥

    • Actually Suntria, me and Leslee were just talking about energy awareness in another thread… so I would say, you are right on target! Go with it, if this is what you wish to do!

      I know the odd feeling of what you speak, it usually follows for me the granting of a new “gift” – as when I first started to understand how to talk to other beings. I understand this to be a symptom of ego/body complex trying to act as the rudder to our spiritual ship… it’s trying to maintain the present course, and we’re trying to steer it on a new course. So there is a slight “negative” reaction or feeling that results from this change in direction.

      For me this represented a massive shift in my entire world view…

  7. Suntria, it is an ability that you are developing and becoming aware of. Remember the veil is becoming thinner and thinner. Wow, I don’t know where that came from but I was prompted to say it.

    Love you my sister

  8. Hi again everyone ~*❤*~
    Well, with the very best of intentions, I went to bed on Sunday night, planning to wake to do the eclipse meditation… and simply could NOT sleep! then, out of nowhere, I started thinking of a particularly difficult student and her parents, remembering things that had happened, and something that now has to be dealt with… from there, it just went on to one after the other, to the next and the next and the next… all very negative situations. Then it was people from the past – ex husband, best friend/drug addict who almost took everything from me, people from school (45-50 years ago!!!) who had been nasty, or unpleasant – cruel, as kids can be.
    I tried everything to stop this process – focusing on the intent for the meditation, observing what was happening and telling myself none of that was MY stuff, trying the gratitude process… you name it. But nothing worked. The thoughts and visions just kept coming………….
    So, eventually (what can I say, I’m a slow learner!!) I realised that this was a purging or a detox of some kind – a bringing to the surface of a whole load of negativity, so I just let it happen. It was odd, because although it was not exactly pleasant, I wasn’t “hooked into” any of it – I was feeling some of the feelings, but not deeply, and I was just observing…
    Even at 3.30am, the meditation was just impossible so, through this wall of negativity, I set the intention for the meditation and also tried focusing on all of you, as a group… not a damn was my mind (??) going to allow that!!! it all just continued.
    Right at the end I had quite a strange vision – I walked up to a dog I knew well and loved, but the dog went for me – right at my face, and I knew he was going to bite me. I don’t remember anything after that.
    I finally fell asleep at 4.15am and the alarm went off at 5am. So I had a whole 45min sleep the entire night! I looked and felt like hell yesterday – eyes red, like pinholes in the snow, and very tired, but otherwise ok.

    I’m just wondering if anyone else had this kind of experience with the eclipse, where it literally just brought up more and more and more negative “stuff”???

    had a really good sleep last night, with another ahead tonight, I hope!! really feel I need it!


    • Once again we are in synch Steffie. I was bloody tired yesterday, having been woken up my my son at 3:00 in the morning so he could go to the bathroom (he doesn’t want to turn the light on by himself). After that I had a hard time going back to sleep. Just before that I was having the dream about the elf woman (she may have been Adrial, or someone else).

      Last night I went to bed early and today I’m feeling Great! Sleep makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

      Reading Cobra’s site, it sounds like a lot of people were feeling drained after the eclipse… they even mentioned that pisces people were specifically pulling in this energy due to the planetary alignment…

      Your encounter with the dog is similar to the one I had a while ago – it was a path I walked through an airport/campus, when I first met Maureen. I was attacked by the dog and I flipped at the dog’s owner… but I eventually found the path to a “heavenly market”, maybe in Agartha. Very strange dream. Yours definitely sounds like a needed “life review”… mine felt more symbolic of a larger process.

      Not sure why I would only buy 2 oranges from the heavenly market though. Food for thought, huh? 😉

  9. Something is happening at the moment that I’d like to share with you all…
    we all know that the younger generations are coming through already enlightened, but until today, I didn’t realise quite the extent of it. At our college we do what we call Red Flag meetings, for students who are either not attending, coming late, leaving early, attitude issues, poor marks, not handing work in on time, etc etc etc. Over the past week+ I have been seeing a goodly number of them and, only today, realised that I am beginning to sound like a parrot, or a stuck record… bear in mind that the kids I am dealing with are aged between 18 and 23 and, for most, it’s their first year out of school. They are also all of the “creative temperament”, studying design, copywriting or animation.

    I have realised – and been telling them all this – that, if I could count, on the fingers of one hand, those on our little campus of +-330, who have NOT been “diagnosed” with ADHD, bipolar, or both, that would be a lot. Every single one of them feels isolated by this diagnosis, it makes them feel there is something “wrong” with them, and that they need medication to pretend to be “normal”. They all spend their lives wearing masks, and these poor kids look around them and think everyone else is doing great, have such perfect lives, bodies and clothes, and it’s just them who is “weird”. I point out that what they are seeing, for the most part, are masks – they seem really stunned by this.

    The “parrot” bit comes in when I find myself unintentionally regurgitating the same words over and over and over: “It is a generational thing. You are of the generation who are super-bright, super-intelligent, super-intuitive and super-sensitive. You know things that you don’t even know how to verbalise. You get bored easily, because you already know most of what you are being told, or taught – even if you don’t consciously recognise this. You have issues with your parents, because there is no manual for them, and they don’t know how to treat you, and they feel they cannot control you. This is why many of them will do what everyone says, and put you on things like Ritalin, because then you can be controlled. They are not doing this to hurt you – in THEIR frame of reference, they are doing what they believe to be the best for you. Parents want their children to be happy and successful but, because they cannot control you, or seem to get through to you, they don’t know what else to do. Look around you, at your friends, and you will see the same thing – you are able to communicate with one another, but not with the older generations. This is why. Because you are so incredibly sensitive and intuitive, you don’t even have to say anything to understand each other….” and so on and so on…

    The look on their faces, and the happy smiles as they leave my office is enough for me. They are saying “but how do you know?” or “you are the first person who can actually understand me…” or “you have just described me/my situation perfectly…” And I just smile and say that I just know, because I recognise them, and I KNOW!!!

    some of them are from reborn christian homes, others from “atheist” backgrounds, but they all get it. I just have to be VERY careful how I say things though, because I cannot be seen to be punting any kind of belief system, or even criticising their parents’ or doctor’s diagnoses… it’s a fine line, and I just have to trust that I’m able to continue doing this without crossing it.

    But THIS is exactly why I believe that is where I am meant to be for now – even if the pressures and demands of the job are unrelenting, and I sometimes crack under the strain… as soon as I have one of these kinds of conversations, I just KNOW that I am making a difference and that, even in a very subtle way, I am guiding them on that path to enlightenment and awakening. Remember that all these conversations start off with them being terrified and defensive, because they have been Red Flagged, which means they are in trouble! but once we start talking, their lack of performance or bad attitude can CLEARLY be seen to be a direct consequence of feeling misunderstood and therefore a lack of self esteem/worth.
    It now just remains to be seen if these conversations will lead to better academic performance and results… I have a feeling they will ~*❤*~

    • Good for you, Steffie – I have recently come to the conclusion that this is a central aspect to the “Resistance Movement” that Cobra talks about, and these kids (all of them) are the front-line resistance warriors. This is a “form” of resistance to the “old ways”.

      Reflecting on what you say, I am a part of this, it’s who I am too. I dislike sports, religion, and authority. I put up with them, but given the choice, this is not where I prefer to put or give my energy. I even dreaded putting my son in cub scouts (and yes he resists it…). Both sons do not do well at team sports (another control structure!). I’ll bet these kids are the same way. It’s hard because school is a major control structure. The control is intended to give the student structure to get their shite together… whereas the core of the student’s being is to resist authority and control. It’s what they’re here to do.

      So… you’re stuck in the middle of this epic battle. It might even be “Ragnarok”.


    • Hi Steffie! 😀 When I was in school I was often bored out of my mind, but… there was so much pressure for me to have good marks that I didn’t even allow myself the possibility of failing! So, obviously, I became a very anxious person, always having top marks and trying to show that I was a very interested student… (which had repercussions later in my life).
      So, yes, you are making a difference and helping those kids! I wish I had had someone like you when I was in school! ♥

    • Thank you for sharing this Steffie. You are a wonderful teacher, guide and soul. Continue the good work. Much Love.

  10. Thanks to ALL for the uplifting conversations & insights today… 🙂

    **Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spritual Hierarchy
    & The Galactic Federation

    1 Pax, 10 Lamat, 8 Manik

    Selamat Balik! We return! Much is happening on your world. A great confrontation between the dark and the Light is coming to a head. This struggle has thoroughly exhausted the governments of the West. These cabal-controlled regimes are at their wit’s end as an immense financial crisis continues to deepen. The multiple threats to their stability have increased as the rigors of keeping to a debt-oriented economy are compounded daily by the on-going rebellion of nations like Greece, Iceland, and Ireland, and this rattles them to the core. The arrogance of the large multinational banks is throwing further monkey wrenches into this tottering global predicament. Meanwhile, these same banks are suffering from their own meltdown as the number of liens placed on them accrues. The whole sorry mess teeters on the verge of collapse! As this house of cards wobbles, those nations focused on bringing down the current dollar fiat system are silently enjoying what they have already accomplished. The Light supports their efforts in this, as do those who have worked to create the new and fairer economic system.

    Our task in these proceedings is one of support, advice, and a helping hand that can be used to promote the proposals made by these thoroughly alarmed nations. In the past, the non-aligned nations were considered by the West to be mere ‘afterthoughts.’ This marginalizing is now changing as the West’s once-mighty economies stare over the edge of a seemingly bottomless sinkhole. This present array of potential calamities was deliberately engineered by the dark cabal during the last two decades as part of their arrogant bid for world domination. Now, Heavenly circumstances beyond their control have thrown this goal off course, placing the cabal at the mercy of their own diabolical trickery. Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters’ plans to manifest the new monetary system will tie in nicely with the objectives drawn up by the secret sacred societies of those nations that have broken away from the cabal. The die is cast, and your world is living out the final days of a reality that has endured for millennia.

    The programs to prepare you for first contact are progressing well. We revise these constantly, to keep up with the ever-shifting profiles in your medical dossiers. The first official broadcasts must be made in such a way as to quell your perplexities and worries. Each of you needs answers that will remove the sting from what we need to do, and we intend to interact personally with all who wish it. This part of the operation is firstly about multiple reunions: the peoples of Inner Earth will be reunited with surface humanity, followed shortly afterwards by the return of your spiritual and space families who, in Love, initially colonized your beautiful planet 900,000 years ago. The veil of amnesia that buffers you on the Earth plane makes you forget who you really are, which is why the first thing is to bring you up to speed on this pivotal issue, and on where first contact is taking you. Then we can more usefully describe how this transformation is to happen. The Ascended Masters will mentor you through this initial stage.

    Those who have spiritually mentored you down through the ages will be available to field your questions and qualms about how you are to return to full consciousness. Although the process is complex, you need, and will be given, simple, comprehensive answers to your numerous queries. It is vital that you be relieved of any stress in this regard so that you can complete this adventure in a joyous frame of mind. Our personnel will at first assist the Ascended Masters and, if required, show you where this transformation is to take place. Many of you wonder why these procedures are necessary, and we are fully ready to satisfy any and all concerns and questions you may have. All our interactions with you will be Loving and honoring, and done with your full approval. Heaven also intends you to be wholly comfortable with the reasons for the use of a living Light chamber. This special cocoon will heal you and remove the myriad, artificial blocks to your RNA/DNA which were responsible for your fateful fall into limited consciousness 13 millennia ago.

    Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come on this day to explain some of the activities that will bring you your freedom and end your illegal debt slavery. At the end of the 18th and the start of the 19th century, a banking system came into vogue that was based on accumulating great wealth by means of designated debt instruments. Over time this produced a global increase in the trading and amassing of ever-larger debt instruments, the instability of which resulted in ‘panics’ from time to time. These cycles consisted of a general upturn in the world’s trading markets followed by an abrupt downturn which created incredible wealth in the hands of a few. These cycles are now to end as we turn from this debt-driven economy to one based on true equity. The days of this fiat-money world are numbered and will be replaced by true-value money and an end to the whole concept of debt!

    There presently exists on your world a series of banking acts that are to make all banking transactions fully transparent and that will regulate the type of funds that a bank needs to maintain in its reserves. All bank accounting is to be open, and a new agency will oversee those banks that operate either domestically or internationally. The funds they either acquire or dispense will be based on equity: precious metals (gold, silver, or platinum), or items that are highly valued, such as diamonds. In order to put this new system in play, an across-the-board debt-forgiveness is an essential prerequisite and will be announced worldwide. This new system is ready to go, but we are sure you understand that what we have described to you is a very simplified general outline of what created the current financial meltdown and the means by which it is to be resolved globally.

    This new equity system and its new equity economy are to terminate the present abuses which have allowed the few (the dark cabal) to take over every nation and control it by clever use of its banking system. So therefore, one of our first moves is to take over the major banks of your world in order to secure the viability of the new financial system. But remember, even this fair and prosperity-oriented system is only a stopgap to the state of abundance that lies beyond money. Our over-arching concern here is your return to full consciousness. Heaven has mandated that you return to a state of consciousness that permits you to work with us in unfolding the divine plan for physicality. This supreme task is the basis for all our divine service and we are committed to your return to full consciousness in as short a time as divinely possible. We have acquired the assistance of the Galactic Federation and their capabilities will permit us to achieve our divine goals with great success!

    Today, we updated you on what is ready to happen worldwide. Your reality has reached a point where it is no longer viable, and so a very serious intervention is underway which is to transform your world and quickly pave the way for your blessed return to full consciousness. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

  11. In the last couple days I’ve noticed that time has definitely sped up. I notice this when I’m driving. I tend to leave lots of room between me and the car in front of me. So much so that cars tend to get fed up and drive around me. My observation is that I seem to be approaching the cars in front of me a lot faster, so I end up feeling like I’m going to hit them. I don’t, but there’s a noticeable fraction of a second difference. It’s like I’m startled by the speed at which I catch up to them. What’s odd is that centering seems to have the effect of making things more manageable. The warped time is still there, but I’m better able to react.

    Does anyone else notice this when they’re driving?

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