Adrial of Athabantian – 20 May 2012

Dear Lightworkers of Gaia,

In this exciting time of Awakening, many incarnate Lightworkers stretch their limbs and open their eyes after a long sleep, ready to spring into action. Please greet them warmly and share your knowledge; their years of wearing 3D cloaks have allowed placing them strategically, without attracting the dark’s attention. Now is the time. Simply remember; things will begin to fall into place.

You already look around for orbs, ships, crop circles, and your Inter-Galactic or Inner Earth sisters and brothers. We’ll share some other ways your cosmic relations might appear.

Many dramas unfold in your skies – frequently. As you engage in your Re-Boot The Grid meditations (and please continue them beyond the eclipse as well!), take note of any of the following you see, and send your powerful healing light to them:

1. Any cloud-like formations that seem to have especially dramatic shapes and do not seem to move like other clouds in the sky; As you know, these may be cloaking devices or camouflage, for ships or other devices.

2. Any very subtle shifts in tone or color, even in the bluest of skies, that seem particularly round or angular; This may indicate what we call “specular cloaking”. Sometimes a ship is more effectively disguised when it looks like blue sky (rather than clouds).

3. Any cloud-like formations that form rings or appear to have circular “holes” in them; sometimes the “ship” hides in the “void” rather than the cloud. Also, a ship may leave a hole in a cloud when it jumps dimension.

4. Any dramatic storms or weather phenomena that seem very localized; Weather may be used to mask activity going on above or within.

Please consider that some very effective craft and beings are quite small – even tiny – by human standards. This Transformation of Gaia takes place on a molecular level as well as on gross and subtle levels. That flash of light or shadow that you think you see out of the corner of your eye can be an electromagnetic burst or vacuum point, caused by matter or energy shifting dimension. Send it love and light, for the swiftest possible transmutation to 5D.

Please walk upon Gaia knowing that your brothers and sisters also assist you from far below your feet and vehicles. As Gaia shifts into 5D, many layers of her crust will be opened and revealed as safe harbors. If you can envision a life in which we all sustain one another in perfect balance, you’ll find access to these safe harbors easily.

We of Athabantian honor and thank you all for holding your Light and trusting in your ability to follow your Wisdom from Source.

With blessings, Adrial, Celestial aboard starship Athabantian.

(conveyed with love by leslee hare; may all beings be happy.)

8 comments on “Adrial of Athabantian – 20 May 2012

  1. ~Hello Adrial & Leslee!…As You can See, I Am that I Am…One Foot in 3D…One Foot in Another Dimensional Thought…Please Help in Any Way You Can to Alleviate the Pressures and Anxieties in this Intense Time-Line…Thank You…babajij/John Paul~

  2. Thank you so much, dear Adrial and Leslee! The sky is full of signs, yes! I INVITE you , my dear Star Family to cowork with us here on the Earth surface in order to bring here the Light from the Source! I Am sending my Love and Light to all of you and to Mother Earth
    Together we can make it!

  3. Love and Thanks
    newly awakened with much to learn these sky signs have been a confirmation or affirmation that I am a light worker and have a job to gently aid others to this realization.

  4. Hi,
    First of all welcome Glen.
    This morning when I was driving to work, I saw a long stretch, straight line of cloud. The first one I saw and it was beautiful too because it was orange/blue, sun was just coming up.I never saw a cloud looking that straight.

    On Friday when I woke up from a dream and opened my eyes: I saw a white orb going by on the ceiling above my husband. First I thought it was just the light of bypassing cars, but I realized I didn’t hear a car passing by. The next thing I was thinking, maybe the flashlight of our security guard doing his rounds, but it was to round and there was no light path leading up to the orb and it was very fast. So my conclusion only can be that it was an orb.

    Thanks Leslee for this article, it is a very interesting one and I will definitely look for the cloaking signs. 😀


  5. Welcome Glen! Thank you Leslee for Adrial’s message. I have seen very dramatic clouds and I have also seen low clouds that move and higher clouds that do not. Last week for two days I could see a pink hue in the sky. I don’t know if this is true but I read that when there is a pink hue it is a great time for creativity.

  6. Hi, Glen, welcome! So nice to meet you! You’re the 3rd person in a week that I’ve met who’s just awakened and sorting through things… it is truly an amazing time.

    I’m sitting here in ATL listening to an incredibly dramatic thunderstorm with train whistles interspersed, thinking of the message, and mythology…

    How wild that “science” taught us about thunder, so we forgot the stories of what people *used* to believe about thunder!

    I was in a used bookstore today and nearly bought a book titled “Optical Minerology” – how light passes through minerals… May have to go back and get that one… Wouldn’t it be cool to figure out how that transparent cloaking thing works? I’m such a geek…

    Much love & light to you all!

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