20 May 2012 Re-Boot The Grid Meditation


Original Post Re-Blogged from 2012Portal

[Comment from Adrial of Athabantian: Cobra’s 2012Portal website offers much reliable and helpful information, and we aboard the Athabantian currently endorse its activities. We recommend this  meditation at this powerful time of alignment and cohesion.

We would like to supplement the meditation with a few comments regarding the visualizations. Understanding these explanations will fortify the impact of the meditation, particularly for those who wish to Ascend to and Experience Gaia in her glorious 5th Dimension/Density.

Whenever you visualize forces, beings, or institutions of darkness or Light, please recall that we are all engaged in the great drama of 3D existence, each playing out our roles with consummate skill and integrity. Once we all Ascend fully and return to Source, we will remember our Unity and Love for one another.

Until then, play your role faithfully as you feel it in your heart, for your pure heart is truly your most reliable Guide. Please send love and light to all, no matter their current manifestation upon this 3D stage.

May you all enjoy a wondrous, fulfilling Eclipse on May 20, 2012!

We aboard the Athabantian follow your activities constantly and closely, and encourage your spiritual progress with great admiration.

Please center always upon the Light, and radiate your love throughout Gaia’s many realms and beings.

With love and dedication,

Adrial, Athabantian, and your thousands of supporters hosted by Athabantian (conveyed by Leslee Hare)]

Original Post may be found below; Please visit Portal 2012 for Updates before the meditation.

After the great success of World Liberation Day, our efforts for planetary liberation continue. This time, we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the exact time of the solar eclipse on May 20th. Masses will gather and visualize the liberation of our planet from the tyranny of all non-physical negative entities so that for the first time in our history we will have the chance to co-create our own spiritual destiny as free beings of Light on Earth and connect with the Source without obstruction. We need to have 144,000 people doing this visualization with focus to achieve the desired effect.
On May 20th there will be an annular solar eclipse, when the Moon will eclipse the Sun in front of the Pleiades. A powerful beam of Light will emanate from the Galactic Central Sun, descend directly through the Pleiades towards the Earth and will be grounded along the path of totality. This beam of Light will burn through all obstacles on etheric and astral planes and will strengthen our connection with the Source. It will burn through all fear programming of  negative non-physical entitites and will reboot the energy grid around the planet at the exact moment when the shadow of the Moon will touch the mountaintop of Mount Shasta. After the reboot, we will be able to co-create our spiritual destiny with Light.

We will all be doing this visualization at the same time, the moment of the eclipse reboot, which comes this May 20th /21st. Exact times for different time zones are:

3:30 pm HAST May 20th (Hawaii)
5:30 pm AKDT May 20th (Alaska)
6:30 pm PDT May 20th (Los Angeles)
7:30 pm MDT May 20th (Denver)
8:30 pm CDT May 20th (Houston)
9.30 pm EDT May 20th (New York)
10:30 pm BRT May 20th (Rio de Janeiro)
2:30 am BST  May 21st (London)
3:30 am CEST May 21st (Paris)
3:30 am SAST May 21st (South Africa)
4:30 am EEST May 21st (Bulgaria)
5:30 am MSK May 21st (Moscow)
7:00 am IST May 21st  (India)
9:30 am CST May 21st (Beijing)
10:30 am JST May 21st (Tokyo)
11:30 am AEST May 21st (Sydney)
1.  Relax your mind and body by watching your breath for a few minutes.
2. Visualize a pillar of electric blue Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through your body to the center of the Earth. Keep this pillar of Light active for a few minutes. Then visualize all negative entities around the Earth being removed from etheric and astral planes along with all their negative spiritual technologies and magical tools and all those entities being escorted into the Light by the non-physical freedom fighters of the Light. Visualize this process taking place worldwide peacefully and smoothly. Visualize the world finally being free from spiritual slavery, free from all evil Archons, Reptilians, demons, elementals and other negative non-physical beings. Visualize the vibration of the etheric and astral planes getting lighter and brighter until all dark beings are gone and only Light remains.
3. Visualize bright new spiritual future for humanity, with angels, fairies, dolphins, unicorns, spiritual guides and other beings of Light inhabiting etheric and astral planes. Visualize all wounds of humanity being healed, all humanity being inspired and guided with everybody having their own connection with their own Soul and the Source.
Please do this visualization as instructed and do not change it as otherwise it will not have the desired effect.
More information about negative non-physical entities and how to remove them from your life:
Updates about Reboot of the Grid:


  1. Yesterday was an odd day for me… My body-clock has been whacky ever since! Like eating lunch at 4, etc…
    I was quite tired by late afternoon, so laid down for a nap before the meditation… I could feel lots of “activity”, but it had a very dreamlike quality to it… Then just as I was hoping to drift into my nap, I got this jolt of energy: Adrial wanted me to put together a video!
    Yeah, right, I’m thinking… We’re going to post a video to YouTube, when the meditation is supposed to start in 30 minutes? Long story short, the vid got posted a bit later than that, but it felt incredible to be working on it while I could feel the energy of the meditation!
    I didn’t get a strong visualization, but really felt some powerful energy. And this morning, the world really did feel somehow different, fresher & cleaner…

    • ~HI!…so I ended Up doing 2 Meditations yesterday,on Sunday…One thorough One in the Afternoon,I Saw a Little Eye in my Third Eye…It was Small,Golden Flesh Coloring around It and Opened…The other Meditation was at 10:30 p.m.,my Time with the Synced World-Wide meditations…Both were rather Fueled by a Source of No-Nonsense Energy…Like there were Being backed Up by a Transmuting Anger Energy…Transmuting into a Peaceful Stance… 🙂 ~

  2. Here’s my observations.

    During the meditation:

    My scheduled time was 9:30, it only took a few minutes, I used active meditation, so I’m just thinking about it while being totally aware.

    I visualized blue light but I SAW white/blue light, like electricity or the white/blue of a cool white florescent bulb, so that’s what I used.

    I felt two pulses of energy. It was kind of a “tipping point” where the majority of people came online.

    I ran through the visualization as requested.

    After the meditation:

    I set to ironing my shirts for the week, and saw a spark from the iron’s plug, as I plugged it in; the same white-blue I saw in my meditation (confirmation).

    Then later on that night as I was going to bed, I could feel the energy humming fairly strongly, sort of like when you’re in a hot tub and your skin tingles from the bubbles.

  3. Hi all,
    I did the meditation at 3.30 Am (had to put on my alarm, otherwise I would have slept through it) After the meditation I felt so relaxed and safe. Really comfortable feeling. 😀

  4. Oh WOW, what an experience… That was absolutely amazing. I felt a connection with all participating and we were totally in sync.. It was a treasured experience. The feelings of joy and love that permeated this body cannot be described in words. and the flipping of that switch, so to speak, was something phenomenal. It was a truly tangible change, occurring in an instant that totally changed everything.
    I send continuing love even to the dark for their service to us in our awakening, and thank it for being true to its task. My dear Dark, your task is now finished and now you can sleep… Thank you.

    • Thank you, Dear! I hope your relatives receive at least some shimmers of Light today! Wishing you much love and joy, and your Laboradorite suggestion gives me a smile – it’s one of my favorite stones! Sending double-Sun’s if love & light your way! 😀

      • Hugs and Blessings of Light to you, my dear friend 🙂
        I wonder if you had a dream last night …

        • I’m sure I had some, but I haven’t been able to remember anything yet… I’m still making my way through emails, and hope to get to astral Travels soon!

  5. It is strange to notice that at the previous visualization a lot of unawakened relatives gathered into my house, now it is the same situation 🙂 It is a bit funny and a challenge for me but I believe it has a proper spiritual explanation…these souls are attached to me now in order to be enlightened while they are not aware of what is happening….they are strong minded and refuse changing their believes and being so I cannot directly interfere with their free will and choices they make….
    Love and Light

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