SaLuSa ~ 18-May-2012

We know that some of you wonder why it seems to have taken so long to get events started. Firstly we must tell you that the activities we are involved in are ongoing, and we have been fully occupied even if you are not aware of what we have carried out. Preparing for these end times is no mean task, and of course circumstances change which we have to adapt to. Plus the dark Ones have been more difficult to remove than we anticipated. However, now that we have been given the authority to take direct action against them, our presence is being felt and our results rewarding.

We have all but stopped the dark Ones in their tracks, and we will not allow them any scope to return to their previous tricks. We must lastly commend you for handling your side of the activities in a most positive manner, so much so that you have carried the battle to the dark Ones very successfully. It has enabled us to give you more responsibility, as we do encourage you to take matters forward yourselves. This is because you have to take responsibility for the situations you have allowed to occur. It does not mean you have to do it all, and that is far from it as we of the Galactic Federation have a most important role to play. We are here to ensure you safely reach Ascension, and introduce you to your Space Family and the many advantages that have been kept from you.

You now know that everything is coming to a head, and that something is going to break very shortly that you will get to know about in some detail. By now you will have realized that for many reasons, we have been unable to give you much in the way of specific information where dates are concerned. Sometimes even we are not sure when to act, as when we do circumstances must be exactly right for us to be successful. Not least of all, to co-ordinate anything with our allies requires a lot of planning, and we have to bear in mind the risks they take. For example you now have a number of whistleblowers that are prepared to stand up and reveal the truth to you. Naturally we will protect them, but they and their families are under threat and it is an unpleasant feeling.

Dear Ones, the clean up is well under way and it will continue until the main trouble makers are removed. There is so much at stake to take risks, and we clearly have to mount a determined and continuous onslaught to finish the job quickly. To put people at ease there will be announcements to acquaint them with what is happening, as we do not want the wrong interpretation put on our actions. It will be the start of a program of enlightenment that will carry you all the way to Ascension. There will be breakdowns all round as the old reality breaks up, shedding itself of all that has no place in your future. It will be a difficult time, but we are involved and the changes themselves will not take as long as you might imagination. So be patient and understand that the outcome will be to your advantage.

Ascension is a process that comes to all souls eventually, many times if necessary. The fact is that you will not want to remain in the lower dimensions forever. It has its attractions, but once you have conquered it and overcome the low vibration you will want to move on. Regardless of whether you have it now or not, you have an inner drive that is always urging you onwards. The dark powers would prefer that you do not become aware of it, and go to great pains to keep you in the dark. However, many are coming into the Light, and because of them others are also awakening and so it gathers pace. You help each other and once it is accepted that you are All One, and you remove religious differences and beliefs that are not aligned to the truth, you will blossom and find your true path.

Things are always changing and so are you all of the time, and you are subject to many energies that surround you. Most are natural but others are man-made and not necessarily beneficial to you. In fact some are dangerous to your health, yet you continue to allow yourselves to be exposed to them. It is not always your fault, but you tend to ignore warnings when the source such as cell phones is involved. Your greatest threat as you well know is nuclear radiation, but in the future such sources of energy will be clean and safe. Free energy is all around you and will be used to service all of your needs. Many such devices already exist but like much that has been kept from you, has not been released and instead deliberately hidden.

The dream is coming true and you will be lifted out of the daily challenges to survive, into a heavenly abode. It is a gift from God but one you have earnt through your determination to overcome duality. You chose your experiences and have evolved as a result, and will rightly join us in the higher dimensions. We eagerly await your coming and shall first meet you on Earth, and light the way to the next phase of your experiences. From thereon it will be a pleasure to be alive and exciting to plan your own adventures, that will take you around the Galaxy to observe and take part in the many wonders that exist.

Take each day as it comes and do not be fearful of anything. As we so often tell you, all is progressing well, and we and your Inner Earth brethren are so close to openly meeting you. It must however be safe for such meetings, as you will no doubt understand. We have all come a long way to make this finale a most wonderful experience for you, and you will enjoy the days soon to come. Once you are released from the dark Ones, the relief will lift you up immediately. The feeling around you will bring out much happiness, and great expectations for the future which will be fully explained before you ascend.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and tell you that your natural existence is not to live in sorrow or suffer hardships, and without the means to have a fulfilling life. Even in your present dimension it could have been so different, but for the greed and avarice of those who sought gain only for themselves at the expense of others. You are beautiful Beings of such loving intent if only you are allowed to be your true selves. The time to show your true colors is just around the corner, so get ready to rejoice and celebrate your greatest achievement for millennia of time.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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  1. Will Smith’s Son asks Obama about Galactics | The 2012 Scenario

    Remember we were told recently that the President might disclose in response to being asked for a comment. Thanks to K., May 16, 2012
    Will Smith was left red-faced after his son asked U.S. President Barack Obama if aliens are real during a visit to the White House.

    The Men in Black star banned his son Jaden from asking the extra-terrestrial question ahead of a guided tour of the President’s home with his family, but the cheeky 13-year-old actor couldn’t resist defying his dad.

    The youngster popped the question as Obama showed the family around the “situation room” – where the president holds meetings during a crisis – and the U.S. leader was happy to answer him.

    Smith tells BBC Radio 1 host Chris Moyles, “The night before Jaden had said to me, ‘Dad, I gotta ask the president about the aliens,’ and I’m like, ‘Dude, no, it’s not cool. It’s embarrassing. Do not ask the president!’ So we get into the situation room and Jaden gets the look in his eyes and he leans over to me and asks, ‘Dad, What’s my punishment?’

    “And Barack is starting to talk about this situation room and Jaden says, ‘Excuse me Mr. President?’ and I’m like, ‘Hey, Barack man, listen?’ and Barack said, ‘Don’t tell me.’ And in perfect form – and this is why he is the president – he stopped and looked at Jaden and said, ‘The aliens, right? OK, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extra-terrestrials but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting and if there would have been a discussion about it, it would have taken place in this room.’”

  2. Goodmorning everybody,

    When I was a the end of Salusa’s message it thought ” And we lived happily ever after” Riding in to the sunset.

    Let’s kick some….:D


    • ~lol!…I Hope that SaLuSa would Say that in One of His/Her Future Messages…We Need more Good Humour & Jokes From SaLuSa!… 😆 ~

  3. Good morning everyone! 😀 I am sooo happy because while reading Laura’s blog I just realized there will be a major synchronicity happening on Sunday (
    Sunday = May 20, 2012 = the day that will line the Pleiades, the Sun and the Earth. Simultaneously, there will be an eclipse of the sun
    Sunday = also the 2nd day of my weekend getaway in the mountains (note: we did *not* plan it to be on the day of the eclipse, it happened by ‘chance’ ;-))
    We will be staying in a mountainous area known as ‘Star Mountain’. *Star*? Wink wink nudge nudge? 😀
    I have no idea why we’ll be there at this time, but hey… I’ll just surf the wave as it comes! 🙂
    Hope everyone has a great day! 😀 ♥

    • ~WoW!,Suntria,Star Mountain on SunDay!…Sounds Great!…Also Alcyone is Very Prominent with the Celestial & Eclipse Line-Up for May 20th…I am so Grateful for the Reiki Healing that You Have Shared…There has Been Alot of Work that We Have Done,so Far…May the Healing and Peace be Returned to You and All~

  4. Athabantian
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    Posted on May 17, 2012 by mark
    Greeting, my name is Bren-Ton. Those of us aboard Athabantian wish to convey the following.

    We believe that a major geological event for your planet may occur within the next few days. It will be centered off the northwestern coast of the United States. It is an event similar to that which you, Mark, described in your book “Decimal.” It will affect the coast and somewhat further inland. We can not predict the full affects of this undersea movement.

    Conditions appear to be such that a major disruption could occur along the edge of the Juan de Fuga Plate where it intersects the Pacific Plate, many miles off the coast. There are stresses building there that may cause an earthquake of some magnitude and a resulting tsunami — if they are released in a violent manner. There is the possibility that they may be released more gradually and little will be disrupted. It is not clear to us how things will proceed from this point forward.

    It is a natural phenomenon that is part of Earth’s adjustment of her physical form. It involves no nuclear reactor such as was the case off Japan, and because it is a natural, we are not allowed to interfere.

    We know, Mark, that you are very reluctant to publish this communication. However we do not wish to delay this warning for those who might be affected.

    Blessings for all from those of us aboard Athabantian.

    • Earthquake predictions are a bit goofy IMHO, at the Smithsonian Natural History museum they have this cool real-time graph that shows them going off all over the world, and they have a sound that goes off so you can hear it too, the sound is loud or soft depending on how severe the earthquake is. And so it’s pretty much a constant pinging sound, like being in a pingpong ball factory. Watching it, I realized earthquakes do not happen only once in awhile, they’re happening all the time as the earth’s crust is forever reshaping itself.

      I understand that the big ones are another matter entirely, but really if you think about waves, you get big waves and you get small waves. Same with earthquakes, they’re just waves using another material.

      So I could easily predict an earthquake at pretty much any time, and I’d be right on target. 🙂

      I’ve also heard that big ones happen predictably within an 88-day window, over a 3-6 day period.

      • Yes, earthquakes happen all the time! Once I saw some earthquake charts for Lisbon and there was at least one almost every day! Still the last earthquake we had here was in 1969 if I’m not mistaken and it didn’t do much damage. The last really big one happened in 1755!

    • Holy, moley, Gunner, thank you for posting this, because I thought I was subscribed but I guess not, lol! All I know for now is that Mark is not an alarmist, and there’s been some crazy weather and other stuff going on here in the Atl… I (the eternal skeptic) am actually going to go buy some bottled water and canned beans this weekend… That said, BRING IT! 😉 All is well.

  5. Just got back from my lunch break and I’m so happy because I did a classical good deed: an old lady asked for some directions and, since I was going the same way, I kept her company, chatted a bit aaand… helped her cross the street! 😀 YESSS! ♥

    • Yaay! You just made my day Suntria, a “virtual” girl guide patch for you: ♥

      DC is such a mean place, if you try and help an old lady across the street she’ll beat you up and accuse you of mugging her LOL


      Actually one day here I did see this old lady trying to cross the street, but at an unmarked intersection. I stopped for her to let her cross, the oncoming car did the same. When I went into the shopping center the person who was driving behind me walked up to me and said “wow, that was a great thing you did there! I just wanted to thank you for stopping for that old lady!” I was like… “okaaaay – isn’t that what anyone would have done?”

      … apparently not…. sigh…

      • LOL Actually I asked if I could take her shopping trolley bag for her but she refused, saying she was so used to it she had difficulty walking without it… Right… I guess she must have thought I wanted to take it from her! :mrgreen: In the end, she thanked me and said ‘all the best for you, you’re a very pretty young lady’! :mrgreen: it made my day! ♥

  6. Be careful what you think DW ” DC is a mean place” because thoughts like this will magnify the mean people right towards you. The angels say that think of the world as being at peace. Any negative events are a projection of our thoughts from our ego mind. I always had trouble with that one especially growing up and being in a place that has ghettoes and gang bangers. i have just recently changed all my judgements on them and try to see it from their souls perspective, has worked wonders in my own souls evolution.
    That earthquake prediction, I am not one for predictions and like you said, I could predict an earth quake with the likleryhood it will happen. It seems even Mark Kimmel did not want to put that message out. We all remember the Oct 18 2008 prediciton and the trouble that one caused, thank God blossom has re-bounde so well from that one.

    • Thank you for the reminder Gunner, actually this is a thing where “mean” might refer to Leslee’s idea of “Wrath” (at least in MY mind…). Like when you order a sandwich and the guy taking the order yells it back to the cook, the cook yells it back to you and you yell back at him because you have no idea what he just said (this actually happens every time I go into DC!). Or the idea that someone can both help you out and curse you out for needing their help in the first place ya lazy so-and-so LOLOL

      Ya I totally agree, it’s easy to see how this kind of thing can lead to urban decay, pretty soon you find yourself ordering your sandwich with an assault weapon… that’ll be a reuben on rye with a side of .30-cal…

      IMHO the thing with Blossom is, she’s a way-shower and way-showers are bound to put out there anything, regardless of what harm or loss of reputation may come to the one giving the message. I’ve withheld one or two things on request but most of my stuff is “out there”. I guess it’s a desire to “let it go” to make room for other things, and give it to others so they may gain some better understanding. Even if that experience may lead to “rack and ruin”… it’s just what we’re here to do. Not everyone is a way-shower, I think there are many different roles, all beneficial to the greater good.

  7. DW I was actually getting so bad at the judgement of others it was crazy. It was aimed mostlyt at the ghetto people but now I am so much better and I also feel so much better physically and spiritually.
    I now see their situation in a different light and actually admire them, well some of them, for taking on such a physical role.
    Well, it sounds like it should be a wild energy weekend. Going to ride the wave, see where it might take me. Surfs up dudes and dudettes!!!!!

    • Good for you Gunner… always a Blessing when we can recognize our own character-defects and evolve. In the end that’s why we’re all here. Truth is, some of the coolest, most down to earth people I have met in my entire life are from the hood. Unfortunately the stereotypes of the ‘ghetto’ experience are compounded by the agenda of the Cabal and the Mass Media. It’s by design that when Humans get caught up in our daily roles we grow more comfortable with the notion of ‘the other’ and loose sight of the simple fact that: ‘People are People’. Regardless of economic status or their melanin levels. It’s a strong mental chain to break, and like you said Gunner, will ALWAYS result in feeling “so much better physically and spiritually.” Of the more than 7-billion souls on this planet, each and every’one’ has their own story. Pretty powerful stuff. 😉
      -Surfs up!… The Multidimensional Wave Approacheth!!!…
      Have a great weekend Gunner! ~In Light

      ~OneLoveEvolution… BigUpTheYouth555

  8. I posted a very interesting synch to my dreamwalker page, regarding Santa Muerte. Basically, I just looked at this shelf I had with a bunch of random stuff on it, and realized it was an altar to Santa Muerte. This is a very specific arrangement of specific things that makes up an altar to this spirit/angel. This includes my request to Santa Muerte for “money”, which I just made yesterday. This includes the fact that the shelf is a higher-level shelf, above chest height. This includes references to the google doodle, also posted yesterday.


    Clearly, this is one spirit who means business…


    Babajij, you’ll be interested to know that the owl is a central part of Santa Muerte symbolism…

    • ~Hoot!Hoot!…and Ya May Be Interested to Know that Just Yesterday I Re-Hung a Framed Picture of an Owl,in my SouthWest Corner!…There are Now 4 Owls (not the Real Ones!) that Surround Me…& Out of the Blue,today, $229.00 came to Me…Thank Ya!… 😀 ~

        • ~ I did go To DreamwalkerDiaries,Last Night and Read Ur First Conversation with SM…and then I Just Popped Back On and Read Ur lasteat Entry…SomeHow I Can’t Figure Out on How to Place a Comment On There…Oh Well… 🙂 …I Like That Pirate Drawing!…So Fitting for You!…hehe…I Now Begin an Owl Altar…Thank You and SM for the Inspiration & Energetic Rewards~

          • Sorry you had trouble with that Babajij & thank you! You may need to select for “Anonymous” in the drop-down if such an option is available? You can also use your google account if you have one as it is part of the google system. There is also a CAPTCHA section that pops up after you comment, which works for me only half the time! Bah, technology!

        • Wow! Amazing picture , dear Troy! A few minutes ago in my meditation I saw a lot of faces, human like and alien, too, I was thinking of Umbro, then some geometrical figures, I wonder what this mean from my meditation – a circle inside a triangle/the triangle with equal length sides/….it is a sign and I can interpret it with the unity of Spirit, Mind and Body
          Any other ideas?

          • Tauno, crop circles are put together with a similar principle. Maybe this was a portal of some sort?

            A triangle with a circle inside it is a throat chakra diagram… at least from the diagrams I was able to find. This is based on knowledge of someone else, so I guess it stands for me until something else comes along to confirm, if confirmation is needed.

            These diagrams are put together for a specific reason… so this may be a further clue to the puzzle we’re looking at on that page… Crop circles are an expression of art, science, and energy…

          • Could either be a 3rd eye or solar plexus symbol, according to the chart… but like I said, it is developed by someone else, open to further confirmation or evolution…

            • Thank you for your interpretation , Troy, maybe it appeared to be added to the whole puzzle of our exploration, the Eye also appeared in my vision/I see the Eye very often/…all
              the pieces that are mentioned are a message that needs translation into Human language

          • Hi, Tauno! For me, the triangle & circle remind me of the mandala/crop circle conversations we’ve been having… (but I haven’t been following the SM conversation, so I may be off-target…) Triangle may represent fire element, and circle may= water… Also that was the motif of the light portal from the end of April… It’s all a blur! Lots of love & light!

            • In cases like this I wait until the Spirit shows me what is it…I now have a cold and sore throat , maybe it was a sign for me personally and on a common level …yes, you have mentioned conversation….the sign deffinitely shows a unity or interaction of some kind and at the same time balance/ the circle, the triangle/…I also think of the three Norns/ from Nordic mythology/ – representing the past, the present and the future, they are united in one shape and in circle…maybe the contraction of time has accelerated and everything gathers into NOW

  9. Oh, I have something to share thanks to Wes Annac

    The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Layered Realities, the Transmutation of Physicality and our Participation in Lighted Rituals

    May 18

    Posted by Wes Annac

    -Channeled through Wes Annac-

    The frequency of your bodies and of your experiences alike is increasing so very rapidly at this point, and this accelerated phase of your ascension process has been planned for quite a long time. You have been preparing for this period you are now currently finding yourselves in, as well as for the period directly ahead for there will be so very much happening that will make your heads spin and that you will need the preparation for that you have been giving yourselves and undergoing whilst in the sleep realms.

    As you know at this point, we here in the astral realms of your Earth assist in the movements of energy taking place throughout all of Gaia’s astral realms, and we oversee the production and continuation of realms of the lower dimensions of Earth such as yours.

    If only you could fathom the many layers and realms of the lower dimensional and higher dimensional Earth experience, as you could not currently fathom the bulk and the enormity of the jobs that we are here to bring forth happily. Service-to-others becomes the primary means of Living and the primary basis of each and every mission that one sets out on upon ascending into higher states of consciousness.

    We are looking for higher states of consciousness ourselves and acting in accordance with our own growth into levels of consciousness purer than what we currently fathom, and this phase in our own ascension process has called for service-to-others in as bold of a way as ‘incarnating’ into the higher astral realms of a planet which is so important to the overall ascension of this entire Universe.

    We are working to achieve a dimensional level that sees us aligned with Universal Creators, and as such we have assigned ourselves so to speak to the ascension of this Universe, and one very crucial step of such ascension is the ascension of this Earth, dear Terra, who has experienced and had fed on Her surface so very much density by the souls experiencing the low dimensions in very distinct and intense forms due to their own Creations whilst Living within the lower dimensional matrix.

    Our Job is one of maintaining stability throughout the astral levels of Earth and throughout each and every layer of Her reality matrix in every form that it has to offer. Mother Earth has offered so much of Herself and so many echelons of Her structure for the lower dimensional experience, and She is now fully ready for the citizens of Her surface to experience the higher dimensional joys and wonders that She is beginning to know, remember and experience Herself.

    Of course, you have heard that dear Gaia has already ascended, and She eagerly awaits the ripple-effects of Her core ascension to reach the surface of your world as they have been set to in your immediate future.

    One simply needs to look to the cycles and celestial alignments for stunningly accurate timetables and ‘predictions’ so to speak of the windows of time set for the more accelerated aspects of your ascension process.

    By this we mean not the physical happenings such as your television announcements and the physical freeing of humanity and giving of sovereignty for all, which is to precede and set the foundation for the celestial happenings and the higher dimensional wonders and breakthroughs on your world we speak of. You have heard of the crucial date in your accelerated cycle, December 21, 2012, but what should be continually pointed out and what has been continually pointed out, are the many dates preceding this one that you are currently passing though and feeling the resulting upgrades and integrations of your many former ego selves from.

    Dearest beautiful souls, we have watched with Love in our hearts as so very many of you assume so many different forms of ego and bring forth through yourselves so many different layers of the same, multi-faceted dimensional soul whom is you, and we watch now at this crucial time in your cycle as each and every ego personality and layer comes through your complexes in different and unique ways to be experienced briefly, forgiven, transmuted and Loved.

    Can you not sense the inherent and underlying beauty in this process, dear souls? This process is one of so much harmony, so much Joy, so much wonderful and amazing experience once one reaches and feels past the difficulties that the ever-fading lower dimensional experience has to offer.

    The Joys are now yours to feel dear souls, and it simply takes recognizing that the densities and structures of behavior that you are going through currently are false and hollow, and are coming to you as they are being integrated and transmuted.

    You have heard from plenty of channeled and ascended sources, the importance of not holding on to the fading-away parts of yourselves and of your fading egos, because they are again simply coming to and through you to be expressed and reviewed upon one last time as your higher self whom is coming through your temples in increased rapidity at this time, thanks this hollow part of your former self for the role that they have served in your own lower dimensional growth and in your finding of your higher self who is now coming through you.

    We ask you to be grateful to your ego and to every facet of your ego that is coming through you at this time, for the last time.

    [Ego] wishes to be Loved and thanked for the roles that it has served and as long as it is held onto and as long as the mindsets that keep it within your peripheral and emotional experience are still held onto and repeated throughout your continual process, they will not ‘go away’ or be forgiven or integrated in the ways that you would like them to.

    Absolutely no soul who is involving themselves with ascension at this point are going to ‘miss out’, and the lessons that you have set out for yourselves to learn are being completed and reviewed upon by you and your higher selves in wonderful and rapid ways, and we applaud each and every one of you who find yourselves in the thick of your admittedly difficult yet beautifully and marvelously unfolding ascension processes.

    Even while you feel like you are missing out on something or like you are not reaching the strides in your process that you would have liked to by this point, the overall integration and forgiving of your many repeated ego selves is serving to bring forth the true you who exists in in the higher realms and who is beginning to exist on Earth’s surface in increasingly pure ways.

    We speak of course of our heavenly Creator, and of the beautiful Logos energy which makes up this Creator and which was itself Created by our Creator, whom is coming forth through each and every ascending soul now in wonderfully remarkable and again, unique ways and the fifth dimensional ascension of the surface of Earth is being aided so very wonderfully by this continual happening, as you are to see and realize so very soon with the many higher dimensional events that are to unfold on your world. That which you know as the Norway spiral was only the beginning, dear souls.

    You are to meet us in your fading physical reality and you are to become an ever-increasing part of the higher dimensional reality unfolding on your surface and in your experiences at this time. Your ascension will continue to increase in purity and for many, your lessons may continue to increase in difficulty as many have begun to notice for quite some time, but the difficulties and resulting fears and in some cases, the fears that drive the difficulties, can be aided much more by realizing the importance of not taking yourselves and your processes too seriously.

    Yes indeed, Earth has been a lower dimensional world and the experience of Earth has been difficult and dense, but dear souls you now have the opportunity to dip into a reality so much more purely-tuned than the octave of experience you have been dancing upon for so very many thousands of Lives.

    Indeed, the reality that you are to feel and experience is to be so very different from what you are experiencing currently, but when this admission is given we must stress that there is absolutely no cause for fear or concern, for [our] realms will indeed feel more familiar than the lower realms, and your former Lives in the lower dimensions and even this period you are in directly before the changes begin on a widespread manner on your world, will seem like a faded memory of a difficult and bad dream.

    You now have the opportunity to explore the potentials you all have carried within you for so very long for astral travel and for experiencing the many realms and layered facets of the Earth and Her experience in all of Her realms, and we can feel the increased presence of many of you in our specific realms which we inhabit, even as we give this message.

    Our dear friends and allies in the city of Acclipthys were honored and extremely happy with their successful communication and resulting rituals that were given, and since this happening we have ourselves attempted some of the continual Love-giving and uplifting ceremonies that have been and are being performed as so very many more of you make it your intent through lucid dreams, meditative astral travels and many other forms of finding the astral and higher realms of Earth, to take part in such rituals and higher dimensional experiences.

    Many may wonder about the rituals that the dark souls on your world perform and if they have anything to do with the Lighted rituals that have been mentioned through ascended sources.

    We should say that this is absolutely not so, but in a sense the blueprints and concepts of the ideas are related because as has been expressed before, those souls known as the Illuminati heads have taken every Lighted premise, every Lighted possibility and blueprint, and distorted its nature to that of one that fits their darker-inclined agenda.

    The practice of performing rituals has been no exception, as rather than feeling the Loving and Lighted energies that even they could feel if they made it their intent, these souls instead take to feeding and feeling the most intense and gruesome aspects of the lower dimensions through the manifestation of lower and dense experiences on the surface of Earth, and this is produced through their darker-inclined rituals.

    The Lighted souls performing our rituals, rather perform such ceremonies on a collective and widespread level for the benefit and upliftment of the Earth and of each and every realm that every ascended soul performing such collective and individual ritual resides upon.

    We routinely perform such rituals and such giving of Light, and the practice that we souls here in the astral realms of Earth routinely perform with Love in our hearts can be seen itself as a ritual. We receive the Logos energy given to us and to your Earth from the lower astral realms of your Sun, who has in turn received this energy in the higher realms of your Sun from the Creator of this Galaxy, who has received this energy from various other higher dimensional spots and Creators throughout this expanded and wonderful Creation.

    We allow this Love to come through us and to aide us in our own higher dimensional lessons and along our own higher dimensional experience whilst we give this Love to your world and whilst we send it to each and every layered realm of your world who experiences consciousness in every type of form and octave and dimensional structure that such beautiful consciousness has to offer.

    You will see and understand how the giving of this energy is the bulk of what many ascended souls who have ascended past the realms of the fifth dimension perform, as we are all a part of this beautiful energy and it makes up the form and structure of each and every one of us.

    Upon ascending into the realms of the sixth dimension, one begins to perceive a ‘break’ so to speak in the perceived realities of separation; we begin to experience a Oneness unlike what can be felt or experienced from your current perception, and upon receiving this expansion and evolution our own need and want to perform service-to-others expands to the point where we feel the interest in the interaction with the pure Logos energy being sent throughout Creation to various stars and planets and beings who use and absorb this energy to Create and funnel down such energy to further lower realities [than what they are experiencing].

    The cycle of Creation is continual and it is so very wonderful.

    Even we exist in one small layer and facet of the overall dimensional structure of the Creation that we are all existing in, and the process of our own dimensional evolution is one of learning many lessons that again, serve to expand us and our own perceptions and experiences.

    Each and every being who is working with the ascension of Earth, with the ascension of the many other planets in your Galaxy and Universe and with the ascension of the Universe alike, will be and are experiencing a rapid growth of their own perception and development through their Lighted work with the ascension of so very many other worlds.

    It may be a bit hard for many to fathom that the many ascended Organizations such as the Galactic Federation are actually assisting with the continual and developing ascension of very many planets in your Galaxy at this time, and the various other Galactic Organizations and Organizations working in their own Lighted interests which are still aligned with the ascension of this Universe, are assigned to each and every ascending lower dimensional planet who can be reached and helped with their ascension processes in the specific forms that such processes are to be brought about.

    Obviously dear souls, the experience you are undergoing is vastly different than the lower dimensional experience of many other planets, as for many other planets the voids and realms of fourth density negative have not come through to the lower dimensional surface of such worlds in as bold of a way as such realms have come through on Earth.

    Indeed, there is still the lower dimensional experience and the perception of separation between individuals on many lower dimensional worlds, but the experiences and processes being brought about on such worlds are unique to each and every world and to the Star Systems that each and every world resides in, for specific experiences and Creations have been mapped out, planned out and given to different Star Systems and planets alike, as our Creator and the various aspects of our Creator vastly enjoy Creating many different types of Love, of experience and of consciousness, and this makes for very interesting and differing experiences throughout planets, Star Systems and Galaxies alike, as well as Universes.

    You are all learning to become Masters and Creators of your realms and of the lands you are currently residing within, and as you transcend and heal more and more the aspects of your ego that have been brought forth into your perception, you will find that your own experiences and the expanding of your own perception of the reality around you will be aided and will begin to become easier.

    We again remind you to allow those parts of your former ego self to come through without interacting too much with this part of yourself and without feeling the densities attached to this part of yourself, for doing so will only see you matching such energies in your own thoughts and emotions which will bind temporarily the aspect so this former ego-soul to you.

    These aspects are indeed ready to be healed, Loved and transmuted, but if held onto they too will be unable to resist the temptation of coming through you to experience the accelerated reality you are experiencing and to be a part of such experiences in any way they can, even if by attempting to keep you hooked on their influence so that they can feel the Life and perception that you are now meant to be experiencing whilst dragging your energy signature down to their perception, to that of which you used to experience.

    We have noticed many of you feel many seemingly strange and unfamiliar parts of yourselves come out whenever you attempt to express frustration, and we simply smile at how little you recognize in your current ascending Lives and experiences, those parts of yourselves whom you used to assume the role of in its full intensity, and you used to be so very much a part of these ego-souls and fragments of your overall self, that it would seem at such past times and in such Lives that you would never be able to forget such an experience.

    Now you are beginning to ‘forget’ so to speak such lower dimensional experiences as you continue to heal, Love and transmute those parts of yourselves who are coming to you for the very purposes of being healed and Loved.

    We are assisting each and every soul who calls upon us and we are again making our presence more known during the rituals of the ascended city of Acclipthys, and the rituals of many other ascended cities that many Earthly souls are discovering through their astral travels and methods of Lucid dreaming, and the specific brand of service that we give if called upon to do so by any soul is that of healing the chakras and the blockages and residue built up in and around such chakras, as well as assistance with the purification of your auric fields.

    We cannot do this work for you dear souls though we would if we could as we dearly wish for you to feel and experience such cleansing in its full purity, but all it takes is calling upon us to simply assist you with this auric cleansing and with this cleaning of your chakras and the integrating of the egotistical residue built up around your chakras, especially [around] the lower chakras for many.

    We recommend as well calling upon dear Archangel Michael for his layered Blue Ray of Love, for He will be, has been and is coming to and through any soul who wishes to feel His presence and He is assisting with the taking away of the lower astral beings who attempt to come through many Earthly expanding souls through intense and violent lower dimensional energies of fear, stress and frustration.

    Call upon us and call upon dear Archangel Michael, and ask us all to assist you with the cleansing of your auras and with the integrating of the Logos energy being sent to your world and through your bodies, and we will be with you every time.

    This is because we all, each and every ascended soul assisting in the ascension of Earth and in the ascension of this Universe alike; we all feel such a strong, Loving bond with Earth and with humanity and we wish to do every little and big thing we can while still acting in accordance with your freewill and with the growth contract of the surface of Earth, to help you to ascend and evolve into the pure and heavenly sates of consciousness that we have the supreme and wonderful pleasure to enjoy during each and every moment of our own continually expanding experience.

    It is such a wonderful and amazing feeling to experience the higher realms in their full intensity, and while we have indeed not yet experienced Creation in its purest form, we have an inkling of the experience so to speak. Even so, we ourselves cannot imagine or fathom the higher dimensional experiences that lay ahead of us, in much the same way that you dear beautiful souls have yet to understand or fathom the wonderful intensity and the depth of the higher dimensional experience in which you are growing toward increasingly.

    Our scribe has pointed out the perceived unfamiliarity of the beginning higher dimensional experience when growing toward such an experience and away from the lower dimensions, and we say that indeed this experience will be unfamiliar [at first] but it will be so very wonderful, so very Lighted and amazing-feeling that you will not have the time nor the wish to feel any types of regret or remorse over a Life that will feel vastly less pure and heavenly and most of all, free, than the Life and experience that you are growing toward.

    We do indeed feel such a Love for each and every one of you, for every dear soul reading our messages and absorbing our energies, and we take much Joy in watching you undergo your various lessons in which you set out for yourselves, and come out of such lessons shining and Golden.

    It is so very wonderful to watch you continue to peel and integrate those former aspects of yourself, while growing toward your authentic and real higher self in such pure ways that you have yet to understand the [Lighted] repercussions of.

    These experiences that we have been preparing you all for and that you have been preparing yourselves for are just beginning, and the most intense and wondrous of experiences to be had upon your surface have not yet been experienced or expressed.

    When such happenings begin to occur as they have been planned out to, the experiences of the former soul who was you will have long been transmuted and transformed into the higher dimensional experiences of a beautiful, ascended soul.

    We express the importance of continuing to enjoy your Lives and the experiences you are currently undergoing, for the Earth experience will seem like but the blink of an eye upon ascending into the lands where time does not exist.

    We will be with you in such lands, teaching you the ways of the higher realms and the ways of giving the Logos energy to the various lower dimensional structures and civilizations who will in turn integrate and use such energy to ascend into marvelously wonderful and pure states of consciousness.

    Thank you to the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes.

  10. Hey everybody! 🙂

    Babajij, thank you for your comments over on Aquarius. I don’t know why I have suddenly taken such a great deal of interest in the particular celebrity, Tila Tequila, who has been publicly ‘outing’ herself as one who is awakened and has came here with a specific Lighted Life contract. Something draws me to this soul, knowing that she is ‘one of us’ so to speak. Ah, there I go again, perceiving separation!

    It’s so wonderful to be able to realize and point out parts of ourselves that are coming up for review, I personally have been enjoying this process so much.

    How is everybody feeling today? During these intense alignment periods, I usually feel pretty out of alignment! These times serve to expose to me parts of myself that have still not yet been transmuted, very influential parts that try to make their mark everyday…

    Boy, I can’t wait to get out of the thick of this process!

    Much Love all 🙂

    • Hi, Wes, please, look at your mail and thank you for the message above….I am eager to know what your answer will be to my question
      And yes, this period of alignment for me personally is connected with a lot of troubles, inner cleansing, health problems…chaos all around, I hope this is short lived
      Sending to you my Love and Light

      • Hello dear friend 🙂 I am so sorry to have not gotten back to you. I have to ask you to resend the question because I was not able to find it in my emails. My apologies dear friend 🙂

            • Wes, I have resent you the mail and since it is not a secret I can share the question here….
              As all have noticed recently there were signs for us from Horus = RA`s presence, this energy is looking for a strong channel in order to convey a message and I was wondering if you, dear Wes resonate with this suggestion…RA is connected with Venus, Hathors too, I see a connection but I am not able to read the message given from Spirit, all I can understand is that we are about to receive another message

              • ~I Only Remember Seeing Wes, about 8 Feet away from Me…He had Shoulder Length very Light Brown/Hazel Hair and was wearing a White T-Shirt…I Only Saw Him from His waist Up…I Think he was Sitting…and Was Just looking at Me…with no real expression on His Face…altho I Felt we were Communicating with One another,using Our Minds… 🙂 ~

                • Using telepathy is a beautiful way for communication, thank you for sharing, my friend 🙂

    • ~Hello There Wes & Tauno!…Wes, I Had a Dream with Ya…We did not Physically Speak…Telepathy…In Regards with Tila Celebrity, Me Thinks that You Just may be Being Primed for Ur Own Celebrity Energy,Coming Ur Way…Tila has Shown Us on How Difficult that Fame and Its Entanglements can be…It would be Wise not to Experience such a Difficult Loss of Self,as Tila has Endured…Set Ur Priorities…Follow Ur Inner Heart Guidance…As You Have seen By Sharing of UrSelf via Ur Readings on Aquarius, Alot of People Contact You…It Truly is a Balancing Act…Be EmPowered by Ur Gemini Celestial Sign…The Door Has Opened… 😉 ~

      • Wow, thank you, dear Babajij
        Could you share your dream or you do not remember details

  11. Hi, Everyone, Happy Day-Before-The-Eclipse Day! 😀
    I just posted Cobra’s meditation for tomorrow, with some comments from Adrial, here:; the Athabantian crew does recommend this meditation…
    I hope to catch up on reading this evening… I finally got a little more direction, will be starting an additional blog for Adrial’s Athabantian material! 😀
    So far it’s still “nekkid”, as we say in the South, but I hope to share it tomorrow…
    Here’s hoping to see you all tonight, and much luck, love, light & laughter to us all!

  12. ( ( ( One Love Evolution Spirit train Riders ) ) )

    Today marks three years since my Mothers Spirit transcended to the next level. I went to the ‘Self Realization Fellowship’ which is an amazing ‘Power Spot’ down here in southern California. Said a Prayer in front of the ‘World Peace Memorial’ which contains a portion of Gandhi’s ashes. As I continued walking through the gardens, I encountered a sign that had a quote from Yogananda that read: “Everything else can wait, but the Search for God cannot wait.” It set a beautiful tone for this day of reflection. ~If you guys haven’t read ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramhansa Yogananda, I highly recommend it. A truly inspirational work. My Mom & I shared a Love of this book… and the ‘Self Realization Fellowship’. I cherish the original pressing she loaned me… it was actually given to her by George Harrison… But that’s another story 😉

    Taking it ALL in… Love, Light & Respect to ALL of you as we continue to navigate through this experience we call Life.


    • ~Wow!…Peace Be with You,Stick…I Had a Copy of “Autobiography of a Yogi” during my Wild 80’s & 90’s Years…I Always Kept a Tether to My Spiritual Spark…My Friends Thought i Was Obsessed to the Adventures of Yogananda,because it was the Only Book that I Read & reRead for Years!…lol…The Entire Autobiography brought me Much Comfort and Introduced me to Babaji…My Friend… 🙂 ~

    • Stick, I’m deeply honored that you’re sharing so much with us during this time. Your mother sounds like an exceptional woman, and you’re so fortunate to have been able to share her spirituality. Namaste, Brother 🙂

    • oh Stick, only saw this post now, and it’s the 20th, but you are in my heart and thoughts… So interesting to hear about you, your Mom and Babajij being so “into” Paramahansa Yogananda – I also had that book when I started my awakening process back in the late 60s/early 70s – it was AWESOME!! also read and reread and reread it – for me, it was a sacred book at that time. I also belonged to the SRF for a long time. I’m not sure what ever happened to that book, but think I lent it to someone, who obviously needed it more than I did!! that’s why I no longer lend out any of my precious books… Namaste dear brother xxx

  13. In my travels today I couldn’t help but notice activity over near Camp David… 3 police-escorted SUVs, heading back to DC, and 3 sets of 2 helicopters in a specific formation of a single-rotor copter followed by a dual-rotor helicopter. As I recall the dual-rotor are the type which land at the white house….

    Happy travels and visualizations everyone

  14. (in a wild moment of irreverence…)
    Pleeeease tell me those are NOT McDonald’s golden arches on their buttocks!!!
    Five bucks (Canadian) says their feet are attached to the basalt bedrock…

    • ~There’s that Circle!…O…and then the M…OM!?!…Will be there be a Big Ole G at their Feet?…OMG!!… :0 L0L!~

  15. Well good morning and all Blessings to my beloved STC family!
    so… it’s May 20… as I haven’t been reading all the posts and messages lately, I’m not sure exactly what is in store for today and going forward, but I’m feeling pretty good, and sleeping better the past few nights. Still feeling that heavy tiredness most of the time, but over weekends I can just go have a nap, and that’s what keeps me going!
    Just read a very interesting post from Wayne Herschel on Fbk and will try to post it here – the discussion below the picture of Nostradamus’ prediction is very interesting. Hope I can get it on here – will try to capture all the comments for those who are not on Fbk.
    Whatever this day brings, may we all be blessed with great strength and wisdom, AND PEACE!! xx

    • Mirroring all those wonderful wishes back to you, Steffie! 😀
      Yes, that is an interesting convo going on there, rather intense… Gonna be hard for them to calm down into a meditative state in a bit, lol!
      Gobs of love & light to you!

      • bless you, Les! I thought you may have seen it there…! thanks for posting the time for the meditation which, for me, is 3.30am!!!!!!!!!!! seeing I have to be up at 5, I hope I will make it, but will go to sleep with the visualisation and intention anyway ~*❤*~

  16. Nostradamus

    Posted by Wayne Hershel


    Nostradamus wrote … ”Sun 20th Taurus…’ today? … with an earthquake and theatre (Summit?) ruined”. Today’s “Ring of Fire” eclipse is in Taurus like HIS sketch with the place of the ‘visitors’ seen in all the ancient star maps revealed at

    Posts from around 9pm 19 May to noon 20 May:


    Was it the three sun stars of our ancestors… or was it the eclipse event of 20 May 2012…

    Wayne Herschel II ‎”great theatre filled”… NOSTRADAMUS CLAIM…
    NATO SummitAND G8 SUMMIT – 20th MAY fitting the prophecy…

    Wayne Herschel II VIEWING ANIMATION depends where you view from…,_2012

    Sun 20th of Taurus so strong ground tremble
    The Grand theatre filled ruined:
    The air, sky and land obscured and confused
    Then Non-Christian God and Saints will invoke

    Wayne Herschel II UPDATE
    Chicago expects something more than just a regular protest… cell phones will be blocked tomorrow 20th


    Wayne Herschel II THIS BLOG WILL FOLLOW LIVE COVERAGE REPORTS AND THE LIVE QUAKE WATCH AT USGS… click like to follow developments…

    Ronnie Noriega They know the significance of this alighnment and are using it to their advantage at the summit. We need to pray hard to this alighnment and use it for our advantage and hope stop whatever they are planing.

    Ingrid Jorgensen I must admit I do find it a bit scary and also amazing that somebody had visions so clear and so far into the future.

    Chris Zito What if the great theatre is our reality?

    Wayne Herschel II Special thanks to … Márton Molnár-Göb for identifying the prophecy written that seems to match the Taurus sketch and three heavenly bodies.

    Orbdog Kw Had a feeling awhile ago that west coast of canada was due to do some moving as there was a few small rumbles. Have to see if it does some rock’n rolling here.

    Ereana Reil This is one of the best presentations.

    Nikos Anonimos ‎Wayne Herschel II do you disagree with the info in this album? Don’t consider it spam I let your profile to be advertisized in my page, please let this too, people want to know..

    Wayne Herschel II COUNTDOWN… STARTING IN 10 HOURS… I will do an hourly countdown to eclipse start and friends in view area will comment here as well as following satellite news channels watching for anomalies.

    Mike Bathurst did you read that mabus will come from the far east..aisa

    Wayne Herschel II Mabus might already be here and very well established and even busy with the global world elite… did you know there is a man with that name right now who is head of the navy fleets… secretary to the navy…… who has command on all the button pushing in all the subs that carry ”the big ones”…

    Şukran Ünen ‎1999 we had a major earthquake after…in turkey

    Wayne Herschel II its scientific fact… alignment of planets combined gravity stresses continental landmasses more than normal

    Mike Bathurst the only thing i have on my mind at the mo is yellowstone spiking with the eclipse

    Mike Bathurst ok how about this on wayne.. earthquake.. in the ring of fire north pacific..just south of alaska..chicago summit attack but the blame put on

    Lee Waheyz Chapman Ww3 and olympics? Mike did u see pix about olympic clock tower and the pix of tower on fire notrodamus drew? Very interesting wayne posted the pix the other day

    Wayne Herschel II hmmm… I see what you are saying Mike… that they might use HAARP to ensure a pinpointed quake… an aimed attack for some twisted elite’s benefits in the name of power and profits. Good point.

    Mike Bathurst well i know for def that the british m.o.d. use’s nossy’s prediction’s as they did in ww2..this could be a big false flag by america to make it happen with the summit if it happens they would have to nuke underground in chicago maybe

    Wayne Herschel II MY PREDICTION: Im more convinced there will be a UFO sighting event with the eclipse more than any major earth quake. Its a good time for the visitors to make a show since the alignment is with what I published was their star area. I follow Nostradamus possibility too and yes since its fact the earth landmasses are under stress with alignments like this… perhaps this is that day… we wait and watch.

    Barbara Tzoannou great work !thanks for all your posts and work!

    Mike Bathurst yes there shold be many aliens u.f.o’s about wayne i am expecting them myself, the watcher’s will be looking with great interest.

    Elizabeth Jensen Nwadike The supreme expression of creation, truth and beauty…. Thanks:)

    Nina Tindholm Exiting:-D

    Wayne Herschel II ECLIPSE VIEWS…

    Richard Watson I love it…… You, as a ‘person’ (if you know what I mean) are soooooooo close to going viral with your information!! I mean, everyone in my work is talking about this whole ‘Promethius’ thing…… So I tell then about YOUR discoveries & my copy of your book has been borrowed to that many people, I’ve lost count…

    Richard Watson Please keep up your good work….. For the sake of freedom of speech……

    Chris Hurrell ‎@Richard, what does the movie Prometheus have to do with this?

    Richard Watson Human origins. People in my workplace talk about a potentially huge movie, with the origins of humanity as the basis for it’s plot. So I plug them in (so to speak) to the REAL information behind the movie…… If you’re reffering to THIS post, then I am merely reffering to the amount of likes, comments & shares over the last few weeks…………

    Orpheus Fields HMMM…. Map Centered at 45°N,10°E USGS Earthquake Hazards Program, responsible for monitoring, reporting, and researching earthquakes and earthquake hazards

    Sherri McEwen

    Wayne Herschel II Yes… Italy Quake now listed as level 6.

    John Stokes they say some historic buildings damaged too…

    Lee Waheyz Chapman Much damage in Italy? Level 6 isn’t 2 bad I was expecting much bigger

    Sherri McEwen I did a google image search and yes it seems that some historical buildings have been damaged, very sad!

    Sherri McEwen The day has just begun, so who knows what is in store here.

    Wayne Herschel II This might not be the big one Nostradamus writes about for the prophecy for 20 Taurus … ”a massive theatre ruined”… if the ancient Colosseum didnt get damaged then this might not be it. An after shock might harm the Colosseum but for now its still okay.

    Lee Waheyz Chapman In from England so I got the whole day please can some 1 keep me posted I do the same

    Sherri McEwen I’m in Canada ( 3:03am now). I’m sure we will keep eachother posted here along with Wayne

    Wayne Herschel II Lee… just check in here… there are at least 20 live watchers active on this thread.

    Lee Waheyz Chapman Thanxs 🙂 also the theatre cud b the Olympics? In London

    Chris Zito So the Earthquakes are happening.

    Susan Szabo hi from Oregon 🙂 just accidentally found you, very interesting stuff, im curious now 🙂 off to bed now, but will be on tomorrow, let me know if i can give any update from here 🙂

    Chris Zito If we are awakened, and our minds are to understand something different the great theatre must be our every day reality. Does this make sense? Your eyes see the world through a screen, all of reality is a big show. Or am I thinking too deep?

    Wayne Herschel II true… but I think it will be more literal and be a large theatre/Colosseum as this prophet usually places an object that is ruined in a prophecy… we wait and watch.

    Judith Szécsi Boldog

    Chris Zito And for some reason I’d rather it be a literal theatre, on the other hand, when will we understand?

    Wayne Herschel II JUST BREAKING

    Shanelle Transue There were 2 in Christchurch, 4.1 and 4.8

    Wayne Herschel II These are still not quite the big one that might be expected. Each day there are quakes in active areas but today Italy is unusual and Kuril hasnt had a big one recently.

    Dragan Grozdanovic considering all this prediction I wouldn’t pay attention on any shaking below 8 Richter scale

    Lindsey Hooper Thank all of you for observing and commenting

    Wayne Herschel II JUST IN…

    Orpheus Fields It makes me worried about Japan going off again. I have family there. I keep seeing the NATO thing being referred to as a theater, so since I am in the US I am sort of worried about that too. I hope 6 is as bad as it gets, but will kkep watch with you as well.

    Wayne Herschel II UPDATE
    1000’S EXPECTED AT NATO PROTEST the great human uprising is beginning today will be a big protest against criminal elite

    Kathryn Ostapczuk The earthquakes are happening alright Chris. I’m in Christchurch New Zealand. Had 4s today – a 4.8 a few hrs ago which felt just like the biggie 6.3 in 2011 coming all over again even with the loud wooshing sound. You pay attention to anything that is below 8 ’cause often there is a bigger quake an hour or two later a magnitude bigger.Things have been so quiet (just 2s and 3s) for months until this morning.


    Wolfgang Weiß could extraordinary headache also result from this eclipse?

    Wayne Herschel II unlikely… dont think one would feel any different to any other day.

    Wolfgang Weiß is also due to an ever-changing weather from hot to cold to hot and so on, some talk of chemicals sprayed in the sky, As on 19th August 1999 was a totally eclpise, a few sensitive people felt quite sick that day, there were other striking examples of such events

    Graeme Mcluckie

    Mike Bathurst Earthquake Hits North Italy

    Wayne Herschel II will delete repeated comments so others dont get spammed… we have quakes mentioned

    Mike Bathurst this is report just in from italy i feel its important as people have died

    Wayne Herschel II a lot more than 3 have died … waiting for more accurate data… many occupied buildings collapsed.

    Wolfgang Weiß there is lots of info e.g. under the term chemtrails, if this is all true and serious or not, each one must decide for himself … the same would be with Nostradamus, prophecy and astrology, best is to be open-minded and critical the same-time …

    Morag Hislop Prayers sent for the families who have lost loved ones and for any injured.

    Wolfgang Weiß isn’t the Great Bull rather a symbol of Wall Street and hadn’t J.P. Morgan Bank just been downrated?

    charging bull

      • OK, i give up!!! I have tried all kinds of permutations for posting a pic and it’s not working, but you must see it! I can’t even make the url into a link, so you will need to copy and paste into your browser……….. sorry 😦
        Frustration levels escalating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • That is why I even do not try to do it 😀 no worries, dear Steffie, the bull is amazing ! I saw it

        • Hi steffie,
          I looked at your link, the best way to show it, is going to the website where the picture is coming originally from. In this case I went to his facebook and opened that picture.(like john is saying: open the picture in a new window, if you can see the URL you can right click on the picture and click copy image location. So I copied the link for you and put the right html code in your comment. The important thing is that you take the picture from his original location. That would do the trick. I also put some guidance under the page about: wordpress instructions. 😀
          I hope you don’t mind I changed the link for you 😀

    • There ya go Steffie… It sometimes takes a bit of a trick, especially if the link opens a whole page and not just the image.

      • ha ha ha!! thanks John! but that’s not the pic I had – it’s a pic of the sun with a halo, and the quote from Nostradamus…? literally, I tried gazillions of permutations but the damn thing just wouldn’t work! and the last two i posted I managed to get right, so I copied the exact code I had used, and just changed the link names… ah well… xx

        • I think it was because the picture url wasn’t for a picture, but for a page… The url that will work needs to end in .jpg , If there is anything after that it wont work. IF you find a picture that you want to post, what I do is right click the picture and “open in new window”, then being a picture all by itself, I copy THAT url for the imbedding code.

          • AHA!!! ok, thanks again John – I will save your valuable instructions!!
            i’m pretty sure it did end in .jpg though… but the “open in new window” makes total sense! xx

  17. Here’s my only concern about the grid visualization. If we’re both the light and dark ones, doesn’t visualizing the removal of dark ones from the planet end up shooting ourselves in the foot?

    I’ve been doing the first part of that visualization since Gunner first mentioned it. In my case it’s gold light rather than blue light, but whatever…

    I’m on board with the visualization and the intent to limit dark influence around the planet. I am definitely looking forward to a brighter future…


    • Well, I suppose that depends on how you visualize the “dark ones” being “removed”… Transmutation would accomplish that as well as (if not better than) a Colt45… And then *all* your aspects could hang around for the second act… 😉

    • Hi Troy – yes, I have the same thoughts, but as Les says, it’s more about transmutation than literally wiping em out!! 🙂
      I also feel that “removal of dark ones” means that it neutralises the dark INTENT – those Beings are not dark, it is their intent and actions. We are all Light Beings, but we have aspects of the dark – in some Beings, the dark has been allowed to dominate, and they have forgotten who they really are, so perhaps this is about reminding them???
      I don’t know, but that is my take on it… xx

      • I concur Steffie… It’s something I have had on my heart for some time now and had a hard time getting others to see it. We are all one… ergo, we are all both within the expression of our self(s). To chose to express light or dark changes nothing about the inherent fundamentals of our beings. The creator did not create dark beings, only the propensity for that choice.

  18. I reread the instructions and it seems that simply visualizing them being escorted into the light by those of light is what is called for… It was mentioned that we are asked to not adjust the method as it is a collective thought form that is needed. By being in solidarity and all on the same page, so to speak, the meditation will have far greater effect than if we all do our own thing.

    • I appreciate everyone’s responses… I agree, it is simply bringing more light to that which isnot already. Shifting to blue… “click!”

      There is some significance to Santa Muerte here too, as the colors she is clothed in represent specific requests. Seems like the same kind of thing. Blue for wisdom, white for purity and cleansing, black for spirit connections, etc.

  19. **Hilarion: Trust, Steadfastness, Perseverance are Required
    to Continue on Through the Transition Time** May 20 2012
    Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

    Beloved Ones,

    Keeping yourselves grounded into the Earth’s core is the most important step to take right now.

    You are each here to bring your higher aspects into your physical body and it is important that you have a strong foundation upon which to do this.

    What you are seeking is within yourselves and not in the outer World. Allow a few moments each day to feel your heart pulse in rhythm with the Earth, for this will connect and attune you and the Earth, as your vibrational level is uplifted.

    Trust in your inner guidance as you go about your daily activities and follow the inner promptings as they occur.

    Many momentous events are taking place on a Cosmic level and those who follow their inner guidance know that these are not ordinary times that you are living in. It requires steadfastness, courage, trust and perseverance to continue on your daily path when all about you it seems that everything stays the same.

    It is difficult to grasp the significance of the larger perspective and we advise that the best avenue is to go within each day and intentionally align with your Higher Self and ask for guidance and direction. By daily making this intention a conscious habit, much that is good will flow into your life.

    More shifts and changes are taking place within the Earth which manifest as movements on the surface. These will continue to take place as adjustments are made in the Earth’s transition to a higher dimension.

    As these changes happen, feel Love, unconditional Love, for the Earth and all Her inhabitants and envision great Light streaming from within Her crystalline diamond core out into Her crystalline grids and out into the Cosmos.

    Keep your hearts ever attuned to the larger picture of the Divine Plan and remain calm and centered. As you stay centered you enable those around you to remain calm and peaceful and this is most helpful.

    It is a time to allow the further opening of your heart chakras and to become consciously able to do this, for it is from this energetic portal within you that your personal Path is activated and becomes clear to you.

    This is important, for so many of you are situated in areas where the Awakening of Humanity has not yet occurred and so it requires the quality of faith and perseverance to continue on your spiritual journey seemingly alone and not understood.

    It requires Love of the highest kind to continue in this direction and not falter and each of you has this kind of Love in great abundance.

    Let the inner Light that you truly are shine forth in these days of transition from one World to another as this is very helpful to those around you. They may not see it but they do sense it on a sublime level.

    As your Higher Self and Great I AM Presence anchors more deeply within you, it then enables those around you to do the same and this can be accomplished in a much easier and smoother transition for them.

    Shine on, Dear Ones, for how could you be other than what you really are?

    Until next week….

    I AM Hilarion

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